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Index to Marriage Records of Lawrence County, Arkansas, 1820-1850

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Following is a list of the names of grooms, brides, witnesses, and parents from James Logan Morgan's Marriage Records of Lawrence County, Arkansas, 1820-1850. " The book itself contains complete details from the marriage records - names, ages, residences, other people mentioned in the record, etc. In addition, an index is included in the book listing all the officiants
of the ceremonies.

Alcorn, Isam
Allason, Mary M.
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Isaac,
Allen, Sary Ann
Allen, William
Allen, William.
Allen, William
Archer, Aaron
Archer, Alisabeth
Armstrong, Rodney
Ausburn, Asa W.
Ausburn, Milly
Austin, Delilah
Austin, Stephen
Bagley, Eleanor
Bagwell, Littleton
Baird, Elizabeth
Baker, Asa
Baker, Catharine
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, George A.
Baker, Sarah J.
Baker, Thirzy
Baker, Thomas
Baker, William S.
Balance, Polly Eleanor
Ballard, Mourning
Bandy, Mary Ellen
Bandy, Nancy H.
Barnett, James
Barnett, James G.
Barnett, James M.
Barnett, Martha
Barnett, Maryan
Barnett, William A.
Barnett, William
Barnett, William H.
Barr, Mary
Beal, Joshua
Bean, Mark
Beasley, Harriet H.
Beasley, Martha
Beasley, Nancy
Beasley, Susannah
Beaver, John
Beavers, Narcisa
Bell, R.D.
Bellah, Abberdine
Bellah, Charles
Bellah, Leonard
Bellah, Nancy
Bellah, Nelly
Bellah, Samuel
Bellah, Sarah
Bennett, Rachel
Bennett, Rebecca
Benson, Sibby
Berry, Bird
Berry, Melinda
Berry, Nancy
Berry, Sarah
Berry, Sarah D.
Berry, Tolipher
Berry, William
Berry?, Nancy Ann
Bettis, Nancy Ann
Blackwell, Hiram
Blackwell, James
Blackwell, Sarah Ann
Blair, Mary "Polly"
Blair, Sarah than
Blakeley, John H. Rev.
Blankenship, Alexander
Blevins, William Henry
Blyth, Daniel
Blyth, James
Boid, William
Boils, Margaret
Bolton, Ruhama
Booth, Francis E.
Booth, Milly
Boothe, Riley Wright
Boothe, William G.
Boran, Cynthia
Bradley, George
Brady, Nancy E.
Brammer, Elizabeth
Brammer, Fanny
Branden, James A.
Brandon, Christopher C.
Brannon, Elizabeth
Branum, Mary
Branum, Nancy
Brawley, Hugh P.
Breden, Martha
Brewer, Ellin
Brewer, Jesse J.
Brewer, Joseph
Brewer, Willis
Bridges, Jesse
Bridges, John
Bridges, Parthenia M.L.
Bridges, Roseany
Bridges, Sarah
Bridges, Sintha Ann
Brookfield, Isaac Rev.
Brooks, Elisha
Brooks, Unice
Browing, Gaberilla
Brown, James S.
Brown, Mahala
Brown, N.A.T.
Brown, Sary
Buchanan, Susan
Buckhannon, Nancy Harris
Buckles, Hiram P.
Burens, Elizabeth
Burgess, Elizabeth Caroline
Burleson, John
Bush, Elizabeth
Bush, Mary Ann
Buster, Dinah
Buster, Jane
Buster, John
Buster, Mary
Buster, Mary
Buster, Sarah
Butcher, John
Butler, Edmon
Butler, Edward
Butler, Lafayett Washington
Butterfield, Oliver
Cadilian, William
Calaham, Dudly J.
Calven, John C.
Campbell, James
Campbell, John N.
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Margaret Ann
Campbell, Minerva
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, R.D.
Campbell, Sinthy
Cantrill, Elizabeth
Capps, Nimrod
Caps, Emily
Caps, William
Carlyle, Mehala
Carter, Hugh P.
Caruthers, Elizabeth
Cason, Sebron
Cason, Whurry
Cate, Samuel
Cate, Sarah E.
Cates, Benjamin
Cates, Mary
Cates, Rebecca
Chamberlain, John.
Chandler, Laurana
Childers, John W.
