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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Searcy County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Searcy County World War I Soldiers

Adams, Van Buren
Aday, Adrial D.
Albritton, Columbus R.
Allen, Clay C.
Andrews, Sam J.
Arms, Henry S.
Ashley, Verl V.
Atkinson, John H.
Austin, Joe
Austin, John F.
Ayers, Wilber J.
Bailey, Fremont C.
Bailey, John S.
Baker, Charles F.
Baker, Forest
Baker, James E.
Baker, Ora M.
Baker, Ralph S.
Baker, Vennie H.
Barnes, Rosco
Barnett, Jesse B.
Battenfield, Harmon B.
Battershell, Thomas
Beard, Booker L.
Beavers, Dan B.
Blair, Lem
Blair, Samuel
Bohannon, Alex
Bohannon, Caress E.
Bohannon, Simon
Bohannon, William W.
Boone, Alfred
Boyd, Flynn
Boyd, Howell L.
Boyd, Maitland
Bradley, James
Brannan, Walter F.
Bray, Irvin M.
Brewer, Edmond J.
Brewer, James
Brooks, David C.
Brown, Ulman L.
Bruce, Ernest T.
Brumlow, James F.
Bruner, Dewey H.
Bruner, James E.
Burton, Joseph M.
Busbee, Otis E.
Butler, Isaac S.
Byers, John J.
Cain, Will
Campbell, Francis M.
Campbell, Harry
Campbell, Wade
Carter, Isaac H.
Cash, Darius
Castleberry, Ernest E.
Castleberry, Silas Campbell
Chadwick, Barnett A.
Chandler, Ozero D.
Clark, Marvin D.
Clemons, Fred
Coatney, Homer
Coatney, Ras M.
Collins, Charles W.
Collins, Charley W.
Cone, Dalafy M.
Cooper, Farley
Cotton, Jerome
Cotton, Noah W.
Cotton, Oliver A.
Cotton, Uras A.
Cravens, Willie
Crider, Masting G.
Cross, Oscar
Culwell, Charles F.
Curtis, Robert W.
Curtis, Sherman
Dampf, Clyde G.
Dampf, Sherman M.
Daniel, Henry F.
Darby, Joseph R.
Daugherty, Fount
Davenport, Barton
Davidson, William Charles
Davis, Clay
Davis, Johnie
Davis, Noah
Dep---, John P.
Dillard, Ira D.
Dorrell, Dorsey
Downey, Luther C.
Drewery, Floyd H.
Drewry, Homer
Duck, Segal C.
Duncan, Allen
Duncan, Willie C.
Dunlap, James A.
Easterly, Willie
England, Andrew Jackson
Eskridge, John
Ethridge, Andy
Faber, William
Fender, Leslie H.
Fields, Henry C.
Flatt, Homer
Flatt, Leonard W.
Fletcher, Leonard M.
Fletcher, Stella L.
Ford, Granville L.
Ford, Thomas P.
Forrester, Parrot Z.
Foster, Joseph M.
Fowler, Charlie
Fox, John
Fox, John
Fox, John Henry
Franks, Marvin H.
Freeman, John
Fuller, Isaac
Fye, Harry S.
Gaines, Charles
Garrett, Benton M.
Garrison, Rad Burch
Gary, Bryan
Gary, Floyd E.
Gates, Wilton A.
George, Albert P.
Gibson, Bryan
Gibson, Samuel P.
Gilbert, George F.
Glenn, Richard B.
Goddard, John R.
Graham, William
Grantham, Chesley P.
Granthom, William O.
Gray, Clyde B.
Gray, John A.
Gray, Walker E.
Greenhaw, Henry
Greenhaw, Leon B.
Greenhaw, Will C.
Griffin, Jake
Griffin, John Manuel
Griffin, Wade H.
Griffin, William O.
Griggs, Henry D.
Griggs, Lester C.
Grinder, Dorman B.
Hale, Edward M.
Hall, John D.
Hamilton, James A.G.
Hardin, George E.
Harness, John M.
