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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Craighead, Mississippi, and Poinsett Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Arkansas County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Craighead County World War I Soldiers

Adams, Aubrey E.
Adams, Bert N.
Adams, Charley
Adams, Cicero
Adams, Joe L.
Adams, John L.
Adams, Rudia A.
Adcock, Caleb A.
Agee, Ellis R.
Agee, James Virgil
Akins, Samuel H.
Alexander, Casey Delbert
Alexander, Goley T.
Allen, Alex
Allen, Charles H.
Allen, James W.
Allen, Samuel M.
Allen, Thurston
Alston, Roger L.
Alsup, James A.
Alsup, Thomas D.
Anderson, Daniel J.
Anderson, George
Anderson, Tom J.
Andrews, Allie Eldon
Andrews, James P.
Armstrong, Jay Q.
Arnold, Cecil C.
Arnold, George S.
Arnold, James F.
Arrington, Woodson B.
Ashworth, Marion
Askren, Claud
Atkinson, Loy P.
Autrey, William L.
Bailey, Walter
Baker, Charlie W.
Baker, Forest L.
Baker, John E.
Ball, John
Bandy, Albert
Barber, Arthur D.
Barber, Grover C.
Barber, William Gilbert
Barham, Horace P.
Barker, William E.
Barkley, Dallas A.
Barlow, Edwin D.
Barlow, Steaven S.
Barnes, Edward B.
Barnett, Christopher C.
Barnett, Garland G.
Barnett, Guy H.
Barrett, Roy E.
Barringer, Mack
Barrow, Mack
Barry, Mack Franklin
Bateman, Ernest Carter
Bates, Jim
Batts, Bascom F.
Bean, George R.
Bean, Thomas H.
Beard, Arthur
Beck, Carroll A.
Beck, Roy J.
Beckett, Clarence Tracy
Belew, Aubrey
Bennett, Arthur W.
Bennett, Claire Perry
Bennett, Willie E.
Benzing, Albert J.
Berry, Bert H.
Berry, Frank M.
Berry, Harvey D.
Berry, Manuel
Berry, Ralph P.
Berry, Walter D.
Bess, John W.
Biddle, Chester E.
Biddle, Marvin B.
Birmingham, James W.
Bishop, Andy E.
Bishop, Benjamin F.
Bishop, Benjamin F.
Bishop, Leonard C.
Bivens, Alma W.
Black, Fred
Blackford, Clarence A.
Blagg, Clarence D.
Blalock, Byrd
Blalock, Chester B.
Blanchard, Walter W.
Blankenship, Carl E.
Blankenship, Earl W.
Blankenship, James A.
Blankenship, Richard C.
Blankenship, Wiloughby
Blessing, Louis J.
Blick, Walter L.
Bohrer, Heber S.
Boles, Charlie E.
Bolin, Ross C.
Boling, James H.
Bolling, John
Booker, Harrison
Booten, James L.
Boswell, Lester B.
Bouyea, Joseph H.
Bouyea, Louis A.
Bowen, James
Bowen, Rufus Earl
Bowles, Hallie B.
Bowman, Frank
Bowman, Joshua S.
Boyd, David B.
Boyd, George M.
Boyd, John L.
Braden, John L.
Bradford, Charles A.
Bradford, John
Bradley, James E.
Bradshaw, John W.
Brand, Richard H.
Bratcher, James E.
Brevard, John Arthur
Brewer, Allen S.
Bridger, Paul H.
Brigham, Robert
Bright, Marley
Brinton, Claude B.
Brisco, George B.
Brizendine, James L.
Broadaway, George A.
Broadaway, Gordon P.
Broadaway, James Henry
Broadway, Chas. E.
Brock, Jesse L.
Brock, William F.
Brockens, Joseph E.A.
Brooks, Herman
Brooks, Thomas D.
Brooms, Henry L.
Broun, Charley
Brown, Joseph O.E.
Browning, Clarence Alves
Browning, Ora
Brubaker, Joseph E.
Bulla, William E.
Burnett, Everett
Burnley, William Henry
Burrow, Plezz I.
Burton, James H.
Burton, John H.
Burton, Ruben E.
Burton, William D.
Butler, Albert
Butler, William Alex
Buttrey, John W.
Byars, Charles F.
Byars, Guss S.
Byers, James L.
Byers, William H.
Byersdorf, Louis E.
Byler, William O.
Bynum, Harvey A.
Caery, Samuel
Caldwell, Andy
Caldwell, Ernest E.
Caldwell, Ernest J.
Caldwell, James
Caldwell, Ora O.
Caldwell, Walter William
Calvert, John W.
Calvert, Leroy B.
Cambron, James H.
