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County Resources, Sarber County

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Sarber County only existed for four years under that name. The records are all a part of Logan County's records.

The county was named for John Newton Sarber (1837-1905), a man on the wrong side of the political fence when Reconstruction wound down. He was a Republican in a Democratic state. During a time when Democrats were mostly disenfranchised, John Sarber was elected state senator from Johnson County and served in the state constitutional convention of 1868. He was active in the Republican party and thus eligible for a political plum, the post of U.S. Marshall in Fort Smith. He resigned under pressure but was never actually convicted of criminal acts. When the Democrats regained the reins of power, the county named for him was renamed Logan for an old pioneer family of the area.

The best and probably the only book on the topic is by respected Arkansas historian, Mary Frances Hodges -- John Newton Sarber and Sarber County, Arkansas, is available through Amazon.com.

Sarber County was created: 22 March 1871.
Note: Name changed to Logan 14 December 1875.

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