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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Jefferson County

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Following is a list of soldiers from Jefferson County. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Jefferson County World War I Soldiers

Acklin, Otis
Adams, Charley
Adams, Charley
Adams, Ezel
Adams, Harry L.
Adams, Henry F.
Adams, James
Adams, James W.
Adams, Joe C.
Adams, John
Adams, Judge
Adams, Walter
Adams, Walter H.
Aikins, Pink
Ailes, Dudley
Aldridge, Anthony
Aldridge, Henry
Alexander, Albert Sherrill
Alexander, Bennie
Alexander, George
Alexander, John
Alexander, Ollie B.
Alexander, Sam
Alexander, Virginias Wilkins
Alexander, Will
Alexander, William B.
Alford, Clayton
Allbright, Wiley W.
Allen, Cary
Allen, Clay
Allen, Elijah
Allen, George
Allen, George W.F.
Allen, Jeff C.
Allen, Jodie
Allen, Lonnie
Allen, Mack
Allen, Moses
Allen, Ollie
Allen, Richard
Allen, Scott
Allen, Walter
Allison, Lamar
Alredge, James
Altheimer, Mack
Altheimer, Orestes
Anderson, Arthur L.
Anderson, Ham
Anderson, Isaac
Anderson, James Frank
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, Maurice
Anderson, Tom W.
Anderson, Ulysses G.
Anderson, Walter
Andrews, Ben
Andrews, Fred
Angeles, Louis
Ankins, Floyd
Anthony, Rush
Apel, Julius J.E.
Arendall, Felix E.
Armstrong, Archie
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Lawrence
Arnold, Calvin
Arnold, Edger
Arnold, William Caswell
Arrant, Ariovistus
Arrant, Asa
Ashcraft, Robert M.
Ashford, Hugh T.
Ashley, George
Astin, Ollie R.
Atchley, Joseph D.
Atwood, Jessie
Austin, General
Austin, Layton
Austin, Willis
Avera, Ray
Averett, Willie
Avery, George
Axsom, William J.B.
Aytch, Willie
Bachelor, Austin
Bailey, Thos. H.
Baines, Grant
Baker, Charles S.
Baker, George
Baker, William
Ball, Wiltern H.
Banks, Burton
Banks, Marshall
Banks, Oscar
Banks, Robert G.
Banks, Will
Banks, Willie
Bareswill, Dan
Bareswill, Loren S.
Barley, James
Barnes, Aaron
Barnes, Clifford L.
Barnes, Edgar
Barnes, Virge
Barnett, Augustus
Barricklow, Harry H.
Barrow, Armstrong
Barrow, Junius J.
Bass, James E.
Batchelor, John R.
Bates, Frank A.
Battle, Willie
Battles, Eddie L.
Baugh, Edd
Baughman, Charles D.
Bauman, Wesley
Baw, Arthur L.
Baxter, James
Baxter, Quint
Bays, Horace H.
Beal, Jasper
Beard, Chester F.
Beard, Frank A.
Bearden, Ed
Beardon, Frank
Beasley, Sam
Belain, Ed
Bell, Arthur
Bell, Jerry
Bell, William H.
Bender, Hubert
Bender, William
Benford, Richard
Benford, Robert
Bennett, Albert
Bennett, Aron
Bennett, Charley
Bennett, George W.
Bennett, Lawrence
Bennett, Pleas
Bennett, Pleasant
Bennett, Roy A.
Bennett, Will
Benns, Thomas Jr.
Benson, Charley Ugene
Benson, Earl
Benson, Lawrence
Bently, Nick
Benton, Ed
Benton, Ellsworth E.
Benton, Pardee Winfroe
Berlin, Sam
Berry, Alfred
Berry, Charles Edric
Berry, Clifton V.
Berry, Eugene
Berry, Horace
Berry, Ira Mitchel
Berry, Willie
Berthy, Robert
Bettes, Homer A.
Bew, Abner M.
Beyers, Robert
Biggs, Paul
Billingsley, Jonathan
Billingsley, Robert
Billingsley, Warren
Billups, James B.
Bingley, Wiley
Binns, Willie S.
Bishop, James G.
Bishop, William J.
Bivins, Neal
Black, David
Blackwell, Earnest
Blackwell, Earnest
Blackwell, James C.
Blackwell, Thurman
Blair, Houston R.
Blake, Charlie
Blankenship, Dave
Blanton, Buford
Blaser, Edwin C.
Blaser, George R.
Blevins, Noble
Blevins, Samuel
Bloom, Frank R.
Bloom, Ira Dreyfus
Bloom, Sol Nathan
Bluford, Ebbie
Bluthenthal, Irwin H.
Bober, Jasper N.
Bobo, Samuel
Bobo, Tommy
Bobo, Wilbern E.
Bock, Edward A.
Bolden, Claude A.
Bolding, Luther T.
Bolds, George
Bolin, William H.
Bolton, George E.
Bonds, Alex
Bonnell, Dutton A.
Bono, Carl
Boone, Jerry
Boons, Sam
Boram, Abraham
Borders, Charles
Borum, Abraham
Boseman, Willie
Bost, Sylvester
Bovsky, Kelmane L.
Bowen, George Henry
Bowers, Henry
Bowers, Hilliard
Bowers, Julius
Bowie, Dee
Bowman, Joe A.
Boyce, David W. Jr.
Boyce, Edwin
Boyd, Herbert
Boyles, William
Bradford, Volney
Bradley, Zack
Bradshaw, Carl
Bragg, Winifred L.
Braggs, James
Branch, Arthur J.
Branch, Shedrick
Branch, Tom
Brandon, John W.
Brandon, Will William [sic]
Branson, Clarence E.
Brantley, Charles L.
Brantley, Mack Lee
Bray, Eddie
Bray, Elisha
Breckenridge, James
Brenke, Charles G.
Brenke, Henry J.
Brewer, Luther
Brewer, Willie
Brewster, Leonard
Bringman, Frederick W.
Broadnax, Namon
Brodie, Robert
Brooks, Burl
Brooks, Dewitt
Brooks, Elvin E.
Brooks, Frank
Brooks, Oscar
Brooks, Robert
Browder, Listash
Brown, Archie H.
Brown, Carl J.
Brown, Charles Paul
Brown, Clance
Brown, Clarence W.
Brown, Clifton
Brown, Cottrell
Brown, David
Brown, David V.
Brown, Ed
Brown, Frank B.
Brown, George V.
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James Lloyd
Brown, Jesse E.
Brown, Jinks
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John Edwin
Brown, Joseph C.
Brown, Lewis
Brown, Lewis
Brown, Lum
Brown, Minniefield
Brown, Richard
Brown, Sam
Brown, Sammie
Brown, Silas
Brown, Wash
Brown, William Sherman
Brown, Willie
Brown, Willie
Bruce, John
Bruce, Luther
Brunson, Asa
Brunson, Rozell
Brunson, Thomas Roswell
Brusaw, John
Bruton, Arthur
Bryan, Claude E.
Buck, Sam
Buford, Jim
Buford, Vie
Bullard, Ernest A.
Bullock, Frank D.
Burbank, Harry C.
Burdg, Otto
Burgess, Dave
Burgess, Estel L.
Burgess, John W.
Burgess, Mose
Burgie, Manuel B.
Burke, Barney N.
Burkett, Frank M.
Burkett, James Madison
Burks, Calvin H.
Burks, Clifton
Burks, James E.
