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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Ashley, Bradley, Cleveland, Drew, and Lincoln Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Lincoln County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Lincoln County World War I Soldiers

Adderson, Thomas
Akins, Arthur J.
Alexander, Frank
Alexander, James
Alexander, Will
Allen, Judge
Anderson, Leonard
Anderson, Will
Anderson, William B.
Anderson, William O.
Armstead, Clyde
Armstrong, Alonzo
Arnold, Lawrence Richard
Atkins, Sam
Atkinson, Edwin J.
Avery, Henry G.
Bailey, Arilious
Bailey, Henry Jr.
Bailey, Luther C.
Bailey, Mannie
Bailey, V.O.
Baker, McCloy
Barham, Curtis R.
Barker, Henry
Barnes, Claud
Barnes, Cleveland
Barnett, George
Bass, John P.
Bass, Sam
Beans, Ollie
Beeks, Zack
Beeks, Zeph
Bennett, Earl R.
Bennett, Willie A.
Berry, James
Bivens, Joshua
Black, Charley
Black, Churchie
Blasengame, Obie C.
Bledsoe, Lucilious C.
Blount, Richard A.
Bohanon, Elias Jr.
Bordus, Walter
Boston, Louis
Boyd, Asa
Boyd, James Jr.
Boyd, Jess B.
Boykins, Crist
Bradley, Clifton
Breckman, Ezra
Brewer, Will
Brickley, Sam
Bridges, Alvin C.
Bridges, Rentz
Bridges, William I.
Briggs, Clinton
Brockman, Vester O.
Brown, Dave
Brown, Ebenezer
Brown, Josephus
Brown, Lee Albert
Brown, Ozie W.
Brown, Robert
Burks, Phillip
Burnett, Toney
Burns, Tom
Burr, Carl Thomas
Busby, Johnie
Bush, Robert Lee
Bush, Searl
Campbell, Jim
Carpenter, Robert
Carter, Morris
Cawley, Willie Egker
Chambers, Archie C.
Chambers, Ira Grayson
Chambers, James LeeRoy
Chambliss, Howard B.
Charles, Charlie Jr.
Charles, Ivory
Childs, Fred
Clarke, Joseph M.
Clary, Monroe Madison
Clary, Ralph R.
Cobb, Fred
Cole, Frank
Collier, Lester E.
Collins, Edward R.
Collins, John W.
Collins, Willie
Colvin, Andrew F.
Commings, Tim
Conner, Jake C.
Cook, Luther
Counts, Charlie
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Thomas
Cressell, Henry
Crow, Oscar C.
Crowder, Wonderful
Curry, Eugene L.
Dabney, Lester
Dancer, Isaiah
Daniels, Nathaniel
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Emanuel
Davis, Esau
Davis, Harry
Davis, Thomas
Dean, Edd
Dean, James A.
Degrafton, Columbus
Deloach, James T.
Dennis, Goree
Deweese, Walter L.
Dixson, Joe
Dodds, William
Dodds, William A.
Dove, Elisha
Duff, Wilson
Dunlap, Thomas
Edmonds, George C.
Edwards, Joseph M.
Edwards, Lee
Edwards, Willie
Elliott, Nolan
Ellis, Perry
Erving, Wess
Falley, Willie
Feeny, Fred N.
Fells, Joe N.
Ferguson, Guy J.
Fields, Willie
Fillyaw, James A.
Fintch, Allen
Fish, James F.
Fish, Jason S.
Fish, Roy J.
Flint, Roy Felix
Flowers, ELijah
Flowers, James
Floyd, Allen
Ford, Oren
Frost, John
Fullbright, James N.
Gaden, Gemie
Gardner, Zack
Garner, Clifford S.
Gassoway, John
George, Alex
German, Willie
Gibson, Charlie N.
Gillespie, George
Gilmore, Samuel H.
Gleton, Walter
Glover, Friley S.
Goad, Henry P.
Goree, Louis
Graham, Oscar
Graham, Willie
Gray, Sam
Green, Ed
Green, John H.
Green, Johnie
Green, Julius
Green, Roger T.
Griffin, Money
Griffin, Rudolph
Griggsby, Eliga
Grigsby, Willie
Hagood, Forrest W.
Hagwood, Garvin
Hale, Earnest
Hall, Clifton
Hall, William
Hamilton, Thomas
Handley, Cornelius R.
Handley, Leonard B.
Handley, William H.
Handy, Ed
Hankins, Jim
Harbison, John D.
Harden, Solomon
Hardin, Harrison B.
