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Following is a list of people found in the book, Sevier County, Arkansas, Cemetery Records. The book additionally lists birth and death dates, cemetery, and remarks about military service, fraternal organizations, nicknames, and other information from the gravestones.

Abbott, Thomas W.
Ables, Ambrose W.
Abney, Bessie L.
Abney, Jesse
Abney, Oscar A.
Abney, T. Albert
Abshire, James D.
Abshire, Lyda Ann (Doggett)
Abshire, Vivian M.
Ackley, Uriah
Adair, Ellis N.
Adair, Hubert Edward
Adair, Lucy Catherine
Adair, Paul N.
Adair, Winona Ray
Adams, Lola
Adams, Reuben P.
Adams, William Elbert
Adams. Jewell Selman
Adcock, Justin Howard
Addison, John McKennon
Akins, Olen
Alderson, Ola M.
Alers, Henry
Alers, Rhoda
Alexander Capt. W. A.
Alexander Garland
Alexander, Bendette
Alexander, Bettie
Alexander, Clara
Alexander, Clarence
Alexander, Clifford
Alexander, Della Watson
Alexander, Edd
Alexander, Edwina
Alexander, Estell
Alexander, Ethel Canford
Alexander, Florence
Alexander, Franklin
Alexander, George Thomas
Alexander, Georgia
Alexander, Hans
Alexander, Herman
Alexander, Irene
Alexander, Jesse F.
Alexander, Jesse F.
Alexander, Jesse
Alexander, Kelsey Ray
Alexander, Leona Pearl
Alexander, Mamie
Alexander, Margaret Olheisier
Alexander, Martha G.
Alexander, Martha V.
Alexander, Marthey R.
Alexander, Newton P.
Alexander, Patsy Sue
Alexander, Robert P.
Alexander, Stella
Alexander, Thomas J.
Alexander, Tommie L.
Alexander, Tora
Alexander, Walter
Alexander, Will Thomas Richard
Alexander, William B.
Alexander, William L.
Alexander, Willie A.
Alford, James Alex
Alford, Maud M.
Alford, Ollie C.
Allen Infant
Allen, Alice E.
Allen, Allie
Allen, Beatrice
Allen, Ben
Allen, Bessie MccAnnally
Allen, Billie Ray
Allen, Cathern
Allen, Cathren H.
Allen, Cornelius S.
Allen, D. B.
Allen, Dolly Mae
Allen, Ed D.
Allen, Elizabeth E.
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Emmitt P.
Allen, Floyd
Allen, Freddie
Allen, Freddie
Allen, Harvey R.
Allen, Hester
Allen, Inez L.
Allen, Infant
Allen, J. T.
Allen, Jessie Fay
Allen, Jessie Lee
Allen, Jessie N.
Allen, John Currie
Allen, John
Allen, JoSephine
Allen, Julia
Allen, K. Hazel
Allen, Katie
Allen, Lena T.
Allen, Lou Adah
Allen, Louis
Allen, Louis
Allen, Louis
Allen, Marlin
Allen, Martha
Allen, Mary A.
Allen, Mary Etta
Allen, Mary
Allen, Matthew F.
Allen, Nancy J.
Allen, Oren P.
Allen, Pearl E.
Allen, R. O.
Allen, Rosey E.
Allen, Rufus S.
Allen, Sallie
Allen, Susan M.
Allen, Tobie
Allen, William G.
Allen, William M.
Allison A. J.
Allison, A. K.
Allison, George M.
Allison, Iva E.
Allison, Mary M.
Allison, William Luther
Allmond, Mollie M.
Almand, Mary J.
Almond, Jane R.
Almond, Milton S.
Almond, Ruby Evelyn
Alson, Clara Joe
Alston, Caroline (Cora Lee)
Alston, Clyde Holmes
Alston, Elizabeth J.
Alston, G. W.
Alston, Robert Bell
Alston, William J.
Amonette, Samuel E.
Amos, A. Clark
Amos, Asa JoSeph
Amos, Belle
Amos, four Children
Amos, Paralee
Amos, Ralph B.
Amoss William H.
Ancel, Nellie Rose
Anderson Modean
Anderson, Bernice Doyle
Anderson, Edith Milam
Anderson, Ellen
Anderson, Elvin C.
Anderson, Ethel Milam
Anderson, Guilan E.
Anderson, Halle
Anderson, Harvey Boyd
Anderson, Jarold
Anderson, Jimmie
Anderson, Julius T.
Anderson, Marcus
Anderson, Minnie L.
Anderson, Nolan "Buck"
Anderson, Ole T.
Anderson, Rubie
Andrews, Andy W.
Andrews, Clara B.
Andrews, Hattie E.
Appleton Eliza
Appleton Emily M.
Appleton Etta
Appleton F. C.
Appleton Ivy Ruth
Appleton Oscar Ellis
Appleton, A. J.
Appleton, Angeline
Appleton, Annie Eliza
Appleton, Arah A.
Appleton, Calvin B.
Appleton, Elizabeth
Appleton, Florence May
Appleton, James L.
Appleton, John R.
Appleton, Lucinda
Appleton, Lulalia Belle
Appleton, Mary Elizabeth
Appleton, Maude C.
Appleton, Ozabell
Appleton, Royal J.
Appleton, Samuel Cox
Appleton, Sophia Wenona
Appleton, William Rudson
Arechea, John J.
Argenbright, Ed
Argenbright, Edward
Argenbright, Roy
Argenbright, Twins
Armer, Dorothy L.
Armer, J. M.
Armer, John H.
Armer, Russell
Arms Jimmy Park
Arms, Infant
Arms, Infant
Arms, James W.
Arms, Joicy A.
Arms, M. H.
Arms, Morris Hensley
Arms, Morris M.
Arms, Morris McKinley
Arms. Jimmy Park
Armstrong, Aud
Arnold, Alice Gilbert
Arnold, Anderson A.
Arnold, Arthur M.
Arnold, Carl
Arnold, Charles G.
Arnold, Earl D.
Arnold, Edward
Arnold, Edwin M.
Arnold, Flora P.
Arnold, J. W.
Arnold, James Wade
Arnold, John B.
Arnold, Jordon
Arnold, JoSephine Harwood
Arnold, Josh
Arnold, Lizzie L.
Arnold, Lucy
Arnold, Mattie
Arnold, Mattie
Arnold, Minnie B.
Arnold, Robert A.
Arnold, Sarah
Arnold, Wilda
Arrechea, Mary E.
Ashcraft, Mr.
Ashley, Foster R.
Ashley, Tom C.
Ashley, W. A.
Ashworth, Alfred Dewey
Ashworth, W. T.
Askew, Deborah Jean
Atchley, Martha J.
Atchley, Tommy B.
Athey, Arnold A.
Atkins, Samuel
Attaway Julia W.
Atteberry, Glen
Atteberry. Benton
Aubrey, Buck A.
Aubrey, Luther Guy
Austin, Bob
Austin, Candos
Austin, Carl
Austin, Daniel W.
Austin, Erma D.
Austin, Felix
Austin, Francis Cravens
Austin, Fred William
Austin, George M.
Austin, George
Austin, Inez
Austin, Infant
Austin, Infant
Austin, J.
Austin, Jacquline
Austin, James T.
Austin, Jenetta I.
Austin, Jim
Austin, Johny
Austin, K.
Austin, Lela
Austin, Mable E.
Austin, Margaret
Austin, McDaniel
Austin, Othor S.
Austin, R. W.
Austin, Robert Lee
Austin, Roy
Austin, Rubert
Austin, Ruby
Austin, Sara
Austin, Tom
Austin, William H.
Autrey Mary
Autrey Maud
Autrey, A. E.
Autrey, H. A.
Autrey, J. A.
Autrey, J. E.
Autrey, Louis
Autrey, M. E.
Autrey, Matilde
Autrey, Soletha
Autrey, W. A.
Autry n/a n/a
Avery, J. D.
Awbrey Carrie
Awbrey, Buck
Awbrey, Laura
Awbrey, Vedia
Ayers, Baby
Ayers, Barbara Sharon
Ayers, Dora
Ayers, Eddie
Ayers, G. H.
Ayers, Georgie
Ayers, Infant
Ayers, J. J.
Ayers, Jonathan H.
Ayers, Larry Samuel
Ayers, Lois Edna
Ayers, Lucy
Ayers, Mary L.
Ayers, Morris
Ayers, Perneta
Ayers, Roy S.
Ayers, Sherman C.
Ayers, Uncle Joe
Ayers, William P.
Ayers, Willie B.
Ayers, Willie
Ayers, Rev. Al
Ayers. George W.
B. A
Babb, ?
Badgett, Mary B.
Baggerly, Bable H.
Bagley, Amos
Bagley, David
Bagley, Jane
Bagwell Frank
Bagwell, Ada M.
Bagwell, Ada T.
Bagwell, David E.
Bagwell, Jess T.
Bagwell, Mae
Bagwell, Mary I.
Bagwell, Thomps D.
Bagwell, Vada
Baile, Lois
Bailey Sr., Walter L.
Bailey, Belle Drake
Bailey, Daniel Floyd
Bailey, Emmalina
Bailey, Floyd W.
Bailey, Fred M.
Bailey, Infant
Bailey, John D.
Bailey, John J.
Bailey, Josie A.
Bailey, Mrs. Sarah
Bailey, Nettie J.
Bailey, Virgie
Baird, Benton
Bakenhus, Dora J.
Bakenhus, Fred
Baker John A.
Baker Ruth Robinson
Baker, Betsy
Baker, Edward C.
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Emie
Baker, George
Baker, Henry
Baker, Infant son
Baker, Infant Son
Baker, Iva Lou
Baker, Jessie Lee
Baker, Leona
Baker, Lourana
Baker, Luther
Baker, Marcella
Baker, Mrs. R.
Baker, Parron
Baker, William M.
Baker, William R.
Baldwin, Martha (Mother)
Bales, Bobbie Jean
Bales, Clara
Bales, W. W.
Baley, H. Alonzo
Baley, May
Bandy, Frances Irene
Bandy, Hettie "Bill"
Bandy, John Allen
Bandy, Mary Janice
Bandy, Syble Irene
Banks, Alma Faye
Banski, Dora Alice
Barber, Nellie
Barber, Sarah F.
Barber, W. H.
Barber. Clementine J.
Bard, Geraldine
Barfield Frank W.
Barnes, A. L.
Barnes, Adolph February
Barnes, B. J.
Barnes, Claud H.
Barnes, Emma
Barnes, F. C.
Barnes, George
Barnes, Grace H.
Barnes, Hosea
Barnes, Ida A.
Barnes, Infant
Barnes, James W.
Barnes, Jessie Lerlean
Barnes, Joe
Barnes, John T.
Barnes, Lois
Barnes, Mable
Barnes, Maggie
Barnes, Mary Ann
Barnes, N. E.
Barnes, Oretha
Barnes, Othula
Barnes, Susie Devasier
Barnes, Susie
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, W. Marvin
Barnett, J. R.
Barnett, Mrs. Minnie
Barnett, S. H.
Barnhart, Mary E.
Barnhart, Milton
Barnhart, Roy Milton
Barnhart, Roy
Barnhill, Sr. Joe N.
Barr, Clarence
Barr, Minerva V.
Barr, Sara Jane
Barr, Thomas S.
Barrett Mell S.
Barrett, E. L.
Barrett, Harrett
Barrett, Jewel
Barrett, Jim
Barrett, John W.
Barrett, Kitty
Barrett, Lela G.
Barrett, Mattie
Barrick, Sam
Barrow, David
Barrow, William Green
Barrow, William L.
Bartee, Arvie
Bartee, Dean
Bartlet, Laura E.
Bartlett Earl M.
Bartlett, Ed
Bartlett, John L.
Bartlett, Laura E.
Bartlett, Myrtle
Bartley, Lyda V.
Barton, Elizabeth H.
Bary, Oleta May
Baskin, Samuel P.
Bass, Georgia A.
Bass, Mary A.
Bass, Mitchell
Bass, Will J.
Bass, John A.
Bassett, Fannie O.
Bassham, Fannie E.
Bassham, Willie L.
Bates, Martin S.
Bates, Suellen
Batey Rufus Arvel
Batey, Doris Jean
Batey, Henry A.
Batey, Nora Lee
Batey, Sallie
Batey, Sulah S.
Batey, William
Batey, Winsom
Battle, Edna
Bauer, Children
Baumberger, Mildred
Bawcom, Arvil J.
Bayless, B. F.
Bayless, C.C. "Pete"
Bayless, Howell R.
Bayless, Infant
Bayless, Infant
Bayless, James A.
Bayless, Laura B.
Bayless, Mary
Bayless, N. C.
Bayless, Vera Fay
Bayless, Verdie Fern
Beagle, Linda Kay
Bean, Andrew B.
Bean, B. A.
Bean, Elizabeth
Bean, John A.
Bean, Luther L.
Bean, Maude
Beard, Effie Ann
Beard, Thomas C.
Beauchamp, Joe A.
Beauchamp, S. A.
Beauchamp, S. J.
Beauchamp, Z. H.
Beaver, J. H.
Beaver, Mayme
Beaver, Sallie S.
Beavers, Agnes M.
Beavers, Charlie A.
Beavers, Pauline
Beck, Alta M.
Beck, Baby
Beck, Janice
Beck, Jonie B.
Beck, Lena E.
Beck, Lorena J.
Beck, Lowery R.
Beck, Lucinda
Beck, Marie
Beck, Melton
Beck, Nannie A.
Beck, Raymond V.
Beck, Richard O.
Beck, Russell O.
Beck, Russell
Beck, W. I.
Beck, Wesley R.
Beck, Helen
Beck, Joyce M.
Beck, Wesley R.
Becker, Charles
Becker, Cora R.
Becker, Gertrude
Beckett, Ottilie
Beckett, Walker A.
Beckwith, Ralph
Beckwith, Roy E. "Penn"
Bedwell, Margaret
Beers, L. G.
Beesley, Robert
Beeson, Anita E.
Beeson, Edgar W.
Beeson, Ella
Beeson, Frank L.
Beeson, Larry Gene
Beeson, Maude Hill
Belcher, Annie
Belcher, R. C.
Belcher, Travis
Bell Aud
Bell Susahannah
Bell, Asa Z.
Bell, Beauregard S.
Bell, Bessie
Bell, Birdie Lee
Bell, Charles A.
Bell, Charlotte
Bell, Clara Ida
Bell, Clara T.
Bell, Ella Johnson
Bell, Ella R.
Bell, Florence E.
Bell, Francie
Bell, Freddie
Bell, Gene Autrey
Bell, George Alexander
Bell, George Hillary
Bell, Harry
Bell, Hattie
Bell, Henery C.
Bell, Ida
Bell, Infant
Bell, infant
Bell, Infant
Bell, J. Curran
Bell, Jacob
Bell, James F.
Bell, Jamie Don
Bell, John C.
Bell, John
Bell, Joseph M.
Bell, Juanita E.
Bell, Julia
Bell, Kathaleen
Bell, L. B.
Bell, Laura
Bell, Leler C.
Bell, Lewis F.
Bell, Lillie B.
Bell, Lillie
Bell, Lonson
Bell, Martha M.
Bell, Mary A.
Bell, Mary Alice
Bell, Mary E.
Bell, Mary King
Bell, N. E.
Bell, N. T,
Bell, Otis
Bell, Richard J.
Bell, Richard
Bell, Sager G.
Bell, Theo Bond
Bell, Thomas W.
Bell, Truman W.
Bell, Willie A.
Bell, Willie L.
Bell, Willie W.
Bell, Infant Dau. of R.E. & B.M.
Bell, Jr. Sager G.
Bell, Sr. D. B.
Bellah, John S.
Bellah, William V.
Beltrani, Michel A.
Beltrani, Teresa Gayle
Benjaman, Preston M.
Benjamin, Ernest
Bennet, J.
Bennett Emily
Bennett, Amanda Graham
Bennett, David
Bennett, Debby A.
Bennett, Ezra Frank
Bennett, Frank
Bennett, Hubert
Bennett, James D.
Bennett, James Edward
Bennett, James W.
Bennett, Maudie Nichols
Bennett, Mrs D. E.
Bennett, Van Lee
Benson Clarence N.
Benson Henry M.
Benson William David
Benson, B. C.
Benson, Bertha
Benson, Berthan
Benson, Burnace F.
Benson, Clarence M.
Benson, Ellis
Benson, Golden F.
Benson, Henrietta
Benson, Jackie G.
Benson, Jesse Thomas
Benson, Lora E.
Benson, Savannah C.
Bentley, Francis
Bentley, Infant
Benton Thomas
Benton, Iva Branson
Benton, W. S.
Benton, William H.
Berfer, Thomas
Berly, Westley
Bernard, Leslie Allen
Bert, William
Betts, Hope
Beutelschies, Henry
Beutelschies, Mary A.
Beutelschies, Mary Agnes
Beutelschies, Sebastian E.
Beutelschies, Susan E.
Beutelschies, William
Bifoss, Callistus
Biggs, Jesse A.
Billbrey, John A.
Billings, Elva B.M.
Billings, Laura
Billingsley, Arthur
Billingsley, Baby
Billingsley, James G.
Billingsley, Joseph W. "Jo-Jo"
Billingsley, Juanita D.
Billingsley, Sarah F.
Billue, Mollie
Billue, Robert S.
Bingham, John C.
Bingham, Mary S.
Bingham, Wallace E.
Bingham, William
Binkly, Ada F.
Bird, Mary
Bird, Minnie Zora
Bird, Walter
Birdsong, Charles P.
Birdsong, Faye Ann
Birdsong, Lonnie T.
Birdsong, Minnie
Birdsong, S. F.
Birge, Alva W.
Birge, Cecil Irvin
Birge, Dauh W.
Birge, David A.
Birge, Elizia
Birge, Infant
Birge, Mary Ellen
Birge, W. T.
Bishop, Barney M.
Bishop, Cecile P.
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Emily F.
Bishop, H.
Bishop, Jonathon J.
Bishop, Malcom J.
Bishop, Mary Lee
Bishop, Viola J.
Bishop, William
Bizell, Annie
Bizzell, Alice P.
Bizzell, Alice P.
Bizzell, D. N.
Bizzell, Fannie M.
Bizzell, Kenneth James
Bizzell, L. T.
Bizzell, Leanna C.
Bizzell, Llewellyn T.
Black, Alma
Black, Cecil Ray
Black, Infant
Black, John
Black, Margaret
Black, Mary A.
Black, Mary Jane
Black, Rosa E.
Black, Sabella
Black, Sherman
Black, Stevie
Black, Williamson
Black, Zelotes V.
Blackstock, J. C.
Blackstock, Norman Dale
Blackstock, Robert M.
Blackwell Beulah A.
Blackwell, Calvin R.
Blackwell, Fannie J.
Blackwell, George
Blackwell, Harry T.
Blackwell, Henry T.
Blackwell, W. T. (Tom)
Blain, George Edward
Blakely, Arteley
Blakemore Leola
Blakley, W. J.
Blakney, Mable Lurene
Blan, Austin C.
Blan, Maude M.
Blan, Usyless
Blan, William A.
Blankenship, Myrtle
Blankenship, Orrie,
Blankenship, Venia
Blankenship, William H.
Blanton, George E.
Blanton, Mary J.
Blassingame, Eddie E.
Blassingame, W. L.
Bledsoe, John M.
Blount, Mary Coulter
Blyatt, Joe
Boan, Dorothy
Boan, Farrie
Boan, Grover
Boan, Jessie
Boan, Neal
Board, Margaret H.
Boaz, Evline
Bock, Alice E.
Bock, Effie
Bogan, James L.
Bogart, Ruby
Bogart, T. H.
Boggs, Mertie
Boggs, William H.
Bohnstehn, Dale W.
Bolden, D. B.
Bolding, Grady P.
Boling, C. H.
Bolt, Edgar R.
Bolt, Herman Troy
Bolt, James Walter
Bolt, Mary J.
Bond, Eliza
Bond, George
Bonds, Bascom M.
Bonds, Frankie M.
Bonds, Homer A.
Bonds, Laura Emma
Bonds, Luther M.
Bone, Alice C.
Bone, Cleo
Bone, John William
Boon, Rubby C.
Boone, Marshall E.
Boozer, Jessie Mather
Borden, Lorenza Dow
Bordon, Lottie Smith
Bournes, Edna C.
Bournes, Melvin
Bournes, Robert
Bournes, Simon N.
Bourns, Burl
Bourns, Elmer
Bourns, Jasper
Bourns, John
Bourns, Marie
Bourns, Martha Jane
Bourns, Ollie Dora
Bourns, Roy L.
Bourns, Toney
Bourns, V.
Bourns, Wylie J.
Bourns, Wylie M.
Bowen, Sarah E.
Bowers, Shelby
Bowman, Addie
Bowman, Mary
Box, Charlie
Box, G.T.
Boyce, A. P.
Boyce, Charlie C.
Boyce, Leila Floyd
Boyce, S.A.F.
Boyce, W. C.
Boyce, W. T.
Boyd, Elmo
Boyd, Lorena
Boyet, Mat
Boyette, Jammie W.
Boyette, Matt
Boykin Hazel D.
Bracket, Elmo
Brackett, Charles W.
Brackett, Mattie Lee
Brackney, Calvin
Brackney, William
Bradford, Jollie
Bradley, Eriah
Bradley, Flennie H.
Bradley, J.J. "Buster"
Bradshaw James
Bradshaw, Harry
Bradshaw, J. A.
Bradshaw, Roy Gene
Bradshaw, William A.
Bradshaw, William
Brake, Arthur W.
Brake, Benjamin
Brake, Robert Lee
Brakeville, Betty L.
Brakeville, LaDonna
Brakeville, Oren
Brakeville, Robert D.
Braly, Carl Raymon
Braly, Eva
Brame, Ella A.
Brame, John P.
Brame, Thomas
Bramley, Dollie
Bramley, Walter
Brandon J. Lester
Brann, Samantha C.
Branson, Alma J.
Branson, Lucreatia
Branson, W. J.
Brantley, James
Brantley, Mary
Brantley, Will
Brantte, Mary Jane
Bratcher Lawson Monroe
Bratcher, Alice
Bratcher, Cecil
Bratcher, James
Bratcher, James
Brausch, Esther M.
Breed, William J.
Breeden, W. O.
Breedlove, Christine O.
Breedlove, Ersel Y.
Breedlove, J.A. Bert
Breedlove, James F.
Breedlove, Jesse W.
Breedlove, Mattie E.
Breedlove, Mildred
Breedon, Arabella
Brent, Ernie Lee
Brent, Vesta O.C.
Brent, Wade
Brent, Wyatt
Brett, E. T.
Brett, George F.
Brewer, Alice L.
Brewer, Alice M.
Brewer, Alma V.
Brewer, Ambrose
Brewer, Audie M.
Brewer, Ava E.
Brewer, Bobby
Brewer, Clois E.
Brewer, Cornelius
Brewer, Cortez I.
Brewer, George W.
Brewer, George W.
Brewer, George
Brewer, Hannah
Brewer, Ida Ruth
Brewer, Infant
Brewer, Jerldine
Brewer, John B.
Brewer, JoSephine Hargis
Brewer, L. A.
Brewer, Lallie L.
Brewer, Louella Byrne
Brewer, Martha M. "Pat"
Brewer, Mary C.
Brewer, Nancy L.
Brewer, Nancy
Brewer, Opless
Brewer, P. A.
Brewer, Pleasant L.
Brewer, Plest
Brewer, Sallie
Brewer, Verazona
Brewer, Wilson
Brewer, Jr. Jimmie C.
Brewer, Sr. Henry T
Brewer. Mary Ann
Bricker, Ruby A.
Bricker, W. A.
Brien, A. T.
Brien, Sally
Brien, Susie E.
Briggs, Nina Allie
Brinkley, Effie Jane
Brinkley, James "Jim" R.
Brinkley, Jerald
Brinkley, Lillie
Brinkley, Martha E.
Brinkley, Maude M.
Brinkley, O. T.
Brinkley, William C.
Brinley, Jack M.
Britt, John H.
Britt, Mable Lazenby Mabry
Britt, Mary Elizabeth
Brizendine, Arlie
Brizendine, Ester Lane
Brizendine, henry Clay
Brizendine, Henry
Brizendine, James D.
Brizendine, James D.
Brizendine, Joe Dale
Brizendine, Lennie L.
Brock, Mrs. W.C.
Brookes, Infant Daughter
Brookes, Margaret
Brookes, Jr. Bishop
Brooks, Bernice G.
Brooks, David A.
Brooks, Hugh P/
Brooks, James Leslie
Brooks, JoSeph F.
Brooks, Little Allie
Brooks, Little Jim
Brooks, Lucy Catherine
Brooks, Margarette
Brooks, Sam F.
Brooks, Sue E.
Brooks, Thomas C.
Brooks, William Henry
Brooks, Sr. Bishop
Broomfield Willis
Brosn Jim
Brothers, John A.
Brown Ardith
Brown, Alvin S.
Brown, Anna May
Brown, Annie Lamb
Brown, Artie M.
Brown, Baby
Brown, Cleveland
Brown, D. A
Brown, D. A.
Brown, D. Cullen
Brown, Daniel J.
Brown, David N.
Brown, Doyal A.
Brown, E.
Brown, Elizabeth A.
Brown, Ella Jane
Brown, Ellen
Brown, Elmer
Brown, Emer Lou
Brown, Emily
Brown, Emma A.
Brown, Ernest F.
Brown, Fred
Brown, G. C.
Brown, George H.
Brown, George R.
Brown, Girdie
Brown, Henry K.
Brown, Infants
Brown, John H.
Brown, Laura
Brown, Lela
Brown, Lettie Wright
Brown, Lewis T.
Brown, Lilla
Brown, Lola
Brown, Lydia L.
Brown, Mary J.
Brown, Matilda
Brown, Merrill
Brown, Milous
Brown, Mrs. Dode
Brown, Nina
Brown, Rebecca Lee
Brown, Robert L.
Brown, Robert
Brown, Sallie N.
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Shirlee L.& Infant dAugh
Brown, Taylor M.
Brown, William Ernest
Brown, William Green
Brown, Dr. E. M.
Brown, Dr. John
Brown, Dr. R. A.
Browning, Nellie
Browning, Thomas J.
Brownlow, W. Smith
Broyles Herbert L.
BRoyles, Mary
Broyles, William H.
Brummett, Mary Ella
Bryan, T. H.
Bryson, Anna Hord
Bryson, Eliza Jane
Bryson, George W.
Bryson, Mary C.
Bucher, Baby Son
Buck, Lena Cox
Buck, Lucy Ann
Buck, Nathan
Buford, Pearle Rhyne
Bullard, Sarah M.
Bumphus, Addie Rogers
Bumphus, Arah
Bumphus, Louis
Bumphus, Louis
Bumphus, nathan
Bumphus, Seaborn
Bumphus,Jr. Seaborn
Bunch, William M.
Burch, N. E.
Burgess, S. R.
Burk, Barbara A.
Burk, Gary E.
Burk, M. C.
Burk, Sarah
Burk, William H.
Burke, Billie Lewis
Burke, Charles C.
Burke, Evelyn H.
Burke, J. J.
Burke, Mary Laura
Burke, Paul
Burke, Rupert L.
Burke, Soloman C.
Burke, William W.B.
Burkhead, B. W.
Burkhead, Charlie W.
Burkhead, Fredda Ann
Burkhead, Infant son
Burkhead, Joseph D.
Burkhead, Lela
Burkhead, Pauline
Burkhead, R.E. Duge
Burkhead, Willie Dale
Burnes, Mae
Burnes, Ora Alice
Burnes, Robert R.
Burnett, Henry H.
Burnett, John Henry
Burnett, Sabra Jewell
Burnett, Sonny
Burnett, Virginia Tate
Burns, Ava
Burns, Ethel S.
Burns, George R.
Burns, Harrison P.
Burns, Ida R.
Burns, Mary K.
Burns, Mattie L.
Burns, Ola
Burns, Presley G.
Burns, Robert
Burns, Savannah
Burris Cecil Dennis
Burris, Jefferson
Burris, Ola M. Wright
Burris, Orville R.T.
Burris, William J.
Burrows George
Burson, Guy
Burson, Lula
Burt, Alice
Burt, Cynthia
Burt, John
Burt, Mary Elizabeth
Burt, Mattie N.
Burt, Riley
Burt, William H.
Burtch, Alice S.
Burtch, Dick L.
Burtch, Donald N.
Burtch, Harold F.
Burtle, Louise White
Burton, Stephen G.
Busby, Keith
Bush, Alice
Bush, Rosa May
Bussell, Mansfield
Butcher J. H.
Butler, Baby
Butler, Bowden D
Butler, Cecil T.
Butler, Charlotte
Butler, F. F.
Butler, Gary L.
Butler, Gertie
Butler, Henry L.
Butler, Infant Dau
Butler, James R.
Butler, James
Butler, Lettie
Butler, Lois
Butler, Marian A.
Butler, Martha L.
Butler, Mary
Butler, Maurice
Butler, Nellie L.
Butler, Ollie
Butler, Rufus W.
Butler, S. P.
Butler, Sammy
Butler, Samuel C.
Butler, Sarah
Butler, Walter L.
Butt, Roland A.
Butterick, James
Buzbee, Jessie
Byers, Arley D.
Byers, Bernice K.
Byers, Bulah R.
Byers, Catherine
Byers, Ethel May
Byers, Harvey K.
Byers, M. C.
Byers, Mary E.
Byers, Paul Allen
Byers, Payne
Byers, Velna
Byers, Walker A.
Byington, Edward
Byington, Lillie G.
Bynum, Emma Sommers
Byrd, Bea
Byrd, Jessie L.D.
Byrns, Obie
Byrum, Infant
Byrum, Joe M.
Byrum, Johnney Alfred
Byrum, L. W.
Byrum, Marie S.
Byrum. Doyle
Cabaniss, Ernest E.
Caddell, Daniel C.
Caddell, J. M.
Caddell, Mary I.
Cadell, J. L.
Cadell, Lottie
Cadwell, Redmond
Cain, M. E.
Cain, Rev. James
Caldwell Mary J.
Caldwell, Augustus
Caldwell, Carl
Caldwell, Charity B.
Caldwell, David
Caldwell, Dellcena S.
Caldwell, Joe W.
Caldwell, Joseph E.
Caldwell, Joseph
Caldwell, Luther David
Caldwell, Pauline
Caldwell, Ruby M.
Caldwell, Samuel
Caldwell, Sarah E.
Caldwell, Virginia
Calicott Newett
Callahan W. C.
Callahan Wanda Bea
Callicott, Annie
Callison, Thomas
Cambron, Rosalee
Cambron, Russell
Cambron, Sam
Cameron, ?
Campbell, Alvin B.
Campbell, Edward Lee
Campbell, Frank D.
Campbell, George A.
Campbell, Jack Draper
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jewell A.
Campbell, Jim Stuart
Campbell, Margaret J.
Campbell, Nora T.
Campbell, Opal Frances
Campbell, Parilee
Campbell, William M.
Camron, Ivy L.
Candelaria, Baby Son
Canford, Grover
Canford, Lucille
Cannon Benjamin Ed.
Cannon Delia
Cannon Infant
Cannon, A. J.
Cannon, Algie B.
Cannon, Ardillacy
Cannon, Barbara E.
Cannon, Burlie L.
Cannon, Burlie
Cannon, Calodia Francis
Cannon, Charles L.
Cannon, D. B.
Cannon, Dora
Cannon, E. K.
Cannon, E.K. Knox
Cannon, Earl G.
Cannon, Ethel I.
Cannon, Fletcher
Cannon, Flora H.
Cannon, Flossie Virginia
Cannon, G. B.
Cannon, Geneva Welch
Cannon, George
Cannon, Georgia
Cannon, Grace
Cannon, Grover
Cannon, H. A.
Cannon, Hattie Mae
Cannon, Infant
Cannon, Infant
Cannon, James E.
Cannon, James H.
Cannon, James L.
Cannon, Jeffery E.
Cannon, Jesse N.
Cannon, Joe D.
Cannon, Joe M.
Cannon, Joel
Cannon, John B.
Cannon, John
Cannon, John
Cannon, Julie A.
Cannon, Kitty Birthel
Cannon, L. E.
Cannon, Lefonia S.
Cannon, Lewis
Cannon, Lewis
Cannon, Lula Nunneley
Cannon, Mamie
Cannon, Mary E.
Cannon, Mary Estelle
Cannon, Mary J.
Cannon, Mary P.
Cannon, Nellie A.
Cannon, Nina
Cannon, Nola Blonnie
Cannon, Ollie
Cannon, Ora
Cannon, Pearl
Cannon, Pella
Cannon, Rebecca A.
Cannon, Riley Amos
Cannon, Sarah Ann
Cannon, Susan Hughes
Cannon, T. N.
Cannon, Vertice W.
Cannon, Walker Lewis
Cannon, Walter
Cannon, William George
Cannon, William M.
Cannon, William O.
Cannon, Rev. Z. T.
Cantlon, Arthur
Cantlon, Belle S.
Capehart, Thad
Caplinger, George L.
Capps, Alice Floyd
Capps, Beckie
Capps, Bill
Capps, Charlie
Capps, Edward
Capps, Elizabeth
Capps, Emerson
Capps, Emma
Capps, G.B. G.
Capps, Henry Emerson
Capps, Lelah
Capps, Mildred
Capps, Sinia
Capps, W. E.
Capps, Walter J.
Carley, Donna Kay
Carlton, Baby Son
Carlton, Ida L.
Carlton, John T.
Carlton, Lucille
Carnahan, John T.
Carnahan, Mollie W.
Carpenter, Alice
Carpenter, John
Carpenter, Joseph L.
Carpenter, Josephine
Carpenter, Lon
Carpenter, Mary E.
Carpenter, Mary E.
Carpenter, Nova M.
Carpenter, Robert E.
Carrier, Edwin C.
Carroll, A. M.