Burnett, Emanuel
Burnett, Ivory
Burns, Jesse
Burns, Marshall
Burns, Robert
Burns, Warren
Burns, Wiley
Burns, Will
Burris, Clem J.
Burroughs, John E.
Burton, Chester A.
Bush, Bennie
Bussey, Leonard
Butler, Henderson
Bynum, Calvin
Bynum, Henry
Byrd, Frank M.
Byrd, George W.
Byrd, Joe
Byrd, Lawrence Jr.
Byrd, Peter P.
Cady, Sam Reeder
Caesar, Frank
Cain, Leonard
Cain, Samuel
Cain, Timothy
Caine, Obid
Caldwell, David E.
Caldwell, Garlington
Caldwell, Roscoe
Caldwell, Roy E.
Caldwell, Will
Calhoun, Carl
Calhoun, Enoch
Calloway, Willie Ruthford
Calvert, Hugh K.
Calvin, Walter
Camp, Robert H.
Campbell, Fred
Campbell, Fred
Campbell, Hayes
Campbell, Joseph S.
Campbell, Josh
Campbell, Ned
Canaway, Taunny
Caneer, Donnie O.
Cannon, Charley
Cannon, Tom
Carden, Walter C.
Cargill, Lester H.
Carlisle, Oscar
Carnahan, Lester H.
Carpenter, Willie
Carr, Albert
Carr, Foster
Carr, Garland Monroe
Carr, George A.
Carr, Leo
Carrington, Martin
Carrington, Van
Carroll, Obey B.
Carson, Albert
Carter, Arthur
Carter, Charley
Carter, Ed
Carter, Elijah
Carter, Frank
Carter, Jake
Carter, Lewis
Carter, Willie J.
Caruth, George
Case, Charles E.
Case, John A.
Casey, James E.
Cash, Eddie
Cash, William Louis
Cathey, Everett H.
Caver, James Albert
Chadick, Porter R.
Chadick, Walter R.
Chambers, Percy G.
Chandler, William E.
Chidester, Willie
Childers, Ed
Childers, Thomas
Chism, Sidney
Christmas, Allen
Christopher, Ben H.
Christopher, Ed
Christopher, Freelin Harrison
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Davis
Clark, Earnest C.
Clark, Ed
Clark, Edward Reep
Clark, Herman W.
Clark, James
Clark, John H.
Clark, P.C.
Clark, Samuel F.
Clarke, Fred
Clarke, George
Clary, Willis
Claudie, Allen
Clay, Floyd
Clay, Sterling
Clay, Walter
Clayborn, Luther
Clayton, Jack
Clegg, Riley
Cleghorn, Reuben G.
Clement, Joe W.
Clement, Joseph W.
Clemmons, William L.
Cobb, Alex A.
Cobb, John
Cobb, Leroy
Cochran, Ezra B.
Cochran, Roy P.
Cockrell, Dave
Cody, Fayett
Cofield, Jesse
Cole, Leroy
Cole, Nathaniel
Cole, Oscar E.
Cole, Robert
Cole, William C.
Coleman, Henry
Coleman, Jno.
Coleman, Willie
Colemon, James P.
Colen, Arthur W.
Coles, Joe I.
Coles, Samuel M.
Colgan, Bernard C.
Collier, Albert M.
Collier, George
Collier, John
Collier, Nathaniel
Collier, William S.
Collier, Willie
Collins, Addison S.
Collins, Albert
Collins, Ernest
Collins, Frank
Collins, Frank
Collins, George H.
Collyer, Claude Cammeron
Colquitte, James
Colvard, Clarence W.
Compton, Joe
Cone, John Carroll
Connerly, David Wesley
Conway, Isreal
Conyer, Joseph R.
Cook, Ed
Cook, John
Cook, Sam H.
Cook, Will
Cooke, Clifton
Cooke, Henry H.
Coonse, Jodie
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, Mathias
Cooper, Thomas A.
Copeland, Calvin
Copeland, Cecil H.
Copeland, Isaac
Copeland, Theodore Jr.
Coplen, Richard
Coprue, Ed
Corder, Edwin Louis
Core, Jesse R.
Corley, Clayton
Cornwell, Emerson M.
Cotton, Vandee
Coulter, William J.
Courtney, Buck
Cox, Frank
Cox, Fred
Cox, Howard
Cox, Joseph
Coy, Walter
Craggett, Andrew
Craghead, Alfer
Craig, Jim Andy
Crane, Alonzo
Cranston, Robert J.
Cratter, Will
Creal, Barney
Crockett, Clarence
Croom, Aaron
Croom, Walter
Cross, James Hellums
Cross, John
Cross, Julian M.
Crosson, Will E.
Crumpton, Emmitt H.
Culp, Luther
Culpepper, James H.
Culpepper, Joseph H.
Culpepper, William B.
Cummins, Asa
Curry, Toney
Cutrell, Lyman P.
Cutrona, Pasqle
Dalton, Henry
Dalton, Ulysses G.
Daniel, Joe
Daniel, John
Daniels, Arthur
Daniels, Will
Dann, Frank
Dansby, Ball
Dansby, Henry
Dansby, Whit
Darby, Olin
Darby, Samuel E.
Daughdrill, Curtis L.
Davieson, Lewis E.
Davis, Alfonso
Davis, Asa
Davis, Bartley
Davis, Columbus
Davis, Ebenezer
Davis, Ed
Davis, Felix
Davis, Frank
Davis, Fred
Davis, Fred
Davis, Henry A.
Davis, Henry Paul
Davis, Jerry
Davis, Jessie
Davis, King
Davis, Leroy
Davis, Miles Dewey Jr.
Davis, Morris Richard
Davis, Pete
Davis, Robert
Davis, Robert
Davis, Seba
Davis, Solly
Davis, Steve
Davis, Tom
Davis, Walter
Davis, Will
Davis, Will
Davis, William A.
Dawson, Arnold L.
Day, Joseph
Day, Joseph
Day, Lenester
DeWalt, James
Dean, James Hillie
Dean, Leonard
Dedman, Eber Jack
Dedrick, Willie
Dedshadzer, Willie
Delashmit, Hugh M.
Deloney, Felix
Dennis, John M.
Dennis, Paul
Depierre, Felix M.
Devall, Jule
Dewalt, Gabe
Deweese, Daniel L.
Dewoody, William L. Jr.
Dexter, Tom
Diamond, William H.
Dickey, Prentiss W.
Dillard, Fred
Dilley, Edward S.
Dirks, Henry
Dixon, Floyd
Dixon, Newt
Dodd, Edgar
Dodd, Elonza
Dodds, James E.
Dodds, Joseph
Dodds, William H.
Dolan, Charlie A.
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, Matthew
Dooley, Andrew
Dorch, Turner
Dorsey, Sam
Dotson, Percy P.
Dotson, Tom
Doty, Horace E.
Doughdrill, Oather F.
Douglass, Harvey W.
Douglass, Paul P.
Douglass, Walter R.
Dow, Robert J.
Dowd, Sam
Dowdy, Bert A.
Doyle, Henry
Drake, Eugene
Drake, Simpson
Drury, Sam
Duckett, James W.
Dudley, Jonathan
Dugan, James Hansford
Dukes, Newton
Dumas, Abraham
Dunbar, Tom
Duncan, David H.
Duncan, Harry
Duncan, Melvin
Duncan, Melvin
Duncan, Nathaniel
Dunham, Willie D.
Dunn, Essie
Dunn, Isaac
Dunn, John
Dunn, Tecumseh
Dunnum, Ollie
Dutcher, John
Dutcher, Mannie M.
