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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Crittenden, Cross, and St. Francis Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from St. Francis County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

St. Francis County World War I Soldiers

Abel, James R.
Adair, Hess
Adamson, Luther
Adkins, Willis
Alder, Don B.
Alder, Roy Thomas
Alexander, Dave
Alexander, Ola D.
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Charles W.
Allen, Ernest Ray
Allen, Floyd
Allen, Floyd M.
Allman, Johnnie Mender
Anderson, Chandler P.
Anderson, Willie
Ankrum, Arthur
Ankrum, Samuel
Appleberry, Will H.
Archie, Lester
Armor, Robert
Armstead, George W.
Armstrong, Arther
Armstrong, Herbert Erastus
Armstrong, John Allie
Ash, Edward
Ashworth, William
Askew, David
Askew, Mathew
Askew, Willie
Avant, George W.
Backus, Andrew
Bailey, Elbert
Bailey, James
Bailey, John H.
Ball, Barney
Ball, Samuel
Ballard, Thomas K.
Banks, Will
Bard, Tilton
Barker, John
Barksdale, Joe W.
Barksdale, Roy Clifford
Barnes, Calvin
Barnes, Tolie
Barnett, Joseph
Barney, Clinton
Barton, Jim
Baskin, James
Baskins, George
Baskins, Willie Andrew
Bates, Joe
Battle, Simon
Becker, H.K.
Beckley, Nathaniel
Belk, Rock
Bell, Ernest
Bell, Mike E.
Bell, Wallace
Bellamy, Arthur
Bennett, Loudie E.
Bernard, Clarence W.
Berry, Albert
Berry, Dave
Berryhill, Emmit
Bevan, John Howard
Bevly, Charley
Biggers, Singleton
Birt, James M.
Bishop, Joseph O.
Black, Claudie
Blankenship, Harry
Bledsoe, Walter
Blevins, Bailus
Blount, John H.
Bodry, Walter A.
Bolden, George
Bond, George
Bond, Jodie
Bonds, Thomas
Bonham, Andrew Johnson
Bonner, Exon
Bonner, Wesley
Boone, Milton
Bootes, Stanley
Booth, Cagy
Borton, Wat
Bostic, William
Boyd, Toney
Boyington, Samuel
Boykin, Lewis
Bradley, Hearlin V.
Bradley, Jessie
Bray, John
Bray, William
Brazzell, Elmo
Bridgforth, David O.
Brinker, James
Brooks, Charley
Brooks, Claude A.
Brooks, Sol
Brothers, Sherly S.
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Ben
Brown, Dee
Brown, Eugene P.
Brown, Henry
Brown, Hunter J.
Brown, Norman Herbert
Brown, Page
Brown, Son
Brownlee, Emanuel E.
Bruce, Benjamin F.
Bruce, Harvey
Bryant, Chester A.
Bryant, Henry
Bufford, Daniels
Bufford, Henry
Buford, Albert W.
Bullock, Joe Thomas
Burgis, David
Burnside, Albert
Burts, Major
Busby, Tom R.
Butler, Arthur
Butler, J.P.
Butler, Tom
Buzzan, Carral W.
Bynum, Thomas H.
Cain, Clarence
Cain, Garland
Callahan, Jeff D.
Campbell, Taylor
Canada, Willie
Cannon, Benjaminmon F. [sic]
Carnes, Lebron S.
Carpenter, James H.
Carpenter, William S.
Carruthers, Robert
Carter, Gary L.
Carter, Henry C.
Carter, John Leonard
Cavanaugh, Albert B.
Chalmers, Sandy
Chappell, Clyde
Chappell, Olie
Cheeks, Son
Chilner, William E.
Chipman, William Bryan
Chires, Oliver
Christopher, Talmage E.
Christopher, Talmage Edward
Clark, Cleveland
Clark, Maxwell L.D.
Clark, Roger S.
Clifft, James C.
Clifton, Embery L.
Clifton, Grady H.
