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Dowdy AKA Israel
By Emma Mae Israel Sanders, [2010] ISBN 978-1-56546-454-4, 877 pages, hard bound, $125.00

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Emma Mae Sanders wrote this book for a specific reason. She says, in her dedication, "For my family and those descendants who have been unable to trace their lineage before 1902 when my grandfather John Jacob Dowdy relocated and changed his birth name to John Jacob Israel. I have spent the past twenty years in researching and compiling this book so that his living descendants and those that follow will know our true lineage, family history, and the kinship to our Dowdy and Israel relatives. And, for future descendants of Richard Dowdy, the pump maker, and his son Richard Dowdy, the Revolutionary Soldier of Screven County, Georgia; so that their story and the hardships they endured and part they played in insuring the freedoms we enjoy today are known to their descendants and not lost with the passage of time."

Emma carefully and meticulously documented one of the most difficult challenges genealogists face: connecting the threads of one man's complete break with his past. The book is an excellent model for that kind of research. It's filled with documents, including DAR papers.

NOTE: Only a limited number of these lovely, hard bound books are available. When they're gone, they're gone.

The Lives and Legends of the Ozark Yoakums
By Audrey Lee Clouston-Becker, Edited by Marilyn Jean Jackson-Pfitzner, ISBN 978-1-56546-418-6, 608 pages, softbound, $59.95

This fascinating new book describes the origins of the Yoakum / Yochum / Yokum family from the German Palatine to America's eastern seaboard, then westward with the new nation, settling in the White River region of the Arkansas-Missouri Ozark Mountains. This prolific family married into dozens of Ozark pioneer families-the family tree looks more like a bois d'arc hedge. If you have Ozarks in your roots, this book contains your cousins. Read about the famous legend of the "Yoakum Silver Dollar." Silver Dollar City, a billion-dollar tourist attraction in Branson, Missouri, is named for this legend. Detailed genealogies and hundreds of diagrams and photographs accompany the text.

Audrey Lee Clouston-Becker, the author, is a long-time volunteer at the National Archives Pacific Region branch and has researched her family's roots for many years. She takes a scholarly approach to the subject, yet writes with a dash of wit, weaving a marvelous history of this unusual pioneer family. Editor Marilyn Jean Jackson-Pfitzner has contributed her major organizational skills to the production of this book.

Order your copy today and meet the Yoakums!

The Family of John Jones, 1755-1811 (With a Ewing Connection)
By Bobbie Jones McLane, ISBN - 0-929604-86-5, 365 pages, softbound, $48.00

Bobbie Jones McLane had to start early on her genealogy because she had two Jones lines. This one, starts with John Jones, who was born about 1755, probably in Charleston, South Carolina. He was a resident of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and died in 1811 in Caldwell County, Kentucky. His wife was Sarah Jolley. They had about eight children and their descendants are everywhere. One son, Robert Jones, married Melinda Ewing, and Bobbie has included a great deal of Ewing data, starting with John Ewing who was born about 1660 in Scotland and died about 1745. Bobbie produced this book in modified register format (used by National Genealogical Society) and included copies of many source documents. If there are your folks, you need this book. Buy it in paper, or in .pdf format.

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Descendants of Hugh Jones of Orange County, Virginia: A Family History and Genealogy
By Bobbie Jones McLane and Richard Steele, [1991] ISBN 0-929604-69-5, 257 pages, softbound, $48.00

This is the second of Bobbie's Jones' lines. It follows the family of Hugh Jones (1720-1791) of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., Virginia, and his children, especially George, Benjamin, Morton, and Elizabeth. It's produced in modified register format. If this is your family, you need this book! Buy it in paper or .pdf.

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Or buy this book in .pdf format and we'll send it electronically (no postage charges) $14.95

The Family of Goodin Deaton (1814-1902) With Collateral Line of Tilmon Howell, Both of Clark County, Arkansas: A Family History and Genealogy
By Bobbie Jones McLane [1997] ISBN 0-929604-80-6, 388 pages, softbound, $48.00

In modified register format, this book lists more than 3,000 descendants of the Deaton family, who migrated from Montgomery County, North Carolina, to McNairy and Hardeman Counties, Tennessee, and then into Clark County, Arkansas by 1850. Goodin Deaton (1814-1902) was the son of Joseph Deaton of Montgomery County, North Carolina, and the grandson of Thomas Deaton of Amelia County, Virginia. If these are your folks, you'll be delighted with the marvelous job Bobbie did in compiling this material.

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Or buy this book in .pdf format and we'll send it electronically (no postage charges) $14.95

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