Duty, Cecil
Earnest, Winston
Eastwood, Jesse S.
Eckl, John
Eckwood, William
Edington, Louis
Edington, Will
Edwards, Arthur
Edwards, David
Edwards, Elberr
Edwards, James
Edwards, James W.
Edwards, Joe
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Wendall
Elkins, Irvin M.
Elliott, Albert
Elliott, Frank
Elliott, Stokes
Ellis, John Jr.
Ellis, John T.
Ellis, Spencer
Ellis, William P.
Ellison, Felix B.
Elmore, Charles C.
Elmore, Henry Jr.
Embrey, James
Emerson, Bert
Entrels, Dennis
Epperson, Eddie
Epperson, Frank
Epps, Albert
Epps, Sebron
Ervin, Allen
Evans, Johnson
Evans, Joseph
Evans, Major
Evans, Vorgis
Evans, Willie
Fair, Lodie
Famous, Dock
Fane, Burrell H.
Farris, Robert
Faucett, Joe Munsey
Faver, Earnest C.
Fels, Cyril O.
Ferguson, Harry R.
Ferguson, Omer P.
Ferguson, Steve
Fields, Ben
Fields, George Wesley
Fields, James
Fields, James
Fields, Lucus
Fife, Willie
Filkes, Homer F.
Finnessee, John
Fisher, Aron
Fitch, Bob
Fitzhugh, John R.
Flakes, Junius
Flanigan, Charles P.
Fletcher, Harvey
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Jessie
Fletcher, Read
Fletcher, Silas J.
Flint, Sam
Flourncy, Peter C.
Flournoy, Richard F.
Floyd, John
Fluker, Curtis E.
Foggy, John W.
Ford, Corney L.
Ford, Fred
Ford, Jesse B.
Ford, Joe
Ford, Will
Foreman, Joe
Fortner, Lonnie
Foster, Alfred G.
Foster, Clifford B.
Foster, Ivory
Fouggy, Eugene
Fowles, Harold C.
Fox, Lincoln
Fox, William S.
Foxie, Tennie? [or Fennie?]
Fraim, Russell R.
Franey, Toney
Franklin, Dan
Franklin, Dan
Franklin, Phillip
Franklin, Sam
Franklin, Samuel
Franklin, Walter
Franklin, Will
Franklin, Willie Clifton
Franks, Lewis
Fraser, William M.
Freeman, Charlie
Freeman, Dave
Freeman, Edmond W.
Freeman, Henry
Freeman, James
Freeman, William H.
French, Ray A.
Fretime, Lee
Friday, Don
Friday, John
Frost, Will
Fryer, Charley
Fugitt, William D.
Fuller, Lexie L.
Fuller, Pleos
Fullinwider, Chester A.
Funderberg, Simon
Furst, Andrew L.
Furst, Willie Leon
Galbraith, Robert
Gale, Frederick
Galligher, Shep A.
Gardner, Daniel
Gardner, Fred M.
Gardner, Henry C.
Gardner, John W.
Gardner, Matthew
Gardner, Noel
Gardner, Oscar
Gardner, Riley
Garrett, Orvill
Garrett, R.D.
Garrettson, Sam
Gasby, Joe
Gaske, Felix H.
Gates, George L.
Gatewood, Arthur
Gather, James
Gatson, Mitchel
Gaunt, Harry B.
Gean, Lott G.
Gean, Lott Gordon
Genevay, John E.
George, Gregory
Gibbs, Howard J.
Gibbs, Willie
Gibson, Henry H.
Gibson, Jimmie
Gibson, Willie E.
Gilbert, John
Gilham, Albert
Gill, Tom
Gillespie, Blanton
Gillespie, Creed
Gillum, Tom
Gilmore, Walter E.
Gipson, Willie
Glover, Drue
Godfrey, Will
Godfrey, Willie F.
Goff, Chester
Goggans, Elmer F.
Gold, William Claud
Goldberg, Mozart
Golden, Elihu
Golden, Isome
Goldman, James D.
Goldstein, Ike
Goldstein, Samuel M.
Golette, Napoleon
Gollett, Namon
Good, Wiley H.
Goodman, James Baker
Goodman, Owen Guy
Goodman, Tull
Goodrich, Lev H.
Goodwin, Henry
Goodwin, Joe W.
Goodwin, John M.
Goolsby, L. Shaw [the L initial is a handwritten addition]
Gooseberry, Gable
Gordan, Claudie
Gosell, Henry C.
Gough, William G.
Gough, William G.
Gould, Joe Clayton
Goza, Henslee D.
Graham, Simon
Granberry, Joseph D.
Grant, Earl
Grant, General L.
Grant, Jack
Grant, Wiley
Graves, Charles W.
Graves, James H.
Graves, John W.
Graves, Reuel
Gray, Burley A.
Gray, Jewel Earl
Gray, Marion Lester
Grayson, Ollie
Grayson, Tom
Green, Al
Green, Charlie H.
Green, Douglas
Green, Floyd
Green, Frank B.
Green, Gale C.
Green, Harrison H.
Green, Jake
Green, James
Green, James L.
Green, Joe
Green, John
Green, Roland V.
Green, Twyman J.
Green, William F.
Green, Willie
Greenberry, Willie
Greer, Bennie
Greer, Hayward
Griffin, Geo.
Griffin, George
Griffin, Javan
Griffin, Mark
Griffin, William Urquhart
Griffin, Wyatt
Guest, John H.
Guest, Taylor T.
Guinn, Eugene
Gurley, Richard
Guy, Chester O.
Hahn, Fred
Haines, Fred
Haley, Robert H.
Hall, Clinton
Hall, Horace
Hall, James D.
Hall, Jesse
Hall, Samuel A.
Hall, Willie
Halley, Vernon C.
Halloway, Eugene
Hamiel, James P.
Hamilton, Fred
Hamilton, Louis Z.
Hamilton, Percy
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William T.
Hamlin, William C.
Hampton, Albert M.
Hampton, Fred
Hampton, George
Hampton, George E.
Hampton, Leroy
Hampton, Sylvester
Hanf, Clarence G.
Hankins, Veo Douglas
Hankins, Walter M.
Hannah, Bonnie
Hannah, Drew
Hardaway, David
Hardin, Clarence
Hardin, James
Hardin, Julius
Harding, Lafayette William
Hardson, Mose
Hardy, Carl J.
Hardy, Virgil
Harice, Benie
Harkins, William
Harkness, Leo O.
Harmon, James C.
Harper, Alton T.
Harper, Dan
Harper, Henry D.
Harper, Limuel
Harper, Riley
Harper, Will
Harper, Willie A.
Harrell, Charley
Harrell, George
Harris, Adam
Harris, Albert H.
Harris, Anderson
Harris, Clifton
Harris, David
Harris, Earl
Harris, Elmer
Harris, Eugene
Harris, Felton
Harris, Finley
Harris, Gurley
Harris, Henry
Harris, Homer
Harris, J.W.
Harris, Jasper
Harris, Joe
Harris, Louis G.
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, Robert H.
Harris, Robert W.
Harris, Runyan
Harris, Wesley
Harris, Will
Harris, Willie
Harris, Willie
Harris, Wilson
Harris, Wrinn
Harrison, James C.
Harrison, William?
Hart, George
Hart, Neill Wesley
Hartley, Ivan C.
Hartley, Marcus T.
Hartsfield, Glover I.
