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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Baxter, Fulton, Izard, Marion, Searcy, Stone, and Van Buren Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Stone County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Stone County World War I Soldiers

Abernathy, Ernest E.
Abernathy, Ross D.
Adams, Conley
Adams, Joseph L.
Anderson, Clarence
Arnold, Hollis H.
Atchison, James Leonard
Atchison, Willis Thomas
Avery, Harmon
Avey, Tona C.
Bane, Leonard M.
Barnes, Zed
Barnett, James A.
Blair, Clyde T.
Blevins, Roy E.
Branscum, Elbert
Branscum, Joseph E.
Branscum, Manuel R.
Branscum, Wilson
Bridgman, William B.
Bright, Bergan O.
Bright, Sanford A.
Brittain, Thomas
Bronsun, Lloyd L.
Brown, Roscoe W.
Broyles, Samuel A.
Broyles, William C.
Burns, Andrew T.
Cale, James C.
Callahan, Carl
Campbell, James Thurman
Canard, Henry Clifton
Carter, Clarence
Carter, John Commodore
Cartwright, Talmage W.
Case, Hubert Houston
Case, Oris Richard
Cates, Edgar W.
Christensen, William E.
Clark, Cin Fred
Clark, George
Clark, James T.
Clark, Otto
Clark, Walter
Clark, William C.
Cochran, Claud C.
Compton, Ephriam
Conditt, William J.
Connor, Thomas O.
Cook, William C.
Cooper, Henry W.
Copeland, Robert E.
Cornett, James H.
Cox, Elmer E.
Cox, Walter F.
Cross, Joseph F.
Cross, Maynard F.
Cross, Walter McCallister
Davis, Benjamin
Davis, Charles A.
Davis, William A.
Decker, Edward
Diffey, Henry Clay
Dobbins, Willie E.
Dodd, Homer C.
Dodson, Maston G.
Doolin, Cephias E.
Doolin, Hiram L.
Doolin, Jesse F.
Dozier, Lewis F.
Duncan, David
Duncan, Thomas W.
Dunn, Charles F.
Dunn, Herbert R.
East, Walter C.
Engles, Newt
Farris, Cornelius
Fife, Franklin H.
Fife, Ted A.
Flanery, Rufus A.
Ford, Alvin B.
Ford, James T.
Foster, Thomas T.
Fox, Thomas
Freeze, Edgar L.
Freeze, Isaac H.
Fulks, John
Fuller, Ernest T.
Gammill, Charley C.
Gammill, James E.
Gammill, Martin Elbert
Gardner, Joseph Elliott
George, Columbus
George, Jesse D.
George, Page W.
George, Willis J.
Gibson, James M.
Gillis, William A.
Goodman, Eli J.
Goodman, William Elbert W.
Goodwin, Abb L.
Gowens, Clarence Edward
Gower, Lloyd
Green, James M.
Green, James R.
Green, Thomas J.
Griffith, James W.
Hall, Everet L.
Hall, Tollie T.
Hall, William A.
Ham, Jefferson
Hamm, James F.
Harness, Lloyd
Hatfield, Herlie
Henderson, Herman G.
Hess, Herman Neill
Hinesley, Elbert
Hinesley, Walter
Hinkle, Alfred R.
Hinkle, George E.
Hinkle, Sam Houston
Hinkle, Shelby
Hinkle, William R.
Holt, James A.
Hughes, James Russell
Ivy, Grover
Jessen, William H.
Johnson, Charlie M.
Johnson, James S.
Kielhorn, Herman J.
Knight, David G.
Kuykendall, Hardy
Lackey, Guy Hendrix
Lancaster, C.K.
Lancaster, Jennings B.
Lancaster, Oscar C.
Lape, Everett
Lasater, Covey C.
Lawrence, William F.
Ledford, Ferman W.
Long, James Franklin
Long, Jesse
Long, Thomas C.
Looney, Dink
Looney, Joseph P.
Looney, Zed
Lourance, Edgar L.
Luster, George
Mabry, Hamilton Savage Jr.
Maloy, Karl
Mariatt, Edward
Martin, Charles E.
Martin, Clifton E.
Martin, Columbus Z.
Martin, Liston Z.
Massey, Arthur H.
Massey, Tollie C.
Mathes, Herman H.
May, John L.
May, Oscar B.
McCasland, Albert M.
McClain, Ennis
McIlroy, James E.
McKee, John F.
McVeigh, Lonzo
Miller, William
Mills, Roy H.
Mitchell, Isaac
Mitchell, Jake
Mitchell, John R.
Moore, Noia W.
Moore, Oliver
Moore, Talmage R.
Moreland, Noah
Morrison, Hugh B.
Morrison, William
Murphree, James C.
Nesbitt, Clifton R.
Newcomb, Theron
Nichols, David A.
Nickols, Bill
Parker, Robert Lee
Parkins, Arch G.
Patterson, John
Perry, John C.
Perry, Willis C.
Pettit, Claud C.
Poff, Charles F.
Poff, James W.
Poff, Walter J.
Pogue, Frances M.
Prichard, William
Prince, James E.
Purdom, James H.
Rainbolt, Grant
Rainbolt, Samuel F.
Ramsey, Leander B.
Ramsey, Ulysses F.
Reeves, John E.
Richardson, Archie Leonard
Richardson, David W.
Richardson, Julius L.
Rickert, Harley E.
Ross, Alva
Rushing, Charles M.
Rushing, Ephriam W.
Rushing, Mark H.
Scholes, Joseph D.
Shanks, Lew L.
Shannon, Robert A.
Simmons, Alfred
Simpson, Horice Wiley
Smith, Alonzo
Smith, Blaine
Smith, Calvin
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Oliver C.
Southard, Robert S.
Spears, James E.
Staffen, Willie
Street, William I.
Sullivan, Benjamin F.
Sutterfield, Jasper A.
Sutterfield, William A.
Suttle, Charles M.
Talburt, Noah S.
Talburt, William F.
Taylor, Jesse J.
Taylor, Walter M.
Taylor, William O.
Taylor, Zachariah
Teague, James F.
Tilley, Edwin S.
Timberlake, John E.
Tipton, Vollie
Trammel, Dave
Trammell, Dick
Tuttle, Albert A.
Tuttle, Henry Almond
Vaughn, John L.
Via, Thomas F.
Wallis, Teary
Wallis, William A.
Ward, Earl H.
Ward, Ewing
Ward, Joseph Harris
Ward, Julius C.
Ward, Otis L.
Ward, Unice L.
Warren, Handsel E.
Warren, John Garfield
Warren, Marvin
Watkins, James W.
Webb, Alford M.
Webb, Berry Z.
Webb, James C.
Webb, John Floyd
Welch, John V.
Welch, Orange R.
Wells, Howard Lee
White, Andrew J.
White, James B.
White, Ray S.
Whitfield, John W.
Whitfield, Robert
Williams, Clark
Williams, Estill
Willis, Herbert
Wilson, Clarence R.
Wilson, James R.
Wilson, John W.
Wilson, Joseph L.
Wooten, Cecil S.
Wooten, Dallas E.
Younger, Lytle H.
Younger, Wyatt W.
Zinn, Clarence Strickland

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