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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Lonoke and Prairie Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Lonoke County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Lonoke County World War I Soldiers

Aaron, James N.
Abbott, Booker
Abraham, Lloyd
Adams, Ben
Adams, Bennie D.
Adams, Ellis H.
Adams, George F.
Adams, John Errol
Adams, Lewis H.
Adams, William Ernest
Alberson, James C.
Albert, Ollie
Aldridge, john
Allen, Adlis
Allen, Estes
Allen, James
Allen, Len Cephus
Allen, Linward
Allgood, Johnie
Allison, Charlie O.
Allison, Hudson J.
Allison, James B.
Allison, Thomas J.
Allison, William
Anderson, Claud
Anderson, Herbert
Anderson, Hubert H.
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, Oliver Dee
Anderson, Oscar Russel
Anderson, Roy
Anderson, Will
Apple, Harry Strange
Apple, Rupert G.
Apple, Sam Price (Samuel P. on enlisted card)
Appleton, Claude H.
Applewhite, Clarence
Applewhite, Clyde
Archer, Franklin
Armstrong, Samuel E.
Arnold, Clarence L.
Arnold, Earnest
Arnold, Isiah
Atteberry, James
Austin, Carleton B.
Austin, Will A.
Ayers, Belton L.
Bailey, Collie
Bailey, Freeze
Baker, Amasa
Baker, Gabriel
Baker, Sammy
Balding, Chester A.
Baldwin, Zollie
Ball, William Robert
Ballard, Bishop
Ballard, Isiah
Ballard, Jessie
Ballew, Walter A.
Banks, William
Barentine, James W.
Barger, Harry
Barnes, Thomas T.
Barr, Paul P.
Bass, Giels W.
Battles, Joe
Baxter, James
Baxter, Verser C.
Bayne, Fred D.
Beal, Enoch
Beard, Daniel
Beard, Forrest B.
Bedford, Charlie
Behrman, Mayes
Bell, Charley
Bell, Elijah
Bell, Robert H.
Bell, Walter
Bellamy, Marshall H.
Bennett, Forest H.
Bennett, John B.
Bentley, Thomas A.
Benton, Carl M.
Benton, Henry Vaughon Jr.
Benton, Herbert E.
Berry, George M.
Berry, Rufus
Berryman, Arthur
Bevers, John
Bevers, Lee Ander
Birton, Fate
Blackard, James W.
Blackard, William
Blackwood, C.W.
Blackwood, Clarence M.
Bland, Eldredge
Bland, Johnnie
Bland, Marshall
Bland, Robert
Blankinship, Dee O.
Blevins, Ben
Blevins, Pete
Blue, Shelby B.
Bobo, Fred
Bodie, Davis P.
Bodie, James L.
Bodie, Woodruff W.
Bogard, Homer H.
Bogard, Leonard L.
Bolden, Harrison
Bolden, Will
Bond, Joe O.
Bonney, Benjamin L.
Booe, Thomas J.
Booe, Will
Boone, Lem W.
Boone, William B.
Borentine, James W.
Bostic, Jesse T.
Bowers, Ed
Bowls, David
Bowman, Ike
Bowman, James H.
Boyd, Doyne
Boyd, Forest L.
Boyd, James P.
Boyd, Louis
Boyette, Carl L.
Bradford, Hollis
Bradford, Roark W.
Bradley, Chester A.
Bradley, Robert
Bradshaw, Harry Beauford
Bradshaw, Vernon
Brady, Nathan
Bramhall, Percy W.
Bransford, William H.
Brashears, Jesse
Brawley, Walter M.
Brazzel, Richard A.L.
Brewer, William Montrenal
Brewster, Columbus
Bricker, Troy
Bridges, Allie Rich
Brock, William
Brooker, Willie
Brooks, Arthur
Brooks, Joseph A.
Brooks, Willie
Brown, Dave
Brown, Fred
Brown, Glover
Brown, Johnie
Brown, Levi
Brown, Ozie
Brown, Silas
Brown, Steve H.
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William Washington
Bruster, Sam
Bruton, Jessie L.
Bryant, Roy
Buechley, Edward Dewey
Buffalo, Larry Lee
Burks, Steve
Burks, Tee
Burlison, Edward A.
Burlison, Harvey Lee
Burnett, Fred Audrey
Burns, Kay W.