Campbell, Benjamin F.
Canada, Grief S.
Canamore, Calvert A.
Canamore, George A.
Capiles, Walter
Carmichael, Otis H.
Carney, Reid H.
Carpenter, Christopher C.
Carpenter, Henry F.
Carpenter, Joseph I.
Carpenter, Walter L.
Carr, Warren E.
Carroll, William M.
Carson, Clinton
Carson, Earle F.
Carson, Newton W.
Cart, Charlie O.
Cart, John C.
Cart, Lewis W.
Carter, Buck
Carter, Fletcher
Carter, Herbert D.
Carter, James H.
Carter, James N.
Carter, Joseph P.
Carter, Willard C.
Cartwright, Herbert
Carville, Leon E.
Case, Howard E.
Casman, William E.
Castleman, Arthur
Cates, Edgar France
Cates, Jasper Roy
Cauthorn, Chowning
Chamberlain, John J.
Chamberlain, Will W.
Chambers, Henry J.
Champlin, Lee
Chancellor, Henry E.
Cheek, John E.
Cherry, Edward O.
Chesser, Burlie Cornelious
Childers, Ernest E.
Childress, Harry S.
Chilson, Hester J.
Chipman, John Henry
Chisenhall, Fred
Chrisco, Walter M.
Christian, George A.
Clardy, Floyd
Clark, Marcus W.F.
Clark, Marion W.
Clark, Spurgeon
Clarke, Edward H.
Claunch, Albert M.
Clements, Benjamin F.
Clements, Theadore L.
Cliff, George C.
Cliff, Willie
Cloyd, Mitchell
Coats, Melvin
Cobb, Guy W.
Cockrum, Zephaniah C.
Colbert, Joseph
Cole, James F.
Cole, Purd H.
Cole, Rufus E.
Cole, William H.
Coleman, Albert
Coleman, Armstead A.
Coleman, Loy R.
Collins, Charles C.
Collins, Sylva L.
Collins, Willard F.
Collins, Zilmon A.
Conkin, Noble D.
Conklin, Earl
Connelly, Paul J.
Conway, William B.
Conyers, Dorsey Ellison
Conyers, Walter
Cook, Fred
Cook, George H.
Cook, George L.
Cook, James B.
Cook, Olin L.
Cook, Samuel
Cook, William A.
Cooksey, Lotus
Cooley, Ennis M.
Cooper, Arthur M.
Cooper, James A.
Cooper, Luther S.
Cooper, William J.
Cooper, William Nathan
Copeland, David W.
Copeland, Elmore A.
Copeland, Guy
Cornish, Arthur
Cornish, Tom
Costner, James A.
Cothern, Thad
Counce, Charlie C.
Coutrakon, Steve
Covington, Thomas W.
Cowan, Almaran
Cowart, Jefferson C.
Cowsar, Samuel F.
Cox, Bertis L.
Cox, Louie Henry
Cox, Walter
Craft, William A.
Craig, William C.
Cramer, Noah A.
Crisel, Ray
Crisell, Harry W.
Crockett, Arthur E.
Crowe, Oliver J.
Cullum, James A.
Culpepper, James
Cunningham, Raymond
Cureton, Elza
Cureton, John Lee
Dacus, Jim
Dacus, William W.
Darby, James F.
Darby, John H.
Darby, Walter L.
Darr, Charles F.
Davenport, Hile
Davidson, James Petteman?
Davidson, Jess Owen
Davidson, Samuel F.
Davidson, Thomas J.
Davis, Albert N.
Davis, Charles H.
Davis, Duke
Davis, Edward H.
Davis, Edward H.
Davis, Everett
Davis, Frank
Davis, Garland A.
Davis, Jesse
Davis, John
Davis, John Tilman
Davis, Matthew
Davis, Newton Todd
Davis, Oscar
Davis, Warner
Day, John Henry
Dean, Henry
Dennis, Alva L.
Dennis, Walter
Denton, Allen A.
Dickens, Elvie
Dickerson, John
Dickerson, Paul
Diggs, Tarnce H.
Doherty, William R.
Dones, John W.
Dorr, Clyde H.
Dorr, Harvey E.
Dorton, Robert E.
Dowdy, Clarence E.
Dowdy, John Fletcher
Dowless, Joseph H.
Drurey, Allen
Drurey, William T.
Duke, Fred
Duncan, Benjamin M.
Duncan, James A.
Duncan, Kelsie C.
Duncan, Leland B.
Duncan, Onnie? R.
Dunham, Guy
Dunlap, William L.
Dupree, Hartwell Donaldson
Durham, James A.
Dutton, Willie
Eaker, John
Edgar, Fred G.
