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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Grant and Saline Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Grant County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Grant County World War I Soldiers

Allen, Oscar
Allison, Hester
Anderson, George
Appling, Charley
Appling, Ira E.
Ashcraft, Allie G.
Ashcraft, Hermie Vearl
Ashcraft, Lawrence K.
Ashcraft, Plummer
Ashcraft, William C.
Ashcraft, William E.
Ashley, Dudley D.
Atchley, Henry A.
Bailey, Benjamin H.
Baker, Calvin L.
Baker, Clarence
Baker, Milton
Barnes, Alfred N.
Barnes, Chester W.
Barnes, Lewis
Beck, Fred
Benford, Oliver
Benning, Lonard H.
Benson, Robert L.
Benson, William A.
Bishop, Olando
Black, Bob
Black, Samuel
Black, Wils B.
Bowen, Elder S.
Boyd, Ben
Bradley, Jewell
Bradley, Lewis E.
Brewer, Ezra Edwin
Brewer, Willie G.
Britton, Stuart Frantz
Brooks, Lambert
Brown, Joe
Brumbelow, Ernest E.
Brunson, Edgar Lee
Bryles, Ray
Buie, James H.
Burton, Alfred
Bushart, Andrew L.
Butler, Walter A.
Byrd, Will B.
Byrd, William H.
Camp, Louis T.
Camp, Marion B.
Carder, Virgil L.
Carpenter, Loranzy
Cathcart, Elmer G.
Cearley, Andy
Clark, Charles E.
Clark, Fagan
Clements, Alma E.
Collins, Clarence C.
Collins, James L.
Coogler, Ira
Cooper, Albert
Cooper, Robert H.
Corley, William A.
Counts, David Gordon
Cranford, Belden V.
Crawson, William Farris
Crenshaw, John D.
Crippen, Lorne F.
Crowson, Rufus L.
Crutchfield, Alison
Crutchfield, Thomas A.
Crutchfield, William S.
Daniels, Fred
Danner, Frank
Davis, Boyd D.
Davis, Howard Glen
Davis, John T.
Davis, Robert G.
Deer, Julius M.
Denton, William T.
Dial, Frank James
Dial, Jesse James
Dial, Millard
Dial, Ollie C.
Dial, Oscar
Dial, Roy R.
Dorn, Matthew
Doster, Roy M.
Dougan, Benjamin H.
Dougan, Robert A.
Duvall, Alfred L.
Earl, James
Earls, James
Eastwood, Tom
Elkins, Bert V.
Fielding, Everett E.
Ford, William M.
Fox, James D.
Gallion, Fines
Galloway, Fred C.
Garner, William Jennings Bryan
Gatlin, Benjamin F.
Gean, John D.
Gee, Squire Jr.
George, Willie J.
Giles, Hartsell
Gillis, James A.
Ginnett, Henry Lonzo
Glassco, James R.
Glenn, John
Glover, Conrad N.
Glover, John N. Jr.
Glover, Ralph B.
Glover, Shelburne H.
Glover, Wilbur G.
Goolsby, George Monroe
Grant, Eli
Greenlee, Ronold B.
Griffin, Raymond G.
Gulley, Richard
Hair, Harvey
Hair, Will R.
Halbert, Henry Beull
Halbert, Walter
Haley, Abner H.
Hall, George
Hamilton, William C.
Hardin, Ed
Harper, Fred
Harrington, Elbert
Harrington, Frederick
Harrington, Henry R.
Harrington, Olen W.
Harris, Marvin N.
Harris, Ober
Hawkins, George
Haymon, Early B.
Hedden, Willie O.
Hence, Alex
Henson, Jerome
Henson, Richard C.
Herrington, Ezra H.
Hicks, Walter H.
Higdon, Morgan G.
Holiman, Alfred
Holiman, Ernest L.
Holiman, Oscar B.
Holiman, William Alvin
Holliman, Louis C.
Hope, Booth
Hope, Clifton R.
Howard, Ferman J.
Hunter, Earnest
Hunter, William C.
Hyde, Henry D.
Hyde, Thomas D.
Ingle, John
Irvin, Milburn G.
Jeffcoat, Charles S.
Jeffcoat, Malley
Johnson, Albert Preston
Johnson, Roy H.
Jones, Joseph Jewell
Jones, Ward
Keesee, George F.
