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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Howard, Montgomery, Pike, Polk, and Sevier Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Pike County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Pike County World War I Soldiers

Alford, Harold D.
Alford, John M.
Allen, Aden B.
Allison, John A.
Anderson, Elzy C.
Andrews, Alfred
Andrews, Bryan
Andrews, Robert W.
Anglin, Stirling E.
Atkinson, James D.
Atkinson, William H.
Austin, James H. Jr.
Austin, William Francis
Bailey, Barnie E.
Ball, Clem D.
Barker, Joe D.
Barnett, Willie B.
Bell, Joseph W.C. [Bell, Joseph W.C. Jr. on enlisted card]
Bell, Luci
Billings, Bishop C.
Blakely, Frank H.
Blakely, Jesse J.
Bonewits, Harry B.
Bonner, Jack W.
Bowen, William R.
Bowers, Grover W.
Boyd, Warner G.
Branton, Lonnie W.
Bratton, Guy
Bratton, Vern N.
Brewer, Russel
Brewer, Sherman W.
Briggs, Herman
Brooks, Hampton Crockett
Brown, George B.
Brown, Joe Floyd
Brunson, Marcus D.
Buckley, John H.
Buckner, Thomas
Bullock, John W.
Bumgarner, Sim
Burke, Charlie J.
Butler, Virgil
Byrd, Tom
Caldwell, Dewitt T.
Campbell, Ernest C.
Carroll, Charles W.
Carroll, Jessie M.
Carroll, William M.
Carson, Will Austion
Carter, Eugene
Chambers, Marlin L.
Chambers, Thomas J.
Chandler, Clance
Chapel, Sydney
Chapel, Zib T.
Christopher, Otis
Clark, Gus W.
Clevenger, Jewell
Clingan, William N.
Coffman, Ansley
Coffman, Oscar
Coldwell, Willie E.
Coleman, Allen G.
Coleman, Thaniel
Collier, Charles J.
Collins, Virgil E.
Collum, Willie
Cook, Henry F.
Cook, Ollie
Cook, Sandefer
Cook, W.E.
Cooper, Albert Henry
Cooper, Monta M.
Copeland, Butler C.
Cornish, John H.
Corson, Will Austion
Covington, Ira E.
Covington, William F.
Cowart, Joseph I.
Cowart, Owens
Crawford, Horace F.
Crawford, Oscar
Crocker, Lucious M.
Cross, James D.
Crow, Joseph Amas
Cummings, Matthew D.
Cummings, Willis F.
Curry, Guss E.
Daniels, Henry O.
Davis, Charlie F.
Davis, Chesley
Dawson, Roy E.
Demby, Wilber P.
Denison, Charlie W.
Diamond, David F.
Dingler, Alvin
Dingler, Hubert E.
Dooley, Douglas S.
Dulin, Charles F.
Duncan, Denzil I.
Dunn, Carlos W.
East, George W.
East, Joe W.
Echols, Obie
Edge, Ed
Edge, Otis H.
Edwards, Moses
Elam, Owen B.
Ellis, Dovie D.
Epperson, Galord W.
Epperson, William B.
Evans, Carl
Evans, Carl
Evans, John
Everett, Luther
Fagan, Bud M.
Featherston, Alfred H.
Fenter, Rupert
Ferguson, Webster S.
Flaherty, Samuel C.
Foshee, Clarence B.
Frost, James S.
Frost, Warner G.
Fuller, James J.
Fuller, William O.
Funderburk, Isaac
Gallegly, Clarence
Garner, Thomas W.
Garner, William I.
Garrett, Charles H.
Garrett, Worley E.
Gentry, Joe
Gentry, Sam A.
Gentry, Willie
Gill, Elijah
Gilmore, Ivan N.
Golden, William Jennings Bryan
Goodson, Joseph W.
Grace, Monroe
Greathouse, Lewis D.
Green, Dick G.
Gregory, Seborn
Griffin, Elijah H.
Grover, Martin L.
Guillot, Clarence
Haggard, Polk
Hallmark, Emmett R.
Hamilton, Mike P.
Hampton, Ray C.
Harbison, David B.
Hardiman, Robert L.
Hardin, Fay Augusta
Harris, Nonus
Harris, Rolf
Harris, William C.
Harrison, Albert D.
Haygood, Roger W.
Henderson, Claude T.
Henderson, Clyde
Henderson, James A.
Hendrix, Walter
Hewitt, Clyde W.
Hewitt, Jewell J.
Hewitt, Joel Thomas
Hicks, John A.
Hill, George T.
Hill, Robert
Hill, Tim J.
Holland, Mack G.
Hollaway, Gilbert R.
Holloway, Earl
Holloway, Humphrey
Holmes, Edward B.
Holmes, Lewis O.
Hooker, Leonard L.
Hoover, George W.
Hoover, Homer J.
Hoover, James B.
Hoover, William J.
Hopper, Carrol E.
Horton, Homer
Huddleston, John J.
Hughes, Albert J.
Hughes, Alfred J.
Humphrey, Spurrell
Hunt, Imon G.
Ineck, Charles H.
Irwin, John E.
Jackson, Fierdoon
Jackson, John M.
Jackson, Luther Horce
Jackson, William T.