Edgar, Roy
Edwards, James T.
Elder, Howard M.
Elliott, Andrew J.
Elliott, Elmer
Elliott, Ethan C.
Ellis, Dean Burritt
Ellis, Ira Wall
Ellis, William S.
Elrod, Millard F.
Emery, Grover Cleveland
Emery, Thomas
England, Joseph Fred
Epley, James A.
Erby, Alonzo
Evans, Audie L.
Evans, Jake
Evans, John Herbert
Everett, Claude
Fairfield, JOhn W.
Faison, James
Farmer, Kelly
Farrar, Henry M.
Farris, Joe
Faught, William A.
Faulkner, Landon R.
Faulkner, Otis
Felton, Jack
Fergerson, Joe
Ferguson, Harry J.
Fielder, Charles H.
Fielder, Charles P.
Fielder, Robert L.
Finch, William O.
Findley, Elza B.
Finley, Edgar E.
Finley, William M.
Fleetwood, Will D.
Fleming, William O.
Fletcher, Clarence
Flowers, Ernest C.
Folts, George S.
Ford, George W.
Ford, James W.
Forest, Neal Thomas
Forgey, Ben K.
Forrest, Juell L.
Forrester, Roy
Fortenbury, Olious L.
Fortinberry, Austin E.
Foster, Alvan F.
Foster, Ora
Foster, William M.
Frank, Alexander
Frasure, Albert F.
Frese, John F.
Frierson, Charles D.
Frizzell, Edward Milow
Fryer, Oscar G.
Fuller, Burley
Fuller, John H.
Fuller, Laten
Furgerson, James Thomas
Furnish, Roger
Futrell, Ervin
Gage, Cecil A.
Gaines, Thomas
Gaines, William H.
Gallion, Marion E.
Gambill, Arthur
Gambill, Ott H.
Gambill, Ruffing Johnson
Gann, Jack
Garrett, Lutterloh
Gartman, Lee Henry
Gates, Charles R.
Gatlin, Arthur R.
Gatlin, James H.
Gatlin, Louie
Gatz, William L.
Gay, Edgar
Gent, Earl
Gent, Grover C.
Gibson, Ben A.
Gibson, Elvis J.
Gibson, Hermon
Gibson, James G.
Gibson, James M.
Gibson, Joe B.
Gibson, Johnnie M.
Gibson, William D.
Gibson, William T.
Gilbert, Asa Buckingham
Gilbreath, Charlie
Gilligan, Charley J.
Gillon, Frank
Gilmer, Verie L.
Gipson, Walter O.
Glass, William C.
Glenn, Oscar L.
Godwin, Frank Elwood
Golden, Sherman
Goldstein, Herman
Good, Jack
Goodman, Ernest R.
Goodman, Maurice R. G
Gott, Louis E.
Gott, Thomas F.
Gower, Jerome F.
Graham, Harry E.
Gray, Charley
Gray, Edgar O.
Green, John W.
Green, Walter R.
Greenlee, Elbert
Greer, William C.
Gregg, Orion S.
Gregory, Elmodus
Greif, Murray E.
Griffin, Thomas Jefferson
Groves, Benjamin J.
Groves, Clarence M.
Groves, Samuel D.
Gwyn, Allen
Gyger, William O.
Haag, James W.
Haddock, James Alex
Hafer, Clarence Wilson
Haff, Purley
Hagle, Alfred D.
Hailey, Robert W.
Hale, John L.
Hale, Phillip L.
Hall, Ellis
Hall, Elmer G.
Hall, Luke M.
Hall, Ruby L.
Hall, William Alford
Halm, Charley Malcolm
Hamilton, Charles T.
Hamilton, Floyd
Hamilton, James E.
Hamilton, Leroy
Hamilton, Richard
Hamm, James
Hamm, Roe
Hammack, Leslie R.
Hammel, William F.
Hancock, Burl T.
Hancock, Fred
Hancock, Wiley H.
Hanks, Charley C.
Hannah, Frank Alonzo
Hansen, Oliver A.
Hansen, Oscar H.
Harb, Burt William
Hardin, George O.
Hargrove, Jasper
Harmon, John D.
Harper, John S.
Harral, George M.
Harrell, David Roy
Harris, Adlas
Harris, Esaw
Harris, George L.
Harris, James
Harris, Lawrence J.
Harrison, Albert F.
Harrison, Robert S.
Harrison, William L.
Hart, Homer V.
Hartline, Will
Hatcher, Frank
Hawkins, Arnold M.
Hawkins, James E.
Hayes, James D.
Haynes, Charles I.
Haynes, Dewitt B.
Haynes, Roy Mason
Heard, Edward F.
Hearn, Joe L. Jr.