Burns, Walter E.
Burress, Howard
Burton, Jasper James
Burton, Robert
Burton, Will
Butler, William
Buzbee, Marion F.
Byers, George
Byrd, Man
Caldwell, Joe M.
Caldwell, John B.
Caldwell, Samuel
Calvert, Rufus E.
Calvin, Emanuel
Campbell, Crockett
Campbell, Homer D.
Campbell, Levie
Campbell, Vernon
Canady, Will
Cannady, John W.
Caple, Jay H.
Caple, William F.
Caritt, Willie A.
Carr, Jim
Carrington, John F.
Carroll, John M.
Carson, George S.
Carter, Rufus C.
Cartor, Thomas
Cathey, Samuel E.
Cazer, George W.
Cazer, Samuel E.
Chambers, Edward Blane
Chambers, James E.
Chambers, William L.
Chaney, Willis Y.
Chapline, Jake B.
Cherry, George E.
Childes, Robert M.
Childs, Harrison
Chism, Bolden
Chism, George
Chism, Henry
Chukes, Walter
Church, Charles H.
Claiborne, Simmie D.
Clark, Columbus
Clark, George
Clark, William A.
Clement, Johnnie William
Clemmons, Fred H.
Clinger, Jesse
Clintin, Throne
Clinton, Marion
Cobb, Exum V.
Coburn, Charles S.
Coffey, Abraham
Coffey, Harry Nive
Coker, Sam
Colclasure, Heber Aolphie
Cole, Clyde
Coleman, Horace A.
Coleman, Jesse H.
Coleman, Rufus
Collier, Leon
Collier, Robert M.
Compton, Arthur
Conway, Henry
Cook, Hemphill Tedford
Cook, Linwood E.
Cooley, Clarence Otis
Cooper, Berry M.
Cooper, Glenn
Cope, George M.
Corbitt, William G.
Cordell, Louis A.
Corn, Forrest A. Jr.
Corpier, Henry L.
Corrigan, Robert M.
Cosby, William M.
Couch, Wylie Park
Coulson, Charlie
Coulson, Clay Henry
Coulson, Henry C.
Cox, Alfred L.
Cox, Fred
Cox, Henerey E.
Cox, Minos L.F.
Craddock, James Leonard
Crawford, Floyd
Crone, George C.
Crowder, Albert E.
Crudup, Samie
Crump, Calvin
Crumpton, John H.
Crymes, James T.
Cunningham, Geoffrey E.
Currey, Oners E.
Curton, Willie L.
Daniel, Calvin
Darden, Ben J.
Dardenne, Edward L.
Dardenne, William Paul
Daugherty, John Edward
Davenport, Mily A.
David, Oscar T.
Davis, Charles L.
Davis, Harvey
Davis, Hermon
Davis, Maines
Davis, Robert
Days, Bill
Degraphenreed, Sam
Delancy, Fred
Deloney, Marshall
Dennis, Dave
Dennis, Jaco
Derden, Jesse Homer
Derden, Robert Fulton
Dickerson, Rubel Alvin
Dixon, Henry
Dixon, Jordan
Dobbs, Cleo L.
Dodd, Earnest E.
Dodd, Frank
Dodson, Joe E.
Donalson, James
Donaly, Fred
Doran, Oscar V.
Dowdle, Robert
Drickill, Frank J.
Duckery, Mose
Duke, Claude Lavert
Dukes, Henry
Dukes, Sam
Duncan, Noah
Duncan, Walter B.
Dunn, Arther
Dunn, Henry
Dunn, James
Durham, Stanley S.
Eads, Charley L.
Eagle, Dan T.
Eagle, Dave B.
Eagle, David F.
Eagle, David H.
Eagle, Eugene C.
Eagle, James N.
Eagle, John A.
Eagle, Thomas F.
Easley, Arious
Eason, Iziah
Eason, William Thomas
Edwards, John
Elder, John O.
Eldridge, Nathaniel
Ellis, Walter
Elmore, Bazle
Emerson, Charles L.
Evans, Charlie
Evans, David
Evans, James W.
Evans, Walter L.
Evatt, Carl E.
Evins, Claud
Fair, Ruff
Fason, Walter
Faulkner, James A.
Fausett, Carey
Faver, Marcus Columbus
Fawcett, Oscar
Felton, Elonzo
Felton, William A.
