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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Fulton County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Fulton County World War I Soldiers

Anderson, Andrew Jackson
Archer, Ernest M.
Armstrong, Orville L.
Armstrong, Van
Arwood, Adolphus C.
Arwood, William J.
Ashley, Harry
Barker, Carl B.
Barker, William H.
Barnett, James A.
Barnett, James R.
Barnett, Jay Hugh
Barrett, Jack M.
Barton, James E.
Bassham, James C.
Bassham, James H.
Battles, James E.
Bell, Clarence W.
Bell, James A.
Birdsong, Thomas F.
Blair, Thomas F.
Blevins, Leathel E.
Blue, Harvey Adam
Blue, Thomas Herbert
Bray, Lee
Briggs, Earl
Brittain, George
Brittain, Oscar F.
Brown, Bert Alva
Brown, Ira E.
Burk, Clarence J.
Burrow, John L.
Butler, Charles H.
Cain, Albert B.
Callahan, Earl R.
Campbell, James Theopales
Campbell, John W.
Campbell, Lehman T.
Campbell, Thomas E.
Carpenter, Frank F.
Carpenter, Mart V.
Carroll, Willie W.
Case, Arthur C.
Chadwick, Edgar O.
Chapman, Arch Sylvester
Charlton, David O.
Charlton, Walter M.
Cherry, Noah
Clement, Andrew A.
Clift, Elbert L.
Clinton, Robert L.
Cochran, Henry M.
Cochran, John W.
Cochran, Roy E.
Collins, Alberton
Collins, James L.
Collins, Lewis R.
Collins, William T.
Comstock, Elmer J.
Cone, Thomas W.
Cook, Herbert V.
Cooper, Joe D.
Crouch, Issac O.
Crouch, Therman J.
Crowder, Benjamin L.
Crutcher, Jack L.
Cunningham, Alfred B.
Cunningham, David R.
Dale, Walter W.
Daniel, James C.
Daniel, Vivian A.
Datson, Elmer
Davis, Andrew B.
Davis, Henry
Davis, John C.
Deatherage, Walter C.
Deshazo, Basil M.
Dewey, Benjamin H.
Dihel, Noah H.
Dillard, Jim
Dillard, Joe S.
Dixon, John L.
Dobbs, Jesse A.
Dodd, Charlie
Dorris, Claude L.
Doublin, Horace
Drenning, Elmer Y.
Dunn, Joe H.
Ehman, Ernest L.
Elder, Edward M.
Elliott, James H.
Ellison, Jess
Elmore, George E.
England, Clarence E.
England, Everett W.
Estes, Alvin C.
Estes, Hugh
Estes, James B.
Estes, William R.
Evans, Fred K.
Farra, Homer W.
Farra, Homer Ward
Farra, James W.
Faulconer, Homer J.
Faulkner, William R.
Felt, Archie
Finley, William H.
Flynn, Dennis Leroy
Ford, Jack
Forrest, Troy E.
Foster, Perry Kay
Foster, Walter L.
Franks, Raymond R.
Franks, Talmage O.
Frazier, Enos E.
French, Ernest Troy
Frey, William A.
Frisbee, John H.
Frisbee, William T.
Fry, George
Fry, Vance R.
Gaither, James R.
Gargien, Frank
Garner, Verg
Gentry, George E.
Gillihan, Issac L.
Glaab, Ruben
Goatcher, John O.
Godwin, David T.
Goodson, Joe F.
Goostree, William K.
Gray, Paul
Green, Milton L.
Green, Zelah C.
Gregory, Clifford
Griffith, Thomas J.
Grisso, Eber Ather
Grose, Hasting Norman
Grover, James S.
Hall, Dell
Hall, Linsey E.
Hall, William K.
Hamilton, Logan F.
Harber, Marshall F.
Harber, Porter M.
Harkleroad, Lee C.
Harris, Arthur M.
Harris, Ed
Harris, Edmond Ray
Harris, James H.
Harris, John R.
Harris, Luther E.
Harris, Oscar S.
Hartman, Chester J.
Haynes, Hiram S.
Haynes, Jasper N.
Haynie, Elbert F.
Head, George
Hearne, Floyd R.
Heasley, John E.
Henderson, Garlin
Henderson, Ray
Hightower, Thomas
Hightower, William H.
Hobbs, Homer Hallit
Hodges, Clyde L.
Hodges, Edward M.
Hodges, Edward Meade
Hodges, James H.
Hodges, Roy W.
Holcomb, Dolphus Cleveland
Holcomb, John F.
Holland, James P.
Holloway, Archie C.
Holloway, Orlan
Holt, John W.
Hopper, Charlie W.
Hopper, Orville
Howard, William J.
Humphrey, Buford B.
Humphrey, Dewey
Humphries, Cecil E.
