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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Boone, Carroll, Madison, and Newton Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Boone County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Boone County World War I Soldiers

Adair, Haden Elmer
Adair, Walter J.
Addison, James E.
Addison, William E.
Akins, Roy
Akins, Troy
Alexander, Claude C.
Allbright, Berry J.
Allbright, Elvis S.
Allen, George
Anderson, Oliver
Anderson, Silas Eugene
Angel, Crawford
Armitage, Gordon
Arnold, Ceaf
Arnold, Earl
Askew, Samuel E.
Atterberry, Raymond M.
Auman, Henry
Austin, Allie Eugene
Austin, John Roy
Backes, John W.
Baines, Earl
Baker, Bryan S.
Baker, Roy L.
Banks, Walter E.
Barham, Montie B.
Barker, Nim L.
Barnett, Eddie C.
Barnett, William H.
Bates, Otis
Baughman, Fred
Baumgardner, Hugh S.
Beavers, Arthur L.
Beavers, Clarence William
Beavers, Dan V.
Beene, Russell C.
Bell, Roy
Bellamy, Edward L.
Bellamy, Francis M.
Bentley, Thomas J.
Biles, Clay
Binkley, Claude
Blackmon, Lloyd W.
Blackwell, Elnor
Blankenship, Jessie H.
Bleakley, Matthew J.
Boone, Vernon E.
Boren, Benjamin F.
Boyd, Bert Harris
Brackett, Clarence
Brackett, Thomas L.
Brantley, Thurman
Breece, Henry L.
Breece, Lon
Breece, Seab C.
Breidwell, Bryan W.
Bridges, Robert M.
Brown, Ause
Brown, Jeff
Brown, Joseph A.
Bruton, Floyd
Bruton, Floyd J.
Bryant, John H.
Buie, Alfred M.
Burford, Henry Clay
Burton, Martin L.
Calvert, Bernice B.
Campbell, James L.
Campbell, John R.
Cantrell, Clair L.
Cantrell, Ernest P.
Cantrell, George A.
Cantrell, James T.
Cantwell, James C.
Carpenter, Clyde
Carroll, Ed L.
Carroll, Hugh A.D.
Carroll, Watson F.
Cecil, Walter Wesley
Chaffin, Clarence W.
Chaney, Granville A.
Chesbro, Harris Palmer
Choate, William L.
Christenson, Alfred C.
Clark, Edward V.
Clark, Richard N.
Coats, Jack
Cochran, Russell
Coffman, John S.
Coffman, Troy
Coker, Edgar
Coker, Edgar
Coker, Guy
Coker, Vancel H.
Collins, James Aelex
Collins, John M.
Cone, Elige
Cook, Andrew
Cook, Claris L.
Cook, James Berry
Cook, Philip E.
Cotton, Walter J.
Covington, Fred
Cowley, Herbert S.
Cox, Henry C.
Crain, Garrett Wm.
Crandell, Henry A.
Crawford, Sidney J.
Creel, Troy S.
Crosswhite, Harry A.
Croswhite, Harry A.
Croy, Grover E.
Crump, George
Crumpler, Claude B.
Curtis, James R.
Dabbs, Harvey
Dabbs, James
Daily, William W.
Davis, Berry M.
Davis, Clarence J.
Davis, Clyde M.
Davis, Forest Harrison
Davis, George U.
DeWeese, Hugh E.
Dees, Wesley J.
Deshields, William T.
Dial, William E.
Dickey, Floyd D.
Dillard, Frank
Dixon, Arthur
Dixon, Joe H.
Dodson, Lucian J.
Downum, Henry H.
Downum, Lee
Dozier, Clyde William
Driver, John T.
Dykes, George C.
Eastham, Tommie J.
Edwards, George F.
Ehrhardt, Arthur Thomas
Ellis, William P.
Elmer, Rutherford H.
Elsey, Wayne
Elzey, Fay S.
Erwin, Carl B.
Erwin, John R.
Erwin, Thomas E.
Estes, Earl
Estes, Frank K.
Estes, Guy D.
Estes, William E.
Etchison, Shade
Ewing, Henry Larry L.
Farney, Carl F.
Felts, Howard H.
Fenix, Floyd
Fields, Clyde A.
Fillingham, Charles F.
Fiser, Vander Lee
Fite, John F.
Fite, Walter L.
Flippo, Ollie
Flud, Ruby R.
Forney, Boone
Forney, Roy L.
Frailey, Beecham L.
Framer, William H.
Freeling, Guy A.
Freeling, Wm. Homer
Fuller, Claud
Fultz, John W.
Fuson, Charley H.
Gaddy, Eli F.
Gaddy, Eligha H.
Gaines, Loy F.
Gibson, Lawrence
Gibson, Lonnie
Gibson, Lonnie L.