Ferguson, Walter
Ferguson, William
Fewell, Charlie E.
Fields, Charley M.
Fields, Robert Henry
Fields, Willie
Files, Herbert C.
Finch, Al Roscoe
Finch, Albert
Fisher, Jeff
Fisher, Robt.
Fitch, Harold A.
Fitch, Walter
Fitsch, Earl Young
Fleming, Andrew
Fletcher, Burrell A.
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, John P.
Fletcher, Neill
Fletcher, Will
Folks, James H.
Foots, Larence
Forbess, Charlie
Ford, Alfred
Ford, Richard
Forsyth, Oscar W.
Fort, Claude
Fort, Thoumas L. [sic]
Foster, John
Franks, Ira R.
French, Walter L.
Frizzell, Luther B.
Frost, Andrew H.
Galburth, Joe
Gamble, Aaron
Gamewell, John W.
Gardner, Fred
Garner, David B.
Garner, George W.
Gaston, Wash
Gateley, James R.
Gayhart, Cyrus
Geater, Richard
Genter, Florian J.
Genter, Oscar
Gentry, Sam
Geter, Willie
Gholson, Samuel B.
Giles, William
Gill, James H.
Gill, Willis E.
Gilliam, Dave
Gilliam, George T.
Gingles, Henry J.
Gladney, Archie L.
Glasscock, Richard Emory
Glover, Bernard E.
Glover, Frank
Glover, Guy L.
Glover, James
Glover, James Edmond
Glover, Jessie Floyd
Glover, Luke
Glover, Sam L.
Goacher, Elmer J.
Goforth, Leroy
Goin, Robert C.
Gomillion, Sam
Gonner, Bailey
Goode, George Edward
Goodnight, Lonnie
Goodnight, Lonnie
Goodrum, Avon R.
Goodrum, John C.
Goodrum, Thomas B.
Goodrum, Thomas T.
Goodwin, James I.
Goosby, Dave
Goosby, Eugene
Goosby, George Washington
Gould, John
Grady, Therlough R.
Graves, Earley A.
Gray, Bruce E.
Gray, Green
Gray, Harry
Gray, Joseph
Gray, Judge
Gray, Louis
Gray, Olin O.
Gray, Tom
Green, Joe
Green, Louis
Green, Neal
Green, Walter
Greene, John A.
Greenwall, Robert C.
Greer, Andrew
Griffin, Clifford R.
Griffin, Lenzie
Griffin, Ray E.
Griffin, Rufus
Griffith, Earl H.
Grote, William H.
Grubb, George W.
Gubelman, Louis
Guess, Andrew W.
Gullick, Edward
Gunn, Henry
Gunter, James L. [or Gunser?]
Gunter, Varna Paul
Hackney, Bruce Edward
Hackney, Roy OShield
Hagaman, Edgar
Hagans, Ed
Hale, Alvin Elmer
Hall, Dudley L.
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Roscoe D.
Hall, Troy S.
Hallum, Bransford
Hamberg, Alph
Hamberg, Edwin Spottswood
Hamilton, Fred
Hammonds, Fred E.
Hampton, Harrison
Hankins, Harlin Franklin
Hanna, Francis J.
Hardin, Rube C.
Hardin, William M.
Harkins, Jim D.
Harper, Elder
Harrell, Tallie Robert
Harriell, Thomas Loyd
Harris, Earl
Harris, Ernest
Harris, Felix
Harris, Frank
Harris, Will
Harris, William Henry
Harrison, Benjamin L.
Harrison, Harry J.
Hartley, Emmette M.
Harvell, Carl W.
Harvey, Roy C.
Haskins, Bill
Haynes, Nathaniel
Haynie, William Penn
Hays, Jesse C.
Hays, Wyley Parks
Hazlewood, George Thomias [sic]
Heard, Jesse
Heffner, Earl
Heffner, Johnie
Heffner, Ralph W.
Hemphill, Joseph
Henry, Charles
Henry, Willie R.
Hensley, David Wesley
Henson, Luther
Herndon, Jeff M.
Herrin, Elcia S.
Herron, Albert S.
Herron, James T.
Hester, Allen
Hester, Orrie L.
Hickey, Henry
Hickey, Will
Higginbotham, Kemp H.