Hardin, Joseph Carrol
Hardman, Fisher
Harold, Monroe
Harper, Earl
Harper, Hunter
Harris, Charles B.
Harris, Guy
Harris, Thomas
Harrison, William
Hatten, Will
Hawkins, Harris
Hawl, Henry
Hawley, Newton S.
Haynes, Tommie
Hays, Chester L.
Head, Luther
Heflin, Charles H.
Heflin, Jesse R.
Hegwood, Marvin
Hellums, Steve
Hill, Cicro
Hill, Early
Hill, Eual G.
Hill, George
Hill, Peter
Hill, Sylvester
Hill, Verdia L.
Hines, Robert
Hobbs, Gloster
Hoke, Calvin
Hoke, James
Hokes, Walter
Hollis, Walter
Holmes, Frederick
Holmes, John
Hoover, Bert
Hoover, Douglas W.
Hoover, Lovis M.
Hopson, Charley W.
Houston, Willie
Howard, Robert
Hubbard, Clariford
Hudson, Willie
Hudspeth, Fred
Huff, George
Hunt, James
Hunter, Phil
Irving, Paul L.
Irving, Richard
Jackson, ELijah
Jackson, Harvey
Jackson, James
Jackson, John
Jacobs, William
Jamerson, Eliga
James, Chester A.
Jefferson, Horace
Jennings, Eddie
Johns, Mart
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Essix
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Gus
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, King
Johnson, Levi
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, William
Jones, Archie
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Charlie
Jones, Frank
Jones, Harrison
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, Joe
Jones, Johnie
Jones, Richard
Jones, Tom
Jordan, Earnest
Keble, Will
Keith, Leonard
Kemp, Sam
Kenedy, Edward
Kennedy, Laborn A.D.
Kersh, John William
Kimbrough, Esau R.
Kimbrough, Sydney Jr.
King, George
Knight, Charley
Ladd, Allen
Ladd, Walter E.
Lawson, Ellis
Lee, Clyde
Lee, Isaac
Lee, James H.
Lemmitt, Joe
Leonard, Elmer Taylor
Leonard, Joe B.
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, Jessie
Liggin, Abe
Livingston, Charley
Livingston, Dorsey
Lockhart, Ira G.
Long, Will
Louis, Albert
Love, Clem
Lyas, Alfred
Maddox, Benjamin Franklin
Maddox, Richard
Mage, David W.
Mallett, Turner
Malson, Cornelius R.
Mangrum, Ulysis
Manuel, Willie L. Jr.
Marshall, Louis
Martin, Robert
Mason, Joe
Mathews, Frenchy
Mathews, Simon
Matthews, Joe H.
Matthews, Victor W.
Mays, Elmo
Mays, Willie P.
McAninch, Jesse M.
McBride, Arnett
McBride, Clifton
McBride, Grover Cleave
McClain, Samuel S.
McClendon, Izar
McEntire, Thomas R.
McFalls, Clarence Andrew
McGee, Ira
McGeehee, Johnie
McGhee, Joseph
McGill, Charley
McGill, Maderson
McGregor, William C.
McGriff, Earnest D.
McIntire, William
McIntyre, Daniel W.
McLamore, Willie R.
McNeal, Howard
McPherson, Charles Henry
Mead, Calvin E.
Mead, Henry G.
Middleton, Frank
Milhollen, DeWitt T.
Miller, Calvin A.
Miller, Closs
Miller, Elmer
Miller, Horace G.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Opie Lee
Milton, Luther
Milton, Ras
Minor, Oscar
Minter, Lee
Mitchell, Allen
Mitchell, Hayne Nathan
Mitchell, Joe N.
Mitchell, Watt
Mixson, Amos J.
Moore, A.M.
Moore, Am
Moore, Byron L.
Moore, Dink
Moore, Garland
Moore, George
Moore, Napoleon
Moore, Peter
Moore, William H.
Moorehead, Walter
Morrison, Chester W.
Morrison, Levie A.
Morrison, Thomas Jefferson
Mosley, Preston
Mosley, Reuben
Motley, James Jr.
Mott, James
Murray, Marcus
Murray, Smith E.
Murrey, Roy W.
Myers, Oliver F.
Nash, Solomon
Newton, Morris
Newton, Roy A.
Norah, Willie
Norful, Albert
Nowden, Jimmie
Nowden, Robert
Nowden, Willie
Nuckols, Lafayette
O'Neal, Verlie
Ollar, Ernest C.
Ollison, Albert
Owen, Carl B.
Owen, Clarence R.
Owen, Elzie E.
Paschal, Edward N.
