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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Marion County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Marion County World War I Soldiers

Abbott, Homer
Adams, Rector
Adams, Spencer
Adkins, Felix
Akin, Jesse I.
Anderson, Neal
Angel, Adolphus A.
Arnett, Clarence M.
Baker, Earl M.
Ballard, John H.
Bartley, Alex J.I.
Baugh, William A.
Beach, Arthur
Berry, Lonnie W.
Black, James F.
Briggs, Worth Malcolm
Brown, Albert C.
Brown, Roscoe Jackson
Brown, William W.
Browning, Albert
Browning, Elbert
Buckmaster, George W.
Bundy, Jim
Bunes, Shelby C.
Burch, Frank
Burleson, Webster B.
Burress, Cyrus
Burton, Harry Preston
Callahan, William G.
Camp, Gus
Campbell, Ernest J.
Carson, Ambrose W.
Carson, Theodore P.
Caviness, Charles M.
Caviness, George N.
Chapman, Shade
Chappell, George E.
Cherry, Wesley E.
Chowning, Guy
Chowning, Louis
Clark, Oscar M.
Clem, Leslie G.
Cline, Rudolph V.
Clipp, Raymond T.
Collins, Oscar
Cooper, Jim
Copeland, Oscar C.
Coventon, John W.
Cowdrey, Cam L.
Cowdrey, Troy E.
Creach, Luther Franklin
Crownover, James
Crunkleton, Sam
Cummings, George M.
Cunningham, Thurman Shelby
Dake, Traxlar D.
Dardin, Jefferson A.
Davis, Alford M.
Davis, Deb
Davis, George W.
Delaney, Edward J.
Denton, William Jefferson
Depriest, Frank
Dobbs, Deroos B.
Dodson, Mack
Dollar, Berry B.
Donelson, Don W.
Doshier, Roy E.
Doshier, Walter H.
Drennen, Sherod A.
Eddleman, Jihn N. [sic]
Elton, Albert Morten
Estes, Denis
Estes, Marvin F.
Estes, Willie
Evans, James W.
Farmer, Newton McK.
Firestone, Floyd
Firestone, George S.L.
Flippin, Roy T.
Floyd, James B.
Floyd, Rector H.
Garrett, Jesse J.
Gay, Marler Clifton
Gentry, Ralph D.
Gilbert, Rice
Girtman, Coy T.
Gonce, Thompson A.
Gray, Jeffie
Grooms, William Mack
Haggard, Bert
Hampton, Homer
Harrington, Doss
Harrison, Charlie A.
Harvey, Augusta L.
Havener, Adolph H.
Hawkins, John B.
Henley, Ross
Henry, James A.
Hicks, Troy W.
Hollenhead, Coy W.
Hollenhead, Roy S.
Hollingsworth, Ira
Hollingsworth, Robert
Horner, Ernest J.
Horner, Ernest Justin
Hudson, Claude K.
Hudson, Clyde G.
Hudson, Loren
Hudson, William H.
Hudspeth, Silas H.
Hurst, Cam J.
Husky, Lee M.
Jackson, Jesse O.
Jefferson, Steven B.
Jenkins, Albert T.
Jenkins, Roscoe F.
Johnson, Alva
Johnson, Ernest
Johnson, Marvin J.
Johnson, William A.
Keeter, Ancel Grady
Keeter, Gilbert A.
Keeter, James B.
Keeter, Martin C.
Keys, Clyde
King, Elmo
King, Kirk
Klutts, Rufus G.
Knight, Clifton
Kyles, Joseph S.
Lafevers, William C.
Lancaster, Thurman W.
Layton, Ernest
Ledbetter, Arthur C.
Lewis, Gregg J.
Lovell, Ben L.
Lovell, Curry
Lowery, Rufus E.
Markham, Chester
Marley, Dewey
Mason, Fagan Barb
McCabe, Columbus H.
McCarty, James Roy
McCarty, Robert Oscar
McClanahan, Jay H.
McCleich, Wallace P.
McCracken, James E.
McCracken, Ralph
McEntire, Doctor L.
McEntire, Kinner
McEntire, Oscar W.
McEntire, Wallie
McLean, William J.B.
McPherson, Mose
McPherson, William P.
McVey, Raymond L.
Mears, Benjamin F.
Mears, George M.
Mears, James L.
Medlock, Clethra O.
Melton, Walden R.
Mentuch, Buren E.
Mitchell, William Franklin
Morgan, William
Morrison, Joseph E.
Mulanax, Richard M.
Nanny, Walter
Noe, William G.
Noe, William H.
Nowlin, Robert E.
Osburn, Ules
Ott, Earnest B.
Otwell, James R.
Overton, Alfred
Parker, Harvy
Parker, Harvy
Parker, Joe
Parks, Charley
Penix, Elmer
Petitt, Newton Jasper
Petitte, James C.
Phillips, Grover Cleveland
Phillips, John O.
Phillips, Pierce
Phillips, Temple
Pierce, Earl
Pierce, Earl L.
Pierce, Walter Edison
Plumlee, Oren Franklin
Plumlee, Samuel R.
Ply, Franklin P.
Ply, Sherman
Pritchett, Will
Quigly, James W.
Rea, Bryan J.
Reed, Albert
Reed, Robert C.
Reed, Robert J.
Renfro, Artie H.
Retherford, John
Rice, Arthur
Rice, Ector Oley
Rice, Randolph
Richardson, Jim
Richardson, John D.
Ridgeway, August Dewitt
Ridinger, Floyd P.
Risley, Troy B.
Robertson, Everett P.
Robertson, James A.
Roby, Henry A.
Roe, Madison B.
Rose, Lester
Rowden, Orville J.
Seawell, William Lafayette
Setzer, William
Setzer, William
Simmons, James G.
Smith, Audie C.
Smith, Elmer
Smith, Horace L.
Smith, John H.
Snipes, Austin C.
Stanley, Jackson
Stonecipher, Elmer J.
Stucks, James Henry
Stucks, John
Tabor, William B.
Tatum, Bascum W.
Tatum, John W.
Taylor, Henry C.
Taylor, Walter A.
Thomas, John G.
Thompson, John H.
Thompson, Roy Johnston
Ticer, Carley A.
Tilton, James H.
Treadway, Fay
Treadway, Porter Lawrence
Treat, George
Turney, Luther C.
Turney, Ollie W.
Waggoner, Charles E.
Wagoner, Samuel H.
Walton, Walter W.
Ward, Louis S.
Watts, John Walton
Weast, Escar J.
Weast, William L.
Weaver, Arthur E.
Welch, Mitchel
Whitlock, William C.
Wilkerson, Isaac G.
Williams, Cam L.
Williams, Charles T.
Williams, Frank L.
Willingham, Dale
Willingham, Hobart
Wilson, Walter
Wilson, William A.
Wolf, Mervin K.
Wood, Marion
Wood, Steven B.
Wood, Willie
Wooten, Harrison
Yates, William T.
Yocham, George W.

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