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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Ashley, Bradley, Cleveland, Drew, and Lincoln Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Ashley County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Ashley County World War I Soldiers

Adams, Ellis
Adams, Eugene
Adams, James
Adams, Robert
Aiken, Gene C.
Akin, Thomas J.
Akins, Jeff
Aldrich, Ehrman E.
Algood, Marshall
Allbritton, Elijah B.
Alldread, Chester A.
Allen, Bob
Allen, John
Allen, John Tom
Allen, Jordan
Allen, Josh
Allen, Nathan
Allen, Richard E.
Allen, Washington
Allen, Will
Anders, Joe A.
Anders, William N.
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Ruben
Andrews, Emisley F.
Armstrong, Grant
Armstrong, Wiley
Arnett, Jesse
Arnette, Cas
Arrington, Arthur Verna
Atkin, Ned P.
Atkins, James E.
Bailiff, John W.
Bailor, Ardenor
Baird, Robert H.
Baker, Tony
Bankston, Marvin S.
Bankston, Vernon E.
Barber, Ralph
Barden, Claude C.
Bardin, Marion W.
Barham, John Wesley
Barks, Will
Barnes, Albert
Barnes, Albert
Barnes, Charlie W.
Barnes, Frank A.
Barnes, Hawkins A.
Barnes, James N.
Barnes, John A.
Barnes, Louis
Barnett, John H. Jr.
Barnett, Marshall L.
Barringer, Stephen H.
Bass, Lewis W.
Bass, Will
Bawcom, John
Baxter, King
Bays, Tom M.
Bealer, James
Beall, Leslie
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Charles B.
Bell, Gus
Bell, Joe
Bell, Marion
Bell, Mose
Bell, Zellmar
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, James P.
Bennett, Wm. Easter
Benton, Joe
Benton, Newton
Berry, William Edgar
Berry, Zembie A.
Bethune, Gus L.
Bethune, John
Bethuns, Joe
Bilbo, Walter
Black, Matthew
Blacklidge, Samuel Dane
Blackman, Charley
Blackman, Eddie
Blackmon, Carl
Blake, Earnest
Blakely, King
Blanks, Aubrey Gregory
Blanks, Lane W.
Blissitt, John R.
Block, Willie
Boles, Robert L.
Bonnette, Elbert A.
Booker, Leon
Boone, Edgar L.
Boose, Bernard
Booth, Crawford H.
Botany, Will
Bowden, George
Bowden, Jimmie
Bowden, Matthew
Bowers, Frank Doyle
Bowman, Jeff
Boyd, Carroll V.
Boyd, Charlie R.
Boykin, Henry L.
Boykin, Robert B.
Boysen, Edwin H.
Bracey, Preston
Bracey, Walter
Bradley, Hamilton H.
Bradney, Harvey C.
Brady, William Lonzy
Brandom, Al
Brazeale, Dave
Brazil, Luther
Brazzle, Oscar
Brennon, Ed
Brewer, George H.
Brewer, Sylvester
Bridges, George
Brock, Amziah
Brooks, Barkley B.
Brooks, John
Brooks, Leroy
Brown, Burk
Brown, Charles W.
Brown, Clifton H.
Brown, Ernest
Brown, George
Brown, Herman
Brown, James
Brown, Monroe
Brown, Peter Jr.
Brown, Rayfield
Brown, Robert
Brown, Sam
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Tom
Bryan, Minor W.
Bryan, Omer D.
Bull, Rich
Bullock, Sam
Bunckley, Cuthbert W.
Bunckley, Ransom W.
Buntin, Wise
Burgess, William P.
Burks, Arthur
Burks, Hester
Burnett, Wilson B.
Burns, John
Burr, Fred
Burris, Julius M.
Burse, Henry
Burton, Guy
Burton, Harry
Burton, Vanderbilt
Butler, Unice
Bynum, Hunter
Bynum, John
Byrd, Carroll E.
Byrd, John H.
Byrd, Lafayette
Cagle, Thomas Lemuel Jr.
Cain, Cicero L.
Cal, Dave
Caldwell, Aquilla
Caldwell, Lem J.
Caldwell, Oliver L.
Calhoun, James Roy
Calhoun, William Lee
Callaway, Frank Leroy
Calloway, Joe E.
Campbell, Clifton W
Campbell, Curtis R.
