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County Resources, Lovely County

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Lovely County was created: 13 October 1827.
Parent Counties: Crawford and Lovely Purchase.
Progeny County: Washington
County Boundary Changes: According to D.Y. Thomas, "In 1816, William and Peter Lovely purchased a tract of land from the Osage Indians, which was included within the western boundary of Arkansas, as laid down in 1824, and was a large part of the county of Lovely, created in 1827. Unfortunately, this same region had been granted to the Cherokee Indians in 1818, creating difficulties which were not settled until 1828, when the present boundary of the State was established, and the most of Lovely County made a part of the Indian Territory. Such land as was left by this decision was included in Washington County, October 27, 1828, and the county officials were directed to take over the affairs and moneys of Lovely County." [D. Y. Thomas. Arkansas and Its People: A History, 1541-1930. Volume II, "Historical Directory by Counties." New York: The American Historical Society, Inc., 1930, p. 784.]
County Records: No county records available.

For more details, see The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture's article on Lovely County.

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