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County Resources, Pope County

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Pope County, Arkansas, 1850 Census and Marriage Book A, 1830-1849
By Bobbie Jones McLane and Capitola Glazner, ISBN 0-929604-03-2, 95 pages, $16.00
All 4,231 people enumerated in the 1850 federal census for Pope County are listed, together with 420 marriage entries from the county's first marriage book, covering April, 1830, through November, 1849. There is a surname index.
Pope County, Arkansas, 1860 Census and Marriages, 1849-1859
By Bobbie Jones McLane and Capitola Glazner, ISBN 0-929604-04-0, 139 pages, $18.00
Pope county had 7,883 people in the census of 1860, and they're all listed in this book, along with the marriages recorded in Pope County from December, 1849, to December, 1859.
Marriage Records, Pope County, Arkansas, 1860-1892
By Bobbie Jones McLane and Capitola Glazner, ISBN 0-929604-24-5, 307 pages, $35.00
Marriage records are probably the most important records genealogists use because they lead us to new family lines every time we find a new maiden name. In this book, grooms' names are listed in alpha order with a bride index. Order your copy today!
Pope County, Arkansas, Marriage Records: Three Volumes from Arkansas Ancestors, 1830-1892 on CD
By Bobbie Jones McLane and Capitola Glazner, ISBN 978-1-56546-397-4, one CD, $19.95
Can this get better? Why sure! Now the three volumes listed above are available on one CD in .pdf (Adobe's portable document format) files. Save trees, save bookshelf space, save money.
Arkansas Land Patents: Pope County
ISBN 1-56546-044-8, 81 pages, $14.00

What are land patents? All of what is now Arkansas was once owned by the federal government--it is a public domain land state. People who purchased land from the federal government received documents called land patents. Land was obtained through purchase, military warrants, homesteads, scrip acts and other laws that allowed the land to be transferred out of federal hands. The paperwork generated in those sales can be very helpful to genealogists. Copies of the land patents make interesting additions to published family histories but the land entry case files are most apt to have helpful details about families or clues that help piece together information from other sources.

What information is included? The county volumes of land patents list patentee's name, volume and page of the patent book, land office, document and miscellaneous document numbers, type of transaction, precise legal description, and number of acres. Introductory information describes in great detail how to get copies of the patents and land entry case files, how to use other land record sources, how to integrate the information with other sources, what is found in a typical homestead case file, where and when the Arkansas land offices operated, and a selected bibliography. County maps are also included. The time period covered by this information is earliest settlement through 30 June 1908. Information from 156,784 patent documents is included. These county volumes are based on current-day county boundaries.

Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications from Johnson, Logan, Perry, Pope, Scott and Yell Counties
ISBN 0-941765-61-X, 46 pp, 1,916 veterans, $10.00

This book is an index to Confederate veterans who applied for pensions from the State of Arkansas. Information includes: veteran's name, widow or mother's name, company, unit, year(s) of enrollment, county from which applied and death dates of the veteran and his widow. Also included is a list of pensioners granted awards through legislative acts and a list of residents of the Confederate Home. Pensioners in this book are cross-referenced to the 1911 Arkansas Confederate Veteran census. A detailed summary of pension legislation and suggestions for further research are included. Pensions were based on the state of residence at the time of eligibility.

Arkansas State Donation and Swamp Lands: Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Logan, Pope, Scott, Sebastian, and Yell Counties
Compiled by Desmond Walls Allen, ISBN 1-56546-279-3, 145 pages, $24.00
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See our detailed explanation about donation and swamp lands under our "Land Records" category. (Then click your "back" browser button to return to this page.)

Or buy this book in .pdf with electronic delivery (no shipping), ISBN 978-1-56546-544-2, $8.95

Index to Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Franklin, Johnson, and Pope Counties
ISBN 1-56546-250-5, 64 pages, $15.00

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FREE Pope County Death Record Indexes

The following links lead you to death record indexes for specified time periods. The information in these indexes is taken straight from Arkansas Health Department records. Click here to visit the Health Department's website for more information about ordering a death certificate. We've been selling this information in book form for some time, but have decided to make it available free to all our cousins researching our Arkansas ancestors. Click here to see details about the books.

Remember, just like in horseshoes and nuclear war, "close" counts when it comes to spelling.

Pope County Death Record Index 1914-1923

Pope County Death Record Index 1924-1933

Pope County Death Record Index 1934-1940

Pope County Death Record Index 1941-1948

Pope County was created: 2 November 1829.
Parent County: Crawford.
Progeny Counties: Johnson 1833, Logan 1871, Scott 1833, Van Buren 1833, Yell 1844.
County Boundary Changes: Part annexed to Yell 5 January 1853, part annexed from Conway 6 January 1853, line with Newton defined 17 February 1859, with Johnson 19 October 1859 and 27 March 1871, with Conway 28 May 1874, with Johnson re-established 6 March 1875, changed with Johnson 9 March 1877.
County Records: In 1906, A.B. Shinn reported the records complete and in "a fairly good state of preservation."

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