Childers, Joseph
Childers, Orlena
Childers, Ursuly R.
Childres, Alexander C.
Childres, Francis
Childres, Mary J.
Childres, Squire
Childress, A.C.
Childress, Burreal
Childress, Flora
Childress, Martha Matilda
Childress, Nancy
Childress, Telitha Cuma
Chism, George W.
Chism, George Washington
Chism, Washington
Chor?, Sarah N.
Clark, Alfema
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, John
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Winey
Clarke, Darkes
Cline, Eliza
Cline, Katharine
Cline, Polly
Clubb, Hannah
Clubb, Peter W.
Cochrain, George W.
Cochran, James
Cochran, Nelly
Cochran, Pleasant
Cockrum, Elizabeth
Coffelt, Hannah
Colbert, Henry
Colbert, Lucindy
Coming, Caswell
Corbet, Artimisa
Corechran, Seleta Ann
Corley, Nat
Cosner, Eliza
Cotton, Harmon
Couts, Margaret
Couts, Nancy
Couts, Susan
Covington, Joseph
Crabtree, Elizabeth
Cravens, Abigail H.
Cravens, Andrew J.
Cravens, David
Cravens, James
Cravens, Jane
Cravens, Jesse
Cravens, Martha
Cravens, Nancy
Cravens, Peggy
Crawford, Colby
Crawford, Dr.
Crawford, Elizabeth Ann
Crawford, James G.
Crawford, Mary Ann
Crawford, Olly
Crawford, Rodrick
Crawford, Russell J.
Crawford, William
Creswell, Malinda.
Crisip, Eliza
Criswell, Mary
Cross, Ebikadnezer
Cross, Elizabeth
Cross, Enoch B.
Cross, Lydia
Crow, Elizabeth
Crow, William
Crowley, Cynthia
Crowley, Sally
Crowley, Samuel
Crowley, Thomas
Crowley, Thomas
Crowley, Wiley
Crump, William
Curtis, Mrs.
Dagner, Kathanne
Darter, Andrew
Darter, Andrew
Darter, Delila
Darter, Hannah
Darter, Hezikeiah
Darter, Hiram
Darter, Michael Vendrick
Darter, Sally
Davidson, James
Davis, Atlantic
Davis, Benjamine R.
Davis, Cloe
Davis, Elijah
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Ellen
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Mary
Davis, Nathan
Davis, Nathan
Deas, Sally
Deen, William
Denne, Sarah
Denny, Gabriel
Dent, William T. 21
Devault, Sarah
Dickins, Milly A.
Dickson, Levina
Dodd, Jesse
Dodd, Joseph W.
Dodge, Mary
Donathan, John
Donathan, John
Dotson, Dimon
Douthit, William H.
Douty, Reuben
Dowel, Adaline
Dowell, David D.
Dowell, David G.
Dowell, Elizabeth E.
Drewier, Elizabeth
Driscoll, Mary
Druminz, Braxton
Dukes, Clarissa
Dukes, Missouri
Duncan, Preston
Duncan, Rosannah
Dunham, Harrison
Dunkin, Siney
Dunom, Dolly
Dupey, Annis
Dupey, Joseph
Dupuy, David
Dupuy, Marcus C.
Durham, Rebecca
Duty, Francis Jane
Duty, Patsy
Easley, John W.
Eaton, Alexander
Eddy, A.H.
Eddy, Edvin D.
Eddy, Hiram V.
Eddy, Malinda
Eddy, Marietta
Eden, Johnson
Edon, Alexander
Edwards, Nancy
Edy, John
Edy, John
Edy, John
Eldridge, Mariah
Elkin, John B.E.
Elkins, Eleanor
Elliott, Michael
Ely, Rhoda
English, Esther
English, Hetty
English, Lisha
English, Margaret Ann
English, Rhoda
English, Stephen
English, Stephen
Estes, Mary M.
Estes, Sarah
Estes, Susan
Estus, Mary
Estus, Nelly A.
Evans, Dulsena Bondpart
Evans, Stephen B.
Everitt, Isaac B.
Evins, Eliza
Fairchild, James T.
Fallis, Lucinda
Faulkinbury, Rebeca
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Ferguson, Evaline
Ferguson, Napoleon B.
Ficklin, Lusinda E.
Ficklin, Maria
Ficklin, Martha A.
