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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Clay and Greene Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Clay County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Clay County World War I Soldiers

Abel, Coleman H.
Abney, Claud William
Adams, Eli W.
Adams, George
Adams, George W.
Adams, Roy Lee
Adkinson, Cecil R.
Ahrent, Otto Henry
Ainley, Arthur L.
Ainley, Manuel B.
Alcorn, Renold E.
Alexander, Henry F.
Allbright, George
Allbright, Henry
Allen, Frank J.
Allen, Howell
Allen, James T.
Allen, Jay
Allen, Lewis L.
Allman, Seby
Allman, William C.
Allmandinger, Andy
Allmandinger, Chris H.
Anderson, James M.
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, Ray E.
Arnold, Luther F.
Ator, Ezra
Ausmus, Hugh M.
Austin, John T.
Baird, Mitchel
Baker, Roy J.
Baker, Walter G.
Ballard, Alcy W.
Barker, George
Barnett, Dewey E.
Barnwell, John
Basinger, Joseph E.
Bauschlicher, William H.
Baxley, Amzie H.
Baxter, Loyd V.
Beard, Ellis R.
Beard, James H.
Beckley, Chester Melodeous
Beckwith, James
Belford, Jesse
Bell, Clarence E.
Bennett, Thelbert
Bess, Bartley E.
Billingsley, Henry Clyde
Bird, Wallace
Bittick, John L.
Black, Royal
Blagg, Sanford N.
Blagg, Wallace R.
Blan, Lilian Leslie
Blankenship, Frantie
Bloodworth, Edward G.
Boliver, Jasper E.
Bolton, Joseph L.
Boshears, William C.
Bowman, William T.
Boyd, John W.
Boyd, Roy
Boyle, Roy L.
Braden, Alex
Braden, John R.
Braden, Lemuel A.
Bradford, Lee
Bradley, Russell
Bradshaw, Elbert L.
Branan, Henry G.
Branan, Henry G.
Brandon, Benjamin H.
Brennecke, Clarence H.
Brinker, Melvin
Brittain, Harry A.
Britton, Charles M.
Brock, Willie
Brooks, Albert L.
Brown, Calloway W.
Brown, Carl George
Brown, Charley
Brown, Elmer
Brown, Girtie
Brown, Henry L.
Brown, Jesse J.
Brown, Neal R.
Brown, Simon D.
Brown, William M.
Brown, William M.
Brown, William T.A.
Browning, Eugene Rutledge
Bruce, Benjamin B.
Bruce, George
Bryant, Bland F.
Bucy, Roy S.
Burns, Eiley
Burns, Finis L.
Burns, Martin H.
Burton, Charles B.
Burton, James F.
Burton, Joe G.
Burton, Reynolds
Burton, William O.
Busby, Willie
Butler, Clyde S.
Button, Samuel
Byrd, Sidney
Caldwell, Edward Franklin
Campbell, Sid A.
Canterbury, Joseph L.
Cantwell, Duke W.
Cantwell, Roy C.
Capps, Dave
Carey, Ples W.
Carmack, Jess W.
Carpenter, James A.
Carpenter, Lemuel
Carpenter, Paul L.
Carpenter, Verney T.
Carroll, Lewis D.
Carter, Clarence
Carter, Jack P.
Castleberry, Samuel
Casto, Thomas
Cathey, Jim
Cato, Dolph
Cato, Frank
Caton, David M.
Causey, James Riley
Chapman, Lonie
Chapman, Loyd A.
Chapman, Raymond
Childers, John C.
Choate, James Brison
Choate, Oscar Monroe
Chrisco, Ernest
Clayton, Jerome
Clemons, William
Clifton, Thomas
Cline, William C.
Cluck, Willard A.
Coats, Lige Olive
Cobb, Virgil R.
Cochran, James T.
Coffeen, Frank T.
Coffel, Robert C.
Coffer, William Thomas
Cole, Carlos
Cole, Charley A.
Cole, Rufus H.
Coley, Arthur J.
Coley, Luther E.
Colley, Elbert
Connyers, George
Cooper, Henry O.
Copelin, James A.
Cowden, Thomas S.
Cox, Charles A.
Cox, James E.
Cox, Ralph
Cox, Raymond R.
Coyle, Clarence A.
Crews, Herbert
Cribbs, Clevie
Crosson, Dudley L.
Crouch, Clarence
Crow, H. Cecil
Crow, Lemuel Arthur
Crumb, Homer
Cummings, Alounzo Franklin
Cummings, William H.