Hearron, Warren L.
Heath, Andy R.
Heern, Julius F.
Helton, Emit
Hencke, Eugene E.
Henderson, Charles W.
Henderson, Charles W.
Henderson, Edward R.
Henderson, Henry
Henderson, John Banton
Henderson, William E.
Hendrix, Luther
Henry, Joseph Walker
Henshaw, Robert
Henson, Carl W.
Henson, Cleve
Henson, Dewey
Henson, James H.
Henson, Leonidas
Henson, Mose
Herron, William H.M.
Hickey, Harvey L.
Hickey, William O.
Hicks, Joseph E.
Higginbottom, Marclay M.
Higgins, Ernest F.
Higgs, Will
Highsmith, Arless D.
Highsmith, Bailey W.
Hill, Henry
Hill, James T.
Hill, John E.
Hill, Joseph K.
Hill, Rufus B.
Hilliard, Albert Herman
Hilliard, Berton P.
Hillis, Edwin W.
Hindman, Claude
Hindman, Hugh
Hiner, Ollie
Hinshaw, Fred C.
Hobgood, James L.
Hockle, Joseph A.
Hodge, Will
Hodges, Montie
Hogan, Arthur
Hogan, Cecil E.
Hogan, John H.
Holladay, Horace
Holland, Lilbern
Holliday, Clarence M.
Hollihan, John M.
Holmes, Melbridge
Holt, Okley L.
Holthouse, Frederick J.
Honnoll, James W.
Honnoll, Willie W.
Hooker, William A.
Hopkins, Carl
Hopkins, Elbert
Hopkins, Hugh A.
Hoppenjans, William E.
Horton, Joe B.
Horton, Loyd S.
Houghton, Henry H.
Houston, Oscar
Hout, George R.
Howard, Lucius
Howell, Charles H.
Howell, Roy E.
Hubbard, William C.
Hudley, Charlie
Hughes, Floyd D.
Hughes, John E.
Hull, Carl E.
Hunt, James
Hunt, James M.
Hunton, Charles A.
Hunton, Joseph B.
Hutchens, Quintus D.
Hutchins, Hubert Z.
Hutchinson, George Kelly
Hutchison, Willie L.
Hyde, Sam M.
Hydrick, Isom Price Jr.
Ingram, Emery
Irvin, Mack
Isaacs, Ora E.
Ivie, Walter C.
Ivins, Willie
Jackson, Cecil P.
Jackson, Guy
Jackson, John A.
Jackson, Russell Sterling
Jackson, William W. Jr
Jacobs, Robert Berton
Jacobs, Roy E.
James, Frank
Jarrett, Andrew A.
Jarvis, George C.
Jarvis, John H.
Jarvis, Pearly Wilber
Jeffries, Robert O.
Jenkins, Chas. E.
Jennings, John Robert
Jeter, John J.
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Duncan Blythe
Johnson, Edgar C.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Lawrence
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Lee Roy
Johnson, Louis
Johnson, Samiel [sic]
Johnson, Sherman
Johnson, William E.
Johnson, Willie F.
Johnston, Earl F.
Johnston, James D.
Johnston, John Wylie
Johnston, Joseph E.
Johnston, Otis S.
Johnston, William P.
Jones, Archie L.
Jones, Arthur P.
Jones, Asa H.
Jones, Burt
Jones, Charlie
Jones, Charlie D.
Jones, Edward
Jones, Elmer
Jones, Erna Lafayette
Jones, Floyd Franklin
Jones, Frank
Jones, Glendolyn P.
Jones, Hugh P.
Jones, Ike
Jones, James A.
Jones, John
Jones, John Lawrence
Jones, Norman R. Dennett
Jones, Richard A.
Jones, Robert H.
Jones, Roney
Jones, Samuel H.
Jones, Sell
Jones, William H.
Jones, William R.
Jones, William S.
Julian, Cressie L.
Julian, John M.
Keller, Charles C.
Keller, Clarence E.
Keller, Paul
Keller, Thomas T.
Keller, William G.
Kelley, Otis
Kerr, Oral
Ketner, John W.
Ketner, William H.
Kiker, Russell Lowell
Kilgore, Jim P.
Killebrew, Robert E.
Kimbrel, Benjamin F.
Kimmel, Lawrence A.
King, Charlie W.C.
King, Edd L.R.
King, James M.
King, Percy E.
Kinney, Charley Henry
Kirby, Alik
Kirby, Edward L.
Kirksey, Burley H.
Kirksey, Gordon D.
Kirksey, William F.
Kissinger, Jewell C.
Kitchens, Riley B.
Klyman, Abe B.
