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Alabama Soldiers Manuscript Collection, soldiers whose last names begin with P - Z

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Soldier's name & county

In the event you skipped reading that long introduction that says what these files are about, here's the short version: Pauline Jones Gandrud collected a huge amount of information about Alabama's Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Indian Wars soldiers. Bobbie Jones McLane transcribed the material for soldiers whose last names begin with A - O. She didn't finish the project, so the soldiers whose names begin with P-Z are in Gandrud's original note format - raw material (some is typed, some is handwritten).

They're listed below. If you order a copy of these files, you'll get a scanned version of the original material.

The list contains the soldiers' names, war in which they participated, Alabama county or counties; and sometimes a brief note.

Paine, Mathew; War of 1812; Walker, Madison, Franklin, Marion, Hancock; (1.9m).
Parham, Francis; War of 1812; Greene.
Parham, William; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone.
Parker, Elisha; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Parker, William; War of 1812; Madison.
Parmer, Jacob; War of 1812; Barbour; (2.2m); ltr 1965 from William T. Parmer.
Parmer, William; War of 1812; Lownes; ltr 1965 from William T. Parmer.
Parnell, Daniel; War of 1812; Dallas; Bible: Benjamin M. Parnell; ltr 1965 from Mrs. Brockman.
Parr, John; Revolutionary War; Greene; (1.2m).
Parrish, Matthew Fontaine; War of 1812; Lawrence; Abstract from Saunders' Early Settlers of Ala. only.
Parsons, Enoch; War of 1812 and militia service; Montgomery; Abstract from Owen's History; transcription of will.
Parsons, Isaiah; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, John (widow Lucinda); War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, John (widow Polly); War of 1812; Jefferson; (1.3m).
Parsons, Samuel; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Parsons, Theophilus; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Pate, Matthew; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Patterson, Chambers; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Patterson, David; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Patterson, Duncan; War of 1812; Morgan, Marshall.
Patterson, Isham; War of 1812; Tallapoosa, Clay.
Patterson, John; War of 1812; ; Widow Mahala resident of Freestone Co. TX in 1897.
Patteson, Benjamin; War of 1812; Madison.
Patteson, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison, Marshall.
Patton, ---; Revolutionary War; Monroe; Only a short note about LaFayette Celebration April 1825 in James Dellet Papers, AL Military Archives.
Paugh, Young; Revolutionary War; Blount.
Payne, William; Revolutionary War; Marengo.
Peacock, Abraham & Uriah; Revolutionary War; [Perry Co. TN, Washington Co. GA]; Only part of a ltr from Imogene --- regarding the soldiers..
Pearce, Edmund; War of 1812; Benton, Cleburne.
Pearce, James; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Pearson, Charity Mrs.; War of 1812; Morgan; Note about letter in Wm. McDowell's pension application.
Pearson, Francis; War of 1812; Coosa; (12m); Extensive correspondence between Bobbie Jones McLane and John W. Reese Jr of SLC, UT. Also mentions William Pemberton (Creek Indian Wars) and Joshua Pemberson (War of 1812)..
Peavy, Abraham; Revolutionary War; Butler; (3.8m); Includes info on family of Dr. Elias Alexander Wallace; ltrs from Mrs. Paul Heisig of El Paso, TX, and Ida Carrie Seale of Bay Pines, FL..
Peavy, Daniel; War of 1812; Butler.
Peden, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Fayette.
Peeples, William H.; War of 1812; Perry, Dallas, Autauga.
Peete, Benjamin Capt.; War of 1812; Limestone; (1.6m).
Peete, Samuel; War of 1812; Madison.
Pemberton, Joshua; War of 1812; Tallapoosa; (1.6m); No notes by Mrs. Gandrud; only a photocopy of Elizabeth (widow) Pemberton's application for Bounty Land Warrant. See file on Francis Pearson for correspondence between Bobbie Jones McLane and John W. Reese Jr of SLC, UT..
Pemberton, William; Creek War 1836; Chilton, Coosa; (1.3m); No notes by Mrs. Gandrud; only a photocopy of Pemberton's pension application of 1899. See file on Francis Pearson for correspondence between Bobbie Jones McLane and John W. Reese Jr of SLC, UT..
Pence, Philip; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Pendergrass, Spencer; Revolutionary War; Shelby, Talladega; (5.6m); Ltrs from Louise D. Hooks, Magnolia, AR; Vera Milam Ryker of Cecil, AR; Allen Pendergraft of Sedona, AZ; Bea Mantooth Estep of Montgomery, AL; G.O. Kamp of Indianapolis, IN..
Penn, Stephen; Revolutionary War; Morgan, Lawrence; (6.1m); Ltr from Pat Hogan Roberts of Decatur, AL..
Perdue, Sovereign; War of 1812; Butler, Wilcox, Lowndes, Crenshaw; (2m); Note from Charles Boyd, New York City, NY..
Perkins, Constantine; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Perkins, Hardin; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Perkins, Peter; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Perritt, John; War of 1812; Marengo, Clarke.
Perritt, Needham; War of 1812; Butler.
Perry, Simon L.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; "Probably the same man as Sion L. Perry.".
Person, Henry; Revolutionary War; Shelby.
Peters, Emanuel; War of 1812; Marshall.
Peterson, Hiram; Indian War 1836; Tuscaloosa.
Peterson, Thomas; War of 1812; Bibb, Perry, Coosa.
Pettigrew, James; Revolutionary War; Tallapoosa, Greene; (5m); Ltr from Fay Evans Roseburg of Dallas TX. Info about John Harkness (b. 1774 IRE, d. 1854 SC) family. Ltrs from Mrs. Felix Irwin of Corpus Christi, TX..
Petty, Theophilus; Revolutionary War; Butler; (1.1m).
Petty, William; Revolutionary War; Madison; (3.5m).
Petty, William article; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.3m); Copy of Valley Leaves, March 1998, article by Richard A. Smallwood on Wm. Petty's Rev. War pension file..
Petty, William article 2; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.3m); Copy of Valley Leaves, 1995 article by Thomas E. Jacks on Wm. Petty's Rev. War pension file..
Phillips, Andrew; Revolutionary War; Pickens, Tuscaloosa.
Phillips, Anthony; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (4.3m).
Phillips, Charles; War of 1812; Blount, Hancock, Cullman, Randolph.
Phillips, George.pdf; Creek War 1813-1814; Madison, Shelby, Dallas.
Phillips, Thomas; War of 1812; Limestone; Extract from Goodspeed for Southern Arkansas only..