Harville, Odes
Hasker, Greely
Hasty, Everett
Hatton, Major
Hawkins, Busby
Hawkins, Charlies
Hawkins, Lewis
Hawkins, Robert
Hayes, Arthur
Haynes, Fred
Haynes, James H.
Haynes, Jessie
Haynes, Josh
Hays, Fred
Hays, Lavant P.
Head, Joel B.
Heald, Clarence
Healey, Sam O.
Heard, George
Heard, Johnie
Heard, Lucious
Hedgepeth, Marshall
Heiney, Kenneth M.
Heird, Henry Lee
Heister, John B.
Hellums, Fred R.
Hellums, Walter
Helton, Davis B.
Helvie, Leslie Earl
Hence, Hollis
Hence, Scott
Henderson, Gilbert A.
Henderson, Robert
Henderson, Tobe
Hendrix, Willie
Henley, William
Henry, Frank
Henry, Jack
Henslee, Joe T.
Hentz, William
Herrin, Fred
Herring, Benton L.
Herron, Abe
Herron, Edmond
Herron, George
Herron, Samuel
Hestand, George F.
Hester, Sam
Hicks, John
Hicks, Martin
Hightower, Harry
Hightower, John L.
Hiland, John
Hildesheim, Mike
Hildreth, Calvin
Hildreth, William W.
Hill, Andrew M.
Hill, Charles
Hill, Dave
Hill, Eugene
Hill, James
Hill, James
Hill, James W.
Hill, Jesse
Hill, Monticello
Hill, Thomas D.
Hill, Willie
Hillard, Abe
Hilton, John
Hilzheim, Sam F.
Hines, Charles R.
Hines, Henry
Hobbs, Fred W.
Hockenhull, Elihu
Hodge, Jessie
Hodges, John
Hoenick, Anton
Hogenson, Carl L.
Hogenson, Fred W.
Hogg, Grant
Hohmann, Robert D.
Holbert, William L.
Holderness, George S.
Hollan, Leon
Holland, Albert J.
Hollenbeck, William Paul
Hollis, Otis M.
Holloway, Alexander
Holloway, Ed
Holmes, Antwine
Holmes, Percy
Honeycut, Fred
Honorable, Willie
Hood, Clarence J.
Hope, Horace S.
Hopkins, Arvie D.
Hopkins, William
Hopkins, Willie
Horigan, William S.
Horn, George
Horton, Raymond P.
Howard, Charleston
Howard, Fred
Howard, Jacob
Howard, Linial
Howard, Nelson
Howard, Rufus
Howard, Sidney R.
Howell, Orange M.
Hubbard, Chester
Hubbard, Jeffie
Hudson, Charles F.
Hudson, Jake
Hudson, Pete
Huey, Charles
Hughes, Butler
Hughes, Claud
Hughes, Dave
Hughes, Emery
Hughes, Plato
Hulbert, Wallace S.
Humphrey, Charly
Humphrey, Lewis
Humphrey, Lucius
Hunt, Ernest
Hunt, General
Hunt, James
Hunt, Jerry
Hunt, Nathaniel
Hunt, Norman
Hunt, Prentice J.
Hunter, Harry H.
Hunter, Isaac
Hunter, Jake
Hunter, Jessie
Hunter, Judge
Hunter, Theatrice
Huselton, Robert F.
Hutcheson, R.L.
Hutchinson, Charlie
Hutchinson, Joe Lee
Hyman, Sterling P.
Imon, Neil C.
Ingram, Cornelios
Ingram, David
Ingram, Fred J.
Ingram, Hezikiah
Irby, Jasper
Irby, Robert
Irving, Lucious?
Irving, Robert
Isaacs, Lee
Israel, Isaac P.
Iverson, Hillary
Ivey, Ed
Ivory, Walter
Ivy, Robert
Jacko, Fred
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Erwin
Jackson, Eugene Joseph
Jackson, Hamp
Jackson, Isaiah
Jackson, Percy
Jackson, Peter
Jackson, Pink
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Rubin
Jackson, Walter
Jackson, Wiley
Jaggars, Dewitt T.
Jaggars, Thomas L.
Jaimison, John M.
James, Dolphus Jr.
James, Isaac
James, Jim
James, Mose
James, Sterling
Jefferies, Bearthur
Jefferies, Burton
Jeffersen, Fred
Jefferson, Charley
Jefferson, Frank
Jefferson, John H.
Jefferson, Leemie
Jefferson, Mack
Jefferson, Sidney
Jeffries, Ed
Jegglin, Leslie R.
Jenkins, Elijah
Jenkins, John Short
Jenkins, Sam
Jenkins, Silas
Jenkins, Willie H.
Jennings, Edgar
Jiles, Wesley
Jimmerson, Iverson A.
Joerden, Russell Howard
Johnson, Alex
Johnson, Alfred Halbrook
Johnson, Allen
Johnson, Amoes Tom
Johnson, Archie D.
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Ashberry
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Cornelius
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Ester
Johnson, Fair
Johnson, Flinoid
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, George
Johnson, Harrison
Johnson, Homer
Johnson, Horace Epaminondas
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, Johnnie
Johnson, Joshua
Johnson, Julius C.
Johnson, Julius L.
Johnson, Junior F.
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Loyd
Johnson, Malchie
Johnson, McLaughlin
Johnson, Monroe
Johnson, Monroe L.
Johnson, Muldoon
Johnson, Nathan
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Phil
Johnson, Rich
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Rufus
Johnson, Sam H.
Johnson, Stanley A.
Johnson, Van
Johnson, Vick
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, Wiley Jr.
Johnson, Will
Johnson, William
Johnson, Willie
Johnson, Zie
Johnston, Allen G.
Jolly, Eddie
Jones, Alfonse
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Cornelius
Jones, Eddie C.
Jones, Ferda
Jones, Forrest Gay
Jones, George M.
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry Pearce
Jones, Hezekiah
Jones, Isaac
Jones, James
Jones, James D.
Jones, James Jr.
Jones, John
Jones, John H.
Jones, Johnnie
Jones, Johnnie
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Kelly 3
Jones, Levi
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Madison
Jones, Matthew
Jones, Met L.
Jones, Neylon F.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Stephen H.
Jones, Walter L.
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, Willie
Jordan, Goldie
Jordan, Junius Jr.
Jordan, Lawrence
Jordan, Monroe
Julian, John F.
Kaston D.M.
Kaufman, Beaure T.
Kealing, Augustus E.
Kearney, Ed
Keehnel, Roy B.
Keller, Henry O.
Kelley, Clarence
Kelley, James E.
Kelley, Vernie O.
Kelly, Kineth
Kelly, Milton
Kelly, Pete
Kelly, Washington
Kemp, Emmitt
Kendall, John
Kendall, Tom
Kennedy, Squire Walter
Kerdly, Willie
Kernaghan, Henry
Kernaghan, Timothy
Kerr, Joseph H.
Kilpatrick, John C.
Kimbro, James
Kimbrough, Dan
Kimmell, Packard
King, Arthur B.
King, Ernest P.
King, Horace
King, Jim Nat
King, John Dook
King, Louis
King, Truman Elmer
Kinsey, James
Kirchgraber, Edward L.
Klarberg, Albert S.
Kline, Wesley
Knight, Wilson
Knox, Lawrence Mountjoy
Koogler, Dannie
Krannichfeld, Luther L.
Kyle, Charles A.
LaGrant, Lacey
Laird, Leroy
Lake, Henry B.
Lamar, Robert
Lamb, Ben
Lambert, John
Lamonica, Bennie
Lamonica, Lee A.
