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1850 Arkansas Census

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Arkansas 1850 Census Every-name Index
Compiled by Bobbie Jones McLane and Desmond Walls Allen
ISBN 1-56546-063-4, 480 pages, hardbound $39.95

This is such a wonderful book! The names and ages of everyone in each household are listed, and the birthplaces of the first two people in each household are given. The heads of household are arranged in alpha order for the entire state and there is a supplemental index to persons of different surnames living within other households. Entries list the dwelling number, township (minor civil division), and county. PLUS, we added annotations [set off in square brackets, of course] from a wide variety of sources. When we could, we added maiden names, birth, marriage, and death dates, previous residences, and more to the entries. It is a valuable addition to your genealogy collection.

Wait! Don't dismiss this source because you use online census sites. You may think you've searched for every spelling variation (Hewes for Hughes, Dority for Daugherty, Mawfit for Moffitt, etc.) but there's nothing like a printed book to let your eye find those alternate spellings. 

Regional volumes of the 1850 Arkansas census

While our overall index to the Arkansas 1850 census is wonderful, having transcriptions in enumeration order is even better. In the five following softbound volumes, we've arranged census data in the order the assistant marshal recorded them. It keeps neighbors together, often revealing entire groups of people who migrated together from one place to another. Relatives who don't share the same surname are easier to locate when the census is studied in enumeration order.

The data (with our marvelous annotations) are the same as in our state-wide index the names and ages of everyone in each household and the birthplaces of the first two people in each household are listed with dwelling number and township for each county in the volume. In each volume there is a surname index to the households and people within those households with different surnames. The index lists the dwelling number, township, and county.

Slaves, largely ignored until now, made up an important part of Arkansas' population. These regional volumes include a transcription in enumeration order from the slave schedules for 1850, listing the name of the slaveholder and the number of slaves owned. And the names of those slaveholders are included in the regional index in each volume.

We included county outline maps for 1850 and 1995, descriptive information about each county when and from what counties it was formed, historical courthouse locations, progeny counties, and boundary changes. We encourage researchers to go to the original census records and we've given suggestions for doing that. Regional transcriptions of the Arkansas 1850 census include:

1850 Census of Central Arkansas: Hot Spring, Jefferson, Montgomery, Perry, Prairie, Pulaski, Saline, Scott, and Yell Counties
ISBN 1-56546-065-0, 119 pages, softbound $20.00

1850 Census of Southern Arkansas: Ashley, Bradley, Clark, Dallas, Drew, Hempstead, Lafayette, Ouachita, Pike, Polk, Sevier, and Union Counties
ISBN 1-56546-066-9, 182 pages, softbound $24.00

1850 Census of Eastern Arkansas: Arkansas, Chicot, Crittenden, Desha, Greene, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Poinsett, and St. Francis Counties
ISBN 1-56546-68-5, 112 pages, softbound $20.00

1850 Census of Northwest Arkansas: Benton, Carroll, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson, Madison, Newton, Pope, and Washington Counties
ISBN 1-56546-064-2, 170 pages, softbound $24.00

1850 Census of North Central Arkansas: Conway, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Lawrence, Marion, Randolph, Searcy, Van Buren, and White Counties
ISBN 1-56546-067-7, 153 pages, softbound $22.00

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