Pickens, John C.; War of 1812; Butler; (1.3m).
Pickett family; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (1.8m); This file is a 1911 Arkansas CSA veterans survey form which contains extensive information on the George Picket (Westmoreland Co., VA, resident 1680) family..
Pickett, Albert James; Creek War 1836; Autauga.
Pierce, Acquilla; ---; Jefferson?; (6.1m); Ltrs from Mrs. L.E. Martin, Jacksonville, TX; group sheets from Roberta Liles Zachary. Much info on the Grumbles family..
Pierce, Hugh; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Pierce, John; Revolutionary War; Dallas; (1.2m); Ltr from L.R. Bagwell, Del Rio, TX..
Pigg, Charles; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Pines, Wheaten; Revolutionary War; Pike; Ltr from Kenneth H. Thomas Jr. of Decatur, GA..
Pinkston, Matthew; War of 1812; Lauderdale.
Pipkin, Haywood; Creek War 1836; Barbour; (15.3m).
Pipkin, Stephen; Revolutionary War; Conecuh; (15.3m); Ltrs from Lucie C. Price of Austin, TX..
Pitts, Pittman; War of 1812; Madison.
Pitts, Thomas Daniel; War of 1812; Perry.
Plowman, George Paris; War of 1812; Talladega.
Plunket, James; War of 1812; DeKalb, Cherokee.
Poe, James; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; Newspaper clipping about James Poe from the Arkansas Gazette's Grassroots column by Margaret Ross..
Poe, John; Indian War; Jackson.
Poe, Stephen; Revolutionary War; Benton; Ltr from Donald Poe of Waldron, AR..
Pogue, H.; Florida War; Jackson.
Pogue, James E.; War of 1812; Coosa, Elmore; (1.1m).
Points, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Pollard, Return Felix; Regular Army; Coosa, Talladega, Dallas.
Ponder, Amos; ---; Lawrence, Marion.
Pool, Abel P.; Indian War; Dallas, Tuscaloosa, Shelby; Ltr from descendant in Cleveland, MS..
Pool, John; Revolutionary War; Shelby, Perry; (3.5m); Obit of widow, then Mrs. Dempsey Thomas. Ltrs from Velma Pool Capps of Austin, TX, and Briggs, TX..
Poole, David; War of 1812; Benton, Cleburne.
Poole, Roswell; War of 1812; Madison, Clarke.
Poole, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Russell.
Poor, Moses; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Pope, Charles; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Pope, Isaac Ricks; Revolutionary War; Clarke.
Pope, Leroy; Revolutionary War; Madison; (2.3m); Ltr from Lucille Payne of Olive Branch, MS..
Pope, Leroy (2nd file); Revolutionary War; Madison; Family info from Mrs. William C. Trotter Jr. of Clarksdale, MS..
Porter, Alexander; Revolutionary War; Dallas; (1.3m); Family info supplied by Mrs. Lucille Huggins of Jackson, MS..
Porter, James; Revolutionary War; Dallas.
Porter, John C.; War of 1812; Washington.
Posey, Hezekiah; Revolutionary War; Blount, Benton, Calhoun.
Posey, Joseph H.; War of 1812; Blount.
Posey, Squire; War of 1812; Coosa, Winston.
Poston, James P.; Florida War; Jackson.
Poteete, Edward; Revolutionary War; Lauderdale.
Potts, Jonathon; Revolutionary War or War of 1812?; Tuscaloosa.
Pounds, Merriman; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa, Benton; (4.7m); Ltrs from C.G. Pound of Spaulding, OK.
Powell, Joseph; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone; Abstracts of ltrs from Mrs. W. Joe Godwin of Memphis, TN.
Powell, Levin; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; (1.1m).
Powell, Moses; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Powell, Nathaniel; War of 1812; Clay.
Powell, Norborne Berkeley; War of 1812; Bullock.
Powell, Peyton; Revolutionary War; Madison; (8.5m).
Powers, J.W.; Creek War 1836; Lauderdale.
Powers, William; War of 1812; Madison; Obits for vet and widow.
Prator, John; Revolutionary War; Pickens; (1.4m).
Pratt, Jesse; War of 1812; Lauderdale.
Prentice, John; War of 1812; Shelby.
Prescott, Alvin; War of 1812; Randolph.
Presnall, Jacob; War of 1812; Randolph.
Presnell, John; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Prewett, John W.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Prewett, Valentine G.; War of 1812; Madison.
Price, Martin; War of 1812; Jackson; (1.4m); Ltrs from Lucie Price of Austin, TX; Mrs. M.S. Carruth of Dallas, TX.
Price, Meredith; War of 1812, Seminole War; Jackson.
Price, Reuben; War of 1812; Dallas.
Price, William H.; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Priddy, Richard; Revolutionary War; Morgan, Marion.
Pride, Burton; Revolutionary War; Madison, Morgan; (3m); Ltrs from Gaylena M. Kenney of El Cajon, CA; Mrs. Archie Pride Pickering of Collins, MS. Also includes Millwee family of Sevier Co., AR info..
Pride, Edward; Revolutionary War; Morgan, Colbert, Franklin; (2.3m); Trans of ltr from Corinne King Murphy of Sheffield, AL.
Pruet, Alexander; War of 1812; Clay.
Pruet, Isaac; Revolutionary War, War of 1812; Jackson.
Pruet, John Welch; War of 1812; Madison, Tuscaloosa; (3.1m); Three newspaper clippings, 1972, by Marvin L. Harper, on John Prewitt..
Pruet, William Madison; War of 1812; Lawrence; Info from Mrs. L.L. Brockman, Pine Bluff, AR.
Pruet, William W.; War of 1812; Jackson, Madison; Info from Mrs. L.L. Brockman, Pine Bluff, AR.
Pruett, Richard W.; War of 1812; Butler.
Pruitt, Hardin; War of 1812; Butler, Benton.
Pruitt, Hardin; War of 1812; Butler, Benton.
Pruitt, Jacob; Revolutionary War, War of 1812; Madison, Walker; (1.9m); Ltrs from Bertha O. Brockman; Wynelle S. Dodd of Montgomery, AL; Miriam B. Apperson of Birmingham, AL; Corinne K. Murphy of Sheffield, AL.
Pruitt, William; Revolutionary War; Madison; (12m); Ltrs from Mavis M. Patterson, Ceres, CA; Bertha Hart Brown of Kerrville, TX; Mrs. Ralph Roden of Fresno, CA; Mrs. L.L. Brockman of Pine Bluff, AR..