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Bessie V.
Carroll, Beulah
Carroll, Charles L.
Carroll, Ellie K.
Carroll, Irma
Carroll, J. W.
Carroll, Jessie
Carroll, John Henry
Carroll, Josephine
Carroll, Josie C.
Carroll, M. J.
Carroll, Malcom J.
Carroll, Martha
Carroll, Mary
Carroll, Mett M.
Carroll, Michael A.
Carroll, Mike B.
Carroll, Mollie M.
Carroll, Robert Y.
Carroll, Tull
Carroll, V. P.
Carroll, Verna
Carson, Clay
Carson, John F.
Carson, Julie
Carter, B. F.
Carter, Baby
Carter, Dave W.
Carter, Edith L.
Carter, Effie
Carter, James M.
Carter, John William
Carter, Nora Rebecca
Carter, Preather
Carver Cleothus Brian
Carver Ed Harold
Carver Isabell
Carver Tommie J.
Carver, Annie Dell
Carver, Effie Mae
Carver, Hersly
Carver, J. F.
Carver, Mary Katurah
Carver, Nancy
Carver, Orella M.
Carver, Orlion
Carver, Silas M.
Carver, Syble
Carver, Terry Allen
Carver, William Madison
Carver, William Silas
Carver, William Thomas
Carver, Melvin
Carver. Lillie Crawford
Carver. Mary Jane Green
Casey, Annie Mae
Casey, Joe
Casey, Joseph F.
Casey, L. R.
Casey, Virginia Lee
Casey, W. G.
Casey, William Dawson
Cason, Herman Richard
Casper, Violet
Casteel Melburn
Casteel, Celie
Casteel, Dock
Casteel, Emit P.
Casteel, Esther S.
Casteel, Inez D.
Casteel, Jewel
Casteel, Maggie Jones
Casteel, Maylean
Casteel, Millie C.
Casteel, Russell P.
Casteel, Tora
Castle, William W.
Cates, S. L.
Cathy, Jesse
Catron, clyde
Caudle, Baby
Caudle, William E.
Causey, Alvie L.
Causey, Haley
Cayce, Jack
Cayce, M. S.
Cebbler, Infant son
Cella, J. L.
Cella, Pearl S.
Chambers, William B.
Chandler, ?
Chandler, Alex
Chandler, Betty Lynn
Chandler, Betty
Chandler, Bobby Lee
Chandler, Cecil C.
Chandler, Charles Sheppard
Chandler, Eller
Chandler, Frank
Chandler, J. D.
Chandler, James Barnes
Chandler, Jenny M.
Chandler, Joe C.
Chandler, Josh B.
Chandler, Levi
Chandler, Myrtle
Chandler, Noah
Chandler, Omega Barnes
Chandler, Randall
Chandler, Rebecca
Chandler, Robert
Chandler, Rosie E.
Chandler, Roy
Chandler, Ruby Ray
Chandler, Sarah Miller
Chandler, W. D.
Chandler, Walter T.
Chaney Au?
Chaney, Albert
Chaney, Bernie
Chaney, Cornelia
Chaney, Gladys
Chaney, Oscar
Chaney, Pearl
Chaney, Ruby
Chapman, Gory Lee
Chapman, Willie L.
Chappell E. S.
Chase, John M.
Cheatham, Frank
Chennault, Henry
Chennault, Lilye
Chenoweth, Idell
Chenoweth. Charles
Chenowith, Amalee Lloyd
Cherry, Joe Aaron
Cherry, John W.
Cherry, M. Lee
Cherry, Mildred Wise
Chesshier, Edgar Fines
Chesster, J. Fred
Chester, Jacob
Chewning P. A.
Chewning, Mary E.
Childers, Nancy
Chillison, Orby Lee
Chillson, James Clyde
Choate, Alice T.
Choate, Bessie Mae
Choate, Cecil
Choate, Clara Mae
Choate, Clementine
Choate, Clovis M.
Choate, Dickson J.
Choate, Edgar
Choate, Edward
Choate, Infant
Choate, James Forrest
Choate, John W.
Choate, Lizza
Choate, Lucy
Choate, Mrs. C.A.
Choate, Robert A.
Choate, W. L.
Choate, William
Christian John R.
Christian, J. H.
Christian, May
Christian, Nannie
Christian, Roy O.
Christie, Ernest E.
Christie, Linda C.
Chumley, C. H.
Chumley, Edith
Chumley, Mildred Johnson
Chumley, Oakley L.
Churchman, E. C.
Churchman, Everett
Churchman, M. Mary F.
Churchman, Margaret R.
Churchman, Samuel T.
Churchman, Willie
Churchwell, Baby Dau
Churchwell, Onie E.
Churchwell, W. Ira
Ciarlette, Benignon
Cierly, Maudie May
Clardy, ?
Clardy, Alice G.
Clardy, Casho
Clardy, D. C.
Clardy, Hardy B.
Clardy, James B.
Clardy, James R.
Clardy, Mariah P.
Clardy, Nona
Clardy, Pearl
Clardy, Richard D.
Clardy, Richard H.
Clardy, Tella
Clardy, William Fletcher
Clark ? ?
Clark, Alice
Clark, Annie L.
Clark, Bertha Lavelle
Clark, Carl
Clark, E. D.B.
Clark, H. D.
Clark, H. D.
Clark, John F.
Clark, Juanita
Clark, Mary E.
Clark, N. J.
Clark, Nancy I.
Clark, Priscilla
Clark, Priscilla
Clark, Roy Thomas
Clark, Thomas H.
Clark, W. J.
Clawson, Lawson D.
Clay, C. J.
Clay, Evelyn
Clay, Joel Washington
Clay, Lottie
Clay, O. B.
Clay, Ode G.
Clay, Olen
Clay, S. A.
Clayborn, Bill
Clayborn, Ida
Clayborn, Lois
Clayborn, Mack
Clayborn, Oscar
Clayborn, Ralph
Clayborn, Thomas D.
Cleaver, Margaret C.
Clegg, Oliver E.
Cleghorn, Mary
Clement, Mattie
Clement, Richard H.
Clement, Shimion R.
Clement, Simeon L.
Clements, Emma
Clements, Frances Agnes
Clements, Inon W.
Clements, J. G.
Clements, J. W.
Clements, James
Clements, Lewis
Clenney, Arthur
Clinton, Robert M.
Cloer, Hiram
Clower, Ed
Cluck Baby
Cluck Baby
Cluck, Baby
Cluck,Jr. William H.
Clum, Maude E. Fisk
Coat, Amazula
Coat, John W.
Coats, Infant
Coats, M. Eloise
Cobb, Anna S.
Cobb, Howard
Cobb, Howard
Cobb, JoSeph C.
Cobb, Lonnie Dale
Cobb, Margaret
Cobb, Mrs J. B.
Cobb,Jr., Marvin R.
Cobble, Mattie R.
Cobble, W. S.
Cochran Josie E.
Cochran, Cecil
Cochran, Arthur E.
Cochran, Jewell
Cocke, John H.
Cocke, Mattie
Coffey G. W.
Coffey Ruford R.
Coffey, Carter B.
Coffey, Goldia M.
Coffman, Mattie Dorilla
Coffman, Thomas Martin
Cogburn, Ollie
Cokeley, Donna K.
Coker, Infant son
Coker, Martha L.
Cole Imogene
Cole, Charley Ungle
Cole, H. H.
Cole, Jr. Johnny William
Coleman Maude B.
Coleman, Cular
Coleman, Lucy
Coleman, Will D.
Coley, Harold
Coley, Julia
Coley, Richard
Collier, Bobby W.
Collier, Minnie
Collins, Abraham
Collins, Callie
Collins, Daisie
Collins, Frances E.
Collins, George H.
Collins, George
Collins, Infant Son
Collins, Lois
Collins, Lula
Collins, Ollie L.
Collins, Osie T.
Collins, Samuel
Collins, W. H.
Collins, William JoSeph
Collins, Jr. Abe
Collins, Sr. Abe
Collum, Alma
Collum, Esther
Collum, Mollie
Collum, W. E.
Colp, Cornelious JoSeph
Colp, Lydia
Colyar, Morgan B.
Combs, Carl Eugene
Combs, Cora E.
Combs, Jetty
Combs, William H.
Common, Vida M.
Compton Baby
Compton, E. Virginia
Compton, Eva
Compton, James L.
Compton, Linn
Compton, Myrtle Eniree
Compton, Susan J.
Compton, Thomas H.
Conaster, Catherine Claude
Conaster, Glenn S.
Conaster, Jasper
Conaster, Mammie
Conaster, Marion
Conaster, Sebern Lawton
Conatser, Bryce
Conatser, Cleo
Conatser, Doyle
Conatser, Earnest
Conatser, Flora I.
Conatser, Florence
Conatser, J. B.
Conatser, Jewell
Conatser, Joyce
Conatser, Mertus
Conatser, Neva
Conatser, Opal
Conatser, Oriel Fester
Conatser, S. Ray
Conatser, Jr. Archie N.
Coney, Selma Clementine
Conner, Lawrence
Conner, Willie Lee
Connor, ?
Consaster, Christine Elizabeth
Contreras, Beatrice
Cook, Anna
Cooley, Allison
Cooper, Cecil
Cooper, Claude
Cooper, Danny Ray
Cooper, Edna
Cooper, Elgie O.
Cooper, Ella Mae
Cooper, Emme
Cooper, Eunice
Cooper, George W.
Cooper, Hazel
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Hershel H.
Cooper, Hester E.
Cooper, Ida
Cooper, James O.
Cooper, James T.
Cooper, John
Cooper, Josephine L.
Cooper, Lacona
Cooper, Laura
Cooper, Lewis Edward
Cooper, Lonzo
Cooper, Louis Z.
Cooper, Nora Lee
Cooper, Rosa Hogue
Cooper, S. Eliza Norwood
Cooper, T. H.
Cooper, Troy
Cooper, William W.
Cooper, Willie E.
Cooper. Council Franklin
Copass, J. W.
Corbell, Chester C.
Corbell, Clem
Corbell, Edith
Corbell, Edward E.
Corbell, Emma E.
Corbell, Emma G.
Corbell, Eunice
Corbell, Forney R.
Corbell, H. B.
Corbell, Henry O.
Corbell, Henry
Corbell, I. B.
Corbell, Infant DAughter
Corbell, Joan
Corbell, Joe Ann
Corbell, Junie F.
Corbell, Leonna V.
Corbell, Ozio
Corbell, Robert
Corbell, T. E.
Corbell, Thomas D.
Corbell, William J.
Corbell, Zoe Ann
Corbin, Elmer Lee
Corbin, Sylvia Lee
Corcoran, Roger
Cordell, J. M.
Corder, E. G.
Corder, Sarah
Corley, Frances Eugenia
Corley, Henry Richard
Corley, Martha A.
Corley, Mattie Idelia
Corley, Odell
Cornelius, Major B
Cornish, Josphine
Cosper, Fred
Cossey, Billie
Couch, Earl W.
Couch, Infant Son
Couch, Infant
Couch, Sadie
Couch, W. J.
Coulson, Walter J.
Coulter, Amey
Coulter, Audie B.
Coulter, Betty Kinsworthy
Coulter, Burton C.
Coulter, Charles P.
Coulter, D. C.
Coulter, David W.
Coulter, David
Coulter, Edward K.
Coulter, Esther Clare
Coulter, Esther Clare
Coulter, Frances E.
Coulter, Ida R.
Coulter, Infant s/o C.P.
Coulter, James Ratcliff
Coulter, Jeffie M.
Coulter, Jerry L.
Coulter, John W.
Coulter, Jonas
Coulter, Katie Carr
Coulter, Mary B.
Coulter, N. J.
Coulter, Owens
Coulter, Rebecca
Coulter, Richard Murphy
Coulter, Rosa Rea
Coulter, Rose A. Entrekin
Coulter, Rufus K.
Coulter, Russey S.
Coulter, Sallie Bell
Coulter, Tom
Coulter, Verda Thomason
Counts, Georgia
Counts, Willie H.
Covey, Martha
Covey, Sallie C.
Covington, King David
Cowart, Lillie R.
Cowart, Thomas A.
Cowden, Benton M.
Cowden, Clarinda
Cowden, Clifton
Cowden, David Lewis
Cowden, David
Cowden, Delilah
Cowden, Elizabeth Ann
Cowden, Emma Gene
Cowden, Emmet
Cowden, Herbert S.
Cowden, J. J.
Cowden, Joe J. Jr.
Cowden, Mary Susan
Cowden, Mary
Cowden, Thompson
Cowling, Abe
Cowling, Floyd E.
Cowling, Henry W.
Cowling, Lelia M.
Cowling, Permecia
Cowling, Ruby
Cox Donale
Cox, A. P.
Cox, Ada F.
Cox, Alex
Cox, Allah
Cox, Alonzo
Cox, Annie E.
Cox, Bertie Parker
Cox, Blanch
Cox, Carlos L.
Cox, Carroll J.
Cox, Cary M.
Cox, Catherine
Cox, Charles
Cox, Clara
Cox, Cletes
Cox, Denver
Cox, Ed
Cox, Edgar O.
Cox, Elizabeth Leeper
Cox, Elsie
Cox, Emma L.
Cox, Ercell Shinn
Cox, Ethel E.
Cox, Etta
Cox, George Owen
Cox, George W.
Cox, Gladys B.
Cox, Harriet
Cox, Harriet
Cox, Harvey
Cox, Hattie
Cox, Henry W.
Cox, Homer J.
Cox, Horace
Cox, Huey/Lucy
Cox, Ida May
Cox, Infant
Cox, Infant
Cox, Joel A.
Cox, John B.
Cox, John F.
Cox, John Frederick
Cox, John Powell
Cox, John
Cox, Johnny
Cox, Katy
Cox, Laura
Cox, Lee
Cox, Lellie
Cox, Lona Mae
Cox, Mary L.S.
Cox, Mary
Cox, Mattie L.
Cox, Pearl
Cox, Robert A.
Cox, Rufus N.
Cox, Sallie
Cox, Samuel Benton
Cox, Samuel F.
Cox, Sarah Ann
Cox, Sarah Mandy
Cox, Terry Lynn
Cox, Troy
Cox, Van Wiley
Cox, Vaughn
Cox, Virginia A.
Cox, William E.
Cox, William Edward
Cox, William J.
Cox, William
Cox, Willie C. "Bill"
Cox, Jr. John P.
Cox. Carroll J.
Coy, Betty J.
Coy, Francis G.
Coy, Marvin
Cozby, G. W.
Crabtree, Pearl
Craddick, J. W.
Craddick, Mellie
Craig, Charles Franklin
Craig, Della A.
Craig, Ellozan
Craig, Gladys Wise
Craig, Hugh Hardy
Craig, Jessie
Craig, Millie E.
Craig, Pearl
Craig, Robert O.
Craig, Victor
Craig, W. A.
Craig, Sr. Henry M.
Cram, Mary V.
Crandall, Rose M.
Cranford, Glen David
Cranford, Grover
Cranford, Lucille
Cravens, Annie
Cravens, Jacob B.
Cravens, Laura
Cravens, Lester H.
Cravens, Mary L.
Cravens, Oscar C.
Cravens, R. C.
Cravens, Roy
Cravens, Sallie Ann
Cravens, Sarah
Cravens, Sherman
Cravens, Susan R.
Cravens, Taylor
Cravens, Taylor
Crawford Alonzo R.
Crawford Auddie F.
Crawford, Alice Joyce
Crawford, Alvin Loyce
Crawford, Dombie O.
Crawford, Edward
Crawford, Essie
Crawford, George T.
Crawford, Hettie J.
Crawford, Infant Boy
Crawford, Infant Girl
Crawford, Iva G.
Crawford, Jimmy W.
Crawford, Kenneth D.
Crawford, Lillian Davis
Crawford, Lucinda
Crawford, McC. R.
Crawford, Sudie M.
Crawford, Thelma Davis
Crawford, V. Oscar
Crawford, W. A.
Crawford, Jr. George T.
Crawford. T. J.
Creamer, Paul G.
Creamer, Pearl
Creamer, W. J.
Creek, Carrie
Creek, Catlet
Crenshaw, Bessie
Crews, Addison B.
Crews, Arvil
Crews, Carlisle
Crews, Edwin Dale
Crews, Edwin L.
Crews, Emma
Crews, G. M.
Crews, Gordon W.
Crews, Hal B.
Crews, J. P.
Crews, Jack
Crews, Lucy F.
Crews, Maude E.
Crews, Nevel H.
Crews, Nevel Stuart
Crews, Sarah L.
Crews, Warren E.
Crist, Herbert H.
Crist, Orabell
Crites, Mada Faye
Crook, W. E.
Crook, Dr. W. C.
Cross, Addie
Cross, Albert
Cross, Deby Rowl
Cross, Monroe
Crossland, Edna J.
Crouse, Baby
Crouse, Clifford D.
Crouse, Cora
Crouse, John
Crow, Carrie M.
Crow, Clifton
Crow, Cora Rhodes
Crow, E. W.
Crow, Emily Jane
Crow, F. A.
Crow, George H.
Crow, Infant
Crow, Infant
Crow, Infant
Crow, L. Schluter
Crow, Levin W.
Crow, Mahala A.
Crow, Mann R.
Crow, Mittie E.
Crow, Nola F.
Crow, Quintin
Crow, Ruel L.
Crow, Sarah C.
Crow, Vasie Rena
Crow, Wesley
Crow, William F.
Crow, William Harold
Crow, William Matthew
Crowder, Cecil
Crowder, Daisy W.
Crowder, Elizabeth M.
Crowder, J. Alvie
Crowder, Merlock
Crowder, W. Arthur
Crunk, William H.
Crutcher, Belle E.
Crutcher, Chester L.
Crutcher, Horace L.
Cullen, Patricia K.
Culp, Alice
Culp, E.
Culp, Homer
Culp, James
Culp, Jerry W.
Culp, Kathy Ann
Culp, Lisa D.
Culp, Ralph
Cummings, Laura
Cunningham Rosa L.
Cunningham, Arbell
Cunningham, Gillon R.
Cunningham, L. Ruth
Cunningham, Lindsey
Cunningham, Marion E.
Cunningham, Quay F.
Cunningham, William F.
Curlee, Florence Nix
Curlee, Timothy C.
Curry, Annie M.
Curry, Carry A.
Curry, Georgia A.
Curry, Homer F.
Curry, Infant
Curry, Isaac
Curry, Marshall
Curry, Opal C.
Curry, Rachel J.
Curtis, Emily Moody
Custer, Dorothy Mae Knod
Custer, Walter
Cutright, Charlotte Anne
Dabbs, J. W.
Dagmell, Nellie
Dakin, Merine
Dale, Harry C.
Dale, James M.
Dale, Minnie A.
Dalton, Clarence
Dalton, J. J.
Daniel, Bertha M.
Daniel, Lando P.
Daniel/Daniels George
Daniels Princess Elmo
Dark, Ella H.
Dark, H. G.
Dark, Homer
Dark, Johnnie
Dark, Loyce
Darr, Jessie Mae
Dart, Samuel A.
Daugherty, Emmie Francis
DAugherty, Emmie Francis
Daugherty, Selestia A.
DAughtery, Samuel
DAughtery, Selestia Ann
Davidson, Beulah E.
Davidson, Dorothy
Davidson, Elizabeth
Davidson, Emma L.
Davidson, Florence A.
Davidson, George W.
Davidson, Joe
Davidson, Larry
Davidson, Mary
Davidson, Minnie
Davidson, Wanda
Davidson. Elsie
Davis Baby
Davis May
Davis Myrtle
Davis, Adeline Wise
Davis, Alice Lota
Davis, Alice
Davis, Alma Tate
Davis, Aquilla
Davis, Barney
Davis, Bert Edward
Davis, Bessie Sanders
Davis, Charlie Ewing
Davis, Charlie Lee
Davis, Daniel Francis
Davis, Elizabeth C.
Davis, Ellen V.
Davis, Ewing
Davis, F. E.
Davis, Fanny
Davis, George B.
Davis, Harve B.
Davis, Infant Son
Davis, Infant
Davis, Infant
Davis, James Leroy
Davis, James R.
Davis, John Tim
Davis, John
Davis, Johny Kate
Davis, Katie
Davis, L. J.
Davis, Leonard Mitchael
Davis, Lucindy
Davis, Mary A.
Davis, Mary J.
Davis, Mattie L.
Davis, Mattie
Davis, Mildred Foye
Davis, Nancy E.
Davis, Nancy O.
Davis, Pansy Joann
Davis, Paul F.
Davis, Pauline
Davis, Pearl Ernestine
Davis, S. B.
Davis, Sallie
Davis, Samuel G.
Davis, Sidney D.
Davis, Son of Elmer
Davis, Stanley
Davis, Toy Dean
Davis, Violet M.
Davis, Virgie B.
Davis, Will Samuel
Davis, William D.
Davis, Zachariah
Davis, Zella M.
Davis, Jr. George W.
Davison, Annie T.
Davison, Soloman
Davison, Solomon C.
Dawkins, James A.
Dawkins, Maud E.
Dawkins, Warwick W.
Dawson, Florence
Day Bunnis Carl
Day Donna Darlene
Day Glenda Ann
Day, Albert
Day, Bobbie J.
Day, Harold G.
Day, Mary Alice
Day, Steven
Day,Jr. Eugene
Deal, Nora
Dean, Otis R.
Deane, Priscilla
Dearmon, Alma M.
Dearmon, Elmer D.
Dearmon, Rhoda J.
Dearmore, Carl E.
Deaton, Essie May
Deaton, M. Luther
Deaton, Nina Lucille
Deaton, Vertis
DeDner M. T.
DeDner, Rodney B.
DeDner, Rodney D.
Dee, John
Dee, Thomas
DeGroot, Annie
DeGroot, Henry
DeGroot, Infant Dau
DeGroot, John
DeGroot, Mrs. Fred
Delalaughter, Nora Alice
Dellinger, Albert
Dellinger, C. C.
Dellinger, Charles C.
Dellinger, Charley J.
Dellinger, Cleopatra
Dellinger, Dorothy M.
Dellinger, Douglass
Dellinger, E. V.
Dellinger, Elsie
Dellinger, Francis E.
Dellinger, Francis
Dellinger, Fronie E.
Dellinger, Jasper
Dellinger, Lillie
Dellinger, Llewelleyn
Dellinger, Lucy J.
Dellinger, Luther
Dellinger, Marvin
Dellinger, Orus
Dellinger, Porter N.
Dellinger, Ralph
Dellinger, Richard V.
Dellinger, Richard
Dellinger, Shug
Dellinger, Sophia T.
Dellinger, Sophia
Dellinger, Jr. James M.
Dellinter, Paul S.
Demont, William W.
Dennis Lillian
Dennis, C. B.
Denson Daisy
Denson Junius J.
Denson Lugilla
Denson, Annie G.
Denson, Hazel M.
Denson, Joe
Denson, Joel
Denson, JoSeph H.
Denson, Junius B.
Denson, Martha A.
Denton, William G.
Denyer, Leta
Derton, Albert L.
Derton, Phillip M.
DeShazo, Claud D.
DeShazo, Ester M.
DeShazo, Fannie E.
DeShazo, John T.
DeShazo, L. Lloyd
DeShazo, Lexie Anna
DeShazo, Luther A.
DeShazo, Luther Carl
DeShazo, Lydia A.
DeShazo, Mary
DeShazo, Walter D.
DeSpain, Edna
Detmer, Christian T.
Detmer, Cora May
DeVasier, Billy Keith
Devasier, Harry Eugene
Dickerson, T. A.
Dickinson, A. E.
Dickinson, Alton Carter
Dickinson, Belle Gray
Dickinson, Carrie
Dickinson, Dorothy
Dickinson, E.
Dickinson, Elmer C.
Dickinson, Emmer F.
Dickinson, George Lewis
Dickinson, Gordon G.
Dickinson, Infant
Dickinson, Joel E.
Dickinson, Joel W.
Dickinson, Lucy
Dickinson, Myrtle S.
Dickinson, Nancy J.
Dickinson, R. B.
Dickinson, Raymond V.
Dickinson, Ruby
Dickinson, Sarah Clemintine
Dickinson, Thurston
Dickinson, M.D. George Wallace
Dickinson, M.D. Richard C.
Dickson, Minnie I.
Dickson, Sally J.
Diener, Annie
Diener, Josephine
Dierks, Cecil
Dierks, Marquetta
Diggs, Cheryle A.
Diggs, Florence
Diggs, G. S.
Diggs, Jewell Jessie
Diggs, Jurdon Franklin
Diggs, Lena Ennis Stephens
Diggs, Jr. Jewell
Dilday, James Carlyle
Dill M. C.
Dillahunty Mellie D.
Dillahunty Mildred Caldwell
Dillahunty, Addison
Dillahunty, Baby
Dillahunty, Cecil N.
Dillahunty, Claud
Dillahunty, Diris
Dillahunty, Eugenia
Dillahunty, Evelyn Louise
Dillahunty, Fay
Dillahunty, Fred
Dillahunty, Hattie
Dillahunty, James
Dillahunty, Jim
Dillahunty, John H.
Dillahunty, Lawrence
Dillahunty, Leslie S.
Dillahunty, Manell
Dillahunty, Marshall
Dillahunty, Martha
Dillahunty, Millie
Dillahunty, Pellie
Dillahunty, Sallie
Dillahunty, Sam
Dillahunty, Sam
Dillahunty, Schiller
Dillahunty, Thomas
Dillahunty, Vinia
Diment, Joe
Dinger, Frank H.
Dinger, Herman O.
Dinger, Lonia J.
Dinger, Nessie
Dinger, Robert
Direks, Mele
Divina, Nola
Dixon, Baby Girl
Dixon, Benjamin A.
Dixon, Benjamin R.
Dixon, Fannie
Dixon, J. O.
Dixon, Minnie
Dixon, Myla H.
Dixon, Ruby O.
Dixon, William
Dlugonski, Maggie I.
Dlugonski, Walter Earl
Dlugonski. Walter J.
Dobbins, Laura
Dobbins, Mary Johnson
Dobbs, J. W.
Dobbs, Lula W.
Dodgen, John
Dodson, Charlie D.
Dodson, Rose Millwee
Doggett, Ace Bee
Doggett, Callie Hickman
Doggett, George W.
Doggett, Hicks
Doggett, Jesse E.
Doggett, Mattie E. Johnson
Dollarhide, Alfred J.
Dollarhide, Baby
Dollarhide, Callie
Dollarhide, Earskin
Dollarhide, Ella
Dollarhide, Reginald
Dollarhide, S. E.
Dollarhide, V. S.
Dollarhide, Wl K.
Donaldson, Elder E.
Donnelly, G. B.
Donoven, Mary L.
Doole, Tola P.
Dooley, A. T.
Dooley, Alma Doc
Dooley, Anita Ann
Dooley, Carrie R.
Dooley, Elmer
Dooley, Iola
Dooley, Lula Dean
Dooley, Lula Nall
Dooley, Marie Hill
Dooley, Nannie A.
Dooley, Robert William
Dooley, W. E.
Dooley, W. I.
Dooley, SR J. B.
Dooley. Anna Ruth
Dorsett, Edith Winonah
Dorsett, John R/D?
Dorsett, Lucille Dar
Dorsey, Alta
Dorsey, Dewey R.
Dorsey, Dora
Dorsey, Elizabeth
Dorsey, Emma E.
Dorsey, Glen C.
Dorsey, J. H.
Dorsey, Jessie Oliver
Dorsey, John Ellis
Dorsey, L. A.
Dorsey, Lelia L.
Dorsey, Sallie
Dorsey, William Archie
Dorsey, William Francis
Doss, Andrew C.
Doss, Charlie
Doss, Jinnie Lou
Doss, Letha
Doss, Linnie
Doss, Margaret
Doss, Mat A.
Doss, Norwood C.
Doss, Sophia A.
Doth, William B.
Doty, JoSeph D.
Doty, Thomas
Douglas, J. J.
Douthet, Murrel Mabry
Douthit, infant Son
Douthit, Manerva G.
Douthit, Robert S.
Dowd, Baby
Dowd, M. W.
Dowd, Velma Mae
Dowdle, Dennis Lee
Dowdle, Mary
Dowdle, Sam
Dowdy, Letha Mae
Downing, Derrell Gene
Downs, Denra (Mrs)
Downs, Emery W.
Downs, Infant Son
Downs, Ira
Downs, James H.
Downs, Martha Ann
Downs, Mildred M.
Downs, Mildred Marie
Downs, Milton M.
Downs, Paul A.
Downs, Ruth S.
Downs, Tobe
Downs, Victor
Downs, William
Doyle, Florine Hargis
Doyle, Manerva A.
Doyle, William H.
Doyt, Annie Mable
Doyt, Frank JoSeph
Draper, Essie
Draper, Everett P.
Draper, Gracie E.
Draper, Jack
Draper, L. Lloyd
Draper, Rufus
Dritt, Claude B.
Dudley, Bessie Lee
Dudley, Cecil Paul
Due Tom L.
Due, Gertie
Due, L.
Due, Levinna
Dugan, Kenneth C.
Duggan, Ada
Duggan, Alnora
Duggan, Ardena
Duggan, Baby
Duggan, Benjamine F.
Duggan, Clara E.
Duggan, Earl
Duggan, Elmer E.
Duggan, James L.
Duggan, Janice
Duggan, Micheal C.
Duggan, Micheal
Duggan, Robert
Duggan, Vincent
Dugger, C. J.
Duke William J.
Duke, Annie May
Duke, Crittenden
Duke, Lone
DuLaney Alfred E.
DuLaney James Claude
DuLaney Thomas B.
DuLaney, Amanda Elizabeth
DuLaney, H. G.
DuLaney, Jimmie Mae
DuLaney, John J.
DuLaney, Nancy V.
Dulaney, Neill Little
Dulaney, Sarah
DuLaney, William T.
DuLaney,Rev. Thomas
Dumas, Eunice Dunaway
Dunagan, Samuel H.
Dunagan, Jr. Joe L.
Duncan, Catherine C.
Duncan, Floyd
Duncan, J. N.
Duncan, Lloyd
Duncan, Mary I.
Duncan, William E.
Dunlap, Charles J.
Dunn, Alan
Dunn, Merrill
Dunn, Siddie
Dunnigan, Edward
Dunnigan, Emma F.
Dunnigan, J. Samuel
Dunnigan, John W.
Dunnigan, William
Dunning, Charles
Dunning, Emmett L.
Dunson, George W.
Durant, Jennie
Durden, Edward A.
Durden, Eleazer L.
Durden, Glen
Durden, Herbert L.
Durden, Ida Lee
Durden, Polly A.
Durden, Sadie Bell
Duren, Martha T.
Durham, Claude M.
Durham, Daisy L.
Durham, Ersie Nell
Durham, Evert
Durham, Green B.
Durham, Herbert M.
Durham, Myrtle E.
Durham, Pearl I.
Durham, Rufus A.
Durham, S. B.
Durham, S. W.
Durham, Mrs H. S/
Durrell, Richard
Dye, Clematus
Dye, William (Bill)
Dyer, Claude
Dyer, Ellis
Dyer, Fate
Dyer, Frank P.
Dyer, Jerome
Dyer, Laura
Dyer, Susie
Dyer, Texana
Dyer, Thurman O'Dell
E. H.
Eagan, Kleon D.
Eakin Charlie L.
Eakin, Albert Dwayne
Eakin, Billy Joe
Eakin, Della
Eakin, George E./ F.
Eakin, Joe
Eakin, Lula B.
Eakin, Willidean
Eason, Dollie
Eason, E. W.
Eason, James T.
Eason, Little Tommie
Eason, Mary H.
Eason, Nannie May
Eastridge, Larry Don
Eastridge, Tracy Donnette
Eddlemon, Elsie M.
Eddlemon, Walter D.
Edens, Abner M.
Edgar, Joe
Edgar, Lillian C.
Edgar, Luther T.
Edgington, Mrs. Julia
Edgington, Rev. Ora
Edmiaston, James Ewell
Edmiaston, Nancy Ellen
Edmonson, Arthur E.
Edmonson, Claude
Edmonson, Earl
Edmonson, Morgan
Edmonson, Oscar C.
Edmonson, Oscar
Edmonson, Retia C.
Edmonson, Rhoda C.
Edmonson, Vida McCoy
Edmunds, Ada McDaniel
Edmunds, Mattie T.
Edulard, Jake
Edwards, Alice
Edwards, Bess
Edwards, Buckie
Edwards, Effie
Edwards, Elbert K.
Edwards, Elbert K.
Edwards, Elsie
Edwards, Ethel I.
Edwards, George Elbert
Edwards, Georgia P.
Edwards, Infant son
Edwards, Infant son of Roy
Edwards, James J.
Edwards, Katherine M.
Edwards, Laura E.
Edwards, Lucy G.
Edwards, Lyda B.
Edwards, Nina M.
Edwards, Ray
Edwards, Robert A.
Edwards, Roy R.
Edwards, Thomas H.
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Virginia J.
Edwards, W. B.
Edwards, William D.
Edwards, Willie
Edwards, Mrs. Pearl
Elam, Frank J.
Elkins, Annie
Elkins, Merk
Elkins, Rupert Richard
Elkins, Thurman
Elledge, Mary Alice
Elledge, Minerva G. James
Elledger, J. R.
Elliot, Bettie
Elliot, Carl Cecil
Elliot, E. K.
Elliot, W. H.
Elliott, Barbara A.
Elliott, Carolyn
Elliott, David E.
Elliott, Dr. G. T.
Elliott, Edith
Elliott, Idar
Elliott, Infant Dau.
Elliott, James B.
Elliott, Nancy C.
Elliott, Norman E.
Elliott, Stella
Ellis Male Child
Ellis, Edmund J.
Ellis, Robert V.
Ellis, W. R.
Elmar, Clyde
Elmer, John
Emerson, Charles D.
Emerson, Delano
Emerson, Francis B.