Damron, Harris
Daughenbaugh, Winfield C.
Davidson, Milton
Davidson, Vernice J.
Davis, Charlie Ragall
Davis, Chauncy M.
Davis, Dempsey
Davis, Dewey
Davis, Harry L.
Davis, William E.
Day, Ralph E.
Dean, Robert
Dean, William S.
Dees, Carmell
Delaney, Alfred R.
Dell, Johnie
Dement, Charles W.
Denam, Harvey Elbert
Denning, Chester W.
Dennison, William A.
Denton, Gus
Denton, Raymond
Devore, Charles
Dial, Leon M.
Digby, Carter
Dinkins, Albert S.
Dodd, Alvin M.
Donaldson, Glen
Donaldson, Lock
Dooley, John E.
Dortch, James A.
Doty, Charles Edward
Downham, Bryan W.
Downing, Carl E.
Downing, James R.
Downs, Willie A.
Driskell, James M.
Driskill, William Edgar
Drury, James Auston
Dunn, Thomas Golden
Dunn, William M.
Dunton, Joseph C.
Dupuis, Steve
Earle, Charles D.
Earle, Ghuyraine [sic]
Eason, Ben
Eason, Charles A.
Eastep, Dennis C.
Easton, Clarence
Edmonds, John A.
Edwards, James A.
Edwards, Roy A.
Edwards, Starling Arthur
Edwared, Jeff
Eldridge, Elvis V.B.
Elliott, Clarence W.
Elliott, Robert T.
Elsass, Lawrence E.
Embry, Connell B.
Emmons, Claude P.
Emmons, Harry
Ermert, John
Erven, Richard
Eskew, James S.
Eskew, John W.
Estes, Aubrey Clyde
Evans, James A.
Evans, William I.
Ezell, Delbert
Ezell, George Oliver
Farr, William H.
Farthing, Charles J.O.
Fellows, William C.
Fickert, Peter E.
Fielder, Jesse G.
Fisk, Benjamin F.
Fitzgerald, Jake
Fitzgerald, John W.
Fletcher, William Porter
Flippo, Frank
Flotow, Earnest W.
Flowers, Ernest E.
Floyd, George W.
Floyd, William D.
Fluty, Elbert E.
Fluty, Ervin G.
Fonda, Charles H.
Forrest, Elmer F.
Forrest, Ernest
Foster, Arthur D.
Foster, David Allen
Foster, Elmer S.
Foster, Henry Clay
Foster, John F.
Foster, Virgil
Fowler, Claude E.
Fowler, Pink C.
Frederick, Ival R.
French, Jack A.
French, Robert E.
French, Thomas A.
Frew, William B.
Fry, Robert G.
Fultz, William H.
Gaddis, Harry L.
Gage, Bishop L.
Gage, Bishop L.
Gage, Charles E.
Gambill, Alvin Wesley
Gannon, Ona
Gardner, Henry Elbert
Gardner, Luther F.
Garland, Carl Mansfield
Garrett, Dee
Garrett, Jesse N.
Garrett, Solomon N.
Gaskins, Glenn Ardmore
Gaskins, Omer L.
Gatewood, George E.
Gattinger, Marcus L.
George, Joseph H.
George, William H.
Gerdes, Louis
Gettings, John
Gibbons, Luther S.
Gibbs, Anson
Gibbs, Clyde
Gibbs, Hughie
Gibbs, Ira Luther
Gibson, Jerry C.
Gibson, Jesse J.
Gifford, Jesse O.
Gilbert, George M.
Gilbert, Gordon F.
Gilbert, Homer L.
Giles, Thomas H.
Gills, Dallas Jackson
Gilpin, Frederick
Glasco, Perry V.
Glasgow, Jesse C.
Glasscock, Edwin H.
Glasscock, Joseph
Goins, Arthur
Gomer, Ethen R.
Goode, Luther L.
Goodman, Charley
Goodman, Ray
Goodmon, Rufus
Gordon, Cecil A.
Gordon, Charley C.
Graham, George W.
Graham, Lon
Granger, Jacob Obrey
Gravil, James A.
Green, Zenor
Gregory, Dentiss E.
Gregory, Thomas
Gregsby, John B.
Griffin, Arch
Griffin, Bryan
Griffin, Joseph A.
Griffin, William B.
Grigsby, John Baily
Grimes, Jesse A.
Griswold, Evert B.
