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Sharp County Newspaper Death Records

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Death Records from the Sharp County Record Newspapers, Evening Shade, Arkansas, 1877-1906
By Desmond Walls Allen, ISBN 978-1-56546-441-4, 297 pages, $35.00
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Death Records from the Sharp County Record Newspapers, Evening Shade, Arkansas, 1907-1920
By Desmond Walls Allen, ISBN 978-1-56546-442-1, 340 pages, $37.00
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You asked about death records from the Sharp County Record newspaper and here they are! We pulled 3,837 items about dead folks from the 1877-1906 newspapers and 3,614 more from 1907-1920. We compiled them into two volumes of alphabetically-listed articles. For most of them, we've included the entire article. And the indexes are posted with the book titles above so you can see just exactly who died. When you click on the index links, you'll bring up text files with the indexes to the books. We put "died" beside the names of the folks whose deaths are recorded. And, of course, we indexed everyone and everywhere else, too.

These death records are from local news items, community reports from regular correspondents to the paper, state news items, formal obituaries, "card of thanks" items, and anything else that even implied a death. Some of the items are very brief: just a note that John Jones of Calamine died last week and we'll miss him. Some tell you more than you ever wanted to know about how a death happened - on which side of the railroad tracks his brains were found after the collision, or where his body parts landed when the dynamite in his back pocket exploded. Other items tell who all was at the bedside when he passed. Some items state cause-of-death; you'll be surprised how popular suicide was (an arsenic product called "Rough-on-Rats" was a preferred method).

Of the 7,451 items in both books, 472 were about African American people who died. When you view the indexes from the links above, we've noted those folks with "Af.Am." beside their names.

These deaths are mostly from the northeast Arkansas counties of Sharp, Izard, Fulton, Lawrence, Independence, Jackson, and Randolph. Many are from outside that area. We've noted the place of residence or death in the indexes (see links above) for people outside the usual circulation are of the Sharp County Record.

If you want all the details about the lives of these folks, we've abstracted the Sharp County Record from 1877 through 1920 and pulled out every single thing a genealogist would want to know. Those books are listed on our Sharp County News page.

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