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Arkansas Township Digest

Arkansas Township Digest: Minor Civil Divisions, 1820-1990
By Desmond Walls Allen, ISBN 0-941765-92-X, 276 pages, $32.00
Arkansas is one of the states with political or named townships, referred to in census compendiums as minor civil divisions. These areas developed, grew, changed, split apart, and evolved just like counties.

This book lists political townships for each census year for every county. Annotations about township creation dates, formation data, divisions, and name changes are included. Names of cities and towns enumerated separately in census records are also listed. Each county's creation date, parent and progeny counties, county boundary changes, and county seats are listed. National Archives census microfilm publication numbers and roll numbers for each census year and each county are given. Township maps for 1921 and 1990 for each county are included. Finally, there is an index of both townships and towns showing the years they were enumerated in census records.

This volume is an indispensable reference work for everyone interested in serious census research in Arkansas.

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