Higgins, Will
High, Ray
Highfill, Thurlow M.
Higman, John R.
Hill, Charles
Hill, George
Hill, James
Hill, Odis
Hill, Raymond
Hill, William Jr.
Hilton, Rochal Frank
Hines, Pesion
Hoard, Robert
Hodges, Grover Cleveland
Hoesch, Charles August
Hoggard, Joe W.
Holden, Barney E.
Holden, Joseph W.
Hollenbeck, John L.
Hollingshead, Frank A.
Holloway, Fred E.
Holloway, Henry
Holmes, Linley Morell
Holt, Andrew P.
Holt, Emmet L.
Holt, James A.
Honea, Ben W.
Hood, Walter J.
Horn, John Henry
Houser, John F.
Houston, Alvin
Howard, Victor M.
Howard, William D.
Howell, Alfred J.
Howell, Barney J.
Howell, George D.
Howell, Roy C.
Hudgens, John Calhoun
Hudson, Herschel Lilburn
Hudson, Jessie Sullivan
Hudson, Orion L.
Hudson, Richard E.
Huggins, Ernest B.
Huggins, Thomas W.
Hughes, Bedy Monroe
Hughes, Henry
Hull, Oscar Waverly
Humphrey, Charlie
Hunter, James
Huntington, George
Ingle, William A.
Ingram, William A.
Irby, Ira T.
Irvin, Edward L.
Isbell, Benjiman F.
Isbell, Ed
Ivy, Jake
Ivy, John J.
Ivy, Morris T.
Jackson, Elmer L.
Jackson, Marion L.
Jackson, Natal
Jackson, Thomas Allen
Jackson, Walter
James, Lilburn F.
James, Tom
Jarman, Thomas J.
Jarvis, Thomas J.
Jenkins, Frank
Jenkins, Walter
Jennigan, Graham
Jennings, Charley
Jennings, Paul R.
Jessup, Edhert
Jimison, Henry R.
Johnson, Charley
Johnson, Columbus
Johnson, Ed
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Jerry
Johnson, Jessie
Johnson, Mathew
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, William Elijah
Johnson, William P.
Johnson, William Theadore
Johnson, Willie
Johnston, Thomas William
Jones, Arthur R.
Jones, Asa
Jones, Carter I.
Jones, Chester
Jones, Clarence Estes
Jones, Clyde C.
Jones, Elven F.
Jones, Eugene Lawrence
Jones, Irvin W.
Jones, James F.
Jones, Joe B.
Jones, Lemuel Calvin
Jones, Otis G.
Jones, Van A.
Jordan, Kinley
Jordon, Joseph
Kearse, Henry
Keeny, Charley
Keeny, John
Kelly, Roy B.
Kendall, Johnnie
Kendall, Louis F.
Keopple, George Phillip
Kincheloe, Rogers G.
King, Charles F.
King, Georg
King, Irvy R.
King, Will
Kirk, John T.
Kirk, Tommie
Kittler, Albert Henry
Knier, Charles E.
Knox, Jack Barnwell
Koonce, Ralph W.
Lamar, Eugene
Lancaster, Bryon B.
Landrum, Robert C.
Lankford, Charles O.
Lassiter, George C.
Laster, James A.
Lawrence, Levi I.
Lawrence, Louis
Lawrence, Samuel L.
Lawson, Arthur
LeMay, Henry Leondus
Leach, Connie
Leach, James
Lee, Bryan
Lee, James
Lee, Johnnie
Leker, Cecil W.
Lemay, Samuel B.
Lenon, Ed Lee
Lessee, Little Jim
Leverett, Clarence
Lewis, Chester
Lewis, Jackson
Lewis, Theodore
Lexing, Tomie
Lilly, Clarence
Lilly, Keller L.
Lilly, Robert R.
Linder, Louis
Linderman, William W.
Lipe, Julius J.
Little, John
Litton, Clarence J.
Logan, Elzie
Lott, Earl L.
Lowman, Jake W.
Lucas, Jack
Lucas, Jack
Luckey, Nathan
Ludi, Henry
Lynch, Henry
Lyons, Will
Mack, Jim
Maddry, William T.
Mahomes, Wesley
Mahone, Robert
Mallard, John D.
Mallory, Hilliard A.
Mann, William H.
Manson, Allen T.
