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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Lee, Monroe, and Phillips Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Phillips County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Phillips County World War I Soldiers

Adams, Andy
Adams, James
Adams, Otey
Addison, George
Adkins, Dave M.
Afflick, Charles W.
Afflick, Charles Willis
Aitken, George L.
Alexander, Fred A.
Alexander, James
Alexander, John
Alexander, John M.
Alexander, Moses
Alexander, Odie Clint
Alexander, Roscoe C.
Alexander, Will
Allen, Ben
Allen, Charles
Allen, George
Allen, Henry
Allen, Locie
Allen, Tom
Allen, Will
Allin, Leslie H.
Allin, Richard Jr.
Alston, Robert S.
Altman, Henry M.
Ambers, Sam
Amey, Jessie James
Anderson, Benjamin A.
Anderson, Cornelius
Anderson, Esaw
Anderson, James
Anderson, Percy
Anderson, Sidney
Andreopoulos, Anastasios A.
Applewhite, Jack
Arington, Moses
Armistead, Francis R.
Armstrong, Ben
Armstrong, Louis D.
Arnett, Andrew
Arnold, Eulice E.
Austin, Claudy [Claude on temporary card]
Avery, Thomas J.
Bacharach, Edgar M.
Bages, Percy
Bailey, Alex
Bailey, Archie
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, Menzor
Bailey, Robert
Baily, Alonzo
Baker, Albert
Baker, Arthello
Baker, Fred
Baker, George Jr.
Baker, Grenada
Baker, Lang
Baldridge, Morris L.
Balentine, Ralph P.
Ball, Freddie D.
Ball, Harry M.
Ballard, Willie
Banks, Neal
Banks, William
Barber, John H.
Barefield, Ferdie
Barnes, Carroll L.
Barnes, Guss
Barnes, Ira Franklin
Barnes, James E.
Barney, Lawrence W.
Barrett, Clarence W.
Bartee, Silas L.
Barton, Van Buren
Bass, Dave
Bates, Eric E.
Bayne, Willie
Beadles, Lucas
Beamon, Glenard
Beardsley, Sam E.
Beatty, Gus A.
Beeler, Addison E.
Beeler, Joe E.
Beilenson, Lawrence
Bell, Percy
Benjamin, Arthur
Berkley, Sidney Ira
Bernard, Arthur R.
Bernard, Claude C.
Bernard, Robert G.
Berry, Lee
Bershers, Frank M.
Berton, George
Bethel, Charley T.
Betts, Willis
Bibb, Ulrich O.
Billingsley, Rufus
Billingsley, Willie
Billups, James
Birth, Fred
Bishop, Arthur
Bishop, Carlile
Bishop, Dewitt
Bivens, Junius H.
Black, Jessie
Blaine, Erwin M.
Blaine, John W.
Blaine, Thomas B.
Blair, Chester C.
Blair, David G.
Blair, Harvey U.
Blair, Monroe
Blakely, Charles
Blanchard, Coxey W.
Bland, James G.
Blaton, Green
Blount, Braxton B. Jr.
Blount, Frank
Blue, John
Blumenberg, Bugh
Bogan, Bennie
Bogy, James V.
Boldon, Sylvester
Bolton, Louis
Bonner, James L.
Boon, Otis Rex
Boone, Dallas
Boston, Jesse
Bourne, John R.
Bowen, Henry
Bowman, Salonia L.
Bowman, Webster
Boyd, Albert M.
Boyd, D.C.
Boyd, Lushes
Boyd, Manuel
Boyd, Rufus
Boyd, Will
Boyd, Zanus
Brachendorf, Louis J.
Bradford, James
Bradley, Ben
Bradley, Henry R.
Brady, William
Bragg, Peter N.
Brandon, Granville
Brandon, Jesse
Branner, Elmer S.
Branning, Marvin Ross
Braxton, Boston
Braxton, Will
Brewer, Ozero C.
Bridges, Johnnie
Brigham, Luther H.
Britton, Alexander
Brizzell, James
Broadnax, Ben
Broadnaz, Hosea
Brock, Charley
Brock, Fred D.
Brondon, Jacob
Brooks, James
Brooks, Mason
Brooks, Nathan
Broom, Kelcy
Broom, Shelton E.
Broomas, Spiro D.
Brown, Allen
Brown, Anderson
Brown, Austin S.
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charlie
Brown, Clarence J.
Brown, Curtis
Brown, Floyd K.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Hugh
Brown, James M.
Brown, James R.
Brown, Jesse J.
Brown, Joe
Brown, John
Brown, John R.
Brown, Lewis
Brown, Louis J.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Simon
Brown, Stanley
Brown, Timothy
Brown, Wade
Brown, Whit
Brown, William
Brown, William E.
Brown, William W.
Brown, Willie
Bruner, Excell
Bryant, Carl
Bryant, Charles L.
Bryant, James H.
Bryant, John
Bryant, Samuel B.
Buckner, Wilbur L.
Bugg, Dave
Bugg, Prince
Buggs, Henry
Buie, George
Burchett, Frank
Burke, Essie
Burke, Oscar
Burks, Edwin Leo
Burks, Thomas
Burks, Will
Burks, William P.
Burleyson, Boyd
Burnham, Bartlett
Burns, Isom
Burns, Joe
Burns, Roylton Shermon
Burnside, Emanuel
Burris, Andrew Marion
Burton, Clarence
Bush, Cecil T.
Bush, Rayfield
Bush, Robert L.
Bush, Will
Butcher, Sidney
Butler, Fred
Butler, Sporgun
Butler, Willie
Butterick, Charles R.
Butterworth, Claude
Butts, James William
Butts, Joseph B. Jr.
