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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Izard County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Izard County World War I Soldiers

Abbott, Thomas J.
Anderson, Henry A.
Armstrong, Brannon E.
Armstrong, Forrest N.
Arnold, George H.
Arnold, Homer A.
Arnold, James Robert
Ashley, William M.
Baker, Barton
Banning, Albert E.
Banning, Henry S.
Barnes, David A.
Bates, Robert F.
Batterton, Arnold
Batterton, Herbert
Battles, Knox M.
Battles, Lucian C.
Battles, Noah A.
Baxter, William E.
Bell, Lewis M.
Benbrook, Floyd U.
Biles, Stanford
Billingsley, Buell
Billingsley, Jewel B.
Bishop, Irby F.
Bivans, William M.
Black, Albert C.
Black, Thomas O.
Blair, George W.
Blair, Remmel
Blankenship, Clovis L.
Blankenship, Joseph
Blankinship, Clyde
Blankinship, Sam L.
Bledsoe, John L.
Blevins, William R.
Boler, Truman C.
Bone, John T.
Boster, Charles Edgar
Box, Jerry S.
Box, John P.
Box, Samuel C.
Bray, Marshel Alvis
Brewster, John F.
Brinsfield, George
Brooks, Frank W.
Brooks, Harrison S.
Brooks, Horace N.
Brooks, Tommie
Brothers, James O.
Brown, Earl
Bruce, Gid O.
Bruce, Louis William
Bryce, Sherman
Burgess, Abraham L.
Burk, Noel B.
Butler, Elmer E.
Byram, Jordan A.
Byrom, Arthur Andrew
Campbell, Jake
Campbell, Lester
Campbell, Weaver H.
Carlton, William E.
Carter, James McNight
Cates, Floyd
Chadwick, James C.
Chandler, Clinton
Chandler, Lindsay R.
Chesnut, Clyde
Chism, David Walter
Clark, Alfred L.
Clark, Robert H.
Clifft, Joseph A.
Clifft, Luther T.
Cockerham, Eulous L.
Coleman, Virgil J.
Collins, Euen G.
Colter, Sam
Combs, Owen T.
Cone, George O.
Conrad, Robert A.
Cook, Sylvia E.
Cooper, Chester M.
Cooper, Henry G.
Cooper, Rufus J.
Cornelius, Charles Theodore
Cothrine, McKinley
Courtwright, William Lydle
Coyle, Jasper
Craig, Lorn O.
Croft, Ward W.
Croom, Grover Cleveland
Davidson, William E.
Davis, Benjamin F.
Davis, Charles D.
Davis, Roy
Dillard, William E.
Dixon, Adlai S.
Dixon, James W.
Dixon, Ray
Dixon, William M.
Dover, Ewing Z.
Dover, Harvey E.
Dozier, James H.
Dozier, Lovel R.
Drown, Jess F.
Ducker, William E.
Duncan, Alvah N.
Edwards, Terry H.
Ellis, Isaac E.
Engles, Jahoida B.
Estes, Earl T.
Evans, Robert Ewing
Farmer, John H.
Felts, Leroy W.
Finley, Hiram
Finley, Purves E.
Fitzsimmons, Robert
Flemings, John H.
Foard, Melvin A.
Foster, George
French, Erwin L.
French, Luer G.
Fulbright, John F.
Garner, Marshal
Garner, William D.
Garrett, John R.
Gaston, Jay
Gaston, Troy A.
Gatrell, Clarence C.
Gifford, Homer C.
Gifford, John A.
Gill, Odus H.
Gleghorn, Archie
Goodwin, Emmett
Gray, Hubert Selvage
Green, Francis Marion
Green, Raymond C.
Greiner, Joseph T.
Guiltner, Elige S.
Gulley, Alonzo
Guthrie, Thomas W.
Halbrook, Dalton C.
Halbrook, William K.
Haley, Howard H.
Hall, Baxter H.
Hall, Robert N.
Hames, James A.
Hames, Pleas
Hames, Shelby P.
Hames, William C.
Haney, John W.
Hanks, Jesse C.
Hanks, Ray H.
Harber, Clyde Lester
Harber, Robert Luther
Hardaway, Hubert L.
Harmon, Oran P.
Harper, Henry
Harris, James A.
Harris, Rector E.
Hayden, Stanford R.
Haynes, Daniel H.
Haywood, Ernest
Helm, Ephiram
Helms, John R.
Henderson, Floyd
Herbert, Charlie
Herbert, Clyde
Herron, Robert L.
Hightower, Sidney L.
Hightower, Thomas J.
Hill, Allen Berry
Hill, David S.
Hill, William E.
Hinson, Archie C.
Hodges, Harry H.
Hodges, Herman G.
Hodges, Hubert U.
Holloway, Virgil
Hollowell, Henry R.
Hooten, Herbert L.
Hutson, Floyd A.
