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Centennial History of Arkansas

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Centennial History of Arkansas, three-volume set on CD
By Dallas T. Herndon, ISBN 978-1-56546-377-6, 1 CD, $19.95

In 1922, Dallas T. Herndon, director of the Arkansas History Commission, wrote Centennial History of Arkansas, a three-volume series about the state's history and biographical sketches of Arkansas residents. Herndon's Centennial History of Arkansas has been described as the best history of the state ever written. Herndon was the first director of the Arkansas History Commission and had access to a tremendous variety of primary source materials from which to work. The three-volume set was originally published in a limited quantity in 1922, then reprinted in the mid-1970s by Southern Historical Press.

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The By-Name Index to the Centennial History of Arkansas
By Lewis E. Roberts, ISBN 0-941765-97-0, 260 pages, $28.50

The By-Name Index to the series lists 37,876 names from all three volumes of Herndon's Centennial History of Arkansas. This index opens up the work to genealogists and historians who might not otherwise take time to sift through 3,362 pages.

The By-Name Index to the Centennial History of Arkansas in print and Centennial History of Arkansas, three-volume set on CD
ISBNS 0-941765-97-0 and 978-1-56546-377-6, Book and CD, $39.95

Special Offer: Buy Lew's index and the CD and save money. Both the printed index and the CD with the books when ordered together are $39.95. The files on the CD are in Adobe's portable document format (.pdf) and you'll need Adobe Reader, a software program installed on most computers or available as a free download from www.Adobe.com. This file format works with Windows and Mac.

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