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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Boone, Carroll, Madison, and Newton Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Newton County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Newton County World War I Soldiers

Adams, Tobe
Admire, William H.
Allen, Will
Allred, Eugene
Allred, Rufus S.
Allred, Stillie M.
Arbaugh, Arrie B.
Arbuckle, Charlie L.
Arbuckle, Charlie L.
Armer, Roscoe C.
Arnold, Joe
Ashlook, Dennis Denver
Baker, John L.
Ballenger, Joseph L.
Ballinger, James
Barr, Roscoe M.
Baughman, Bulis
Beam, William C.
Beare, James C.
Bennett, Dodson D.
Bennett, Yell
Bennie, Thomas L.
Binam, Willie
Binam, Willis
Blackwood, James A.
Blackwood, William R.
Bohannon, Silas R.
Bohannon, William F.
Boles, Arthur R.
Bolin, Bee B.
Bolin, Jesse J.
Bolin, John L.
Bolin, Marion C.
Boughman, Carson
Boyd, Leonard C.
Braden, Oscar Lee
Braden, Samuel C.
Bristow, Charles P.
Brown, Haywood
Brown, King D.
Brown, Milton S.
Brown, Truett A.
Bunch, Everett
Burdine, David L.
Burdine, Joseph H.
Burdine, Walter T.
Burke, Albert
Burr, Jesse H.
Campbell, Garrett
Canady, Oscar F.
Canfield, Henry Palmer
Cargle, Hillory E.
Carlton, Beecher
Carlton, Russel C.
Carlton, Walter G.
Carter, Clyde
Casey, John Edmond
Cecil, Argie G.
Chafin, William McKinley
Chaney, Charles M.
Cheatham, William E.
Clark, Carroll E.
Clark, Richard H.
Cline, Kenneth C.
Cochran, James W.
Collins, John F.
Combs, Jack
Cooper, Ernest
Cooper, Tommy L.
Costlow, William B.
Cowan, Claud
Cowan, Henry L.
Cowell, Claude
Cox, Andy H.
Cox, Archie C.
Cranford, John
Criner, William M.
Criner, William M.
Crossman, Marion
Crow, Enoch W.
Crow, Mordecai
Cummings, Gordon T.
Curtis, Joe W.
Curtis, John H.
Curtis, William O.
Davis, George F.
Davis, James S.
Davis, Lester Franklin
Davis, Otis
Dean, Town W.
Dickey, Benjamin H.
Dickey, James L.
Dickey, Jasper
Dickey, Jasper R.
Dickey, Leonard G.
Dickey, Luther
Dickey, Mitchel D.
Dickey, William Bryan
Dixon, Bill L.
Dodson, David A.
Douthit, Robert N.
Duncan, Thomas
Duncan, Thomas
Duvall, Emmett J.
Earp, Gib
Eaton, William
Eddings, Ernest Virgil
Edgmon, Hessie
Edgmon, Jesse
Edgmon, William P.
Edwards, Alexander L.
Edwards, Peter A.
Ellis, Walter
Emberton, Lee
Faddis, John E.
Faught, Isaac Alvin
Fisher, Andrew E.
Flannery, Robert
Fowler, Sanders L.
Franks, Andy
Freeman, Bailey M.
Freeman, Columbus A.
Freeman, William J.
Friend, Joseph H.
Garrison, George
Garrison, Lee
Gillean, Royal S.
Gilmore, Felix
Gilmore, Walter
Gipson, Jasper
Greenaw, Grover C.
Greenhaw, Kingston
Gregory, George
Griffin, Sim
Griffin, William
Haddon, J.R.
Hale, Virgil Monroe
Hamilton, Bert
Hamilton, Leander W.
Hamm, Elmer
Harp, Curt
Harp, James W.
Harp, Lonnie
Harris, Adam L.
Harrison, Vol W.
Hayden, Virgil
Heffley, Jesse
Heffley, Marcus E.
Henderson, Alfred
Henderson, Charles Livery
Henderson, Elmer
Henderson, George R.
Henderson, Hilary A.
Henderson, Oscar M.
Henderson, Samuel M.
Henson, James W.
Henson, John A.H.
Hill, Harve
Hill, William H.
Holcombe, Ralph
Holt, Otis
Holt, Troy
House, Leness
Hudson, Grover C.
Hudson, Hugh L.
Hudson, Lee
Hudson, Wesley E.
Hudson, William A.
Hylton, James O.
Israel, James E.
Jacklin, Thomas S.
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Edward H.
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Walter R.
Jones, Arles Eugene
Jones, Brice B.
Jones, Charlie E.
Jones, Lonnie H.
Jones, Ralph
Jones, Willie
Joseph, Milton Kyle
Jourdan, Harvey D.
Kates, Frank E.
Keeton, Arthur
Kelley, John E.
Kilburn, John Carroll
Klutts, O. Clyde
Knight, Joseph A.
Krueger, Frederick C.H.
Lackey, Joe B.
Lashlee, John A.
Lee, Samuel B.
Lingerfelt, William R.
Loveless, Robert H.
Maier, William Frank
Martin, George Wesley
Martin, William H.
Mayhan, Arthur
McDougal, Blaine
McDougal, Minor E.
McGee, William H.
Moore, Guy A.
Moore, Okla A.
Morris, Thomas J.
Morrison, Earnest Lee
Mosier, Loral I.
Mullins, Luster
Murray, John C.
Nail, Sherman
Newton, Carl E.
Norton, Oscar
Park, Melvin D.
Park, William L.
Paxton, George Maurice
Peoples, Jesse M.
Peoples, Simon J.
Pfeifer, Fred J.
Phillips, General S.
Phillips, James B.
Plumlee, Robert Lee
Plumlee, Samuel
Pratt, Harrison M.
Primrose, Harry S.
Primrose, John H.
Pritchett, Owen H.
Pruitt, Dave
Ramsey, Hugh
Ramsey, James W.
Reavis, Walter P.
Reddell, James M.
Reddell, John H.
Reynolds, Sam
Richardson, Walter F.
Ricketts, Clyde
Roberts, Charles W.
Robinson, Guilford Allen
Rocole, Lacy Lyman
Root, Emerson G.
Rowland, Jesse M.
Russell, Charlie
Rylee, William H.
Sanders, Benjamin H.
Self, Benjamin F.
Self, Francis G.
Self, James L.O.
Self, Walter B.
Sexton, Joseph T.
Shaddox, Robert S.
Shaddox, Thomas N.
Simmons, Floyd
Slape, James Monrow
Smith, Jasper N.
Smith, Ray
Smith, William E.
Snow, William H.
Snow, William H.
Southerland, William S.
Spradley, Charles Reed
Stanberry, Joseph F.
Standridge, Aral L.
Starkey, Henry I.
Swain, Denver
Talley, William Frank
Taylor, General A.
Taylor, James Riley
Thomas, Pleas
Thomas, William M.
Thomas, Zack T.
True, Charles Edgar
True, William F.
Vaughn, James S.
Venerable, Marion A.
Villines, Albert
Villines, Howard
Villines, Lewis
Villines, Silas C.
Villines, Timmie
Villines, William M.
Walker, Roy S.
Warren, Roscoe V.
Webb, Nolan
Weston, Hugh A.
Weston, Myrten G.
White, Columbus J.
White, Cyrus W.
Williams, Ben
Willis, John F.
Wilson, Albert E.
Wilson, Brack
Wilson, Ed F.
Wilson, Rufus
Wilson, Ulysses
Woosley, Lillburn C.
Wyatt, Charlie
Wylie, Arthur A.
Yates, James

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