Knight, Carlton Avera
Knight, Robert
Kohonke, Dean O.
Koonce, Cammie
Ladd, Samuel H.
Lady, Robert S. Jr.
Lamb, Charles E.
Lamb, Nathan N.
Lamberth, Earl Lavelle
Lamkin, James L.
Lampley, Barney
Lane, Arval
Lane, Ed.
Lary, Lafayette Berger
Lashley, Robert
Lassiter, Victory Lee
Lawhead, Jesse B.
Lawhon, Joseph G.
Lawhorn, Elbert C.
Lawrence, Clarence
Lawson, Henry M.
Laymon, William C.
Ledbetter, Jarrett
Lee, Jesse M.
Lee, Robert E.
Lee, Shelley H.
Lee, William O.
Lentz, Arthur C.
Lewis, Bonnie Milton?
Lewis, James B.
Lewis, John A.
Lewis, Rufus Perry
Lile, Henry J.
Lile, Luther Mace
Lincoln, Frank
Lindley, Edward F.
Lindley, Edward K.
Lindley, Watson A.
Link, Howell
Link, Robert R.
Little, Carroll H.
Little, William T.
Lockard, Chester G.
Lockard, Harvey E.
Logan, Charley F.
Logan, Herman L.
Looney, Cecil G.
Looney, Leonard Zillman
Love, Emmet L.
Love, Hardy L.
Love, Stanton R.
Love, Tom J.
Lowe, Albert
Lutterloh, Charles Hartzell
Lutterloh, P.W.
Luttrell, Harry A.
Lynch, William H.
Mabry, Henry
Mabry, Holman
Mabry, Thomas M.
MacKey, William G.
Mackey, Homer A.
Maddy, John B.
Madewell, James R.
Malone, Alvis Lewis Jr.
Malone, William F.
Mangrum, Fred
Maning, Andrew C.
Manis, Garland A.
Manning, Cecil A.
Mantle, Howard D.
Marcum, Tilmon H.
Marshall, Earl L.
Martin, Leeroy C.
Martin, Leroy
Mason, Edwin John
Mason, John Lewis
Mason, William J.
Massey, George Barton
Matheny, Roy O.
Mather, Paul E.
Mathews, Bud
Mattix, Caspian S.
Mauzy, Hum
Maxted, Frank J.
Mayes, Curtis Cooley
Mayfield, Elzie
Mays, Clauda J.
Mays, Nolen W.
McAllister, Doney
McAtee, Thelow
McBride, Marcus
McBrooms, Jim
McCain, Charles Howard
McCain, Princeton C.
McCall, Ernest M.
McCall, Ernest M.
McCarty, John Arthur
McCarty, Mack
McCarty, Walker F.
McCauley, James Robert
McClune, Arthur
McCollum, Nelson
McCullars, Charles T.
McCullars, Warren F.
McCullars, William H.
McDaniel, Charley W.
McDaniel, George Henry
McDaniel, John T.
McDonald, Eddie
McDonald, John W.
McElroy, Louin E.
McEwen, Homer
McFarlin, Berry
McFarlin, Guss
McFee, Charles W.
McGee, Robert E.
McGlasson, Morris C.
McGowan, Eagle D.
McGowan, Marion R.
McGowan, Vernon H.
McGowens, Walter
McGuire, James R.
McHalffey, Lester
McHalffey, Melvin E.
McHalffey, Robert N.
McHaney, Arthur
McHaney, James A.
McKay, Charles O.
McKinney, William D.
McPherson, Ralph R.
McPherson, Sherman
Meachum, Roy E.
Meadows, Ernest W.
Meadows, William J.
Medlin, Moses G.
Medlock, Thomas J.
Meeker, VIrgil K.
Meeks, Sam
Merideth, William H.
Merrell, Louis H.
Merrell, Malcom W.
Merritt, Arthur A.
Metcalf, Charles E.
Metcalf, Manford G.
Meurer, Robert R.
Meyer, Herbert J.
Micklish, Fred Henry
Micklish, Louie Bert
Midget, Walter
Milford, Noah
Millen, Charles M.
Miller, Arthur M.
Miller, Charles
Miller, James E.
Miller, James E.
Miller, John K.
Miller, Samuel P.
Milliner, Allen R.
Mills, Thurl B.
Mills, William W.
Mims, Audie E.
Minor, Lee
Minton, Claud C.
Mitchell, Edd
Mitchell, Roy Carlee
Mitchell, William F.
Mobley, Lawrence E.
Momany, Charlie N.
Momany, Walter H.
Moon, Roy Smith
Mooneyham, George W.
Moore, Alva P.
Moore, Arnold E.
Moore, Evritt D.
Moore, Rex
Moore, Silas E.