Pryor, Luke; War of 1812; Madison, Limestone.
Pugh, Elijah; Creek War; Clarke.
Pugh, Elijah; Revolutionary War; Clarke.
Pugh, Robert; Creek War; Clarke.
Pullen, William; War of 1812; Fayette; (8m).
Pullin, William; Revolutionary War, War of 1812; Jefferson; Ltrs from Pauline Stoner Rankin of Beaumont, TX, and Mrs. Emile Jabour of Montgomery, AL, and Nora Hawkins of Atlanta, GA. Includes extensive Daniel Burgin Bible and family records..
Quarles, James; War of 1812; Madison, Morgan, Sumter.
Queen, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Quin, Loflin; War of 1812; Shelby.
Quinlin, Cornelius; Revolutionary War; Shelby.
Quinn, Michael; Revolutionary War; Shelby.
Rabun, Richard; War of 1812; Butler, Crenshaw; (1.1m).
Ragsdale, Edward; War of 1812; Limestone.
Rains, Robert; War of 1812; Marshall; Listed on 1840 census..
Raley, Charles; Revolutionary War; Madison, Morgan.
Ramsey, Joseph; Indian Wars; Dallas, Lowndes.
Randolph, Abraham; Revolutionary War; Lawrence; (1.1m).
Randolph, Hugh; Revolutionary War; Franklin; (2.3m); Correspondence with Gene. Society of UT; ltrs from Sue S. Watson of Chattanooga, TN..
Randolph, John Green; War of 1812; Mobile.
Randolph, Robert Carter; War of 1812; Greene.
Rankin, Robert; Revolutionary War; Washington.
Rasco, Jesse H.; ---; Cullman; (1.3m); Ltrs from Christine W. McClain of Birmingham, AL..
Rather, Daniel.pdf; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Rather, John Taylor; War of 1812; Morgan; (1.7m); Ltr from Annie L. Yokley of Kerrville, TX; Lena H. Cleary of Mobile, AL.
Raulston, James Col.; War of 1812; Jackson.
Ray, Bartlett; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; (2.9m); File = Ray family.pdf; contains ltrs from J.J. Scheffelin of Texarkana, TX; Mrs. O. Brewer of Ashford, AL; and 1913 obit for James Ray from New Orleans Christian Advocate..
Ray, Frederick; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; (1.8m).
Ray, Stephen; War of 1812; Coosa, Talladega.
Rea, John; War of 1812; Marion.
Read, William T.; Florida War; Madison.
Ready, Shadrach; Revolutionary War; Madison, Morgan.
Reagan, Ephraim; War of 1812; Marshall; Ltr from Mrs. James L. Nance of Three Rivers, TX, to Bobbie Jones McLane..
Reaves, Loftin; War of 1812; Randolph, Clay.
Redding, William; Revolutionary War; Lauderdale.
Reddish, Josiah C.; Mexican War; Pickens.
Reece, Henry; Civil War; DeKalb.
Reed, Hugh; War of 1812; Fayette.
Reed, John; Revolutionary War; Fayette.
Reed, Nathan; Revolutionary War; Perry.
Reed, Robert; Revolutionary War; St. Clair.
Reed, Thomas; War of 1812; Jackson.
Reedy, John; ---; Morgan; Only a ltr from Lloyd M. Reedy of Dallas TX..
Reese, George; Revolutionary War; Chambers; (1.7m).
Reese, Littleton; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Reeves, Jesse T.; War of 1812; Pike.
Reid, James; War of 1812; Bibb; Ltr from Cleo Wood of Memphis, TN..
Reynolds, Benjamin; War of 1812; Franklin.
Reynolds, Fielding; Revolutionary War; Dallas; (1.3m); Ltr from Leon --- of Alexander City, AL..
Reynolds, Gilbert; War of 1812; Talladega, Clay.
Reynolds, Thomas H.; Mexican War; Bullock; Ltr from Leon --- of Alexander City, AL..
Rhea, Lewis; War of 1812; St. Clair, Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah; (1.5m).
Rhodes, Jared; War of 1812; Monroe; (1.7m).
Rice, James M.; War of 1812; Morgan?.
Rice, Joel; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Rice, John; Revolutionary War; Madison; (2.3m); Ltr from Mrs. J.C. Gibbs of Mabank, TX..
Rice, Joseph; War of 1812; Madison; File = Rice, Joseph 1812. Ltr from Donna W. McGee of Provo, UT..
Rice, Joseph; Creek Indian War; Madison; (11.8m).
Rice, Right; Revolutionary War; Clarke, Monroe, Wilcox.
Rice, Spencer; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Rice, William; War of 1812; Autauga, Lowndes.
Richards, Thomas S.; War of 1812; Chambers; (2.6m); Ltrs from Mildred Watkins of Shreveport, LA..
Richardson, Francis; Revolutionary War; ---.
Richburg, John S.; War of 1812; Pike.
Rickard, John; Revolutionary War; Monroe.
Riddle, Bradley G.; War of 1812; Dallas, Dale.
Riddle, Samuel Capt.; War of 1812; Washington.
Ridner, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Riggs, James; Revolutionary War; Fayette.
Rigney, Henry; War of 1812; Madison.
Riley, John; Revolutionary War; St. Clair, Shelby, Franklin.
Rivers, Joel; Revolutionary War; Clarke.
Roane, James; War of 1812; Morgan.
Robbins, Daniel; War of 1812; Autauga, Coosa.
Robbins, Edward; Seminole War; Jackson, Marshall.
Robbins, Solomon; War of 1812; Montgomery, Autauga, Coosa; (2.5m).
Roberson, John; Revolutionary War; St. Clair; (2.1m).
Roberts, David; Revolutionary War; Shelby.
Robertson, Isaac; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Robertson, James; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; (5.7m).
Robinson, Henry; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Robinson, Hezekiah; War of 1812; Limestone.
Robinson, James; War of 1812; Morgan, Walker.
Robinson, James J.; Creek War 1836; Macon.
Robinson, John; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Robinson, John B.; War of 1812; Chilton.
Robinson, Thomas; War of 1812; Talladega.
Robinson, William; Regular Army; ---; File = Robinson, William Reg. Army.
Robinson, William; Revolutionary War; Montgomery.
Robinson, William P.; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Robuck, Alfred; ---; Jefferson; (2.2m).
Robuck, John; Revolutionary War; Marion; (3.3m).
Roden, Jeremiah; Revolutionary War; DeKalb.