Lampkins, Ernest Marcus
Lampkins, Vurnice
Land, Cecil A.
Lane, Brusey
Lang, James
Langford, Garland
Langford, Sam
Langston, Jesse J.
Larkin, Braxton Wise
Lasley, Oney
Lassiter, Hardy
Lassiter, Willie
Lastly, Hamp
Latting, Nathan
Lawing, Barton F.
Lawrence, Charles
LeFlore, Thomas
Leach, George C.
Leach, Thomas Witt
Lealie, C.B.A.
Leavy, Johnnie
Lee, Charles
Lee, Charley
Lee, Clarence
Lee, Frank
Lee, Jack
Lee, James
Lee, Overton
Lee, Richard
Lee, Robert
Lee, Will
Lee, William H.
Leflore, John
Lemmon, Ed Owen
Lemons, Robert
Lerner, Meyer
Lessel, Sidney L.
Lever, Earl
Lever, John
Lever, John O.
Levine, Leo
Levine, Sam M.
Levy, Alphonse G.
Lewis, Ben
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Hezekiah
Lewis, Jessie H.
Lewis, Kid
Lewis, Martin
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Thurston
Lide, Lawrence D.
Lightly, Anninias
Lindsey, Eddie
Lindsey, Peter
Lindsey, Thomas
Linzey, Thomas
Linzey, Thomas
Linzy, Garfield
Lippard, Guy R.
Lipps, Fred J.
Lipps, Fred John
Lites, James O.
Little, Plummer
Livingston, James A.
Lockett, James K.
Lockett, Leroy
Lockley, Samuel
Logan, Anthony Jr.
Logan, Edomnd [sic]
Logans, Joe
Long, Andrew
Long, Charles
Long, Edwin A.
Long, James Henry
Long, Jim
Long, John D.
Long, Lewis E.
Long, Nathaniel
Long, Pearl
Long, Robert
Long, Sam
Long, Willie
Longley, Dudley A.
Loosley, Edwin H.
Louis, Essie
Love, Henry
Love, Louis
Love, Will
Lovelace, Scottie
Loveless, James B.
Lovet, James
Loving, Henry
Lowe, Larone
Lowman, Guy R.
Lucas, Sam
Lusby, George Henry
Lusby, James Orville
Lusby, Johnnie
Lyerly, Noah
Lyle, Lawrence Dewoody
Lyle, Thomas B.
Lyles, Frederick L.
Lyon, Jeff F.
Lytle, Grover C.
Lytle, Robert S.
Mack, Eddie
Mackel, Willie
Mahogany, James
Malone, Anderson D.
Malone, Frank
Mandel, Louis
Manning, Samuel
Marcus, Harry
Marcus, Harry Leon
Marion, Cecil G.
Markham, Fortner Gunter
Marshall, Manuel
Marshall, Percy
Martin, Albert
Martin, Edward F.
Martin, Frank
Martin, Hubbard
Martin, James David
Martin, Joseph W. Jr.
Martin, Will
Marzett, Will
Mashburn, Rainey
Mason, Johnnie
Mason, William
Maten, Nathaniel
Mathews, Fred H.
Mathews, Joseph H.
Mathews, Willia [sic]
Mathias, Alonzo
Mathus, Odie
Matthews, Edward
Matthews, Elbert L.
Matthews, Houston
Matthews, Ulysses
Matthis, Timothy
Maufus, Wiley
Maul, William F.
Maus, Victor C.
Maxwell, Dave
Maxwell, Ed
Maxwell, Ed
Maxwell, Lee
Maxwell, Samuel M.
May, Wesley V.
Mays, Alex
Mazique, Alonzo
McAfee, Alfred T.
McAlexander, John P.
McBurnett, John Denver
McCain, Doc
McCain, George D.
McCain, Melbourne G.
McCammon, Edgar Jr.
McCammon, Furman E.
McCantz, Willie
McCarley, Earl E.
McCarthy, Bert B.
McCarthy, Thomas F.
McClendon, John B.
McClendon, Zack
McCleskey, Alford E.
McColloch, Robert C.
McCollough, Fred
McCool, Wesliy W.
McCoy, Blanch
McCoy, Gus
McCoy, Henry
McCoy, James
McCrary, Joseph A.
McCreary, Johnnie
McCruel, Willie
McCulley, Fred
McCullough, Dolphus
McCurdy, John Fielding
McCutchen, Gideon
McDaniel, Allen
McDaniel, Irven D.
McDonald, Bowman E.
McDonell, Ed
McDowell, Alex
McDuffy, Essie
McEachern, Henry
McGahee, Jim
McGaughy, Hugh H.
McGaughy, James Porter
McGaughy, John B.
McGaughy, Robert E.
McGaughy, William Fay
McGhee, Sam
McGregor, Harvey
McGruder, Cleveland
McGrue, Robert G.
McHaney, Payton
McHenry, Armon
McIntyre, Harry E.
McIntyre, John F.
McIntyre, Leslie Turner
McKee, Zollie
McKinney, Ezra
McKinney, John H.
McKinney, Roy
McLellan, Jim
McLellan, Virgil S.
McLemore, Lamar Q.
McLendon, Millard B.
McLeymore, Joshua
McLurkin, Robert G.J.
McMahan, Clarence
McMahon, Allen
McMiller, Dadie
McMillion, Jewel
McMurray, Edgar
McMurry, Stedmon
McNeal, Lloyd
McNeel, Lee M.
McNeeley, Cleveland
McNeil, Joseph
McNew, Roger W.
Mead, James Garland
Mead, Jennings Bryan
Mead, John C.
Mead, Major Virginius
Mead, William R.
Meadows, Marvin
Means, Emory L.
Meeks, Claude
Meeks, George
Meeks, Littleton
Meeks, Stewart M.
Melton, Albert
Menas, John
Middlebrooks, James B.
Middleton, Lawrence
Millee, John E.
Miller, Alfred
Miller, Alfred
Miller, Clarence
Miller, Ellis
Miller, Henry G.
Miller, James V.
Miller, Johnie
Miller, McKinley
Miller, Oscar H.
Miller, Thomas Griswold
Miller, William F.
Milton, Hosie
Mimms, Isaac
Minor, Raymond
Minor, Virgil A.
Mitchell, Clark
Mitchell, Edmond
Mitchell, Ernest Philph
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, George W.
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, Howard
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Walter
Mitchelloti, Johnny H.
Mizell, Hamilton B.
Mobley, Charlie
Moltz, Almer E.
Momon, Willie
Monk, Garland S.
Monk, Lawrence F.
Monroe, Joe
Monroe, Jonathan
Monroe, William
Montgomery, John O.
Montgomery, Leroy
Montgomery, Mose
Moore, Barney
Moore, Charles Henry Jr.
Moore, Charlie J.
Moore, Cleveland
Moore, Eugene
Moore, James
Moore, James F.
Moore, Jesse H.
Moore, John S.
Moore, Lester
Moore, Malachi
Moore, Matt
Moore, Merlin
Moore, Nathan
Moore, Richard
Moore, Simon
Moore, Willie
Moorehead, Albert B.
Moorehead, George
Morehead, Frank
Morehead, Joe
Morgan, Alfonso
Morgan, Cornelius
Morgan, Emery
Morgan, James R.
Morgan, Lafayette
Morgan, Mer L.
Morgan, Peter
Morgan, Warren
Morgan, Will
Moring, John W.
Morring, Mansel
Morris, Dandle A.