Ficklin, Mary J.
Ficklin, Thomas
Findley, John
Findley, Lucy An
Findly, Thomas
Finley, Harriett Jane
Finley, Joseph
Finley, Margaret M.
Finley, Martha
Finley, Polly
Finley, Sally W.
Flanery, Sarah
Flanery, Thomas J.
Fletcher, Elizabeth
Fletcher, Levi
Fletcher, Nancy
Ford, Drury S.
Ford, Elizabeth L.
Ford, Lucinda Jane
Fore, Wiley
Foreman, Isaac W.
Foreman, John G.
Forester, John
Fortenberry, Absalom
Fortenberry, Elisha
Fortenberry, Hugh
Fortenberry, Jacob
Fortenberry, James
Fortenberry, Joseph
Fortenberry, Malindy
Fortenberry, Matilda
Fortenberry, Sally
Fortenberry, Severe
Fortenberry, Surmanthy
Fortenberry, Taylor
Fortinberry, William
Fortinbury, Oliver R.
Foster, Logan R.
Fowler, Mary
Fox, Cebrina
Frier, Robert
Frier, Stephen E.
Frost, Gabriel
Frost, Mahaly
Fry, Henry
Fry, James
Fryer, Lisha
Furguson, Emily
Gage, Calvin
Galaspuy, Manervia
Gardner, Hannah
Gardner, Luesa H.
Gardner, Norsisa
Gardner, Patsey
Gardner, Temperance
Garner, Elizabeth
Garner, Isaac C.
Garner, Milton
Garrett, Elizabeth Emily
Garrett, Julia Ann
Garrison, Elijah
Gibson, Humphrey
Gibson, Mary
Gibson, Matilda
Gibson, William
Gill, Richard
Gilmore, John
Gimblin, Matilda
Goatcher, Alles C.
Goatcher, Elizabeth
Goatcher, Isaiah
Goatcher, M.M.
Godwin, Wilson
Goin, P.S.
Going, Nancy
Golden, J.P.
Golliher, William
Gooden, Mely
Gordan, Sarah
Gorley, Anna
Gorley, Martin
Gourley, Martha
Gray, Jesse
Gray, Sarah
Gray, William J.
Gregory, Sarah
Grewier?, Lucinda
Grey, Nancy
Grey, Nancy
Grey, Sally
Grinage, Martha
Groce, William T.
Gross, William
Gullick, William
Gullitte, Peggy
Hadlay, Luiza
Hails, Isaiah
Halcomb, Thomas
Halcomb, William R.
Halcombe, Celia
Halcombe, Lucinda
Hale, Myran
Hales, Betsy
Hales, Jesse
Hall, Greenup
Hamby, Melinda
Hammick, William
Hammock, Henry
Hankins, Calvin
Hannah, Nancy
Hannah, Sarah Jane
Hardin, Andrew J.
Hardin, Elizabeth
Hardin, Hope
Hardin, Joseph
Hardin, Joseph D.
Hardin, Larkin H.
Hardin, Mary
Hardin, Sarah Ann
Harlow, Hamilton
Harlow, John
Harris, George D.
Harris, Henry B.
Harris, Jasper
Harris, Jorden B.
Harris, Lamariles
Harris, Preston
Harris, William L.
Harrison, Mary Ann
Head, Kizziah
Heartgraves, Permetia
Hedger, Johanna
Hedger, Sally
Hembree, Abraham
Hembree, Juda L.
Hembrey, Lucinda
Henderson, Francis
Henderson, Mary Jane
Henderson, Mrs.
Hensley, Edith
Hensley, Mary F.
Hensly, Mary Elizabeth
Henson, Thomas D.
Henson, Thomas D.
Henson, William H.
Hill, Daniel S.
Hill, Franky
Hill, Sophia
Hillers, Mary Ann
Hillhouse, Aaron D.
Hillhouse, Atlantic
Hillhouse, Laviry
Hillhouse, Polly
Hilliard, William R.
Hinemond, Charlotte
Hines, David
Hines, Elizabeth
Holland, James
Hollensworth, Jacob
Hollingsworth, Charles D.
Holloway, Christoper Collumbus
Holt, Louiza Jane
Holt, Mary
Houghton, Edmund W.