Byrd, Carl W.
Byrd, Isaac
Byrd, Joseph
Byrd, Richard B.
Byrd, William D.
Cabbitt, Willie
Caddy, Horace
Cagle, James P.
Cagle, William
Caldwell, Robert
Caldwell, William
Callans, Everett Dewight
Campau, Ed
Campau, Harry Louis
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, Cullen L.
Campbell, George
Campbell, George
Campbell, James
Campbell, James P.
Campbell, Oscar W.
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Shelton
Capers, Corbet
Carlton, Robert E.L.
Carlyle, George
Carney, Lonnie
Carney, Roy B.
Carp, Ben
Carr, William Albert
Carraway, Willie B.
Carruth, Clarence
Carter, Biscoe
Carter, Clyde
Carter, Edd
Carter, Emmett
Carter, John H.
Carter, Leonard
Carter, Scott
Carter, Van
Cary, Fred W.
Cates, Lex G.
Catlett, Marion F.
Caver, Monroe
Caver, William H.
Cavitt, August L.
Cavitt, August L.
Cech, Edward C.
Chafton, Clarence
Chambers, Landon Benjamin
Chapman, James W.
Chastain, George
Chavey, William C.
Cheadle, Arthur
Cheatam, Birdell
Cheers, William H.
Childres, James
Chism, John Edward
Clancy, Frank F.
Clark, John W.
Clark, William Haskins
Clatworthy, James H.
Clay, Will
Clem, Dave
Clemens, William
Clements, William L.
Clements, William Lee
Clemmons, Bill
Clemons, Fred
Cleveland, Pierce
Cliatt, James N.
Clifton, Will
Clifton, William Frederick
Cobb, Willie J.
Coffee, Joe
Cofield, Milton
Cohen, Abraham
Coins, John Henry
Coker, Joseph E.
Cole, Orange
Coleman, Cliff
Coleman, George
Coleman, James
Coleman, Jesse J.
Coleman, John
Coleman, Joseph
Coleman, Levi
Coleman, Mike
Coleman, Ned W.
Coleman, William
Collier, Eslie
Collier, James
Collier, Louis
Collins, Boston
Collins, Emil
Collins, Harry J.
Collins, Marshall
Collins, McKinley
Collins, Mitchell
Colombo, Sam St
Connelly, Arthur T.
Connelly, John W.
Conner, James
Connor, Elmer
Conyers, Arthur
Cooke, Christopher W.
Cooke, Earl E.
Cooke, Robert S.
Coolidge, Clark M.
Coolidge, Wm. A.
Cooper, Dennis
Cooper, Elijah E.
Cooper, Jessie C.
Cooper, Robert
Cooper, Robert G.
Cooper, William
Copher, Neiman M.
Copher, Nelson
Corbin, Ellis
Corbin, Walter
Corley, Guy M.
Cornelius, Elijah Clarence
Cotten, Eugene C.
Cottoms, Lacie J.
Coulter, Emittie
Coulter, Henry
Coulter, Stephen
Coverson, Lacy
Covington, Arthur
Covington, Edward
Cox, Aris W.
Cox, Hannibal
Cox, Herbert
Crafton, Louis
Cramer, Joshaway C.
Crawford, Charley
Crayton, Will
Creamer, Dudley
Crebs, Harry D.
Crisp, Arch
Crisp, Floyd C.
Crisp, Jesse W.
Crisp, Wiley
Croen, Nelsen
Cross, James
Cross, Vernator
Crum, Fred
Culp, Mike
Cummings, Charles
Cunningham, Richard
Cunningham, Will
Curry, Marion C.
Dalzell, William F.
Dancy, James
Daniel, Judge
Darnell, Earl
Darnell, Everett
Darr, Frank J.
Darr, John E.
Darr, William V.
Davidson, Abe
Davidson, Eli David
Davidson, Joseph S.
Davidson, Junius
Davis, Alfreddie
Davis, Assa
Davis, Cornelius
Davis, Dudley
Davis, Elurd
Davis, Eugene
Davis, Fred
Davis, Hanley
Davis, Harvey
Davis, John
Davis, Lindsey
Davis, Marcus F.
Davis, Robert
Davis, William
Davison, Oscar L.
Dawkins, Fred
Dawkins, Robert
Dawson, Francis W.
Dawson, Lawrence E.
DeCamp, Eugene C.
DeGinther, Fred W.
Dean, Sylvester
Dean, William
Debro, Joe
Debro, Willie
Decker, Jesse J.
Delaney, Jefferson T.
Demosthenes, John
Denison, Wilbur L.
Denison, Wilbur Leonard
Dennis, Thomas V.
Depree, Alious
Dezavieu, Harrison
Dieterle, Eric O.
Diggs, James
Diggs, Will
Dillon, Mose
Dixon, Christopher
Dixon, Gentry
Dixon, James
Dixson, Daniel
Dixson, Sam
Domeby, Beauregard
Donahoo, Wyatt
Donohoo, Green S.
Dortch, Ellis
Dortch, Jesse
Dortch, Joel
Douglas, Charles F.
Douglass, Eldridge Parish
Dowd, Gussy
Dowd, Norman
Dowery, Joe
Doyle, Mose
Duggins, John E.
Duglas, Samuel
Dulaney, Levi
Dulany, John
Dunbar, Alfred
Duncan, Columbus L.
Duncan, Square
Dunlap, Ed
Dunlap, Robert
Dunn, Earl
Dunnington, Herman C.
Dunson, Thomas
Dupree, Rufus
Duren, Joseph P.
Dyer, Bernard J.
Early, Willie
Earnest, Archie
Easley, Cleon E.