Emerson, J. A.
Emerson, James E.
Emerson, John R.
Emerson, Loid T.
Emerson, Lowell
Emerson, Lula G.
Emerson, Myra Lynn
Emerson, N. A.
Emerson, R. C.
Emerson, R. G.
Emerson, Robert L.
Emerson, Tilda C.
Emerson, Verna T.
Engstrom, Edward
Ennis, Mary E. Bell
Enoch, Albon Guy
Enoch, Allen Raymond
Enoch, Curtis
Enoch, Lula Kate
Enoch, Martha
Enoch, Mary
Enoch, Virtner Johnson
Enoch, W. D.
Enochs, Augusta J.
Enochs, Ernest C.
Enochs, Georgie
Enochs, Rowland H.
Eppright, Isaac
Erwin, Cora
Erwin, Elder J.D.
Erwin, Joel
Erwin, William D.
Estes, Arbie Lee
Estes, E. D.
Estes, E. M.
Estes, Elwood
Estes, G. H.
Estes, John G.
Estes, Mary F.
Estes, Minnie
Estes, Robert L.
Estes, Sarah
Estes, W. E.
Etchinson, Baby
Etchinson, Marie
Eudt, Sherry Helms
Evans, David
Evans, E. A.
Evans, Evelyn M.
Evans, Glen E.
Evans, J. C.
Everett, Edna Pride
Everett, Edward
Everett, Frances A.
Everett, Hattie
Everett, Ina Arms
Everett, Jake Quincy
Everett, James Ewell
Everett, Jane
Everett, Jim Quinton
Everett, John B.
Everett, John Wesley
Everett, L. Sagar
Everett, Maggie Steel
Everett, May
Everett, Ready
Everett, Ressie Lyons
Everright, John
Evins, Emma
Evins, James "Jim"
Evins, Mrs. S. J.
Evins, W. O.
Eyer, Philip
Fagan, Ethel
Fagan, Jack C.
Fagan, James Edgar
Fagan, Ray Edgar
Fagan, Robert Jilson
Fagan, Sarah Nell
Fallis, Cora Lee
Fallis, Emil O.
Fallis, Ivan G.
Fallis, M. W.
Fallis, Timothy Alan
Falls, Asenath A.
Falls, G. C.
Falls, James T.
Falls, Mary R.
Falls, Rebecca S.
Falls, Robert E.
Falls, William C.
Falls, William J.H.
Falls, James B.
Fant, Leah S.
Fargo, Clementine E.
Farley, Andrew S.
Farley, Authur L.
Farley, Dora
Farley, James H.
Farley, John
Farmer, Elise Marie
Farmer, Jennie E.
Farrell, John
Farrell, Mary
Farriba, Nancy A.
Farriba, William
Farris, Frony
Fate, Ludwig L.
Fatherree, Haskel
Fatherree, Jep
Fatherree, W. W.
Fatherree, Mrs C. A.
Faulkner, A. L.
Faulkner, Bertha L.
Faulkner, Bessie
Faulkner, Clara Louise
Faulkner, Lena
Faulkner, Loy
Faulkner, Luther
Faulkner, Mamie
Faulkner, Martha A.
Faulkner, Oliver
Faulkner, Ray
Faulkner, Robert W.
Faulkner, Robert W.
Faulkner, Rosie E.
Faulkner, Roy
Faulkner, Willie Bell
Fawcett Alice B.
Fawcett Benjamin W.
Fawcett Doris Polo
Fawcett, Allie Fay
Fawcett, Dan R.
Fawcett, David Creel
Fawcett, Essie Henslee
Fawcett, Infant
Fawcett, Jessie W.
Fawcett, Joseph E.
Fawcett, Rebecca F.
Fawcett, Tommie
Fears, Arthur M.
Fears, Bonnie G.
Fears, Estella Lee
Fears, Eugene H.
Fears, Rosa Bell
Fears, Travis E.
Feemster, Alvin Ellis
Feemster, Frank
Fellows, Raymond E.
Fenton, Annie P.
Fenton, Bettie
Fenton, Catherine
Fenton, Clarence J.
Fenton, Colonial O.
Fenton, David O.
Fenton, Francis
Fenton, Henry C.
Fenton, Infant Son
Fenton, James Lynn
Fenton, James O.
Fenton, James
Fenton, John R.
Fenton, John W.
Fenton, Larence W.
Fenton, Lois L.
Fenton, Melinda M.
Fenton, Oliver
Fenton, Sherman C.
Fenton, Willie
Fergus, none none
Ferguson, A. C.
Ferguson, Addie F.
Ferguson, Andrew T.
Ferguson, Dora Cannon
Ferguson, George W.
Ferguson, Hattie P.
Ferguson, Infant
Ferguson, Jane E.
Ferguson, Lorena A.
Ferguson, Mary Esta
Ferguson, Otis
Ferguson, Ronald D.
Ferguson, Roy E.
Ferguson, Sallie B.
Ferguson, Samuel A.
Ferguson, Trudie J.
Ferguson, Virginia E.
Ferguson, William C.
Ferguson, William S.
Ferrell, Emma Lee
Ferrell, Lewis G.
Ferrell, Wilford
Fielder, Edith
Fielder, Ella
Fielder, Florence
Fielder, Joe L.
Fielder, JoSeph
Fielder, Mable E.
Fielder, Martha
Fielder, Robert
Fielder, William J.
Fielding, Hunter
Fieszel, Hazel Ladd
Finger, Alexander L.
Finley, Louis Clifton
Fish Baby
Fish, Pollie
Fisher, Granville
Fisher, Jessie Simon
Fisk, Del
Fisk, Denson
Fisk, E. Maude
Fisk, Elson
Fisk, Larry E.
Fisk, Lenora A.
Fisk, Melissa L.
Fisk, Neva
Fisk, Ralph
Fisk, Wiley Dale
Fitch, Annie Bell
Fitch, Edwin Francis
Flanagin, Ethel E.
Flanagin, Gaither A.
Flanagin, George B.
Flanagin, Georgie E.
Flanagin, Grover C.
Flanagin, Infant
Flanagin, James H.
Flanagin, John L.
Flanagin, Malinda P.
Flanagin, Nellie
Flanagin, Susana
Flanagin, Wily, J.
Flatt, T. M.
Flatt, Mrs. J. P.
Fleming Lewis, Bradley
Fleming, Archebald
Fleming, Bernice Marie
Fleming, Elsie E.
Fleming, Infant
Fleming, Jesse Lorenzo
Fleming, Melissa Elizabeth
Flemons, John
Fletcher, Emma Richarson
Flinn Thomas D.
Flippo, Jasper B.
Flory, Lucy
Flourney, Alice
Flourney, Edgar W.
Flourney, George W.
Flourney, Marion
Flourney, Oia
Flourney, W. H.
Flourney, William
Flournoy, Katelee
Flowers, JoSeph
Flowers, N. I.
Floyd, Alberta T.
Floyd, C. M.
Floyd, Delta
Floyd, Elizabeth M.
Floyd, Eugene
Floyd, Fletcher C.
Floyd, Gaither
Floyd, Henry
Floyd, Infant
Floyd, J. P.
Floyd, John B.
Floyd, Johnnie
Floyd, Johnnie
Floyd, Laura C.
Floyd, Lecila L
Floyd, Lillabel
Floyd, Mammie
Floyd, Martha
Floyd, Melvin F.
Floyd, Mildridge
Floyd, Nina
Floyd, Olive Myrtle
Floyd, Robert
Floyd, Watson
Forbis, Joel E.
Forbis, Rebecca S.
Ford, Dan Wesley
Ford, Dan Wesley
Ford, Gracie
Ford, Joe S.
Ford, Julia MCGaha
Ford, Julia Annie McGaha
Ford, Louis Clifton
Ford, Sarah
Ford, W. T.
Fore, David A.
Fore, Ersula Jane
Foreman, Joseph
Forshee, John H.
Foster, Donald G.
Foster, John S.
Foster, Rosco J.
Foster, Virginia A.
Fothee, Baby Son
Fowler, Daisy
Fowler, John W.
Fowler, Sarah
Fowler, William
Fowlkes, James F.
Fowlkes, Mollie G.
Fowlkes, T. Bert
Fox, Claud D.
Fox, G. A.
Fox, George L.
Fox, Mary E.
Fox, Ruthie A.
Fox, William
Frachiseur, Susan S.
Frady, Beva Grace
Frady, Ellie
Frady, Jane M.
Frady, Junior Lymon
Frady, Lymon
Frady, Willie D.
Frady, Jr. L. W.
Franchiseur, Isaac J.
Franchiseur, Sarsie
Franklin, Infant
Franklin, Infant
Franks, Ike
Franks, Lizzie
Franks, Nancy
Frary, L. W.
Frazier, A. A.
Frederick, Maggie M.
Freeman, Clyde
Freeman, David B,\.
Freeman, Edna H.
Freeman, Ethel
Freeman, Mary J.
Freeman, Thomas W.
Freiberger, Auguste
Freiberger, George
French, Alfred L.
French, Betsy Jane
French, Curtis
French, James Monroe
French, John
French, Mary Johnston
French, Sarah E.
Fricks, Ahrmon Dillard
Fricks, Dora
Fricks, Elmer
Friday, Arlana Sue
Friday, Donna Marie
Friday, Edah H.
Friday, Edgar G.
Friday, Edna Maud
Friday, Edwin E.
Friday, Ernest E.
Friday, Evelyn E.
Friday, Gabriel E.
Friday, Georgie D.
Friday, Glen L.
Friday, Hinton L.
Friday, Infant
Friday, John Rupert
Friday, Pearl D.
Friday, Reuben Burrow
Friday, Robert G.
Friday, Ruby E.
Friday, Susie Despain
Friday, Thelma L.
Friday, Jr. Herbert Houston
Friend, Fritz
Frint, Charles Marvin
Frint, Linda Kay
Frint, Verna Irene
Frisbee, Etta
Frix, Gertrude D.
Frix, Ira B.
Fuillan, J. C.
Fulcher, Bettie
Fulcher, Henry Clay
Fulfer, Peggy C.
Fuller, Andrew E.
Fuller, Arsiler L.
Fuller, Chris
Fuller, Cynthia Elizabeth
Fuller, Infant
Fuller, J. A.
Fuller, Kenneth E.
Fuller, Peter
Fuller, Rachel
Fuller, Sloan
Fullerton, Arles Newton
Fullerton, Asa L.
Fullerton, Missoria E.
Fulton, Ada Lee
Fulton, Robert
Fuquay, S.D. K.
Fuquay, Thomas W.
Futrell, Jack
Gabbard, W. W.
Gabbard, W. W. "Bill"
Gaddis, Amelia C.
Gaddis, Charlie M.
Gaddis, F. J.
Gaddis, George W.
Gaddis, Jennie
Gaddis, Mary
Gaddis, Mollie
Gaddis, William Crawford
Gaines, Albert F.
Galiton, Lula Bell
Gallaher Thelma E.
Gallaher, Della L.
Gallaher, J. Robert
Gallaher, James R.
Gallaher, Jinnie B. Mayben
Gallaher, JoSeph M.
Gallaher, Mary Annica
Gallaher, Raymond
Gallaher, Thomas M
Gallaher, Thomas R.
Gallington, Albert
Gallington, Emma
Gallington, Frank
Gallington, John H.
Gallington, Rhonda
Galloway, Annie
Galloway, Herbert F.
Galloway, Louis
Galloway, Rosa E.
Gamble, Elizabeth
Gamble, Nancy
Gammon, Calvin R.
Gammon, Elizabeth
Gammon, Maggie F.
Gammon, Samuel J.
Gammon, T. J.
Gant, Addie
Gant, Sam J.
Gardner, A. B.
Gardner, Berdie
Gardner, Burnett
Gardner, C. Floyd
Gardner, Charles
Gardner, Cleveland
Gardner, Daniel
Gardner, Essie
Gardner, Fannie
Gardner, Henry
Gardner, Infant
Gardner, Infant
Gardner, Louise
Gardner, Lucille
Gardner, Martha Ann
Gardner, Mary E.
Gardner, Mollie
Gardner, Nancy M.
Gardner, Richard Charles
Gardner, Velma L.
Gardner, Virgil
Gardner, William M.
Garland, Ruth Ann
Garmon, W. H.
Garner, E. "Bess"
Garner, Edgar
Garner, Ethel M.
Garner, Fanny
Garner, George
Garner, John L.
Garner, John
Garner, Margaret S.
Garner, Mattie A.
Garner, Robert M.
Garner, Ruby
Garner, Tessie E.
Garner, Venson
Garner, William F.
Garner, William H.
Garrett, Ada V.
Garrett, Clara A.
Garrett, Idella
Garrett, James R.
Garrett, James W.
Garrison, C. C.
Garrison, Harriett
Garrison, John T.
Garrison, Lowell
Garrison, Ray
Garrison, Rissie
Garrison, Walter
Garrison, William A.
Gartrell Willie C.
Gartrell, Callie B.
Gartrell, Eva
Gartrell, Flarrence H.
Gartrell, John G.
Gartrell, Martha J.
Gartrell, Mrs
Gaston, Laura A.
Gates, W. A.
Gatlin, Bascom W.
Gatlin, Chonita I.
Gatlin, Edison G.
Gatlin, Gladys P.
Gatlin, James Lelan
Gatlin, John C.
Gatlin, Mary E.
Gatlin, Nora E.
Gatlin, Velma
Gatron, John E.
Gatron. H. A.
Gee, James M.
Geiger, Mary
Geiger, Shirley
Gentry, David E.
Gentry, Elizabeth
Gentry, Eugenia
Gentry, Evelyn E.
Gentry, Fletcher
Gentry, James M.
Gentry, James R.
Gentry, Jess
Gentry, Jewel O.
Gentry, Joel Keith
Gentry, John Garrett
Gentry, John H.
Gentry, John W.
Gentry, Johnnie
Gentry, Julia
Gentry, L. M.
Gentry, Louis M.
Gentry, Mary H.
Gentry, Richard M.
Gentry, Will T.
Gentry, William A.
Gentry, William L.
Gentry, Willie
George, Baby
George, Effie G.
George, Henry P.
George, John
George, Nellie
George, Pauline
George, Ronald L.
George, Tom H.
George, Mrs Tina
Gerrald, Eula
Gerrald, Will
Gibbons, Cleora
Gibbons, Edna H.
Gibbons, J. T.
Gibbons, Melva
Gibbs, Charles Henry
Gibbs, Hazel
Gibbs, Madge
Gibson, Adam B.
Gibson, Beatrice G.
Gibson, E. Maude
Gibson, George
Gibson, Jewel Slaton
Gibson, John
Gibson, Johnnie
Gibson, Lawrence A.
Gibson, Lawrence Hix
Gibson, Lelia Davis
Gibson, Naancy Maude
Gibson, Roger M. "Bo"
Gibson, Shirley Loretta
Gibson, Susan
Gibson, Tommy J.
Gibson, William B.
Gieger, Cecil
Gifford, Annie L.
Gilbert, Althea Childe
Gilbert, Chester L.
Gilbert, Daniel J.
Gilbert, Delta
Gilbert, Eliza Jane
Gilbert, Eudora May
Gilbert, Frank
Gilbert, Fred "Pete"
Gilbert, Hellen
Gilbert, Jack
Gilbert, Jennie G.
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Mollie
Gilbert, Roy
Gilbert, Sam
Gilbert, Thomas B.
Gilbert, Willie
Gilbert, Zula
Gill, John Carlton
Gill, Ola Romine
Gillan, Martha A.
Gilliam, Allen B.
Gilliam, Allen Grady
Gilliam, Annie Locke
Gilliam, Buckie
Gilliam, Fannie Mae
Gilliam, Hattie G.
Gilliam, Kate Ethel
Gilliam, Mary C.
Gilliam, R. C.
Gilliam, Robert Allen
Gilliam, Rosa
Gillian, William
Gilmore, W. H.
Gish, G. W.
Gish, Gilbert A.
Gish, Mamie
Gist, Martha
Gist, Robert J.
Glasgow, John
Glenn, Elizabeth
Glover, Driver
Glover, Infant
Glover, Jewelle E.
Goad, Carl
Goad, Cora E.
Goad, Gail
Goad, James R.
Goad, James Robert
Godwin, Dellya
Godwin, Infant
Godwin, Joe
Godwin, Lina Rebecca
Godwin, Mary
Godwin, Pauline
Godwin, Ronald Edwin
Godwin, Ronald Edwin
Goff, Dashing C.
Goff, Edward
Goff, Fannie A.
Goforth, Jacob
Goforth, Reuben
Goghrane, James D.
Goins, Derrell
Goins, Infant
Goins, John L.
Goins, Laura Bell
Goins, Marie
Goins, Ora Tommie
Goins, Wallace
Gold, Alex M.
Gold, Baby
Gold, Chiloty
Gold, Estella C.
Gold, J. M.
Gold, Josie Lee
Gold, M. A.
Gold, Missouri S.
Gold, T. E.
Golden, Alice Spicer
Golden, Constance I.
Golden, Donald
Golden, James D.
Golden, John M.
Goldsmith, Ernest G.
Good, Emma N.
Good, Thomas R.
Good, Willie Ann Hallman
Good. Ed Coperton
Goode, Bobby Ray
Goode, Carl Eugene
Goode, Clarence Ray
Goode, Frances Louise
Goodman, Flora D.
Goodman, Jessie
Goodman, JoSeph C.
Goodman, Mary E.
Goodman, Otis A.
Goodman, Rachel
Goodnight, Clifford
Goodnight, Pearl D.
Goodnight, Willie
Goodnight, Sr. Cleophas S.
Goodson, Byron
Goodwin, Clarence
Goodwin, Elbert S.
Goodwin, Mrs. Thomas
Goodwin, Ora Fleming
Goodwin, Thelma
Goodwin, William T.
Gordon, Angelo
Gordon, Barbara Nelson
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, India B.
Gordon, Rachel Faye
Gordon, Samuel McK.
Gore, Ada Elizabeth
Gore, Alton Boyd
Gore, Alvis
Gore, Annae W.
Gore, Aubrey
Gore, Beatrice
Gore, Bell E.
Gore, Bess L.
Gore, C. S.
Gore, Charles T.
Gore, Chloe
Gore, Clay
Gore, David Louis
Gore, Dora Elizabeth
Gore, Dorthy Mae
Gore, Edwin Lee
Gore, Elizabeth
Gore, Ethelyn
Gore, Georgia Leona
Gore, Hamilton M.
Gore, Hamilton Park
Gore, Hampton G.
Gore, Howard B.
Gore, Hugh S.
Gore, Infant
Gore, James Irl
Gore, James T.
Gore, Jerry Royce
Gore, Joe T.
Gore, John W.
Gore, Joshua Boyd
Gore, Lena
Gore, Lindsey L.
Gore, Lonnie Boone
Gore, Louis
Gore, Madie O.
Gore, Margaret Ann
Gore, Marie Edmonson
Gore, Milton B.
Gore, Nannie E.
Gore, Naomi
Gore, Oscar Bryan
Gore, Pearl Magdaline
Gore, Perry A.
Gore, Raleigh F.
Gore, Rufus B.
Gore, Thomas M.
Gore, Thomas Paul
Gore, Thomas
Gore, Thurman
Gore, Versie
Gore, Wilber L.
Gore, Wiley Carrie
Gore, Willie S.
Gore, M.D. Chas. M.
Gore. Delia F.
Goron, John Wesley
Gorrell, Albert B.
Gorrell, Frances
Gorrell, Mary Della
Gorrell, Samuel A.
Gosnell, Mrs. Underwood
Gossett, P. E.
Gothron, A. P.
Goyne, James LeRoy
Goyne, Loy Aluah
Grace, Mary Ann
Grace, Rochelle
Grace, Thomas Edmond
Grace, Vivian
Grady, Bettie
Grady, Boyce B.
Grady, Charley E.
Grady, Charley
Grady, Charlie B.
Grady, Elizabeth
Grady, Esther
Grady, Fannie VAughn
Grady, Frances
Grady, Frances
Grady, George H.
Grady, Harriet
Grady, Harvey Q.
Grady, Herbert
Grady, Hercle
Grady, Irene A. Harris
Grady, James D.
Grady, James H.
Grady, James W.
Grady, Jerry L.
Grady, Mary
Grady, Matthew A.
Grady, R. M.
Grady, R. W.
Grady, Robert B.
Grady, Robert
Grady, Sarah Jane
Grady, Walter C.
Graham, Curtis "Mose"
Graham, Frona
Graham, John W.
Graham, John William
Graham, Lillie C.
Graham, Losson
Graham, Nancy J.
Grant, Jennie L.J.
Grant, John P.
Grant, Lula Mae
Grant, Mary Elizabeth
Grant, Nora
Gravel, Willie
Gravell, Ollie
Gravell, Peter J.
Gravell, Sarah E.
Graves, A. A.
Graves, A. L.
Graves, A. R.
Graves, A. W.
Graves, Alfred D.
Graves, Annie E.
Graves, B. M.
Graves, Barnett A.
Graves, Bell
Graves, Ben
Graves, Bess
Graves, C. W.
Graves, C. Watson
Graves, Carl Hendrix
Graves, Charley
Graves, Claude
Graves, Corrie Inez
Graves, Floyd
Graves, George Reese
Graves, Hattie C.
Graves, Hattie Irene
Graves, Hubert
Graves, Ida Rosella
Graves, Ida
Graves, Infant
Graves, Infant
Graves, J. Annie
Graves, James Loyd
Graves, James
Graves, Jessie Clyde
Graves, Joe Bowman
Graves, Johannah (Jodie)
Graves, John T.
Graves, John
Graves, Joseph A.
Graves, Lucille Reep
Graves, Lula
Graves, Lyman C.
Graves, M. E.
Graves, M. Ellis
Graves, Marcella
Graves, Mattie C.
Graves, May
Graves, Perry
Graves, Rebecca A.
Graves, Rebecca I.
Graves, Rhoda Everett
Graves, Robie A.
Graves, Sally Gilbert
Graves, Samuel M.
Graves, Sarah H.
Graves, Tommy W.
Graves, Tompie
Graves, William D.
Graves, William Jo
Graves, Willie Woodson
Graves, Willie
Graves. Adrian Buckner
Gray Cleburn T.
Gray Mallie E.
Gray, Adele Steel
Gray, Adlai W.
Gray, Algie
Gray, Anna
Gray, Aquelah B.
Gray, Bonnie Lea Latimer
Gray, Catherine Midge
Gray, Effie Bayless
Gray, Elma H.
Gray, F. S.
Gray, George
Gray, Ida Gist
Gray, Infant Dau
Gray, Infant
Gray, Ivan H.
Gray, J. L. "Dick"
Gray, Jack
Gray, James
Gray, Jodie
Gray, John W.
Gray, LeRoy
Gray, Mallard H.
Gray, Mamie C.
Gray, Martha
Gray, Mary
Gray, Minnie Bell
Gray, Nowell Buss
Gray, O. D.
Gray, Otis T.
Gray, Pearlie
Gray, Polly Ann
Gray, R. J.
Gray, Rettye Mobbs
Gray, Robert E.
Gray, Sam
Gray, Sarah K.
Gray, Mrs. Robert Pullim
Greathouse, Inf Son
Greathouse, John
Greathouse, Leon
Green J. Ernest
Green, Angeline D.
Green, Baby
Green, C. T.
Green, Carrie B.
Green, Fred A.
Green, George M.
Green, George W.
Green, Harmon R.
Green, Isabell Dee
Green, J. Logan
Green, John W.
Green, Joseph
Green, Laura E.
Green, Maggie
Green, Margaret Ann
Green, Mary A.
Green, Mary A.
Green, Mattie A.
Green, Mrs. C.E.
Green, Nancy
Green, Phebe M.
Green, Ray Field
Green, Rufus Elbert
Green, S. J.
Green, Sallie Alabama
Green, Sleeta Picket
Green, W. Louis
Green, William E.
Green, William H.
Green, William M.
Green, William S.
Green, Willis L.
Greenan, Thomas
Greene, Daisy M.
Greene, Daisy M.
Greene, Hazel Locke
Greene, Seburne E.
Greenlee, Jake
Greenlee, Malinda
Greenlee, William
Greenwood, Gertrude
Greenwood, Paul Cook
Greer, A. Florence
Greer, Annie F.
Greer, Bettie
Greer, Catherine A.
Greer, Hattie L.
Greer, Hattie
Greer, Hendrick H.
Greer, Hunter
Greer, John T.
Greer, John
Greer, Josiah
Greer, Louisa H. Townsend
Greer, Mary H.
Greer, Samuel I.
Greer, Sophrona J.
Greer, Thomas H.
Greer, Twin Girls
Greer, Verta
Greer, Jr. L. T.
Greer,Sr. Joe
Gregg, Daniel W.
Gregg, Mary H.
Grice, Ella
Grice, Henry
Grice, Nina
Grice, Sam T.
Griffin, Bennie
Griffin, Birtha
Griffin, Daudie
Griffin, Dee
Griffin, Frank
Griffin, Gertrude
Griffin, Harold W.
Griffin, Hubert F.
Griffin, Infant
Griffin, Infant
Griffin, J. R.
Griffin, James A.
Griffin, Jewel
Griffin, John C.
Griffin, John
Griffin, Mallie Udell
Griffin, Myrtle C.
Griffin, Patrick
Griffin, Rillday I.
Griffin, Robert L.
Griffin, Ruby
Griffin, Toxie Nolan
Griffin, Ulys
Griffin, Vicky Joyce
Griggs, Bertha E.
Griggs, Charles c.
Griggs, Joe S.
Griggs, Sarah Alice
Grise, J. Henry
Grisham, Blanche A.
Grisham, Judith
Grisham, William M.
Grogan, George W.
Gross, G. C.
Gross, Maydie Gentry
Grubbs, ?
Grubbs, Helen
Grubbs, Thomas B.
Guire Lavena
Guire, David William
Guire, Floyd T.
Gunnels, ? ?
Guthrey, J. E.
Gwinn, Thomas
Haberson, Nannie Dell
Hackwitt, Ellie T.
Hadley, Helen Pearson
Hadley, Joshua
Hadley, Julia F.
hadley, Kara Ann
Hadley, Kara Ann
Hadley, Wesley J.
Hadley, Wesley J.
Hagler, Joseph W.
Hairston, Mary Jo
Halcom, John
Halcom, Mary
Hale, "Pet" Little
Hale, Dedric C.
Hale, Delphia F.
Hale, Leslie A.
Hale, Stephen Albert
Hale, Walter S.
Haley, Irene
Haley, Lesleigh Carrol
Hall, Carolyn E.
Hall, Charles E.
Hall, Claten O.
Hall, Eunice V.
Hall, George A.
Hall, JoSeph M.
Hall, Lydia
Hall, Michael R.
Hall, Robert
Hall, Thomas Seab
Hall, Tom
Hallaman, Ruby Knox
Hallcom, Emma L.
Hallcom, William H
Halliday James
Halliday, Chester
Halliday, George A.
Halliday, Irene
Halliday, Julia Elizabeth
Halliday, Lester and Chester
Halliday, Sidney Nathan
Halliday, Sidney Regan "Sid"
Hallman, Alonzo C.
Hallman, Anna E.
Hallman, Barbara
Hallman, Bettie
Hallman, Bobby E.
Hallman, Brazoria
Hallman, Carolyn Ruth
Hallman, Charlie
Hallman, Edna Earl
Hallman, George H.
Hallman, Grover
Hallman, Henry L
Hallman, Infant
Hallman, Infant
Hallman, Izora
Hallman, J. Frank
Hallman, Jacob
Hallman, Jennie
Hallman, John Tracy
Hallman, John
Hallman, Joselena
Hallman, L. C.
Hallman, Levi J.
Hallman, Little Bob
Hallman, Little Sister
Hallman, Margaret
Hallman, Ollie
Hallman, Rex
Hallman, Robert
Hallman, Roland
Hallman, Roy T.
Hallman, S. E.
Hallman, Samuel
Hallman, Ursa
Hallman, William A.
Hallman, Lilla Kinnard
Hallman, Jr Roy
Hallman, Jr. L. C.
Hallman, Mrs. S. E.
Halter, Clara
Halter, Felix V.
Halter, Gary
Halter, Martin F.
Hambleton, Lawrence L
Hamblin, Cloie Ethel
Hamblin, James S.
Hamby Elizabeth
Hamby, Robert Otho
Hames, Ella F.
Hames, Hillary
Hames, Jeff H.
Hames, William M.
Hamilton, Ada
Hamilton, George W.
Hamilton, George Wayne
Hamilton, James A.
Hamilton, James W.
Hamilton, John H.
Hamilton, Lewis
Hamilton, M. H.
Hamilton, Mary Ann
Hamilton, Mary E.
Hammett, JoSeph H.
Hammett, Maudie May
Hammock, John T.
Hammock, Terrell
Hammond, Mamie S.
Hammond, Dr. O. O.
Hammonds, Alice
Hammonds, Dr. John
Hampson, Leonard A.
Hampson, Walter H.
Hampson, Wesley F.
Hampton, Bennie
Hancock Sr., Noah,
Handley, Baby
Hanes, Mary
Haney, Arvey G.
Haney, Dolly Iola
Haney, Jeff C.
Haney, Louanne
Haney, V. S.
Haney, William F.
Hankins, Barbara
Hankins, Clorle
Hankins, Dr. H.
Hankins, Edgar
Hankins, Elizabeth
Hankins, Emil T.
Hankins, Frederick
Hankins, H. Eugene
Hankins, Infant Son
Hankins, Infant Son
Hankins, Infant
Hankins, J. M.
Hankins, J. S.
Hankins, John H.
Hankins, John Ira
Hankins, JoSeph H.
Hankins, Lela
Hankins, Lester
Hankins, Lula
Hankins, Oscar
Hankins, Robert
Hankins, Ruth
Hankins, Tibathy
Hankins, Velma
Hankins, Warren G.
Hannah, Collins W.
Hannah, Lou I.
Hannigan, Roger P.
Hannon, Jack
Hansen, Christopher
Hanson, Bessie
Hanson, Lola G.
Hanvey, Jessie Ethel
Hanvey, Samuel Francis
Harberson Baby
Harberson. W. V.
Harden Minnie A.
Harden, Marinda
Harden, Jr., Harvey A.
Harder, Alvie O.
Harder, Burk
Harder, Burton
Harder, Dee
Harder, Ever
Harder, Frances E.
Harder, George
Harder, Infant
Harder, J. D.
Harder, Jeanie
Harder, Joseph C.
Harder, Mary Lou
Harder, Oliver Dale
Harder, Ona
Harder, Oscar Jenkins
Harder, Ruby M.
Harder, W. P.
Hardin, Harvey A.
Hare, Sammy
Hargis, Edgar D.
Hargis, Elbert H.
Hargis, Ervin W.
Hargis, Fransisco
Hargis, Glen K
Hargis, Infant
Hargis, James L.
Hargis, Kissy Jane
Hargis, Lee A.
Hargis, Magie Jane
Hargis, Paris
Hargis, Peter L.
Hargis, Velma K.
Hargis, Velma
Hargis, Vernon W.
Hargrove, Belle A.
Hargrove, Cecil
Hargrove, David Lewis
Hargrove, Earle A.
Hargrove, Edgar Lewis
Hargrove, Horace
Hargrove, Ida Nunnley
Hargrove, Katheryn B.
Hargrove, Oscar H.
Hargrove, R. E.
Hargrove, Sallie
Hargrove, Samuel Ed
Hargrove, Sarah S.
Hargrove, William F.
Hargrove, William H.
Hargrove, SR John R.
Hargrove. Infant D/0 W.H.
Harles, Martha E.
Harlow, Benjamin
Harlow, Naomi
Harlow, Olive
Harlow, Victor
Harrell, William T.
Harris, Agnes
Harris, Annie May
Harris, Callie
Harris, Cullen
Harris, D. H.
Harris, E. A.
Harris, Eli
Harris, Ella Amanda
Harris, Ellar Eudy
Harris, Era Geneva
Harris, Ernest W.
Harris, H. E.
Harris, Hazel Ellen Puetell
Harris, Infant
Harris, Infant s/o B.C.
Harris, Mary O.
Harris, Nola M.
Harris, Pearl Shelton
Harris, Rector
Harris, Robert "Mike"
Harris, Truby Robert
Harris, Turner Urich
Harris, Walter William
Harris,Sr. Cullen
Harrison Clent
Harrison Daniel J.
Harrison, ?
Harrison, A. E.
Harrison, Allene
Harrison, Calvin Dewayne
Harrison, Clair
Harrison, E. Allen
Harrison, Eliza Jane
Harrison, Eliza N.
harrison, Emmett E.
Harrison, Floy F.
Harrison, Grace P.
Harrison, hattie
Harrison, J F.
Harrison, J. H.
Harrison, John F.
Harrison, John R.
Harrison, John S.
Harrison, Josie
Harrison, Lloyd Vernon
Harrison, Lloyd
Harrison, Lorena
Harrison, Lucy Hull
Harrison, Lydia E.
Harrison, M. L.
Harrison, Milton
Harrison, Minerva C.
Harrison, Patsy anita
Harrison, Rachel A.
Harrison, Robert M.
Harrison, Sarah Ann
Harrison, Singleton
Harrison, Thomas A.
Harrison, William E.
Harrison, William Hoyt
Harrison, William Jodie
Harrison, William Joseph
Harrison, May
Harrrison, Nathaniel "Nat"
Hart, Alice S.
Hart, Harry
Hart, John A.
Hart, Lucius L.
Hart, Lue R.
Hart, M.R. D.
Hartley, Caroline
Hartley, Ernest
Hartman, Don R.
Hartwick, Donald B.
Harvey, Amos M.
Harvey, May
Harvey, Rena
Harville, Thomas
Harwell, Warren H.
Hatcher, W. M.
Hathcoat, Janis Dianne
Hathcoat, Odis A.
Haville, Walter Lee
Hawkins, J. A
Hawkins, J. L.