Moore, Silas Elmer
Moore, William E.
Morgan, William M.
Morris, Joe Lee
Morris, Peter
Morton, George
Morton, Harrison
Moser, Nathan V.
Mosier, Alfred H.
Moss, John P.
Mothershed, Jesse J.
Mothershed, Telphia
Mullen, John
Munn, Louie
Murphy, Augusta G.
Muse, Fredie Lee
Nance, Carl C.
Nash, Robert
Needham, James F.
Neely, Barney B.
Neely, Vernon G.
Nelms, Cecil O.
Nelson, Earnest
Nelson, Thomas F.
Nettles, Robert V.
Nevill, Noah
Newell, Albert
Newell, Albert
Newman, Taylor
Newton, Ben Harrison
Newton, Joe
Nicholas, John D.
Nichols, William
Nisbett, Ben W.
Nisbett, James M.
Noell, William S.
Norris, Tom P.
Norris, William T.
Northcott, George N.
Nuszbaum, Harrison
Nutt, Robert B.
Nutt, William G.
O'Brien, Lynn Dicus
O'Guinn, William A.
Oberhausen, Lawrence S.
Oden, Orion O.
Oldham, Noah G.
Orrell, Cloyce
Osborn, Clarence L.
Osborn, Grover R.
Osborne, George
Osterman, Henry
Overman, George I.
Overman, James L.
Owens, William V.
Ozment, Herman H.
Page, Luther H.
Palmer, Yancy
Parish, Orbin
Parker, Cona M.R.
Parker, George H.
Parliman, Arvillo
Parson, Irvin H.
Parsons, John M.
Pate, Thomas G.
Patrick, William A.
Patterson, Charlie L.
Patterson, Hal
Patton, Aaron P.
Patton, Daniel E.
Payne, James C.
Peak, Henry
Peak, Noble
Peak, Troy C.
Pearce, Joe
Pearson, Noah O.
Peek, Lemuel A.
Peek, Luther M.
Pendergrass, Charlie H.
Penix, Everette Elven
Penix, William Roy
Peoples, William L.
Percifull, Bud
Perkins, Thomas J.
Perkins, Waymond William
Perkins, William
Perrin, John
Perry, Thurman
Peters, Henry D.
Peterson, Edgar A. Jr.
Peterson, William H.
Phillips, Henry W.
Phillips, William Harrison
Phillips, William R.
Pickett, George
Pickett, Ralph A.
Pierce, Eugene
Pierce, Hardy W.
Pierce, Joseph
Pierce, Levi
Pierce, William
Pierce, William R.
Pile, John D.
Pitman, James A.
Pitts, Bunny A.
Pitts, Drew
Pitts, Ollie T.
Plunk, Stearl E.
Poe, Alfred H.
Poe, Fred W.
Polk, Fred
Pollard, William J.
Pollard, Willie J.
Pollock, Allon O.
Pollock, Price J.
Poole, Henry Walker
Porter, John A.
Porter, Osie Kyle
Potts, William D.
Powell, Clarence J.
Powell, Henry
Powell, Urbin Thurman
Price, Ashley V.
Price, Carrel
Pritchett, William
Pruitt, Harvy H.
Puckett, Joseph L.
Pugh, Charles Oscar
Pugh, Henry F.
Pugh, Herman L.
Pugh, Jones C.
Pulley, Will S.
Pully, David E.
Purvis, James M.
Pyland, Steven L.
Pylant, Chancie E.
Ragsdall, Allie
Raguse, Charles Wm.
Rains, Cecil
Rains, Fred
Rains, Hall
Rains, Hugh Lafayette
Rains, Paul
Ramsey, Charles T.
Ramsey, James Wilson
Randall, George W.
Randle, William J.
Rankin, Fay S.
Rankin, Nathan J.
Rankin, Richard C.
Ray, Harry H.
Ray, Harvey Berchey
Ray, William Boss
Rea, Ervin E.
Reagan, Oscar H.
Reed, Alex
Reeves, Willie H.
Register, James
Render, Sammie F.
Reynolds, Audie
Reynolds, James F.
Reynolds, Ples M.
Reynolds, William A.
Rhea, Mose
Rice, Anthony
Rice, Edmond D.
Rich, Hosea
Richards, Elmer L.
Richardson, Charles A.
Richardson, Clifton C.
Richardson, Herbert
Richardson, John Lee
Richardson, Robert Reuben
Riches, John J.
Riddle, Archie E.
Riggs, Harry
Riggs, Willie T.
Rigsby, Egbert Gaston
Riley, Arthur E.
Ring, Jessie A.
Ritchie, Grover Clifton
Ritter, Hal C.