Clifton, Homer P.
Cobb, John
Coborn, Herman
Colbert, Oscar
Cole, Gilbert L.
Coleman, Acie
Coleman, Carroll
Coleman, Clarence
Coleman, Elisha
Coleman, Harry
Coleman, Israel
Coleman, James W.
Coleman, John
Collie, Edgar B.
Collie, George W.
Collie, James H.
Collins, John
Collins, Sam
Compton, Samson
Conwell, Miles
Cook, Clarence
Cook, Eddie
Cooper, James W.
Cooperwood, Tom
Coopwood, William
Cotter, Johnie
Cotter, Thomas J.
Cousin, Littell
Cowen, Willie C.
Cox, Edwin R.
Cox, George P.
Cox, John C.
Cox, Tom
Cox, Walter
Craven, Claude
Crawford, Stephen
Crippen, Sam J.
Cross, Jackson C.
Cross, Robert Albert
Crosslan, Tyree J.
Crump, Julius
Crutcher, Howard A.
Cullen, Ivory
Culley, Homer H.
Culley, William A.
Curry, Wood
Curtis, Aaron
Dabbs, Lee
Daniel, Aaron
Daniel, Acy
Daniel, Lee
Darden, Clarence
Darden, Lloyd B.
Davis, Alaska
Davis, Albert W.
Davis, Bobie
Davis, Claud E.
Davis, Clinton
Davis, Cyndy W.
Davis, Elton
Davis, Jim
Davis, Laymon
Davis, Persie M.
Davis, Purry
Davis, Solomon
Davis, Will C.
Davis, William G.
Davis, Willie
Dawkins, Richard
Deering, Alonzo
Deering, Willie
Delain, Ed.
Delano, Richard L.
Deupree, James D.
Devasier, Hubert T.
Devazier, Charley
Devazier, Jesse
Devereaux, Louie
Diamond, Charlie
Dickens, Taylor
Dickerson, Henery
Dickerson, John L.
Dillard, John
Dillard, Luster
Dixon, Joseph
Dixon, Willie
Dooley, George
Dooley, Hammond P.
Dorris, Albert
Dorsey, Mitchell
Dotson, Nathaniel
Douglass, Steven A.
Dover, Otha
Doxy, Josh
Dozier, Giles
Dozier, John Homer
Drake, George
Duncan, Eggleston L.
Duncan, John
Duncan, Osceola D.
Duncan, Warren
Eagle, Curtis C.
Eastman, James R.
Ebling, John L.
Eckford, Oscar
Eden, Lewis T.
Eden, Roy A.
Edinbough, Dan
Edwards, Charlie M.
Edwards, Evie
Edwards, Will F.
Edwards, Willie
Eldridge, Aubrey
Eldridge, Georeg L. [sic]
Elkins, William
Ellis, Alfred L.
Ellis, Harvey
Ellis, James C.
Ellis, Parker Young
Emmons, Richard
Emmons, Will M.
England, Beverley
Ephinger, Frank
Eskew, Ulesses?
Evans, Wanna Malcolm
Everett, Delie
Ezell, Clyde H.
Fagon, Fred
Faire, Tom
Farmer, Neal
Felton, Kelly
Ferguson, John Q.
Fitzhugh, Charles
Fitzsimmons, Burton W.
Fleming, Charley W.
Fleming, Daniel W.
Fleming, Paul
Fletcher, Walter
Fletcher, William Clayborn
Flobre, Gerald Long
Flowers, George
Folbre, Bonne J.
Folden, John A.
Folkerts, Johannes
Fondren, John T.
Ford, Alex
Ford, Burl
Ford, Lonzy
Ford, Moses
Ford, Namon
Ford, Price
Foreman, James
Fox, William R.
Francies, James
Franklin, Freddie
Franklin, Sam
Franks, Ed
Frazier, Thomas O.
Fulghum, Levi
Fuller, Daniel
Fullerton, Thomas
Gardner, Fred
Gardner, Hulan
Garrett, Robert
Garry, Ben
Gasper, Robert
Gasper, William H.