Roden, Jesse N.; Civil War Union; Jackson, DeKalb.
Roden, John B.; War of 1812; DeKalb; (2m); Ltrs from E.V. Boyt of Devers, TX..
Rodgers, Burwell; Revolutionary War; Wilcox; (16.1m); Ltrs from Mrs. Walter J. Achning of San Antonio, TX..
Rodgers, Eri; War of 1812; Talladega.
Rodgers, James; Revolutionary War; Limestone, Pickens.
Rogers, Edward; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa.
Rogers, Hugh; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Rogers, James; War of 1812; Madison.
Rogers, Larkin; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Rolison, William; Revolutionary War; Autauga; (1.9m); Ltrs from Lydia Smith of Eufaula, AL; and Ruth Stone Cluiss of Tuleta, TX..
Romine, James; War of 1812; Madison.
Romine, Jeremiah; War of 1812; Morgan.
Romine, Peter; Indian Wars; Lauderdale; (1.3m); Quotes W.B. Romine's The Romine Family (pub. 1930)..
Roper, John; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Roper, John (file 2); Revolutionary War; Benton; File = Roper, John 2nd file..
Rose, Bennet; War of 1812; Limestone; (4.8m).
Rose, Neil Buchanan; War of 1812; Madison.
Rose, Zachariah; War of 1812; Lauderdale; Ltrs from Christine Rose.
Ross, Charles; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Ross, Isaac; Revolutionary War; Montgomery; Ltr from Carol Randall of Springfield, OR..
Ross, Jack Ferrill; War of 1812; Mobile.
Ross, Walter; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Ross, Walter Raleigh; War of 1812; Greene, Tuscaloosa.
Rottenberry, Presley; War of 1812; Bibb; Ltr from Conrad B. Rotenberry of Little Rock, AR..
Rountree, William; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.9m); Ltr from Mrs. W.E. Penton, New Orleans, LA..
Rowan, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Jackson; (1.2m); Ltr from Mrs. Rose Davis Schoolcraft of Modesto, CA..
Rowe, Churchwell; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Rowe, Joshua; Revolutionary War; Coosa; Newspaper clipping Shreveport Journal Feb. 24, 1970..
Rowe, William; War of 1812; Madison.
Rowsey, Edmond; Revolutionary War; Fayette; Ltr from Mrs. Robert U. Parratt, Alexandria, LA..
Roy, Joseph; Indian Wars; Shelby.
Roy, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Royer, John Sr.; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Rucker, Burton; War of 1812; Bibb.
Rudder, Archie; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Rudder, Epahroditus; Revolutionary War; Choctaw.
Rumbley, John; Revolutionary War; Monroe, Clarke.
Rush, Joseph; War of 1812; Dallas, Perry.
Rushing, Malachi; War of 1812; Montgomery.
Rushton, Moses; War of 1812; Montgomery; (1.8m).
Russell, Albert; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Russell, George; War of 1812; Franklin; (1.8m).
Russell, Gilbert Christian; War of 1812; ; (1.6m); Ltrs from J.A.L. Miller Jr. of Winston-Salem, NC..
Russell, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Jackson; (2.4m); Ltrs and chart from Mrs. Leroy Kohler of Kingsville, MO..
Russell, William; Revolutionary War; Dallas; File = Russell, William Rev War. Ltr from Wm. M. Roberts of Sylacauga, AL..
Russell, William; War of 1812; Walker; File = Russell, William War 1812..
Russell, William Major; War of 1812, Creek & Seminole Wars; Franklin; (1.6m); Ltrs from Miss Boyce Broadus of Russellville, AL..
Rutherford, James; War of 1812; Jackson; Bible record from Francis W. Wilson of Houston, TX..
Ryan, John; Revolutionary War; Greene.
Ryan, Joseph Rev.; War of 1812; Greene.
Ryan, William; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Saffold, Reuben; War of 1812; Clarke; Newspaper clipping, no date, This Date in Alabama History by W.J. Boles about Reuben Saffold..
Sale, Dudley; War of 1812; Madison.
Salter, John; Revolutionary War; Monroe.
Sampels, Jesse; Revolutionary War; Jackson, DeKalb.
Sample, Jesse; Revolutionary War; Jackson, Dekalb.
Sample, John; Revolutionary War; Washington, Marengo.
Samples, Columbus P.; Civil War; Jackson, Marshall.
Sanders, Allen; Creek War 1836; Barbour, Dale, Russell, Macon.
Sanders, Elisha; Mexican War?; Marshall, Jackson.
Sanders, James; War of 1812; Madison.
Sanders, William; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; File = Sanders, William Rev War..
Sanders, William; War of 1812; Limestone; File = Sanders, William War 1812..
Sanderson, William; War of 1812; Limestone.
Sandidge, Garrett Longmire; War of 1812; Madison; Note from David Fraser of Atlanta, GA. Another note says see photocopy of application of Talbot Key..
Sandidge, John; Revolutionary War; Madison; Info from David Fraser of Atlanta, GA..
Sanford, James M.; War of 1812; Butler.
Satterwhite, Stephen; War of 1812; Russell.
Saunders, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Savage, Zebulon; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Sawyer, Archibald; War of 1812; Randolph.
Sawyer, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Sawyer, Stephen; Revolutionary War; Monroe, Greene.
Saxon, James; Revolutionary War; Autauga; (1.2m).
Saxon, William; War of 1812; Shelby.
Scales, Thomas; Indian Wars; Tuscaloosa; Newspaper clipping from Tuscaloosa News, Aug. 23, 1950, by Bill Bates, "Aunt Jane Scales Recalls 90 Years.".
Scarbrough, Elias; Revolutionary War; Clarke.
Scarff, William C.; War of 1812; Greene, Dallas.
Schrimsher, Alfred; Indian War 1836; Jackson, Madison; Ltrs from June Rhodes, Lake Placid, FL..
Scott, James; Revolutionary War; ---.
Scott, Robert Gomain; War of 1812; Monroe.
Scott, Thomas; War of 1812; Blount; (1.6m); Includes survey of Old Siloam Cemetery, Blount Co.; ltrs from Wm. B. Scott of El Paso, TX..
Scott, Thomas Baytop; Revolutionary War; Lowndes.
Scott, William Alexander; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Scriverer, Reuben; War of 1812; Madison.
Scurlock, Joshua; Florida War; Jackson.
Seale, Arnold; War of 1812; Barbour.
Seale, Jarvis; Revolutionary War; Greene; (1.8m); Info from descendant and family chart..
