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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Conway, Faulkner, and Perry Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Perry County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Perry County World War I Soldiers

Abston, Winfred C.
Adams, Elijah
Adney, Aubray C.
Alexander, Wallace H.
Allen, George M.
Allen, Joseph Harold
Allen, Samuel F.
Allison, Ferrell D.
Allison, Lee Joseph
Anderson, Edward L.
Anglen, James
Ashcraft, Arthur T.
Ashcraft, John T.
Atkinson, Clarance H.
Aubley, Clifford F.
Ballard, William S.
Ballew, Dick
Barnett, William H.
Baskin, William D.
Beck, Kenneth Quinton
Belk, Levy L.
Bell, John Henry
Bennett, Gordon A.
Bennett, John F.
Bierman, Herbert H.
Bland, James L.
Blankinship, Buster
Blaylock, Walter Greenberry
Blount, Thomas N.
Boring, Clyde
Bostick, George R.
Bostick, William E.
Bowen, Earl L.
Bowen, John Hamel Jr.
Bowen, William B.
Bowie, Frank Brown
Boyett, Monroe E.
Boyett, William Chester
Bramlett, Warren Robinson
Brazil, Earl H.
Brazil, Lemon
Brazil, Thomas B.
Brooks, Leonard F.
Brown, Arizona
Brown, Capphion
Brown, Charles A.
Brown, Frazier
Brown, J.M.
Brown, Joe
Brown, Ramble
Bryant, Marion F.
Bull, Sellers
Bunch, Jessie N.
Bunn, James B.
Bunse, Charley
Burch, Verland H.
Burge, John A.
Campbell, Shelby C.
Canfield, Dorsey
Caperton, Boyce
Caperton, Buell
Caple, William H.
Carter, Chester
Cheek, Herman O.
Chrouch, Charles E.
Coats, James M.
Coats, Jerry Anderson
Coffman, Parker
Coleman, Bennie C.
Coleman, Calvin
Coleman, William Thomas
Cooper, Oliver R.A.
Couch, Henry B.
Cowan, Charles A.
Cragar, Clyde A.
Cross, R.E.
Crotts, Orlondo Ottis
Cunningham, Charles F.
Daniels, Garfield
Davie, Clinton W.
Davie, Zollie
Davis, Charlie H.
Davis, Lemael F.
Deane, Dallas
Dempsey, James C.
Dickson, Calvin E.
Dilbeck, George W.
Dimmer, Joe
Dockery, Benjamin
Dodd, Bryant
Donn, Benjamin F.
Douglas, Jesse
Doyle, Luther
Drinkwater, John C.
Dubose, Leflore
Dunn, Lee
Edmondson, Peter F.
Edmondson, William
Edwards, Jessie E.
Edwards, Thomas J.
Edwards, Vera R.
Elbert, Edgar
Ellis, Albert James
Emmons, Jesse R.
Ewing, Oringe
Faisst, Hugo
Farrer, A.G.
Ferbrache, James W.
Ferbrache, Logan Bartlet
Fleming, Luther W.
Fletcher, Frank
Flocks, John G.
Floyd, Bill
Flucks, Theodore J.
Ford, Fred
Fout, Charles M.
Fox, Adolph
Fox, John
Freeman, Frank
Frey, George Bernard
Gaddy, Christopher L.
Gaddy, David A.
Gardner, Frank O.
Gibbs, Andrew Jackson
Gibbs, George
Gill, Ezra
Gill, Ira
Glenn, Luther B.
Goodnight, John
Goodwin, Eaker M.
Gothard, Henry G.
Graves, Carl T.
Gray, Herschel
Green, Alva B.
Green, Benjamin F.
Green, Clyde W.
Green, Quillie?
Griffin, Earnest C.
Grimes, Frank
Guest, Orvel
Guy, Frank P.
Gwin, William T.
Hale, Luther
Hall, Oliver W.
Hamilton, John S.
Hamlin, Francis
Hammons, John T.
Harris, Benjamin C.
Harris, Edward C.
Harris, James C.
Harris, Joe J.
Harris, Leo W.
Hassell, Louis A.
Hatley, Isaac M.
Hawkins, Fred E.
Hearron, Harden
Hendrey, Waldersee B.
Henry, Robert S.
Henry, Will
Herrin, William W.
Hicks, John H.
Hicks, John H.
Higgins, Percy C.
Hightower, Ottie A.
Hill, Burzilloi
Hill, Edney E.
Holley, Robert B.
Hollingsworth, Guy A.
Hollingsworth, Thomas Luther
Holman, John D.
Holmes, Thomas E.
Holmes, Willie
Hopkins, Ben Frank
House, John B.
Howard, Albert
Howard, Ben L.
Howard, James Bud
Howell, James B.
Hoyt, Edwin George
Huddleston, Jackson C.
Huff, William Arthur
Huggins, Frank H.
Humphrey, Walter C.
Hunter, James Lester
Hunter, Leslie C.
Isom, Dewey H.
Isom, Joseph A.
James, Jesse O.
Jenings, Salmond
Jenkins, Otis J.
Jessup, Clifford Edward
Johnson, Abe
Johnson, James E.
Johnson, Theo J.
Johnston, John D.
Jones, Elbert C-2
Jones, Jake E.
Jones, James W.
Jones, Sam W.
Jones, Thomas J.
Jones, Truman
Jones, William T.
Keener, Harvey W.
Kelley, Arthur
Kelly, Clarence
Kennemur, Bruce E.
Keplar, Mack A.
Keys, Roy C.
Kiker, William E.
King, Chalmers
King, James W.