Campbell, Garfield
Campbell, Napoleon
Cann, Ben
Carey, David
Carey, Gatis Andrew
Carlock, Tommie Grady
Carpenter, Charlie Franklin
Carpenter, Elija C.
Carroll, Robert G.
Carruth, Benjamin A.
Carruth, Harrison C.
Carruth, Walter
Carter, Everett T.
Carter, George
Carter, George
Carter, Harold Andrew
Carter, Jefferson Eugene
Carter, Robert
Cason, James
Cason, John A.
Cason, Leander
Cason, Robert Jr.
Causey, Daniel
Causey, Earnest M.
Causey, Henderson
Causey, Stephen
Causey, Uriah
Cessor, John Thornton
Chatman, Shorty
Chavis, Earl C.
Childers, Ezra
Childers, McKinley
Childress, Charlie
Childs, Fred
Childs, John
Christian, John S.
Clack, Arthur
Claiborne, George L.
Clark, Lonnie
Clay, Monroe
Clinger, Arthur
Clinton, Will
Coakla, Eddie
Coats, Nathan
Cobb, Criss
Cobb, Leland
Cobb, Robert
Cobb, William
Cobbs, Caster
Coby, Sam
Cohen, Ed
Colbert, George
Colclough, Abb
Cole, Thomas S.
Coleman, Aaron
Coleman, William Riley
Collier, Charles C.
Collins, Odie
Collins, Robert A.
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Thomas L.
Collins, Tom
Compere, Ebenezer L.
Cone, George W.
Cone, Jesse G.
Coody, Hugh E.
Coody, William Stinson
Cook, Abe
Cook, Clea
Cooper, Edward N.
Cooper, John
Corson, Edwin C.
Coughlin, Roy
Courson, William G.
Courson, William Hershia
Cox, Charlie
Cox, George E.
Cox, George E.
Craig, Hermon Jessie
Crandall, Matthew C.
Crawford, John H.
Crook, Leicester
Crossley, Marcus L.
Crowell, Henry C.
Culberson, Marion V.
Culpepper, Frank J.
Cunningham, Early
Cunningham, Harold E.
Curington, Calip
Curington, Uzzia
Curtis, Forrest M.
Curtis, George K.
Dabbs, Elec
Dabbs, Roscoe
Daniel, Jesse L.
Daniel, Norman
Daniels, Ernest
Davidson, Henry
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Dandridge M.
Davis, David C.
Davis, Elton Leon
Davis, Ester
Davis, Fred
Davis, Hartsell
Davis, Judge
Davis, Lewis W.
Davis, Mack
Davis, Valerie
Davis, Will
Davis, Zeb
Dawkins, John C.
Dawson, James
Deal, Jim N.
Deal, John R.
Deal, Radford R.
Denham, Willie W.
Denson, Nofflet T.
Dingler, John
Dixon, Lonnie
Dooley, Alva Roy
Dooley, David
Doss, Ervin E.
Douglas, Archie
Douglass, Jim
Drags, James
Driver, Jessie
Duckery, Jasper
Duckworth, Ben
Dunn, Macon
Dunning, Edward Harrington
Dunning, Kirt
Durham, Herbert I.
Edelin, Louis
Edwards, Blakely G.
Edwards, Jesse L.
Edwards, John W.
Edwards, Lonnie Donham
Edwards, Oscar
Elam, John W.
Ellis, Eustis
Ellis, George H.
Elton, Abraham G.
Elton, Jelks
Emmet, Patrick L.
Emory, Clarence T.
Etheridge, Hampton A.
Etheridge, Jesse W.
Evans, Rabon G.
Evans, Will Bert
Everette, Andrew L.
Ferrell, George Wellington
Finch, Charlie L.
Finch, Claude W.
Finch, William Edward
Fisher, James
Fisher, James A.
Fleming, Robert W.
Fletcher, Elmer A.
Fletcher, Homer
Fletcher, John K.
Floyd, Ras
Foote, Robert E.
Foote, T.W.
Fortenberry, Wilburn Y.
Foster, Leander
Foster, Turner
Franklin, Charles R.
Franklin, Chester A.
Franklin, Reuben
Freeman, Jasper
French, Doll
Fudge, Flood Madison
Fudge, John
Fuel, Luther
Fuller, William L.