Seale, John; Revolutionary War; Wilcox.
Seale, Thomas; Revolutionary War, Cherokee War; ---; (1.4m); Ltr from Mrs. Walter Bivins Smith of Nashville, TN..
Seals, Charles; War of 1812; Shelby.
Seaton, George; War of 1812; Madison; (2.5m); Ltr from Mrs. Geo. O. Eldred of Princeton, KY. Valley Leaves quarterly item on John Seaton from Sept. 1989 issue. Ltr from Mrs. Thos. J. Webb of Rockport, TX, and Newport News, VA..
Seaton, John; War of 1812; Madison.
Seay, Abram B.; War of 1812; Talladega.
Self, Francis; War of 1812; Benton; File = Self, Francis -2-..
Self, Francis; War of 1812; Benton.
Self, Melchezedec; War of 1812; Jackson.
Self, William; War of 1812; Blount; (1.6m).
Selman, William; Cherokee War; ---.
Sevier, John; Revolutionary War, War of 1812; Macon; (2m); Ltr from Mrs. J.H. Murphy of Sheffield, AL; ltr from Lillie Hall Antonakos of Salisbury, NC..
Sexton, Sterling J.; War of 1812; Bibb, Coosa, Autauga, Chilton.
Shackelford, Richard; Revolutionary War; Madison; (3.4m).
Sharp, John; Revolutionary War; Madison; This is the ancestor of Desmond Walls Allen..
Sharp, John Floyd; Creek War; ---.
Shaw, William; War of 1812; Coosa.
Shaw, William M.; Indian War 1836; Barbour.
Shearer, Gilbert; War of 1812; Dallas.
Shelby, John; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Shelton, Ledamon; War of 1812; Coosa.
Shepherd, R.S.; Revolutionary War; Shelby, Jefferson; Ltr from Mrs. J.H. Curry of Carrollton, AL..
Sheppard, Andrew; Revolutionary War; Butler.
Sheppard, David; War of 1812; Autauga, Chilton.
Sheppard, William; War of 1812; Barbour.
Sherrill, Adam; Revolutionary War; Franklin; Ltr from Allen O'Reilly of Russellville, AL..
Shields, John; War of 1812; Madison.
Shoemaker, Moses; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Shores, Elijah V.; War of 1812; Talladega, Clay.
Shows, Adam; Revolutionary War; Butler.
Shumaker, Harmon; Revolutionary War; Fayette.
Shuttleworth, John; War of 1812; Bibb.
Sibley, John; Revolutionary War; ---; No pension payments ever made..
Sibrel, Frederick; War of 1812; Madison.
Sides, Henry; Revolutionary War; Walker.
Simms, Joel; War of 1812; Morgan; Ltr from Mary J. St. John of Birmingham, AL..
Simpson, Elisha; Revolutionary War; Washington.
Simpson, Henry Milton; Indian War 1836; Tallapoosa.
Simpson, James; Revolutionary War; Randolph, Benton; (1.3m).
Simpson, James A.; War of 1812; Shelby.
Simpson, Sol P.; Florida War; Lawrence.
Simpson, Thomas; Seminole War; Shelby.
Simpson, William; War of 1812; Madison.
Simpson, William Dr.; War of 1812; Madison.
Sims, Arthur; Creek Indian Wars; Butler.
Sims, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Shelby, St. Clair; File = Sims, Samuel of Shelby Co.
Sims, Samuel; War of 1812; Bibb.
Singleton, Theophilus; War of 1812; Chambers, Lee.
Sisco, Jacob; War of 1812; Madison; (4.4m); Ltr from Minnie Mae Lacy of Jacksonville, TX..
Skain, Adam; Revolutionary War; Butler; (1.5m).
Skein, Adam; Revolutionary War; Butler.
Skipper, James; Revolutionary War; Henry, Pike, Barbour.
Slaughter, John Robert Dr.; Mexican War; Madison; Ltr to the editor (Huntsville?) Times published Dec. 1966 from Mrs. John Slaughter Cain of Madison, AL..
Slaughter, Lee; Regular Army; Baldwin.
Slay, Daniel R.; War of 1812; Chambers.
Sloan, David; Indian Wars; Barbour.
Sloan, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (4.4m); Ltrs from Mrs. David Adams of Birmingham, AL; and J. Julian Bartee of San Francisco, CA..
Slocumbe, Ezekiel; Revolutionary War; ---.
Smart, Cornelius; War of 1812; Pike.
Smedley, John; War of 1812; Chambers.
Smith, Bird; War of 1812; Chambers; Ltr from Mrs. Robert V. Jordan of Monticello, FL..
Smith, Bryant; Revolutionary War; Marshall.
Smith, Charles; Revolutionary War; Randolph.
Smith, David; War of 1812; Monroe.
Smith, Elijah; Revolutionary War; ---.
Smith, Henry G.; Indian Wars; Chambers, Tallapoosa; (1.8m).
Smith, Isaac; Revolutionary War; ---.
Smith, James; Revolutionary War; Madison, Jackson, Morgan; File = Smith, James Rev War.
Smith, James; War of 1812; Madison, Franklin.
Smith, James L.; War of 1812; Clay, Randolph.
Smith, James Patton; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; (1.3m); Ltr from Mrs. Frankie N. Martin..
Smith, John; Florida War; Jackson; File = Smith, John of Jackson Co.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Lawrence; File = Smith, John of Lawrence.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War - British soldier; Madison; File = Smith, John - British.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Madison, Jackson; File = Smith, John of Madison.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Bibb; File = Smith, John of Bibb.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Bibb; File = Smith, John of Bibb Co.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Lawrence; File = Smith, John of Lawrence Co.
Smith, John; Revolutionary War; Madison, Jackson; File = Smith, John of Madison Co.
Smith, Joseph; War of 1812; Jefferson, Fayette; File = Smith, Joseph of Jefferson Co.
Smith, Joseph; War of 1812; Chambers, Tallapoosa; File = Smith, Joseph of Chambers Co.
Smith, Martha P. widow; ---; Butler; Photocopy order from PJG to National Archives without result..
Smith, Matthew; Revolutionary War; Madison, Lawrence; (4.7m); Ltrs from James S. Hanna of Leander, TX. Much info on Jared Brandon family..
Smith, Neal; War of 1812; Clarke.
Smith, Peyton; War of 1812; Bibb, Chilton; (1.4m); Ltr from Mabel C. Jamison of Kosciusko, MS..