Ebrom, Rayfield
Echols, Henry
Edmonds, Samuel J.
Edmonds, William A.
Edwards, Clifton
Edwards, DeWitt
Edwards, Tommie
Edwards, Virgil D.
Edwards, William
Eisinger, Carl
Elliott, Laurence S.
Ellis, Edward
Ellis, John Q.
Ellis, Lee
Ellis, Ofelton
Elpingstone, George
Emage, Willie
Embry, James W. [Willis is lined through]
Emrich, Ivory C.
Emrich, Wallace E.
Erhart, Louis
Erwin, Curtis O.
Erwin, Hugh B. Jr.
Erwin, William O.
Etoch, Mike A.
Etoch, Mike J.
Etoch, Will A.
Eubank, George Washington
Eubanks, Henry G.
Evans, James
Evans, Will
Everett, James
Ewing, Charley
Ewing, Edward
Ewing, James A.
Ewing, Willie
Ewings, James
Farish, Henry S.
Farmer, Daniel R.
Farmer, Thomas I.
Faulkner, Alan D.
Faulkner, James M.
Faulkner, Samuel S.
Faulkner, Thomas Howard
Faust, Fred
Ferguson, Bruce
Ferrell, Lorenzo
Field, Ernest
Fielder, Cecil
Fielder, Thomas M.
Fields, Solomon
Figures, GIles C.
Figures, William O.
Finney, William McKinley
Fisackerly, Chester H.
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, Steve
Fitzpatrick, Mitchell
Fitzpatrick, Will
Flanagan, W.M.
Flecher, Harrison
Fleming, Frank B.
Fleming, Johnson
Fletcher, Henry
Florman, Sam
Flowers, John
Forbes, Walter E.
Ford, Charlie
Ford, Jenkins
Forrest, Beney?
Foster, Britian
Foster, Henry H.
Foster, Joseph A.
Foster, Walter
Foster, Will
Fowler, Cleve
Fowler, Ellis
Fowler, Roy
Fowler, Will
Fox, Charlie
Franklin, Ollie
Frazier, Harrison
Frazier, Tom
Frazier, Will
Freeman, Albert
Freeman, Alva A.
Freeman, Elijah
French, Lonnie
Friberg, John T.
Frierson, Frank
Frison, Elijah
Fuller, Leon
Fuller, Robert C.
Fullmighter, Samuel
Gaines, James
Gaines, Joe
Gaines, John
Gaines, Will Henry
Gainor, Levy
Gale, Leonard
Galloway, Willie E.
Galutzo, John
Gamble, Jesse
Gardner, James
Gardner, Richard
Garner, Earnest H.
Garner, Frank R. Jr.
Gary, James
Gates, William G.
Gatlin, Jake
Gentry, William Wordsworth
George, Luther C.
Gibson, Jessie
Gibson, John
Gilbert, Cecil D.
Gilcreast, Allen
Giles, Frank
Giles, Thomas H.
Giles, Tony
Gill, Elrige
Gilliam, Little
Gist, Bogon N.
Gist, Charlie H.
Gist, Clarence Warfield
Gist, Eligah
Gist, Richmond
Givens, Nathan
Givens, Robert
Glasper, Edd
Glenn, George
Glenn, Harry
Glespie, Selone
Glover, Robert
Goins, David
Goins, Tom
Goldsberry, Harry U.
Goldsmith, Abe S.
Goldsmith, Milton W.
Goodman, Arthur H.
Gorden, Thomas E.
Gordon, Leonard C.
Gordon, Nathan
Gosell, George L.
Grace, Arthur
Graham, Edgar
Grant, Ed
Granville, Elijah
Grapes, Alex
Grauman, Edward
Grauman, Marvin Mose
Graves, Bennie
Graves, Bolton
Graves, Nathaniel L.
Gray, Sam
Grays, Ben
Grays, James
Green, Allen
Green, Charley
Green, David D.
Green, Eddie
Green, Harrison
Green, Isaac
Green, John H.
Green, Louis
Green, Mose
Green, Quincy A.
Green, Sherman
Greenwood, Phil
Greer, Horace
Gregg, William A.
Grider, Charles L.
Grier, George D.
Griffin, Ferdinan
Griffin, Ike
Griffin, Louis
Griffin, Noah
Griffin, Reuben
Griffin, Wright
Grisham, Rossel
Gurman, James R.
Gwin, William T.
Haggard, James W.
Haire, William
Hale, Roy
Hale, Roy W.
Hall, Dave
Hall, Elvie R.
Hall, Eugene
Hall, George H.
Hall, Lawrence W.
Hall, Richard
Hall, Robert
Hamblet, Iza
Hamilton, George
Hamilton, William T.
Hanks, Arthur
Hardin, George E.
Hare, Jessie
Hargrave, Harvey
Hargraves, Davis Thompson Jr.
Hargrow, Lemmey
Harp, Sam
Harper, George M.
Harper, John
Harper, Tom
Harper, William H.
Harrell, Earl D.
Harris, Andrew
Harris, August
Harris, Cleveland
Harris, Emile M.
Harris, Frank
Harris, George
Harris, Henry
Harris, Hugh
Harris, James
Harris, John
Harris, John
Harris, John W.
Harris, Mathew
Harris, Nevy
Harris, Sam
Harris, Sam
Harris, Smith
Harris, Will
Harris, William Bledsoe
Harris, William H.
Hart, Mancel D.
Hart, Millard D.
Hartfield, James
Hatch, George
Hayden, Charlie
Hayden, Rema
Hayes, James
Hayes, James
Hayes, Stanley
Haynes, Isaac
Haythorne, Abe
Haywood, Oliver
Heard, John H.