Houghton, Eliza Jane
Houp, Jane
Houp, Rebeca
Houpe, Elizabeth
Houpt, Miles
House, Henry
House, Joseph
Houston, James
Howard, William A.J.
Howel, Nancy Jane
Howell, Mary Jane
Huber, Joseph A. Dr.
Hucheson, Polly
Huddleston, Benjamin A.
Huddleston, Luke
Huddleston, Martha
Huddleston, Sarah
Hudgins, Sarah
Hudson, Berintha
Hudson, Edward
Hudson, Ezekial
Hudson, Harriett H.
Hudson, Jefferson
Hudson, John R.
Hudson, Madison
Hudson, Nancy
Hudson, Nancy
Hudson, Samuel
Hudson, William J.
Hudspeth, Agga
Hudspeth, Mary
Hulcy, Levicy
Hulsy, Allen
Humpheys, Daniel
Humphreys, James
Humphreys, Polly
Humphreys, Synthy
Humphreys, Thomas
Humphreys, William
Humphries, Elizabeth
Humphries, John
Humphriss, William
Hunter, Daniel D.
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, Sophronia
Imboden, Andrew H.
Imobden, Jane T.
Inge, Mary C.
Ingram, Mary Ann
Isacks, James
Isbell, Henderson
Isbell, Joseph H.
Ivie, Martin
Ivy, Lucretia
Jackson, Alexis
Jackson, Delilah
Jackson, Joanna
Jackson, Lemuel
Jackson, Markas B.
Jackson, Martha
Jackson, Sarah
Jaggers, Millisi
Janes, Elizabeth B.
Janes, Henry
Janes, Irvin
Janes, James
Janes, Mahala
Janes, Manerva
Janes, Mehale
Janes, Samuel
Janes, Sarah
Jarrett, Anthony
Jeffers, Joseph
Jeffers, Leroy
Jeffrey, Eliza
Jeffrey, Jesse B.
Jeffry, James
Jobe, Dorcas
Jobe, Epsy
Jobe, Isaac
Johns, David
Johns, Evan S.
Johns, Jane
Johns, Sarah Ann
Johnson, Avery
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, John
Johnson, Martin
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Miram Elizabeth
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, William
Johnson, William B.
Jones, Abigal
Jones, Martha Jane
Jones, Susan
Jones, Thomas M.
Jones, Wiley
Jordan, James
Jurdan, Delania
Justice, Newton
Justice, Stephen
Justus, John M.
Justus, Nancy Amanda
Keith, Bird
Kellet, Malinda
Kellett, James
Kellett, John
Kellett, John
Kellett, Joseph
Kellett, Joseph
Kellett, Joshua
Kellett, Margarett
Kellett, Polly
Kellett, Rebecca
Kellett, Rebecka
Kellett, William
Kenyon, Henson
Kerr, Amiah
Kester, Arnold
Kester, Dolly
Kester, Elizabeth
Kester, Frederick
Kester, Isaac
Kester, Mary
Kester, Nancy
Kester, Sally
Killbright, John W.
King, Artimecy
King, Bleuford
King, Didama
King, Elizabeth
King, Henry
King, Henry
King, Isaac
King, Isaac Sr..
King, John
King, John H.
King, Luhaney
King, Maseury
King, Sally
King, Sarah
Kirklin, Cinthy
Knighten, Isaac Jackson
Knighten, Wesley
Knighton, Jane
Knighton, William T.
Lacefield, Joseph
Lacewell, Daniel
Lacewell, Nancy
Lail, Catherine
Lail, Elizabeth
Lail, George
Lain, Joseph
Lale, J.W.
Lamb, George
Lamb, Isaac
Lamb, Thomas
Lamew, Amy
Lane, Jesse W.
Lane, Sarah
Lane, Unity
Lankford, Jane
Lanox, Ritha
Laraview, Lewis
Laravue, Neicy
Lasater, Jonathan
Laseter, Louena? J.
Lassater, Nancy R. Miysa
Latham, Jeremiah
Latham, Lusinda
Latta, Eliza
Lawrence, James.
Lawson, Daniel
Lawson, Emery C.
Lechance, Lewis
Ledford, James
Ledford, Thomas
Ledford, William J.
Lewis, George W.
Lewis, Sally
Lindsay, John A.