Gather, Richard
Gatlin, Prince
Gatlin, Wesley
Gatling, Donald B.
Gatling, Henry G.
Gatten, Elmer R.
Geater, Greenlee
Geater, Jepp
Geater, Neeley
Gehring, Ferdinand
Gehring, Louis
Gentry, Fred A.
Ghess, Thomas
Gibson, Person
Gillespie, Max W.
Gilliam, Cleveland
Gilmore, Zeb B.
Givens, Charley Winfield
Givens, Edward
Givens, Willie
Glaspie, Will
Glaspy, James
Glassper, Isom
Godwin, Frenchie
Goodwin, Charlie
Gorman, Malcolm O.
Gorman, Malcolm O.
Gracey, Jessie
Grandy, Odell
Grant, Hiram
Gray, Albert
Gray, Anthony
Gray, Charles
Gray, Ed
Gray, Esaw L.
Gray, George W.
Gray, Henry C.
Gray, Joe
Gray, John W.
Gray, Thomas G.
Gray, William
Gray, William T.
Green, Armster
Green, Ben
Green, George
Green, Jessie
Green, John H.
Greenacre, Walter
Greer, George
Gress, Theo Murphy
Grey, Ed
Grimes, Virgil
Grizzle, Clarence Charles
Gunter, Walter
Gupton, Cleveland H.
Gupton, James
Gupton, Lawrence
Guyton, Sidney
Gwyn, James H.
Hadley, Benjamin
Hadley, Chester
Hairel, Aron
Haithcock, James M.
Halbert, William P.
Hall, Finus
Hall, James
Hall, James
Hall, John O.
Hall, Richard
Halliburton, Preston
Hambleton, Derwood B.
Hambleton, Nathan B.
Hamilton, Joe H.
Hamilton, William
Hammill, Clyde E.
Hardy, Jasper
Hare, Robert
Hare, Thomas
Harper, Guy
Harper, John
Harris, Alfred
Harris, Billie R.
Harris, Eugene
Harris, James
Harris, Jean
Harris, Jim
Harris, Ollie
Harris, Oscar
Harris, Patrick
Harris, Robert
Harris, Sam
Harris, Scott
Harris, Stephen
Harrison, Wade
Hawkins, James E.
Hayes, James
Hayes, William E.
Hayley, Edward Wilban
Hayley, Jewel Gene
Hays, George F. Jr.
Hearon, Mitchel
Heath, James Mason
Heath, Lee T.
Heatherly, Marl
Heisner, Elmer
Hemme, Paul A.
Henderson, Ollie
Henderson, Otto
Henderson, Pink
Henderson, Robert L.
Henley, Carl Young
Henley, Walter
Henry, William
Henson, Grover C.
Henson, John R.
Herring, Benjamin F.
Hess, James R.
Hester, Willie Coley
Hickman, Early
Hickman, Wash
Hicks, John L.
Hightower, Virgie
Hill, Emmett L.
Hill, Frank
Hill, John
Hine, Homer D.
Hine, James W.
Hise, Luther
Hiter, Leonard Mathis
Hobbs, Homer
Hobbs, Nathan
Hodges, Abner C.
Hodges, James V.
Hodges, Ruben
Hogan, Claude
Hogans, Shelley
Holiday, Frank
Holland, James Lee
Hollwell, Lazres
Holmes, Clarence
Holmes, George
Hood, Clyde
Hooks, Amos
Hooks, Willie
Horton, Isaac Finley
Horton, Lee B.
House, Archie
Houston, Ed
Houston, Thurman
Howard, Alexander
Howard, Ben
Howard, Joseph
Howard, Layman
Howard, Sylvester
Howton, Archie
Howton, John W.
Hubbard, Thomas G.
Hudson, Cecil
Hudson, Claudie
Hudson, Haywood
Huggins, Amzie
Huggins, Cleveland
Hughes, Abram
Hughes, Alex
Hughes, Boyd
Hulbert, Linsley
Hulen, Charles W.
