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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Calhoun, Ouachita, and Union Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Calhoun County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Calhoun County World War I Soldiers

Abernathy, Ray
Alderson, Julius C.
Alderson, Thomas M.
Alexander, Louie R.
Allen, Alex
Allen, Fred
Allison, Joseph L.
Alston, Thomas H.
Ashley, Fred
Atkinson, Earl J.
Autrey, James Elton
Bailey, George
Bailey, John L.
Bailey, Sam
Baker, Trosey
Barnett, Will
Batchelor, Harry W.
Beets, Richard
Benson, William B.
Best, Jim Smith
Biggers, Newton
Blann, Bennett F.
Blundell, Charlie
Branch, Marvin E.
Brandon, James F.
Brandon, William H.
Braswell, Arthur
Braswell, Field
Braswell, Sid
Brazill, Hesse [sic]
Brett, Alexander C.
Brett, Dan M.
Broach, Derwood
Brown, Arthur M.
Brown, Gurlie T.
Brown, Harrison
Brown, James M.
Brumley, Bruce L.
Brumley, Carl M.
Bryant, John
Bull, Frank H.
Bunn, Frank
Burk, Clarence H.
Burks, Adams
Burrough, Richard
Burroughs, Henry
Campbell, Edward R.
Caplinger, Willie L.
Chambers, Will
Chandler, Lonnie F.
Clemons, John A.
Coker, Berry E.
Coles, Luther
Colvert, Charles
Cone, Dilard B.
Cone, Fred
Cook, George
Cooper, Bernie B.
Copeland, Clarence A.
Copeland, Ottis
Cornwell, Louis G.
Cottrell, Sidney
Cottrell, Troy
Craine, Sherman
Cranford, Johnie Ray
Crawford, Eric A.
Cruse, Chas. M.
Cruse, John T.
Cunningham, Hubbard B.
Daugherty, Robert
Davis, James Lewis
Davis, Julian B.
Douglass, John R.
Dunn, Clyde R.
Dunn, Jerry T.
Early, Watson
Easterling, Henry B.
Easterling, Ira L.
Ellis, Abner T.
Ellis, John E.
Ethridge, Frank J.
Ethridge, Kelley
Evans, Grover C.
Evans, Grover Cleveland
Evans, James G.
Evans, James G.
Feaster, Donald R.
Ferell, Robert
Fisher, Flie
Forbus, Charlie H.
Frazier, Benjamin F.
Furr, Allen Chester
Galbreth, Fred
Gardner, Frank
Gardner, James L.
Gilbert, Hugh
Golden, Guy H.
Gray, Luther E.
Green, Clarence
Green, James
Griffin, Arch W.
Grisham, Mose
Guy, Ed
Hagler, William M.
Hannigan, Hugh D.
Hardin, George B.
Hardin, James E.
Hardin, Ora J.
Harper, Bruce L.
Harper, Floyd B.
Harper, George W.
Harper, Jesse
Harper, Richard H.
Harper, Roy E.
Harrell, Thomas
Harrington, Benjamin
Harris, Clem
Harris, Henry
Harris, William L.
Harrison, Lonnie
Harrison, William F.
Harvey, Charlie Isom
Haynes, Augustus P.
Haynes, Jesse B.
Hearn, Gas
Hearnsberger, Rowland L.
Hemmett, John
Hill, Frank
Hines, Ennis A.
Hollingsworth, Edwin A.
Hollingsworth, Frank H.
Hollingsworth, Thomas B.
Hollingsworth, Thomas L.
Holmes, Charlie E.
Hooper, David
Hooper, George
House, Jesse Lee
Howard, William Fred
Humphries, George W.
Hunter, Jim
Jackson, London
Jacobs, Herbert
Jacobs, Peter
James, Judge C.
Jenkins, Jesse
Johnson, Cleveland
Johnson, David A.
Johnson, Eulas L.
Johnson, Hugh S.
Johnson, James E.
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Lonnie
Johnson, Rufus
Johnson, Sidney
Johnson, Thomas J.
Johnson, Virgial
Johnson, William N.
Jones, Ben
Jones, Charlie Smith
Jones, Patrick H.
Jones, Wiley
Junior, Peter
Junior, Vance
King, Luther E.
