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Arkansas Families: Glimpses of Yesterday

Arkansas Families: Glimpses of Yesterday Columns from the Arkansas Gazette
By Lucy Marion Reaves, edited by Desmond Walls Allen
ISBN 1-56546-164-9, Second Edition, 229 pages, $28.50

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From June 18, 1933, through May 24, 1942, Lucy Marion Reaves wrote a column nearly every Sunday in The Arkansas Gazette titled Glimpses of Yesterday. The weekly column featured one or two photos and a genealogical and biographical article about the subjects in the photos. Often the subjects were nineteenth-century Arkansas residents or ancestors of Arkansas residents.

Arkansas Families is a compilation of all these wonderful columns. The photos are not included; they weren't reproducible from the microfilm. Some minor editing has been done and annotations have been added. The text is indexed for full names of people, businesses, schools, organizations, and places--over 12,000 index entries in all. You can view a full-name index (personal names only) by clicking on the "View the Index" link above.

When she first began to write the column, Reaves' articles were about some of the more famous Arkansas families, but through the years, she included poor folks as well as rich, unknown as well as known. Though many of the people mentioned lived in Little Rock, others lived in counties all over the state. Sometimes the descendants are Little Rock residents, but the photos and articles are about their grandparents who never lived in Little Rock. It's wonderful material! Check the index link above for your folks.

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