Jeffers, Carlton
Johnson, Charley J.
Johnson, Jerome E.
Johnson, Pink A.
Johnston, Walter
Jones, Arthur A.
Jones, Granville
Jones, Otis C.
Jones, Raymond
Jordon, Bert
Kelley, Samuel E.
Kelly, Eual B.
Kendall, Cornelius
Kendrick, Evan L.
Kendrick, Isaac F.
Kenion, Vander
Kennedy, Otis G.
Killian, Harvey A.
Killingsworth, Richard L.
Killion, France R.
Kirk, Percy
Kirkham, Gip Whit
Kizzia, Charlie F.
Kizzia, Earnest G.
Kizzia, Floyd A.
Knight, Henry
Knighten, Charley J.
Knighten, Noah E.
Lacefield, Olen
Lacy, Levi U.
Lafevers, Acie W.
Lamb, David G.
Lamb, Mack
Lane, Fred
Langley, Claude
Langley, Robert Q.
Lashlee, Wats
Laurent, Willie O.
Lefevers, Cornelious H.
Lewallen, LeRoy
Lindsey, Calvin A.
Linville, Carver
Liveoak, Fred C.
Lockeby, Maine
Mack, Joe B.
Manning, Luther A.
Martin, Cylvert A.
Massey, Gordon W.
Mathews, Paul D.
Matlock, Shannon
Maxey, John
Maxey, John
Maxon, James
McCauley, Hester M.
McCormic, George W.
McDaniel, Mack
McHughes, James T.
McKinnon, Archie
McWha, Edgar A.
Meeks, Ollie
Miller, Claude
Miller, James
Miller, James W.
Miller, Joe Henry
Miller, William A.
Miller, Willie
Minor, Lee C.
Mitchell, Homer O.
Mitchell, William C.
Mobley, Will
Moody, Elbert T.
Moore, Charlie
Morphew, Herbert
Morris, Hugh W.
Morrison, Conner J.
Munson, Thomas A.
Murphy, Harley B.
Neighbors, Loyd Macon
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Hurley
O'Neal, Roy Henderson
Osborn, Rufus J.
Owensby, James W.
Parker, Bunyan L.
Parker, Ervin
Parker, George
Parker, Henry O.
Parker, Jeff D.
Parnell, James A.
Pate, Lon D.
Phillips, Elmer
Phillips, John G.
Phillips, Will C.
Pierce, Jack
Pinnix, Charles H.
Pinson, Tom
Ponder, Alvin
Ponder, Henry
Pounds, William F.
Pryor, Claud Alphonso
Pursell, Edward
Pursell, John Lee
Randall, John M.
Ray, George W.
Ray, Willis
Reaves, Ben J.
Reaves, Charles M.
Reed, James S.
Reese, Bo
Reynolds, Myrty
Rhodes, Sam F.
Rhodes, Uther C.
Roberts, Roy W.
Robertson, Willie R.
Robinson, Fletcher
Rodgers, Colonel J.
Sanderson, Homer T.
Scobey, William F.
Scott, Frank
Shankles, James Clifton
Sherman, George F.
Shinkles, Edward L.
Simmons, Christopher C.
Simmons, John Vinson
Slaughter, Ernest A.
Smedley, Dave H.
Smedley, William W.
Smith, Oscar B.
Smith, Wayman C.
Sowell, Hayse A.
Sparks, Arthur Ceburn
Starling, Sam Dudley
Stewart, John K.
Stokes, Edgar G.
Story, Oba
Stroope, Burt R.
Stroope, Wilmer D.
Stroup, Archibald
Sutton, Bennie L.
Tallant, Charlie M.
Tallant, James H.B.
Tallent, Thomas A.
Taylor, Doss C.
Taylor, William A.
Thomas, Grover C.
Thomas, Jack
Thomas, Joe R.
Thomas, William H.
Thomasson, Harry B.
Thomasson, James T.
Thompson, Forney A.
Thorpe, Harry
Thrash, Isaac
Thrash, Roy G.
Thrash, Willis L.
Tolleson, Cyrus Paul
Tollett, Reeder
Traylor, Frank
Trout, George T.
Trout, Homer B.
Trout, Jesse M.
Trout, Luther E.
Upchurch, James V.
Vandiver, Isaac
Waits, Herbert C.
Walker, Andrew A.
Walker, Robert G.
Walker, Sion C.
Walker, Willie S.
Walston, Commodore D.
Walters, Frank K.
Ward, William A.
Watkins, Grady
Watson, Abner L.
Watson, Andrew C.
Watson, Charlie C.
Watson, James C.
Watson, Walter W.
Webb, Grover L.
Webb, Noah E.
Westerman, Leven F.
Whatley, Arley
Whisenhunt, Joe
White, Henry H.
White, John T.
White, Marion
White, Walter T.
Whitehead, David R.
Whitehead, Rosco G.
Wilkins, Charles H.?
Williams, Charles F.
Williams, Hoyal O.
Williams, Wilmer W.
Williamson, Erastus T.
Wilson, John H.
Wilson, Samuel J.
Wilson, William N.
Wingfield, Aleck W.
Wright, Joseph L.
Wysinger, Earnest
Young, Ollie
Young, Perry
Young, Wilmer G.

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