Hawkins, Jane
Hawkins, Mattie
Hawthorne, Claude J.
Hawthorne, Infant Son
Hawthorne, Yvonne G.
Hayes, Edward C.
Hayes, James C.
Haynes, Gertrude
Haynes, JoSeph P.
Haynes, Willie A.
Haynie, Bertie O.
Haynie, Jonah
Haynie, Lena May
Hays, Agnes
Hazelwood, Louise
Head, Infant Son
Head, James D.
Headlee, J. L.
Hearld, Viola Pearce
Hearn, Samuel H.
Hearn, Selma W.
Hearn, Vira Ester Whisenhunt
Heaslet, Thomas
Heckman, Daisy L.
Hector, D. D.
Hector, Viola Young
Hedden, John H.
Hedges, Albert E.
Hedges, Alfred S.
Hedges, Martha Jane
Heflin, Delbert
Heflin, Dr. H.
Heflin, Roxie Kolb
Heidelberg, Francis J.
Heidelberg, Leona
Heightower, Martha J.
Helback, Hattie Locke
Helback, Joseph
Heliums, R. L.
Helm, Francis
Helms, Arvin
Helms, B. Frank
Helms, Becky
Helms, Flossie
Helms, Henry
Helms, Jim
Helms, Lou
Helms, Louis Oliver
Helms, Lucy
Helms, Sarah
Hendershot, John A.
Henderson, Allie Robertson
Henderson, Amanda H.
Henderson, Grant O'Neal
Henderson, Hattie Eliza
Henderson, Infant Son
Henderson, Infant
Henderson, Luther L.
Henderson, Tom
Henderson, William A.
Hendricks, ?
Hendricks, Charles W.
Hendricks, d/oJ.E.
Hendricks, Infant
Hendricks, James E.
Hendricks, James W.
Hendricks, Jewell M.H.
Hendricks, John E.
Hendricks, Margaret
Hendricks, Mildred
Hendricks, Nora
Hendricks, Rufus
Hendricks, Theodore
Hendricks, w/o J.E.
Hendricks, William
Hendricks, John S.
Hendrix, Alexander
Hendrix, B. E.
Hendrix, Billy R.
Hendrix, Carl Edward
Hendrix, Carl
Hendrix, Edith
Hendrix, Grover C.
Hendrix, H. J.
Hendrix, James E.
Hendrix, Laura A.
Hendrix, Leona
Hendrix, Lucile N.
Hendrix, Lucinda
Hendrix, Meredith
Hendrix, Nancy
Hendrix, Rector R.
Hendrix, Robert
Hendrix, Rose Mary
Hendrix, Ruthie
Hendrix, Smith Henry
Hendrix, Violet E.
Henery, Homer
Henrdicks, Sonny
Henry, George
Henry, Janis Ann
Henry, John T.
Henry, Parilla R.
Henry, Reeden F.
Henry, Rev. Homer E.
Henslee, Betty E.
Henslee, Fred Waldon
Henslee, John P.
Henslee, Maude E.
Henslee, Vallie Irene
Henson, Dorothy M. Diggs
Henson, J. S.
Henson, John C.
Henson, John H.
Henson, Martha J.
Henson, N. E.
Henson, Richard Barry
Henson, Sallie J.
Herman, Henry W.
Hernandez, Vera M.
Herndon, Ada Alice
Herndon, Dicy E.
Herndon, H. H.
Herndon, Jack
Herndon, Louis E.
Herndon, Mary E.
Herndon, Murtle E.
Herndon, Robert F.
Herndon, Willie B.
Herndon, Willie
Herrigan, JoSeph B.
Herring, Cordealia E.
Herring, E. P.
Herring, Eugene
Herring, J. W.
Herring, John L.
Herring, Mahala
Herring, Myrtle
Herring, Willie
Hester, Algeria
Hester, Fern
Hester, Nora
Hester, Ray D.
Hester, Thelma
Hewitt, H. B.
Hibbs, Lexia M.
Hickman, John J.
Hicks, Charles D.
Hicks, Gary D.
Hicks, James
Higgins, A. B.
Higgins, Adline
Higgins, Alvie Louise
Higgins, Annie
Higgins, Artie
Higgins, Bert
Higgins, Christine
Higgins, Emory O.
Higgins, J. Quinton
Higgins, James M.
Higgins, Johnnie I.
Higgins, Lorene
Higgins, Lucinda
Higgins, Maggie
Higgins, Melvin E.
Higgins, Menerva
Higgins, Roy A.
Higgins, Thomas M.
Higgins, Tilitha
Higgins, Tommy P.
Higgins, Verlin L.
Higgins, William I.
Higgins, William
Hightower, Edith
Hill Mae V.
Hill Robert H.
Hill, A. J.
Hill, A. R.
Hill, Addie
Hill, Alexander W.
Hill, Ambrose P.
Hill, Annie B.
Hill, Annie Laura
Hill, Bennie
Hill, Charlene Dellinger
Hill, D.W. Elder
Hill, Dewey
Hill, Edward
Hill, Elizanna
Hill, Erwa ? N.
Hill, Glen R.
Hill, Herman
Hill, Inez Swan
Hill, Inf Son
Hill, Inf. Son
Hill, Inf. Son
Hill, Ivy Jewel
Hill, J. A.
Hill, J. R.
Hill, James R.
Hill, James R.
Hill, Jim T.
Hill, John E.
Hill, John M.
Hill, Laura I.
Hill, Lawrence B.
Hill, Lawrence
Hill, Leila
Hill, Lucinda
Hill, Lucy A.
Hill, Lydia
Hill, M. F.
Hill, Margaret E.
Hill, Mary D.
Hill, Mary Elizabeth
Hill, Mary
Hill, Mathew A.
Hill, Miles R.
Hill, Millie
Hill, Myrtle
Hill, Naomi M.
Hill, Nellie Metcalf
Hill, Nola M.
Hill, Orpha N.
Hill, R. P.
Hill, Robert
Hill, Thomas Clark
Hill, Vadiu U.
Hill, Velma
Hill, Willie E.
Hill, Zellar E.
Hillard, Ellen S.
Hines, Arles H.
Hines, Susan Ann
Hinsley, Iola
Hinsley, J. T.
Hinsley, M.W.J.
Hinsley, Naomi Ann
Hinton, Irene Steel
Hitchcock, Charles Warner
Hitchcock, Cinthia
Hitchcock, Gertrude
Hitchcock, J. W.
Hitchcock, Miles C.
Hitchcock, Mrs. M. C.
Hobbs, Alice
Hobbs, I. O.
Hobbs, I.
Hobbs, John
Hobbs, Sarah C.
Hobson, ?
Hobson, Alice I.
Hobson, George
Hobson, James C.
Hobson, Katherine
Hobson, L. Marvin
Hobson, William C.
Hodge, J. D.
Hodge, James D.
Hodges, Jim
Hodges, Miss Ann
Hodgson, Ethel L.
Hodgson, William P.
Hodnet, John Foster
Hoey, Helen M
Hoffman, Joann
Hoffman, Ruth C.
Hoffman, Samuel E.
Hogg, Bessie Stubbs
Hogg, John R.
Hogg, John Richard
Hogg, Juliet F.
Hogg, Lela A.
Hogg, Lindell
Hogg, Ronald D.
Hogg, Timothy Scott
Hogue, Claudy Mae
Hogue, Harvey
Hogue, James
Hogue, Lulu
Hogue, Sallie
Hogue, Sarrah M.
Holcomb, Bob
Holcomb, Christine H.
Holcomb, Earnest John
Holcomb, Elery M.
Holcomb, Essie R.
Holcomb, J. C.
Holcomb, J. R.
Holcomb, Jessie S.
Holcomb, Jimmy C.
Holcomb, Jimmy C.
Holcomb, Joe A.
Holcomb, Lane R.
Holcomb, Pollya
Holcomb. Charlie K.
Holcomg, John Mince
Holden, Emma
Holden, Fred
Holden, Ida
Holden, John
Holder Delena
Holder, Delena
Holder, Ethel Ward
Holder, William F.
Holland, Georgia M.
Holland, Louise
Holland, Montell B.
Hollingsworth Helen
Hollingsworth Johnnie
Hollingsworth Walter
Hollingsworth, Charles B.
Holman, Dewey
Holman, George W.
Holman, Grace Nell
Holman, Ida Clay
Holman, Jim
Holman, Joseph H.
Holman, JoSeph R.
Holman, Lucy McKean
Holman, Mary B.
Holman, Mary R.
Holman, Missourie E.
Holman, Rissie
Holman, Thomas B.
Holman, Thomas Ray
Holman,Jr., Joe
Holmes, Ernest W.
Holmes, Lucille Bell
Holmes, Mary C.
Holt, A. S.
Holt, Alice
Holt, Amalie
Holt, Claudis O.
Holt, Claudius
Holt, Cora
Holt, David
Holt, Finis
Holt, Frank
Holt, Harris
Holt, Helen F.
Holt, Herman E.
Holt, Inez L
Holt, Jessie Burl
Holt, Jessie M.
Holt, Laura
Holt, Luther B.
Holt, Luther Burt
Holt, Mary E.
Holt, Mary V. Shaw
Holt, Melissa
Holt, Melvin
Holt, Neta
Holt, Ophelia Alice
Holt, Sandra Ann
Holt, Vernita Mae
Holt, Virgie Smith
Holt, William B.
Holt, William Hamilton
Holt, Zama
Honnell, E. C.
Honnell, M. Benson
Honnell, Martha
Honnell, Milton C.
Honnell, Miranda
Honnell, Moses
Honnell, Mother
Honnell, Robert L.
Honnell, Ruby May
Honnell, S. M.
Honnell, W. B.
Honnold, Ida Lee
Hoobler, Ella E.
Hoobler, Lloyd
Hoobler, William H.
Hooks, Charles E.
Hooper, Clarence
Hooper, J. A.
Hooper, J. A.
Hooper, J. Arryne
Hooper, Lorena
Hooper, Mary L.
Hooper, Mary Lenora
Hope, Abner W.
Hope, L. Grady
Hopkins, A. J.
Hopkins, Aylmer
Hopkins, Callie P.
Hopkins, Donald L.
Hopkins, Francis
Hopkins, James M.
Hopkins, M. A.
Hopkins, Mildred E.
Hopkins, R. M. H.
Hopkins, Robert Loundes
Hopkins, Vida Ferrell
Hopkins, William Francis
Hopson, Allen
Hopson, Ann
Hopson, Belle
Hopson, Ben S.
Hopson, Bess
Hopson, Charlie
Hopson, E. N.
Hopson, E. W.
Hopson, Edith N.
Hopson, Elizabeth
Hopson, Ella Jacques
Hopson, Infant
Hopson, Infant
Hopson, J. R.
Hopson, James R.
Hopson, Lucetta A.
Hopson, Mary E.
Hopson, Mary S.
Hopson, May
Hopson, Nev
Hopson, Neville
Hopson, Neville
Hopson, Sade
Hopson, Sallie M.
Hopson, Samuel E.
Hopson, Samuel
Hopson, W. C.
Hopson, Mrs. J. R.
Horn, William Astor
Horne, B. W.
Horne, B. W.
Horne, Carolyn
Horne, Charles Robert
Horne, Frances Sophrona
Horne, William Clyde
Horne, William Monroe
Hornsby, Arthur T.
Hornsby, Charles A.
Hornsby, John H.
Hornsby, Lillian M.
Hoskinson, Arnold B.
Hoskinson, Elmer M.
Hoskinson, Ressie F.
Houge, Johnnie
House, Arvilla Joylene
House, Baby DAughter
House, Charley
House, Infant
House, Infant
House, Infant
House, Infant
House, James
House, Jo Nell
House, Jonthan M.
House, Joseph Walter
House, Luther R.
House, Mrs. J.A.
House, Mrs. Ozie
House, Opal
House, Walter
House, Walter
House, William DeWayne
House, William Wayne
House, William Young
Houser, Albert
Houser, D. Wesley
Houser, Ed
Houser, Ethel A.
Houser, mattie Estell
Houser, Mattie
Houser, Perry M.
Houston, Bertha
Howard, Baby
Howard, Charles W.
Howard, Clarence D.
Howard, Cora
Howard, Delphia
Howard, Ethel
Howard, Judge Wesley
Howard, Mary Belle
Howard, Mary E.
Howard, May Gore
Howard, Ollie C.
Howard, Patsy Ann
Howe, Brett A.
Howe, Cpl., Sidney A.
Howell, James Monroe
Howell, Mary F.
Howerton, Reuben S.
Howlett, Harry Elmo
Hubard, Clyde
Hubbard, Annie
Hubbard, Asa
Hubbard, Baby
Hubbard, Beatrice Marie
Hubbard, Carl P.
Hubbard, Earl Kinard
Hubbard, Edith
Hubbard, Emma Cena
Hubbard, Gracie M.
Hubbard, Harriett
Hubbard, Joe
Hubbard, John O.
Hubbard, Lenard
Hubbard, Lillafay
Hubbard, Lillie Mae
Hubbard, Luna M.
Hubbard, Mary E.
Hubbard, Mildred
Hubbard, Milton
Hubbard, Robert W.
Hubbard, Sammie
Hubbard, Susie Ella
Hubbard, Willie Roy
Hubbard, Tiney
Hubbard. David M.
Huckabee, Brooks
Huckabee, Eliza H.
Huckabee, Ethel
Huckabee, Frank
Huckabee, John W.
Huckabee, Mattie
Huckabee, Ollie N.
Huckaby, Donie Burl
Huckaby, Felix
Huckaby, Frances
Huckaby, Glennis
Huckaby, Jerome B.
Huckaby, Larry Ray
Huckaby, Lonnie
Huddleston, Lula L.
Huddleston, Snow G.
Hudson, A. Geraldine
Hudson, Bettie K.
Hudson, Charlie H.
Hudson, Clovis D.
Hudson, Exa
Hudson, F. A.
Hudson, Harry
Hudson, Henry L.
Hudson, Henry P.
Hudson, James
Hudson, Jane
Hudson, Jennett L.
Hudson, John J.
Hudson, John R.
Hudson, Lura
Hudson, Mary Ellen
Hudson, Mary
Hudson, Ronald K.
Hudson, Rufus K.
Huffman Jerrold
Huffman, Harold C.
Huffman, Leerk C.
Huffman, Lillie C.
Huffman, Mattie
Hughes Wallace H.
Hughes, Andy
Hughes, Ben
Hughes, Bertha
Hughes, Beulah
Hughes, C. C.
Hughes, Celie F.
Hughes, Charles D.
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Cinthia R. Petty
Hughes, Cook
Hughes, Edward L.
Hughes, Ellen Malinda
Hughes, Emma M.
Hughes, Ethel L.
Hughes, Hazel
Hughes, Henry Isaac
Hughes, Herman F.
Hughes, Infant
Hughes, J. H.
Hughes, James Andy
Hughes, James
Hughes, Jessie E.
Hughes, Joe Franklin
Hughes, John M.
Hughes, Johnie
Hughes, Joshua F.
Hughes, Kenneth D.
Hughes, Lula
Hughes, Margaret E.
Hughes, Mary H.
Hughes, Mary Witt
Hughes, Mary
Hughes, Maudie M.
Hughes, Nat
Hughes, Noda
Hughes, Raymond
Hughes, Richard R.
Hughes, Robert C.
Hughes, Sarah
Hughes, Sherman
Hughes, Susan
Hughes, Thomas F.
Hughes, Thurman
Hughes, William A.
Hughes, William Richard
Hughes, Pvt Bobby
Hughes,Jr., Charles
Hull, Addie B.
Hull, Callie
Hull, Eugene (Son)
Hull, George W.
Hull, M. A.
Hulsey, Earl
Hulsey, Fannie L.
Hulsey, Grady
Hulsey, Joel
Hulsey, William Jeff
Humpheries, Janie
Humphrey Ezra
Humphrey, David A.
Humphrey, Eliza J.
Humphrey, Frank
Humphrey, James E.
Humphrey, Leedel
Humphrey, M. J.
Humphrie, James
Humphries, Catherine V./J.
Humphries, Gussie
Humphries, Henderson
Humphry, Maggie
Hungate, John
Hunsucker, Charity Hanna
Hunsucker, Dona B.
Hunsucker, Ival
Hunsucker, J. M.
Hunsucker, Jesse Clay
Hunsucker, Robert S.
Hunsucker, Rosalie
Hunt, Minnie L.
Hunt, Ruthie Fay
Hunter, Elizabeth
Hunter, Ernest
Hunter, Hal W.
Hunter, Infant
Hunter, Infant
Hunter, John W.
Hunter, Mary K.
Hunter, Sam
Huskey, Ray
Huskins, Gladys
Huskins, R. D.
Hutchenson, Ellen C.
Hutchenson, J. R.
Hutchenson, Mrs H. W.
Hutcheson, Ben T.
Hutchinson, Elizabeth "Eliza"
Hutchinson, J. M.
Hutchison, George R.
Hutson, Barbara Ann
Hutson, Carrie M.
Hutson, Elma Fay
Hutson, John L.
Hyder, George T.
Hymer, G. W.
I. W.
Ingram, D. C.
Ingram, R. G.
Ingram, W. E.
Innes,Mrs Eliza
Irvan, B. F.
Irvan, Bula R.
Irvan, Cora Lee Goins
Irvan, Eila Fay
Irvan, J. M,
Irvan, J. W.
Irvan, John Franklin
Irvan, John
Irvan, Johney
Irvan, Johnie
Irvan, Mary P.
Irvan, Myrtle
Irvan, Patsey Gail
Irvan, Rhuie Wessie
Irvan, Sarah J.
Irvan, Sarah M.
Irvan, Susie
Irvan, William David
Irwin, George L.
Irwin, Rebecca
Isbell Brancis Benjamin
Isbell, Benjamin Eddins
Isbell, Elizabeth
Isbell, Elizabeth
Isbell, Eugene Eddins
Isbell, Harriet A. Eddins
Isbell, James B.
Isbell, Maude Floyd
Ivy, Ora Lee
J. A. H.
J. W.
Jackman, Cyrus J.
Jackman, Melvin J.
Jacks, Alvin G.
Jacks, Edward
Jacks, Ella E.
Jacks, J. W.
Jacks, JoAnna
Jacks, John W.
Jacks, Mary Frances
Jacks, Pearl
Jacks, Robert L.
Jacks, Roy E.
Jacks, Vernal
Jackson Bula E.
Jackson, A. M.
Jackson, Alice Rowell
Jackson, Armanda Catherine
Jackson, Beatrice
Jackson, Bertha
Jackson, Betty Ann
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Dixie
Jackson, Edd
Jackson, Ella
Jackson, George B.
Jackson, George B.
Jackson, Harvey N.
Jackson, Hellen E.
Jackson, J. M.
Jackson, James Oscar
Jackson, John Willaim
Jackson, John
Jackson, Lee L.
Jackson, Lou D.
Jackson, Maudie B.
Jackson, May Smith
Jackson, Melissa A.
Jackson, Nathan Ancil
Jackson, Sallie
Jackson, Sherry A.
Jackson, Thomas R.
Jackson, W. B.
Jackson, William Andrew
Jackson, William Francis
Jacobs, Alice
Jacobs, Billy Faye
Jacobs, Clayton
Jacobs, Edgar E.
Jacobs, Edith M.
Jacobs, Laura Ann
Jacobs, Willie Dee
Jacques, Augusta V.
Jacques, Blanch
Jacques, Charlie L.
Jacques, Gussie
Jacques, Jessie Mae
Jacques, Neal
Jacques, Pearl
Jacques, Richard L.
Jacques, Willie
James Marcus B.
James Rufus Frank
James, ? ?
James, Annie E.
James, B. L.
James, Baby
James, Bartie L.
James, Bettie
James, Charlie N.
James, Claude M.
James, Cora A. Shull
James, Edna
James, Elexey
James, Etta
James, Evalyn
James, Gladis
James, Grace N.
James, Harriet
James, Infant
James, Isaac B.
James, Jack C.
James, Lottie Bell
James, Mahala
James, Marcus Bruce
James, Mary A.
James, Paul Reginald
James, Robert A.
James, Samuel
James, Sherman C.
James, Stephen B.
James, Theo M.
James, Verdie
James, Will J.
James. Ardesia
Jamison, Hattie
jamison, Ivan E.
Jamison, JoSeph Dibrell
Jamison, Meda
Jamison, Samuel
Janes, Essie
Janes, Irene H.
Janes, J. F.
Janes, Jewel
Janes, John Richard
Janes, Lucinda M.
Janes, Ollie Media
Janes, Thomasine Thomasine
Jarbeau Lydia
Jarrell, Jesse J.
Jarrell, Marietta E.
Jarrott, Walter E.
Jeanes, Dennis Dowdle
Jeanes, Patricia R.
Jeffcoat, Barney A.
Jeffcoat, Charles Morgan
Jeffcoat, Ebby
Jeffcoat, Ida M.
Jeffcoat, Marjorie
Jeffcoat, Rebecca A.
Jegstreep, Harold C.
Jegstreep, Zena
Jenkins, Annie A.
Jenkins, Mary J.
Jeppson, Mary P.
Jerrell, Coy E.
Jester, Billy Floyd
Jester, Clarence
Jester, Fern G.
Jester, Georgia A.
Jester, Ollie
Jester, Paul A.
Jester, Sammy Don
Jeter, Mary C.
Jobe, Milton R.
Johnson B. F.
Johnson, Addy B.
Johnson, America E.
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Arilda
Johnson, Bertha Bliss
Johnson, Bertie
Johnson, Bessie M.
Johnson, Blanche
Johnson, Bob Walter
Johnson, C. E.
Johnson, Carrie
Johnson, Charles H.
Johnson, Charles P.
Johnson, Christine
Johnson, Clay
Johnson, Cornelious "Bud"
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Dempise T.
Johnson, Dempsie T.
Johnson, Derwood
Johnson, Donald J.
Johnson, Dorthula
Johnson, Earl
Johnson, Earl
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Emma
Johnson, Floyd
Johnson, Foster T.
Johnson, Frances M.
Johnson, George A.
Johnson, George B.
Johnson, Grant
Johnson, Grien
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Henry R.
Johnson, Homer C.
Johnson, Ida P.
Johnson, Ida P.
Johnson, Infant
Johnson, Infant
Johnson, Isaac M.
Johnson, J. Asa
Johnson, J. R.
Johnson, J. W.
Johnson, J. W.
Johnson, James Lowell
Johnson, James Richard
Johnson, Jeff F.
Johnson, Jennie
Johnson, Jesse K.
Johnson, Jewell
Johnson, Joda
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, John B.
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, John G.
Johnson, John K.
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Johnny W.
Johnson, Josie
Johnson, Jossie F.
Johnson, Julia V.
Johnson, Kittie Lee
Johnson, Laberr Hubbard
Johnson, Larry W.
Johnson, Lela N.
Johnson, Lillie M.
Johnson, Lillie Otella
Johnson, Little Dick
Johnson, Lola Nelson
Johnson, Lucy
Johnson, Luther T.
Johnson, M. A.
Johnson, Magnus
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Mary B.
Johnson, Mary E.
Johnson, Mary Rebecca
Johnson, Maryl
Johnson, May Tiny
Johnson, Minnie D.
Johnson, Minnie
Johnson, Mrs. H. R.
Johnson, Murry
Johnson, N. B.
Johnson, Nancy E.
Johnson, Nannie
Johnson, Nora Lee Coulter
Johnson, O.
Johnson, Paralee Gardner
Johnson, Pompie F.
Johnson, Pompie F.
Johnson, Rebecca J.
Johnson, Repsy
Johnson, Richard D.
Johnson, Richard J.
Johnson, Robert Lee
Johnson, Robert M.
Johnson, Roy
Johnson, Ruby K.
Johnson, Ruby Lee
Johnson, Ruth
Johnson, S. D.
Johnson, Sallie
Johnson, Sarah J.
Johnson, Sarah J.
Johnson, Sinclare
Johnson, Susan E.
Johnson, Susannah C.
Johnson, T. C. "Cheif"
Johnson, Tealey
Johnson, Thomas A.
Johnson, W. H.
Johnson, Walter E.
Johnson, William Albert
Johnson, William Emmett
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, Willie Bradley
Johnson, Willie Hulsey
Johnson, Bettie
Johnson, Charles P.
Johnson, Jr. Joe M.
Johnson, Jr., Harry
Johnson, Sr. Charles Edward
Johnson, Sr. Judge Cecil
Johnson. Judith M.
Johnston, Emma Bera
Johnston, Irene
Johnston, Lester
Johnston, Lethie M.
Johnston, Lewis Calvin
Johntson, M. M.
Johntson, William H.
Jones, A. F.
Jones, Alma J.
Jones, Alton M.
Jones, Audie
Jones, Bryant T.
Jones, Carl S.
Jones, Clerman R.
Jones, Cooley Marcus
Jones, Cordia C.
Jones, Cynthia
Jones, Daniel H.
Jones, Don/Dan
Jones, Dona Estellee
Jones, E. A.
Jones, Earl V.
Jones, Edith R.
Jones, Edward C.
Jones, Elbert D.
Jones, Eli S.
Jones, Eliza C.
Jones, Esther
Jones, Eula Hill
Jones, Fannie P.
Jones, Flora E.
Jones, Florence T.
Jones, George A.
Jones, Georgia
Jones, Gifford B.
Jones, Grady V.
Jones, Harrison C.
Jones, Henry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Hicks
Jones, Horatio T.
Jones, Inez E.
Jones, Infant
Jones, Irene B.
Jones, J. H.
Jones, J. J. "Joe"
Jones, J. Luther
Jones, J. Walter
Jones, James S.
Jones, James T.
Jones, James W.
Jones, Jane
Jones, Janet Whitley
Jones, Jerry F.
Jones, Jesse D.
Jones, Jesse Ward
Jones, Jewell B.
Jones, Joe A.
Jones, Joe A.
Jones, Joe
Jones, John Henry
Jones, John M.
Jones, John W.
Jones, John W.
Jones, John W.
Jones, Joseph B.
Jones, Kate A.
Jones, Laura
Jones, Lee
Jones, Lemuel
Jones, Lena D.
Jones, Leona
Jones, Lewis W.
Jones, Llewellyn
Jones, Lola S.
Jones, Louis F.
Jones, Louis W.
Jones, Lula
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mattie L.
Jones, May
Jones, Mike Austin
Jones, Minnie O.
Jones, Mitchell Carpening
Jones, Mrs. M/N E.
Jones, Myrtle
Jones, Nellie Cahill
Jones, Nettie
Jones, Otis
Jones, Paul S.
Jones, Radie
Jones, Richard A.
Jones, Richard Dale
Jones, Robert F.
Jones, Rosa
Jones, Rosalee
Jones, Rufus F.
Jones, S. W.
Jones, Sallie V.
Jones, Sally S.
Jones, Sarah A.
Jones, Sarah K.
Jones, Sherman
Jones, Supporal L.
Jones, Viola
Jones, W. P.
Jones, W. S.
Jones, Watson
Jones, Willard Earl
Jones, William A.
Jones, William N.
Jones, William T.
Jones, Jr. Harmon William
Jones, Sr. Harmon William
Jones. Hix
Jordan Arthur
Jordan, Arthur Alvin
Jordan, Charley M.
Jordan, Grover C.
Jordan, M. C.
Jordan, Mary F.
Jordan, Mary J.
Jordan, Mingy
Jordan, Nancy A.
Jordan, Nansey M.
Jordan, Rachel Alta
Jordan, Sarah E.
Jordan, T. J.
Jordan, Thomas M.
Jordan, Tom J.
Jordan, Tommy W.
Jordan, Uteliar
Jordan, William D.
Jordan, William
Kane, James
Karr, Beatrice
Karr, David E.
Karr, David
Karr, Elizabeth L.
Karr, James Oliver
Karr, L. L.
Karr, Lon
Karr, Lonnie L.
Karr, Mary C.
Karr, Olan J.
Karr, Rev. James A.
Karr, Vassie
Kay, Mertie M.
Kays, David F.
Kays, Rev. H.
Kearney, Henry C.
Keaster, Henry C.
Keating, Hiram V.
Keating, Marion A.
Keating, Verna
Keeler, Edith J.
Keeler, Kenneth E.
Keeler, Lewis W.
Keenan, Carrie Choate
Keenan, Gracie D.
Keenan, Joseph G.
Keenan, Willie A.
Keene, Willard
Keeney Baby
Keeney Louis Elbert
Keeney Martha A.
Keeney, Alfred
Keeney, Alice D.
Keeney, Alice
Keeney, Clint
Keeney, Clint
Keeney, Eddie F.
Keeney, Elsie
Keeney, Elsie
Keeney, Frank
Keeney, Luther
Keeney, Maggie
Keeney, Nancy Jane
Keeney, Orren O.
Keeney, Robert E.
Keeney, Frank J.
Keith, Leonard W.
Keith, Lola Alice
Kelly, James
Kelly, Lena M.
Kelly, Mae
Kelly, Marvin
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Raymond
Kelly, Rev. A.C.
Kelly, Roy Vernon
Kelly,Jr., James
Kelly. Elmo
Kelso, Mary Ollie
Kemp, Alice
Kemp, Auda
Kemp, Cammie E.
Kemp, Hattie
Kemp, Joe L.
Kemp, Loretta R.
Kendall, Byron
Kendall, Edna L.
Kendall, James H.
Kendrick, Berta S.
Kenndy, W. L.
Kennedy, Elizabeth
Kennedy, John R,
Kennedy, M. R.
Kennedy, Martha
Kennedy, Maude Sanders
Kennedy, ODense
Kennedy, Opal M.
Kennedy, S. E.
Kenner, M. Lecia
Kennon, Bonnie
Kennon, Floye
Kent, Infant
Kershner, George C,
Kesterson, Coleman
Kesterson, Edna H.
Kesterson, Frank P.
Kesterson, Jeffery Fletcher
Kesterson, Jim D.
Kesterson, Joey
Kesterson, John W.
Kesterson, Joseph R.
Kesterson, Lendia Annie
Kesterson, Lincoln W.
Kesterson, Pete
Kesterson, Wesley W.
Key, Ella May
Kidwell, George
Kidwell, Lubincy
Kidwell, Mary
Kiehorn, Marie T.
Kielhorn, Diedrick
Kight, George W.
Kight, J. Lee
Kight, Mack H.
Kight, Margaret N.
Kight, Rosa A.
Kilburn Jr., John C.
Kilburn Sr., John C.
Kilburn, Essie
Kilburn, J. E.
Killian , Lina
Killian, James Ullie
Kimball, Almon L.
Kimball, Ann T.
Kimball, Gilbert
Kimball, Mattie
Kimball, Minnie
Kimmey, Elmer L.
Kinard, Nannie Ola
Kinard, Paul Vernon
Kinard, Jr. Willaim Edward
Kinard,Sr. William Edward
King Infant
King, Ala G.
King, Annie L.
King, Don Michael
King, Edwin
King, Elizabeth L.
King, Emilie Hallman
King, Enice
King, Etta F.
King, James W.
King, John T.
King, Louis F.
King, Mary J.
King, Mildred
King, Norman Russell
King, Norwood
King, Ola G.
King, Orval
King, Perry Lon
King, Silas
King, Thomas J.
King, William L.
King, MD Edward Rush
Kingree, A.
Kingree, E.
Kinney, J. A.
Kinsworthy, Burton H.
Kinsworthy, Burton O.
Kinsworthy, Eliza Holman
Kinsworthy, Ezekiel
Kinsworthy, Maggie
Kinsworthy, R. J.
Kinsworthy, Sallie
Kinsworthy, Zekie R.
Kirby, H. L.
Kirby, William Letel "Bill"
Kirby,Jr., Elbert Richard
Kirch, Maggie M.
Kirk, Annie
Kirk, Henry
Kirk, Infant
Kirk, John Mark
Kirk, Levi L.
Kirk, Lewis
Kirk, Mary E.
Kirk, Mary H.
Kirk, Rosa Irene
Kirk, W. A.
Kirk, Jr. S. S.
Kirkpatrick, Becky Jane
Kirkpatrick, William E.
Kirksey, John T.M.
Kirksey, Mary A.
Kistler, George W.
Kistler, Jesse M.
Kistler, Martha J.
Kitchens, A. Lavoy
Kitchens, Alice
Kitchens, Augustus
Kitchens, Bertha May
Kitchens, Dr. H H.
Kitchens, Infant Son
Kitchens, Laura
Kitchens, Myrtle M.
Kitchens, Odes C.
Kitchens, Ruth
Kitchens, Victoria
Kitchens, Dr. Charles
Kite, Ralph B.
Knight, Auda W.
Knight, Charles C.
Knight, Donald R.
Knight, John A.
Knighten, Joe
Knod, Carma P.
Knod, Cordelia E.
Knod, Daniel N.
Knod, Edward M.
Knod, Emma A.
Knod, George P.
Knod, Ida E.
Knod, Joyce Marie
Knod, Paul
Knod, Thomas L.
Knoll, Kate Florence
Knox J. T.
Knox , David F.
Knox, Albert Lee
knox, Elizabeth J.
Knox, Emmer J.
Knox, Frank
Knox, George R.
Knox, James H.
Knox, John R.
Knox, Lenah
Knox, Lurney Dean
Knox, Mable Louis
Knox, Mary Virginia
Knox, Merry C.
Knox, Millie
Knox, Myrtle I.
Knox, Roy Lee
Knox, Sager V.
Knox, Walter
Knox, William Ruel
Koelzer, John R.
Koester, Auguste L.
Koester, JoSeph
Koeterman, Herman H.
Koger, Bessie L.
Koger, M. W.
Kolb, Anna Belle
Kolb, Carl
Kolb, Clifton
Kolb, Dora Kate
Kolb, Dr. H.J.
Kolb, Harmon H.
Kolb, Helena R.
Kolb, Infant
Kolb, Jessie Kate
Kolb, M. E.