Ritter, L. Rudolph
Roach, Eulis L.
Roach, Raymond
Roberts, Carroll B.
Roberts, David C.
Roberts, David Franklin
Roberts, John C.
Robertson, Clarence E.
Robinson, Aden E.
Robinson, Fred
Robinson, John Miller
Robinson, Joseph F.
Rodgers, James A.
Rogers, Arthur H.
Rogers, Eric J.
Rogers, James P.
Rogers, William H.
Rowlett, Cornelious
Russell, Arthur J.
Russell, Ira E.
Russell, John C.
Russom, Calvin N.
Ryan, Stephen Lee
Safley, Lee W.
Sanders, James E.
Sanders, William R.
Sauers, William E.?
Scaggs, Griffon
Scarry, John T.
Schade, Arthur B.
Schisler, Jack
Schisler, James Ernest
Schisler, W. Richard
Schmuck, Frank James
Schoenfield, Morris
Schoffstoll, Robert B.
Schroeder, Ernst H.
Schultz, Adam G.
Schultz, Oscar James
Scott, Harley L.
Scott, Hugh L.
Scott, Roy Leslie
Scott, Veron E.
Scott, Will
Scroggins, Sam I.
Searle, Alexis Francis
Seaton, Clyde
Secoy, Roy L.
Secoy, William H.
Seeman, Herman E.
Seeman, Paul
Sefers, Charlie C.
Seivert, Cecil
Self, Thomas Maxie
Semmes, Lyman Aloysius
Shackleford, Marion Arnie
Shafer, Edgar O.
Shannon, James W.
Shannon, Joe
Sharp, Martin C.
Sharp, Oliver R.
Shaufelberger, Harry E.
Shaw, Earl A.
Shaw, Samuel R.
Shaw, Thomas F.
Sheehy, Robert E.
Shell, Zenus A.
Shelley, Jesse Gret
Shipley, Kenneth W.
Shores, Earl F.
Sibert, Llewellyn
Sibley, Benjamin F.
Sievers, Ralph A.
Siggers, Erie C.
Sigler, Robert E.
Sigler, Roy S.
Sikes, Elzie
Simmons, John H.
Simmons, Will
Simpson, Ransom
Sims, Ezekeil
Sims, John W.
Skaggs, Leland W.
Skelton, James C.
Skelton, William J.
Skipper, States B.
Slatton, McKinley
Slinkard, Claud S.
Smallwood, David D.
Smith, Asberry
Smith, Charles B.
Smith, Ernest E.
Smith, Fred S.
Smith, John
Smith, John B.
Smith, John Jr.
Smith, John L.
Smith, Joseph P.
Smith, Louis
Smith, Montie I.
Smith, Oren O.
Smith, Samuel Riley
Smith, Vester
Smith, Virgle
Smith, William F.
Smith, William F.
Smith, William J.
Snead, Charles W.
Snow, Claude V.
Snow, Will
Snyder, Neil Norman
Somers, Raymond
Sorrells, Robert L.
Southerland, Earnest
Sowell, Steve F.
Spann, Bonnie C.
Spann, Guy L.
Sparks, Mathew R.
Speakes, Forg H.
Speaks, Jessie J.
Spence, James L.
Spencer, Lyman Paul
Spicer, Enoch Arden
Springer, Jack H.
Stalcup, Clyde B.
Stalcup, Earl H.
Stalcup, Furman P.
Stalcup, Henry Jacob
Starnes, Homer G.
Starnes, Leslie Roscoe
Sterling, Oscar Fowlkes
Stevenson, James D.
Stewart, Richard P.
Stidman, Leo T.
Stinnett, Blondie
Stokes, William F.
Stopfer, George B.
Story, Floyd
Stotts, Harvey E.
Stotts, James D.
Stotts, Zack F.
Stringer, Claude E.
Stringer, Simon B.
Strunk, Henry J.
Stuck, Charles Albert
Stuck, Elmer Axtell
Stuck, Howard Charles
Summers, O'Kellie
Sutfin, Oscar B.
Sutton, Lonnie
Suzore, Arthur J.
Swader, Chris
Swain, Charles W.
Swain, Oscar J.
Sykes, Francis
Tackett, Roy L.
Taff, Fred
Talley, Homer
Tannehill, Andrew J.
Tannehill, Charles M.
Tannehill, John W.
Tannehill, William A.
Tarrants, Willie
Taylor, Aaron W.
Taylor, Ell
Taylor, Forgus W.
Taylor, Guy V.
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Marshall E.
Taylor, Will
Taylor, William F.
Tetrick, William Franklin
Thatcher, Clyde
Thomas, John Wesley
Thomas, William H.
Thompson, Carl R.