Smith, Rebecca widow; Revolutionary War; Jackson; Listed on 1841 list of pensioners but no information from Comptroller Gen.'s Ofc in 1941..
Smith, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Autauga; Grave noted on DAR list..
Smith, Thomas M.; War of 1812; Perry; (2.9m).
Smith, William; Revolutionary War; Monroe.
Smith, William C.; War of 1812; Chambers.
Snider, Matthias; War of 1812; Pike.
Snodgrass, Benjamin Colonel; Florida War; Jackson.
Southern, John; War of 1812; ---.
Sparks, Enoch; War of 1812; Franklin.
Sparks, John; Revolutionary War; Franklin.
Sparks, Leonard; War of 1812; Jackson, Cherokee; (1.1m).
Sparks, Thomas; Indian War 1836; Montgomery; From an uncited published source ca. 1964..
Sparks, Uriah; War of 1812; Talladega; Ltr from Russell E. Bidlack, Ann Arbor, MI..
Spears, Messer; War of 1812; Randolph, Talladega, Tallapoosa, Clay; (2.3m).
Speer, William; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; (1.8m); Ltrs from Mrs. Lewis Spears of Austin, TX..
Spelce, John; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Spence, Solomon; War of 1812; Madison, Talladega.
Spivey, Aaron; Revolutionary War; Elmore, Autauga; (1.3m).
Splann, Cornelius; War of 1812; Morgan, Lawrence.
Splawn, Jeremiah; Creek War; ---; Ltr from Grace Campbell Clowe of Dallas TX..
Springer, John; War of 1812; ---.
Spurlock, John; Revolutionary War; Barbour.
Stafford, David; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Stallings, Jesse; War of 1812; Clarke, Butler.
Stanaland, Hugh; War of 1812; Pike; Only a note from John Johnston of Brundidge, AL..
Stanford, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Fayette, Marion; (5m); Ltrs from Ruth White Williams of West Point, MS; W.E. Stanford of Tahlequah, OK; Harold M. DeLormey Jr. of Columbia, SC. Much info on the Molloy family..
Stansel, William Roberts; War of 1812; Pickens.
Starkey, Elijah; Florida War; Jackson.
Starkey, Jesse; War of 1812; Jackson; (1.4m); Ltr from Edris A. Starkey of Altus, OK..
Starnes, George; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; (1m); Ltrs from Lexa mae Conerly of San Angelo, TX..
Starnes, Nicholas; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; (1.6m).
Steele, George Capt.; War of 1812; Madison; (1.2m).
Steele, Ninian; Revolutionary War; ---; Only a ltr from NSDAR saying he wasn't the man of the same name in their files..
Steele, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Stell, James; War of 1812; Lawrence.
Stephens, John; Revolutionary War; Lowndes; Only a ltr from J.E. Hill of Decatur, GA..
Stephens, Josiah; War of 1812; Jackson.
Stephens, Reuben; Revolutionary War; Tallapoosa, Chambers.
Stephenson, John; War of 1812; Morgan.
Stephenson, William Watson; War of 1812; Lawrence.
Sterling, Silas C.; Revolutionary War; Blount; (1.4m); Ltr from Miss Janie Vickery of Waco, TX..
Stevenson, Thomas; Indian Wars; Butler; Ltr from Lillian McGowen..
Stewart, Allen; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; (2m).
Stewart, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Autauga, Coosa; File = Stewart, Thomas of Autauga.
Stewart, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison; File = Stewart, Thomas of Madison Co..
Stewart, Thomas; Revolutionary War; ; File = Stewart, Thomas age 97..
Stewart, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Autauga, Montgomery, Coosa; File = Stewart, Thomas of Autauga Co.
Stewart, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison; File = Stewart, Thomas of Madison.
Stickney, Henry; War of 1812; Mobile; (2.9m).
Stillwagon, Elizabeth Mrs.; Revolutionary War; Madison; Note about death in 1854..
Stockdale, James S.; War of 1812; Talladega; Ltr from Franklin S. Moseley of Eutaw, AL..
Stockmon, Christopher; Revolutionary War; Mobile.
Stokes, Sylvester / Sylvanus; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Stone, Jesse; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Stone, John; Revolutionary War; Lawrence; (1.1m).
Stone, Reuben; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.1m); Ltr from Evelyn Stone Petty of Huntsville, AL..
Stone, Solomon; Revolutionary War; ---; Ltr from Maud McLure Kelly of Talladega, AL..
Stone, Warren; Revolutionary War; Lowndes; (2.5m).
Stone, William; Revolutionary War; Greene; Ltr from Pollyanna Creekmore of Knoxville, TN..
Story, Henry; Revolutionary War; Greene; (1.2m); Ltr from Jas. W. Story of Amarillo, TX..
Stoud, Mathew; Revolutionary War; Bibb, Shelby, Tuscaloosa.
Stough, Jacob; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Stradford, Matthew; War of 1812; Morgan.
Strange, Abner; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (1.9m); Ltr from Mrs. Corrinne Murphy of Sheffield, AL..
Strickland, Eli; War of 1812; Randolph, Clay, Marshall.
Strickland, Henry; War of 1812; Bibb; Ltr from Mary Barnett Curtis of Fort Worth, TX..
Stringfield, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison.
Strong, Johnson; Revolutionary War; Fayette; (1.7m).
Strong, Nathan; Creek and Seminole Wars; Lawrence.
Strother, Aaron; War of 1812; Chambers.
Strothers, William; Revolutionary War; Wilcox.
Stroud, Mathew; Revolutionary War; Bibb, Shelby, Tuscaloosa; (1.5m).
Stroup, Jacob; War of 1812; Calhoun.
Stuart, Daniel; War of 1812; Pike.
Stubbs, Lewis; War of 1812; Pike.
Studroe, Ready; Revolutionary War; ---; Note from PJG says "Believe this is Shadrac Ready.".
Sturdevant, John; Revolutionary War; Dallas; Soldier died in Hancock Co. GA, but son lived in Dallas Co., AL. BJM note says see records on David Burton Sudduth.
Sugg, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Franklin.
Sullivan, Larkin; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Summers, John; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Summers, Thomas; War of 1812; Talladega, Lawrence.
Sutton, George; Revolutionary War; Mobile.
Sutton, Jacob; Revolutionary War; Lawrence, Morgan, Walker; (2.4m); Ltr from Ruth Sutton Byrd of San Jose, CA..
Sutton, John; Indian Wars; Perry.
Sutton, Robert; Revolutionary War; Lawrence.