Manuel, Sylvester
Maragne, William T.
Marble, Marcus Marion
Marish, Elijah
Marks, Charlie
Marlow, Andrew
Marshall, David H.
Marshall, James R.
Marshall, William Edgar
Martin, Elmer W.
Martin, John K.
Martin, John M.
Martin, Leroy E.
Martin, Ray Archie
Martin, Smith
Martin, Sterling
Martin, Willie K.
Mashburn, John D.
Mask, Arthur W.
Massey, Burette R.
Masters, Eldon T.
May, Alvin
May, Leo Goldsmith
Mayon, Joe
Mays, Ezra
McAllister, James L.
McClendon, Junius
McConnell, Fred
McCoy, Lawyer
McCrary, Preston H.
McCulley, Elbert
McCullough, Robert L.
McDaniel, Len
McDaniel, Thomas L.
McGarity, Tom
McGhee, Loyd H.
McKeever, James
McKinney, Tommy
McKinzie, Arthur
McKnight, Warren W.
McLain, Evans
McLaughlin, Will
McLaughlin, William Heber
McMaree, Harlin
McMillan, John Dock
McMillan, Samuel J.
McMo, John H.
McNeal, George
McNeill, Lee Roy
McNew, Houston
McQueen, David
McQueen, James
McQueen, John E.
McQueen, Ovid
Medendorp, John Robert
Meeks, Joseph M.
Melton, Joseph Philip
Melton, Paschal B.
Merrell, James L.
Merrell, Robert Hardy
Merrill, Earl
Metcalf, Earney
Metcalf, Joseph
Metcalf, Sandy
Metcalf, Verdo
Mickels, Callie
Miller, Charley
Miller, Henry Grady
Miller, Lloyd C.
Miller, Odom J.
Miller, Percy C.
Miller, Will
Mills, Neather
Mondy, Sam K.
Monk, Harry Jr.
Monk, James A.
Monk, Olin C.
Monk, Thomas B.
Montgomery, Russell D.
Moore, Charles Collins
Moore, Kalop
Moore, Robert
Moore, Rufus
Moragne, Oscar E.
Morgan, James I.
Morgan, John A.
Morgan, Otis G.
Morris, Benton Burns
Morris, Burt
Morris, Carrol
Morris, George E.
Morris, Ruben
Morrison, Henry
Mozingo, Williams Sam
Mullin, Charley
Munnerlyn, Jay B.
Murphy, Simon
Murphy, Will
Murphy, Willie
Myers, Robert Carney
Nailling, Wilford R.
Nellums, Lee
Nelson, Edward
Nelson, Joe
Newley, Henry
Newport, Guy M.
Newton, Robert M.
Nichols, Ad
Nichols, Jim
Nichols, Silkirtis
Nix, Birtha
Noble, John H.
Noland, John H.
Odom, Richard
Oldham, William K. Jr.
Oliver, Harry
Oliver, Homer W.
Oliver, James
Oliver, John M.
Oliver, Varnon Young
Osler, Franklin
Owens, Walter Thaddeus
Pace, Harvey A.
Pace, Harvey A.
Page, Henry
Paradise, Hartwill
Park, Paschal Josephus
Parker, David Andrew
Parker, Ira
Parker, Leroy H.
Parkin, Raymond
Parkin, Silas Noah Agnew
Parks, Claude
Parks, Robert L.
Parsley, Adrian D.
Patridge, Jesse J.
Patridge, Jesse James
Patterson, Dave
Patterson, Pilot
Patterson, Thomas Lee
Pendergrass, BUrryl
Perkins, Harry L.
Perkins, John H.
Perry, Joseph M.
Perry, Walter Edward S.
Person, James
Peterson, Charlie A.
Pettus, Cleveland
Petty, Pat
Phillips, Ernest F.
Phillips, Mathew C.
Phillips, Otha F.
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, Willie
Pickard, Rupert H.
Pickens, Clyde
Pinson, Loyd Jessie
Pitcher, Dewey J.
Platt, Thomas H.
Poe, Clarence
Pope, Ira A.
Porter, Albert
Porter, Ed
Porter, Tom
Poston, Leon C.
Poteet, James Arthur
Powell, William
Powell, Willie
Presley, Clement Bertram
Price, Arthur
Price, Johnie
Priest, Authur
Priest, Emmett B.