King, William Riley
Lasseter, James D.
Lavender, Madison M.
Lee, David L.
Leonard, Dave
Lewis, Adam
Lewis, Asa A.
Lindsey, Richard M.
Lyons, James H.
Madison, Corlet A.
Marks, Harvey G.
Marks, Hastings
Mathews, Eldo
Mathews, Hosie
Matthews, John
May, Lee F.
McCoy, Lee W.
McDonald, John T.
McDuffee, James A.
McKay, William L.
McKinnie, Roy P.
McLendon, Ray N.
McManus, Edgar R.
McNair, Will
McNeair, Edward
McRae, John
Merritt, Albert C.
Merritt, Harry H.
Miles, James G.
Miller, James G.
Miller, Milo T.
Mitchell, Ira
Moore, Andrew
Moore, David L.
Moore, Edwin Lee
Moore, Harry
Moore, Lee
Moore, Robert
Moran, Aubrey D.
Murphy, Can
Murphy, Luther
Murray, Ira Gascal
Murry, Clary H.
Nash, Dallas R.
Neal, Chester
Nelson, Donnie
Nettles, Charley M.
Nettles, Henry
Nettles, Neail
Nettles, Walter
Nutt, Robert
Nutt, Word A.
Oliver, Benjamin M.
Oliver, Jamie G.
Oliver, John Franklin
Owens, Bush
Owens, Thomas
Parker, Calvin A.
Parker, Frank
Parr, Lee
Patton, James
Paulman, Artie A.
Payne, Toy R.
Phillips, Amos
Phillips, Ellis
Pierce, Fred Huston
Pierce, Joseph W.
Porter, Wesley E.
Powell, Raymond
Powell, Raymond P.
Presentine, Cornelius
Preston, John
Priddy, James B.
Rhine, Thomas Edwin
Rhodes, Oscar
Richard, Edgar
Ricks, Frank
Roark, Norvin S.
Robertson, Jessie L.
Robertson, Lee Harry
Robins, Allie
Rogers, James L.
Rogers, Johnnie W.W.
Rothwell, Jesse G.
Rothwell, Richard F.
Rowland, Robert W.
Samuels, Thomas
Sanders, James C.
Sanders, Urney A.
Scott, Bert
Sessions, Robert F.
Sessions, Thomas B.
Shaddock, Sterling P.
Sherron, Archie T.
Sherron, Jim B.
Shults, Claude E.
Silliman, Massie G.
Simmons, Willie
Sindle, John
Sindle, Thomas E.
Smead, Claud D.
Smead, William R.
Smead, William Robert
Smith, Ed
Smith, George
Smith, Hugh
Smith, Ned F.
Sorrells, Willington
Speer, Verner M.
Speer, Walter J.
Splawn, Thomas Edward
Steelman, John R.
Stonham, Sandie
Stonham, Sandie
Strange, Ernest J.
Stratton, Ottis P.
Stringer, Buster
Strong, Ellis
Strong, Erwin Raiford
Strong, Nevious
Strong, Ricks
Strong, Titus
Sumler, Dudley
Tabin, Tro--? [hole]
Talbot, Ivy S.
Talbot, Luil Judson
Tate, Lee
Tate, Lewis
Terrell, Charles H.
Terrell, Harry C.
Thomason, Charles H.
Thornton, Edgar R.
Thrower, James
Thrower, Phil C.
Tobias, Elisha
Tobin, Elijah
Tomlinson, Oscar H.
Turner, Ike T.
Turner, Willie
Vaughan, John
Vaughan, Washington
Venable, Richard Jefferson
Walker, Green
Ware, Aaron M.
Ware, Johnie B.
Washington, Haywood
Watson, Dale E.
Watson, Marvin E.
Weaver, Walter
Webb, Elmer
White, Otis
Whitman, Johnie M.
Wiley, Jesse L.
Wiley, John
Williams, Charlie
Williams, Charlie H.
Williams, Doyle D.
Williams, Earl E.
Williams, Jessie
Williams, Preston T.
Williams, Tom
Willias, Jesse
Wilson, William F.
Wise, Charles R.
Wise, Guy A.
Wisinger, Isaac David
Wooders, King
Worrell, William F.
Wortham, Jewel T.
York, Richard T.
York, Walter

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