Morris, Emanuel
Morris, Jake
Morris, James Stovall
Morris, John
Morris, Major
Morris, Nathaniel
Morris, Richard
Morris, Richard
Morris, Richard
Morrison, Daniel
Morrison, Edward
Morrison, Lafayette
Morrison, Paul
Morrow, Perry
Morton, Harry G.
Mosby, Charles
Mosby, George
Mosby, Sam
Moseley, Richard L.
Mosely, Banks
Mosely, Elton Dixon
Mosely, Robert H.
Mosley, Vernon L.
Moss, Floyd E.
Moss, Jessie
Moten, Eliga
Moten, Macie
Moulton, Fred Hubert Jr.
Mullen, Fred D.
Mullen, George W.
Mullikin, Harvey A.
Mullins, Eddie Tiffin
Murphree, John T.
Murphy, Henry Leland
Murphy, James W.
Murphy, James Wardlaw
Murphy, Willie
Murray, John
Murray, William
Murry, Lott Lee
Musgrove, James F.
Musgrove, Jesse H.
Mustachia, Frank
Myars, Thomas E.
Myles, Ollie
Myrick, Henry
Nash, Willie
Nathaniel, Lindsey
Neal, Abraham
Neal, Fred
Neeley, Ben
Neeley, Joe
Nelson, Anderson
Nelson, Augustus
Nelson, Herman L.
Nelson, James
Nelson, Johnie
Nelson, Knox Custer
Nelson, Louis
Nevells, Willie
Nevils, James
Newman, Corbett
Newton, Harvre
Newton, Wayne
Nichol, Leo Andrews
Nichols, Charley
Nichols, Ed
Nichols, Floyd P.
Nichols, James E.
Nichols, John
Nicholson, Hosie
Nicholson, Robert
Night, Allen
Niven, Joseph A.
Nixon, George
Nixon, Henry
Noland, David
Nora, Walter
Norman, Dave
Norwood, James
Nowland, William C.
Nunn, Henry W.
O'Connor, Louie R.
O'Keiff, Sam Roane
O'Neal, John R.
Olcott, Chauncey A.
Oldridge, Garland
Oliver, Joe
Oliver, Milton
Oliver, Will
Olliger, Mark
Orton, Herschel M.
Osby, Steve
Overstreet, Delancy
Overstreet, Millage
Owens, Fred
Owens, James C.
Owens, Marvin L.
Owens, Mathew
Pack, Lester A.
Pack, William Autie
Page, Eddie
Page, Jackson
Page, Luther
Palmer, Zack
Paris, Sam
Parker, Alva
Parker, Archie
Parker, Charley
Parker, Curnel
Parker, Edward
Parker, Fred
Parker, George
Parker, Jessie
Parker, Jessie
Parker, Louis
Parker, Orbie I.
Parker, Robert C.
Parker, Walter M.
Parker, William H.
Parks, Charley
Parks, Waymon
Parnell, Gordon H.
Parsons, Frank L.
Paschal, Sandy
Pass, Albert Orr
Pate, Willie
Patilla, Taylor J.
Patillo, Junious
Patterson, Andrew
Patterson, Ben
Patterson, Henry
Patterson, Robert Aurelins
Patton, George
Payne, Ed
Payne, George
Payne, John
Payne, Sam
Payne, Thomas Emory
Payne, Willie
Penelton, Evans
Penny, Alonzo
Penny, Jackson
Peoples, Ferdie W.
Peppers, Fred
Perdue, Arthur M. Jr.
Perdue, Gordon A.
Perkins, Robert
Perrell, Gill
Perry, Edward T.
Perry, Hardy D.
Perry, Hillory
Perry, Marion Rowland
Peters, Louie
Petersen, Andres
Peterson, Arthur Julius
Peterson, Ben
Petterson, Bertill C.
Petterson, Swin
Petty, William C.
Phelps, James W.
Phillips, Arthur
Phillips, Joe B.
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Mose
Phillips, Tillman
Philmore, George
Pickett, Ben
Pierce, Ed
Pierce, Frank
Pierce, John
Pierce, Lawrence
Pierson, Ferdie
Pilant, Charles C.
Pilkington, Cleveland
Pinner, Walter
Piper, Arthur A.
Pleasant, King
Pleasant, Nuite
Pledger, Claud
Poe, Havis
Pogue, Jessie E.
Poindexter, James W.
Polk, John C.
Pool, Garland
Pope, Rufus
Porter, Ben
Porter, Claud
Porter, Julius
Porter, William
Portlock, Mitchell
Potter, Sylvester
Potts, Joseph N.
Powell, Jesse
Powell, William
Power, Joe L.
Poynter, Leigh D.
Prescot, Joseph H.
Price, Burt L.
Price, Coucor
Price, Gurley
Price, Nick
Pride, Monroe
Prince, James F.
Pritchard, Bonnie B.
Pritchard, James H.
Pritchard, Terry N.
Pugh, Levi
Pumphrey, Robert
Quinn, Audrey G.
Quinn, Don B.
Quinn, Leniel E.
Raddle, John N.
Radford, Dave
Raffety, Lewis E.
Ragan, Herbert Henry
Ragar, Henry C.
Raiford, J.H.
Rairigh, Sam L.
Rambo, Edgar V.
Ramsey, Everett L.
Ramsey, George E.
Randle, John L.
Randolph, Albert
Ransom, Henry
Ransom, John
Raphiel, Henry
Rash, Sam
Raspberry, Logan
Ray, Phil
Ray, Roscoe
Redden, Ernest
Redwood, Cleveland
Reed, Albert
Reed, Arthur H.
Reed, Frank
Reed, George
Reed, Wilbur R.
Reeves, Augustus L.
Reeves, Frank
Reeves, John M.
Reeves, Will
Reichen, Chris
Reichen, Ernest
Reichen, James
Reinberger, James Roland
Reinberger, Maurice Lee
Renfrow, James C.
Reynolds, Alvie
Reynolds, Ben
Reynolds, Clarence Lloyd
Reynolds, Earle
Reynolds, Edward B.
Reynolds, Elbert B.
Reynolds, Henry
Reynolds, Homer P.
Reynolds, Marvin
Reynolds, Milton
Reynolds, Solon O.
Rhinehart, Reuben Lee
Rhodes, Clarence
Rhodes, Madison
Rhone, James A.
Rice, Elias
Rice, Louis
Rice, Moses
Rich, Robert
Richard, Clabon
Richard, John
Richard, Wyatt
Richardson, Ben
Richardson, Edgar E.
Richardson, Eugene
Richardson, Haywood
Richey, John
Richey, William E.
Riggin, Henry
Riley, Oliver
Riley, Santonio F.
Riley, Walter H.
Ringo, McKinley
Ringo, Robert
Rivers, Glen D.
Roberson, Louis
Roberson, Louis
Roberts, Charles C.
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Lee
Robertson, Albert
Robertson, Jessie
Robinson, B.J.
Robinson, Bailey
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Charles P.
Robinson, Dan
Robinson, Daniel
Robinson, Elioott [sic]
Robinson, Evan
Robinson, Guy
Robinson, Harry
Robinson, Joel
Robinson, Oliver
Robinson, Sam
Robinson, Samuel
Robison, Will
Rockamore, Claude
Rodgers, Abraham
Rodgers, Albert S.
Rodgers, Hailey Clyde
Rodgers, James
Rodgers, Robert
Rodgers, Varner V.
Rodgers, William J.
Roebuck, John G.