Lindsey, Caleb
Lindsey, Carlton
Lindsey, Rachel
Lindsey, Sarah
Lingo, Nancy
Lingo, Rebecca
Linley, Samuel
Lively, Anderson
Lloyd, Elizabeth
Lloyd, Polly
Logan, Charles
Logan, Wiley
Long, Franklin
Long, Hardy M.
Long, Solomon S.
Looney, William S.
Looney, William S.
Lott, John
Lott, Roberts
Lowder, Elizabeth
Lowe, David W.
Loyd, James C.
Lutteral, Elizabeth
Lynch, Elizabeth
Lynch, Jesse
Madox, John
Maguire, James A.
Maherge, Albert
Malone, Axum
Malone, Martha H.
Malone, Nathaniel
Mangrum, Charlotte
Mann, Flavia
Mann?, Elizabeth
Mansker, Catharine
Mansker, Margarett
Manson, Lucinda
Manson, William
Markham, Sarah
Marshall, David
Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshall, Laviry
Marshall, William B.
Martin, Ebelina
Martin, Emaly Ann
Martin, Jane s
Martin, John
Martin, Leander P.
Martin, Mandy J.
Martin, Peter
Martin, Samson
Martin, Thomas
Mask, Elizabeth
Mask, Natty
Massengill, Hiram
Massy, Richard,
Mathews, Jane Adaline
Mathews, William J.
Mathis, David
Matthews, Rebeca n
Mattix, Cynthia
Mattix, Elizabeth
Mattix, Margaret Ann
May, Sarah
Mayo, Clarisa
Mayo, Maryann
McAllister, Eliza Ann
McCallister, Ruben
McCarrell, George Washington
McCarroll, George W.
McCarroll, James
McCarroll, James B.
McCarroll, Jane
McCarroll, Maria
McCarroll, Martha
McCarroll, Martha
McCarroll, Mary
McCarroll, Sarah
McCormick, James
McDonald, Elizabeth
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, Julia
McDonald, William
McGee, Martha
McGee, Mary Ann
McGeehey, Eliza Jane
McGehee, Margrett A.
McIlmurray, William
McIlroy, Daniel
McIlroy, Hamet
McKee, Joseph C.
McKenzie, Ambrose T.
McKenzie, John U.
McKenzie, Joseph
McKenzie, Juriah J.
McKerley, T.J.
McKinley, Charles
McKinley, Samuel
McKnight, Cyntha
McKnight, David
McKnight, Hannah L.
McKnight, James
McKnight, Margaret
McKnight, Mary
McMillan, William
McMillean, Mahala
McPike, George W.
McWilliams, Franky
Meaks, Virginia
Mearall, Martha
Meeks, Charles
Meeks, Mary A.
Meritt, Penelope
Merrill, A.J.
Merritt, Cynthia
Merritt, Luena
Michell, Robert L.
Midwell, James
Miller, Delila
Miller, Eliza
Miller, Francis
Miller, Nancy Ann
Miller, Samuel
Miller, William
Milligan, Israel
Milligan, James
Milligan, John
Milligan, John Rev.
Milligan, John
Milligan, Mary Ann
Mills, William
Mitchel, Margarett
Mitchel, Milton H.
Mock, Esther
Mock, Mathias
Mock, Matthias
Mock, Thomas J.
Mocke, Rachel
Molder, Mahalia
Montgomery, Robert
Moody, John A.,
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Marvil K.
Moore, Miram Elizabeth
Moore, Robert J.
Moore, Robert W.
Moore, Robert W.
Moore, William Maj.
Moore, Zachariah G.
Moran, Elender
Moran, Malinda
More, John
Morgan, Allen
Morgan, Allen
Morgan, Hugh
Morgan, Hugh
Morgan, Martha
Morgan, William M.
Morgan, William
Morris, Charlotta
Morris, Hannah
Morris, Huldah
Morris, Madison
Morris, Polly
Morton, Sarah
Moser, Eli
Moser, Samuel
Mosier, Mary V.
Mullin, Thomas
Mullinax, Mary
Mullins, George W.
Mullins, Ichabud
Murphe, Polly
Murray, Mary
Murry, James
Neail, Nancy
Neal, Mary S.
Neal, Sarah
Netherton, Elizabeth
Newland, James
Newman, John K?
Newton, Mahala
Nighten, Ammon
Nighten, Nancy
Nighton, Nancy
Ninson, Arraminta
Noe, L.B.
