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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Ashley, Bradley, Cleveland, Drew, and Lincoln Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Cleveland County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Cleveland County World War I Soldiers

Adair, Ira
Adams, James
Akines, James L.
Alexander, Pulaskia
Allen, Samuel James
Alley, Edward H.
Anderson, Garland
Anderson, Grady B.
Anderson, James F.
Anderson, Johnnie Ray
Anderson, Will
Ashcraft, Frank
Ashcraft, George M.
Ashcraft, Hugh B.
Ashcraft, Ira D.
Ashcraft, John B.
Ashcraft, John F.
Atkins, Acy Q.
Atkinson, Vernon J.
Attwood, Ed
Attwood, Evan M.
Attwood, George C.
Baggett, Oscar
Baker, Boyd O.
Baker, D.C.
Banks, George
Barker, Dock C.
Barnes, Roy A.
Barnett, Abner R.
Barnett, Capus B.
Barnett, Jim
Barnett, Joby
Barnett, Nathaniel
Barnett, Walter A.
Barrett, James L.
Bearden, Ed
Bearden, Harvey
Beckwith, Levi
Bell, Alvin
Bell, Bennie H.
Bell, John C.
Bell, John T.
Bell, Joseph Fenner
Bell, Marlin Edgar
Bell, Milton L.
Bell, William E.
Bennett, Isom
Bitner, Jesse T.
Blackerby, Vin E.
Blackwell, James A.
Blackwell, Veo Alexander
Booker, Jack H.
Bradley, Henry
Brandon, Dan
Brandon, Thomas
Brandon, Will
Brannon, Alfred G.
Brantley, Benjamin C.
Brewer, Sollie
Broughton, Abner
Brown, Joe A.
Brown, John Alexander
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Willie
Bruton, George
Bryant, Fred
Bryant, Montie E.
Bryant, Watt
Bryant, William R.
Burford, Collie C.
Burford, William A.
Bussey, James R.
Bussey, Tom H.
Cameron, William F.
Carmical, Rucker C.
Carr, Harvey
Carraway, Ellis V.
Case, Thomas R.
Cash, Ray
Cason, Velma C.
Chapman, Lushon
Childers, Charles H.
Childers, Charles H.
Childress, Abner D.
Childs, Johnie
Chowning, Francis E.
Christian, Henry
Clement, Ira Lester
Coleman, Louis
Coleman, Oscar
Collins, Homer M.
Cooper, Charles Arthur
Cope, Arthur B.
Cope, Martin C.
Courtney, Arthur L.
Courtney, Peter D.
Cox, Roland H.
Crain, Abner J.
Crain, Grover C.
Crain, Rosenburg
Crain, William
Crain, William
Crane, Draton J.
Cranford, Willie
Crosby, Andrew
Cuba, Sidney
Culp, George F.
Culpepper, Thomas G.
Cummings, Buster
Cummings, Lewis F.
Cummings, Robert J.
Curry, Dannie E.
Cypert, Jesse E.
Davis, Forest E.
Davis, Horis
Davis, Roy L.
DeBow, Eugene C.
Dixon, John V.
Dons, Calvin
Doster, John F.
Doster, Sidney W.
Doyle, Willis
Dyer, Ben
Dyer, Hannibal Clifton
Dykes, Aubert C.
Dykes, Joe
Easterling, James
Easterling, Rice E.
Eastwood, Carl J.
Edwards, Eddie H.
Elliot, Clinton Kaye Jr.
Ellis, Charlie
Esley, Henry
Estes, Wiley O.
Etter, Ernest
Eubanks, Claud
Eubanks, William T.
Eubanks, Winom
Feaster, H.
Finley, Ruel
Ford, John
Foster, Henry L.
Franklin, Willie E.
Frazier, Laphus
Frazier, Willie
Frey, Luther H.
Frizzell, Francis N.
Frizzell, Garland
Fry, Charles B.
Garner, Hampton
Garner, Iverson E.
Garrison, John N.
Garrison, Sam R.
Gibson, John
Giles, Lawson C.
Glover, Lewis S.
Glover, Tom M.
Goggans, William L.
Gold, Joe A.
Goolsby, Will
Gough, Wallace
Grandison, Luther
Gray, Arnold A.
Gray, Horace V.
Green, Floyd
Green, Hughie
Greenlees, William C.
Greenles, Hughey T.
Gridiron, Earnest
Griffin, Dan
Griffin, Henry
Grubbs, William L.
Hall, Charlie S.
Hall, Cloy F.
Hall, Cooper
Hall, Joe
Hall, Mora D.
Hall, William L.