Kirk, Samuel
Lackey, William
Lance, Horace Clifford
Laycook, Linzie L.
Leach, Daniel L.
Lee, Ellis W.
Lewis, Dan B.
Lewis, William T.
Lilly, Emmett Robert
Lindsey, Mayo
Lipscomb, John Shelton
Lipsmeyer, Henry F.
Lipsmeyer, Joseph B.
Lively, Chester A.
Lively, Conway S.
Loveland, John W.
Luker, George F.
Mabry, Albert Franklin
Maddox, Eddie D.
Magie, Albert H.
Magie, Earl W.
Magie, Orion Lindell
Mahan, James W.
Manes, Rome
Mann, Napoleon B.
Martin, George O.
Martin, John H.
Martin, Millard E.
Massey, Oscar C.
Maupin, William H.
Maxwell, Arkley B.
McArthur, Arkie
McCabe, Alex M.
McCabe, Asa
McCabe, Greene Jasper
McCabe, Robert F.
McCollum, James A.
McGhee, Coleman B.
McGhee, James R.
McGhee, Jessie A.
McGhee, Laten
McGhee, Nathan
McGhee, Notley C.
McGhee, Richard C.
McGuire, Henry L.
McHughes, Arthur O.
McNeal, Roy
McNeal, Shockey Euel
McNulty, James H.
McPherson, Lee R.
Meni, Charley
Miles, Lee Harmon
Miller, Frederick B.
Miller, Joe Taylor
Mitchell, William E.
Moore, Earl
Moore, Willie
Moorhead, Edward
Moorhead, George T.
Moorhead, Newton
Morford, Thomas Barney
Morris, James
Morris, Vester E.
Mosley, Kay P.
Mosley, William Chester
Mosley, William R.
Neale, Blanche
Neale, James
Newton, William
Nix, Claude L.
Nooner, Willis
Oates, Lewis E.
Oats, Prince
Olds, Henry F.
Oliver, John
Olles, Paul Henry
Oneal, Calvin
Osburn, Rufus Bud Edgar
Outlaw, Oscar W.
Owens, Ernest Washington
Owens, Lowie? A.
Padgett, Lonnie W.
Padgett, Luther C.
Parham, Andrew
Parker, Charles E.
Patton, Carrol
Pearce, Frank
Pettus, Sam
Petty, John Gordon
Philips, Noah M.
Pittman, Henry Frank
Polk, James
Porter, Arthur B.
Powell, Eddie
Preston, Benjamin F.
Prince, Riley P.?
Pulliam, William R.
Ragsdill, Homer J.
Rainey, Chessie W.
Rainey, Roy L.
Rankin, Clarence
Reece, Rasbury
Reed, Henry W.
Rehm, Ernest W.
Rehm, Frank
Rehm, Suffie W.
Richardson, Fred W.
Rickman, John
Risley, Jim J.
Rison, Joe P.
Rison, Roy E.
Roane, Clarence
Roberts, Arthur L.
Robertson, San
Roddy, Thomas A.
Rodgers, Ernest H.
Rucker, Wilburn A.
Sadler, William J.
Sailor, Vance Laird
Sanders, Hector
Saylor, William E.
Schlenker, Addie R.
Scott, Oral Brown
Seifker, Albert F.
Shackelford, Robert A.
Shank, Harry O.
Shank, Walter R.
Sharp, G. Walter
Shelley, Elmer S.
Shelton, John M.
Shelton, Walter
Simms, Esau
Simpson, Carl E.
Smith, Emory
Smith, George Alvine
Smith, Moble W.
Spain, George F.
Spence, Walter T.
Springer, Travis
St. John, John
Stain, John H.
Stain, John H.
Staine, Columbus
Stancell, Matthew Lee
Stane, Notley
Steakley, Jesse W.
Stockemer, Otto C.
Stuckert, Harry E.
Tarver, Dan W.
Tarvin, Moses
Taylor, Hollis F.
Taylor, Ozie
Taylor, Tom
Taylor, Walter W.
Tedford, Oliver B.
Tew, Remey F.
Thompkins, Richard A.
Thompson, Aaron C.
Thompson, Jesse L.
Thompson, John A.?
Thompson, John William
Thompson, Payne
Thompson, William
Thompson, William W.
Thornburg, Clarence E.
Thurmond, Dudley
Tillery, Samuel L.
Tillman, Josh
Tisdale, Walter L.
Townsel, Joe L.
Trotter, Thomas R.
Truelove, Ransom
Tubbs, Oscar
Tullis, John Lee
Tyner, Jim
Umphres, Robert O.
Ussery, John A.
Van Dalsem, Harry E.
Vance, Houston
Vandalsen, Nathaniel D.
Vaught, Willie G.
Victory, Earl P.
Wade, Walter
Waits, Lathon W.
Wales, Hugh H.
Wallace, Fay M.
Walls, James R.
Watson, W.L.
Wawak, Ernest
Weaver, Sam
Weaver, Sam T.
Weaver, Tom M.
Welborn, Burl M.
Wellinghoff, John G.
Wells, Sammie
White, Lucious H.
White, Rieff
White, Therian Wilson
Williams, Alf
Williams, Bealer
Williams, Ed
Wilmoth, Ruel W.
Wilson, Oscar
Wisecarver, James C.
Witt, John
Wohlford, Frank
Wood, Anthony W.
Wood, Gillia T.
Woodard, Aaron
Woods, Fitzhugh L.
Woods, William
Woods, William O.
Woolverton, William Bryan
Wren, James A.
Wright, William A.
Wroten, Thomas
Yarabrough, George S.
Yarbrough, Will
Zimmer, Roy

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