Harrell, Bertie D.
Harrell, William A.
Harris, Almo M.
Harris, Hubert Henry
Harris, James
Harris, Ras
Harrison, Ed
Harrison, Fred
Harvey, Dave Manship
Haynes, Arch L.
Haywood, Van R.
Head, John Kinsworthy
Henderson, James
Henderson, Roy W.
Henley, Jackson Franklin
Henley, William L.
Hensley, Clyde Vann
Hensley, Fred
Hensley, Hollin H.
Hensley, Jeff
Hensley, John S.
Hensley, Russell
Hickman, Joe F.
Holder, Willie C.
Hollabaugh, Cleveland Buchanan
Hollabaugh, Shem Ernest Jr.
Holland, Sydney O.
Hollis, Roy
Holloughbaugh, Ogle
Holsted, Elmer
Holsted, James T.
Hopper, Clyde
Hopper, Troy H.
Horton, Ausley C.
Horton, Bert Lee
Horton, Ernest Ray
Horton, James A.
Horton, Leander
Horton, Roscoe
Horton, William H.
Horton, Willie T.
House, Clem
Howard, Ed.
Huckabee, Arthur
Hudspeth, Auda A.
Huffines, John Alex
Hurley, Arlen
Isaacs, Earnest
Israel, Charles M.
Jackson, Ed McK
Jackson, Fralie J.
James, Roy
Jenkins, Victor R.
Johnson, Ira H.
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, Louis H.
Jones, Oscar
Jones, Watt
Keeling, Alfred J.
Keeling, Garland
Keeling, Leonard J.
Keith, Joel DeWitt
Keith, Middleton
Kelley, Geney
Kelley, Rack
Kemp, Joseph A.
Kilburn, John O.
Kimbrel, John
Kimbrell, Berry
Kimbrell, Inkey
King, Daniel E.
Kuykendall, Francis H.
Kuykendall, Willis H.
Lawrence, Monroe
Lay, Howard J.
Lay, Jackson
Lay, Montie
Lay, Oscar
Laymon, Virgil I.
Layton, Don W. Weber
Lee, Arthur A.
Leonard, Roy V.
Leonard, William C.
Lindsey, Alva Edith
Lockhart, Sam J.
Loggins, James C.
Longcrier, Andrew Campbell
Love, Albert L.
Lovell, John
Lowe, Virgle W.
Mabrey, Bryan
Mabrey, Roy
Mahon, William E.
Mainord, Riley
Mans, Henry C.
Marshall, Dolph
Massey, Charles W.
Massey, Nelson
Massey, Samuel E.
Massey, Thomas M.
Massey, Willie T.
Masters, William H.
Matchett, Joseph W.
Matheny, Flake
Mathews, George M.
Mathews, George Marvin
Mathews, Leonard
May, James
Mays, Ben Tutt
McBride, Edgar M.
McBride, Robert J.
McBride, Wade
McBride, William
McCoy, Floyd
McCutcheon, Zephna
McDaniel, Elmer
McDaniel, William
McDougal, Homer
McEntire, Earl
McInturff, Ernest
McInturff, Orville J.
McKinney, Adam
McKinney, George L.
McKinney, Thomas J.
McNair, James Clabe
Melton, David C.
Middleton, James C.
Milam, William H.
Miller, Eugene R.
Mills, Noel J.
Morris, William N.
Morrison, James H.
Morrison, Kem
Motsenbocker, Claude O.
Mowrey, Louis T.
Newport, Fred C.
Newton, Isaac
Newton, James W.
Nichols, Fred
Nichols, Walter
Nichols, William E.
Nickell, Tony
Nickle, Evert S.
O'Neal, Chester Commodore
Owens, George W.
Parks, Floyd J.
Parks, Martin
Parsons, Deane
Pate, Leon
Pennington, Waddie
Perry, Albert
Perry, Urbon E.
Phillips, Luther H.
Plumlee, Edward
Polk, James Nathan
Powell, Edgar
Powers, Delmar A.