Heard, Robert
Heller, Crews C.
Heller, Crews C.
Hemphill, McClain
Henderson, Evans
Henderson, George W.
Henderson, Jesse
Henderson, Robert W.
Henderson, William A.
Hendrix, Almo
Hendrix, Eugene
Hendrix, Eugene Gray
Hendrix, Walter Phil
Hendrix, William Alex
Henley, Henry H.
Henry, James
Henry, James L.
Henry, Lewis Murphy
Henson, DeWitt
Henton, Sammie
Hergert, Harry August
Heskett, Oscar E.
Heskins, Columbus
Hester, Tom
Hickingbottom, Sim T.
Hicks, Dan
Hicks, Dave
Hicks, Henry G.
Hicks, Leroy
Hicks, Louis
Hicks, Thomas
Hicks, Willie
Hickson, Fred L.
Higginbotham, William A.
Higginbottom, John C.
Higgins, Henry
Hill, Alex
Hill, Elmore
Hill, John E.
Hineman, Gilbert
Hines, Jack H.
Hinton, Levi
Hinton, Paul
Hirsch, Adolph
Hirsch, Max Maceo
Hoard, Jessie
Hoard, Robert
Hoard, Robert Jr.
Hodge, Charley
Hodge, Will
Hogan, Trice
Hogan, Will
Holdrege, Damon M.
Hollins, Dave
Hollis, James Moses
Holloway, Dupree
Holmes, Charles L.
Holmes, George (2nd)
Holt, Robert
Holtzclaw, George Warren
Hood, Manuel
Hooker, Eddie
Hopkins, Marshall L.
Hopper, Claude William
Hopper, Roy N.
Hopps, Percy S.
Hopson, Aldwin C.
Hopson, David
Horn, Albright
Horn, Frank Theodore Jr.
Horn, Roscoe
Hornor, Aurelius P.
Hornor, Sidney Henry
Horton, Andrew
Hoskins, Douglas
Hoskins, Ernest
Hotchkiss, Allen
House, Emmitt
Householder, Edgar
Howard, Charley
Howard, Fred D.
Howard, Jesse
Howard, John J.
Howard, Leroy
Howard, McKinley
Howard, Turner
Howard, Will
Howard, William R.
Howe, Eugene V.
Hudson, James H.
Huett, Daniel
Huff, George W.
Hughes, Charley
Hughes, Oscar
Hughes, Walter
Huley, Joe
Humberger, Tim
Humphrey, Albert
Humphries, Joseph
Humphries, Mack L.
Hunter, Joseph
Hunter, Osie
Hutchinson, Andrew
Hyde, Hubert D.
Hyde, Victor
Inebit, Rudolf Jr.
Inebnit, John
Inmon, John
Irvin, Early
Irvin, John
Irwin, John H.
Isaac, Abraham
Isom, Albert
Ivey, Noble
Ivory, Eugene
Jacks, Thomas H.
Jackson, Allen
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Charlie
Jackson, Cleave
Jackson, Curdy P.
Jackson, Frank
Jackson, George H.
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Jeff
Jackson, Lawrence
Jackson, Leon
Jackson, Louis
Jackson, Taylor
Jackson, Tomie
Jackson, Willie
Jacob, Edwin H.
Jacob, Kenneth D.
Jacobs, James
Jacques, Miles
James, Eddie
James, Edgar
James, George
James, Jackson
James, Joseph
January, Tommie
Jarman, Willie
Jarrett, Frank
Jarrett, John
Jarrett, William N.
Jasper, Charlie
Jefferson, Percey
Jefferson, Sherman
Jeffett, William Fletcher
Jeffries, John
Jeffries, Leo W.
Jenkins, Leo S.
Jenkins, Robert
Jenkins, Wilmer
Jimerson, Isaac
Jinkins, Atkins
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Charner
Johnson, Cleveland
Johnson, George
Johnson, Herman
Johnson, James D.
Johnson, James I.
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John E.
Johnson, John H.
Johnson, John T.
Johnson, Johnie
Johnson, Johnnie H.
Johnson, Junius
Johnson, Mitchell
Johnson, Nelson
Johnson, Price
Johnson, Robert B.
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sandy
Johnson, Sylvester
Johnson, Townsend
Johnson, Verge
Johnson, Will Henry
Johnson, William Norman Jr.
Johnson, William W.
Johnson, Willie
Johnston, Clarence
Joiner, Henry
Jones, Aaron
Jones, Aaron
Jones, Albert
Jones, Alonzo
Jones, Anderson
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charles L.
Jones, Charlie W.
Jones, Earle McKinley
Jones, Edward H.
Jones, Elias Arthur
Jones, Ellis
Jones, Enos
Jones, Freddie
Jones, Hannible
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, Jessie
Jones, Jim
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Luther
Jones, Marshal
Jones, McKinley
Jones, Osborn
Jones, Richard
Jones, Sam
Jones, Sam
Jones, Sedric
Jones, Spaden
Jones, Van
Jones, Walter
Jones, Will
Jones, Will
Jones, William E.
Jorden, Amos
Kahn, Mose Mosler
Keal, Robert
Keeshan, L. Patrick
Keeshan, Walter Dennis
Keith, Harrison
Keller, Otto H.
Kelly, Arthur
Kelly, Ed
Kemp, Aaron
Kendall, Leo
Kenebrew, Martin
Kennebrew, Dave
Kennebrew, Robert
Kent, John R.
Kent, Thomas B. Jr.
Kern, Isaac L.
Kern, Nathan
Kerr, Miles W.
Key, Daniel
Key, Marshall Keith
Kiles, Willie
Killgore, John H.
