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Death Records, Eastern Arkansas
Clay, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Greene, Lee, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Poinsett and St. Francis Counties

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The death records in these volumes are the same as in the statewide books, just arranged in these by county. The volumes for 1914-1923, 1924-1933, and 1934-1940 list the deceased person's name (last, first, and first three letters of the middle name), date of death, and county from which it was reported. The volume for 1941-1948 additionally lists race, sex, and age.

Eastern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1914-1923
ISBN 1-56546-079-0, 109 pages, $16.00

Eastern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1924-1933
ISBN 1-56546-113-4, 153 pages, $20.00

Eastern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1934-1940
ISBN 1-56546-087-1, 105 pages, $16.00

Eastern Arkansas Death Record Index, 1941-1948
ISBN 1-56546-158-4, 161 pages, $24.00

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