Priest, Norman S.?
Pruett, Alonzo Aron
Purdue, Elvis A.
Puryear, John W. Jr.
Putt, James G.
Pyles, Linda M.
Quiter, Izear
Ragland, Chester R.
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Lewis M.
Rand, Monie D.
Raper, Homer
Rawls, Sam
Ray, George
Redding, Riley
Reed, Floyd
Reed, J. Walter
Reed, James D.
Reed, William T.
Reeves, Clarence W.
Reveley, Carney
Reynolds, Will
Rice, Louis E.
Richards, Harvie J.
Richmond, Alford R.
Riggins, Sam
Riggins, Watson
Ringgold, Bruce C.
Ringgold, Grover Cleveland
Robbins, Raymond R.
Robbins, Raymond R.
Robinson, Charles W.
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Dee
Robinson, James C.
Robinson, Joe Dexter
Robinson, Lucius
Robinson, Nelson
Rockamore, George B.
Rodgers, Leo G.
Rone, Jesse
Roper, Daniel
Ross, Eugene E.
Ross, Larken L.
Ross, Victor L.
Rouse, Jefferson
Rowe, Joseph A.
Russ, Howard
Russell, Albert
Russom, Robt. Lee
Rutherford, Birk
Sampson, Luther
Sampson, Willie
Samuel, John Elmer
Sanders, Albert L.
Sanders, Ben
Sanders, Jim
Sanders, John H.
Savells, William B.
Schenks, Herbert H.
Schneider, Theodore
Scott, Ebert Leonard
Scott, Ernest H.
Scott, Isaac
Scott, John
Scott, John L.
Scott, Robert B.
Scott, Thomas Edwin
Screeton, Durward
Scribner, Henry
Scribner, Jessie C.
Scroggins, Don Hardin
Scruggs, Thomas Cobb
Sears, Menson
Seaton, Arthur
Self, Quintes
Self, Robert M.
Sells, Amos
Sevier, Leolas
Sexton, Sam Theolage
Sexton, Walls J.
Sharits, Guy D.
Sharp, Asa L.
Sharp, Thomas H.
Shavers, Hosea
Sheets, Ralph W.
Sheppard, Richard
Shifflett, John C.
Shifflett, Joseph J.
Shipley, Chester
Shipp, George Webber
Shirrell, James
Shuler, Clem
Shurley, Jesse M.
Simmons, Estes E.
Simms, James
Simpson, Dolphus
Sims, Charlie
Sims, Dennis
Sims, Harrison
Sims, Nathaniel
Sims, Nathaniel
Smith, Allen
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Burrell R.
Smith, Burrell R.
Smith, Earl S.
Smith, Ed L.
Smith, Eliga
Smith, Emmett Augustus
Smith, Frank
Smith, Harvey H.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jesse L.
Smith, John F.
Smith, Oscar Elwin
Smith, Ross J.
Smith, Sam L.
Smith, Wheeler
Smith, William Alonzo
Smith, William L.
Smith, Willie
Snead, John A.
Snowden, Luther A.
Sowell, Carl
Sowell, Edward
Spann, Monroe
Sparkman, Ike
Spates, Earl
Speck, Bryan William
Spencer, John
Spencer, William
Stacks, Elijah N.
Staggs, Roy L.
Stamps, John H.
Standard, Sam
Stanton, Samuel
Stauber, Melvin Arthur
Stephenson, James
Stewart, Fred
Stewart, Henry M.
Stofle, Frank Calvin
Stout, Isiah
Stratton, Clyde
Street, Thomas N.
Strickland, Luther
Strother, Jacob C.
Stuart, Joe
Stubbs, Beebe
Sturgeon, Lawrence
Sullivan, Dewey M.
Summerhill, Tomps A.
Surrett, John M.
Suttle, William T. Jr.
Swaim, Luther
Swaim, Thomas S.
Swaim, William P.
Swicegood, William F.
Swinks, Charley
Tackitt, Andrew B.
Tackitt, George Wesley
Talbert, Clifford Rosco
Talbert, Emmett H.
Talley, Reginald W.
Tavern, Robert
Taylor, Arthur
Taylor, Earl
Taylor, Jesse H.
Taylor, John L.
Teague, Leonard Green
Tedford, Leroy Carson
Temple, William Ben
Thomas, Andrew
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Jim Monroe
Thomas, John
Thomas, John F.