Kimble, France
Kinard, Charlie
Kindall, Dave
Kindall, George
King, Echols
King, Frank J.
King, Fred
King, George C.
King, Henry
King, Henry
King, Jesse Arthur
King, John H.
King, Robert
King, Sam
King, Thomas
King, Walter A.
King, Wesley
King, Will
Kirby, John H.
Kitchens, Richard L.
Kluemper, Anthony J.
Kluesener, August F.
Kluesner, Mark
Knight, James
Knight, James G.
Knight, William Jackson
Knowles, Lincoln
Knox, Charlie B.
Knox, Charlie B.
Kornegay, William H.
Krickel, Edward F.
Krickel, John H.
Kyle, Ed
Lake, Preston D.
Lake, William N.
Lamb, Liga
Lambert, Jordan B.
Lambert, Jordan Bennett
Landford, E.P.
Landree, Howard Aloysius
Langdon, Joseph
Langston, Milton
Langston, Willie
Lanham, Asa L.
Larkin, Jessie
Larkins, Larry
Larson, Willard E.
Laurry, Harry M.T.
Layne, John L.
Ledbetter, Sandy
Ledderman, Robert
Lederman, Charles
Lee, Arthur
Lee, Charles
Lee, Charles J.
Lee, Clinton V.
Lee, Dallas
Lee, Elijah
Lee, Ross
Lee, Tom
Lee, Walter
Lee, Warren
Leifer, Herman J.
Leonard, William P.
Lepore, Peter
Lewil, Thomas
Lewis, Dennis
Lewis, George
Lewis, Hays
Lewis, Joe
Lewis, John Henry
Lewis, Johnie
Lewis, Ocie
Lewis, Walter
Lewis, Will
Libbey, Guy S.
Lieber, Leroy
Likins, Roy D.
Lindquist, Walter H.
Lindsey, Charles
Lindsey, Dick
Lindsey, Ralph Thomas
Lindsey, Walter R.
Linton, George
Lipscomb, Harry C.
Lipsey, Elbert
Lipsey, Henderson
Littleton, Will J.
Lloyd, Gladstone W.
Lockwood, Arthur Lee
Lofton, Jesse
Lofton, Rothy
Lomax, Governor
Long, Ned
Longenecker, George W.
Longor, Samie
Love, Wesley
Lovingood, William R.
Lowe, Ernest
Lucas, Robert P.
Luckett, Edie
Luckett, Tom
Lucy, Bennie H.
Lucy, Walter H.
Lumpkin, Lonnie L.
Lyford, Charles Coolidge
Lyles, George
Lynch, Anthony G.
Lynch, Clarence V.
Lynch, Milton
Lyons, George
Mabie, Lloyd E.
Mabrey, Charley W.
Mack, Clem
Mack, John
Mackery, Kirtis
Mackey, Samuel
Madden, Percy
Madkins, John
Mahone, John Wesley
Malachowsky, Charles A.
Malcolm, George
Malcom, Will
Mangum, John Greene
Mann, Pendleton M.
Mann, Pendleton Mobley
Mannie, Canada
Manning, Tom
Manus, Luke
Marcus, Leo
Marion, John
Marsh, Vagious
Marshall, Ellis
Marshall, James
Marshall, Jesse
Marshall, John
Marshall, Mack Jr.
Marshall, Mose
Martin, Amons
Martin, Arthur
Martin, Edward
Martin, Floyd
Martin, George
Martin, James A.
Martin, James A.
Martin, James R.
Martin, John
Martin, John
Martin, John L.
Martin, Monroe
Martin, Percy
Martin, Robert E.
Marvels, Jesse
Mason, George
Mathews, A.B.
Mathews, Alex
Mathews, Jim
Mathews, John
Mathews, Willis
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Mitchell
Matthews, Randolph
Mattice, Harold William
May, Charley L.
Mayfield, Harry E.
Mayo, Ira B.
Mayweather, William
McCafferty, Elie E.
McCain, Webster
McCane, Dan
McCaslin, John W.
McClain, John A.
McClinton, George A.
McClinton, Rochester
McCorn, Richard
McCoy, Finis F.
McCoy, Finis Farris
McCoy, Finis W.
McCracken, Walter S.
McCree, Clem
McCullar, Samuel Alfred
McCulloch, Thomas R.
McCutchen, Eugene
McDavis, Lindsey
McDonald, Baxter
McDonald, Jack Jr.
McDonald, Polk
McDonald, Sylvester
McDowell, Sim
McDuffey, James
McDuffie, Charlie
McElroy, Hubert E.
McElroy, Hubert E.
McElroy, Hubert Elmer
McGarrity, John F.
McGee, Jim
McGinnis, Albert
McGinnis, James H.
McGinnis, Jesse
McGloflin, James B.
McGloflin, Jesse
McGloflin, Marcus
McGrew, Cagie A.
McGruder, Julius
McGuffey, Street
McKinney, Clyde R.
McKinnie, James C.
McKissic, Willie
McKnight, French Rayburn
McKnight, William Baird
McLaurin, William
McMath, Ed
McNamara, James Joseph
Meadors, Robert Cain
Means, Henry
Medley, Joseph L.
Meek, Clinton E.
Merrell, Cleburne H.
Messina, John J.
Metcalf, William
Meyers, David L.
Meyers, Marvin
Miles, Eddie
Miles, Edgar G.
Miles, Henderson
Miles, John
Miles, John R.
Miles, William
Miller, Andrew
Miller, Ben
Miller, Charles
Miller, Clarence E.
Miller, George
Miller, Herman E.
Miller, Lay J.
Miller, Otey
Miller, Peter
Miller, Will
Mills, Isaac
Mills, John
Mills, Williams
Milton, Sargent
Minnis, Pink
Mitchell, Andrew D.