Hamilton, Edgar
Hamilton, Eugene S.
Hamilton, Gabeson M.
Hammond, Andrew Jackson
Hancox, Fred
Hannah, Vest
Hannoh, Anderson
Hardaway, James Rufus
Harden, William C.
Hardnett, Green
Hardnett, Kiah
Hardy, Herman B.
Harper, Ira M.
Harris, Floyd M.
Harris, Floyd M.
Harris, Galvin W.
Harris, George
Harris, Governor G.
Harris, William J.
Harris, Willie
Hartsell, James R.
Harvey, Samuel
Haygood, William H.
Hays, Corbet H.
Heinley, Grover C.
Henderson, Fred
Hendrickson, George Calvin
Hendrix, Robert Vernon
Herrington, Bryan
Hester, Felix
Hester, Grant
Hicks, Aaron B.
Holloway, Clifton
Holmes, George H.
Holmes, John
Holsey, Joe
Hope, Lee W.
Horn, Edward L.
Horn, James M.
Horton, Henry Dell
Hosley, Robert
Huddleston, Joe
Hudson, Dewey
Hughes, Elliott
Humphrey, Essau
Humphrey, Lewis
Hunter, Hiram B.
Hunter, Thomas A.
Huntley, William E.
Hurst, Walter C.
Hyatt, Thomas A.
Jacks, Fred L.
Jacks, Jim
Jackson, Anthony
Jackson, Dillard
Jackson, George
Jackson, H.
Jackson, Sidney
Jacobs, Andrew
Jacobs, Henry
Jacobs, Willie
Jaggars, James H.
Jaggars, Marvin S.
Jenkins, William
Jenkinson, George Allen
Jimmerson, Willie
Johnson, Charley
Johnson, Ed [Edward H. is marked out]
Johnson, George B.
Johnson, James T.
Johnson, Melvin A.
Johnson, Sampson
Johnson, Samuel D.
Johnson, Tom Alex
Johnson, W.J.
Johnston, George O.
Jones, Ernest Lester
Jones, Rector H.
Jones, Walter A.
Jones, William D.
Jordan, John L.
Kauffman, James H.
Kauffman, John N.
Kauffman, Lewis C.
Kendall, David H.
Kimbrell, Harrison A.
King, Dudley
King, William
Knowles, James A.
Koons, Benjamin F.
Landers, Herbert T.
Langford, Joseph E.
Langford, Samuel J.
Ledbetter, Charles P.
Lee, Berry J.
Lee, Hal
Lewis, Albert
Lewis, Fred
Lipscomb, Benjamin H.
Lipscomb, Clint L.
Lockhart, Adam M.
Maddox, Carey C.
Manuel, Ferrell
Marks, Lee
Marks, Otto
Marks, Powell
Marshall, Elijah
Marshall, Oscar
Martin, Willis Shanan
Mathews, Jeff
Mathews, Marshall
May, Everett E.
Mayberry, John R.
McAllister, Claude E.
McAllister, Earl A.
McCauley, Maurice C.
McCoy, Leroy
McCoy, Robert Thomas
McCoy, Willie R.
McCulloch, Finch
McDade, Charles F.
McElyea, Olin
McEwen, Luther
McGehee, Robert E.
McGriff, Orion
McKee, Earl H.
McKenney, Norman E.
McKinney, Nathan V.
McLeod, Carl B.
McLeod, Walter
McMillen, James A.
McMurtrey, Jesse L.
McPhail, Alexander M.
McRae, Roy K.
McReynolds, Edgar E.
Merrill, Henry
Miller, Archie L.
Miller, Henry
Miller, Larkin S.
Miller, Taylor E.
Miller, Thad
Miller, Tom N.
Mills, John Tilemon
Mills, Olin
Mitchell, Fred Paige
Mitchell, Joe E.
Mitchell, Walter Bishop
Moore, James L.
Moore, Victor V.
Morgan, Howell T.
Morgan, John
Morgan, Lummie
Moseley, James Troy
Mosely, Hugh L.
Mosley, Brawner
Mosley, James G.
Mosley, Tolivar
Murdock, Lawrence
Neal, Horace M.
Neal, Robert
Neely, Carl Lee
Nichols, George C.
Norman, Smith
Norton, Ernest R.
O'Kelley, Ralph
O'Neal, Joseph
O'Neal, Nelson
Oakley, Charley
Ohaire, Early
Oldner, Claud
Oldner, Robert C.
Oldner, Thomas W.
Owens, Henry
Owens, Marion L.
Paden, Roma L.
Pannill, Charlie D.
Parnell, Roy
Parret, Lea
Patton, Johnnie E.