Rogers, Abraham
Rogers, Fanch
Rogers, Luther
Rogers, Manuel
Rogers, Roy L.
Roland, George
Rollins, Charley
Rollins, James
Roper, Arthur
Rose, Ellis
Rose, Henry
Rose, James A.
Ross, Guss
Ross, Harrison
Ross, L.R.
Roundtree, Ben
Roundtree, Eddie
Rountree, Charles M.
Rousseau, Joe C.
Rowan, Robert A.
Rowdy, Seefus
Royston, Anderson B.
Rucks, Clare S.
Rue, Lawrence F.
Ruff, Curtis
Ruff, Emmett
Ruffins, Willie
Rush, Five
Russell, Albert Judson
Russell, James
Russell, Lucilia
Russell, Lucius
Russell, Sam
Rust, Will
Rutherford, Herbert Hoshall
Rutherford, John F.
Rutstein, Leon
Ryland, Jesse F.
Sallee, Lyttleton Thomas
Sampler, James
Sampson, Charley
Sampson, Clarence
Sams, Ernest A.
Samuels, Garland
Sanders, Clyde
Sanders, Edgar
Sanders, Godfrey
Sanders, Harlow
Sanders, Henry D.
Sanders, John L.
Sanders, Leon
Sanders, Leonard L.
Sanders, Levi
Sanders, Robert I.
Sanford, Easton O.
Sanford, Newton
Sangster, Fred
Savage, Dock
Savage, Harry P.
Scales, Hezekiah
Scales, J. William
Scales, James A.
Scallion, Benjamin I.
Scholsberg, Charles
Schubert, Carl F.
Schuler, John
Scott, Ben
Scott, George
Scott, John
Scott, Mose
Scott, Robert E.
Scott, Sam
Scull, Ben H.J.
Scull, Henry N.
Scull, Jafus
Seabrook, Harold Smiley
Seabrooks, Bill
Seals, George
Semmons, William
Senyard, Charles
Senyard, Tom M.
Senzard, Fay T.
Sephus, James
Sephus, Joe
Seymour, Asa F.
Shackelford, Colbert W.
Shackelford, Jesse
Shadowvine, Eddie
Shandy, Bain
Shandy, Chauncey Reed
Shavers, Joe
Shaw, Albert
Shaw, Frank
Shaw, Jack W.
Shaw, Lee Andrew
Shaw, Lemmuel
Shelby, Carl
Shell, Claud I.
Shelton, Earl
Shelton, John
Shelton, John
Shepard, George
Shepard, James Andrew
Shepherd, Ulyses
Sheppard, Ellis A.
Sheppard, Monroe
Sheppard, Ray W.
Shinall, William H.
Shook, Vester O.
Shriner, Fred M.
Shumake, Henry F.
Sifford, Gaylord
Silas, Walter
Silbernagle, Louis B.
Silverman, Joseph
Simmons, Charlie
Simmons, Frank
Simmons, George A.
Simmons, Junior
Simms, Charley
Simpson, Ernest Maynard
Simpson, Eugene Franklin
Simpson, James S.
Simpson, John P.
Simpson, William A.
Sims, Cleophus
Sims, Lon
Sims, Ulies
Sinclair, Ernest H.
Sinclair, Ezekiel
Sinclair, George
Singleton, Lee
Sison, Unice
Sisson, Jesse R.
Skinner, Joe
Slocum, John
Slocum, Mose
Smiller, Charley
Smith, Albert L.
Smith, Attrice
Smith, Austin
Smith, Benjamin F.
Smith, Bertram C.
Smith, Charles E.
Smith, Charles V.
Smith, Claud
Smith, Claud
Smith, Clayton
Smith, Cole G.
Smith, Cornelious
Smith, Ed
Smith, Ed
Smith, Eddie
Smith, Edmond
Smith, Eli
Smith, Elsie
Smith, Eugene A.
Smith, Fate
Smith, Harry O.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Herbert L.
Smith, Huston
Smith, James
Smith, Jerimiah
Smith, Jesse C.
Smith, John
Smith, Lee
Smith, Leo
Smith, Mathew
Smith, Merle B.
Smith, Naomon
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Robert E.
Smith, Terry
Smith, Ulyses
Smith, Vester
Smith, W.B.
Smith, Will
Smith, Will
Smithwick, James Zack
Smyrl, Jack
Sneed, Sam B.
Socia, John E.
Socia, Robert S.
Soles, James H.
Songer, William
Sorrells, John Harvey
Southerland, Herman
Southern, Henry
Spann, William E.
Sparks, Claude Lee
Sparks, Jesse B.
Spears, Andrew
Spears, Aubrey T.
Spencer, Alex
Spencer, John
Spencer, Sanders
Spharler, Delly
Spight, John W.
Spires, George Washington
Springfield, Robert
Stafford, Luther M.
Staley, Robert
Stalnaker, Frank
Stamper, Henry C.
Stanfield, Henry E.
Stanfield, Julius W.
Stanfill, Harrison
Stanford, Henry
Staples, Clyde F.
Starnes, Frank
Starr, Archie N.
Staten, George L.
Stedman, Louis
Stedrick, William Richard
Steed, Isaac H.
Steed, Samuel S.
Steele, John Douglas
Sterling, Thad
Stevens, Grover C.
Stevens, Melton
Stevens, Nathaniel H.
Stevenson, Aaron
Stevenson, Adam
Stevenson, Woody
Steverson, Wesley
Steward, Flem
Stewart, Alex
Stewart, Clyde George
Stewart, Elijah
Stewart, Guy
Stewart, James
Stewart, Paul B.
Stewart, William
Stiger, Frederick I.
Stillwell, John T.
Stinnett, Mace
Stocker, Nathaniel
Storms, Will
Stout, Homer Eldy
Stout, Joe D.
Strahn, Ray K.
Street, Willie
Strickland, Hardy
Strickland, Joe
Strong, John
Stroud, Seymour
Stroudmire, Julius
Stubblefield, Carl Jr.
Stuckey, Jesse
Studdard, Barney L.
Sturdivant, Ella D.
Suffield, John C.
Sullivan, Dennis
Sutton, Timothy W.
Swain, Girland R.
Swanson, Reggie
Sweeney, John R.
Swift, Cleveland
Swift, John
Swopes, Henry
Swopes, Jerry
Swor, Virgil
Tackitt, Vurgel
Talley, Burden
Tappey, Miriam T.
Tate, James
Tate, John
Tate, Nick
Taylor, Archie
Taylor, Daniel
Taylor, Earnest
Taylor, Ed
Taylor, Hal M.
Taylor, Harrison
Taylor, Horace T.
Taylor, Jack
Taylor, James
Taylor, King M.
Taylor, Nathaniel
Taylor, Other
Taylor, Pleas
Taylor, Sam H.
Taylor, Western
Taylor, Zachary
Teer, Lacey
Teer, Lee A.
Temple, Reuben C.
Terry, Eli
Terry, Morris
Terry, Ruben
Thayer, Roy A.
Thomas, A.D.
Thomas, Bonney
Thomas, Claibourn
Thomas, Dan
Thomas, Dave
Thomas, Edward N.
Thomas, Fred
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Jake D.
Thomas, James
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Nathaniel
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Wash
Thomas, Will
Thomas, Willie
Thompkins, William
Thompson, George V.
Thompson, Howard
Thompson, Joe
Thompson, Joseph S.
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Tommy
Thompson, William Jr.
Thornton, Joe
Thornton, Tomie
Thuman, Earl F.
Tillman, Henry
Tillman, Houston
Tillo, Dock
Timms, William A.