Gaines, Harvey
Gardner, Bill R.
Gardner, Clarence
Gardner, Frank R.
Gardner, Herbert Franklin
Gardner, Lott Q.
Gardner, Richard
Gardner, Willie Clifton
Garner, Ravil
Garner, Will
Gates, Ed
Gault, Andrew F.
Gault, Jesse
Gay, Richard Henry
Gee, Abraham W.
George, Garland H.
George, Marvin C.
Gibbs, Houston F.
Gibbs, Ras M.
Gibson, Charlie
Gibson, Frank A.
Gibson, Stephen Paul
Gifford, George R.
Gifford, William Jesse
Gilbert, Henry
Gilbert, Robert
Gilliam, David
Gillians, Esley
Gipson, John
Givens, Ed
Givens, Will
Gober, Eldon Edwin
Goldin, Claude F.
Goodwin, Boyett
Goodwin, Lynn
Goodwin, Willie
Gorden, Virgil [Charlie is marked out]
Grant, Oliver
Grant, Prince
Graves, Clifton C.
Gray, Cassie
Green, Calvin
Green, Jay H. [Hugh is marked out]
Greene, Marion E.
Greenwood, Levi Chester
Gregory, Claud M.
Griffin, Enoch
Griffin, Eric W.
Griswould, Roswald V.
Griswould, Ruben W.
Grubbs, Wesley
Guice, Robert
Guice, Willie
Guise, William W.
Gullette, John
Hale, Mathew
Hallpy, George
Hammond, Horace D.
Hampton, Pearl
Hancock, Frank A.
Hancock, Fred S.
Hanks, Fred
Hanson, Carl J.
Hardy, Ben
Hardy, Flint R.
Hardy, William
Hardy, Young
Hargrove, Wade
Harper, James M.
Harper, Zemory Z.
Harps, Will
Harriman, Alberto W.
Harrington, Allen
Harris, Andrew T.
Harris, Ishmil
Harris, Junior
Harris, Owen W.
Harris, Pain
Harris, Troy Davis
Harris, Willie
Hartley, Floyd
Harvey, Leo
Hawkins, Arthur E.
Hawkins, German D.
Hawkins, Oliver E.
Hayden, James L.
Hayden, Tanner
Hemphill, Franklin B.
Hendricks, Eric R.
Henry, Charles E.
Henson, Henry S.
Henson, William F.
Hester, James C.
Hicks, Ranzo
Higdon, Tom
Higginbotham, Leroy
Higginbotham, Willie G.
Higgins, Peter
Hill, Alexander R.
Hill, Ambrose
Hill, Bradley Hogan
Hill, Charlie
Hill, Cicero
Hill, Harry Bascome
Hill, Sam
Hill, Walter
Hill, Wiley
Hill, Will
Hinkles, Jeff
Hobbs, Harris W.
Holdcraft, Charley B.
Holdcraft, James E.L.
Hollaway, John H.
Holley, Will
Holliday, John O.
Holliman, Rastus
Holloway, David B.
Holloway, Ernest L.
Holloway, Floyd E.
Holloway, John H.
Holman, Eddie
Holmes, Chester
Holt, Major
Holt, Robert F.
Holt, Solmon
Honeycutt, Clarence V.
Honeycutt, James B.
Honeycutt, John C.
Honeycutt, Lawrence Clay
Honeycutt, Wesley L.
Howard, Alvin
Howard, Kelsey
Hudgens, Frederick H.
Humphreys, Shelby
Hundley, Tom C.
Hurman, Peter
Hutto, Robert M.
Ingram, Roy J.
Isabell, Marshall J.
Ivey, Willie L.
Jackson, Arthur
Jackson, Cap
Jackson, Charley
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Eugene
Jackson, Eugene
Jackson, Frank
Jackson, George
Jackson, Gordon B.
Jackson, June
Jackson, Leon
Jackson, Nelson
Jackson, Tommie
Jackson, William
Jacobs, Earnest
James, Andrew
Jeffery, Will
Jenkins, Jesse J.
Jenkins, Pink C.
Jenkins, Tom
Jenkins, Wade H.
Jenkins, Walter
Jimerson, Solomon
Jobe, Henry
Johnson, Abraham
Johnson, Alonzo
Johnson, Arthur Thurston
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Bertram
Johnson, Caswell T.