Swindle, Daniel; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa; Ltr from Faye Bean Elder of Arlington, TX..
Sykes, James Turner; War of 1812; Morgan.
Tabor, John H.; War of 1812; Madison.
Tabor, William; Revolutionary War; Bibb, Shelby; (2.5m); Ltrs from Inez Freeman of Providence, UT; Jane T. Bauer of Carrollton, TX; Alice T. Kremser of Clarksdale, MS; Mrs. Birnie Barry of Fort Smith, AR; and Willye B. Osborne of Pueblo, CO..
Tait, Charles; War of 1812; Wilcox.
Tait, James Ashbury; War of 1812; Wilcox.
Talbot, Green B.; War of 1812; Chambers, Tallapoosa; (2.5m); Ltr from Mrs. Wayne Starkey of Altus, OK..
Taliaferro, Richard; Revolutionary War; Pickens.
Tannehill, Ninian; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Tarrant, Benjamin; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Tarrant, James; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; (2.3m).
Tate, Caleb; Revolutionary War; Dallas.
Tatom, Capt.; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Tatum, Edward; Revolutionary War; Jefferson; Newspaper clippings..
Tatum, Howell; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Tatum, Organ; War of 1812; Autauga.
Taul, Micah; War of 1812; Talladega.
Taylor, Elijah; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (1.5m).
Taylor, George; Revolutionary War; Madison; (26m); Huge file, 81 pages..
Taylor, Grant; War of 1812; Madison.
Taylor, Jonathan; Revolutionary War; [Edgefield Dist., SC]; (6m).
Taylor, Meredith; Revolutionary War; Pickens; (1.7m).
Taylor, Moses; Revolutionary War; Butler.
Taylor, Robert; War of 1812; Greene; (2.6m); Ltrs from Carolyn Luttrell..
Taylor, Stephen; War of 1812; Clay.
Taylor, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Chambers.
Teakle, John; War of 1812, Indian Wars; Randolph.
Teal, Loderick; Revolutionary War; Coosa.
Tedderton, John; Revolutionary War; Clark.
Temple, John; Revolutionary War; Montgomery; (1.3m); File = Temple, John -2-.
Temple, John; Revolutionary War; Montgomery.
Terrell, Anthony; War of 1812; Marshall; File = Terrell, Anthony -2-.
Terrell, Anthony; War of 1812; Marshall.
Terrell, Joseph; War of 1812; Lauderdale; (6.9m).
Terrell, Joseph; War of 1812; Lauderdale; (1.6m); File = Terrell, Joseph -2-.
Tharp, Robert; Revolutionary War; Franklin.
Thigpen, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Perry; File = Thigpen, Joseph -2-.
Thigpen, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Perry.
Thomas, Benjamin; Revolutionary War; Sumter; File = Thomas, Benjamin Rev War.
Thomas, Benjamin; War of 1812; Talladega; File = Thomas, Benjamin War of 1812.
Thomas, Elliott; Revolutionary War; Barbour.
Thomas, James; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Thomas, John; Revolutionary War; Autauga; (7.4m); File = Thomas, John -2-. Ltrs from Leon A. Nolen, Birmingham, AL; Roscoe C. d'Armand of Knoxville, TN..
Thomas, John; War of 1812; ---; Served in Vermont; not an Alabama soldier..
Thomas, John; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Thomas, Lee H.; War of 1812; Chambers, Randolph.
Thomas, William; Revolutionary War; Butler, Lowndes; Clipping from Shreveport Journal of March 27, 1979..
Thomason. John; Revolutionary War; St. Clair.
Thompson, Benjamin; Revolutionary War; Montgomery; File = Thompson, Benjamin -2-.
Thompson, Benjamin; Revolutionary War; Montgomery.
Thompson, Benjamin W.; War of 1812; Morgan.
Thompson, Electus; Revolutionary War; Morgan; File = Thompson, Electus -2-.
Thompson, Electus; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Thompson, Henry B.; War of 1812; Lee.
Thompson, Nicholas; Revolutionary War; Morgan; File = Thompson, Nicholas -2-.
Thompson, Nicholas; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Thompson, Robert; Revolutionary War; Franklin; File = Thompson, Robert of Franklin.
Thompson, Robert; Revolutionary War; Limestone; File = Thompson, Robert of Limestone.
Thompson, Robert; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (1.2m); File = Thompson, Robert of Limestone Co.
Thompson, Robert; Revolutionary War; Franklin; File = Thompson, Robert of Franklin Co.
Thompson, Rufus M.; Mexican War; Morgan.
Thompson, William N. Jr.; Indian War 1836; Autauga.
Thornton, John; Revolutionary War; Randolph, Pickens, Greene.
Thornton, Josiah; Revolutionary War; ; Note about rejected pension..
Thornton, William; War of 1812; Covington.
Thrasher, John; War of 1812; Bibb; File = Thrasher, John -2-.
Thrasher, John; War of 1812; Bibb.
Thrower, Sion; Revolutionary War; Crenshaw.
Tidmore, John; Revolutionary War; Greene; (1.5m); Ltrs from Corinne K. Murphy; and J.E. Skaggs of Plainview, TX..
Tipton, Jonothan; ---; Marshall.
Tipton, Jonothon; Revolutionary War; Marshall; File = Tipton, Jonothan -2-.
Tisdale, Shirley; War of 1812; Limestone; File = Tisdale, Shirley -2-.
Tisdale, Shirley; War of 1812; Limestone.
Tison, James S.; War of 1812; Chambers.
Tittle, Clinton; Civil War Union; Winston.
Tittle, James S.; Civil War; Walker.
Todd, David H. Capt.; Mexican War, Civil War CSA; Madison.
Tolbert, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Tolleson, Burel M.; Civil War Union; Marion.
Towers, Benjamin; War of 1812; Cherokee.
Townes, John Leigh; War of 1812; Madison, Lawrence, Tuscumbia.
Townley, Henry Morris; War of 1812; Jefferson, Walker; Ltrs from J.E. Townley of Hughes Springs, TX; and Diana Townley West of Provo, UT..
Townsel, Joshua; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Townsend, Andrew; Revolutionary War; St. Clair.
Townsend, Andrew; Revolutionary War; St. Clair; File = Townsend, Andrew -2-.
Townsend, John; Revolutionary War; Madison, Limestone, Franklin, Marion, Montgomery; also Coosa Co..
Townsend, Joshua; Revolutionary War; Jackson; Also Townsel.
