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Polk's Arkansas State Gazetteers

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R.L. Polk's Arkansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1898-1899 on CD
ISBN 978-1-56546-423-0, one CD, $9.95

R.L. Polk's Arkansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1892-1893 on CD
ISBN 978-1-56546-411-7, one CD 9.95
These state-wide directories contain complete lists of all the cities, towns, villages, and post offices in Arkansas. They give descriptions of each, along with lists of merchants, lawyers, teachers, blacksmiths, wagon makers, barbers, and others. The second major part of each book lists people and companies by trade, profession or pursuit, including long lists of all the current justices of the peace in Arkansas. The missing 1890 federal census makes every resource in this time period especially valuable. Best of all, these huge, rare books—all 800 pages of each— are on CD in .pdf format and they’re searchable! Order your CDs today.

Click here to view a sample directory listing for Evening Shade.

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