Johnson, Claidon
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, David
Johnson, E.C. [Edward is marked out]
Johnson, Eddie L.
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, George H.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, Miles Lee
Johnson, Pearlie
Johnson, Wesley
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, William F.
Jointer, Will
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Charlie
Jones, Claude
Jones, Clinton
Jones, Elec
Jones, Evan T. Jr.
Jones, Isaiah
Jones, John
Jones, Ruppert Roscoe
Jones, Willie D.
Jordan, Emit G.
Jordan, Luke
Jordan, Walter Curtis
Junior, Abraham
Junkin, Johnnie H.
Keener, Henry Leon
Kelley, George
Kelley, Robert F.
Kelly, Robert B.
Kelsey, Aaron
Kemp, Jessie S.
Killick, Thomas
Kilpatrick, Lonnie
Kimble, George
Kimbro, Mose
King, Bailey
King, Hermon
King, Ira Lee
King, Isiah
King, John
King, Love
King, Will
King, Willie B.
Kinney, Laurence
Kirkland, Olea F.
Kittling, Walter
Kittrell, Edwin Newton
Knight, Conger T.
Laferty, Orval B.
Lair, William G.
Lambert, Edward
Lambert, Lucian
Lane, Sidney
Lankford, Walter R.
Larkin, James R.
Larkin, Will
Laster, Charley
Laster, George
Laus, Lonzy
Lavett, Benard
Lawson, Joe
Lawson, Lee
Lawson, Sam
Lee, Charlie
Lee, Dan Webster
Lee, Joe
Lee, Malachi
Lewis, Carl
Lewis, Henry M.
Lewis, Lindsey
Lewis, Lott
Lewis, Mead
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Taylor
Lewis, William W.
Linder, Allen J.
Linder, Robert E.
Lios, Jim
Little, Fabe
Little, Sidney H.
Lloyd, Collie F.
Lloyd, Thad
Lock, John William
Lock, Lucian Lee
Locke, Jesse L.
Logwood, Alonzo
Long, Chalmus Allen
Longwood, Alonzo
Lovett, Berry
Lovett, Ed
Lovett, James R.
Lovett, William T.
Lowe, David
Ludlam, Gilbert V.
Luker, J.B.
Lumm, John W.
Lumm, Leslie G.
Luster, Victor H.
Machen, Frank L.
Machen, Hillard B.
Maddox, Dock
Malone, Carlies Boyd
Manning, Leander
Marshall, Ben
Martin, Gill
Martin, Howard
Martin, Nathan
Martin, Virgil
Marton, James
Matheney, Harrison
Matheny, Thomas E.
Mathis, Leon
Matthews, John C.
Matthews, Walter Monroe
Maxwell, Charles E.
Maxwell, Floyd M.
Mayfield, George
Mayo, Willie
McCarrell, Lewis
McCaskill, Brunsie S.
McCaskill, Ira A.
McCauley, Blanks
McCorvey, Daniel B.
McDermott, Harry E.
McDonald, Eli
McDonald, Midd
McDonald, Ruban
McDuffie, Byron
McDuffie, John L.
McGar, Willie
McGee, Sidney C.
McGilton, Joe
McKinzie, Henry
McKoin, Harvey M.
McLeod, Steve
McMillan, Charley B.
McQuiston, John S.
McVay, Yancy W.
Meadows, Feaster
Mears, Roger G.
Meeks, Dixie W.
Meeks, James W.
Meeks, Jessie J.
Meharg, Buck
Meyers, Allen
Miles, Ernest T.
Miller, Francis E.
Miller, Joseph E.
Mills, Roger Q.
Mills, Thomas W.
Mitchell, Gither
Mixon, Dave
Moffatt, Carl
Molloy, Chester
Molloy, Eddie U.
Monroe, Cal
Montgomery, Jesse
Montgomery, Mitchell W.
Montgomery, Owen J.
Mooney, Claude C.
Moor, Cornlilous
Moore, Frank
Moore, George D. Jr.
Moore, James
Moore, James Leon
Moore, John
Moore, North
Moore, Rance
Moore, Sam
Moore, Walter
Moore, Walter
Morgan, Edward P.
Morgan, Jesse C.
Morgan, Louis
Morris, Benjamin F.
Morris, Benjamin F.
Morris, Claude C.