Kolb, Mrs. Viva
Kolb, Olan C.
Kolb, Olan P.
Kolb, Oma
Kolb, R. H.
Kolb, W. M.
Konezal, Mary E. Lela
Koonce, roberta K.
Kostlon, Nan Lou Crews
Kranebell, Edwin
Kreider, Tamra D.
Krudwig, Charles Joseph
Krudwig, Lucy
Kuhr, Hope Kirby Hartman
Kyte, Minnie
L. A.
L. E.
L. H.
L. H.
L. T.
La Gow, Horace
Lacefield, Betty F.
Lacefield, Martin
Ladd, Cecil T.
Ladd, David C.
Ladd, Henry D.
Ladd, Henryan R.
Ladd, Husie A.
Ladd, John E.
Ladd, Lauriva
Ladd, Mary E.
Ladd, William Haskell
LaGow, Mary Va. Mabry
LaGrone, E. W.
LaGrone, Milburn
LaGrone, William
Laing, Flora A.
Laing, Nina
Laird, George W.
Laird, Herman
Laird, Lillie
Laird, Maude
Laird, Robert "Dub"
Laird, Robert W.
Lake, John S.
Lake, Lou E.
Lake, Mary D.
Lake, Winfred
Lamb, Catherine E.
Lamb, Infant Son
Lamb, Jiles Henry
Lamb, John T.
Lamb, Tina S.
Lamb, William R.
Lamb, William T.
Lamb, Sr. J. T.
Lambright, A. C.
Lambright, Annie Floyd
Lambright, Elbert
Lambright, Infant
Lambright, Mattie F.
Land, Arken Clifford
Land, Charles B.
Land, M. M.
Land, Susan
Lane, B. N.
Lane, James Corbette
Langford, Bernie P.
Large, Erma I.
Larimore, George S.
Larimore, Johnnie Z.
Larson, Carrie
Larzelier, Alford
Larzelier, Elmer
Larzelier, Lonzo
Larzelier, Nancy M.
Larzelier, William E.
Larzelier, William
Lasiter, Louis Allen
Lasiter, Louis Allen
Laster, J. W.
Laster, John C.
Laster, Martha I.
Laster, Matilda
Laster, S. J.
Laster, Sid
Laster, Thomas Bird
Laster, William Allen
Latham, Sarah J.
Latimer, D. Hugh
Latimer, Emma W.
Latimer, Etta
Latimer, Hansel
Latimer, Harold
Latimer, Herman H.
Latimer, J. S.
Latimer, J. Willie
Latimer, James
Latimer, Katherine
Latimer, Mary Ellen
Latimer, Mary S.
Latimer, Niven W.
Latimer, Osceola O.
Latimer, Pearl
Latimer, Unice
Latimer, Zadie H.
Latimer,Jr., Herman
Laverty, Alice
Lawley, Cora
Lawley, Willie D.
Lawrence, Edna
Lawrence, Lillie May
Lawrence, Lucy Lorene
Lawrence, Rev Charles Elon
Lawrence, Rex
Lawson, ?
Lawson, Connie
Lawson, Dorothy M.
Lawson, Elizabeth S.
Lawson, Joe T.
Lawson, John T.
Lawson, Luther Allen
Lawson, Martin V.
Lawson, Tal Allen
Lawson, Thomas
Lazenby, Alfred J.
Lazenby, Jewel O
Lazenby, Lucy
Lazenby, Mable
League, Thurlow
Leard, Doyle
Leard, Elvada
Leard, James C.
Leard, Roy J.
Leathers Jr., J. C.
Leathers Sr., J. C.
Leathers, Abbie L.
Leathers, Alzie M.
Leathers, Arminda
Leathers, Betrice
Leathers, Buford S.
Leathers, Burl
Leathers, Cecil A.
Leathers, Ed A.
Leathers, Eddie J.
Leathers, Fannie B.
Leathers, George W.
Leathers, Infant
Leathers, John William
Leathers, John
Leathers, Mollie
Leathers, Jamie L.
Leathers, Jimmie
Leathers, Maxine P.
Leathers. Troye
Lee S. W.
Lee, Alvin
Lee, Annie
Lee, Arby
Lee, Arlis
Lee, Baby
Lee, Beatrice
Lee, Burnie E.
Lee, C. R.
Lee, Cathern
Lee, Cecil C.
Lee, Cecil Paul
Lee, Charles L.
Lee, Charles R.
Lee, Charles Simpson
Lee, Clede
Lee, Clella M.
Lee, Columbus
Lee, David H.
Lee, Dollie
Lee, Emma
Lee, Florence J.
Lee, Helen
Lee, Henry A.
Lee, Ida M.
Lee, Imogene
Lee, Imogene
Lee, Infant
Lee, Infant
Lee, J. D.
Lee, Jasper H.
Lee, Joe
Lee, John Robert
Lee, John T.
Lee, L. Gene
Lee, Leonard
Lee, Loyd George
Lee, Lucy L. Sanders
Lee, M.
Lee, Maga
Lee, Maggie
Lee, Mary C.
Lee, Mary K.
Lee, Melvin L.
Lee, Michael
Lee, Nobia
Lee, Richard E.
Lee, Richard
Lee, Rosa Opal
Lee, Sarah E.
Lee, Walter
Lee, Wilburn,
Lee, William E.
Lee, William H.
Lee, William J.
Lee, Woodrow
Leeper, Dennis
Leeper, Donnel
Leeper, E. A.
Leeper, Ethel
Leeper, George A.
Leeper, Georgia Ann
Leeper, Henry B.
Leeper, Herbert L.
Leeper, Infant
Leeper, J. E.
Leeper, James C.
Leeper, James W.
Leeper, Jessie
Leeper, John C.
Leeper, John T.
Leeper, John W.
Leeper, Josph M.
Leeper, Lela
Leeper, Lilly C.
Leeper, Mark
Leeper, Mary A.
Leeper, Maude M.
Leeper, Mince
Leeper, Nancy
Leeper, Nannie
Leeper, Pauline
Leeper, Robert W.
Leeper, Roberta
Leeper, Winfred G.
Leeper, Mrs John W.
Lemley, Amanda L.
Lemley, David M.
Lemley, Dimple P.
Lemley, Lena W.
Lemley, Riley C.
Lemley, Wilburn J.
Lemons, S. A.
Lemons, W. J.
Lenard, Martha E.
Lenard. Annie
Leonhardt, Fredrick William
Leslie, Martha V.
Leslie, Mattie
Leverett, Ethel Mae
Leverett, Karen Louise
Leverett, Lucinda Jane V.
Leverett, Nedra B.
Leverett, Noah Lafayette
Leverett, Noel Fay
Leverett, Ramon
Leverett. Dwight W.
Leverich, Earl L.
Leverich, Goldie
Leverich, Lewis
Leverich, Minnie M.
Leverich, Stephen C.
Lewis, Amanda
Lewis, Andrew T.
Lewis, Anna Pride
Lewis, Cynthia
Lewis, Elizabeth
Lewis, George W.
Lewis, Hicks
Lewis, Homer D.
Lewis, J. H.
Lewis, L. R.
Lewis, Martha E.
Lewis, Morey Pride
Liebschutz, Catherine Neel
Liggin Genetta B.
Liggin, George M.
Liggin, Velma R.
Liggin, Walter
Liggon, Lucille
Lightfoot, Dorothy M.
Lightfoot, Rev. A. J.
Ligion, Charlie H.
Ligion, Della E.
Ligion, William E.
Lignitz, John Raymond
Lignitz, Melanie Millwee
Lignitz, Nellie Ida
Ligon, Amma H.
Ligon, S. A.
Ligon, William B.
Ligon, William H.
Liles, Anna
Liles, James
Liles, Joseph
Liles, Sarah E.
Limbocker, Elmer
Limbocker, H. C.
Limbocker, Lora E.
Limbocker, Mary E.
Limbocker, OLa
Lindler, Alta
Lindler, Jessie R.
Lindler, Paul B.
Lindler, Jr. Paul B.
Lindsey, Bert
Lindsey, Lula V.
Lindsey, Rosa
Lindsey, Dr. W. S.
Linsley, Lillie E.
Lipscomb, Fay
Lipscomb, Florence L.
Lipscomb, Jesse W.
Lipsey, Bessie J.
Lipsey, Ella A.
Lipsey, Herbert
Lipsey, Samuel C
Lipsey, Samuel W.
Lipsey, Trudia
Liston, James O./C.
Litchford, J. Earl
Litchford, J.J. Mack
Litchford, Joel R.
Litchford, JoSephine
Litchford, Lena
Litchford, Marjorie M.
Litchford, Sinthia A.
Litchford. J. R.
Little, ?
Little, Alex
Little, Blanche
Little, Ellen V.
Little, Evelyn R.
Little, George
Little, Grace
Little, J. A.
Little, J. J.
Little, J. Kelly
Little, Kate
Little, Leila C.
Little, Lena
Little, Lou Ella
Little, Madge
Little, Margaret Jane
Little, Margaret Lelia
Little, Marion
Little, Martha M.
Little, Martha
Little, Mary L.
Little, Menadell
Little, Molly
Little, Oscar
Little, Sarah L.
Little, Walter A.
Little, Walter
Little, Willaim B.
Little, Zora
Little, Jr. William
Littlefield, Carl
Littlefield, Emma
Littlefield, Man
Littlefield, R. J.
Liverette, Ernest
Liverette, Hazel Frances
Liverette, Lois Cowden
Livingston, Robert E.
Livingston, Robert
LLoyd, Nellie
Lock, George T.
Locke, Blanche Dooley
Locke, Brunettie
Locke, Cora D.
Locke, Coulter
Locke, Gussie H.
Locke, Harriet V.
Locke, J. D.
Locke, James F.
Locke, James F.
Locke, James
Locke, John W.
Locke, Lewallen Joseph
Locke, M. Eleise
Locke, Matt
Locke, Matthew W.
Locke, Mildred
Locke, Permelia A.
Locke, Robert Matthew
Locke, Sarah Frances
Locke, Stuart
Locke, Thomas Deal
Locke, Will Tom
Locke, William A.
Locke, William B.
Locke, William B.
Locke, Willie Mell
Loe, Enoch Earl
Loe, Jossie D.
Loftis, Claude B.
Loftis, Elouise M.
Loftis, Maggie L.
Logan Mattie
Logan, Mack
London, James A.
Lones, Amanda
Long John William
Long, Allen
Long, Brit L.
Long, Byron B.
Long, Charles E.
Long, Infant
Long, Jessie B. Munn
Long, John W.
Long, Martha E.
Long, May D.
Long, Minnie M.
Longacre, Clarence E.
Longacre, Emmet S.
Longacre, Evie Mae
Longacre, Harriet James
Longacre, J. Hester
Longacre, Joe T.
Longacre, John Thomas
Longnecker Johnnie
Longnecker, Lee
Longnecker, Nancy
Longnecker, Steve
Louis Flowernee
Louis Flowernee
Louis, J. W.
Lovell, Allen D.
Lovell, Allison DeWitt
Lovell, Floyd
Lovell, Forrest Melvin
Lovell, Hephzibah
Lovell, Luster Edward
Lovell, Maude
Lovell, Rachel
Lovern, Donald W.
Lovil, Charlie G.
Lowe, Belle
Lowe, James
Lowery, Cohen Arthur
Lowery, Debra Fay
Lowery, Elmer J.
Lowery, Fannie E.
Lowery, George B.
Lowery, Gurley
Lowery, Infant
Lowery, Luther
Lowery, Mark
Lowery, Oscar
Lowery, Richard
Lowery, Tululak Catherine
Lowry, Luther O.
Lowry, Mollie Bell
Lowry, Owen Dale
Loyd, Ethel
Loyd, Perry Lee
Ludlam, Missouri
Luiretine, Christie
Lunn, George W.
Luster, James Edward
Luther, ?
Luther, Alexander
Luther, Alexander
Luther, Annie J.
Luther, E. M.
luther, Elizabeth
Luther, Frederick
Luther, J. E.
Luther, Jane
Luther, Lucy Rebecca
Luther, M. E.
Luther, Malissa J.
Luton, Ada B.
Luton, John B.
Luton, Marjorie
Lutrell, Arthur D.
Lutrell, Donald
Lutrell, Dosha
Lutrell, Ella
Lutrell, Evelyn
Lutrell, Everett
Lutrell, Hattie Pearl
Lutrell, Infant
Lutrell, Infant
Lutrell, James W.
Lutrell, John
Lutrell, Laura
Lutrell, M. J.
Lutrell, Olen
Lutrell, Pearl B.
Lutrell, Robert A.
Lutrell, Robert G.
Lutrell, Viola
Lutrell, Walter
Luttrell LeLa
Luttrell, Austin
Luttrell, Edgar
Luttrell, Eulah K.
Luttrell, Robert
Lutz, Fred Francis
Lybrand, Esther L.
Lynas, Charlie
Lynch, Amy Elizabeth
Lynch, Mary E.
Lynch, Matthew C.
Lyon, Elizabeth R.
Lyon, Margaret
Lyon, Sarah E.
Lyon, T. J.
Lyon, T. M.
Lyon, Will Tom
Lyons,Sr. Harry
Lytton, Ronald L.
M. D.
M. H
M. M.
Mabry, Belva
Mabry, Belva
Mabry, Bill
Mabry, Celeste
Mabry, Eli Monk
Mabry, Gloria Dean
Mabry, Gordon
Mabry, Grace
Mabry, Infant
Mabry, Infant
Mabry, Infant
Mabry, Jessie K.
Mabry, Jessie Thomas
Mabry, Jessie Williams
Mabry, Lucretia Catherine
Mabry, Nat
Mabry, Thomas Marion
Mabry, Willian Harold
Mabry, Winnie M.
MacArthur, Horton
Machett, Frank D.
Mack, Billy
Mackey, Bill
Mackey, Jim
Mackey, John G.
Madden, Robert G.
Maddox, C. C.
Maddox, Infant
Maddox, John W.
Maddox, Lucinda
Maddox, M. L.C.
Maddox, Robert
Maddry, Dara
Maddux, Martha H.
Maddux, Mary
Madewell, James C.
Madewell, James S.
Madewell, John E.
Madewell. Maggie D.
Magbee, Jesse B.
Magbee, Martha Lou
Majcenion, Marcel
Malone, Betty S.
Malone, Ettie T.
Malone, Mary E.
Manger, Christian
Mangus, Mildred L.
Manisco, Jeannie
Mann, Julia
Mann, W. W.
Manning, Dock H.
Manning, Eliza Lee
Manning, Henry
Manning, Jesse
Manning, Lake
Manning, Marjorie Florence
Manning, Mettie Lee
Manning, Ona Maurice
Manning, Rosa
Manning, Sarah R.
Manning, Schley
Manning, Vesta
Manning, Jr. Schley
Mannings, D. Evalyne
Mannings, Louis W.
Manous, Matilda A.
Mansker, Clarence
Mansker, Oda
Maples, M. B.
Maples, Ollie Lee
Maples, S. H.
Maples. JoSeph Jr.
Markell, Betty
Markham, Eliz. N.
Marlar, Edgar
Marlin, John
Marlin, Johnnie
Marrs, Bertha Lee
Marrs, Cecil
Marrs, Infant
Marrs, Lula Mae Harp
Marrs, Minnie
Marrs, Samuel Hanna
Marrs, William T.
Marrs, Willie D.
Marrs. Infant
Marsden, Thomas J.
Marsh, Allen J.
Marsh, Charley A.
Marsh, Cynthia J.
Marsh, Emily D.
Marsh, Emily J.
Marshall, Lilah A.
Martin, Andrew
Martin, Anna P.
Martin, Anne Bell
Martin, Annie
Martin, Austin
Martin, Carter Pride
Martin, Edna
Martin, Eliza Ellen
Martin, Fay
Martin, Henery Clay
Martin, James Austin
Martin, James H.
Martin, Jason H.
Martin, Jessie Seaton
Martin, John Buckler
Martin, Lola
Martin, Louie Eliot
Martin, Marg
Martin, Martha Virginia
Martin, Mattie Lee
Martin, Mildred
Martin, Minnie Idela
Martin, Rena
Martin, Riley Ray
Martin, Robert L.
Martin, William E.
Martin, Witt
Marts, Martha Jan
Martz, Ben F.
Martz, Billy Gene
Martz, Travis Dewayne
Mascarenas Baby Boy
Mashburn, Austin F.
Mashburn, Baby
Mashburn, Leah J.
Mason, Baby Daughter
Mason, Mary Addie
Masonet, John A.
Massey, Clayton Derel
Massey, E. B.
Massey, Grace
Massey, S. B.
Mathews, Baby
Mathews, Mae Lee
Mathews, Maude
Mathews, Ruby E.
Mathews, Thompson
Mathews, W. V.
Mathis, Fannie Jordan
Mathrole, Sallie
Matlock, Nancy
Matlock, W. M.
Matthews, Allie B.
Matthews, Buena V.
Matthews, Irven
Matthews, Isaac W.
Matthews, Isabel O.
Matthews, Jemever N.
Matthews, John P.
Matthews, Kittye
Matthews, L. T. "Tannie"
Matthews, Mary
Matthews, Perry
Matthews, Riley S.
Matthews, W. M.
Matthews, W. M.
Mattingly, Clara Bell
Mattingly, Edmond G.
Mattingly, Effie
Mattingly, Louella
Mattingly, Louis G.
Mattingly, Mable Wheedon
Mattingly, Reuben
Mattingly, Vernon Ira
Mattingly,Sgt. Randal Ivan
Mauldin, Berry Arnold
Mauldin, Edah Hopson
Mauldin, Lemuel C.
Mauldin, Mary J.
Mauldin, Whiteford C.
Mauldin, Willie Wafford
Maxey, E. V.
Maxey, Eliza
Maxey, Thomas E.
Maxwell, David A.
Maxwell, Ernest
Maxwell, Jarvis T.
Maxwell, Laura V.
Maxwell, Lela
Maxwell, Capt. Thomas A.
Maxwell, Dr. David
Maxwell, Mrs S.
May, Bert
May, Clara
May, Edward
May, Ethel
May, Infant Son
May, Infant
May, John
May, Mary S.
May, Pauline
May, Susie
May, William J.
May, William
Mayberry, Lester H.
Mayberry, Levi R.
Mayberry, Mary E.
Mayhew, Henry P.
Mayhew, Infant
Mayhew, Nannie
Maynard, Charles V.
Maynard, Infant
Mays, James L.
McAdams, Hamilton
McAdams, Mary E.
McAdams, Ray
McAleer, Down
McAleer, Hazel B.
McAleer, J. Frank
McAleer, Lillian
McAllister, J. A.
McAnally, Lula M.
McAnally, Marilyn
McAndrews, Michael
McAnelly, Alice
McAnelly, J. T.
McAnelly, O. E.
McAnulty, Henry C.
McAtee, Anna Coulter
McAtee, John David
McAtee, Russey
McBride, Bartlett
McBride, William B.
McCabe, Arnold
McCabe, P. A.
McCain, Fannie
McCaleb, Elizabeth Hill
McCann, J. W.
McCarrell S. J.
McCarrell, Alice
McCarrell, Nancy
McCarrell, Walter
McCarty, John C.
McCarty, Minerva J.
McCarty, Susan K.
McCarty, Vernia
McCaskill, George T.
McCauley, Cizzie P.
McCauley, John F.
McCauley, JoSeph A.
McCauley, Wilman
McCauley. William S.
McClanahan, Lindsey
McClanahan, Nancy
McClannahan, Mary E.
McClendon, Ethel E.
McClendon, J. Clarence
McClendon, Jessie Trukman
McClendon, Nancy
McClennahan, James
McClinton, Bettie
McClinton, O. E.
McClinton, Ruffe
McClung, Rosetta
McClung, William R.
McClure, David
McClure, Dock A.
McClure, Eppie
McClure, Horace M.
McClure, James P.
McClure, James
McClure, Lura B.
McClure, Pearl
McClure, Rush C.
McClure, Titus David
McCombs Edward H.
McCombs, Ed E.
McCombs, Eliza A.
McCombs, Infant
McCombs, John
McCombs, John
McCombs, Roy N.
McCombs, Sarah D.
McCombs, Sarah J.
McCord, J. A.
McCord, James Basil
McCord, Lela
McCord, W. T.
McCowan Alta Jean
McCowen,Jr L. D.
McCown, Alta Lock
McCown, Andrew Hunter
McCown, Little Sentor
McCown, Louis D.
McCown, Lucy Gilliam
McCown, Patrick Cleburne
McCown, Robert M.
McCown, Thaddye Gilliam
McCown, Capt. T. W.
McCoy, Baby Son
McCoy, Burl Edwin
McCoy, Clarence Lee
McCoy, Earl D.
McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy, Ethel Maude Millwee
McCoy, Frank
McCoy, Frank
McCoy, James L
McCoy, James Lawrence
McCoy, Katie Roy
McCoy, Otis
McCoy, Tom C.
McCoy, Tommy Bailey
McCrackin, Robert
McCravens, Benjamine
McCravens, LuLa Mae
McCroskie, Infant
McCroskie, Shelton
McCurley, Mrs. C.M.
McD________, D. W.
McDaniel Orville
McDaniel, Authur Mainor
McDaniel, Claud R.
McDaniel, Ed. B.
McDaniel, Julia George
McDaniel, Nancye Johnston
McDaniel, Noah Wright
McDaniel, Ruel
McDonald D. W.
McDonald Joan
McDonald Joeanna
McDonald, Carrie Elizabeth
McDonald, Dauley W.
McDonald, Donald Charles
McDonald, Edison
McDonald, Elmer L.
McDonald, Frank
McDonald, Rosemund
McDonald, Sanford
McDonald, Thomas E.
McDonnell, George T.
McDonnell, Infant DAughter
McDonnell, Mary C.
McDonnell, William
McDowell, Willie E.
McElory, J. W.
McElroy ?
McElroy, Anna
McElroy, Ida P.
McElroy, Mary D.
McElroy, N. O.
McElroy, O. A.
McFalls, Billy Ceaser
McFalls, Clemmie C.
McFalls, Porter T.
McFalls, Robert
McFalls, Rufus
McFalls, Theodore
McGaha, Bonnie I.
McGaha, Richard E.
McGaha, Thomas Russell
McGaha, William E.
McGaughey, Mamie Marie
McGee Mary Estelle
McGee, Irene
McGee, James
McGeorge, Marilda
McGoodwin, Frank
McGough, Eunice
McGough, Gerald
McGough, Michael David
McGough, Nathan S.
McGough, Sherry
McGraw, Arlyce Gayle
McGuire, John W.
McHoward, Infant
McIntosh, Kate
McIntosh, Mary
McIntyre, Earl William
McKaughan, Paul F.
McKaughan, Thelma L.
McKean, Brunetta
McKean, David Ireland
McKean, David
McKean, F. C.
McKean, Henry Gustink
McKean, Joseph D.G.
McKean, Joseph William
McKean, Kate K.
McKean, Lucy D.
McKean, Margaret Ellen
McKean, Mary C.
McKean, Mary Louisa
McKean, William K.
McKean, Capt. John
McKee, Alice Marie
McKee, Chester Lee
McKee, Eva Jones
McKee, Grover Clarance
McKee, Henrietta
Mckee, Jane
McKee, Jessie Aubrey
McKee, Jimmy Doyle
McKee, John W.
McKee, Ruby
McKee, Wilson C.
McKeever, Ila
McKeever, J. H.
McKeever, J. W.
McKeever, Sarah Hazel
McKellar, Archibald
McKellar, Elizabeth
McKellar, Francis
McKellar, James
McKellar, John
McKellar, Lillian
McKellar, Maggie
McKellar, Robert L.
McKellar, Texanna M.
McKenney, P.M. E.
McKinley, Elizabeth J.
McKinley, Emma
McKinley, Eva
McKinley, Georgia
McKinley, John J
McKinley, Martha A.
McKinley, Mary A.
McKinley, Morris C.
McKinley, Mrs. Rasan
McKinley, Russell
McKinney Tez
McKinney, Erban Z.
Mckinney, George T.
McKinney, George
McKinney, Gilbert L.
McKinney, Jesse W.
McKinney, Malinda
McKinney, Nancy A.
McKinney, Ollie R.
McKinney, P. M. E.
McKinney, Vera
McKinney, William B.
McKinnon, Ruby I.
McKnight, E. F.
McLaughlin T. C.
McLaughlin, Henry
McLaughlin, John H.
McLaughlin, Mary L.
McLeod Nannie
McLeod, Donald
McLeod, Harold Autrey
McLeod, Robert
McLogan, Mary
McMichael, S. E.
McMichal, Wincie C.
McMillan Harriet Malinda
McMillan, George A.
McMillan, Ida
McMillan, Jim
McMillan, Thadious
McMillian, Bethel
McMurrain, Alice A.
McMurrain, Amanda M.
McNally Maggie M.
McNally, Benjamin E.
McNally, Rosalie D.
McNary, Lizzie
McNeil, B. A.
McNeil, Mary A.
McPherson, Dora
McRae, Amazella
McRae, Elmer
McRae, Exar
McRae, Fannie
McRae, Idella LA
McRae, James E.
McRae, John H.
McRae, Mamie G.
McRae, Nona M.
McRae, Peggy Ann
McRae, Q. Stephen
McRae, William Jefferson
McRee Avis I. Jones
McVay, Daniel T.
McVay, Lula B.
McWaters, Bula
McWhorter, Allie Floy
McWhorter, Annie
McWhorter, Arthur G.
McWhorter, Arthur
McWhorter, Charlie
McWhorter, Dora A.
McWhorter, Ella S.
McWhorter, Ethel
McWhorter, Hugh L.
McWhorter, Hugh
McWhorter, Isaac
McWhorter, Jerry Wayne
McWhorter, Jimmy Dale
McWhorter, John
McWhorter, Kate Arnold
McWhorter, Mary Jane
McWhorter, Matilda Jane
McWhorter, Naomi Ann
McWhorter, Richard
McWhorter, Ruby Pearl
McWhorter, Ruby
McWhorter, Thomas
McWhorter, William F.
Mead, Aquilla Pernel
Meador, Bertha L.
Meador, Enoch R.
Mears Curtis G.
Mears, Alonzo B.
Medearis, Cottie Leak Owens
Meeks, Esther L.
Meeks, Florence
Meeks, Franklin
Meeks, Ida M.
Meeks, Leo Charles
Melancon, Willie N.
Melton, JoSeph C.
Melton, Leonard
Melton, Reuben
Melton, William Ruben
Melvin, Ada
Melvin, Clarence C.
Merchant, Edna
Merchant, William Lawrence
Meredith, Bertie E.
Meredith, Chester, T.
Meredith, J. Walter
Meredith, J. Walter
Meredith, Mary C.
Meredith, Robert
Meredith, William C.
Meredith, Wretha A.
Meredith, Wretha J.
Meredith, Novella
Meredith, Samuel R.
Merideth Louis J.
Merideth, ?
Merideth, Alice L.
Merideth, J. E.
Merideth, J. T.
Merideth, Jane
Merideth, Jessey
Merideth, Lucinda
Merideth, Mack C.
Merideth, Margaret
Merideth, Mrs. W.H.
Merideth, Nancy J.
Merideth, Ozie
Merideth, Richard
Merideth, Thomas
Merideth, Thomas
Merideth, William H.
Merrell, Maggie J.
Merrill, Martha A.
Mertens, Sylvia
Mervin, Albert E.
Mervin, Pearl
Messer Roy Donald
Messer, Rev. Charles E.
Messer, Ruby D.
Metcalf Bulah
Metcalf, Allen P.
Metcalf, Bertha T.
Metcalf, Clarence
Metcalf, Clemmon
Metcalf, Francis M.
Metcalf, H. H.
Metcalf, Harve
Metcalf, Henry A.
Metcalf, Henry B.
Metcalf, J. M.
Metcalf, Lola
Metcalf, Mollie
Metcalf, Percy
Michel, Edward
Michel, Elizabeth
Mickle, Edward
Mickle, Mary J.
Mickle, Richard M.
Mickle, Samuel K.
Middleton, Dovie
Middleton, George W.
Middleton, John T.
Middleton, Sarah E.
Milam, Albert
Milam, Beau Curtis
Milam, Henny S.
Milam, John H.
Milam, Mary L.
Milam, Robert D.
Milam, Sarah E.
Milam, W. Marvin
Milam, Webb J.
Miles, Mrs. Ollie
Miles, William
Milford, Eva Elease
Milford, George B.
Milford, Harris
Milford, Harvy B.
Milford, Jessie
Milford, Russell G.
Milfrod, Della S.
Millard, E. Ben
Millard, Minnie M.
Millard, Teeny
Millender, James A.
Millender, Margaret A.
Miller James M
Miller, Abbie Hughes
Miller, Alton Frank
Miller, Basil
Miller, Beatrice
Miller, Benjamin J.
Miller, Cassie B.
Miller, Charles A.
Miller, Charles B.
Miller, Charles
Miller, David H.
Miller, E. W.
Miller, Elison
Miller, Emma F.
Miller, Ezekel K.
Miller, Floyd L.
Miller, Frank
Miller, Freman
Miller, Henry G.
Miller, Henry H.
Miller, J. C.
Miller, J. M.
Miller, Jefferson D.
Miller, Jesse A.
Miller, L. L.
Miller, Leonard
Miller, Lucinda
Miller, Martha Lou
Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, Maurice M.
Miller, Maurice M. Sr.
Miller, Michael
Miller, Myrtle L.
Miller, Nathan
Miller, Rev. Edgar
Miller, Robert L.
Miller, Roy
Miller, Sallie
Miller, Stella
Miller, Verna
Miller, William Sr.
Miller, Willie Ethel
Miller, Willie
Mills, Barbara Janes
Mills, Belle
Mills, Bernice Crawford
Mills, Clifton
Mills, Frank M.
Mills, Frank
Mills, Fred E.
Mills, Henry
Mills, Jaka
Mills, James
Mills, Nora
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Travis Dale
Mills, Jr. Joel Red"
Millwee Florence
Millwee Homer
Millwee, Baby Son
Millwee, Blanche
Millwee, Cynthia
Millwee, Fay B.
Millwee, Grace T.
Millwee, Harriet Evelyn
Millwee, Homer G.
Millwee, Iva G.
Millwee, John E.
Millwee, John H.
Millwee, Margaret E.
Millwee, Mary Verona
Millwee, Minor
Millwee, Robert Alvis
Millwee, Susan D.
Millwee, Therina A.
Millwee, Will W.
Millwee, William Worth
Milsap, Joda A.
Milwee, Bazzel
Milwee, Bunnie
Milwee, Clauda B.
Milwee, Floy Poole
Milwee, John W.
Milwee, R. Luther
Milwee, Robert Lowery
Milwee, Sallie Russey
Milwee, Samuel B.
Milwee, William B.
Minars, Mina
Miner, Ben E.
Miner, Jane E/B
Minmier Henry H.
Minmier, Charles William
Minmier, Enoch J.
Minor, Alpha M.
Minor, Clyde
Minor, Levin R.
Minor, Patricia G.
Minx, Bain
Minx, G. R.
Minx, Herbert
Minx, Lillie/Lizzi
Minx, Thomas A.
Minx, Virgie Russell
Mitchel, Ricky E.
Mitchell, A. J.
Mitchell, Amanda
Mitchell, Anne P.
Mitchell, Arthur
Mitchell, Barney E.
Mitchell, Benjamin N.
Mitchell, Billye Jo
Mitchell, Dennis
Mitchell, Dora Lee
Mitchell, Doris
Mitchell, Duncan
Mitchell, Edgar
Mitchell, Erma
Mitchell, Ersie B.
Mitchell, Fountain
Mitchell, Frank
Mitchell, Henry E.
Mitchell, J. L.
Mitchell, Jack
Mitchell, John D.
Mitchell, Lee Monroe
Mitchell, Lenar
Mitchell, Leonard B.
Mitchell, Little Man
Mitchell, Louis M.
Mitchell, Maggie
Mitchell, Martha
Mitchell, Mary Ellen
Mitchell, Norma
Mitchell, Odie B.
Mitchell, Ollie A.
Mitchell, Ophel C.
Mitchell, Oscar
Mitchell, Posey
Mitchell, Tella S.
Mitchell, Wayne A.
Mitchell, Will
Mittan, Lucille
Mize Billy Luke
Mize Lawson
Mize, Essie Almeda
Mize, General Sherman
Mize, Inf
Mize, Lula V.
Mize, Luther
Mize, Mallye
Mize, Oscar
Mize, Pamlia Ann
Mize, Sidney L.
Mize, Sidney
Mize, W. H.
Mize, William C.
Mize. Roszella F.
Mobbs, W.M. Scruien
Moffett, Glen L.
Moffett, Ida E.
Monroe Mary O.
Monroe, Charles D.
Monroe, Cleve D.
Monroe, Emma J.
Monroe, Frank
Monroe, James F.
Monroe, Jennie I.
Monroe, Joe B.
Monroe, L. N.
Monroe, Maggie
Monroe, Nina
Monroe, Rayburn H.
Montgomery, Albert M.
Montgomery, Annie
Montgomery, Audie Marie
Montgomery, Baby
Montgomery, Bonnie
Montgomery, Buena Falls
Montgomery, Catherine
Montgomery, Charles
Montgomery, Charlie
Montgomery, Clayborn Dew
Montgomery, Earl
Montgomery, Etta
Montgomery, Franklin
Montgomery, Helen L.
Montgomery, Howell W.
Montgomery, J. A.
Montgomery, Joel D.
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, Lee Roy
Montgomery, Luther M.
Montgomery, Manton
Montgomery, Mollie
Montgomery, Morton
Montgomery, Nancy Elizabeth
Montgomery, Olaver
Montgomery, Ortha Rae
Montgomery, Ottie
Montgomery, Ross N.
Montgomery, Thurman Edgar
Montgomery, W. B.
Moon, David M.
Moon, David
Moon, Delia
Moon, Dora
Moon, Ganda
Moon, Grace
Moon, Joe D.