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Harry
Mitchell, Harry S.
Mitchell, John I.
Mitchell, John Y.
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Lewis
Mitchum, George
Modonio, Angelo
Montgomery, Allen
Montgomery, Robert
Moody, Major
Moody, William O.
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Dock
Moore, Emmette
Moore, George A.
Moore, Henry
Moore, James
Moore, James W.
Moore, Jesse
Moore, John Ike Jr.
Moore, Johney
Moore, Luther
Moore, Max S.
Moore, Owen L.
Moore, Pete
Moore, Richard
Moore, Robert
Moore, Walter
Moreland, Thomas L.
Morgan, Jess
Morgan, Louis
Morris, Elias Austin
Morris, John Spurgeon
Morrow, William H.
Moses, Ferdie
Mott, Robert H.
Mullakin, Harvey A.
Mullen, Willie
Mullikin, William E. Jr.
Muscolino, Joseph
Muzzle, Arvesta
Muzzle, Lander
Myers, Carlton Brien
Myers, William Robert
Nailor, Elbert
Narvell, Dave
Nash, Thomas R.
Nathan, Joe
Neal, Frank H.
Neal, John
Neal, Robert
Neal, Sherman
Nellis, John
Nelson, Clarence A.
Nelson, Pete
Neunlist, Ralph E.
Nevels, Eli Z.
Newell, Ben
Newell, Fred
Newman, Stanley M.
Newman, Walter
Newsom, Lee A.
Newsome, Walter
Newson, Grover
Nicholls, William Edward
Nicholson, Percy
Nikolopulos, Athanasios G.
Nixon, Ira S.
Nixon, Percy
Nolan, Arthur
Norman, Harry N.
Norman, Jay Gould
Norton, Frank K.
Notto, Lawrence
Noy, Henry
Nunley, James
O'Barr, William T.
O'Bryan, Charles T.
O'Fallon, James
O'Neill, John
O'Shields, Jim
Oldham, Mason B.
Oliphant, James R.
Orrell, Stanley A.
Otis, Henry J.
Otterberry, Willie
Overall, Jake W.
Owens, Jacob
Oxley, John H.
Pace, Ethel M.
Page, Earnest
Palmer, Clark
Papa, Joe
Papa, Joe J.
Papa, Sam
Parham, Charley J.
Parish, Charlie
Parker, Bascom
Parker, Henry N.
Parker, Sam
Parks, Cozy
Parks, Sam
Paskel, Lucius
Patrick, Emerson W.
Patrick, Guy V.
Patterson, Charley
Patterson, Frank
Patterson, Ira
Patterson, John
Patterson, Leeody
Patterson, Robert A.
Patton, Bingam
Patton, William Henry
Payne, Jerry M.
Payne, Walter
Payne, Wesley
Payton, James W.
Pearson, Frank
Pearson, Wilbur P.
Pearson, Willie
Penney, Laurie Jean
Pennie, Charles
Penson, Steve Jr.
Peppiatt, Samuel O.
Perry, Howard Cliford
Perry, Oliver S.
Perry, Watie
Perry, Willie
Peters, Essex R.
Petersen, Alfred
Peterson, Henry
Peterson, Lige
Peterson, Wesley
Pevey, Keith J.
Phillips, David
Phillips, John
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, William
Pike, William M.
Pittman, Annias
Pittman, Willie
Pitts, Tom
Plumlee, Sam D.
Pogue, Luther
Pogue, Tom
Points, Benjamin W.
Polk, Archie
Polk, George D.
Polk, Willie
Poole, Mack
Pope, William D.
Porter, Charley
Porter, Edward L.
Porter, Eugene N.
Porter, Odle B.
Porter, Thomas A.
Porter, Thomas P.
Porter, William Henry
Pounders, Lemuel E.
Powell, Greenway
Powell, Levi
Prator, Charlie
Presley, Jerry D.
Preston, Ernest M.
Price, Earl
Priddy, John H.
Pritchard, James
Pritt, Cason
Proctor, Ira B.
Proffitt, Hosea M.
Prophet, Ray B.
Prowell, James
Prowell, John Earnest
Pruitt, Abram
Pruitt, Albert
Pruitt, Ed.
Pruitt, James
Pruitt, John
Pruitt, Raymond P.
Pryor, Clay E.
Pryor, James
Pryor, Joseph
Pursley, Joe J.
Purvis, Charles Henry Jr.
Purvis, George Jasper
Purvis, Thomas Dabney
Purvis, Thornton
Queen, Spencer
Raff, Alfred R.
Ragsdale, Cary
Ragsdale, Will
Rains, George Washington
Ramsey, John
Randle, George
Randle, Norman
Randolph, George R.
Randolph, George R.
Randolph, Jonas H.
Ranson, Ed
Rawes, Casey B.
Rawes, Robert C.
Rawlings, Harlan
Ray, Jesse
Rayburn, Turner A.
Rayford, Elmer
Raymond, Lonnie R.
Reader, Allen
Ready, Edward Sims
Redman, James Russell
Reece, Bob
Reed, Alfred
Reed, Lexie
Reed, Will
Reeder, Robert
Reeves, William D.
Reichardt, Morton A.
Rennor, Joe
Reves, Claude Mertal
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Simon
Rhyne, Emmette B.
Richard, Charlie
Richardson, Lee
Richsburg, Frank
Riggins, Jordon
Riley, George
Riley, John W.
Rimer, Charles C.
Rinn, August J.
Ritchie, Charles Jackson Jr.
Rivers, John
Roach, Dan
Roach, Herbert E.