Hullum, Frank
Hunt, Cornelius
Hunt, Murry
Hunter, Paten
Hutchinson, Ell L.
Ingram, Fletcher
Ingram, Geernie
Ingram, George
Ingram, Paris
Ingram, Ruben
Isham, Thomas
Isom, Frank
Jacks, Guy Lester
Jackson, James
Jackson, R.B.
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Rufus W.
Jagers, E.
James, Richard
James, William
James, Willie
Jefferies, Joe
Jeffries, Cornelious
Jeffries, Eddie
Jernigan, Roy
Johnican, Lawson
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Claud A.
Johnson, David
Johnson, Early
Johnson, Frazier L.
Johnson, George R.
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, Giles
Johnson, Hardie L.
Johnson, Max
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Will
Johnson, William
Johnson, Willie
Joiner, Albert J.
Joiner, Rufus
Jones, Adam I.
Jones, Arthur
Jones, B.J.
Jones, Clark
Jones, Clementon
Jones, Clyde
Jones, Curtis
Jones, Dave
Jones, Floyd William
Jones, Fonzo
Jones, George
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Isom
Jones, James
Jones, Jessie
Jones, John
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Lawrence
Jones, Leonard C.
Jones, Luellen
Jones, Marion
Jones, Mike
Jones, Peter W.
Jones, Sam
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Walker
Jones, Walter
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, Thomas
Jordan, Will
Jordan, William Edward
Kelley, Foreman
Kent, Eugene Lee
Keys, Thomas
Kimbrel, Rayond D. [sic]
Kimbrel, Thurman
King, Ambrose
King, Ameakers N.
King, Paul
King, Tom
King, Walter
Knight, Ed
Knuckles, Alexander
LaSaines, Willie
Lambert, Oscar W.
Langhinghouse, Newman Raiford [should be Laughinghouse]
Lanier, John Thomas
Larrymore, Napoleon
Latimore, Ernest
Laughinhouse, Newman R.
Lawson, Archie Mathew
Lawson, Benjamin E.
Lawson, William E.
Lawson, Willie
Leatherwood, Hubert
Leatherwood, Robert
Lederman, Jake
Lee, Alfred
Lee, George D.
Lee, Nathaniel
Leslie, Egbert A.
Levy, James
Levy, Joseph
Lewellen, Louis
Lewis, John
Lewis, Oliver
Light, Lige
Lindauer, Fred
Lindsey, Baxter L.
Lindsey, Ferdannd D. [sic]
Lipscomb, Sam
Littlefield, Freddie
Loewer, Charles F.W.
Loney, Curtis
Long, Arthur Otis
Long, Henry M.
Long, Howard W.
Long, Will
Lott, Boaz Richard
Love, Bundy
Love, Sandy
Love, Will
Lucas, Grilley
Lucas, Grilley
Luter, William
Luter, William
Lynch, Amos
Lynch, James
Madison, Alto
Madison, Will
Mallory, Eddie Lee
Mallory, Ned
Malloy, Bert
Manley, Abner T.
Manley, William F.
Mann, Sam Henry Jr.
Marks, Sylvester
Martin, James E.
Martin, Otho
Martin, Sam L.
Mason, Dee
Mason, Eddie
Mason, Wayland Hoyt
Mathews, Jack Williams
Matlock, Hugh Dexter
Matthewson, Ira
Maxwell, Eddie
May, Walter
Mayberry, Robert
Mayfield, Edward
Mayhorn, Johnie
McBee, Fay S.
McBee, Luther C.
McBroom, John H.
McBroom, Stanley
McClure, James Nathaniel
McConico, Eddie
McCoy, Elijah
McCoy, Morgan
McCrary, John Henry
McCullough, Jay W.