Hutson, William Talmon
Hynson, Robert T.
Hynson, Selden L.
Ingels, Anson Benjamin
Isenhower, Horace
Isom, Floyd L.
Ivester, Troy M.
Ivey, Walter T.
Iwan?, Albert H.
Jeffery, James Garland
Jeffery, Stanley J.
Jennings, Alva H.
Jennings, Elmer M.
Johnson, Desmon A.
Johnson, Willard
Johnson, William A.
Kelley, John Miller
Kerby, Leonard
King, George W.
King, Jesse F.
King, Willie I.
Knapp, Otis Bethuel
Lafevers, Orson M.
Lakey, Shade P.
Lane, Sandy Levester
Langle, Cyrus M.
Langston, William A.
Lester, John W.
Light, Clarence E.
Light, Orian A.
Lucus, Homer R.
Lucus, Hubert H.
Lucus, Hubert H. [orig. Lucas, changed W.D. ltr 12/17/24
Lunn, Earl L.
Manry, Joseph E.
Mansfield, William G.
Martin, James M.
Martin, William H.
Massey, Floyd Elmer
Maulding, John L.
Maynard, Oscar
McBride, Basil
McBride, Burl
McCammon, Charley F.
McCarty, Francis M.
McCarty, William Harrison
McCullough, Joseph R.
McGee, Nute
McGinnis, Albert F.
McHenry, Clarence A.
Meilke, George W.
Miller, Harry W.
Mitchell, George B.
Mooney, Oscar A.
Moore, David E.
Moore, John W.
Moore, Robert Newton
Moore, Robert S.
Morris, Jerome W.
Moser, Andy L.
Newcomb, Samuel R.
Oldfield, Bedford F.
Orr, Clarence P.
Owens, David T.
Owens, Edwin P.
Ozbirn, Grenberry
Pace, George S.
Paden, Thomas Elmer
Pendarvis, Jacob J.
Pentecost, Clarence A.
Pepper, Otto
Perryman, John C.
Perryman, Joseph Daniel
Perryman, Leroy J.
Perryman, Ray M.
Peters, Clarence H.
Peterson, Vester
Phelps, Farce W.
Phillips, Frederick L.M.
Pittman, Dan O.
Plumlee, Clarence Joel
Porter, Elgin
Pressly, Harry B.
Qualls, Elmo
Reasons, John W.
Reeves, Druby
Renfro, William E.
Reynolds, James E.
Richardson, Willie
Ridge, Harry
Roberts, Willie B.
Roberts, Willie E.
Roberts, Willie E.
Robins, Neill R.
Robinson, Grover A.
Robinson, James E.
Robinson, William Y.
Roby, James E.
Rogers, Andrew J.
Roper, Marcus
Sage, Hobson D.
Schmoe, Geary Ernest
Scott, William Jasper
Sears, Eddie Walter
Shaw, Tez
Sherman, Earnest W.
Sherman, Fred
Sherman, John W.
Shetrone, Charley W.
Shetrone, Ulysses H.H.
Shockley, Wm. B.
Short, James E.
Short, James N.
Short, Joseph B.
Shrable, Bob
Simmons, William O.
Sinclair, Albert A.
Singleton, Pleasant L.
Singleton, Robert T.
Smith, Harvey O.
Smith, Noah
Smith, Reece
Smith, Zeph
Sperling, George D.
Staton, Homer
Sterling, Earl E.
Stewart, Willis B.
Stone, Alva A.
Stone, Ernest Alonzo
Stone, Fred A.
Stroud, Hildon
Stroud, John Allen
Sturgeon, Embee
Swaffar, Alfard William
Tadlock, James Albert
Tadlock, Thomas F.
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Clyde
Taylor, Hogan
Taylor, Jeff D.
Taylor, Red W.
Tharp, Jesse
Tharp, Ross E.
Thompson, George Ephraim
Todd, Alvah
Treet, Samuel G.
Trett, George E.
Vanwinkle, Allen
Vaughn, Marion
Wadkins, Henry W.
Wallace, William H.
Ward, Alvin W.
Watkins, Henry W.
Watson, Guy B.
Weaver, Donald
Weaver, Reid
Welch, William F.
Wells, George Lee
West, Paul
Wheatley, Thomas Marian
Wheatley, Walter Clarence
White, Andrew H.
Whiteside, Jesse
Wiles, Sylvester
Willeford, Thomas E.
Williams, Albert
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Raymond
Wilson, George J.
Wood, James O.
Wood, Luther C.
Woods, Allen T.
Woods, Grover C.
Woods, Otho R.
Wooldridge, Homer
Wray, Walter Enoch
Wright, Claude F.
Yandle, John W.
York, Charles M.
Zirnstein, Frederick Louis

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