Roach, Monroe
Robbins, Arthur
Robbins, Arthur
Robbins, Robert
Robbins, Robert
Roberson, Mel
Roberson, Mel
Roberson, Samuel
Roberson, Samuel
Robert, Calvin
Roberts, Dewey E.
Roberts, Frank
Roberts, James E.
Robertson, Tom Earl
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Eddie
Robinson, Eldridge
Robinson, Frank
Robinson, Johnnie
Robinson, Leon
Robinson, Mose
Robinson, Will
Robinson, William E.
Robinson, Willie
Rodgers, Wiley
Rogan, Charlie L.
Rogers, Charlie J.
Rogers, David
Rogers, Freeman
Rogers, John
Rogers, William H.
Rohrkaste, Ernest H.E.
Roland, Chink
Roleigh, Robert
Rolly, Ben
Rolston, James V.
Ross, Aaron P. Jr.
Ross, Frank
Ross, George V.
Ross, John
Roth, Harry Paul
Rowan, Calvin
Rowland, Henry
Roy, Robert
Rumsey, William E.
Rush, Henry
Russ, Chester Arthur
Russell, Elvis Grady
Russell, Francis Douglass
Russell, John
Russell, Ollie
Russell, Robert M.
Sabatier, Charles A.
Sallis, Robert H.
Sallis, Willie
Sampson, Frank
Sanders, Albert C.
Sanders, Eddie J.
Sanders, George R.
Sanders, Jessie
Sanders, Pink
Sanford, Emile
Sarter, Grant
Sawyer, Fred
Scaife, Al
Scaife, Henry
Scaife, James
Scaife, Willie
Schmidt, Jake F.
Schmuck, Charlie A.
Schupback, Charley
Scott, Elisha
Scott, Frank L.
Scott, Willie
Seacrease, Louis
Seals, Will
Searcy, Joseph
Sechwick, Earl
Senter, Virgil
Sexton, Arthur C.
Sharp, Lue
Sharpe, Odey
Shaw, George
Shaw, Joe
Shears, Albert
Shelby, Nicholas
Shell, James T.
Shell, Marve
Shelton, Wesley B.
Shepard, Willie
Sheppard, Ebenezer
Sherrard, David
Sherred, George
Short, Carroll Edwin
Short, Jesse
Siebert, Clay
Simmons, Willie
Simmons, Willie
Simon, Albert
Simon, Oscar
Sims, Dan
Sims, Moman
Sims, Rafe
Sims, Rufus
Sims, William Jennings Bryan
Skinner, Madison
Smith, Bennie
Smith, Carr
Smith, Clarence
Smith, Edward C.
Smith, Eugene
Smith, George
Smith, George
Smith, Hal
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, James McC.
Smith, Jesse
Smith, Jessie
Smith, Joe Willie
Smith, John A.
Smith, John W.
Smith, John William A.
Smith, Julius
Smith, Lucian
Smith, Mathew
Smith, McKinley
Smith, Nathaniel
Smith, Ned
Smith, Pearl
Smith, Sam
Smith, Samuel T.
Smith, Thomas C.
Smith, Virgil L.
Smith, Wiley A.
Smith, Will
Smith, Will
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William J.
Smith, William S.
Smith, Willie
Snider, Albert
Snider, Pink N.
Snyder, Romey
Sodar, Jean
Solomon, Alvin R.
Solomon, Victor N.
Southard, Walter Robbins
Spann, Benjiman L.
Sparks, John W.
Spires, Bert E.
Stafford, Will
Stage, John E.
Stamps, Lewis F.
Stanford, Joe E.
Starks, Jesse J.
Starnes, Jeff
Steel, Harrison
Steel, Lim
Steele, Andrew
Stevens, Jasper
Stevenson, Charles
Stevenson, Clarence
Stevenson, Oscar
Stevenson, Percy George
Stevenson, Walter
Steverson, Oscar
Stewart, Diamond G.
Stewart, James
Stewart, Walter R.
Stigens, Robert W.
Stine, Leslie W.
Stingley, Fred J.
Stokes, Ben
Stokes, James McKindey
Storey, George A.
Strickland, Oscar L.
Strong, John W.
Strong, Lee
Stroter, Frank
Studesville, Albert
Studsville, Julius R.
Suide, Peter
Sullivan, Paul
Sumling, Willie B.
Summers, John
Sumpter, Will
Surgener, Clifton
Surgener, Van
Sutton, Luther C.
Swan, Floyd N.
Swan, Jeff
Swanagain, Robert
Swantz, Derrick Lee
Swantz, Leonard A. Jr.
Swarn, Cue
Swim, Robert Lee
Swope, William
Sylar, Frank L.
Tabb, Badd
Tabb, Earnest
Tabbs, Douglas
Tanner, Jesse L.
Tanner, William B.
Tappan, James Alexander
Tappan, Moore
Tappan, Robert Edmund
Tate, Anthony
Tate, Jesse J.
Tate, William
Taylor, Albert E.
Taylor, Ben
Taylor, Clarence
Taylor, E.O.
Taylor, Nathan
Taylor, Sheudrick
Taylor, Sylvester
Terrell, James L.
Tester, Sam
Theriac, John E.
Thimmig, Harold O.
Thomas, Abraham
Thomas, Alonzo
Thomas, Cherry
Thomas, Edwin F.
Thomas, Franklin
Thomas, George C.
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Joe
Thomas, John H.
Thomas, Lee A.
Thomas, Lee R.
Thomas, Louis
Thomas, Mark
Thomas, Monroe
Thomas, Sam
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, William H.
Thomas, Willis
Thomason, Victor
Thompson, Arthur B.
