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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Boone, Carroll, Madison, and Newton Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Madison County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Madison County World War I Soldiers

Abner, Fred
Abner, Walter
Alderson, Jess W.
Allen, James B.
Allen, John
Allison, Elbert S.
Allison, James Walter
Allison, Virgil
Allred, James J.
Ames, John A.
Anderson, Cleburne
Appleton, John W.
Arbuckle, Louis G.
Baker, Tom
Ball, James W.
Barker, Walter
Barnes, Milton
Barrus, James O.
Beard, Aubrey F.
Beavers, Harry
Berry, John
Bishop, Charles M.
Bishop, Vance W.
Bivens, Bob
Blevins, Roy
Boatright, Clarence P.
Boatright, Hugh A.
Boatright, James A.
Boatright, John S.
Bohannan, William T.
Bohannan, William W.
Bohnenberger, Noah A.
Bouher, Clair W.
Bowling, Shelby
Bowman, John L.
Boyd, Bert A.
Boyd, Emmett C.
Boyd, Milton
Boydston, Loyd
Bragg, Charles Honer
Brandenberg, Eugene
Brandenburg, Henry S.
Brashears, Grover C.
Brashears, Vol
Brooks, Alexander
Brown, Hugh A.
Brown, James P.
Brown, Jay
Brown, Wendell P.
Bruner, Luther R.
Bryant, Henry
Bryant, Walter
Burgess, William C.
Burk, Clarence C.
Burnett, Joseph R.
Burney, Alfred C.
Burney, Bert Allen
Burrows, John W.
Burrows, Rufus B.
Buttery, Delbert
Calhoun, Grover A.
Callico, Floyd A.
Campbell, John E.
Campbell, Lester E.
Campbell, William F.
Carnes, Lewis E.
Carter, Diamond
Carter, Isaac
Caudle, Vergie
Chamberlain, Earl L.
Chambers, Rosco
Clark, Charley
Clark, Samuel Thomas
Clark, Troy F.
Clements, Sam
Coats, Leslie C.
Cobb, Joseph T.
Coffin, Joseph H.
Collins, Rossie
Combs, Charley E.
Combs, Melvin C.
Combs, Samuel C.
Combs, Walter L.
Combs, William L.
Conley, Lou Clayton
Cook, Charley H.
Cook, William I.
Cooper, Lee
Cornelison, Green
Cornett, Robert H.
Couch, John N.
Counts, John A.
Counts, Ottis B.
Cowan, Luther
Cox, Virgil H.
Crowder, William H.
Cummings, Edward Benoir
Davenport, John L.
Davis, John
Davis, William M.
Davisson, George
Deaton, Isaac Meron
Denney, Earl B.
Dennis, Charles
Dennis, James D.
Dennis, John E.
Devin, Joe
Dixon, William B.
Dooley, Samuel
Dorsey, William A.
Dotson, James C.
Dotson, William H.
Dotson, William S.
Dougan, Tom
Drain, Charley
Drake, Arnold C.
Dudgeon, Richard C.
Dudgeon, Roy
Duncan, Benjamin F.
Duncan, Floyd
Elam, William David
Ellis, Carl C.
Ellis, Clyde W.
Elsey, Jake E.
Elvington, George
Elwin, Gordon O.
Elzey, Claude E.
Eubanks, Charles L.
Evans, Calvin
Farmer, Virgil G.
Faubus, Ellis J.
Faubus, Morgan
Faubus, Walter
Fisher, Albert E.
Fisher, John M.
Floyd, James O.
Foster, Charley L.
Foster, David E.
Fowler, Johnie S.
Fowler, Rosco
Fox, John M.
France, William P.
Frederick, Wilburn
Frederisk, Sherman B.
French, Bert M.
French, Robert
Fritts, Claud S.
Fritts, Ernest E.
Fritts, Samuel Henry
Fritts, William McKinley
Gabbard, Harrison
Gabbard, John C.
Gabbard, Roy M.
Gage, Jacob Andrew
Gardner, Clarence W.
Garrett, Claude W.
Garrett, Claude W.
Garrison, Charles R.
Garrison, Miles C.
Gaskill, Adrey
Gaskill, John W.
Gilliland, Pyrl Lee
Glenn, Nolen
Graham, Clyde L.
Graham, Earl
Graham, George A.
Grandstaff, Selby
Grant, Maurice
Gregory, Dave
Gregory, George
Griffith, Clet
Grigg, Walter C.
Grigg, William H.
Guinn, Samuel W.
Gurley, Everet M.
Guthrie, Corda
Guthrie, Otis
Ham, Ray F.
Haney, Enrest J.
Haney, John H.
Haney, Olen K.
Haney, Samuel William
Hargis, Booker Newton
Harrison, Claude R.
Hawn, Loy
Haynes, Chester S.
Hayre, William W.
Hefner, Oscar M.
Hensley, Benjamin H.
Hibbard, Purl
Higgins, Dato
Hill, Hugh G.
Hill, Walter S.
Hill, Wiley A.
Hill, Woodson D.
Hillard, Charley C.
Hinds, Everett V.
Hobbs, Oliver J.
Hodge, Clarence C.
Holland, Virgil
Holt, Doyle Bryant
Homesley, Clyde
Homesley, Roy
Hoskins, Daniel
House, William M.
Howard, Oliver
Hughes, Floyd
Hughes, Robert B.
Hughes, Ruby V.
Hull, James M.
Hurst, William R.
Hutton, Arlie W.
Hutton, Norman
Isley, Jesse E.
Isley, Joseph C.
Jackson, Burley V.B.
Jackson, Olen L.
Jackson, William C.
Jayne, Minard
Johnson, Bruce
Johnson, Carl G.