Griswold, George
Groaning, John Bee
Groves, Edward
Gunn, Norman
Hafford, Tobert C.
Hailfield, Ewart R.
Hale, Clyde Harold
Hall, Cecile R.
Hamlett, John Walter
Hanks, Jasper
Harbert, Willie H.
Hardin, Hollie R.
Hardy, Dewey
Hargett, Selmer
Harly, Charley A.
Harp, Thomas O.
Harper, Alvie Claudy
Harper, Jesse B.
Harper, Otto
Harper, R.V.
Harper, Rector
Harper, Victor
Harrell, Everett F.
Harris, Archie
Harris, John W.
Harris, Luther
Harris, Vivian
Harris, Walter
Harris, William B.
Harry A. Book
Haskins, Albert Gordon
Haskins, Oscar O.
Hatcher, Erwin William
Hatfield, John
Hawks, Edwin T.
Hawks, James Mills Jr.
Hayes, Morgan Rosco
Hayes, Odes E.
Hayes, Paul
Hays, Gilbert
Hays, James D.
Hays, James O.
Hays, Odes E.
Hays, William R.
Headley, Clarence E.
Headley, Sam L.
Hedrick, Wesley J.
Henderson, Eugene
Henderson, Robert L.
Henderson, Thebus W.
Hendrick, Milburn C.
Hendrick, Steven
Hendrixson, Charles L.
Hettel, Ambrose C.
Hettel, Joseph Benjamin
Hettel, Perry H.
Hettel, William O.
Hickman, Willie
Hicks, Ervie
Hicks, Harvey E.
Hicks, James E.
Higgason, Robert L.
Hill, Elmer E.
Hill, Leonard
Hill, Victor L.
Hillyer, Alison
Hillyer, Clifford
Hinchcliff, William
Hitt, Dallas
Hitt, Dee
Hitt, Louie
Hobbs, Lawson
Hodges, Louis
Hogard, Wortham
Holcomb, Dallas Heavy
Holcomb, Olin S.
Holford, George W.
Holifield, William H.
Holland, Barney Fred
Holt, Orbra V.
Holton, Judson N.
Hooper, Ernest
Hoover, Roy
Hopper, George A.
Hopper, Ozza Leo
Hopper, Thomas P.
Hosey, Orborn W.
Howard, Rosey
Howe, William H.
Huddleston, Alexander W.
Hudspeth, Barney F.
Huff, James D.
Huffstutler, Lawrence W.
Huggins, George T.
Hughey, Moses Cline
Humphrey, Thomas
Hunter, Montgomery Pike
Hurt, Charles P.
Huston, Dick
Hutchison, Herbert E.
Hutchison, Herman H.
Icenogle, Harry O[scar].
Irby, Pleasant E.
Irby, W. Harry
Irby, William C.
Ivy, Edward
Jackson, August
Jackson, Donald E.
Jackson, John D.
Jackson, Logan A.
Jackson, Luther
Jackson, Roy O.
Jaggers, Clarence F.
Jernigan, Ernest Deloy
Jerrells, Horace E.
Jett, Arthur J.
Jetts, Arthur J.
Jewell, Claude E.
Jewell, Ernest Elmo
Jewell, Fred D.
Jinkins, Buford
Johnson, Arthur C.
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Dennis F.
Johnson, Elva Boyd
Johnson, James F.
Johnson, Sidney
Johnson, William E.
Johnston, William C.
Jones, Huron B.
Jones, James
Jones, Jim
Jones, Willard T.
Joslin, Arthur C.
Julian, Clarence G.
Julian, Elza
Julian, James M.
Julian, Maxwell
Kee, Harry
Kee, James
Kee, Lonnie
Kee, Lonnie
Kegley, Jeff
Keller, Carl C.
Keller, Dan
Keller, Otis
Kennebeck, William A.
Kersey, Walter
Kimball, Fred
King, Grover C.
King, Jesse Luster
King, Jiles H.
King, Louis E.
King, Robert Dewey
Kinsey, Thomas Y.
Kiser, Charles A.
Kissee, Hugh
Kitchen, William S.
Lacey, Benton I.
Lack, Marlen Columbus
Lack, Thomas E.
Ladyman, James M.
Ladyman, Thomas M.
Lafferty, John T.
Lamp, John G.
Lamp, Oscar M.
Landis, Omer V.
Lands, Wesley
Lane, General S.
Langdon, John H.
Langley, Allie Otho
Langley, Louis J.