Tinsen, Arthur
Tinsley, Alburden
Tisdale, Cap
Toler, Adolphus
Toles, Henry
Tolson, Norman B.
Tomlinson, Leon Smith
Tooks, George
Tooks, Howard
Tooks, Ulysses
Tooks, Walter
Toomer, Peter J.
Torrence, George
Tovey, Edwin Clair
Townsend, Benjamin
Townsend, John T.
Toyer, Sherman
Traylor, Ivory
Tredwell, Thomas Lester
Trice, Judge
Trimble, Sam W.
Triplett, Arthur F.
Triplett, Frank H.
Triplett, James L.
Troupe, Charles A.
Troupe, Eugene
Truelove, Harrison
Trulock, Walter Nicholas Jr.
Tuck, John W.
Tucker, Arthur
Tucker, Elvis R.
Tucker, Herman
Tucker, John W.
Turnbow, Howard
Turner, A.B.
Turner, Edgar
Turner, John H.
Turner, Nathaniel
Turner, Robert
Turner, Robert Jr.
Turner, Robert W.
Turner, Thomas H.
Turner, Willie
Turnley, Alvah
Turnley, George Edward
Twine, Thomas
Tyler, Ben
Tylor, Will
Umfleet, Otis P.
Underwood, Robert N.
Unich, Ernest
Ussery, Vetol
Valentine, Warren B.
Value, Robert Albert
Vance, Hugh M.
Vance, Lonnie
Vanderbilt, Robert
Varn, Henry A.
Varnado, Andrew C.
Vaughans, Milton
Vaughn, Herman
Vaughn, James
Vaught, Victor Vincent
Vaugine, Francis A.
Vaugine, James S.
Venerable, James
Vester, Willie
Vought, Cayle
Wade, Walter
Wadley, Dennis
Wadley, Mat
Wait, George E.
Waldrip, Fitzhugh
Walker, Arzo
Walker, Eddie
Walker, Fred
Walker, George W.
Walker, Harry
Walker, James
Walker, Josiah
Walker, Lewis
Walker, Robert B.
Wallace, Fred
Wallace, Herbert D.
Wallace, James G.
Waller, James
Wallin, Loren
Walls, Andrew J.
Walls, Bertram
Walls, Claude C.
Walls, Orvul
Walsh, James E.
Walters, Otto A.
Walton, George
Walton, Henry
Walton, John
Walton, Julius
Wamble, Matthew S.
Ward, Eddie C.
Ward, Frank
Ward, William R.
Ware, Creed
Warf, James
Warren, Alfred
Warren, Luchis
Warren, Remous
Warren, William
Warren, Zeek
Warrior, Will
Waschalk, Joseph
Washington, Arthur
Washington, Bruno
Washington, Eddie
Washington, Emanuel
Washington, Fred
Washington, Fred
Washington, George
Washington, Henry
Washington, Henry
Washington, James
Washington, Julius I.
Washington, Robert
Washington, Willie
Washington, Willie
Washington, Willie
Washington, Zack
Waskoski, Thomas
Waterhouse, Richard H.
Waters, Anderson
Waters, Dudley
Waters, Marion
Watson, Clarence E.
Watson, Clemmon
Watson, Floyd
Watson, Lucky
Watson, Sam
Watson, Wiley
Watts, J.W.
Watts, Joe D.
Weaver, Jim
Weaver, Leslie Herman
Weaver, Sam
Webb, Berry C.
Webb, Elude
Webb, George
Webb, Green
Webb, Richard
Webber, John
Webster, Albert
Webster, Robert
Weil, David H.
Weilvacher, John E.
Welcher, Louis
Wells, Lewis Leon
Wells, Major
Wesley, Felix
Wesley, Talmage
Wesson, William W.
West, Alver L.
West, Carl L.
West, John Alexander
West, Mannie Ewing
West, Raymond H.
West, Sebastian Roy
Westall, Hugh A.
Westall, William C.
Westbrook, John H.
Westmoreland, Robert C.
White, Albert
White, Andrew
White, Clarence Miller
White, Dock M.
White, General
White, Harvey
White, Hence
White, James
White, John A.
White, Jose
White, Lonnie Wesbraak
White, Walter
Whitehead, Lewis
Whitehorn, Floyd
Whitelaw, Ernest L.
Whiteside, Ernest
Whitfield, Newton L. Jr.
Whitmire, Ernest Earl
Whitmore, Horace
Whittaker, William
Whitten, Giles W.
Whyte, Horace G.
Wickersham, Ben T.
Wickett, Thomas
Wicks, Emanuel
Wiggins, Isaac
Wiggins, Sam
Wiggins, William
Wightman, Claude G.
Wiginton, James Jefferson
Wilcox, Albert F.
Wilder, Cornelius
Wiley, George Sterling
Wiley, Henry
Wiley, Jmaes H.
Wiley, Joseph Elias
Wiley, Milton
Wilkerson, Dewey
Wilkins, Walter Jeter
Wilkins, Willie S.
Wilks, LaFayette
Willard, Oscar
Willey, Charles C.
Williams, Albert
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, Bennie
Williams, Bryant
Williams, Bryant Jacob
Williams, Bush
Williams, Dave
Williams, Dave
Williams, David
Williams, Ed
Williams, Ed
Williams, Edward Grayson
Williams, Fred
Williams, George
Williams, Haywood
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry Y.
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James C.
Williams, Johnnie
Williams, Lenard
Williams, Leroy
Williams, Levi
Williams, Levy
Williams, Louis
Williams, Mack
Williams, McKinley
Williams, Oscar E.
Williams, Richard D. Jr.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Sam
Williams, Sidney
Williams, Thewston
Williams, Wash
Williams, Will
Williams, Will Bob
Williams, William Norman
Williams, Willie E.
Williamson, Robert
Willis, Claude M.
Wilson, Arthur
Wilson, Earnest
Wilson, Eugene G.
Wilson, Frank D.
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Herman
Wilson, Jake L.
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Leonard L.
Wilson, Luke
Wilson, Marvin H.
Wilson, Son
Wilson, William Basil
Wilson, Willie
Wilson, Willie
Winford, John
Wingard, Jerry Sanders
Winston, Louis
Wise, Connie
Witherington, Erwin A.
Withers, John
Withers, Mitchell
Witherspoon, William
Wolf, William C.
Womack, Nathaniel
Wood, Earl S.
Wood, John M.
Wood, Walter W.
Woodmansee, Clyde R.
Woods, Arnett
Woods, Ed
Woods, Gilbert
Woods, Jessie
Woods, Leroy
Woods, Louis
Woodson, Harrison
Woodson, Sylvester
Wooldridge, Harry T.
Woolfork, Fleety
Word, Willie C.
Worthin, Garlan
Worthington, Otis M.
Wren, Francis W.
Wright, Anthony
Wright, Harrison
Wright, Herbert
Wright, J.D.
Wright, Julius
Wright, Tom
Write, Ivery [originally White, but amended to Write]
Wroten, John A.
Wynn, Clarence
Wynn, Gorth
Wynne, John B.
Yaney, George F.
Yarborough, James
Yewings, Sam
Young, Arthur R.
Young, David C.
Young, Elvin F.
Young, James
Young, James
Young, Ralph C.
Young, Raymond O.
Young, William
Yowell, Charles E. Jr.
Zangerl, Rudolph L.
Zangerl, Walter John
Zehner, Joseph E.
Zerell, Adolf E.
Zornes, Bertie

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