Patton, Joseph A.
Pennington, John L.
Perry, Eugene
Peters, Lester D.
Peterson, Sam
Phillips, Porter B.
Pierson, Jesse C.
Powell, Tom
Powers, Ari A.
Powers, Roy H.
Prince, George
Quinn, Roy J.
Rainey, Carl
Randolph, Joe H.
Randolph, Joe H.
Ratliff, Bryant B.
Ratliff, Cloud E.
Rawlings, George W.
Rawls, John C.
Rawls, McKinley
Reed, Cane L.
Reed, Carvin H.
Reed, Cornelious O.
Reed, Hughey L.
Reed, John O.
Reed, Marvin W.
Reid, Bowie G.
Renfrow, Olin E.
Reynolds, William F.
Richardson, Guy
Richardson, Mose L.
Richardson, Willie
Riggins, Thomas Noah
Riggins, William C.
Riggins, William Oscar
Roberts, Grover C.
Roberts, Harrison Lincoln
Roberts, Herman L.
Roberts, James M.
Roberts, Willie E.
Robertson, Frederick J.
Rodgers, James
Rodgers, John B.
Roebuck, James H.
Rone, Martin Kelley
Ross, Dock
Ross, E.D.
Ross, Jardon
Ross, John A.
Ross, Melton
Ross, Turner
Ross, Vester
Rowland, Joseph
Ryburn, Lewis F.
Sadler, Jake
Saeler, John T.
Sallee, Marshall Ralph
Scott, Columbus
Scruggs, Earnest
Segrest, Jessie C.
Segrest, Major
Segrest, Roy R.
Seymore, George W.
Sharlottie, William
Shelby, Robert
Shelby, Walter T.
Simpson, Samuel B.
Sims, James F.
Singleton, Matthew
Singleton, Roy
Sinks, Samuel M.
Sipes, Marvin M.
Smart, Richard
Smiley, William D.
Smith, Abe Elias
Smith, Calvin S.
Smith, Green
Smith, John
Smith, Martin Quinn
Smith, Ollie
Smith, Rufus H.
Smith, Zell
Sparks, Tomas E.
Speaker, James
Spears, Stark
St. John, Harvey
St. John, William J.
Stanfield, Leon R.
Staten, Cleveland
Stayton, Dee
Stevens, Henry Lee
Stevenson, Edward
Stewart, Ulishious
Stover, Claud B.
Strahan, William A.
Strait, John M.
Stubblefield, Jessie
Sturgis, Robert S.
Talbot, Thomas
Tate, Richard
Tate, Willie N.
Taylor, Garland
Taylor, Jesse E.
Taylor, William C.
Taylor, William H.
Taylor, Winnie
Terry, Virgil C.
Thomas, James S.
Thomas, Seldon C.
Thomasson, Charles E.
Thomasson, James H.
Thomasson, Victor O.
Thompson, Adrian C.
Thompson, Houston
Thompson, Houston E.
Thompson, Roy
Thompson, William
Thornton, Thomas
Thornton, Wade H.
Tidwell, Leroy
Tidwell, Louis G.
Tisdale, Earnest
Tisdale, Leonard E.
Tolefree, Tolbert
Tolson, Roy
Tolson, Virgil A.
Tooke, Chester
Towery, Ocie E.
Towery, Oliver C.
Townsend, Gradie
Townsend, Homer
Trammel, John J.
Trammell, Robert Lee
Trammill, Buck
Turner, Haywood
Urquhart, James
Varnell, Sid
Vaughn, Neal
Vinson, Dewitt E.
Vinson, Sid H.
Wade, Garrett
Waldrop, Leonard O.
Wallace, Sam
Ward, John H.
Ward, Metter
Warner, Albert
Warner, Eli
Warner, Orange
Watson, Johnsie J.
Webb, William A.
Wesley, John
West, Elon G.
West, Jesse F.
White, Jackson A.
Wilbert, Lody
Williams, Bob Lee Arthur
Williams, Harry L.
Williams, James
Williams, Joseph E.
Williams, Milton Everett
Williams, William
Wilson, Clarence E.
Wilson, Jessie J.
Wilson, Oscar L.
Wilson, William P.
Wolf, Willie J.
Wolfe, William H.
Woods, Jeff
Wooley, Ben
Wooley, William
Woolford, Dewey E.
Woolley, Lonnie F.
Word, James F.
Word, Roscoe A.
Workman, Fred
Wright, Ed
Wright, George R.
Wright, John Burss
Young, Claud R.
Young, Clay
Young, Fred
Young, Henry
Young, James S.
Youngblood, James Edwin

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