Lankford, Albert E.
Larue, William H.
Lashley, Arthur R.
Lasseter, Roland
Laughlin, J.B.
Lawrence, George W.
Layer, Flory
Layne, Sidney
Lazalier, William R.
Lee, Henry B.
Legate, Alvin G.
Legate, Carl C.
Lenhart, F.J.
Leonard, John W.
Leslie, Herman
Lewis, Larkin L.
Little, Luther L.
Lock, James E.
Long, Porter
Love, Robert F.
Lucy, Neely
Lyon, James R.
Mabry, Fred G.
Maccume, Johnnie
Maddux, Earnest Pinkney
Maddux, Edward A.
Mallard, Arvel A.
Mandrell, William I.
Mann, Edward E.
Mann, Griffin A.
Manning, Albert R.
Manning, Daniel H.
Manning, Everett E.
Manning, Jervis L.
Marine, Oliver Joseph
Martin, Elmer
Martin, Hudson
Mason, Clarence R.
Massey, Roy P.
Massingill, Ivan Virgil
Masterson, Herbert Elbert
Masterson, Robert J.
McAtee, Joseph Nicholas
McAtee, Thomas J.
McClaren, Ervin
McClearan, Sam
McClintock, Claude
McCollum, George R.
McCord, William Everett
McCormick, Luther
McCoy, Ollie V.
McCrady, William J.B.
McDonald, Ernest
McDonald, Sylvester
McElrath, Albert T.
McElroy, Robert
McElvoy, Hardie
McGinnis, Lonnie R.
McGuire, Otis L.
McKee, Gilbert
McKenney, Joe
McKibben, George
McKinley, George R.
McMahan, Riley
McMorris, George
McNiel, Rudy E.
McNiel, Sidney B.
McReynolds, Clyde W.
Melrose, Herbert
Merrett, Charles Leon
Michael, John D.L.
Milburn, Carl R.
Miller, Abe
Miller, Barnie
Miller, George R.
Miller, James B.
Miller, Jesse J.
Miller, John C.
Miller, Johnson
Miller, Lawrence F.
Miller, Robert D.
Miller, Samuel Roy
Mills, Charlie
Mims, Wyatt
Miner, Ernest E.
Miner, Otto L.
Molencupp, John L.
Montgomery, Ezra H.
Moore, Carlos
Moore, Doll
Moore, Franklin D.
Moore, Henry E.
Moore, Luther Wright
Moran, Loyd D.
Morgan, George A.
Morris, Doyle V.
Morris, Henry E.
Morris, Jeff I.
Morris, John E.
Morris, Lloyd
Morrow, Franklin H.
Moss, Warner
Murray, Andie
Nance, Granville S.
Neely, Hommer
Nelson, Sylvester S.
Nesbit, Raymond H.
Nettles, Orin
Newbern, Alva L.
Newbern, Dewey A.
Newsom, Raymon R.
Nichols, William Elmon
Noble, Fred G.
Noel, Grover R.
Norred, Albert R.
Norred, Ward Ralph
O'Hara, Roy E.
O'Hara, Sidney
O'Kane, Clyd J. [sic]
Oakley, Perry
Olds, Lonnie E.
Oliver, Argolis
Oliver, Charles Evans
Oliver, James M.
Oliver, Paul
Oliver, William Loverage
Orrell, George W.
Osnamer, Harvey E.
Ousnamer, Dewey Roy
Ousnamer, Norris
Outlaw, Edward B.
Overton, William Robert
Owens, John A.
Ownes, James A.
Ozier, Lon R.
Page, Robert E.
Palmer, Rufus
Parce, Oscar S.
Parker, Bryan
Parker, Dick
Parker, Elmer
Parker, Roy Elmer
Parks, Edgar E.
Parks, Ira
Parks, Jerome E.
Parks, Jesse W.
Parmley, James Lee
Parrish, Carl
Parrish, Eric A.
Parrish, Porter S.
Parrish, Thomas N.
Parrish, Walter Oling
Parsons, Gordie Lee
Parsons, Linnie E.
Patten, Mat
Patterson, Louie Arthur
Patterson, Mort F.
Payne, Albert H.
Payne, Arthur F.
Payne, Arthur Franklin
Perrien, Everett L.
Perrien, John Edgar
Perrien, William C.
Persinger, John
Peterson, Otto
Petrie, Warren M.
Petty, Barney
Petty, Walton
Pfeiffer, Karl Gustavia
Phillips, Daniel E.
