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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Baxter County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Baxter County World War I Soldiers

Abner, Roy Evertt
Adams, Edward Jesse
Adams, Joe M.
Adams, John Q.
Adkins, Homer J.
Admire, Charles T.
Aishe, Henry
Allen, Delbert
Anderson, Thomas R.
Arnett, Roy
Arnold, Calvin
Arnold, Walter Marion
Baker, Carl
Baker, Don
Baker, Henry M.
Baker, Robert A.
Baker, William C.
Barham, John S.
Barker, John E.
Bateman, William A.
Bayless, Tip
Bean, Roy
Beard, Tandy
Beavers, Edward M.
Beavers, James I.
Beavers, Jonathan C.
Beavers, William T.
Bell, Perry
Bench, Robert N.
Boatman, Percy
Bodenhamer, Len M.
Boyd, Everett E.
Brewer, William W.
Bridgman, Frank E.
Brixey, Everett
Brown, Earnest
Brown, James Blaine
Brown, Ralph
Brown, William E.
Bryant, Marion
Burgess, Floyd R.
Burks, Jacob Ira
Byrd, James G.
Campbell, Albert H.
Campbell, Joe Frank
Campbell, William B.
Cantrell, Caley
Cantwell, Claude M.
Cantwell, Ernest W.
Cantwell, Jeston E.
Carson, William W.
Casey, Harrison
Caststeel, Chas. R.
Caststeel, Elbert L.
Chastain, William W.
Clark, Thomas S.
Clinkinbeard, Adlie B.
Cobb, Arthur
Cockrum, Arlie C.
Cockrum, Oakley C.
Cole, Chester M.
Conley, John W.
Cooley, Willie
Cope, Joseph E.
Cowans, Thomas C.
Cox, Nathan L.
Coy, Birt O?. [or I?.]
Creel, Frank
Curtis, George C.
Davis, Opie Y.
DeWitt, William Loran
Dearmore, William B.
Deatherage, Joseph E.
Dent, Taylor E.
Denton, Hiram F.
Dodson, Carl
Dozier, Pat
Duke, Arlet L.
Dunbar, Clifton C.
Dyer, Nat T.
Easter, Ernest M.
Ellis, Jesse Lee
Estes, Joseph R.
Eubank, James A.
Fallon, John P.
Farris, James H.
Finley, Thomas J.
Finley, Walter S.
Fitzpatrick, George
Fletcher, Joseph B.
Fletcher, Roy
Fletcher, Samuel W.
Forester, Andrew J.
Foster, Henry
Fout, William
Freeman, Alvin E.
Freeman, F. Arthur
Freeman, Theopolis H.
Freeman, Walter B.
Fritsch, Harold L.
Fulson, John H. Jr.
Gaines, Clarence F.
Gaines, Elbert O.
Garner, Roma C.
Geary, Charles W.
Geary, Clifford F.
Geary, Riley
George, Herbert B.
Gesell, Morean A.
Gilliland, Ulysses D.
Gist, Thomas Bledso
Grayham, Alfred B.
Green, Henry
Green, Jim
Greer, Harrison W.
Greer, James W.
Grimmitt, Shelby H.
Gunter, Robert W.
Gunter, William H.
Hamby, John Green
Hamilton, Joseph F.
Hand, George E.
Hand, William A.
Haney, Bryan
Haney, Van Buren
Hart, Cecil Arthur
Harvey, Curtis South
Havner, Adolph
Havner, Edgar
Henson, James
Henson, Wilford
Holland, Emmett L.
Hopper, John A.
Hopper, Oscar J.
Horn, Henry H.
Horn, Robert H.
Horn, Roger M.
Hornbuckle, Leonard J.
Hudson, George W.
Hutcheson, Vero Estel
Jeffery, Jesse Aaron
Jewell, Fred Mascwell
Johnson, Clyde Newton
Johnson, Duwain V.
Johnson, Verner Lee
Jones, Carl
Jones, John
Jones, Leslie H.
Jones, Loranzo W.
Jordan, Don L.
Kelley, Wilbur A.
Kelly, Clark L.
Kelly, Mark E.
Kemp, Don
Kemp, Grover J.
Kincaid, James William
King, Elmer J.
Kirk, James H.
Kohler, Otto
Lamb, Ernest L.