McDaniel, Charles
McDaniel, Finas
McDonald, Lonzie
McDonald, Willie
McDowell, Earl
McEwen, Henry
McFarland, Coleman
McGaha, Clifford
McGee, Birch
McGowan, Will
McGuire, Henry
McIntosh, Ernest
McKinney, Abe
McKinney, Luther
McKinney, Willie
McKnight, Worley V.
McLemore, Horace
McMickle, Edward
McNeal, Albert
McNeese, Thomas J.
McPeak, Robert K.
McPhaul, Alonzo Baxter
McPhaul, Ernest I.
McQuiller, Otto
Means, Ulysses
Meridith, Henry
Merwin, William L.
Metcalf, Dock
Metcalf, Fred
Milam, Jackson B.
Miller, Elijah
Miller, Fred
Miller, John
Miller, John C.
Miller, Oliver P.
Miller, Vurdel
Mills, Prentice E.
Milton, Ernest (Earnest)
Milton, Jim
Milton, John B.
Mitchell, Clarence
Mitchell, Leonard
Mitchell, Louis
Mitchell, Willie
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, John O.
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Howard G.
Moore, Howard G.
Moore, John E.
Moore, Sam
Moore, Sylvester
Morgan, Cleveland
Morgan, Willie Lee
Morrow, Ursey
Mosley, Matthew
Motley, Eddie
Mott, Charlie
Mull, Frank
Mull, William
Murphree, William H.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Walter
Murrah, George M.
Murrah, John B.
Murty, James J.
Neel, Morton Andrew
Nellom, John
Nelson, Haywood
Nesbitt, King
Nesbitt, Lenzie
Nicholas, Roy A.
Nichols, Charlie
Nichols, Henry
Nicholson, Willie
Nimocks, Alfred Byron
Nix, Little B.
Nocholas, Alfred F.?
Norfleet, Marvin Brooks
Norris, Rubie S.
Northington, Bill
Norvell, Hugh
Oehlschlager, Ewald
Olieff, Author
Oliver, Claude
Osborn, Eugene
Osborn, Joseph
Oursler, William C. Jr.
Oxner, John
Palmer, Son
Paradise, John Eddie
Pardew, Walter A.
Pardue, John B.
Parker, Charley
Parker, Fitzhugh L.
Parker, Ulius S.
Parker, Van
Parker, William J.
Parkinson, Joseph H.
Parkman, Thomas Jefferson
Paslay, Robert C.
Patrick, Alex
Patrick, Grover C.
Patterson, Dennis
Patton, Arthur
Patton, Cornelius
Patton, Wesley
Payne, Elmer Ralford
Payne, Kelley
Payne, Lonnie
Payne, Richard Hammond
Pearson, Ira
Pearson, James A.
Pearson, James Boyd
Pearson, Wavely
Peck, Dennis W.
Peeples, Bud
Peete, William
Peevey, Robert Whitfield
Pendleton, Andrew
Pendleton, Horace
Peoples, Charles
Peoples, Earnest H.
Peoples, James R.
Peoples, Otto
Peoples, Wash
Perkins, Albert
Perkins, Vanie E.
Pernell, Charlie
Pernell, Henry
Perry, Charley
Perry, Rufus L.
Peterson, Preston
Pettigrew, George
Pettigrew, Henry
Pettigrew, Rayburn
Phifer, Robert Lee
Phillip, Arthur
Phillips, Anderson
Phillips, Charley
Phillips, Jessie
Pierson, Benjamin H.
Pippin, Henry A.
Platt, Charles L.
Plummer, John T.
Polk, Thomas
Pollard, Edward Wesley
Pope, George
Porter, Henry
Powell, Clyde Vernon
Precise, Chalmer E.
Price, Will
Privett, Roy Richard
Prowell, Jeff
Pruden, Levi
Pruitt, James E.
Pugh, Seth R.
Pullam, James
Pye, Dan
Pye, Willie Johnnie
Ramey, Wiley M.
Randall, Lewis
Ransom, Arthur
Ransom, Louis
Ratton, Albert
Ratton, Parish A.