Morris, Harry
Morris, William Leon
Morrison, Jesse
Murphy, Rufus F.
Nash, Fred
Neal, James C.
Neel, Robert L.
Neel, Sammie B.
Nelms, Auther
Nelms, Joe C.
Nelson, John
Neopry, Harry
Nevels, Robert
Newsome, Felix G.
Nixon, Carl A.
Noble, Mark
Nolan, Robert
Nolley, Guy S.
Norrell, John
Norrell, Willie F.
Norris, Robert
Norsworthy, Joe
Nutt, Herman E.
Nutt, Lavelle C.
O'Neal, George
O'Neal, Nathan V.
O'Neal, Square
Odem, Leroy
Ogletree, Holland T.
Oliver, Cleveland
Oliver, Robbie J.
Oslin, Edgar D.
Oslin, Elmer D.
Overton, Charley
Parker, Douglas
Parker, Frank
Parker, Willie
Paster, Charley
Pastor, Willie L.
Pates, Henry
Patrick, Alonzo W.
Patrick, John F.
Peacock, Carl L.
Peaster, Primus
Pendleton, Walter
Pennington, Denton
Pennington, Robert R.
Peoples, John F.
Peoples, Samuel
Perdue, Jasper N.
Perry, Edd J.
Perry, Jim
Perryman, Henry J.
Person, Garfield
Person, Lincoln
Phillips, Chase
Pickering, Henry H.
Pickering, Lee
Pierce, Thomas
Pippen, Roy D.
Pippin, Lee C.
Pomplin, Avery A.
Porter, Harry
Posey, Sonnie
Postlethwaite, Bessie
Pounds, Alf
Pounds, Joe
Powell, Frank Barnes
Powell, Henry S.
Powell, Robert A.
Pruett, Roy
Pugh, Frank
Pugh, Joe Withers
Ragan, Ethan A.
Ragland, Cleveland
Raines, Curtis C.
Ralph, James H.
Ralph, John T.
Ramsaur, Fahy L.
Ramsour, Frank
Ransom, Dennis
Ransom, Jugertha
Rawls, James G.
Rawls, Thomas R.
Rawson, Walter
Ray, Walter L.
Rechtin, John H.
Redman, Solomon
Reed, Jasper
Reed, Thomas
Reed, Willie
Reese, Son
Reeves, Wesley B.
Reeves, Willie
Rembert, Eddie M.
Reybon, Walter
Reynolds, Beaver C.
Rice, James
Rice, Vernon E.
Richard, Suel A.
Richards, Jesse B.
Richmond, Herman V.
Ridgel, Pink
Ridout, Columbus
Riley, Bunyan
Riley, David C.
Riley, John C.
Ritchey, Thurman I.
Roberts, Claude C.
Roberts, Dewey H.
Roberts, Donnel W.
Roberts, Jack E.
Roberts, Marion Tilvin
Robertson, Leon
Robinson, James Red
Robinson, John
Robinson, Martin Isiah
Robinson, Rogers
Robinson, Zebie
Robison, Treasie? C.
Roby, Lavelle Adlai
Rocks, Samuel
Rodgers, Tommie
Rogers, Aubrey Frank
Rolfe, Ben T.
Ross, Wilbert C.
Rounds, Herbert
Royal, Frank L.
Russell, Joe W.
Ryder, Harry
Sammons, Ellis W.
Sanders, Dock B.
Sanders, James
Sanders, Troy
Sauccer, Emitt
Sauyers, Lucas
Savannah, William
Sawyer, Roy C.
Sawyer, Will
Sawyer, Zemry
Schmidt, John William
Scott, Charlie
Scott, Cornelius
Scott, Earle
Scott, Suley A.
Seamans, Kelser
Sedberry, Leonard E.
See, James
Segers, William W.
Serrett, Leslie
Shaw, Lewis
Shaw, Miley
Sheiron, Juddy
Shelton, James
Shockely, John W.
Shockley, Dix
Shropshire, Thomas B.
Silver, John Thomas
Simmons, Abe
Simmons, Jim
Simmons, Mat
Simms, Jesse J.
Simpson, Charley
Simpson, James Henry
Simpson, John Clifton
Simpson, Laurence E.
Simpson, Sam
Simpson, Yancey
Sims, Ben
Sims, Smith I.
Sinclair, William A.
Sisson, Joel
Sivils, Claude E.