Keesee, Henry W.
Lancaster, Rudolph
Laster, Carra A.
Law, Walter F.
Lemons, Rochester
Lemons, Sylvester
Lindler, Andrew H.
Lisenby, John R.
Lites, Dan J.
Lockhart, James T.
Lowe, Willie
Lybrand, Rudolph F.
Lybrand, Veo
Maples, Brutis A.
Massey, Edgar
Massey, William B.
Mathis, Fred
Mathis, Robert L.
Matthews, Howard Quinn
Matthews, Richard A.
Mayfield, Frank
Mays, Bennie
Mays, Thomas P.
McClellan, John Little
McCool, Bradley
McCool, Daniel R.
McCool, Fred
McDonald, Sam Lee
McGarity, Walter B.
Medlin, Thomas L.
Meggo, Brady M.
Meier, George Jr.
Mitchell, William R.
Monts, Mack
Mooney, William O.
Moore, Henry C.
Moore, Jacob E.
Moore, Willie
Morris, Dee
Morris, Elmer
Morris, Ethel
Morris, Roy E.
Nall, Ezra
Nall, Herbert E.
Nall, Martin J.
Nelson, Horace G.
Nelson, Jesse
Nelson, Roy H.
Newman, Miller M.
Newton, Carl E.
Nichols, Clarence A.
Peoples, William
Phillips, Clarence Lee
Phillips, David W.
Phillips, Homer H.
Phillips, James J.
Phillips, John
Pierce, Thomas A.
Pinson, Tom James
Poe, Bun
Poe, Jacob Thomas
Posey, Maultie
Puckett, William Ed.
Pumphrey, John D.
Ramick, Astor
Raymick, Felix
Raymick, Loyd
Raymick, Major P.
Reaves, Clifton L.
Reid, Arthur V.
Reid, Sidney J.
Rhodes, Henry B.
Rhodes, Lloyd
Rice, Gordon L.
Roberts, Earl N.
Roberts, James A.
Roberts, Luther C.
Roberts, Manley E.
Robinson, John Arthur
Ross, Clinton
Ross, Earl P.
Ross, Eric Mansfield
Ross, Ray Earnest
Rush, McGagor M.
Rushing, Tot
Rushing, Wilbur E.
Rutherford, Seaborn P.
Sanders, James Franklin
Sanders, Kendell
Sanford, Albert
Sanford, Edgar B.
Scarber, Hugh
Schoggin, Noah W.
Semelka, Louie J.
Seymore, James W.
Sharp, Allie L.
Sharp, Willie E.
Sharpe, John I.
Shepherd, Isaac E.
Shepherd, Leon
Shoptaw, Lewis L.
Shults, Carl Ware
Sloan, William F.
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Floyd
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Will
Spann, Quincy Sanford
Spann, William L.
Spencer, Jesse B.
Spires, Benjamin F.
Springer, Arthur I.
Springer, Ralph W.
Stacks, Warren
Stiles, Samuel A.
Stroudemire, Jesse
Stuckey, John H.
Stuckey, Virgil
Sullivan, John W.
Taylor, Arthur H.
Taylor, Frank
Taylor, Lewis
Terry, Tom
Teter, Eugene A.
Teter, Paul E.
Thomas, George A.
Thompson, Joe
Thorn, George
Threet, Albro M.
Threet, Herbert
Tillbrooks, Tom
Toler, Deroma C.
Toler, Herman B.
Traylor, Hogan
Tribble, Silas
Trout, Alvia D.
Tucker, Alford C.
Tucker, William
Tull, Luther E.
Veazey, William A.H.
Vickry, Charles Wayne
Vinson, Irl
Vinson, Voy
Walker, Benjamin M.
Walker, Robert I.
Walker, William Hautzene
Walters, Bowling H.
Watson, George
Weaver, George Lofton
Wells, Rube F.
Whitman, Calvin
Wilbanks, Robert H.
Wilkerson, Carl M.
Wilkinson, Carl M.
Williams, Charlie H.
Williams, James L.
Williams, Lem Marcus
Williams, Viven H.
Williams, William A.
Wilson, Austin
Wittenauer, Harry
Woodall, James Benjamin
Woodfield, Benjamin M.
Woodfield, Lidwell C.
Woolems, Willis
Worthen, Martin
Wright, Ben
Wright, Tom

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