Rawls, William T.
Ray, James
Reader, Willie
Reece, William
Reed, Horace R.
Reed, Marshall Clifford
Reed, Roy L.
Reeves, Ellis
Rembert, Eugene
Rhodes, Simon
Richard, Frank
Richardson, Alvin
Richardson, Brolie
Richardson, Charley
Richardson, Joel
Roberts, Johnie
Robinson, Allen
Robinson, Allen
Robinson, Clifton
Robinson, Don
Robinson, Lonnie C.
Robison, Wes M.
Roby, Bruce K.
Roby, Frank
Rodgers, Alexander
Rodgers, Cornelius
Rodgers, Jodie
Rodges, Frank
Rodrian, Herman J.
Rogers, James
Rogers, Willie
Rollwage, Ralph Emerson
Rooks, Elmore
Rooks, Mack
Rose, John E.
Ross, George
Ross, Willie
Rowland, Walter W.
Roy, Claude R.
Royce, Howard T.
Rozell, Jessie
Rucker, Bonnie
Ruff, Emmett J.
Ruff, Oscar W.
Russell, Omar
Ryan, Earnest
Salter, Ruben
Sampley, John Wesley
Sanders, Arthur
Sanders, William S.
Sanders, Willie
Satterfield, Lee M.
Scaggs, Edgar G.
Schingle, Joe A.
Schoonover, Roy
Scott, Elmore
Scott, Herbert Lawrence
Scott, James Rufus Jr.
Scott, Thomas Duglas
Scott, Virgil
Seals, David
Sears, Marvin B.
Sells, Samuel O.
Shafer, Arthur L.
Shafer, Charles E.
Sharp, Morris
Shawver, Benjamin Gray
Shephard, James
Sheppard, Robert
Shue, Merrill
Shurn, Robert
Simmons, Walter Dixon
Simms, Walter
Sims, George
Singer, James E.
Sisk, Early
Sisk, Edie
Sisk, Willie
Slagle, Virgil
Slaughter, Onice
Smith, Bennie F.
Smith, Birtie A.
Smith, Burley
Smith, Elige H.
Smith, Fate
Smith, Frank
Smith, George A.
Smith, James Homer
Smith, Joe Willie
Smith, Leroy
Smith, Lum
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Moses
Smith, Napoleon B.
Smith, Neil
Smith, Oscar F.
Smith, Rayfield
Smith, Sandy
Smith, Wiley
Smith, William
Smothers, Andrew
Sneed, William H.
Snyder, John Wesley
Sorrels, Hardie V.
Sossaman, Jack
Sossoman, John
Southern, Jasper
Spaulding, John
Spencer, Charley
Spight, Joe
Spivey, Cecil P.
Sprawell, Willie
Stanley, Sam
Starks, Eddie
Starks, Jessie
Stevenson, Sidney
Steveson, Sid
Stevson, Sid
Steward, Frank
Stoddard, John C.
Stokes, Allen
Stokes, Ernest Prescott
Stokes, Hardy R.
Stokes, James Archie
Stokes, William
Stout, Thomas W.
Stovall, Jessie
Stovall, Jurrell
Streeter, Charles
Streeter, James
Stringer, Roger M.
Stubbs, Will
Suggs, Alfred L.
Suggs, Earl W.
Sullards, Ralph
Sullivan, George
Surratt, Billie B.
Swain, John
Swan, Fred
Swan, John P.
Swan, John P.
Swanigan, Elijah
Swinson, George
Swopes, Henry
Sykes, Walter
Tabb, Josh Jr.
Tabor, Charlie
Tabron, James
Tabron, Jeff
Tankersley, William
Tayler, James
Taylor, Clarence E.
Taylor, Edward H.
Taylor, Ira S.
Taylor, Lincoln
Taylor, Luke I.
Taylor, Marcellus
Taylor, Martin
Taylor, Walter
Taylor, Wardell
Taylor, Wesley
Taylor, Willie
Teasley, Chester
Teasley, Jessie
Terry, Ed
Thomas, Alger L.