Paterson, Peter
Patterson, Edward
Patterson, Saul
Payton, Leon
Peer, James E.
Peoples, James
Perry, Elisha
Perry, Napolian
Peterson, James
Phelps, Early
Phelps, Hurley
Phillip, Will
Pierson, Albert Jr.
Piggee, Dennis
Pighee, Earlis
Platt, Sam
Porter, George
Potts, Wiley
Pounders, Jeff Mead
Pounders, Will P.
Pugh, McKinley
Quarrels, Cornelius
Quinn, James H.
Rainey, Cornelius Jr.
Ramsey, Alvis V.
Ramsey, Columbus J.
Randolph, Eustace H.
Randolph, Eustace H.
Raney, William N.
Redmond, Will
Rhoades, Jessie Arther
Rhone, Luther
Richardson, Ferdie
Richardson, Willie
Richmond, Cornelius
Rimes, Joseph
Roberson, Ed
Roberson, Ed (or Robinson)
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Jewel
Roberts, Joe
Roberts, John David
Roberts, Ray W.
Robertson, Euell C.
Robinson, George
Robinson, John D.
Rogers, Dan
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, John Ira
Ross, Ira
Ross, Jerry
Ross, John
Ross, Willie
Saint, Major D.
Scifres, Thomas W.
Scott, Willie
Scott, Willie
Sewins, Henry
Sewins, Willie
Shannon, Chester
Sharp, Arthur
Sharp, Walter
Shaver, Jacob
Shavers, Henry
Shavers, Sam
Shavers, Walter
Shaw, Elmer
Sheppard, Jack
Shields, Granville
Silver, Charley
Simpson, Guy
Simpson, Thad A.
Sims, Clifton
Sims, Jessie
Sims, Willie
Smith, Daul
Smith, Earnest
Smith, Edward R.
Smith, Henry Watterson
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith, Nelson
Smith, Sam Otis
Smith, Thomas W.
Smith, Willie
Sneed, John
Spencer, Ezekiel
Spencer, Sylvester
Spivey, Harvey
Spivey, John
Stalnaker, Cardinal C.
Stewart, Earle L.
Stewart, William
Stoves, John
Strowder, Jessie
Suggs, Willie
Sullivan, Lawrence F.
Tatum, Hunter
Tatum, Luther D.
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, George
Taylor, Jake
Taylor, Porter
Taylor, Vince
Taylor, Wesley
Terrell, Arthur
Terrell, Floyd
Thiolliere, Anthony Claudius
Thomas, Charley
Thomas, Eddie
Thomas, Ilishan
Thomas, James
Thomas, Luther
Thomas, Price
Thomas, Theola
Thompson, Willie
Tiner, Sidney A.
Tolbert, William A.
Toles, Ruben
Torian, Quince
Trotter, Edie
Trotter, Will
Tucker, J.D.
Turner, James W.
Vernon, James L.
Vick, Adell L.
Vick, Bester R.
Vick, Earl W.
Vick, Garland R.
Wade, Walter
Walls, Porter
Walters, Eddie
Walton, Willman E.
Ware, Nolan
Washington, Charles
Washington, Columbus
Washington, Gilbert
Washington, Joe
Washington, Ross
Waters, James
Waters, Tomey
Watson, Cecil
Watson, Jeff
Watts, Olden
Weatherford, Horace W.
Webb, Clarence
Webb, Matt
Webster, Arch
Webster, Herman
Weeks, Robert G.
Weeks, Tom
Weiner, Luther
Wells, Boston
Wells, Clarence
West, James A.
West, Robert
Whisenhunt, Arthur C.
Whisenhunt, John
White, Eddie Ben
White, Jessie
White, William
White, Willie
Whitener, Bert M.
Whitener, Troy L.
Wightman, Earlie
Wilder, Joe
Wilkerson, Alfred J.
Wilkerson, Jeff D.
Willey, John Kimbrough
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Bill
Williams, Frank
Williams, George
Williams, Henry
Williams, Isiah
Williams, Joe
Williams, Joe
Williams, John
Williams, Preston
Williams, Talmage
Williamson, William W.
Willis, Henry
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Arthur J.
Wilson, Frank
Wilson, John Samuel
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Willie C.
Wimberley, Dan
Wise, Alfred
Wise, Tuck
Woolridge, Clifton
Wright, Willie
Wynne, George
Wynne, Jake Jr.
Wynne, Seth
York, Beauford
York, James
Young, Edenburgh
Young, Lloyd
Young, Ray C.
Yount, Russell Lee
Zachary, John Jr.
Zangerl, Francis A.

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