Noe, Rhoda
Nolan, Alvas
Norris, Jane
Norris, John
Norris, Nicholas
Norris, Phebe
Norris, William
Nucum, Jinny
Nucum, Rosanna
Nunn, Green P.
Oaks, Alfred
Oaks, Alfred
Ogden, Jonathan
Ogdon, A.J.
Ogdon, Johnathan
Ogdon, Stephen
Oldham, Jackson H.
Oldham, Thompson M.
Orphen, Josiah
Osbern, Philip
Osborn, Mary
Osburn, George
Osburn, Katharine
Oxford, Samuel
Pace, Sarah
Palmer, James
Patton, Belt
Payne, Marry
Payton, Craven
Pearce, Betsey
Pearce, Delpha
Pearce, Hannah
Pearce, Rodney
Peed, Abraham
Perkins, Cyntha
Perkins, Delitha
Perkins, Elizabeth
Perkins, Fanny
Perkins, John
Perkins, Lucinda
Perkins, Sally
Perkins, Solomon
Perkins, William
Perry, James
Perry, Sarahann
Perry, Tignell
Perryman, Joel
Person, Susan
Pevehouse, David
Pevehouse, Jacob
Pevehouse, Prudence
Pevehouse, Sarah
Phillips, Elizabeth
Pierce, Hawkins
Pierce, Hawkins
Pierce, Hugh and
Pierce, Levina
Pierce, Malina
Pierce, Melinda
Pierce, Rebecca
Pinckly, Matilda
Poer, Frances
Poer, Rebeca
Poer, Sary Jane
Poer, William G.
Poindexter, Dandridge
Polson, Susannah
Polston, Washington L.
Pool, Rebeca
Poplin, Annanias
Porter, Robert
Prater, Elizabeth
Price?, Rebeca
Pro, Melinda
Pruet, Elizabeth Susannah
Ragsdale, Calvin
Ragsdale, Elizabeth
Ragsdale, Jane
Ragsdale, William
Ragsdill, Ellis S.
Raney, Andrew J.
Raney, Bradford
Raney, Bradford
Raney, Cevillah
Raney, Hester
Raney, Jane
Raney, John
Raney, Lunetta
Raney, Lydia
Raney, Morgan
Raney, Radford
Rasberry, Joseph
Rattliff, Zachariah
Reagan, Matilda
Renfrow, Betsy
Renfrow, Sarah
Revil, Robert M.
Reynolds, Elmira S.
Reynolds, Nancy
Reynolds, Stephen
Rhea, Elizabeth
Richardson, Drewry
Richardson, E.J.
Richardson, Fereby
Richardson, G.W.
Richardson, Luisa
Richardson, Sarah
Richee, David L.
Richee, Joseph E.
Richey, Gideon B.
Rickman, Anna
Rickman, Elisha B.
Rickman, Joseph B.
Riley, Burlington
Riley, Nancy
Ring, Susan
Roaten, Sally
Robbins, Clarissa
Robertson, Moses
Robins, Daniel
Robinson, Samuel
Roby, C.M.
Rodney, Polly
Rodney, Thomas S.
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Emily
Rogers, Lavina
Rogers, Melissa
Rogers, Michael
Rogers, Polly
Rogers, Susan
Rogers, William
Rolen, James
Rose, Elizabeth
Rose, Jackson
Rose, Jane
Rose, Sarah
Ross, Charles
Ross, Charles T.
Ross, Cynthia
Ross, Elizabeth
Ross, Hannah
Ross, Jane
Ross, John
Ross, Mary
Ross, Obadiah
Ross, Obed Nolen
Ross, Sarah
Rozel, Thomas M.
Ruckman, John
Rumley, Susanah S.
Russ, Mary Ann
Russel, Ebalina
Russel, Gilbert
Russel, Isam
Russel, James Goldsby Capt.
Russel, William
Russell, Jane
Russell, Lewis M.
Russell, Surrena
Russell, William
Russle, James
Rutledge, Temple T.
Samuels, Allen
Sanders, Harris M.
Sanders, James D.
Sanders, Loucinda
Sanders, Narcissa
Sanders, Phebe
Sanders, Samuel B.
Sanders, Sarah
Scot, Louisa
Scruggs, Francis
Scruggs, John B.