Phillips, James W.
Pickens, James H.
Pickens, Robert L.
Pickler, Jesse
Pierce, Ben W.
Pierce, Roy
Pillow, Seldon
Ping, Bernard
Ping, Louis S.
Ping, Nolan
Pipkin, Porter J.
Pittmon, Grover
Plough, Henry R.
Polk, William Earl
Pollard, Elvis O.
Ponds, Lendorth
Poppe, Rhinehart W.
Porter, Asie
Posey, William B.
Potter, Notia A.
Powell, Leroy Deforrest
Powell, Raymond H.
Price, Amos Walter
Price, Ben W.
Price, Earl R.
Pride, Gorda R.
Priest, Lexie L.
Pruett, Elbert Edgar
Pruett, Troy V.
Puckett, Albert K.
Purcell, John L.
Purdom, Luther C.
Quigley, Luther
Ramsey, Oscar
Ranbarger, Sol
Randleman, Royal R.
Rapert, Edward
Rawlings, John E.
Reaves, Marion R.
Redwine, Byron E.
Redwine, Thomas
Reed, Jodie
Reed, John
Reeves, Eugene
Reeves, Fred
Renard, Henry I.
Reynolds, William Arthur
Rhodes, Daniel Howard
Rider, Alex C.
Riebesell, Ernest
Rieger, John P.
Riggs, Albert R.
Rister, Charles J.
Robb, Henry E.
Roberts, Abner
Robertson, Elmer
Robertson, James Leland
Robertson, James M.
Robertson, Walter F.
Robinson, James Thomas
Rodery, Arnie
Rodgers, Wren
Rogers, Arthur J.
Rogers, Charlie
Rogers, Isom
Roper, Clyde E.
Rose, Samuel C.
Rosier, Lonie W.
Ross, John A.
Rowen, Charlie D.
Russ, Thomas J.
Russell, Fred J.
Russell, James
Rutledge, Clarence A.
Rutledge, Dolpher
Sales, Alfred
Sancomb, Thomas H.
Sanders, Carroll
Sanders, George E.
Sanders, Otis
Sanders, Terry W.
Sanders, Wilford
Sarvery, Harry E.
Saylor, Leon
Scarbrough, Penny
Scheffler, Ed C.
Scheffler, Will F.
Schwinegruber, James H.
Scillian, Raymond D.
Scott, Harry Irvin
Scott, John W.
Scott, Lindsey W.
Scott, Ralph R.
Scurlock, Edward Holmes
Scurlock, Rodger Earl
Seagraves, James H.
Seal, Herbert O.
Seals, Roy J.
Seitz, Grover
Self, Oren Floyd
Settlemoir, Louis S.
Sharpe, Alma Jennings
Shaw, Robert
Sheeks, Edgar Van Buren
Shelton, William B.
Shemwell, Henry R.
Shepherd, Elvin
Shipman, Edgar Lee
Shook, Johnnie B.
Sides, Joseph E.
Sides, Roy B.
Siemens, Henry L.
Simmering, Edward H.
Simmons, Guy B.
Simmons, Sylvester
Simpson, Charlie Lee
Sims, Raleigh
Sinko, Charles R.
Smart, Thomas J.
Smith, Clifford H.
Smith, Elmer
Smith, George O.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Harold D.
Smith, Ivey Owen
Smith, James E.
Smith, John E.
Smith, Luther S.
Smith, Manuel
Smith, Pleasant F.
Smith, Roy
Smith, Thomas T.
Smith, Walter C.
Smith, William
Smith, William R.
Snider, John H.
Snowden, Charles Roy
Snowden, Raymond B.
Somers, Frank
Sorrels, Beauret Avry
Sparling, Pete
Spence, Bernie B.
Spires, Horace
Spires, William
Stafford, Ollie E.
Stallings, John
Stallings, Otto
Stallings, Troy
Standley, Dwight J.
Stanley, Carl Newton
Starling, Luther W.
Starns, Burley L.
Staten, John E.
Steward, John C.
Stewart, Charlie C.
Stinnett, Charley C.
Stokes, Benjamin O.
Stokes, Chas. M.
Stone, Aubrey B.
Stone, George Lee
Stone, Orville B.
Suggs, Lawrence N.
Sumner, Kenneth
Sunes, Columbus R.
Sutton, Henry
Swindle, Lonie R.
Talkington, Clarence O.
Tate, Pleasant H.