Gifford, Robert N.
Gilbert, Tom
Glover, Floyd
Golding, Charles M.
Goudelock, Hugh J.
Gowan, William T.
Graham, Eulan C.
Graham, Silas E.
Green, Crump
Greene, Oliver A.
Griffis, Boyd
Grisham, Nealy A.
Groves, Lawrence P.
Guess, Tom B.
Gurley, Ola
Hale, James Andrew
Hale, William P.
Hammerschmidt, Elmer G.
Hampton, George W.
Hancock, Leonard W.
Harden, Fred W.
Harden, James W.N.
Harper, Joseph
Harris, Walter B.
Harrison, Echoles
Harry, Frank B.
Harwell, Valley A.
Hawkins, Homer C.
Hawkins, James H.
Hefer, Jewell
Helm, Hal
Helm, Lee J.
Henry, Arley
Hensley, Ross
Hensley, Wesley
Henson, James C.
Hickman, Alton O.
Hickman, Harmon R.
Hickman, Hugh
Hickman, James W.
Hickox, Henry C.
Hill, Roy Vernon
Hobbs, Kirney
Hodge, Charls Leonard [sic]
Hodges, Ralph
Holladay, Moses J.
Holloway, Artie W.
Holt, Claude
Holt, Troy
Holt, William Braz
Holt, William Jennings Bryan
Honeycutt, Samuel A.
Honeycutt, Tom L.
Hopper, David Isiah
Howell, Lee
Howell, Steward N.
Howes, Earnest W.
Hudgins, John B.
Hughey, Christopher F.
Hull, Ralph A.
Hunter, Clarence L.
Hunter, Oscar W.
Hutcheson, E.M.
Inman, Fred D.
Irwin, John R.
Jackson, Charlie T.
Jackson, Thomas L.
Jagger, John W.
Jagger, Wesley J.
Jay, Sherman C.
Johnson, Andrew C.
Johnson, Charles E.
Johnson, Coy
Johnson, Jefferson E.
Johnson, Otis
Johnston, Clyde B.
Jones, Artice
Jones, Charles T.
Jones, Frank R.
Jones, Henry A.
Jones, Narvil W.
Jones, Robert P.
Jones, Spinks
Jones, William J.
Jones, William R.
Kelly, Earl B.
Kelly, Findlay L.
Kennicutt, Charles T.
Killebrew, B. Rose
Killebrew, Leonidas Bryn
King, Almus D.
King, Walzie F.
Kirby, Alexander Crump
Kirkwood, Roy R.
Kuder, George L.
Kuzilik, Joe George
Kyger, George D.
Ladd, Grover W.
Ladd, John
Lafferty, Emmit L.
Lafferty, Robert Lee
Laffoon, Albert W.
Laffoon, James W.R.
Lamb, John S.B.
Lamberton, James F.
Lancaster, Henry Jefferson
Langford, Zack
Lawrence, Burnie B.
Lawson, Frank H.
Leatherman, Robert F.
Lewis, Jesse
Lewis, Jesse E.
Lievsay, Tomas R.
Little, Charles S.
Littleton, Harry M.
Littleton, Harry Matthew
London, Willis C.
Long, Arthur T.
Long, Virgil H.
Loring, Harley A.
Maggard, Don S.
Mallard, Neal
Manley, Cecil C.
Manley, Charles C.
Manley, Clay J.
Manley, Joseph
Martin, Elmer B.
Martin, Homer T.
Matlock, Andrew J.
Matlock, Henry L.
Matlock, John R.
Matlock, Troy F.
Maxey, James C.
Mays, Walter
McAlister, George L.
McBride, Harry T.
McCary, Calvin N.
McClure, Arthur Hamilton
McConniel, Eugene E.
McCurry, Hoyt W.
McDonald, James B.
McGaughey, Munsey
McGehee, Otto
McGinn, Clarence
McGinnis, Orien
McKinney, George Frederic
McMahan, Fred W.
McMillan, Albert L.
McMillan, Wyatt
Meek, Edgar Galen
Merritt, Alfred M.
Michell, Felix R. Jr.
Miller, Clarence
Minyard, Charlie A.
Mitchell, Charles E.
Mitchell, William Francis Jr.
Moon, Frederick F.
Moore, Constant A.
Moore, Lonnie
Moore, Raymond Brown
Morgeson, John B.
Morris, Arthur B.
Morris, Eugene Wiley
Morris, Jesse
Morrow, Ray Arthur
Murphy, Thomas W.
Murray, John Collins
Murray, Lawson C.
Nelson, Erniest
Nelson, Marion L.
Nelson, William F.
Newman, Harry C.
Newman, Harry Chester
Nichols, Otis
Norton, Dennis W.
Orr, Milan Kenton
Palmer, Charles K.
Parks, George
Parnell, John Littleton
Parsley, James M.