Moon, John O.
Mooneyham, Harold L.
Mooneyham, Nettie E.
Mooneyham, S. M.
Moore, Anne McK.
Moore, Emma E.
Moore, Eugena Levern
Moore, J. L.
Moore, James G.
Moore, John W.
Moore, Lena Avon
Moore, Lloyd T.
Moore, Majoria Joyce
Moore, Mary L.
Moore, Mary E. Wright
Moore, Minnie L.
Moore, Phal Bell
Moore, Robert A.
Moore, Robert W.
Moore, Rodney Lee
Moore, Sarah Ann
Moore, William M.
Moore, Wilson Walter
Mooreland, Elease
Morgan W. B.
Morgan, A.C. (Mrs)
Morgan, Ida
Morgan, Jack Arnold
Morgan, James
Morgan, Lillian
Morgan, Maxie
Morgan, R. D.
Morgan, William C.
Morgan, Dr. R. S.
Morgan. Nancy C.
Morphew N.A. Hill
Morphew, Billie
Morphew, Billy Joe
Morphew, Faye Lucele
Morphew, Limuel
Morphew, Nancy
Morphew, Nerria
Morphew, Robert
Morris, Bealy Burndette
Morris, Bobby Jim
Morris, Chester
Morris, David
Morris, Earl
Morris, Edith O'Thelfa
Morris, Infant
Morris, Isabelle Weems
Morris, J. A.
Morris, Jesse F.
Morris, Jessie Robinson
Morris, John B.
Morris, John F.
Morris, Kathy C.
Morris, Keith R.
Morris, Leffel R.
Morris, Lewis Samuel
Morris, Lula B.
Morris, Mable
Morris, Mrs. Lottie
Morris, Olen
Morris, Onnie Lee
Morris, Pearl
Morris, Robert N.
Morris, Roy Guie
Morris, Sarah E.
Morris, Tabitha L.
Morris, William
Morrison, Dee N.
Morrison, Don
Morrison, Effie Mae
Morrison, Gibson Wyatt
Morrison, J. H.
Morrison, Louis E.
Morrison, Olen Otis
Morrison, Ollie
Morrison, Omer
Morrison, Rachel
Morrison, Raymond E.
Morrison, Vernon
Moses, James M.
Moses, Laura
Moses, Mary C.
Moses, Tessie
Mosley, A. J.
Moss, Ada B.
Moss, Albert M.
Moss, T. J.
Moss, Thomas F.
Mount, Eugenia
Mount, Ocie B.
Mullins, Bertha E.
Mullins, Charles D.
Mullins, James Irvan
Mullins, Roy Lee
Mund, Annie M.
Mund, Conrad C
Munn, Carl Ray
Munn, D. F.
Munn, Floyd William
Munn, William R.
Murphy, Annie E.
Murphy, Bea
Murphy, Dan W.
Murphy, Della
Murphy, Earl W.
Murphy, Edgar H.
Murphy, Elwain
Murphy, Emma D. Walker
Murphy, J. T.
Murphy, Jack
Murphy, John J.
Murphy, John W.
Murphy, John
Murphy, Lizzie Little
Murphy, Lula McElwain
Murphy, Martha Lizybeth
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Niel L.
Murphy, Polly
Murphy, R. D.
Murphy, Rosa, S.
Murphy, Thomas M.
Murrell, Freda
Murry James M.
Murry, Mary H.
Murry, Robert E.
Musgrave, Jane
Myers, Lootha
Myers, Ruth Hill
Myrick, Fannie
Myrick, Nelsie
N. H.
Nall, Ann R.
Nall, Ben
Nall, Charley
Nall, Ethel Leeper
Nall, Frank A.
Nall, George A.
Nall, George H.
Nall, Harriet Pamelia
Nall, L. C.
Nall, Matthew A.
Nall, Rebecca
Nalley Emily
Nalley, Alonzo L.
Nalley, Frances L.
Nalley, Glenie H.
Nalley, James
Nalley, Jones
Nalley, Mahala
Nalley, Margaret Lorine
Nalley, Millie Lee
Nalley, Nettie
Nalley, Ruth L.
Nalley, Thomas J.
Nalley,Mrs. Walterine
Nance, Margaret
Narkham, Jennie
Nash George
Natham, Sarah
Nathan, Sarah
Neal, A. P.
Neal, Bessie
Neal, Cora
Neal, Dora Thompson
Neal, Ella
Neal, Emmerline
Neal, George D.
Neal, Hanson
Neal, Infant
Neal, Joe
Neal, Joseph M.
Neal, Leler
Neal, N. G.
Neal, Nora
Neal, Ollie
Neal, Paul
Neatherly Infant
Neatherly, Lou
Neatherly, Lou Ida (Wright)
Needham, Amazon
Needham, Bobby Jim
Needham, Charles G.
Needham, David Lee
Needham, Dean C.
Needham, Effie
Needham, Ellen
Needham, Fannie
Needham, Georgia L.
Needham, Hal Howard
Needham, Jimmie L.
Needham, John
Needham, Johnnie
Needham, Leona Y.
Needham, Margaret A.
Needham, Monroe
Needham, Nita Gene
Needham, Robert A.
Needham, Robert A.
Needham, Robert
Needham, Versie Bell
Needham, Willia C.
Needham, William G.
Needham, Willie J.
Neel Sr., Albert S.
Neel, Eva A.
Neel, Sarah A.
Nehreing, Anna Marie
Nehreing, Sr. Gus A.
Nehring, Jr. Gus A.
Neilson, Martha J.
Neilson, Nels
Nelson, Annie Mae
Nelson, Anthony E.
Nelson, Bessie
Nelson, Caroline
Nelson, Carrie A.
Nelson, Charles E.
Nelson, Donald R.
Nelson, Edward
Nelson, Emma E.
Nelson, Freman
Nelson, Idella
Nelson, Joe E.
Nelson, Ladene Lewis
Nelson, Lewis
Nelson, Mary F.
Nelson, Vera E.
Nelson, Virginia E.
Nelson, W. S.
Nethery, Nannie
Nethery, Robert Lee
Newberry, Florene H.
Newberry, John J.
Newberry, Priscilla
Newby, Beatrice
Newby, Robert
Newkham, Eddie E.
Newman, Francis
Newsom, John
Newsom, Zora
Newton, Elbert C.
Newton, Jeff
Newton, Lana
Nicherson, Jessie & baby
Nicholas, James M.
Nicholas, Levi A.
Nicholas, Mary J.
Nicholas, Milton
Nicholas, Susie E.
Nicholas, William L.
Nicholas, Jr. James M.
Nichols, Edward
Nichols, Flint
Nichols, George
Nichols, H. H.
Nichols, Kate I.
Nichols, Laura Belle
Nichols, Lula
Nichols, Marjorie
Nichols, W. F.
Nichols, Dr. D. N.
Nichols, Dr. L. M.
Nicholson, Claude J.
Nicholson, F. A.
Nickerson, Clyde E.
Nickerson, J. Leonard
Nickerson, Johnny Ray
Nix, Arthur
Nix, Belva G.
Nix, Bettie
Nix, Clarie J.
Nix, Edward
Nix, Elbert T.
Nix, Emma E.
Nix, Izara
Nix, James
Nix, Kathryn V.
Nix, Kenneth O
Nix, Mabel
Nix, Mack Elmer
Nix, Mary Annie
Nix, Myrtle
Nix, Ruth E.
Nix, Tom E.
Nix, Willie
Nix, Rev. C. E.
Nixon, Leona Hill
no name
Noble. Daisy
Noey, Chess Murphy
Noey, Minerva Fadella
Noffsinger, Dr. Charles
Noffsinger, Mary E.
Nolan, Jack
Nolan, James E.
Nolan, Sally
Nolen, Mary Rhodia
Nord, Jr Brice
Norman, Dee Thomas
Norman, Doylene
Norman, Gussie
Norman, James L.
Norwood, Almira H.
Norwood, Ben D.
Norwood, Benjamin F.
Norwood, Benjamin
Norwood, Claude
Norwood, Delta R.
Norwood, Demma Dooley
Norwood, E. L.
Norwood, E. Y.
Norwood, Ethel Johnston
Norwood, Francis Gilliam
Norwood, Frank M.
Norwood, Frank
Norwood, Harry Lee
Norwood, Hazel F.
Norwood, Hazel
Norwood, Infant son
Norwood, J. J.
Norwood, Johanna K.
Norwood, John D.
Norwood, John P.
Norwood, Kate Steel
Norwood, L. H.
Norwood, Leven T.
Norwood, Lida
Norwood, Louis H.
Norwood, Louis T.
Norwood, Marcus L.
Norwood, Mary B.
Norwood, Peggy Sue
Norwood, Robbie C.
Norwood, Runyan E.
Norwood, Stuart Park
Norwood, Temperance D.
Norwood, Dr. Merriman L.
Nossis, W. W.
Nunes, John E.
Nunes, Mary L.
Nunneley, John W.
Nunnelly, Fred B.
Nunnley, Annie Laurie
Nunnley, Charlie M.
Nunnley, D. L.
Nunnley, Louise J.
Nunnley, Lydia E.M.
Nuttall, John
Nuttall, Lola M.
Nutter, Anna C.
Nutter, Mark W.
Oakley, dona
Oakley, Dyar A.
Oakley, Glen
Oakley, R. Raymond
Oakley, Ray
Oden, Joseph H.
Oden, Maude Thomas
Oettel, Albert H.
Oettel, Helen
Ogden, Fannie R.
Ogden, J. Frank
Ogden, John R.
Ogden, Nora A.
Ogden, Ollie
Oglesby, Ruth
Ogleton, Houston
Ogletree, N. M.
Ohlerking, Cecil
Ohlerking, Clarence
Ohlerking, Johnny
Ohlerking, Thomas C.
Ohlerking, Willie
Oldham, Chester
Olds, Mable M.
Oliver, Andy
Oliver, Darlene L.
Oliver, Edward
Oliver, Egbert M.
Oliver, James E.
Oliver, James
Oliver, Jessie
Oliver, Linda Bell
Oliver, Ruemma
Oliver, Willie
Oliver. John A.
Olmstead, Beatrice Locke
Oneal, Nancy Etta
Orr, Amanda
Orr, George T.
Orr, James A.
Orr, Leila C.
Orr, Myrtle L.
Orr, Thomas K.
Orr, Thomas V.
Orr, Virgie
Overstreet, Bessie Lee
Overturf Ruby L. Stinnett
Overturf, Addie H.
Overturf, Angelike
Overturf, Brizel J.
Overturf, Calvin V.
Overturf, Charlie
Overturf, Edgar L.
Overturf, Elizabeth
Overturf, James
Overturf, John
Overturf, Lester
Overturf, Martha E.
Overturf, Matie
Overturf, Otis
Overturf, Sis
Overturf, Virgil
Owen, Alice W.
Owen, Anita L.
Owen, Ella
Owen, Rebecca A.
Owen, Walter J.
Owens Dan
Owens, Dan
Owens, Jessie M.
Owens, Maggie Elizabeth
Owens, Mary M.
Owens, Weldon Carroll
Owens, Weltia U.
Oxley, Charles
Ozbin, Druesiller
Palmer, Jack
Palmer, John
Pannell, Baby
Pannell, Baby
Pannell, Baby
Pannell, Elizabeth
Pannell, Emily
Pannell, George R.
Pannell, John W.
Pannell, Robert W.
Pannell, Thomas
Pannell, Twins
Paris, Martin M.
Parish, Dr. Richard Bryan
Park Infant
Park, A.
Park, Alice S.
Park, Charles Edward
Park, Clarissa M.
Park, Clarissa Poole
Park, Fay W.
Park, Floy Runyon
Park, Frank
Park, George
Park, Infant
Park, Infant
Park, Infant
Park, James N.
Park, James Tucker
Park, Julia Lois
Park, Mrs. Edah
Park, Nannie A.
Park, Nunnley J.
Park, Sloan Oscar
Park, William C.
Parker, Benjamin C.
Parker, Carllene C.
Parker, Edgar
Parker, Faye Allen
Parker, gladys
Parker, James G.
Parker, Jesse G.
Parker, Laura A.
Parker, Lula
Parker, Minnie Rankin
Parker, nancy
Parker, Nolan
parker, R. D.
Parkerson, Frankie
Parkerson, Laura
Parkerson, Louis P.
Parkerson, Marshall
Parks, Benjamin
Parks, Derwin H.
Parks, Georgie
Parr, John B.
Parrish, Clara Bell
Parrish, Edgar T.
Parrish, Jodie M.
Parson, Gracie Bell
Pate, Lenard
Pate, Louis A.
Pate, Mae
Patterson, Allen Steel
Patterson, John
Patterson, Phoebe Allene Steel
Patterson, William L.
Patton, Elizabeth
Paul, J. Stanley
Pauley, Ivan W.
Paulk, Harvy
Payne, A. Z.
Payne, Billie S.
Payne, Jeanett
Payne, Mary Lucerne
Payne, Sarah A.
Payne, Susan Bell
Payte, George A.
Payte, Joel H Wingfield
Payton, Rebecca Jane
Peacock, Earl
Peaden, Elder James E.
Pearce, Amos A.
Pearce, Amy
Pearce, Baby
Pearce, Earl B.
Pearce, Edward
Pearce, Guy H.
Pearce, JoSephine I.
Pearce, S. B.
Pearre, Luke
Pearre, Melissa
Pearson, Buren C.
Pearson, Ella H.
Pearson, Elsworth
Pearson, Emmett W.
Pearson, James H.
Pearson, John Til
Pearson, Joseph T.
Pearson, Ollie O.
Pearson,Jr. Emmett William
Peck, Carrie L.
Peck, James Robert
Peck, John Wesley Father
Peck, Lena Elizabeth
Peck, Sallie E. Mother
Peek, Joel H.
Peek, Robert S.
Peeler, Libby
Peer, Ronnie Joe
Pelkey, Llewellyn
Pell, Claude
Pell, Ricky
Pels, Mrs. Joryhin
Pendergrass, Addie
Pendergrass, James M.
Pendergrass, Lessie K.
Pendergrass, Thomas E.
Pennington, Dona Mae
Pennington, Infant
Pennington, John
Pennington, Ronnie
Pennington, Samantha
Pennington, Susan
Penny Roy
Penny, Clayton F.
Penny, Doris Dixie
Penny, Elizabeth
Penny, Eva
Penny, Eva
Penny, Eva
Penny, Frances J.
Penny, H. A.
Penny, Hanny
Penny, Ida
Penny, Infant
Penny, Infant
Penny, James
Penny, James II
Penny, John N./M
Penny, John P.
Penny, John
Penny, Joseph W.
Penny, Lillie N.
Penny, Mable
Penny, Martha E.
Penny, Mary F.
Penny, Mildred T,
Penny, Nellie Rayborn
Penny, Sallie
Penny, Thad D.
Penny, Tom "Little Tom"
Penny, Tom V.
Penny, Tracy
Penny, Will
Pennypacker, Marguerete
Pennypacker, Robert D.
Peppers, Nancy J.
Peppers, Robert
Perkins, Ellen
Perrin, Isabella
Perrin, Napoleon P.
Perry, Betty Davis
Perry, Capt B. H.
Perry, Dettie C.
Perry, Dona
Perry, Genny Gene
Perry, John P.
Perry, Lucy Alice
Perry, Robert E.
Perry, Sherman V.
Peters, J. C.
Peters, Juanita
Peters, Lizzie N.
Peters, Martha A.
Peterson, Karl Lee
Peterson, Thomas M.
Petet, Louis A.
Petet, Maggie E.
Pettigrew Birtie May
Pettigrew, Alonzo E.
Pettigrew, Alonzo I.
Pettigrew, Alonzo
Pettigrew, Arlon D.
Pettigrew, Carrie E.
Pettigrew, Clinton R.
Pettigrew, Earl
Pettigrew, Eliza E.
Pettigrew, Ellen
Pettigrew, Ellen
Pettigrew, Esther
Pettigrew, Fronia
Pettigrew, Helen
Pettigrew, J. H.
Pettigrew, J. R.
Pettigrew, Jace
Pettigrew, James
Pettigrew, Joe
Pettigrew, Lettie E.
Pettigrew, Lizzie A.
Pettigrew, Lloyd
Pettigrew, Luther
Pettigrew, Pauline
Pettigrew, S. E.
Pettigrew, S. E.
Pettigrew, William
Pettigrew, Wilmer
Pettigrew, Rev. James G.
Pettus, Allen T.
Pettus, James M.
Pettus, Margareta
Pettus, R. A.
Pettus, R. W.
Pettus, Sarah W.
Petty, James
Petty, Lawrence
Petty, Lewis L.
Petty, Lois
Petty, Mrs. B. F.
Petty, R. E.
Petty, Ruth Roxanna
Petty, S. J.
Petty, Sublet
Petty, William
Phelps, Martha M.
Phelps, Sarah Lavon
Phillips, Ada Estalee
Phillips, America J.
Phillips, Ava A.
Phillips, Baby
Phillips, Boling C.
Phillips, Buster
Phillips, Chad Cox
Phillips, D.P. "Pink"
Phillips, Dauch
Phillips, E. C.
Phillips, Floy
Phillips, Harry E.
Phillips, Henry F.
Phillips, infant son
Phillips, Ira D.
Phillips, Irma
Phillips, J. L.
Phillips, J. Roy
Phillips, James M.
Phillips, John T.
Phillips, Laura E.
Phillips, Lloyd
Phillips, Lula A.
Phillips, Mary F.
Phillips, Mary Pearle
Phillips, Mittie L.
Phillips, Mrs. L.A.
Phillips, Pearl
Phillips, Robert T.
Phillips, Roy
Phillips, Ruby C.
Phillips, Sam T.
Phillips, Troy
Phillips, Wi1ey M.
Pickens, A. D.
Pickens, Adron E.
Pickens, Andrew L.
Pickens, Andrew R.
Pickens, Clara
Pickens, David A.
Pickens, Francis
Pickens, Henry Earl
Pickens, Hugh T.
Pickens, J. M.
Pickens, Margaret Nancy
Pickens, Martha A.
Pickens, Martha
Pickens, Melissa
Pickens, Nannie M.
Pickens, Richard J.
Pickens, Robert Lawrence
Pickens, W. H.
Pickens, Wm. J.
Pickerell, James H.
Pickett, Arther M.
Pickett, Arthur E.
Pickett, Billie Jean
Pickett, Dee
Pickett, Edgar Wesley
Pickett, Eva
Pickett, Grace M.
Pickett, Homer F.
Pickett, Ida
Pickett, J. W.
Pickett, James E.
Pickett, James Frank
Pickett, John H.
Pickett, John H.
Pickett, Joy D.
Pickett, Joye Bob
Pickett, Julie E.
Pickett, Lora L.
Pickett, Mary T.
Pickett, Rebecca L.
Pickett, Warren E.
Pickett, William
Pierce, Baby
Pierce, Edison
Pierce, Essie
Pierce, Hattie
Pierce, Jack
Pifer, Jacob
Piggie, Ruben
Pigues, Stephen
Pinckard, Albert W.
Pinckard, Mattie W.
Pinson, Myonia
Pinson, William C.
Pipkin, Sarah
Pitcock, Alva S.
Pittman James A.
Pittman Ola L.
Pittman, Diury
Pittman, Jerrald T.
Pittman, Joel T.
Pittman, Johnnie L.
Pitts, ?
Pitts, Elvie
Pitts, J. L.
Pitts, James L.
Pitts, Robert
Plunk, Deborah L.
Plunk, Elar
Plunk, George W.
Plunk, Rosco
Plunk, Tessie Bell
Poag, Amanda
Poag, George E.
Poe, Norma Jean
Poindexter, Alice L.
Poindexter, Levi
Polk, Ann L.
Polk, Annie M.
Polk, George E.
Polk, Gussie Dee
Polk, Henry B.
Polk, James K.
Polk, Willaim Clay
Pollack, Ruth D.
Polly, Maude L.
Ponder, John
Pool, Bird
Pool, Faunds
Pool, flossie
Pool, Latch
Pool, Myrtle Beatrice
Poole Karyn
Poole Perrin
Poole, Charlie
Poole, David Lawson
Poole, Elizabeth Short
Poole, Fred
Poole, James Madison
Poole, Kathryn
Poole, Lucinda Thompson
Poole, Mary Beauchamp
Poole, Mary Alice Gray
Poole, Minor Dooley
Poole, Omega James
Poole, Paul J.
Poole, Rhoda Alers ?
Poole, Richard A.
Poole, Sally A.
Poole, Sloan
Poole, Susan Reese
Poole, Theodore O.
Poole, Wallace Thomas
Poole, Willard Alto
Poole, William T.
Poole, Zoe
Pope, Aaron
Pope, Bill C.
Pope, Minnie
Porter, Helen Millard
Porter, Lester F.
Porter, Lincoln Lowell
Porter, Rosa E.
Porter, Walter H.
Porterfield Fannie
Porterfield, Billy Joe
Portis, Edith M.
Posey, Vi1ama
Potter, Algerton
Potter, Ellis
Potter, Johnny Thomas
Potts, Alfred Cantrell
Potts, Calvin
Potts, Ethel L.
Potts, Grovie Jane Pickett
Potts, James Edward
Potts, Mrs. Calvin
Potts, Sarah Elizabeth
Pounds, Harvey E.
Powell, George W.
Powell, Inez
Powell, Infant
Powell, J. V.
Powell, John W.
Powell, Justine P.
Powell, Lillian Esmer
Powell, Nellie
Powell, Silvester Esmer
Powell, Victor
Powell, Virgle F.
Powell, Wayne
Powell, Willie F.
Powell, Wilson P.
Powell, Mrs. George W.
Powell, Rev Delbert
Power, Jesse Von
Power, John H.
Power, Linda
Power, Lola May
Power, Mrs. Jennie
Power, Thomas W.
Powers, Ernest M.
Powers, Stephen B.
Prater, Emma H.
Prater, Wiley A.
Prather, William T.
Pratt, Exie
Praul, Pearl L.
Prescott, JoSeph T.
Prescott, Mary L.
Presley, Armina E.
Presley, Lee D.
Presley, Ruth
Presley, W. M.
Presley, William O.
Presley, Mrs. W. O.
Pressley, Modora Maggie
Pressley, Montie Matthew
Presson, Bessie Fern
Presson, Fannie Harrison
Presson, Francis Asbury
Presson, Louise
Presson, Mahala E.
Presson, Riley A.
Presston, James S.
Presswood, Gilbert L.
Preuett, Emry R.
Preuett, Mary J.
Price, Albert
Price, Annie
Price, Ben W.
Price, Callie
Price, David
Price, Demmer M.
Price, Edward B.
Price, Estela J.
Price, Eugene C.
Price, Floranda C.
Price, Frank
Price, George W.
Price, Harry Lark
Price, Infant
Price, Infant
Price, Infant
Price, Infant
Price, Infant
Price, Irie E. Wood
Price, Isaac
Price, Jefferson D/B
Price, John Jefferson
Price, Josiah G.
Price, Leon Franklin
Price, Lucendia
Price, Lucy
Price, Lue M.
Price, Minnie Elizabeth
Price, Ozla
Price, R. L.
Price, Ruby P.
Price, Viely L.
Price, William
Prichard, Allen C.
Prichard, Billie
Prichard, Florence
Prichard, Frederick
Prichard, William L.
Pride, Bessie Perry
Pride, Elizabeth Houston
Pride, Ellen Perry
Pride, George Burton
Pride, Henry Carter
Pride, Henry Clay
Pride, J. B.
Pride, Jeff
Pride, Jessie Brinkley
Pride, John N.
Pride, John N.
Pride, M. E.
Pride, Marshall
Pride, Mary Elizabeth
Pride, Oscar F.
Pride, Pauline Matthews
Pride, Sallie
Pride, Mary Turrentine Smith
Priest Dora Faye
Priest, Clara J.R.
Priest, Edward
Priest, Infant
Priest, Jim
Priest, Joseph H.
Priest, Joseph J.
Priest, Joseph
Priest, Julia A.
Priest, Lena F.
Priest, Lucy
Priest, Rosie
Priest, William Terry
Priest, Sr. Lawrence B.
Prince, Flora
Prince, Harvey C.
Prince, Rufus J.
Prior, Niles E.
Pritchet, Louis H.
Privett, Rosie
Privit, Larry
Proctor Artie
Proctor Simmie Dell
Proctor, ?
Proctor, Earl
Proctor, Hershal
Proctor, Sarah M.
Proctor, Walter
Provence, Berry
Provence, Dorothy B.
Provence, Essie V.
Provence, Ezra C.
Provence, Frank L.
Provence, George S.
Provence, Hattie M.
Provence, Olive
Provence, Sarah C.
Provence, W. M.
Provence, Jr. Rodney
Pruett, Earnest M.
Pruitt, Bessie A.
Pruitt, Billy Jean/Dean
Pruitt, Cashus F.
Pruitt, Emry R.
Pruitt, Ernst N.
Pruitt, Judson
Pruitt, Mary J.
Pruitt, Vera V.
Pruitt, Walter L.
Pryor, Buddy George
Puckett, E. C.
Puckett, Lena
Puckett, Luther C.
Puckett, Samuel
Pullen, Eudora
Pullen, Oden B.
Pulliam, Harvey A.
Pulliam, Mildred Marie
Pulliam, Odie
Pulliam, Orin T.
Pursell, Bettie
Pursell, E. W.
Pursell, Ida
Purtell A. J.
Purtell, Annie Bell Shinn
Purtell, Ben F.
Purtell, C. H.
Purtell, Doris Jean
Purtell, Elsie Hill
Purtell, Etta
Purtell, Florence Elizabeth
Purtell, George L.
Purtell, Josephine
Purtell, Kate
Purtell, Loretta
Purtell, Madison B.
Purtell, Madison Custer
Purtell, Mary Lena
Purtell, Mary
Purtell, Maude
Purtell, O. Preston
Purtell, Robert Buck
Purtell, Rufus Judson
Purtell, Theodotia E.
Purtell, Veva
Purtell, Jr. Clyde
Purtell, Sr. Clyde
Putman, Rhoda W.
Putnam, Infant Daughter
Quate, Ira E.
Quinn, Phillip D.
Quinn, Sarah Mildred
R. D.
Rackley, Martha A.
Rackley, Mary
Rackley, Uriah
Rackley, William C.
Rae, John
Ragan, Luther W.
Ragan, Maude Rocelia
Ragan, Rev. J. W.
Raider, Alice
Rainey, Lula D.
Rainey, Lunettie C.
Rainey, Una
Rainey, William David
Rains, Alfred Hugh
Rains, Carrie
Rains, George
Rains, Sarah Josephine
Raley, Chester
Raley, Melvin
Raley, Vera Mae
Ralls, Baby
Ralls, Little Jack
Ralls, Lois
Ralls, Margaret
Ralls, Nelson
Ralls, Oma
Ralls, Victor
Ramsey, Beng
Ramsey, Earl L.
Ramsey, Ernest
Ramsey, Ethel R.
Ramsey, Eunice
Ramsey, Hettie Mae
Ramsey, Horace W.
Ramsey, Kent
Ramsey, Lee Ann
Ramsey, Lottie E.
Ramsey, Ollie
Ramsey, Roma Agnes
Ramsey, Sarah A.
Ramsey, Velmia
Randall, Helen
Randall, Walter
Rankin, Emma L. Gray
Rankin, Ernest H.
Rankin, Henry
Rankin, James A.
Rankin, Lucie
Rankin, Marion R.
Rankin, Mary
Rankin, Nora L.
Rankin, Robert Roy
Ransom, Robert H.
Ransom, Willer R.
Rapp, John M.
Raunsville, W. R.
Ray, Abbey B.
Ray, Adele Steel
Ray, Arthur W.
Ray, Claud C.
Ray, Earnest E.
Ray, Edna
Ray, Edward C.
Ray, Eleanor
Ray, Infant Daughter
Ray, John L.
Ray, Kathaleen
Ray, Mamie C.
Ray, Mary L.
Ray, Robert S.
Rayburn, Avie
Rayburn, W. W.
Rea, Cornelius
Rea, Mary
Rea, Maude Grady
Rea, Robert F.
Reasoner, Nancy A.
Redding, Stephen
Redman, J. T.
Reed, Anna M.
Reed, Infant
Reed, J. I.
Reed, Joe Ella
Reed, Joseph H.
Reed, M. J.
Reed, Margaret P.
Reed, Martha
Reed. Winnfred
Reeder, Annie Lee
Reeder, Clelus C.
Reeder, D. P.
Reeder, Nancy A.
Reedy, Frances
Reel, James
Reep, Eliza C.
Reep, John
Reese, David D.
Reese, Dessie K.
Reese, Elver L.
Reese, Eugene
Reese, James B.
Reese, Jamie S.
Reese, Joe
Reese, Ona
Reese, Virgie
Reese, W. W.
Reese, Walter L.
Reid, Anita J.
Reid, Bonnie L.
Reid, Eugene
Reid, James M.
Reid, James W.
Reid, Jasper N.
Reid, Mary J.
Reid, Theodore
Reid, Tony L.
Reid, Vernie Brewer
Reid, W. J.
Reneau, Bertha M.
Renfro, John
Renfroe Sebron A.
Repp, Annalee
Rettman, Glenda Darlene
Revels, Jake Russell VIII
Revels, Jimmie
Revels, Laura Mae
Revels, Linda Kay
Revels, R. L.
Revels, Willie B.
Reves, Dosha M.
Reves, William T.
Reves, Jr. William T.
Reville, Laurence
Reville, Mary E.
Reville, Peter W.
Reynolds, Barbara Ann
Reynolds, Elmer
Reynolds, Ernest L.
Reynolds, Ethel G.
Reynolds, Geneva F. Duke
Reynolds, Hester
Reynolds, Houston G/F
Reynolds, Joseph Edward
Reynolds, Laverna
Reynolds, Leo Eugene
Reynolds, Mary K.
Reynolds, Vernon L.
Reynolds, Vincent
Reynolds, JR. George
Reynolds. Addie Mae Lamaster
Rhoden, Bobby Muriel
Rhoden, Cordelia
Rhoden, Cordia
Rhoden, David William
Rhoden, Green B.
Rhoden, John Wesley
Rhoden, R. L.
Rhodes, Bennie
Rhodes, Dartha Fay
Rhodes, Gordon
Rhodes, K. S.
Rhyne, Able Solomon
Rhyne, Allie
Rhyne, Catharine
Rhyne, Infant
Rhyne, Katie Ann
Rhyne, Lelia Alice
Rhyne, Martha Jane
Rhyne, Sallie S.
Rhyne, Thomas Frank
Ricby, Eva B.
Ricby, Fred A.
Rice, Fred O.
Rice, James Harvey
Rice, Lynn
Rice, May
Rice, Reginald B.
Rich, Art A.
Rich, Steven Duane
Richards, John J.
Richards, Julia A.
Richardson, ?
Richardson, David
Richardson, Estelle
Richardson, Ethel
Richardson, Ethel
Richardson, George Andrew J.
Richardson, Glenda Jean
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, James
Richardson, Joe Evert
Richardson, John A.
Richardson, Lee O.
Richardson, Lee
Richardson, Lee
Richardson, Loraine
Richardson, Maggie J.
Richardson, Mike
Richardson, Olen
Richardson, Otto
Richardson, Roy Glen
Richardson, Walter L.
Richie, William A.
Richmond, Jphn
Rick/Rich Susie V.
Rick\Rich, Edith L.
Riddle, Annie
Riddle, Anthony J.
Riddle, James W.
Riding, Flora
Ridley, Fred C.
Ridley, John C.
Ridley, John Chester
Ridley, T. Lee
Ridling, Edmon R.
Ridling, Edmund K.
Riegert, Jacob B.
Riggs, Mary Jane
Riggs, Mary Jane
Rightmire, Edmond S.
Rightmire, Lillie V.
Rigsby, T. B.
Riley, Bertha McAnnelly
Riley, Eula Harper
Riley, James B.
Riley, L. G.
Riley, S. M.
Ringwood, John
Rink, Betty A.
Rink, Charlie L.
Rink, Frank Mc.
Rink, George W.
Rink, Roxie J.
Ritchey, Clyde W.
Ritchie, John Odum
Ritter, Jimmie
Rivers, Elbert H.
Rivers, Lela
Robb, Dora
Robb, Frank L.
Robb, Julie E.
Robb, Rinda Terrell
Robbins, Donna
Robbins, Doyle Jason
Robbins, Hazel Edith
Robbins, Jim
Robbins, Joseph Allen
Robbins, Loyce
Robbins, Oscar H.
Robbins, Ruth
Robbins, Vilera
Roberson, Fannie
Roberson, J. L.
Roberson, James
Roberson, Mary S.
Roberson, Oscar G.
Roberson, Russell
Robert, J.
Roberts, Ava G. Hallman
Roberts, Baby
Roberts, Bennie E.
Roberts, Bennie
Roberts, C. M.
Roberts, C. W.
Roberts, Cena
Roberts, Charles H.
Roberts, Cline N.
Roberts, Della A.
Roberts, Dorcus
Roberts, Elijah W.
Roberts, Elvita
Roberts, Ernest
Roberts, Evalyn
Roberts, Francis M.
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Harley Cleo
Roberts, Hiram
Roberts, Howard J.
Roberts, Howard W.
Roberts, Ina Frances
Roberts, Infant
Roberts, J. C.
Roberts, J. W.
Roberts, James Louis
Roberts, Jimmie Lea
Roberts, John L.
Roberts, Lena
Roberts, Lillard E.
Roberts, Lona M.
Roberts, Louis C.
Roberts, Lucy f.
Roberts, Lummie
Roberts, Maggie Lee
Roberts, Marion E.
Roberts, Moden J.
Roberts, Olan
Roberts, Ollie J.
Roberts, Phil W.
Roberts, Walter E.
Roberts, Wandaline
Roberts, William E.