Thompson, Arthur Frederick
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, Shedrich
Thompson, Vernon R.
Thompson, Wade Henry
Thompson, William Henry
Thornton, Luther
Thrift, Dave
Thurman, Anthony
Tibbles, Harvey N.
Tibbs, Sidney
Tisdell, John
Titus, Tom
Tolbert, James
Tolson, George M.
Tomlinson, James R.
Tompkins, William
Toney, Reubin E.
Towens, Ed
Townsend, Royell
Trash, John
Trask, Mark
Travis, Ed
Trice, Jackson
Trice, Lewis
Trice, Oscar P.
Trudo, Ark
Truemper, Edward J.
Truemper, Joseph J.
Truemper, William S.
Tschabold, Edward Thomas
Tucker, Ed
Tucker, R.D.
Turner, Albert
Turner, Alexander Jr.
Turner, Walter
Turrentine, Arthur W.
Tweed, Willie
Underwood, Edward
Upshaw, Morse Kilburn Jr.
Vafenes, Pete
Van Buren, Gus
Vinable, Henry
Vineyard, George Hodge
Vineyard, James A.
Voyer, Irving L.
Wadsworth, Robert
Waldran, Raleigh
Walker, Alex
Walker, Douglas
Walker, Earl
Walker, Edd
Walker, James
Walker, Jenie
Walker, Jessie J.
Walker, John
Walker, Otis P.
Walker, Peter
Walker, Rowland
Walker, Simon
Walker, Willie
Wall, Joseph C.
Wall, Shelly Coleman
Wallace, Edward
Wallace, Nathan
Wallace, Vernon Lee
Walters, Louis David
Walton, Abe
Walton, Mathew
Walton, Stanley M.
Ward, Elbert
Ward, Florida
Ward, Fred J.
Ward, James P.
Ward, Joe
Ward, Robert
Warner, Ralph Bond
Warren, Percy
Warren, William H.
Washington, A.M.
Washington, Calvin
Washington, Fred
Washington, George
Washington, George Jr.
Washington, James
Washington, Oda
Washington, Perry
Washington, Rufus
Waters, Charles W. Jr.
Watkins, Alex C.
Watkins, George
Watkins, Mose
Watson, Claud
Watson, Dennis
Watson, John
Watt, Silas
Weaver, Joseph
Webb, Clarence
Webb, Frank
Webb, Tommie
Webb, Ulyses
Webber, James A.
Weedman, Lloyd Denver
Wellborn, Clarence
Wells, Amox
Wells, Fred
Wells, Hugh
Wells, Marion J.
Wells, McKinley
Wells, William
Wesley, Thomas
West, Ernest
West, Henry Harvey
West, Mercer E. Jr.
Westbrook, Mose
Westmoreland, Hosea
Wheeler, Richard
Whitaker, Buford E.
Whitaker, Dave J.
Whitaker, Sanders
White, Charlie
White, Clarience
White, Clint
White, Dave
White, Eddie
White, Elijah
White, Henry
White, James
White, James S.
White, Judge D.
White, Leona
White, Minor
White, Monroe
White, Ripplus
White, Thomas
White, Walter
Whitfield, Sam
Whitson, E.W.
Whittingto[n?], Mathew
Whittington, Wesley
Wilborn, Egbert
Wilborn, Frank
Wilburn, Phillip
Wilder, Curley
Wilkes, Luther J. Jr.
Wilkinson, Clarence A.
Willburn, Closter
Williams, Alonzo
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Ben
Williams, Charles
Williams, Charles
Williams, Claudie
Williams, Dan Jr.
Williams, Ed
Williams, Edward
Williams, Eligah
Williams, Ferdinand
Williams, Frison
Williams, George A.
Williams, George F.
Williams, George Jr.
Williams, Henry
Williams, Jessie
Williams, Joe
Williams, Joe
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John H.
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joseph E.
Williams, Julius
Williams, Lenox
Williams, Leonard R.
Williams, Leslie
Williams, Luther
Williams, McKinley
Williams, Morris
Williams, Neill
Williams, Noble
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Percy
Williams, Rayfield
Williams, Richard
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert J.
Williams, Safford S.
Williams, Sam
Williams, Thaddius
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Wallace
Williams, Will [originally written Willison, Will]
Williams, Willie
Williamson, William H.
Willis, Charley
Wilson, Anderson
Wilson, Austin
Wilson, Charlie
Wilson, Grnal General [sic]
Wilson, Henry M.
Wilson, Hosey
Wilson, Robert E.
Wilson, Willie Glene
Winder, Alex
Winston, Fred Douglas
Winston, Virgil
Winters, Jake
Wintker, Albert J.
Wise, Bill
Wiseman, Charles W.
Wofford, Felton
Womack, Sam
Womble, Charles
Wood, Patrick F.
Woods, Alex
Woods, Andrew
Woods, Deland
Woods, Eddie
Woods, Lee A.
Woods, Mose
Woods, Otey D.
Woods, Robert
Woods, William
Woodson, Jackson
Woodson, Sam
Woodson, Willie
Woolridge, Calvin
Wooten, James
Wooten, Thomas E.
Wooten, William Chesley
Word, Clark
Word, William M.
Wortham, Harry Reid
Wright, Dock
Wright, Eddie
Wright, Isaiah
Wright, James
Wyder, Christopher E.
Wyder, John F.
Wynn, Willie
Yaeger, Gilbert Jr.
Yarbough, John
Yarbrough, Eddie
Young, Albert
Young, Allen
Young, Edwin B.
Young, Essie
Young, Harrison
Young, James Ross
Young, Joe
Young, Otis E.
Young, Walter
Young, Will
Zimmerman, Aaron Paul

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