Partee, Grover C.
Patrick, Frank E.
Patton, Alva
Peden, Ben
Peden, William H.
Pennington, Audie
Pennington, Ora Benlafette
Pentecost, Irvin W.
Peppers, Grover C.
Pettit, George B.
Phifer, Robert E.L.
Phillips, John L.
Pierce, Lewis O.
Pigg, Leslie
Pope, George C.
Pottenger, Ezra A.
Potter, James
Potts, Gemes W.
Potts, Hugh A.
Potts, Hugh Dinsmore
Proctor, Emory
Pullen, Paul P.
Pumphrey, Clarence
Pumphrey, Monte C.
Putman, Dan M.
Putman, Wilson H.
Ramsey, Bert
Ratcliffe, Faus J.
Raulston, George
Ray, Harry P.
Rector, George W.
Reece, Louie
Reeves, Lonie L.
Reiff, Jesse R.
Reynolds, Charley M.
Rhoades, Frank
Richardson, Charlie
Richardson, Robert H.
Richesin, Clay H.
Richey, Bennie L.
Riggs, Claude R.
Riggs, Finis
Riggs, Marion Francis
Roberson, Otto C.
Roberson, Otto C.
Roberts, Benjamin Harrison
Roberts, William V.
Roberts, Willie E.
Robertson, Dennie
Robertson, James G.
Robertson, Major G.
Robinson, James H.
Robinson, Walter E.
Rogers, Fred C.
Rogers, Perry C.
Rogers, Ray Gilmore
Rose, Walter Britton
Rose, William A.
Ross, Edwin A.
Ross, James B.
Roulston, George A.
Rowland, Earl
Rowland, John Lester
Rowlett, Crayton
Roy, Silas H.
Ruble Vinet A.
Rummell, Cecil V.
Rushing, Dewitt D.
Russell, Clyde
Ryan, Clay F.
Sands, John B.
Saylors, John M.
Scott, Ray
Shaddox, Lonnie
Shepherd, Birl O.
Shinn, William Darrell
Shults, Lon V.
Slagle, Lloyd
Slaymaker, William Henry George
Small, Lafayette
Smith, Albert H.
Smith, Gordon P.
Smith, Herald
Smith, Hugh B.
Smith, James A.
Smith, William Powderly
Sneed, Derbe Haley
Southard, Elmer
Spade, Grover C.
Speaks, Earnest
Stackhouse, Jessie O.
Stacy, Claude
Stark, Fred W.
Stark, Walter O.
Stewart, James E.
Stewart, Marlin D.
Stinnett, James F.
Strohkirch, Charley
Stuart, William Edgar
Stubblefield, James O.
Susky, Carl
Tabor, Robert L.
Tapscott, Charles V.
Tate, George W.
Tate, Heber
Taylor, Earl G.
Taylor, Edgar C.
Taylor, Henry E.
Taylor, James S.
Taylor, Lee
Taylor, Leslie O.
Taylor, Loami C.
Taylor, Royal Wayne
Taylor, Ruby
Taylor, Vernon
Thompson, Hugh A.
Thornton, Elt
Tomlinson, Roy
Trammell, William S.
Trimble, Fred B.
Trimble, Troy
Truax, Lee
Trublood, Otto
Turnbull, John L.
Tyler, Joseph E.
Tyson, Frederick S.
Underdown, Claude
Van Easton, Silvia
Van Eaton, Mack
Villines, William C.
Wages, Eli L.
Wagley, Claiborne V.
Wagley, Perry Vernon
Wagner, Roy L.
Wagner, Thomas H.
Wagner, Troy M.
Walker, Henry Clay
Walker, Ira
Walker, John C.
Walker, William N.
Wallace, Guy
Wallace, Guy
Wallace, John G.
Ward, Bryan M.
Wasson, Horace H.
Watkins, Hass L.
Watkins, Lewie Albert
Watkins, Monroe
Watkins, William L.
Westrop, Paul M.
White, Oscar
White, William C.
Whiteside James B.
Whitley, Zelbert
Wilbourn, Jim
Williams, Adley C.
Williams, Alfred Monroe
Williams, Charlie M.
Williams, Melvin D.
Williams, William R.
Willis, Virgil D.
Wilson, Cornelius Ray
Wilson, Ernest F.
Wilson, Lewis J.
Wilson, Roy B.
Wilson, Virgil
Windham, Elmer
Windham, Elzye
Witherill, Volney
Woodruff, James Mitchell
Worthington, Rex
Wright, Estes D.
Wynn, Berry
Wynn, Hugh
Wynn, Ira C.
Wysong, Joseph C. Jr.
Young, Archie Thurman
Young, Everett
Young, Lewis H.
Youngblood, John Riley
Zeigler, George B.
Zeigler, George B.

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