Lambert, David Suel
Lance, Corbe
Lance, Nat
Lance, William N.
Langston, John H.
Lankford, Herbert B.
Lankford, W.E.
Lantz, Jewell M.
Lantz, Ralph L.
Laughary, Newt
Lawrence, Ulyes
Lawson, Elijh W.
Lawson, John B.
Levy, Hubert C.
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Willie H.
Lindsey, Gus
Lockey, Willie W.
Loman, George A.
London, Charley
London, Robert D.
Luther, Charles H.
Luther, Verner L.
Manthei, Otto P.
Martin, Frank
Martin, Joseph C.
Martin, Lee R.
Maynard, Earnest W.
McBroom, George S.
McClanahan, Jeff
McCuistion, Arthur L.
McGee, Claude
McGee, Harvey W.
McGuire, James E.
McGuire, William A.
McMullen, Joseph L.
Meeks, John F.
Messick, Harold
Miller, John W.
Minge, John Ezra
Mitchell, Herbert
Morris, Robin H.
Newman, Harvey
Newman, Harvey A.
Nimmo, William H.
Ortman, Frank B.
Owen, Jessie J.
Owen, John H.
Owen, Wilburn
Parks, William J.
Parnell, Earnest E.
Partee, Leonard E.
Parton, John C.
Parton, Lee R.
Payne, Everett L.
Perry, Charles F.
Perry, Elmer E.
Perry, George D.
Pinley, John C.
Polk, Ira A.
Powell, David C.
Powell, Edney H.
Puckett, William E.
Ramsey, William B.S.
Rasor, Austin
Rasor, Dewitt
Rasor, Ott
Reed, Thurman
Reeves, William J.
Rich, Gomar H.
Richardson, Henry H.
Riley, Walter
Roberts, William H.
Robertson, Bryan J.
Robinett, Huston
Rodabaugh, Lemuel E.
Romine, Arthur E.
Rorie, John William Albert
Rose, Grover C.
Rosenbaum, James T.
Ross, Oscar Dudley
Russell, William H.
Sale, John A.
Sale, Ralph
Sanford, Ralph L.
Schoggen, Edgar A.
Schultz, Archie C.
Seawright, Roy
Seward, Thomas R.
Sharp, Ben E.
Sheppard, James H.
Shroyer, Ernest Wesley
Simpson, John M.
Simpson, Thomas Edward
Skiver, Levi A.
Slaven, John P.
Small, William L.
Smith, Emmett F.
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Roy E.
Smith, William T.
Smothers, Jake
Snipes, Homer E.
Sorrels, Walter D.
Southard, William H.
Spangler, Cam B.
Spangler, Henry H.
Spangler, Hobert
Spangler, Jessie J.
Speer, James A.
Spoon, James N.
Spoon, William A.
Standridge, Everett M.
Steely, Herman G.
Stevens, Benjamin Franklin
Stewart, Henry T.
Stewart, James Thomas J.
Stewart, William G.
Stiner, William M.
Stinnett, Ruel
Stowers, Adolphus H.?
Strain, Roy
Studdard, Waine R.
Suggs, Russell L.
Sutherland, Roy M.
Sutterfield, Berry
Swearingen, William Q.
Talbert, William L.
Tanner, Floyd
Tate, Benjamin B.
Tate, David
Tate, Delton N.
Theis, Paul
Thompson, John M.
Tolliver, Lawrence E.
Toney, William F.
Trammell, Roy I.
Uchtman, Everett H.
Vickers, Roscoe
Walker, Edgar
Walker, George Devoe
Walker, Sumner A.
Walker, Thomas P.
Walker, Walter F.
Wallis, General F.
Wallis, William McCabe
Ward, Oliver A.
Watson, Clovis
Weaver, Amos
Weaver, Porter
Webber, Arthur B.
Webber, Martin B.
Wells, Miles D.
White, Clarence G.
White, Glitson S.
Whitfield, Allen E.
Wiegand, Edwin C.
Wiegand, Henry H.
Willett, Thomas L.
Williams, Walter
Wolf, Wyatt Horton
Wood, Granville
Wood, James R.
Wood, Oscar D.
Woody, Marian
Worthen, Charles F.
Wynn, Bob
Wynn, Doss S.
Wynn, George H.
York, James A.

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