Roberts. Willie Mae
Robertson, Sara J.
Robeson, Esther
Robins, Burel M.
Robins, Milton W.
Robinson, Alie C.
Robinson, Amanda
Robinson, Beulah C.
Robinson, Brucetta
Robinson, Dorothy B.
Robinson, E. C.
Robinson, Leila
Robinson, Lennie
Robinson, Nora J.
Robinson, Polinie
Robinson, Rosco
Robinson, Samuel J.
Robinson, W. W.
Robinson, Wesley
Robinson, William W.
Rodebuck, Lou Lee
Roden, Amanda
Roden, Arch C.
Roden, Bertha
Roden, Betty V.
Roden, C. M.
Roden, George E.
Roden, Georgie A.
Roden, H. L.
Roden, Infant
Roden, Infant
Roden, James Calvin
Roden, James Granville
Roden, John B.
Roden, John F.
Roden, JoSephus
Roden, Josiah
Roden, Lavina
Roden, Marnie
Roden, Mary Minerva
Roden, Naomi J.
Roderds Dona M.
Roderds, William C.
Rodgers, Blanch
Rodgers, Didimus
Rodgers, Dolphus W.
Rodgers, Dow
Rodgers, Ella
Rodgers, Geana
Rodgers, H. B.
Rodgers, Irena
Rodgers, John W.
Rodgers, Martha E.
Rodgers, Otis
Rodgers, Sue Ellen Hughes
Rodges, Lela Elizabeth
Roeber, Mettie
Rogers, Anthony J.
Rogers, Charley
Rogers, Claud T.
Rogers, Dicie
Rogers, Ed
Rogers, Effie
Rogers, Ella Irene
Rogers, Ella S.
Rogers, Florence
Rogers, Frances
Rogers, Gertrude
Rogers, Hazel L.
Rogers, Ira P.
Rogers, King
Rogers, Lona V.
Rogers, M. Myrtle
Rogers, May
Rogers, Minnie
Rogers, Mrs. H.A.
Rogers, Tom
Rogers, Sr. Crawford M.
Rollins, Jr. Henry
Romine Sr., John Ozra
Romine, Cora Ann
Romine, Eddie
Romine, John Price
Romine, Margaret H.
Romine, Rose L.
Romine, Roy B.
Romine, Virgil
Rose, Mattie Eva
Ross, Booker
Ross, Carolyn
Ross, Charley A.
Ross, E. D.
Ross, G. Tyndall
Ross, George W.
Ross, Georgia
Ross, Hannah E.
Ross, Henry Collins
Ross, Henry J.
Ross, Iola M.
Ross, J. D.
Ross, James B.
Ross, James G.
Ross, John Tyson.
Ross, Lillabel F.
Ross, Loula
Ross, M. J.
Ross, Marion H.
Ross, Mary B.
Ross, Maude
Ross, Nannie E.
Ross, Pearl A.
Ross, Ruth
Ross, Wallace
Roth, Father
Roth, Harrell
Roth, Mother
Roth, Sylvester
Rounds, Bernice
Rounds, Sarah C.
Rounds, William W.
Rouse, Annie
Row, Betty L.
Rowe, Gladys
Rowell, A. H.
Rowell, Sarah
Rowland, Fountain
Rowland, Mary
Rowlett, James W.
Rowlett, Layfayette
Rowlett, Maggie E.
Rozier, Fannie N.
Rucker, Charlton E.
Rucker, Doxie E.
Ruckman, Mr.
Ruckman, Mrs.
Ruckman, Ruth
Ruckman, William
Rudolph, Arthur B.
Ruhnke, Ben J.
Ruhnke, Kate H.
Runnels, Charlie S.
Runnels, Harvey R.
Runnels, John F.
Runnels, John H.
Runnels, Lenar A.
Runnels, Stella
Runyan, Bertie L.
Runyan, Frances
Runyan, Walter T.
Runyan, SR. Cue
Rush, Abner
Rush, B. C.
Rush, Belle
Rush, D. C.
Rush, David T.
Rush, Gus V.
Rush, Harvey Tophus
Rush, John T.
Rush, Lucy M.
Rush, Margaret K.
Rush, Marion G.
Rush, Mattie E.
Rush, Mildred E.
Rush, Roland
Rush, Roy C.
Rush, Tessie
Rusk, Ernie
Russell, Addie Janette
Russell, Albert A.
Russell, B. I.
Russell, Bobbie Jo
Russell, Cumi B.
Russell, Donna
Russell, Fred W.
Russell, James H.
Russell, James Ike
Russell, Jennie C.
Russell, Jessie D.
Russell, L. B.
Russell, M. T.
Russell, R. J.
Russell, Sadie
Russell, Thelmer
Russey, Ben
Ruth, Isiah F.
Ruth, Willie W..
Rutledge Nora Stell
Rutledge, Hettie
Rutledge, Jess
Rutledge, Omer Lee
Ryan, Angie
Ryan, Kimberly Ann
S. A. B.
Sage, J. D.
Sage, Nancy A.
Sager, Emma C.
Sager, Herbert W/H
Sager, Louis
Sale, George C.
Salter, J. F.
Salter, S. E.
Sample, Sarah Ella
Sample, Vernon A.
Sample, William A.
Sample, Willye H.
Sampson, Wm. Howell Francis
Samuels, James E.
Samuels, Minnie Lee
Sanderfer, Icelena
Sanders, Caroline
Sanders, Cleo
Sanders, Dave
Sanders, David
Sanders, Earl (Chum)
Sanders, Edwina
Sanders, Ethel
Sanders, George E.
Sanders, Joe T.
Sanders, John M.
Sanders, Lawrence
Sanders, Lucy V.
Sanders, Marguerite
Sanders, Marie W.
Sanders, Martha
Sanders, Mary E.
Sanders, Mary Ellen
Sanders, Missouri Ellis Cora
Sanders, Nannie
Sanders, W. Aylmer
Sanderson, Betty Sue
Sanford, Robert
Sapaugh, A. C.
SapAugh, A. H.
SapAugh, Susan W.
Sapps, Daniel D.
Satterfield, Fred
Satterfield, George F.
Satterfield, Ira
Satterfield, M. Jesster
Satterfield, Marvin F.
Satterfield, Mary E.
Satterfield, Nellie L.
Saunders, Ed Sidney
Sayler,Jr. Lester Lee
Scaggs, Charles T.
Scaggs. Mary M.
Scarborough, Fannie W.
Scarborough, Frank
Scarborough, Gertrude
Scarborough, Gwynn
Scarborough, J. T.
Scarborough, Jessie
Scarborough, Juanita
Scarborough, N. E.
Scarborough, OMarr
Scarborough, Sallie
Scarborough, Sallie
Scarborough, Wilbur
Scarborough, William H.
Scarborough, William H.
Scarbrough, Laurence E.
Scarbrough, M. A.
Scheriner, Ralph L.
Schirmer, Aldoph
Schirmer, Coy Elizabeth
Schirmer, Effie J. Sellers
Schirmer, Infant
Schmerker, Alice
Schmerker, Harry
Schmerker, John C.
Schmerker, John
Schmerker, Mary A.
Schmerker, Mary C.
Schoolcraft, ?
Schooley, Ollie I.
Schroeter, George F.
Scott, Annie
Scott, Betty R.
Scott, Can Zadie
Scott, Earl Y.
Scott, Ethel Lorena
Scott, Flora G.
Scott, G. W.
Scott, George G.
Scott, George S.
Scott, George T.
Scott, Georgia
Scott, Inf. s/o L.H.
Scott, Infant d/o L.H.
Scott, Jeanette
Scott, John N.
Scott, Laura
Scott, Lillie
Scott, Lyphus H.
Scott, Nellie R.
Scott, Reed
Scott, Roswell C.
Scott, Sallie A.
Scott, Sallie
Scott, Stella E.
Scott, Vandette
Scott, W. Thomas
Scott, William J.
Scott,Jr., William
Scroggins, Carrie
Scroggins, Conway P.
Scroggins, Elma Lee
Scroggins, Georgia
Scroggins, Jettie W.
Scroggins, John
Scroggins, Matilda
Scroggins, Sammie
Seay, Edgar G.
Seay, Lula
Selcer, Ammy Belle
Self, Etta Bell
Self, Jett O.
Self, John
Sells. Gene R.
Selman, Alice M.
Selman, Arthur C.
Selman, Cancis T.
Selman, Gertrude
Selman, J. Clifford
Selman, James A.
Selman, Joseph H.
Selman, Lee Roy
Selman, W. H.
Selman, Jr. James Albert
Selvidge, Emma J.
Selvidge, Hattie J.
Selvidge, Mary L.
Selvidge, W. W.
Sethman, W. M.
Setliff, A. W.
Setliff, Lena Nuffer
Setliff, Lochie
Setliff, M. J.
Setliff, Mary Frances
Setliff, Walter L.
Sevier, Hugh
Seward. Essie S.
Shackleford, Arthur
Shackleford, Maggie
Shadden, Mary E.
Shands, Frank D.
Shands, Sarah
Shane, Thelma Lee
Shannon, Ethel
Shannon, Harvey W.
Shannon, Orville Dale
Shannon, Sallie
Shannon, W. D.
Sharp Fay
Sharp, Agnes
Sharp, Carolyn Elaine
Sharp, Charlene
Sharp, Charlie W.
Sharp, Cleo
Sharp, Cornelia D.
Sharp, D. E.
Sharp, Dale R.
Sharp, Don Edward
Sharp, Dorothy Dale
Sharp, Edith
Sharp, Elizabeth Catherine
Sharp, Estelle
Sharp, Esther
Sharp, Everette
Sharp, Fannie I.
Sharp, Fannie M. Gallaher
Sharp, Gladys Ovella
Sharp, Gracie Vess
Sharp, Harrison B.
Sharp, Ida
Sharp, Infant
Sharp, James Franklin
Sharp, Jesse B.
Sharp, Joe A.
Sharp, Kitty L. Tatum
Sharp, Louise
Sharp, Luke
Sharp, Maggie M.
Sharp, Martha C.
Sharp, Marvin Wayne
Sharp, Messouri W.
Sharp, Minnie
Sharp, Mrs. Etta P.
Sharp, Oma
Sharp, Orson
Sharp, Ozella
Sharp, Q. T.
Sharp, R. M.
Sharp, R. Paul
Sharp, Samuel C.
Sharp, Susie P.
Sharp, Veda
Sharp, Violet C.
Sharp, W. D.
Sharp, W. W.
Sharp, William A.
Sharp, William Elbridge
Sharp, William Franklin
Sharp, William Frederick
Sharp, William
Sharp, Willie Morris
Sharp, Wyacinthe
Sharp, Mildred Crawford
Sharp, Mrs. Glen Dora
Sharrock, John F.
Sharrock, Lewis A.
Sharrock, Rebecca J.
Shaver, Eldon
Shaver, Eliza
Shaver, Gordon O.
Shaver, Millard F.
Shaw, Eva
Shaw, JoSeph Dallas
Shaw, Milton
Shaw, Noah W.
Shaw, W. A.
Shaw, Jr. Curtis E.
Shelby, Florence
Sheldon, Columbus
Shelly Guss
Shelly Jasper
Shelly Oscar
Shelly, Elizabeth
Shelly, Gladys
Shelly, Gus Alonzo
Shelly, Mammie
Shelton, Bruce W.
Shelton, Charlie C.
Shelton, Donald R.
Shelton, Erby D.
Shelton, Ersie R.
Shelton, Eula
Shelton, Gladys L.
Shelton, Harold S.
Shelton, John Henry
Shelton, Joseph R.
Shelton, Jossie C.
Shelton, Leota L.
Shelton, Lester
Shelton, Lois
Shelton, Lowell
Shelton, Mrs. M.
Shelton, Pearl
Shelton, Robert S.
Shelton, Tom
Shelton, Vashti
Shelton, Vondal
Shelton, Wilma E.
Shepard, Edney
Shephard, C. W.
Shepherd, W. A.
Shepherd, William J.
Shepherd, William O.
Shepherd. Charlie
Sherman, Ada Rose
Sherman, Dora
Sherman, Eliza
Sherman, Elna
Sherman, Inez
Sherman, John M.
Sherman, Martha
Sherman, Nellie
Sherman, Odus
Sherman, Paul
Sherman, William
Shiery, Robert E.
Shilling, John T.
Shilling, Lula Bell
Shilling, Marvin V.
Shilling, Ruby J.
Shilling, Samuel L.
Shilling, Susan
Shilling, Tucker
Shinn, America
Shinn, Effie Dell
Shinn, J. W.
Shinn, John Berry
Shinn, Saide C.
Shinn, Tara I.
Shipman, Bual
Shipman, Bulah
Shipman, Edwin R.
Shipman, Frances L.
Shipman, Gertie
Shipman, J. B.
Shipman, John William
Shipman, Melvin A.
Shipman, Ola Bell
Shirey, Earl Jess
Shirey, Emma Jane
Shoemake, Claud
Shoop, Charles A. Jr
Shoop, Charles A. Sr.
Shope, H. I.
Shope, Murriel A.
Shope, W. J.
Shores, Maggie M.
Short, Mary L.
Short, Thomas F.
Shortridge, Dudley A.
Shortridge, Ethel V.
Shortridge, Myrtle
Shott, John
Shriver, William T.
Shukers, MD C. F. II
Shull, Effie D.
Shull, Henry C.
Shull, Henry T.
Shull, Jeff D.
Shull, Lee Overton
Shull, Lewis Hyde
Shull, Mamie A. Green
Shull, Nina
Shull, Robert P.
Shull, Sallie O.Tribble
Shull, Susan R.
Shull, Virdie
Sibert, E. E.
Sibert, Hugh G.
Sibert, Minnie L.
Silvers, Charles H.
Silvers, Margaret P.
Silvis, Eiphard L.
Silvis, Walter Adelbert
Simer, Jess E. Gore
Simer, Samuel Robert
Simmons, Emma T.
Simmons, Ethel M.
Simmons, Henry
Simmons, Hettie L.
Simmons, J. Nick
Simmons, James W.
Simmons, James
Simmons, Jocie A.
Simmons, John A.
Simmons, John E.
Simmons, John H.
Simmons, Lonie M.
Simmons, Martin
Simmons, May
Simmons, Minnie
Simmons, W. A.
Simon, Sandra Kay
Simpson, Carlos D.
Simpson, Caroline
Simpson, Dillard
Simpson, Eulah and Beulah
Simpson, Garnette
Simpson, James L.
Simpson, Jerry
Simpson, Jodie
Simpson, John
Simpson, Mary J.
Simpson, Mary J.
Simpson, Minnie
Simpson, Ruth M.
Simpson, Shelby
Simpson, Thomas C.
Simpson, William
Simpson, Wm. Burr
Sims, Betty Poole
Sims, Beulah May
Sims, Matilda
Sims, Ruben
Sims, Texanna
Sims, Thomas J.
Sims, William R.
Simson, Samuel J.
Sinnet, Arthur
Sinnet, Cora E.
Sisk, Harold
Sissel, George R.
Sivertson, Gilbert
Sizemore, Denis
Sizemore, Laura
Skaggs, W. C.
Skelton, Melvin
Skidmore, Carlton N.
Skinner, Archey Nobels
Skinner, E. C.
Skinner, Haywood L.
Skinner, Mary E.
Skinner, Mildred E.
Slabaugh, Cora
Slabaugh, Hubert M.
Slabaugh, James Roy
Slabaugh, Margaret Jane
Slaton Dol Boy
Slaton, Amanda W.
Slaton, Bertha E.
Slaton, Bessie E.
Slaton, Carlee
Slaton, Dave S.
Slaton, David H.
Slaton, Dick
Slaton, E. W.
Slaton, Eddie
Slaton, George
Slaton, Ike W.
Slaton, James Kenneth
Slaton, James Wade
Slaton, John
Slaton, L. T.
Slaton, Lester Davis
Slaton, Lila M.
Slaton, Lorena G.
Slaton, Martha J.
Slaton, Mary Allene
Slaton, Mary M.
Slaton, Melvie
Slaton, Thadius M.
Slaton, Wilma Ila
Slaubaugh, Harry
Slayton, Lenora Sal
Slayton, William Lee
Sloan, Linda K.
Small, Charlie H.
Small, Florine
Small, Lela T.
Small, Margaret Lee
Smalley Ace C.
Smallwood, Lettie
Smedley, ? Eddie
Smedley, Bertie
Smedley, David E.
Smedley, Francis
Smedley, James
Smelser, Annie E.
Smith Maynard
Smith Tom
Smith, Abbye R.
Smith, Albert A.
Smith, Albert
Smith, Alice
Smith, Amanda D.
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Baby Son
Smith, Baby
Smith, Benjamin F.
Smith, Benjamin H.
Smith, Bertha A.
Smith, Betty B.
Smith, Betty
Smith, Blanch B.
Smith, Bryant
Smith, C. B.
Smith, C. C.
Smith, Carl Edwin
Smith, Charles Lee
Smith, Clyde H.
Smith, Clyde
Smith, Cordelia Fatherree
Smith, Curtis Ray
Smith, Dana Marie
Smith, Daniel R.
Smith, Daniel W.
Smith, Dewey Genette
Smith, Dista
Smith, Dolly
Smith, Dozier
Smith, E. D.
Smith, E. W.
Smith, Edgar B.
Smith, Edmond S.
Smith, Edward
Smith, Eler B.
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Elizabeth A.
Smith, Elner May
Smith, Emma Tinsley
Smith, Emmie J.
Smith, Ethel M.
Smith, Eugenia
Smith, Eva Bella
Smith, Evalene S.
Smith, Fannie M.
Smith, Fay
Smith, Felix
Smith, Frances M.
Smith, Genetye
Smith, George Sidney
Smith, Gladys
Smith, Grover C.
Smith, H. W.
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Hayes F.
Smith, Henry E.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Hiram
Smith, Homer G.
Smith, Ida Belle
Smith, Ida Brooks
Smith, Ida Clarenda
Smith, Infant Son
Smith, Infant
Smith, Infant
Smith, J. B.
Smith, J. T.
Smith, Jake
Smith, James D.
Smith, James Edward
Smith, Janie
Smith, Jannie
Smith, Jasper A.
Smith, Jesse R.
Smith, Jimmy F.
Smith, Joe B.
Smith, Joe E.
Smith, John J.
Smith, John L.
Smith, John L.
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, JoSeph E.
Smith, JoSeph Richard
Smith, Josie
Smith, Kathryn
Smith, Kiah
Smith, L. T.
Smith, L. W.
Smith, Laura E.
Smith, LeRoy
Smith, Lida Pauline
Smith, Lillie J.
Smith, Lisa
Smith, Lola Merrill
Smith, Louisa J.
Smith, Lucille
Smith, Lucinda
Smith, Lucy Shipp Garnett
Smith, Luther M.
Smith, M. E.
Smith, Madge
Smith, Martin L.
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary Bell
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary G.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Mattie J.
Smith, Maxine L.
Smith, Mildred Hopson
Smith, Milly I.
Smith, Miranda C.
Smith, Mollie
Smith, Nannie L.
Smith, Nathan
Smith, Oline
Smith, Oline
Smith, Ollie Mae
Smith, Oma
Smith, Ophelia E.
Smith, Oscar L.
Smith, Oscar
Smith, Oscar
Smith, Otis S.
Smith, Perry Lee
Smith, R. T.
Smith, R. T.
Smith, R. T.
Smith, R. W.
Smith, Ray
Smith, Raymond
Smith, Reba
Smith, Rebecca Ann
Smith, Rhonda C.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert
Smith, Ronald E.
Smith, S. E.L.
Smith, Sammie F.
Smith, Samuel E.
Smith, Sarah P.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Seth R.
Smith, Shelby E.
Smith, Stephen R.
Smith, Sula Mae
Smith, Sula
Smith, Temperance
Smith, Thomas P.
Smith, Vera Floydine
Smith, Vernon D.
Smith, W. B
Smith, W. C.
Smith, W. J.
Smith, Wade P.
Smith, Walter W.
Smith, Wesley Stewart
Smith, William A.
Smith, William Cleaver
Smith, William D.
Smith, William F.
Smith, William F.
Smith, William L.
Smith, William L.
Smith, William Luther
Smith, William Stewart
Smith, William T.
Smith, Willie Rollins
Smith, Willie
Smith, Zera H.
Smith, Jr. Curtis
Smith, Jr. Perry
Smith, Jr., Bill
Smith,. Jannie
Smith,Jr., Fred
Smith,Jr., Raymond
Smith,SR. Henry S. "Buster"
Smith. Addie
Smith. Dexter G.
Smith. William Fernand
Smithson, Jon
Snapp, Mertie
Snapp, Sarah A.
Snelgrove, J. L.
Snodgrass, Baby
Snow, Exa Rhea
Snow, George W.
Snow, Lllie Mae
Snowden, J. Ola
Snyder, Adam
Snyder, Ann
Snyder, Kenneth W.
Snyder, Myrtle O.
Snyder, W. H.
Soluehet, J.
Songer, Birdie
Sossamon, Emmaline
Southward, James M.
Southworth, Marilyn
Southworth, McRae
Spaden, William J.
Sparks, Delula
Sparks, Fanny Langford
Sparks, J. Hudson
Sparks, Jessie Q.
Sparks, Mary Ann
Sparks, Raymond
Sparks, Samuel Clark
Sparks, Samuel H.
Sparlin, Ernest
Sparlin, Hazel
Sparrow, Ben E.
Sparrow, Paul
Sparrow, William
Speaks, Hezekiah
Speaks, Sarah A.
Spear, Lillian Poole
Spence, Charles W.
Spence, Earl T.
Spence, Joe D.
Spence, Joe Della
Spence, Joe
Spence, John Robert
Spence, Louis B.
Spence, Mary
Spicer, Arthur L.
Spicer, Elick T.
Spicer, Eloise Sutton
Spicer, Ida
Spicer, John F.
Spicer, Margaret H.
Spicer, Margaret H.
Spicer, Sam
Spicer, William Marion
Spicer, William
Spigner, Fannie
Spigner, Ira E.
Spigner, James T.
Spigner, M. E.
Spigner, Wiley H.
Spigner, William H.
Spigner, William T.
Spiva, Mata Bula
Spiva, Mora C.
Spivey, Nathan Turner
Splittorff, Clara
Splittorff, Violet
Spoon, Forna
Spoon, James
Spoon, Johnnie S.
Spradlin, Clarence
Spratt, Margia
Spruell, Irene Y.
St, Peter, George
St. Clair, Billy J.
St. John, Leacil E.
St. Peter, Mollie
Stacks, J. Havey
Stacks, Jesse A.
Stacks, Lois E.
Stacks, Oza
Stacy, JoSeph Edgar
Stacy, M. N.
Stacy, Malhon
Stacy, Mary Jane
Stacy, Richard
Stafford, Henry
Stafford, Homer
Stafford, James S.
Stafford, Josie
Stafford, Mattie A.
Stafford, Riley
Stafford, Roy N.
Staggs, A. ?.
Staggs, Calvin Leon
Staggs, Cleave
Staggs, Curry Roy
Staggs, Effie
Staggs, Eloy J.
Staggs, Emma
Staggs, Frances
Staggs, Fred F.
Staggs, George W.
Staggs, Henry L.
Staggs, Infant
Staggs, James A.
Staggs, James Mitchell
Staggs, Jettie
Staggs, John W.
Staggs, Kate L.
Staggs, Nolan
Staggs, Octavie
Staggs, Odessie
Staggs, Robert L.
Staggs, Sarah A.
Staggs, Stella Ann
Staggs, Virginia Elizabeth
Staggs,Jr. Allen Clyde
Stallard, Stephen M.
Stallard, Steven Andrew
Stallard, Zula
Stallcup, John
Stallings, Henry C.
Stallings, Versie J.
Stanford, Dock
Stanford, Infant
Stanford, J. T.
Stanford, J. W.
Stanford, James Brewer
Stanford, Jimmie H.
Stanford, Julia
Stanford, L. Homer
Stanford, M.(Minnie) M.
Stanford, Margaret Clarsy
Stanley H. L.
Stanley, Allie Clayborn
Stanley, Maranda
Stansbury, Paul M.
Stansbury, Ruth
Stansbury. Paul M.
Staples, Charles
Stark, John Ezra
Stark, Minnie Doss
Starkey, Mary
Staton, James A.
Stayton, Verda
Stayton, Verda
Steel, A. C.
Steel, A. C.
Steel, Custer
Steel, Emma Hudson
Steel, Frances Boyce
Steel, George F.
Steel, Glover
Steel, Gordon W.
Steel, Gussie P.
Steel, James S.
Steel, Louise M.
Steel, Mary Elizabeth
Steel, Mary Susan
Steel, Mary Susan
Steel, Phebe
Steel, Richard
Steel, Robert E.
Steel, Robert Earl
Steel, Roberta Brown
Steel, Roberta C.
Steel, Susan
Steel, Thomas G.T.
Steel, William A.
Steele, Maggie J.
Steele, Marinda
Steele, Thomas G.T.,Jr.
Stell, Bonnie Mae
Stell, J. B.
Stell, James Arthur
Stell, Loise
Stell, Minnie Bell
Stell, Robert Clarence
Stell, Sallie
Stephens Yvonne Sue
Stephens, C. W.
Stephens, George
Stephens, Georgia Ann
Stephens, Jack
Stephens, James Clayton
Stephens, James T.
Stephens, James T.
Stephens, James W.
Stephens, James
Stephens, Jesse Edward
Stephens, Jimmie Effie
Stephens, John T.
Stephens, Kyle B.
Stephens, Manning Hartzell
Stephens, Mark
Stephens, Mary A.
Stephens, Mollie
Stephens, Nealie
Stephens, Ora Diggs
Stephens, Sarah A.
Stephens, William T.
Stephenson, Harmon Lee
Stephenson, Harvey
Stephenson, Hugh
Stephenson, James D.
Stephenson, Mary E.
Stephenson, Mary E.
Stephenson, W. Turnage
Stephenson, Zella C.
Stepherson, Cornellia
Stepherson, Joe D.
Stepp, John A.
Stevens, Bertie K.
Stevens, Enos B.
Stevens, Tiny Arline
Stevenson, Johnny M.
Stevenson, Nanny
Stevenson, Willie
Stewart, C. A.
Stewart, James
Stewart, Selma
Stewart, W. M.
Stewart, William B.
Stewart, William H.
Stiers, Edna V.
Stiers, George B.
Stiles, Gregory A.
Stiles, Silas
Still, Janie
Stimpton, William
Stine, Gertrude
Stinet ? ?
Stinnett Myrtle
Stinnett, Annie I.
Stinnett, Charles
Stinnett, Clifford
Stinnett, Clifford
Stinnett, Earline
Stinnett, Elizabeth
Stinnett, Ellen
Stinnett, Emily C.
Stinnett, Isham
Stinnett, Joshua and Kaleb
Stinnett, Lavenia
Stinnett, Louisa C.
Stinnett, Lowell Gray
STinnett, Mode
Stinnett, Nettie J.
Stinnett, Orval L.
Stinnett, Oscar
Stinnett, Pearl 14 Mar 1913
Stinnett, Richard M.
Stinson, Doke
Stinson, Infant
Stinson, James
Stinson, Jeffree JoSeph
Stinson, John Lee
Stinson, Mattie Ella
Stinson, Omer D.
Stinson, Samuel
Stinson, Sarah
Stinson, William
Stoker, Addie
Stoker, Ethel B.
Stoker, Joe Steven
Stoker, Joseph J.
Stoker, Louisa
Stoker, Margaret Ann
Stoker, Mary D.
Stolsworth, John
Stone, Audie Marie
Stone, Delad
Stone, Ethel L.
Stone, Fannie F.
Stone, Francis D.
Stone, Travis E.
Stone, W. H.
Storms, Cidnia C.
Storms, James B.
Story, C. W.
Story, Caroline
Story, Floy
Story, Grady
Story, H.
Story, Henry
Story, Infant
Story, Obe
Story, Perminda
Story, Toy
Story, Troy
Stout, Ethen A.
Stout, Leona
Stovall, Joseph
Stovall, Lelia
Stover, Baby
Stover, Jasper S.
Stover, Lou Vinnie
Stover, Nick
Stover, Zadie L.
Stow, A. J.
Stow, Arthur B.
Stow, Buddy Harold
Stow, Millie C.
Strader, Ben
Strawn Carl C.
Stricker, Bertha B.
Stricker, James W.
Strickland, Lee John
Stringfellow, Annie
Stringfellow, R. J.
Stroope, Baby
Stroud, Camilia
Stroud, Carrie
Stroud, J. J.
Stroud, Marvine
Stroud, Roma B.
Stroud, Stanley
Stroud, Susan
Strout Arvey
Strout, Infant
Stuart, Baxter Briant
Stuart, Charles A.
Stuart, Della Barnett
Stuart, Edward D.
Stuart, Joe D.
Stuart, Lee
Stuart, Mae
Stuart, Oddie Lee Durham
Stuart, Robert L.
Stuart, Virginia
Stubbs, Baby
Stubbs, Betty Jean
Stubbs, Betty
Stubbs, Carla Denise
Stubbs, Charlie
Stubbs, James A.
Stubbs, Laura S.
Stubbs, Leroy M.
Stubbs, Richard
Stubbs, Richard
Stubbs, S. A.
Stubbs, Samuel James
Stubbs, William
Stubbs, Zora
Stucks, Howard DeWayne
Stufflefield H. F.
Stufflefield, J. W.
Stuffllefield, Mary A.
Sublett, William S.
Suddeth, Blanche
Suggs, Carl J.
Suggs, David A.
Suggs, John F.
Suggs, Lillie Marie
Suggs, Marjorie
Suggs, Samantha C.
Suggs, Jr. Brice
Sullivan, Catherine
Sullivan, Charles
Sullivan, John T.
Sullivan, John W.
Sullivan, Luther L.
Sullivan, Mattie chaddick
Summerhill, James J.
Summerhill, Joanna E.
Summers, Dora
Summers, Henry T.
Summers, Robert R.
Summers, William H.
Sunkel, Joseph
Sunkel, Monta W.
Suronik, Lorretta Ann Cox
Sutherland, T. A.
Sutton, 3 Infants
Sutton, Alfred A.
Sutton, Annie
Sutton, Calvin M.
Sutton, Clarence
Sutton, Edison Dale
Sutton, Emmett
Sutton, Eva
Sutton, Faye
Sutton, Hal H.
Sutton, Hersey Z.
Sutton, Inez White
Sutton, Infant
Sutton, Infant
Sutton, Infant
Sutton, Infant
Sutton, J. H.
Sutton, James M.
Sutton, Janie W.
Sutton, Lela M.
Sutton, Pearl P.
Sutton, Sallie E.
Sutton, Sue E.
Sutton, Tommie C.
Sutton, William C.
Sutton, Lillie S.
Sutton, Jr. James Earle
Sutton, Jr. Willaim C.
Swagger, Chris
Swan, Beulah M.
Swan, Charlie G.
Swan, Grady
Swan, Harriet
Swan, John G.
Swan, Lela F.
Swan, Lois E.
Swan, Willie Fay
Swarfield, Ethel
Sweet, Albert
Sweet, Annie L.
Sweet, Annie
Sweet, Clide H.
Sweet, Clide H.
Sweet, Mary Jane
Sweet, Mary Jane
Swift, Billie
Swift, Dee
Swift, Luther
Swindler, Clarence E.
Swindler, John W.
Swindler, Mary E.
Swindler, Mery E.
Swindler, Thomas R.
Swindler, Sr. J. W.
Sybrant, Nellie E.
Sykes, Mary Bell
Sypert, David C.
Sypert, Mary J.
Sypert, Robert T.
Tabler G. Marshall
Tabler, Adam W/
Tabler, Auddie J.
Tabler, Bobbie L.
Tabler, Demmer
Tabler, Doyal
Tabler, Ethel P.
Tabler, Eula
Tabler, George W.
Tabler, M. J.
Tabler, M. Pollis
Tabler, Maxine
Tabler, R. E.
Tabler, Roy Tom
Tabler, S. F.
Tabler, Sarah
Tabler, William Henry
Tabler, Willie H.
Tabler, Zuly J.
Tabler, Jr. Auddie James
Tabler, Jr. Roy Tom
Tabler,. Eliza
Tabler. Lawson
Taggart, Cora B.
Taggart, F. Helen
Taggart, Infant
Taggart, Jeffery Lynn
Taggart, John O.
Taggart, S. F.
Taggart, Virginia
Tallent, Henry
Tallent, Madie B.
Talley, John M.
Talley, Luther M.
Talley, Mary
Talley, Willie Mae
Tallman, Bert
Tallman, Mary A. Burns
Talmadge, Bort E.
Tankersley Polly
Tarno, Pattie C.
Tarpley Ethel L.
Tarpley, Lowell H.
Tarpley, Norma M.
Tate, David C.
Tate, Elizabeth
Tate, Lula Bell
Tatum, Anice H.
Tatum, Edward L.
Tatum, Joseph L.
Tatum, Linda M.
Tatum, Stonewall P.
Taylor Willie
Taylor Perry
Taylor, Ada
Taylor, Adline
Taylor, Ailey C.
Taylor, Alfred P.
Taylor, Alfred W.
Taylor, Arthur P.
Taylor, Bayard
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Bennie
Taylor, Bobby
Taylor, Carrie D.
Taylor, Catherine
Taylor, Cynthia Kay
Taylor, Daisy O.
Taylor, Dean
Taylor, Della
Taylor, Earl T.
Taylor, Edith K.
Taylor, Ethel
Taylor, F. E.
Taylor, Florence
Taylor, George W.
Taylor, H. B.
Taylor, Hettie T.
Taylor, J. D.
Taylor, James F.
Taylor, James M.
Taylor, James W.
Taylor, Jenny M.
Taylor, JoSeph
Taylor, Junior
Taylor, Lane
Taylor, Leo M.
Taylor, Lillian
Taylor, Little Bennie
Taylor, Lizzie J.
