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Historical Review of Arkansas

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In 1911, Fay Hempstead, a respected member of the historical community in Arkansas, published the three-volume set, Historical Review of Arkansas. The first volume is an excellent general history of the state. Volumes two and three contain rich biographical sketches of leading men (well, he included two women) of the state.

About one in ten of the biographical sketches includes a formal portrait of the subject. Those are noted in the list with an asterisk (*). In order to more clearly identify these folks who head the biographical sketches, we put in their cities of residence, years of birth and birthplaces. The sketches themselves contain much more detailed information. Remember to search for collateral relatives of your direct ancestors!

In addition to people on the list, there are hundreds more people mentioned in these books and the searchable text on the CDs will turn up those references.

Click here to view the list of all the people whose bio sketches are included in Fay Hempstead's Historical Review of Arkansas, published in 1911.

Hempstead's Historical Review of Arkansas on CD
ISBN 978-1-56546-391-2, three-volume set on one CD, $19.95

All three volumes, more than 1,600 pages in all, are on one CD with searchable text.

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