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Arkansas Gazette Indexes

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The Arkansas Gazette was founded by William Woodruff in 1819 and it was our state paper of record until it was acquired by the Arkansas Democrat in 1991 (and thereafter became the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette).

Shannon Henderson, a librarian at Arkansas Tech University at Russellville, compiled subject indexes to the Arkansas Gazette covering 1819 through 1894. After his death, Cathy Barnes took up the project and is compiling indexes of special interest to genealogists in our popular on-going series.

Cathy Barnes' Arkansas Gazette indexes.

Oscar G. Russell created indexes to the deaths mentioned in the Arkansas Gazette, listing the deceased person's name, age, and place of death, along with the newspaper date, page and column. His indexes cover 1914-1929, 1960, and 1990-2005.

Oscar Russell's Arkansas Gazette death indexes, 1914-1929

Oscar Russell's Arkansas Gazette death indexes, 1960, 1990-2005

Not being known to let well enough alone, Desmond picked up where Oscar left off and indexed the Arkansas Gazette deaths for 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913.

Desmond's Arkansas Gazette death indexes, 1910, 1911, 1912, and 1913

The Arkansas Gazette is a treasure-trove for genealogists. Lucy Marion Reaves wrote a genealogy column in it from 1933 through 1942 and it was filled with family history. We've made those available, too!

Arkansas Families: Glimpses of Yesterday Columns

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