Thomas, Beaty H.
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, Leonard Franklin
Thomas, Robert B.
Thomas, Sam
Thomas, Seymore J.
Thompson, Eugene
Thompson, Javan Street
Thompson, Louis A.
Thompson, William
Thompson, Willie
Thornton, Emory D.
Thornton, Handsome
Thorp, John A.
Tillery, Nathaniel
Titus, Walter
Tomlin, George B.
Tonkins, Ira
Townsend, Willie
Tucker, Columbus
Tuggles, Andrew
Turner, Burl E.
Turner, Daniel Milton
Turner, Ed
Turner, Nathaniel
Tyler, Gilbert
Tyler, Jim F.
Tyler, Mathew
Tyson, Odie
Underwood, Charley
Underwood, Robert
Vaccaro, Gazzola
Vaden, Kenneth C.
Vanzant, Earnest V.
Veal, Isaac
Verner, Willie
Vicks, William
Vinson, Albert
Vinson, Clyde
Vinson, Robert Ernest
Wade, William
Wagner, John
Walker, Bennie
Walker, Charlie
Walker, Edwin B.
Walker, Henry
Walker, Hugh
Walker, Jessie
Walker, Jim Lee
Walker, Julius
Walker, Matthew
Walker, Theo
Walker, William Wesley
Wall, James F.
Wallace, Eugene
Wallace, Limuel?
Wallin, Howard
Walls, Jesse
Walter, Stone
Ward, Miles
Ware, Frank
Ware, Jessie James
Washington, Jesse James
Waterson, Taylor
Watkins, Wesley
Watson, Judge
Watson, Nathan
Watson, Thomas
Watson, William
Weatherall, Earsken
Weatherall, George
Weatherall, Murry
Weatherall, Sam
Weatherford, Charles A.
Weaver, Lauther
Webb, David Crawford
Webb, Henry
Weddington, Aaron
Weier, Leo
Weier, Walter A.
Wells, Verdi O.
West, Alton B.
West, Fizer
Westbrook, Knowledge
Weston, John
Weston, Joshua
Wheeler, Baxter
Whitaker, Joel
Whitaker, Joseph
White, Clarence O.
White, Clyde I.
White, Edward
White, Eldridge
White, George
White, Mather
White, Moses M.
White, Reader
White, Robert A.
White, William M.
White, Willie
Whitted, Cecil O.
Whitted, John Orland
Wilkerson, Frank
Wilkes, John M.
Wilkinson, Banks
Wilkinson, Taylor
Wilks, William
Williams, Calvin
Williams, Chester
Williams, Cleve
Williams, Dallas
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Edwin
Williams, Eligah
Williams, Eugene
Williams, Gabe
Williams, George
Williams, Herman L.
Williams, Isaac
Williams, John
Williams, Julius
Williams, Levie
Williams, Milas
Williams, Ollie
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Robert
Williams, Russ
Williams, Thornton
Williams, Tom
Williams, Wesley
Willis, James
Willis, Jim
Willis, Lawrence
Wills, Santa Anna
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, Jessie
Wilson, Oliver
Wilt, Ishmail
Winford, Clarence
Winford, Jim
Winford, Joseph
Winfrey, Alex
Winfrey, Amos
Winter, Woodye Albert
Witt, Ishmail
Wolfe, Eatly
Wood, Ed
Woods, Charley H.
Woods, Haywood
Woods, Kerry
Woods, Robt.
Woodson, Willie
Woodward, Clinton
Woolbright, Wash.
Wooten, Thomas B.
Worrall, James
Wright, Bedford F.
Wright, Lee A.
Wright, Sam F.
Wyatt, Henry
Yancy, Robert
Yates, Marcus
Young, Buford Kelley
Young, Clyde
Young, Ed
Young, Ira
Young, Milton
Young, Noah
Young, Waddell
Young, Will

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