Johnson, Harley M.
Johnson, Harvey
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, William Jesse
Jones, Harvey M.
Jones, Leonard A.
Jones, Marvin Claude
Jones, Rufus
Keck, Isaac Harrison
Keck, Kimrad
Keech, John H.
Kennan, Earl
Kennan, James D.
Kilgore, Virgil
King, Omer T.
Kizzia, William O.L.
Lackey, Willis
Lawson, Beldon F.
Ledbetter, James W.R.
Ledbetter, John R.
Ledbetter, Sam
Ledbetter, Willis P.
Ledford, Jesse
Ledford, Lester M.
Lewis, James L.
Lewis, James L.
Lewis, Lem W.
Light, Alonzo V.
Litterell, Elmer V.
Little, Edward F.
Locklin, Charlie C.
Logue, John B.
Lollar, John S.
Long, Earl John
Long, Willie L.
Loyd, John
Lynch, William Claude
Markley, Albert D.
Marshall, Monce Rice
Marshall, Turner L.
Martin, William D.
Mason, Chester M.
Mayes, George L.
Mays, Clarence
Mays, Frank H.
McBroom, Clay
McBroom, Jesse H.
McCarty, Bill
McCarty, David H.
McCarty, Woodson
McChristian, Albert E.
McChristian, Charlie Denton
McChristian, Isaac
McCoy, Clint
McCoy, Jess Warren
McElhaney, Edward
McElhaney, Ona
McElhaney, Vol
McFee, Charles A.
McFee, Will
McFerrin, George W.
McKee, Paul
McLoud, Elwood
McLoud, William B.
Meadors, George P.
Mitchell, William Thomas
Mitchell, Willie O.
Mix, Cyril
Mix, Joseph E.
Morehouse, William F.
Morgan, Walter
Morris, John W.
Morton, Charles Franklin
Mosteller, Floyd
Murdock, Wayne
Naud, Joseph E.
Neal, Elora E.
Neal, Jesse
Nicks, James
Nicks, James J.
Norwood, Thomas Wilkson
Nunley, Jesse A.
Officer, Clarence E.
Oliver, James William
Oliver, Marvin E.
Osborn, Benjamin T.
Osburn, Charlie Leonard Howard
Page, Johnie Denton
Pardue, Willie
Parker, Albert D.
Parker, Chester L.
Parker, Henry L.
Parker, James M.
Parker, Jesse D.
Parker, Walter L.
Patrick, Earnest E.
Patterson, Clyde A.
Pennington, Leander
Petree, Robert
Philips, Booker
Presley, Herbert
Price, Jesse B.
Proctor, Hubert G.
Radley, John
Reeves, Ausie Lee
Reeves, James W.
Reynolds, Albert
Reynolds, Benjamin W.
Reynolds, James Lee
Reynolds, Newton P.
Reynolds, William G.
Rice, Timothy T.
Richardson, Clarence
Richardson, John H.
Riddle, Corb
Ridley, Andrew F.
Ridley, Thomas L.
Riggins, Orion S.
Ritchie, Garland
Ritchie, Hiram E.
Ritchie, Zed
Roark, William E.
Robbins, Henry
Robbins, Henry
Roberts, David Carson
Robertson, Robert
Robinson, Roland B.
Robinson, William W.
Rogers, Johnie W.
Rogers, Leonard
Rouse, Ira L.
Rouse, James H.
Rutledge, William N.
Salsbury, Earl J.C.
Salyer, Joe S.
Salyer, Ruffis G.
Sams, John
Scates, Oscar Nunnlly
Seals, Charlie C.
Sharp, Ewell W.
Sheffield, Harry E.
Shofner, Verd E.
Short, Abe
Simmons, Dudley
Simpson, Floyd B.
Sisco, William Benjamin
Sisemore, William V.
Smith, Caleb G.
Smith, Earl S.
Smith, Floyd
Smith, James H.
Smith, John A.
Smith, John P.
Smith, Lloyd
Smith, William D.
Sparks, Albert
Sparks, Bryan
Sparks, Charles A.
Steele, John T.
Steele, Samuel Webster
Stewart, Hollie
Stroud, Sanford C.
Stufflebam, Henry R.
Tackett, James R.
Tarlton, Hobson C.
Teague, Clarence E.
Thomas, Alvin
Thomas, Alvin
Thomas, Clyde L.
Thomas, Hubert H.
Thomas, Ira
Thomas, Jeanie W.
Thomas, Jesse James
Thomas, Lloyd
Thomas, Lummie
Toby, Vic
Todd, Harvey E.
Todd, Rollin A.
Todd, Wiley A.
Trolinger, Calvin H.
Tucker, Joseph S.
Turner, James W.
Tweedy, Virgil
Vanlandingham, Blake G.
Vaughan, Vergil
Vaughn, James L.
Vire, ELisha
Vire, Lewis
Waid, Charlie
Walker, Grant
Walker, Hubert
Walker, Leonard L.
Walker, Sherman
Walker, Stanley
Walker, Talbert
Walker, William
Ward, Henry J.
Warren, Milton
Warren, Powell C.
Watkins, Oscar
Watson, John
Watson, Simon
Watson, William H.
Welch, John R.
Welton, Samuel N.
Whelchel, Frank
Whorton, John T.
Wilcox, Walter E.
Williams, Claude McKinley
Williams, George
Williams, Luman
Williams, Oscar L.
Wilson, Floyd L.
Wilson, John L.
Withrow, John T.
Wood, Harvey S.
Woods, William Franklin
Wright, Bert
Wright, Frederick C.
Yarbrough, Earl P.
Yates, Andrew J.
Yates, Rufus
Yingst, John F.
Youngblood, Fred

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