Powers, Floyd
Purdom, Horace L.
Qualls, Joe
Ragland, Virgil
Ragsdale, Charles L.
Rainbolt, Napoleon
Rains, Hugh
Rains, William G.
Ramey, Robert L.
Ramey, Willie
Ramsey, Ransom H.
Reed, Harold
Reeves, Ollie
Reves, John C.
Roberts, John
Robertson, George W.
Robertson, John
Robertson, Lawson C.
Robinson, Roy R.
Rogers, Fred E.
Rollins, Lloyd
Rose, Bert
Rose, John O.
Row, Charles A.
Row, Charles A.
Row, George C.
Rowden, Roy
Ruckman, David A.
Ruff, Teslie L.
Ruff, Wm. A.
Russell, Hugh W.
Russell, Ora
Sanders, Mark D.
Sanford, Rose
Sarratt, Richard
Scott, William A.
Scott, William E.
Scroggins, Wilbern
Shipman, Bert
Shipman, Bruce
Sitter, Bennie W.
Slover, William E.
Smalley, William M.
Smith, Bill
Smith, Coy
Smith, Grady
Smith, James Walter
Smith, Loy Blueford
Smith, Mike M.
Smithers, Grover Charles
Smothers, Blaine S.
Smothers, Christopher C.
Smothers, Joseph L.
Stacy, Columbus
Stanley, Lafayette
Stephenson, Uz Simpson
Stevenson, James H.
Stewart, Edward E.
Still, Arthur
Stone, Henry Harrison
Stone, Iford H.
Stone, Joseph E.
Strunk, James L.
Strunk, John Wyatt
Sullivan, Samuel W.
Sutten, Lee
Sutterfield, Ben
Sutterfield, Bunyan
Sutterfield, James C.
Sutterfield, Louie F.
Sutterfield, Obie D.
Sutterfield, Roscoe
Sutterfield, Theo S.
Sutterfield, William A.
Sutterfield, William M.
Switzer, Columbus
Switzer, Fonzo
Switzer, William R.
Tackett, John Stevens
Taylor, Carmen B.
Taylor, Eugene S.
Taylor, Harvey
Taylor, Morris
Taylor, Sim
Terry, Rosco
Thomas, Alvin L.
Thomas, Joel E.
Thomas, Wesley
Thomas, William Nable
Thompson, Charles H.
Thompson, James H.
Thompson, Virgle C.
Thornton, James A.
Tiller, William C.
Tomlinson, Emerson
Trammell, William E.
Treadwell, Joseph B.
Treadwell, Patric O.
Treadwell, Walter
Treat, Albert
Treat, Fount
Treat, Homer
Treat, Wiley H.
Treece, Abe W.
Treece, Andrew R.
Treece, Ben
Treece, Blake A.
Treece, Dan
Treece, Grant
Treece, Jasper Dorsey
Treece, Samuel O.
Tumblesen?, Henry W.
Walden, Webster W.
Waldrip, Carey C.
Wallace, Lee A.
Wallace, Wiley
Ward, James H.
Ward, Jesse C.
Ward, Moose
Washington, Irvin Bishop
Wasson, Elmer
Watts, Bruce
Watts, George B.
Watts, James O.
Watts, Jesse B.
Watts, Solomon C.
Watts, William A.
Watts, William E.
Weaver, Grover
Welcher, Marvin E.
Wesson, Webster Dinsmore
West, Emmett
West, Luther
Wheeler, Banks W.
Wilbanks, Joseph R.
Wilkey, William R.
Willcox, Jesse A.
Willcox, John S.
Willcutt, Robert F.
Willhelm, Homer
Williams, Felix I.
Williams, James
Willis, John
Wilson, Elmer Howl
Winburne, Casper E.
Winters, John T.
Woodard, Dorsey
Woodard, Elmer
Wortman, Omage M.
Wright, William Sheridan
Yarbrough, George W.
Yarbrough, James R.
Young, Columbus R.
Young, George A.
Young, Joe
Younger, James G.
Younger, John B.

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