Scruggs, Sally
Seats, Jarrett
Seats, Susan
Seavers, Eliza
Seavers, Hannah
Sexton, Brazil
Sexton, Brazil
Sexton, Brazil
Sexton, Edith Eveline
Sexton, Eliza Jane
Sexton, Elizabeth
Sexton, Levina
Sexton, Sary
Shackelford, Eliza
Shannon, Mary Ann
Sharp, David
Sharp, Jackson
Sharp, John
Sharp, Levey
Sharp, Rebeca
Sharp, Solomon
Shaver, Elizabeth
Shelby, Caroline
Shelp, Henry W.
Sherrels, Edward
Simons, John
Simons, Susan
Simpson, A.A.
Simpson, Calvin L.
Simpson, Catharine
Simpson, Celeta
Simpson, Cyrene E.
Simpson, Elbert R.
Simpson, Elbert R.
Simpson, Green B.
Simpson, Isaac H.
Simpson, John A.
Simpson, Laney
Simpson, Malachi
Simpson, Maliciah
Simpson, Susannah
Skiver, Elizabeth A.
Sloan, Alexander R.
Sloan, Alfred L.
Sloan, Ann
Sloan, Eliza
Sloan, H.M.
Sloan, Hugh M.
Sloan, Hugh M. Dr.
Sloan, James H.
Sloan, Jane
Sloan, Mary
Slocum, David D.
Smith, Adelaide
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Edith
Smith, Elias B.
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Flora
Smith, Hardy
Smith, Harvy
Smith, Ira J.
Smith, James M.
Smith, James
Smith, Jane
Smith, John B.
Smith, John P.
Smith, Levina W.
Smith, Lucinda
Smith, Martha Ann
Smith, Martha J.
Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Mary M.
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Parnecea Jane
Smith, Peter W.
Smith, Philip
Smith, Robert
Smith, Thomas W.
Smith, Uriah
Smith, William H.
Smith, William H.
Smith, William W.
Smith, Zilpha
Smithee, Elizabeth
Smithee, John
Smithee, Lydia
Smithee, Richard
Smithee, Samuel H.
Smithee, William Green
Snoddy, Sarah
Spears, Dickson
Speers, Sarah
Spikes, Nancy
Spikes, William
Spiller, John B.
Spivy, Elisha
Spots, Henry
Spotts, Jane
Spotts, John
Spotts, Katharine
Spurlock, David
Spurlock, John
Spurlock, Robert
Stagner, William
Stanford, Thomas
Starnes, Elizabeth
Starnes, Evey Ann
Starnes, Francis
Starnes, Henry
Starnes, Joseph
Starnes, Nancy
Starnes, Polly
Starnes, Sally
Starnes, Sally
Starns, Barbery
Starns, Jackson
Starns, Kissiah
Starns, Rhoda
Starns, Rody
Steadman, Elizabeth S.
Steadman, Martha
Stedman, John K.
Stedman, Margaret
Stedman, Mary
Steele, M.D.
Steele, Price C.
Stephens, Eliza W.
Stephens, Sarah
Stephens, Sary Ann
Stevens, Young
Stewart, Peggy
Still, James
Stinnett, Benjamin
Stinnett, Jesse
Stokes, James Lemuel
Stotts, James
Stoud, Margaret
Street, John
Stroud, Bethany
Stroud, Elainder
Stroud, John
Stroud, Susan
Stuart, Betty
Stuart, Camp T.
Stuart, Col.
Stuart, Mary
Stuart, Nancy
Stuart, P.C.
Stuart, Washington
Stuart, William W.
Stubblefield, Brunetty
Stubblefield, Fielding
Stubblefield, Moses
Stubblefield, William
Sutfin, Jacob
Sutfin, Jonathan
Swazee, Johnston
Sweeney, James
Swink, John M.
Taitor, Martha A.C.
Taylor, James
Taylor, John A.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Nancy
Taylor, Wesley
Taylor, William D.
Terman, Louisa
Terpin, James
Terry, William
Tharp, William A.
Thomas, Susannah
Thompson, David
Thompson, Elizabeth Ann
Thompson, James
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Lucinda
Thompson, Luisa
Thompson, Manervy Jane
Thompson, Maria
Thompson, Mary Ann R.