Sivils, Lee Ollie
Sivils, Virgal V.
Slack, William C.
Slaughter, Dock Wilson
Slaughter, Jessie
Sledge, Thomas J.
Sloan, Eligah
Slocum, Floyd Carroll
Slocum, Jesse J.
Slocum, Wiley Marion
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Comma
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Dave
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry B.
Smith, Jasper
Smith, Leonard
Smith, Nelson
Smith, Oscar G.
Smith, Prince A.
Smith, Samuel A.
Smith, Stephen Kelley
Snell, Cleveland
Snider, Charles B.
Somervell, Dan R.
Spillers, Thos. J.
Spillman, Gilbert
Spivey, John W.
Spurlock, Allen E.
Standard, Bemett
Standard, William C.
Staton, Robert P.
Steel, Fred
Stevens, Rivers
Stewart, James
Stewart, Willie A.
Stokes, Cloman
Stone, John Hughey
Stone, Warren A.
Stovall, Bennie H.
Strickland, Clifton
Strickland, Jim
Strickland, Kelsie S.
Stuart, William B.
Sullivan, Clem C.
Summerland, Samuel A.
Summers, Roy
Sumpter, Willie
Sweeny, Henry
Swiney, Joe A.
Swisher, George A.
Talbert, Melvin
Tate, Earl
Taylor, Bryan
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, J. Edd
Taylor, Porter
Taylor, Robert F.
Taylor, Teynan H.
Terry, Charley W.
Thomas, Hunter
Thomas, Jim C.
Thomas, Leonard J.
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, William
Thompson, Earnest A.
Thompson, Hillard
Thompson, Roe B.
Thornton, Tim
Todd, Rufus
Tolbert, Gus
Toney, Otto L.
Tooley, Olorf A.
Towe, Willie
Travis, Luther B.
Traylor, Jesse
Tucker, Henry C.
Tucker, Joe B.
Tullos, William Thomas
Turner, Alonzo
Turner, Claude
Turner, Timothy
Venters, Lee Guster
Venters, Richard F.
Vines, Robert
Waddell, Dan
Waddell, James Madison Jr.
Wade, Lee
Walker, Collie
Walker, Ernest L.
Walker, Garland W.
Walker, Jarrett
Walker, John
Walker, Tyler
Walker, Vaughn W.
Walser, James C.
Walsh, Gaster
Walsh, James O.
Walton, Amos
Wanamaker, Joe A.
Ward, George
Ware, Willie
Warren, Cal
Warren, James
Warren, Mose
Warren, Sherman
Washington, George
Washington, Simmie D.
Watkins, Harrison
Watson, George
Watson, Mose
Watt, Richard
Watt, Robert Rush
Watt, Tom J.
Weatherly, Joe
Weatherly, Noah D.
Webb, Albert
Webb, Eddie
Webb, Ira M.
Webb, William Harold
Weekley, Louis
Weekly, Daine
Weisman, Sam
Welch, Willie
Westbrook, Jeffie L.
Wheat, Hunter Pryor
Whetstone, Walter B.
White, Carlton
White, Grover C.
White, Sidney L.
Whitlock, Jackson A.
Whitlow, Jordan
Whitlow, Louis
Wiggins, Willie
Wigley, Jesse A.
Wilder, Jasper
Wilhite, Thomas F.
Wilkerson, George
Wilkerson, William W.
Wilks, Charla
Williams, Alex
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Clyde H.
Williams, Elias T.
Williams, Elijah
Williams, Hiley
Williams, John
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert
Williams, Willie
Williams, Zeno
Willis, Ellis
Willis, Henry
Willis, Zettie
Wilson, Ed
Wilson, George Rice
Wimberley, Rufus
Wimberley, Willie
Wimberly, Ivory
Wines, Joe
Winston, Ed
Winter, Joseph A.
Womack, Roscoe
Womble, Welborn C.
Wood, Alva E.
Wood, Guy Jennings
Wood, Wayne W.
Woods, Nethey
Woods, Willis
Worthy, Ezra Lee Roy
Wright, John
Wright, Joseph P.
Wyman, Lee A.
Wynn, Ray S.
Yelvington, Clarence G.
Yelvington, George D.
Yelvington, Harry G.
Yelvington, Rube
Young, Drury R.
Young, Willie

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