Taylor, Manila I.
Taylor, Mary E.
Taylor, Maudie P.
Taylor, Ora
Taylor, Owen B.
Taylor, Phillip Keith
Taylor, Robbie C.
Taylor, Ruby
Taylor, Thomas Roscoe
Taylor, Tom G.
Taylor, W. H.E.
Taylor, William D.
Taylor, William H
Taylor. Myrtle May
Teague, John H.
Teague, John Leslie
Teague, Mattie B.
Teague, Robbie Zell
Teague, Robert Leo
Teal Bessa
Teal N. N.
Teal, Allen
Teal, Annie
Teal, Ida M.
Teal, James F.
Teal, Louis F.
Teal, Martin
Teal, Mattie J.
Teal, Nancy
Teal, Sarah F.
Teasley, Cecil
Teasley, Emma M.
Teasley, Oscar W.
Teaters, Iva M.
Teaters, Joseph B.
Tebbs, Theodoria
Terrell, John D.
Terrell, Thomas
Terrell, William
Terry, Benjamin E.
Terry, Bessie Mae
Terry, Ike
Terry, Joseph E.
Terry, L. C.
Terry, Lula M.
Terry, Nancy
Terry, Nettie J
Terry, Ollie C.
Terry, Ronald C.
Terry, William
Terry, Joseph C.
Terry. Katherine E.
Thedis, Ina May
Therrell, Louis A.
Thomas Hall
Thomas, Annie E.
Thomas, Arminta V.
Thomas, Arthur Waldon
Thomas, Asberry
Thomas, Berrenice
Thomas, Charles E.
Thomas, Cora
Thomas, David
Thomas, Denver Roy
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, George W.
Thomas, George Wesley
Thomas, Guy E.
Thomas, J. C.
Thomas, James
Thomas, Laverne
Thomas, Lucy M.
Thomas, Margaret Viola
Thomas, Martha J.
Thomas, Nina
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, W. H.
Thomas, W. H.
Thomas, William henry
Thomas. Ocie
Thomason, Barney C.
Thomison, Bennie
Thomison, Seney
Thompson, Ada R.
Thompson, Annie Jewell
Thompson, Annie M.
Thompson, B. F.
Thompson, Booker L.
Thompson, Clarence W.
Thompson, Emily
Thompson, Eva
Thompson, Floid
Thompson, Harold
Thompson, Hattie
Thompson, J. S.
Thompson, James M.
Thompson, Jesse Roy
Thompson, Kendal Roy
Thompson, Laura H.
Thompson, Lee James
Thompson, Lena
Thompson, Luise Pride
Thompson, Mary Alice Gore
Thompson, Robert Lee
Thorne, Thomas Northlet
Thornton, B. B.
Thornton, Birdie C.
Thornton, Bulah M.
Thornton, Helena
Thornton, John A.
Thornton, Maggie
Thornton, Mary Idell
Thornton, Monroe
Thrash, Helen
Thrash, Milton C.
Tidd, Opal T.
Tidwell, Arthur J.
Tidwell, Emma
Tillery, F. M.
Tims, Rolinea
Tipton, John H.
Tipton, Lucinda
Tobin, Adele G.
Tobin, Frances E.
Tobin, James E.
Tobin, John L.
Tobin, Samuel A.
Todd, Augustus C.
Todd, J. Henry
Todd, Leander
Todd, May B.
Todd, Tonny
Todd, Jr. A. C.
Tolbert, Raymond
Tolbert, Rev. J. C.
Tolbert, Rubie
Tolbert, Ruel
Tolison, Rena M.
Tolleson, Lorenzo D.
Tollett, Bun
Tollett, Carl
Tollett, Charlsie
Tollett, Evelyn V.
Tollett, Ferman
Tollett, Glen
Tollett, Hannah Victoria
Tollett, Harley
Tollett, Infant
Tollett, Jessie Watson
Tollett, Joe A.
Tollett, Lee
Tollett, Lou Eller
Tollett, Mark
Tollett, Mary F.
Tollett, Milford
Tollett, Orville M.
Tollett, Robert
Tollett, Roy W.
Tollett, Roy W.
Tollisin, Lloyd H.
Tomlinson, Burl
Tosh, Dewey L.
Tosh, Muriel R.
Tosh, William T.
Towby John
Towby, C. C.
Towby, Dewey B.
Towns, Charles E.
Towns, Joel Cecil
Towns, Nettie L.
Travis, Andy
Travis, D. E.
Travis, Myrtle
Traywick, Bernice
Traywick, Emma L.
Traywick, John F.
Treece, Bonnie Mae Shelton
Tribble, A. L.
Tribble, Emma
Tribble, F. C.
Tribble, Jane
Trimm, Joe B.
Triplet, Mary E.
Triplett, Wiley J.
Troess, George
Trowbridge, A. H.
Trower, William A.
Trumble, James
Trusley, John W.
Trusley, Mary C.
Tubbs, John W.
Tubbs, True Ann
Tuberville, Bill
Tucker, Bobie Jean/Dean
Tucker, Cora E.
Tucker, Dewey G.
Tucker, George A.
Tucker, George W.
Tucker, Gloria D.
Tucker, John H.
Tucker, Kenneth W.
Tucker, L. A.
Tucker, Oda M.
Tucker, Rebecca
Tucker, Rose A.
Tucker, William A.
Tucker, William H.
Tuggle, Mary A.
Tuggle, Sybil
Tugman, Bennie E.
Tugman, Della B.
Turnage, James W.
Turnage, Linda B.
Turner, Bernard
Turner, Bertie E.
Turner, Beverly
Turner, Charles E.
Turner, Charles M.
Turner, Dellar
Turner, Duane Allen
Turner, Eula
Turner, George S.
Turner, Infant Dau
Turner, Infant
Turner, Infant
Turner, J. Walter
Turner, James M.
Turner, James R.
Turner, John A.
Turner, John C.
Turner, John F.
Turner, John O.
Turner, Josephine C.
Turner, Lillian K.
Turner, Lucy Bandy
Turner, Noah M.
Turner, Richard Hogg
Turner, Sidney C.
Turner, Vianna DeSpain
Turner, W. I.
Turpin, Bassel
Turrentine, Charles G.
Turrentine, Ella
Turrentine, Elree
Turrentine, Emma C.
Turrentine, Fannie
Turrentine, Jennie
Turrentine, Martin B.
Turrentine, Mattie
Turrentine, Mollie
Turrentine, Richard H.
Turrentine, Sallie
Turrentine, Thomas J.
Turrentine, W.L. T.
Turrentine, Zerekda Bradshaw
Tutt, Carrie
Tutt, Clermon R.
Tutt, John H.
Tutt, Louise
Tutt, Mildred
Tutt, Wilken
Tuttle, Platt T.
Tuttle, Rhea E.
Twitty, Euel D.
Twitty, infant Sons
Twitty, Minnie M. Lazenby
Tyston, Cecil
Tyus, James Clayton
Tyus, Lillie M.
Underwood, Kathryn E.
Underwood, Luna
Underwood, Maggie
Underwood, Matty Faye
Underwood, Walter K.
Underwood, Jr. Calvin James
Underwood, Sr Calvin J.
Upton, Alice
Upton, Amos P.
Upton, F. J.
Upton, Frank
Upton, Has F.
Upton, Lucille Delian
Upton, Marilyn Jean
Upton, Ray Louis
Upton, Ruby Boone
Upton, William H.
Urie, Donald W.
Urilla, Ruby
Valentine, Mae
Valentine, Millie
Valley, Etta Mae
Van Buren, William M.
Van Buren M. L.
Van Buren, Axena (Roxena)
Van Buren, Frank R.
Van Meter, Ida S.
Van Meter, Marvin E.
Van Voast, Aytcha B.
Van Voast, Glen
Van Zant, Jimmie E.
Vance, Delbert
Vance, Fannie M.
Vance, Finkey Joe
Vance, Minerva P. Clemmons
Vance, R. H.
Vancil, Cole Younger
Vancil, Ed E.
Vancil, Imogene
Vancil, Kriston
Vancil, Liddie M. Dunn
Vanderbilt, Aaron D.
Vanderbilt, John M.
Vanderbilt, Thomas C.
Vandyck, Elizabeth A.
Vandyck, William O.
Vanlandingham, John
Vann, Susan
Vann, Thomas J.
VanScoder Mary Ellen
Vassar, Dora,
Vassar, John
Vaughan, Henry
Vaughn, Evan E.
Vaughn, Fannie C.
Vaughn, Fannie E.
Vaughn, George A.
Vaughn, Josephine B.
Vaughn, Leonard
Vaughn, Lucinda
Vaughn, Lucretia Pearl
Vaughn, Lucretia
Vaughn, Mae
Vaughn, Nora A.
Vaughn, Theodore
Vaught Dealey
VAught, James Orvil
VAught, John T.
Veal, Ben F.
Veal, Charlotte S.
Veal, T. B.
Venable, Alvin L.
Venable, Elizabeth
Venable, Ernest
Venable, John M.
Venable, Mary Steel
Venable, Olive Love
Venable, Rev. William T.
Venable, Sr., William T.
Veneble, Frederick
Venerable, Elzada
Vernon, Jim
Vernon, Martha E.
Vess, Fannie
Vess, J. W.
Vess, William Henry
Vess. Ida Leverett
Vice, Edith Lucille
Vick, Bart
Vick, Eric
Vick, Infant DAughter
Vick, Mollie
Vick, Verna E.
Voosler, Thelma
W. R. H.
Wacaster, Cynthia
Wacaster, Thomas
Wade, Annie Eugenia
Wade, J. H.
Wade, James Andrew
Wade, John J.
Wade, Robert Andrew
Wade, T. H.
Wafford, B. ?
Wafford, Calley A.
Wagner, A. W.
Wagner, Burton O.
Wagner, Earl D.
Wagner, Sarah J.
Waits, James M.
Waits, Lena Leota
Waits, William Felton
Waldon, Curtis Gene
Waldon, Ethel
Waldon, Jim R.
Waldron, Jerry R.
Waldrop, Clayborn P.
Waldrop, Elsie M.
Waldrop, Joe
Waldrop, Lula D.
Waldrop, Rhoda E.
Waldrop, Walter L.
Waldrop,Sr. Houston
Walker Lucy Hamilton
Walker, Annaliza Smith
Walker, Bertie A.
Walker, Charlene W.
Walker, Claud W.
Walker, Cora
Walker, Earl
Walker, Ed
Walker, Eliza
Walker, Fannie
Walker, Flora
Walker, Gertrude
Walker, Hal Stewart
Walker, Halton
Walker, Halton
Walker, Harry Polk
Walker, Hugh
Walker, Infant
Walker, Isidora
Walker, James E.
Walker, Janie Hobson
Walker, Jennie B.
Walker, Jesse J.
Walker, Jodie E.
Walker, John M.
Walker, JoSeph S.
Walker, Kathlyn Francis
Walker, Lorena V.
Walker, Lucetta J.
Walker, Mary Lucinda
Walker, Mary Lynn
Walker, Maude M.
Walker, Mildred
Walker, Mrs. B.C.
Walker, Nannie Lou
Walker, Rev. James L.
Walker, Robbie Gene
Walker, Robert A.
Walker, Robert D.
Walker, Robert G.
Walker, S. H.
Walker, Sarah F.
Walker, Scena Ann
Walker, Thelma B.
Walker, Tressie Inez
Walker, Vedie V.
Walker, W. T.
Walker, Will Edd
Walker, William C.
Walker, William G.
Walker, William N.
Walker, Willie B.
Walker, Willie E.
Walker, Sr. William Penn
Walker. Jr. William Penn
Wall, Dora Anna Bunch
Wall, Dora Susie Fullerton
Wall, Fred M.
Wallace, Avery B.
Wallace, Baby
Wallace, Florence
Wallace, Infant
Wallace, Infant
Wallace, John W.
Wallace, Ludia Newton
Wallace, Maggie H.
Wallace, William B.
Wallace, William H.
WAllis, Alta
Wallis, Augustus
Wallis, Charlotte
Wallis, Frank
Wallis, Infant DAughter
Wallis, Infant Son
Wallis, John Trammel
Wallis, John W.
Wallis, Lelia
Wallis, Ryman R.
Walls, Soloman M.
Walter, Bob
Walters Lyla May
Walters, Charlene W.
Walters, Clara D.
Walters, Clyde
Walters, Dell
Walters, Floyd
Walters, Lowell Allen
Walters, Missouri E.
Walters, R. W.
Walters, William L.
Walters, Jr. W. N.
Walthall, Bessie V.
Walthall, JoSeph V.
Waltrip, Geneva E.
Waltrip, Joe Birk
Ward, Albert B.
Ward, Annie L.
Ward, Baby Boy
Ward, Ben A.
Ward, Carl T.
Ward, Charlie
Ward, Elizabeth A.
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Ellen D.
Ward, Erby
Ward, Ethel Louise
Ward, Fannie
Ward, Fleta
Ward, Floyd P.
Ward, Fred C.
Ward, Gallie
Ward, J. Arthur
Ward, James B.
Ward, James C.
Ward, James E.
Ward, Julian O.
Ward, Kenneth Alton
Ward, Lee
Ward, Lenora
Ward, Leonard
Ward, Lou Self
Ward, Maggie
Ward, Martha Jo
Ward, Melvina
Ward, Mrs. T.A.
Ward, Naomi Joyce
Ward, Orpha
Ward, Phillip M.
Ward, R. D.
Ward, Rebecca
Ward, Rhoda E.
Ward, Shirley
Ward, Suzy B.
Ward, Tabitha
Ward, Thomas H.
Ward, Tom
Ward, Trannie E.
Ward, Tyrel Paul
Ward, William D.
Ward, William R.
Ward, Jr. Allen Alton
Ward. Amanda Lee
Ward. Frank
Ward. Ruel F.
Wardlaw, A. C.
Wardlaw, Ella B.
Wardlaw, J. B.
Wardlaw, Lena E.
Wardlaw, Lenora
Wardlaw, Louis A.
Wardlaw, Mary Ella
Wardlaw, Mary F.
Wardlaw, Mary W.
Wardlaw, P. A.
Wardlaw, Robert Asa
Wardlaw, William H.
Wardlaw, William H.
Ware, Inman A.
Ware, James
Ware, Rosie
Warford, Anna
Warford, E.V. (Mrs.)
Warford, Emmitt
Warford, Garland
Warford, Harriett Hunnicutt
Warford, J. M.
Warford, John H.
Warford, John
Warford, Velma
Warford, Wilborn Weldon
Warford, Will
Warner, Charles P.
Warner, Hattie
Warner, William L.
Warnix, Francis
Warnix, Lillian
Warnix, William J.
Warnix, William Juel
Warren, Allie C.
Warren, Dalton Terrall
Warren, Donie L.
Warren, Edyth Terrall
Warren, Eric Neal
Warren, Eric Neal
Warren, Hattie J.
Warren, John H.
Warren, Scott
Warren, Walter Weston
Washington, Mary
Waters, Florence R.
Waters, Florence
Waters, J. C.
Waters, Nancy
Waters, Walter M.
Waters, Walter Wells
Waters, William Clem
Waters, Wilson
Watkins, Annie
Watson, Amanda C.
Watson, Caroline
Watson, Fletcher Henry
Watson, Henry
Watson, Hoyt
Watson, Joe Oliver
Watson, Joe
Watson, John Henry
Watson, John L.
Watson, John Lawrence
Watson, Johnnie
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Lena
Watson, Letha
Watson, Neally Willis
Watson, Rebecca
Watson, Ruth
Watson, Sarah Eugenia
Watson, Zula E.
Watt, James E.
Watt, Lula J.
Watt, T. C.
Watt, Mrs. T. C.
Watus, Elizabeth
Watus, Nellie
Wax, Charlie E.
Wax, Mattie E.
Wayland, Robert W.
Weathers, Annie
Weathers, G. A.
Weaver, Carey D.
Weaver, David R.
Weaver, Macey F.
Weaver, Sarah J.
Weaver, William T.
Webb, Carolee Horne
Webb, Cloers
Webb, Ethel Millwee
Webb, James L.
Webb, John W.
Webb, Leroy C.
Webb, Nancy A.
Webb, Nola
Webb, Tillman O.
Webb, Woodrow Wilson
Webb,Jr. Woodrow Clifton
Webber, Donovan L.
Webber, Henrietta
Webber, John E.
Webber, Laura
Webster, Asabel
Webster, Dona
Webster, Emily
Weeks, Herberta
Weems, Eliza C.
Weems, Henry G.
Weems, Pearlie
Wellborn, James
Wellborn, Margaret C.
Wellborn, Mollie E.
Wellborn, William G.
Wellemson, Wiley
Wellman, Margaret
Wells, Carry A.
Wesley, Larry Gene
Wesson Carl B.
Wesson, Anthony B.
Wesson, Ethel L.
West, Charles H.
West, Elvira
West, Kate R.
West, Levi M.
Westbrook, Annie Elizabeth
Westbrook, Billy
Westbrook, Chester Jesse
Westbrook, Dale
Westbrook, Dorenda J.
Westbrook, Edward
Westbrook, John Ray
Westbrook, Margie
Westbrook, Olar
Westbrook, Pheba
Westbrook, T. H.
Westbrook, T. O.
Westbrook, J. A.
Wester, Louis Dean
Westerbrook, U. R.
Wheat, Alpha J.
Wheat, David
Wheat, Grover C.
Wheeler, Andrew C.
Wheeler, Aubry B.
Wheeler, Mrs. Mary E.
Wheeler, Myrtle
Wheeler, Nettie
Wheelis, Maude E.
Whiles, Ethel L.
Whipple, James E.
Whipple, Mae
Whipple, Nancy
Whisenhunt, A.
Whisenhunt, Delbert E.
Whisenhunt, Jearl D.
Whisenhunt, John H.
Whisenhunt, Miles Stanley
Whisenhunt, Natie F.
Whisenhunt, Peggy
Whisenhunt, Polly A.
Whisenhunt, Samuel L.
Whitaker, Emmett E.
Whitaker, Fletcher
Whitaker, fletcher
White, Arrena
White, Bert C.
White, Bert
White, Burthur L.
White, Elizabeth
White, Elon
White, Elsie M.
White, Eugene E.
White, Fletcher Eugene
White, Frederick
White, Haywood
White, Henry
White, Infant Son
White, J. V.
White, Jerry D.
White, John M.
White, JoSeph A.
White, Joseph B.
White, JoSeph J.
White, Larry
White, Lois Faye
White, Lola E.
White, Lyda S.
White, Maggie M.
White, Mary Eason
White, Mary Elizabeth
White, Mary N.
White, Mollie
White, N. S.
White, Nick
White, Pleasant W.
White, Raymond J.
White, Raymond
White, Stanford M.
White, Vinnie B.
White, Viola
White, Virginia E.
White, W. B.
White, W. L.
White, William E.
White, William H.
White, William J.
White, William Steel
White, Mrs. Stanford M.
Whiteman, Mattie O.
Whitley Minnie Dosha
Whitley, Davis S.
Whitley, Farrenton
Whitley, Forrest E.
Whitley, Harlow
Whitley, Infant
Whitley, J. N.
Whitley, John A.
Whitley, Lena M.
Whitley, Mary E.
Whitley, Mary E.
Whitley, Monroe S.
Whitley, Oleta
Whitley, Ollie C.
Whitley, Purley M.
Whitley, Tee Vee
Whitley, Thomas
Whitley, Viola
Whitley, William T.
Whitlock, Nellie L.
Whitmore, Amanda
Whitmore, Clarinda
Whitmore, Edna
Whitmore, Etta
Whitmore, Ida
Whitmore, John
Whitsell, Robert
Whitten, Sarah R.
Wicker, William
Wiggins, Jennie A.
Wilbanks, Clyde H.
Wilborn, James W.
Wilborn, Joyce K.
Wilder, Alton
Wilder, John Truman
Wilder, Nora Lee Millwee
Wilder, Robbie E.
Wildey, Calvin L.
Wildey, Edna W.
Wiliams, Jesse L.
Wilkerson, Sr. Fred
Wilkes, Mable
Willbanks Terry L.
Willbanks, Nealy M.
Williagham, James F.
Williams Annie
Williams Edward
Williams Vina
Williams, Adam O.
Williams, Albert L.
Williams, Alford
Williams, Annie Lee
Williams, Baby
Williams, Barbara E.
Williams, Barney
Williams, Berry
Williams, Buddy
Williams, C. W.
Williams, Carl A.
Williams, Carthin James
Williams, Charles C.
Williams, Charles E.
Williams, Charlon D.
Williams, Conley P.
Williams, Dave F.
Williams, Dewey
Williams, Earl
Williams, Edmund Karney
Williams, Effie M.
Williams, Elmer Alonzo
Williams, Emma Pickens
Williams, Eugenia M.
Williams, Eva N.
Williams, Forest
Williams, Frank
Williams, G. A.
Williams, George Jefferson
Williams, Georgia A.
Williams, Gertie
Williams, Hal W.
Williams, Harley
Williams, Hazel L.
Williams, Helen
Williams, Henry P
Williams, J.
Williams, James W.
Williams, John W.
Williams, Lee F.
Williams, Lorene
Williams, M. F.
Williams, Martha G.
Williams, Mary C.
Williams, Mary Jane
Williams, Mary P.
Williams, Mary
Williams, Michael D.
Williams, Mina Ardelia
Williams, Mrs. Bessie G.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Nettie
Williams, Nettie
Williams, P.
Williams, Pearl
Williams, Pearl
Williams, Pearl
Williams, Ray S.
Williams, Rena Ann
Williams, Robert B.
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Smith
Williams, Steven T.
Williams, Thomas Jefferson
Williams, W. F.
Williams, Walter W.
Williams, Warren H.
Williams, Warren H.
Williams, William H.
Williams, Willie O.
Williams, Jr., Bill
Williamson, ?
Williamson, Aubry
Williamson, Baby Son
Williamson, Berry
Williamson, Bettie
Williamson, Blanch E.
Williamson, Callie
Williamson, David F.
Williamson, Donald
Williamson, Dosia
Williamson, E. Y.
Williamson, Earl H.
Williamson, Edith Eva
Williamson, Edwin R.
Williamson, Elizabeth
Williamson, Ella Bob
Williamson, Elon Girtha
Williamson, Emmett
Williamson, Evie Bertha
Williamson, Exie Allen
Williamson, G. M.
Williamson, Georgie B.
Williamson, Gertrude
Williamson, Grace
Williamson, Grace
Williamson, Harriet L.
Williamson, Harry H.
Williamson, Henry C.
Williamson, Isaac
Williamson, J. H.
Williamson, James B.
Williamson, James Bell
Williamson, James F.
Williamson, James R.
Williamson, John A.
Williamson, John T.
Williamson, John
Williamson, Lawn
Williamson, Leona
Williamson, Lillie E.
Williamson, Lue G.
Williamson, Lula Annie
Williamson, Mahon
Williamson, Margaret
Williamson, Mary Anne
Williamson, Mary Lee
Williamson, Mary S.
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Mervin
Williamson, Miss Julie Ann
Williamson, Nancy
Williamson, Pearl
Williamson, Ras C.
Williamson, Ray L.
Williamson, Robert V.
Williamson, Roy C.
Williamson, Shirley A.
Williamson, Soloman
Williamson, Susie A. Wilson
Williamson, Therman V.
Williamson, Therman V.
Williamson, W. L.
Williamson, W. L.
Williamson, Walter D.
Williamson, William David
Williamson, William David
Williamson, Willis
Williamson. W. H.
Willingham, Lewis
Willis, Sherry Lynn
Willis, Thomas
Willmon, Willard T.
Willmond, Clara Cloyce
Willmond, Effie Inez
Willmond, Emma Gladys
Willmond, Florine
Willoghby, Sr. Charles E.
Willoughby Nellie
Willoughby, James
Wilsford, Henen E.
Wilson, Abel G.
Wilson, Addron W.
Wilson, Ann E.
Wilson, Arghey O.
Wilson, Arghey O.
Wilson, Baby
Wilson, Billie Monroe
Wilson, Birdie Alice
Wilson, Bobby Floyd
Wilson, Carrie
Wilson, Catherine
Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Clifton S.
Wilson, Dollie E.
Wilson, E. B.
Wilson, E. M.
Wilson, Elia A.
Wilson, Ella Rhyne
Wilson, Emmette B.
Wilson, Exie C.
Wilson, George B.
Wilson, George B.
Wilson, George Lee
Wilson, George
Wilson, Gladys
Wilson, Hebsaellee
Wilson, Hubert Pete
Wilson, Infant Dau
Wilson, James C.
Wilson, James C.
Wilson, James Henry
Wilson, Jesse M.
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Jim M.
Wilson, Jimmy Ray
Wilson, Joe
Wilson, John H.
Wilson, John H.
Wilson, JoSephine
Wilson, Julittia
Wilson, Kate M.
Wilson, Laura E.
Wilson, Laura
Wilson, Lewis Ray
Wilson, Loraine Jones
Wilson, Lucinda
Wilson, Lucy
Wilson, M. C.
Wilson, Manuel
Wilson, Martha Jane
Wilson, Martin R.
Wilson, Martin R.
Wilson, Milrie S.
Wilson, Minnie Belle
Wilson, Murry Carol
Wilson, Myrtle
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Nicie P.
Wilson, Oder
Wilson, Ola J.
Wilson, Omega T.
Wilson, Omega T.
Wilson, Phillip Woodrow
Wilson, Ray
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Samuel A.
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Sarah A.
Wilson, Thelma
Wilson, Tom F.
Wilson, Tommy
Wilson, W, A.
Wilson, W. S.
Wilson, William A.
Wilson, William A.
Wilson, William M.
Wilson, William P.
Wilson, Z. R.
Wilson, Zelia
Wilson, Mrs. N. E.
Wilte, Ernil
Winchell, Alva McKinley
Winchell, Idara
Winchell, Riley
Winchell, Robert
Windham, Kathryn
Windham, Woot Henry
Wingo, Effiegene Locke
Winn, Lillian R.
Winter, W. O.
Winters, Anne O.
Winters, Elizabeth
Winters, Eva M.
Winters, George W.
Winters, Harrison
Winters, Mary B.
Wisdom, Lonnie M
Wisdom, Rose Mae
Wise, Adeline Davis
Wise, Alice J.
Wise, Catherine
Wise, Donald J.
Wise, Gussie
Wise, Holt
Wise, Infant dAughter
Wise, James Holt
Wise, Jimmie
Wise, Lillian
Wise, Nora
Wise, Ray Noland
Wise, Rufus E.
Wise, Ruth
Wise, Z.
Wise, Rev. Thomas S.
Wnite, Infant
Wofford, Callie
Wofford, Charley
Wofford, H. B.
Wofford, James N.
Wofford, James
Wofford, Mary E.
Wofford, Thomas Hobson
Wolf, ?
Wolf, Cathleen
Wolf, Demie F.
Wolf, Frank
Wolf, James W.
Wolf, May L.
Wolf, Ora Rena
Wolf, Tom J.
Wolf, Walter F.
Wolf. Mrs. Lewis
Wolfe, Harley
Wolfe, L. Oscar
Wolfe, Mike Harrison
Wolfe, Mrs. E. S.
Womach, Waverly
Womack, E. V.
Wommack, Adelia
Wommack, J. A.
Wommack, John Ernest
Wood, Andy M.
Wood, Annie Asa
Wood, Arthur
Wood, Emory
Wood, Ethel Pearl
Wood, Fannie J.
Wood, Fannie J.
Wood, Harry
Wood, Julia Gore
Wood, Lizzie
Wood, Lou Stallings
Wood, Lou
Wood, Luther Dudley
Wood, Luther W.
Wood, Martha J.
Wood, Maxine Julie
Wood, Minnie
Wood, Mrs. Viola
Wood, Nannie Estella
Wood, Samuel Asa
Wood, Samuel W.
Wood, Sarah Lutcisha
Wood, Soloman L.
Wood, Swifton Wash
Wood, Virgil M.
Wood, W. F.
Wood, W.M. J.
Wood, William J.
Woodruff, JoSephine
Woodrum, Ambers
Woodrum, Veana
Woodrum, William A.
Wooten, Lewis B.
Wooten, Lucy B.
Works, Mrs. E. P.
Works, S. A.
Worrell, Mrs. Wilma
Worth, Addie
Worth, Albert H.
Worthey, Annie
Wrather, Ida K.
Wray, Sr. W. D.
Wray, Sr. W. D.
Wray,Sr. Charles Richard
Wray,Sr. Charles Richard
Wray,Sr. William T.
Wren, Walter J.
Wright, Albert Larimore
Wright, Alexander
Wright, Anabel Lee
Wright, Artie E.
Wright, Bertie
Wright, Birda
Wright, Celia P.
Wright, Charles D.
Wright, Charlie
Wright, E. M.
Wright, Effie M.
Wright, Emma C.
Wright, Emma
Wright, Emma
Wright, Eugene
Wright, Florine
Wright, Fred A.
Wright, Gertie
Wright, Harriet R.
Wright, Harry
Wright, Harvey R.
Wright, Harvey T.
Wright, Henry
Wright, Infant
Wright, Infant
Wright, J. B.
Wright, J. E.
Wright, J. Mon
Wright, Jack
Wright, James T.
Wright, James W.
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, James
Wright, John E.
Wright, John Lawton
Wright, John O.
Wright, JoSephine Brown
Wright, Julia B.
Wright, Katie
Wright, Kerlene
Wright, Lavada
Wright, Lee A.
Wright, Lillie M.
Wright, Lillie Mae
Wright, Lizzie S.
Wright, Lizzie
Wright, Lodemie
Wright, Lola D.
Wright, Mamie Lee
Wright, Martha Gertrude
Wright, Martha
Wright, Mary C.
Wright, Mary J.
Wright, Mary
Wright, Maudie Lee
Wright, Milton
Wright, Monroe
Wright, Mrs. Clyde
Wright, Mrs. Cora
Wright, Ollie
Wright, Peter L.
Wright, Queen
Wright, Rebecca
Wright, Rhonda Sue
Wright, Richard
Wright, Robert
Wright, Rosa
Wright, Susan
Wright, Theo C.
Wright, Thomas B.
Wright, Thomas C.
Wright, Thomas E.
Wright, Thomas H.
Wright, Warren
Wright, William O.
Wright, William R.
Wright, Willie L.
Wyant, Eliza
Wyatt, Effie
Wyatt, Effie
Wyatt, Garland
Wyatt, Garland
Wyatt, N.
Wyatt, Rhoda P.
Wyatt, Samuel R.
Wylie, Baby
Wylie, C.
Wylie, David Nixon
Wylie, Ethie
Wylie, Ruth
Wylie, Thelma
Wylie, Waldo
Wylie, William D.
Wylie, William H.
Wynn, Ola Allen
Wynne. Nona Cannon
Wyss, John
Wyss, Mary A.
Yahraus, Lawrence C.
Yahrous, Floyd W.
Yancy, Robert L.
Yarborough. Issac
Yarbrough, Martha
Yarbrough, William Wart
Yates, C. W.
Yates, Charles L.
Yates, Elizabeth
Yates, Harold E.
Yates, Infant Son
Yates, Infant Son
Yates, Infant
Yates, infant
Yates, Nicie
Yates, Rosa J.
Yates, Sybil
Yates, Vera
Yates, Vera
Yeary, Sidney L.
Yocum Henritta
York, Carol Eugene
York, EmmaLillian Hargrove
York, Mary E.
Young, Algie P.
Young, Babe
Young, Ben F.
Young, Carla Lea
Young, Carole V.
Young, Dobie F.
Young, Don C.
Young, Dora Barnes
Young, Dorotha Edith
Young, Essie Lee
Young, Francis
Young, Hattie B.
Young, Infant Son
Young, J. C.
Young, J. H.
Young, James A.
Young, James Carl
Young, James T.
Young, Jim
Young, Laura B.
Young, Lloyd F.
Young, Mamie
Young, Martha D.
Young, Mary Elizabeth
Young, Myrtle
Young, Ola Mae
Young, Oscar
Young, Robert D.
Young, Rowena
Young, S. B.
Young, Sadie M.
Young, Sallie
Young, Sally A.
Young, Sally A.
Young, Sam E.
Young, Scott Carey
Young, Sharon A.
Young, Son
Young, Susan Denise
Young, Vera M.
Young, Warren B.
Young, William H.
Young, Jr. Ira
Young,Sr. Ira
Youngblood, David
Youngblood, E. W.
Youngblood, Lillian Louise
Youngblood, Lily June
Youngblood, Mary L.
Youngblood, Mary Elizabeth
Youngblood, William Jerry
Zachery, Billie Dale
Zachery, Ethel
Zachery, Harold Lawson
Zachery, Harrie
Zachery, L. B
Zachery, Sarah E.
Zachry, A. J.
Zachry, A. M.
Zachry, Alice F.
Zachry, Annie N.
Zachry, Arch H.
Zachry, Arch K.
Zachry, Benjamin
Zachry, Bernie E.
Zachry, Bessie
Zachry, Booker
Zachry, Daniel H.
Zachry, Emma
Zachry, F. H.
Zachry, H. C.
Zachry, Homer
Zachry, Infant
Zachry, J. Everlene
Zachry, J. M.
Zachry, James Claude
Zachry, James
Zachry, Jennie Mural
Zachry, Jesse A.
Zachry, Jesse E.
Zachry, Jim Bob
Zachry, John
Zachry, Lillie
Zachry, Lonnie
Zachry, Lora E.
Zachry, Lucy
Zachry, Lula
Zachry, Nettie
Zachry, Nina Gene
Zachry, Robert S.
Zachry, Sammie
Zachry, Sarah Catherine
Zachry, V. H.
Zachry, Will E.
Zachry, Zelma
Zachry, Zilfor
Zachry, Mrs. V. H.
Zachry, Rev A. Q.
Zachry,Sr., Guy Cecil
Zanzeberg, Lottie E.
Zeidler, David

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