Thompson, Chester
Thompson, Elisha O.
Thompson, Ewell P.
Thompson, Lee R.
Thompson, Leslie S.
Thompson, Mark Howard
Thompson, William R.
Thorn, Jessie M.
Thorn, Norf
Thorn, Shellie I.
Thornton, Lewis G.
Thornton, Robert Lee
Thornton, Russell G.
Thornton, William H.
Thorpe, James F.
Thurman, Merret
Tilson, James E.
Timms, Jesse V.
Tipton, Artie A.
Tipton, Ernest Field
Tipton, Victor L.
Todd, George A.
Tooley, Palas L.
Tooley, Silas Hendricks
Towers, Everett
Townsend, Jesse L.
Tribble, Edgar
Troutt, Fred D.
Troutt, John William
Trowell, James A.
Tucker, Cloyes O.
Tucker, Guss A.
Tucker, Lloyd E.
Turner, Earnest E.
Turner, Elijah I.
Turner, Fergus Wasson
Turner, Robert M.
Turner, Will Hopkins
Tyler, Ellick D.
Tyler, Homer P.
Underhill, Thomas
Underhill, Thomas J.
Underwood, Charles C.
Underwood, France
Unsel, William
Upton, Cressie D.
Ursey, William O.
Utley, Maurice B.
Utley, Paul E.
Van Wagner, Harry E.
Vanover, Leslie Clay
Varner, Edward R.
Vaughn, Homer J.
Vaughn, Virgul
Vaught, George W.
Veteto, Pilate W.
Vickers, James
Vickery, Claude
Vicry, Joseph H.
Viggers, Gerald Henry
Vinson, Charles L.
Volz, Charley T.
Wade, Felix W.
Wade, Thomas J.
Wagner, Belch
Walker, Grover C.
Walker, Leander
Walker, William R.
Wall, Marion C.
Wallace, Eddie
Wallace, Thomas I.
Wallingford, James H.
Walton, Emmett
Ward, Bony N.
Ward, John V.
Ware, Homer O.
Warren, Dewey L.
Warren, John
Waters, Dunward
Watkins, Elmodum G.
Watkins, John R.
Watkins, Lawrence
Watkins, Levi Leroy
Watson, Frank
Watson, Mila S.
Watson, Mitchell
Watson, Riley Wesley
Waxler, Homer W.
Weaver, Archie
Weaver, Henry J.
Weaver, William Richard
Webb, Asbury
Webster, Elmer G.
Wells, William L.
Wells, William V.
Welty, Alfred R.
Westbrooke, Edward Lynn Jr.
Wharton, Kenneth M.
Whitaker, Lee
Whitaker, William D.
White, Cecil J.
White, Frank E.
White, James G.
Whitehead, Edward F.
Whitten, Hubert N.
Wiles, William G.
Wilkerson, James E.
Wilkerson, William R.
Wilkins, Guy B.
Wilkins, Harry V.
Wilkins, Roy Green
Wilkins, Thomas O.
Wilkinson, Bailey
Wilkinson, John Sherfey
Willett, Bernard U.
Willey, Everett T.
Williams, Bies
Williams, Homer M.
Williams, James G.
Williams, King Solomon
Williams, Lenord E.
Williams, Richard
Williams, Robert J.
Williams, Sam
Williams, Samuel C.
Williams, Vinson V.
Williams, William J.
Williams, William J.
Williford, Arthur
Williford, Marvin
Williford, Roy
Wilson, Fred Met
Wilson, Harry H.
Wilson, Joe L.
Wilson, John Ollie
Wilson, William M.
Wimberley, George P.
Wimberley, William O.
Wimpey, Francis C.
Wimpey, Homer A.
Wimpy, Purvy A.
Wimpy, Thomas O.
Windbigler, Harry
Winfrey, Thomas M.
Winningham, Rex
Witt, Keith Lamar
Wiyott, Robert M.
Wood, Curtis
Wood, Edward
Wood, Francis
Wood, Fred D.
Wood, Ollie D.
Woodard, John M.
Woods, Joseph E.
Woodward, William M.
Woody, Robert J.
Word, Clifford R.
Worlds, Robert
Worley, William E.
Worrall, Thomas
Wrenn, Orvil E.
Wrenn, William P.
Wright, Hollie P.
Wright, Roy A.
Wright, Sam
Wright, Samuel E.
Wright, William H.
Wyatt, John O.
Wyatt, Lowell I.
Yarbrough, Carl W.
Yarbrough, Robert D.
Yearry, Thomas
Yearry, William Henry
Yielding, Elmer E.
Young, Athie J.
Young, Monroe
Young, Richard
Young, William T.C.

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