Ivie, Allen J.
Ivie, Linzy J.
Jackson, Lucius A.
Jackson, Morrill B.
Jeffery, Emmette B.
Jeffery, Fred E.
Jeffery, Hanley
Jeffery, Newton E.
Jeffery, Roy N.
Jennings, George W.T.
Jennings, Homer E.
Jennings, Lee
Johns, Elijah H.
Johnson, Henry G.
Johnson, Jesse Ray
Jones, Bill
Jones, Calvin
Jones, Dossie A.
Jones, Elmer
Jones, James H.
Jones, John
Jones, Thomas
Kankey, George S.
Kelyon, Lewis E.
Kendrick, William R.
Kerr, John T.
Keylon, Homer
Kidwell, Albert
Killian, Otis Allen
King, Claude H.
Lackey, James T.
Landers, Philip E.
Langston, George F.
Langston, Henry Lee
Langston, Homer H.
Lantz, Troy
Lawhon, Shelby F.
Lawhon, William M.
Layton, Silas W.
Ledford, Thomas C.
Lewis, William A.
Light, Elvin J.
Lofton, Wayne V.
Long, Calvin J.
Long, Edgar
Love, Ransom F.
Marsh, Henley R.
Marshall, Thomas A.
Martin, Daniel H.
Martin, Osro Ebenezer
Matthews, Cross
Matthews, Jerome H.
Matthews, Oliver C.
Matthews, Perry E.
Matthews, Thomas E.
May, James B.
May, Neely F.
McFarland, Ernest P.
McNain, Newton A.
McNealy, James P.
McSpadden, Lando L.
McSpadden, Robert W.
Meeker, Lawrence D.
Melton, Andy C.
Miller, Milton C.
Montgomery, Joseph A.
Montgomery, Joseph E.
Moody, Lewis F.
Morehead, West W.
Moreland, George W.
Morgan, Leeman W.
Morgan, William A.
Morrow, Elert W.
Moser, Willie Austin
Moss, Thomas E.
Musgrove, George W.
MyNatt, William M.
Mynatt, Joseph C.
Mynatt, William N.
Nail, Richard P.
Neel, Amos
Neel, Grayson L.
Noles, William Hall
O'Neal, James E.
Oneal, Alvie
Patterson, John H.
Patterson, Wm. M.
Pentecost, Robert L.
Phillips, John B.
Pitman, Verden A.
Pogue, Ed F.
Powell, Richard V.
Price, Carroll R.
Pruitt, Buck
Rash, Erbest
Rector, Thomas J.
Reed, Clyde W.
Reeves, Austin
Reeves, Boss
Richardson, Harrison A.
Richardson, Willie
Roberts, L.E.
Roddy, Earl A.
Rodman, Elbert C.
Rodman, William A.
Rogers, Marvin Alonzo
Roten, John M.
Rowden, Herbert S.
Saffell, James W.
Sanders, Lorenzia W.
Sanders, Roland N.
Scott, Thomas W.
Seay, Gully R.
Seay, Thomie M.
Sheffield, Lawrence R.
Sheffield, William F.
Shelby, Cleo E.
Shell, William C.
Sherrill, Lavander
Shipman, Roy L.
Shoemate, John E.
Simpson, John
Simpson, Vol
Sims, Gus F.
Sims, Noel King
Sims, Walter
Sipe, Henry A.
Sipe, Thurman A.
Skidmore, William Uze
Smith, Cecil Clarence
Smith, James Moses [J. Moses on enlisted card]
Smith, Nathan B.
Smith, Walter A.
Stapleton, Waco
Stone, Charlie W.
Stone, Walter W.
Stroud, Bennett V.
Stroud, Eldorado
Taylor, Clarence A.
Taylor, Clarence E.
Taylor, Leonard
Taylor, Olin F.
Tenney, George Edward
Thomason, Manuel A.
Thompson, Burley
Thompson, Clifton R.
Thompson, Edward L.
Thompson, Ross M.
Thompson, Walter T.
Tomlinson, Earnest
Tomlinson, Romulus O.
Vannater, Allen H.
Vannater, Robert
Vest, Noah Marshall
Vickery, James O.
Walker, Earl F.
Walker, Virge
Warren, William H.
Watkins, John N.
Watters, Walter
Watts, Edward B.
Wayland, Claud Clarence
Wayland, Robert F.
Weaver, Donald
Weaver, Herman F.
Weaver, Thomas T.
Whiteaker, William C.
Whitlow, Clarence A.
Wiles, Owen T.
Wiles, Sidney A.
Williams, Franklin E.
Williams, William D.
Williamson, John L.
Winfree, William E.
Winn, Clarence
Wiseman, Earl R.
Withers, Travis
Wood, Joseph T.
Wood, Oscar
Woods, Jesse A.
Wren, Oscar E.
Wyatt, Horance Ezra
Younger, William B.

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