Thomas, Marshall
Thomas, Robert L.
Thomas, Willie
Thompson, Albert
Thompson, James C.
Thompson, John T.
Thompson, Larkin
Thompson, Louis
Thompson, Mack
Thompson, William Monroe
Thompson, Wilson L.
Throw, Charles
Tilghman, Earl Morris
Tillman, Gus
Tillman, Oscar
Tillmon, George
Tiner, Tollie
Tipton, Otha
Tocker, Daniel G.
Toler, Jacob S.
Tomlinson, Horace
Trice, Ezell
Trickey, Thomas H.
Trip, Blancke
Tubb, Dolphus L.
Tubbs, James M.
Tucker, Ben H.
Turner, Allen
Turner, Clive D.
Turner, Oliver
Turner, Samuel A.
Turner, William O.
Turner, William O.
Turpin, Carl
Tyler, Lee D.
Tyra, Walter
Tyson, James
Tyson, John
Tyson, Willie
Vail, Clyde E.
Vallandingham, Earl R.
Vallandingham, Harmon Otis
Vallandingham, Oscar Homer
Value, Ira
Value, Levi
Vassar, Guy
Vise, Harrold F.
Waddell, Willie R.
Waddington, James
Wade, Clifford T.
Wade, Sam M.
Wafford, Alvin
Waggoner, John C.
Waggoner, William Jayson
Waldrop, Nim R.
Walker, Andy
Walker, France Dick
Walker, Harry W.
Walker, Marshall
Walker, Otto
Wall, Dempsey
Wallace, James T.
Wallace, Willie
Walls, Sheppard Rodgers
Walls, Tim
Walthall, Vail
Walton, Edgar
Ward, Artemes Jr.
Ward, Harold C.
Ward, Jim
Ward, William E.
Ware, Robert
Waren, Willie Joe
Warner, Forrest Lionel
Warner, John Edge
Warren, Ueal
Washington, Onie
Watkins, Dan
Watkins, John G.
Watson, Clarence M.
Watson, James N.
Watson, Willie
Watts, Richard A.
Waymack, Ennis L.
Waymack, Mack L.
Weaver, Luke A.
Webb, Ira
Webb, James Vester
Webster, George
Welch, Albert Earl
Welch, Colburn Dalton
Welch, Robert Edward
Welch, Roy Clyde
Welch, Virgil D.
Wells, Robert E. Lee
Wesson, Edgar
West, Claude D.
West, Elzie A.
West, King D.
Wexman, Hyman L.
Wharton, Oscar Floyd
Whayne, Nathan B.
Wheat, James Woodson
Wheat, Thomas Waldon
White, Clarence
White, David R.
White, Jerry
White, Wayne W.
White, Will
White, William T.
Whitfield, John
Whitfield, Louis
Wiley, Broady
Wilkins, Ed
Williams, Alexander
Williams, Aurel
Williams, Charlie
Williams, Daniel Webster
Williams, Emmitt E.
Williams, Everett
Williams, Fred
Williams, Fred Lee
Williams, George E.
Williams, Guy V.
Williams, Harrison
Williams, Henry
Williams, Horace
Williams, James
Williams, James H.
Williams, John Dalton
Williams, John F.
Williams, John Sherrill
Williams, Long
Williams, Osie
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Robert
Williams, Ross
Williams, Walter Orlis
Williams, Will
Williford, John T.
Willis, Abe
Wilson, Albert W.
Wilson, Charles N.
Wilson, Ed
Wilson, Fred A.
Wilson, Hosie
Wilson, James
Winford, Harvis
Winston, Frank J.
Woods, George F.
Woods, Jake M.
Woods, Oscar W.
Woods, Roy
Woodward, David
Woodward, Hugh Ellsworth
Woodward, Laffayette G.
Woosley, James M.
Wooten, Ralph L.
Word, Claude
Wright, Earl
Wright, Ed D.
Wright, Jimmie
Wyche, George Taylor
Wylie, Elmer Homer
Wylie, William A.
Yarbrough, Albert
Yaupel, Ernest
Yeargin, Leroy
Young, George F.
Young, Mark
Young, Moton G.
Zaner, George B.
Zimmerman, Glendon John
Zuber, Reuben B.

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