Taylor, Beloit
Taylor, Edd
Taylor, Elmer
Taylor, Robert L.
Taylor, Rupert P.
Teasley, William A.
Templeton, Bernard H.
Templeton, Boss?
Templeton, Jack Earnest
Templeton, Ode F.
Tendal, Henry F.
Teters, William B.
Thayer, Frank Hayes
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, Frank M.
Thomas, George M.
Thomas, Julius Wade
Thomas, Leslie Lecugurs
Thomason, Willie S.
Thompson, Allen H.
Thompson, Buford O.
Thompson, Earl T.
Thompson, Ezra W.
Thompson, Johna I.
Thornton, Webb L.
Thrasher, William R.
Thurman, William R.
Thurston, Henry B.
Tiner, Luther I.
Tinsley, Charles D.
Tolliver, Sherman Benjamin
Tompkins, Emory L.
Townsend, Willie M.
Trailer, Alfred R.
Trammell, Harvey Eric
Trantham, Clarence M.
Troxel, Elmer H.
Tuck, Herschel M.
Tuggle, Alfonso M.
Tuggle, Charley O.
Turner, Clarence G.
Turner, Richard Earl
Turner, Robert C.
Turner, William F.
Tyler, Bunk
Underwood, Charles A.
Underwood, Lester
Underwood, Virgil
Van Winkle, Willie
Vancil, George W.
Vandermark, James E.
Vandermark, Urshel
Vandover, Ewell
Vaughn, Charles W.
Vaughn, Clarence E.
Vines, Oscar
Vines, Victor H.
Vineyard, Benjamin H.
Vinson, Howard
Vinyard, Claude A.
Vowell, Dan
Vowell, Ed O.
Vowell, Luther J.
Waddle, Martin Van Buren
Wade, Hugh H.
Wade, James
Wade, Richard E.
Wadlington, Roy L.
Wagner, William E.
Wagster, Bertie Elbert
Wagster, James O.
Wagster, Sidney
Waldren, William Noah
Walker, Clarence
Walker, Grover C.
Walker, Ira C.
Walker, Robinson C.
Walker, William Alfred
Walker, William K.
Wallace, Alf
Wallace, Lee R.
Wallace, Otto
Waller, Arthur W.
Walley, John D.
Warbritton, David E.
Ward, Burton A.
Ward, Grover
Ward, James M.
Ward, Robert N.
Ward, William E.
Warden, George
Warf, James C.
Warman, Robert D.
Warman, William W.
Warmath, Moody M.
Warren, Jerm Frank
Washington, Anthony
Watson, Bert L.
Watson, Charles E.
Watson, Doris D.
Watson, Robert E.
Wayland, Allen X.
Weatherly, John O.
Webb, Harry H.
Webber, John H.
Webber, Willard M.
Weese, Jesse O.
Weimer, Elmer L.
Welch, Alvie L.
Weller, Albert N.
Weller, George R.
Weller, John H.
Welti, Emil
Welty, Floyd C.
West, Acie Amos
West, James E.
Whitaker, Willis H.
White, Matthew H.
White, Robert L.
Whitlock, Samuel C.
Whittaker, Thomas
Whittington, Dick
Whittington, Willis
Widmer, James W.
Wiedeman, Albert G.
Wiedeman, Charles Phillip
Wiedemann, Newell E.
Wikewsky, John A.
Wikowsky, Albert August
Wilcox, Clarence
Wilkerson, Thomas A.
Wilkins, Elvie C.
Williams, Charlie E.
Williams, Dave
Williams, Eslie E.
Williams, Francis A.
Williams, Francis F.
Williams, Henry
Williams, Homer
Williams, Louis F.
Williams, Luther
Williams, Noble I.
Williams, Ralph E.
Williams, William W.
Williamson, Edwin
Wilson, Monroe
Wilson, Roy L.
Winfrey, Odus E.
Winingnear, Walter
Winn, Floyd
Winn, Ralph
Winton, Harry E.
Wolf, Elvin
Wood, Claude
Wood, Floyd Edward
Woodard, Willie L.
Woods, Dee
Woodward, Ira Gilbert
Woolard, Henry B.
Wray, Loyd L.
Wright, Daniel
Wright, Homer P.
Wright, Hubert E.
Wright, James E.
Wright, Marion Alvin
Yancey, Clarence G.
Yarbrough, Martin E.
Yates, Charlie R.
Yates, Joe
Yates, Walter D.
York, Arthur E.
York, Roy

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