Thompson, Phelix
Thompson, Samuel
Thomson, Faron
Thurman, Charles
Tisdale, Abitha
Titsworth, Sarah E.
Titsworth, William B.
Trachert, Frierich
Trapp, John C.
Trimble, Eliza
Trimble, Milton
Tucker, Artimecia
Tucker, Hester Ann
Tucker, John W.
Tucker, John
Tucker, Martha
Tucker, Mary Jane
Tucker, Nancy
Tucker, Nancy
Tucker, Sarah
Tucker, William
Tucker, Wm. A.
Turmon, Letha
Turpin, Marcus D.
Twiddy, Allen
Tyler, John
Tyler, Levina
Tyler, Margery
Tyler, Meranda
Tyler, Preston
Tyler, Silvia
Tyler, Vicey
Underwood, John
Underwood, Joseph H.
Underwood, Margerett
Underwood, Talimacus
Underwood, Thomas
Upton, Joseph
Vance, Elizabeth Ellen
Vance, Lusinda
Vance, Solomon
VanHorn, Andrew
Vaughan, Robert
Vickers, Mary
Vinson, Sarah
Vinson, William
Vinson, William
Wallis, Jacob
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Henderson Green
Ward, James
Ware, James
Ware, Sariah
Warner, George
Warner, George
Warner, Thomas J.
Wasson, Margaret
Wasson, Thanley
Watson, Arah
Watson, Decater
Watson, Harvy
Wayland, Cicero
Wayland, Elizabeth
Wayland, Elizabeth
Wayland, Francis
Wayland, Henry Jr.
Wayland, James
Wayland, Jarrett
Wayland, Kissiah
Wayland, Malinda
Wayland, Matilda
Wayland, Matilda
Wayland, Nancy
Wayland, Nancy
Wayland, Polly
Wayland, Prudee
Wayland, Sally
Wayland, Sarah Ann
Webb, Jeremiah
Webber, Joseph
Webber, Joseph
Wedin, Rasbery
Weeks, Joseph
Weeks, Mary
Welch, Arther C.
Welch, William
Wells, Annable Luizie
Wells, Charles
Wells, Clarrissa
Wells, Emily
Wells, George
Wells, Henry
Wells, Henry
Wells, Hugh
Wells, Jacob
Wells, Manirva
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mary
Wells, Sarah
Wells, Thomas H.
Wells, Washington
Wells, William
Welsh, Lawrindy
Werr, John
Wesmerland, Nancy
West, G.R.
West, Isabela
West, Jane
West, Jane
West, Perry
West, Wineford
Wetsel, Lewis
Whetstine, David
Whetstone, David Jr.
White, Carline
White, Genetta
White, Henderson Dr.
White, Henry
White, Thomas
Whiticer, Thomas
Whitiker, Talamachus
Whitstine, Christopher
Wilderson, Harriet R.
Wilkerson, A.P.
Wilkinson, Amandy C.
Willaford, Rebeca
Willeford, George W.
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Isaac W.
Williams, James O.
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, Jane
Williams, John
Williams, Lavina
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Thomas
Williams, William
Williford, George
Williford, Telethy
Williford, William
Willmeth, Polly
Willmouth, Jackson
Willson, Eleanor
Willson, John
Willson, Jonathan
Wilmeth, Francis Marion
Wilmoth, John
Wilson, Angaline P.
Wilson, Mary Jane
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Samuel W.
Wincler, Sally
Winders, Mary Ellin
Winkaler, Henry
Winningham, Jesse
Winstead, John S.
Winstead, Sarah J.
Winsted, William
Witsel, Lucinda
Wolf, Mariah M.
Womack, Sally
Wommack, Cicisley
Wood, Francis
Wood, Joannah
Wood, John
Wood, William
Woodrome, Caroline
Woodrome, Edmond Bee
Woodrome, Edney M.
Woodrome, Elias S.
Woodrome, John Rev.
Woodrome, Lucretia
Woodrome, Patsy
Woodrome, Susan
Woods, Green Rev.
Woods, Mary
Woods, Polly
Woods, Sary
Woodward, Joseph C.
Wyatt, Abraham
Wyatt, Abraham
Wyatt, John D.
Wyatt, Lucinda
Yell, Archibald
Young, Cinthy Jane
Young, John
Young, Suza

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