Townsend, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Coosa, Montgomery; (4.3m); Ltrs from Jerry Townsend of Meridian, MS; David A. Avant Jr. of Tallahassee, FL; Kenneth R. Fortner of Grand Prairie, TX; Edna McGalliard of Weogufka, AL; Everette Reynolds of Houston, TX; Louise A. Trotter of Knoxville, TN..
Tramell, James; War of 1812; Benton.
Trammell, Farrah Harris; War of 1812; Chambers.
Trammell, James; War of 1812; Randolph, Talladega, Benton.
Traywick, Francis M.; War of 1812; Autauga, Coosa, Chilton.
Treadwell, David; War of 1812; Chambers; (1.3m).
Treat, John; Revolutionary War; ---; Connecticut soldier, not Alabama..
Tribble, Elijah; Revolutionary War; Jackson; (1.1m); Ltr from Bernard Schaaf of Lafayette, IN..
Tribble, James; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.7m); Article from Valley Leaves March 1993..
Trim, John H.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa, Fayette.
Trotter, William; War of 1812; Russell.
Troup, Matthew W.; Creek War; Morgan.
Troxel, Jacob; Revolutionary War; DeKalb.
Troxil, Jacob; Revolutionary War; Jackson, DeKalb.
Truitt, William; Revolutionary War; Talladega, Coosa.
Trump, Green H.; War of 1812; Madison.
Tubb, John; Revolutionary War; Perry; (5.1m).
Tubbs, Daniel; War of 1812; Walker; (4m).
Tubbs, Joel; War of 1812; Franklin.
Tucker, George; Revolutionary War; Fayette, Marion; (2.7m).
Tucker, John; War of 1812; Marshall; File = Tucker, John of Marshall Co..
Tucker, John; War of 1812; Chambers; File = Tucker, John of Chambers Co..
Tucker, Joseph; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Tucker, Thomas; War of 1812; Chambers.
Turnbow, Isaac; War of 1812; Perry.
Turner, Lewis; Revolutionary War; Jefferson, Shelby; (1.6m).
Turner, Mathias; War of 1812; Walker.
Turner, Noel; Revolutionary War; Mobile.
Turrentine, Daniel C.; Florida War; DeKalb.
Turrentine, John; War of 1812; Morgan.
Underwood, Nimrod; War of 1812; Bibb.
Upton, George; Revolutionary War; DeKalb; (2.4m).
Valentine, Benjamin; War of 1812; Greene.
Vance, William; Revolutionary War; Mobile.
Vandegrift, John; Indian War 1836; St. Clair.
VanDyke, John; War of 1812; St. Clair.
Varner, Joseph; Creek War 1813; Clarke, Wilcox; (1.1m); Ltr from Mrs. Charles W. Blair of Birmingham, AL..
Vaughan, Ingraham; Revolutionary War; Marengo.
Vaughan, Ingraham; Revolutionary War; Madison, Marengo.
Vaughan, James; War of 1812; Limestone.
Vaughan, James; Indian Wars; Geneva; File = Vaughan, James of Geneva Co..
Vaughan, Joel; Revolutionary War; Madison, Greene, Pickens.
Vaughan, M.S. Rev.; War of 1812; Blount.
Vaughan, William; War of 1812; Jackson.
Vaughn, Abner; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Vaughn, Reuben; ---; ---; (1.4m); Info about Reuben Vaughn Kidd, a CSA soldier..
Vest, Obediah; War of 1812; Morgan, Cullman.
Vick, Alexander; War of 1812; Shelby, Fayette.
Vickery, Samson; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Vincent, John; Indian War 1813; Talladega.
Vining, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Limestone; (3.3m).
Waddell, Haines; War of 1812; Russell, Lee.
Waddell, Haynes; War of 1812; Lee, Russell.
Wade, Drury; War of 1812; Clarke.
Wade, John G.; War of 1812; Clarke, Marengo.
Wagster, William; Revolutionary War; Butler, Lowndes.
Waid, Calvin; Revolutionary War; Blount.
Waid, Greenberry; Revolutionary War; Blount; Ltrs from Nellie R. Dowling of Bossier City, LA..
Walden, David; Revolutionary War; Jackson, Blount, Walker.
Waldron, Charles; Revolutionary War; Lowndes, Jefferson.
Waldrop, Michael; Creek War 1836; Lauderdale.
Walker, James A.; War of 1812; Randolph, Clay.
Walker, John Newstep; War of 1812; Montgomery, Lowndes.
Walker, Matthias; Revolutionary War; Clarke, Wilcox.
Walker, Solomon; Revolutionary War; Barbour; Also a newspaper clipping, Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, Nov. 26, 1954..
Walker, Tandy; War of 1812; Pike; (3.8m).
Walker, William; Revolutionary War; DeKalb; (2.2m).
Wall, Ezekiel; War of 1812; Chambers.
Wallace, John; Revolutionary War; Bibb; (2.2m).
Wallace, Richard Wade; War of 1812; Tallapoosa, Clay; (1.1m).
Wallace, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Morgan; File = Wallace, Thomas -2-.
Wallace, Thomas; War of 1812; Madison, Morgan; (1.9m).
Wallace, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Morgan; (5.1m); File = Wallace, Thomas Rev War.
Walling, David; Revolutionary War; Walker.
Walling, William; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Walls, Daniel; War of 1812; Jackson.
Walls, Henry; Cherokee Removal; Randolph; See file Walls, Daniel..
Walls, Henry; Cherokee War; Randolph.
Walters, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Madison.
Walton, William; Revolutionary War; Greene; (1.7m).
Ward, Isaac; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Ward, James Dr.; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa, Bibb.
Ward, John; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.3m); File = Ward, John of Madison Co.
Ward, John; Revolutionary War; Bibb; (1.2m); File = Ward, John of Bibb Co.
Ward, John; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.1m).
Ward, Samuel; War of 1812; Cherokee, DeKalb.
Warden, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Benton; (1.3m).
Ware, Edmund; War of 1812; Wilcox.
Ware, Jacob; War of 1812; Jefferson.
Ware, James; Revolutionary War; Montgomery.
Ware, Robert Sr.; Revolutionary War; Montgomery; (1.7m).
Warren, Reuben; War of 1812, Florida War; Calhoun.
Warren, Zachariah; War of 1812; Madison.
Warsham, John; Revolutionary War; Washington, Choctaw.
Wash, Thomas; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Washam, William; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Waters, William; War of 1812; Dallas, Chambers, Tallapoosa; (1.6m); Lrs from Mrs. A.R. McFerrin of Beaumont, TX..
Watford, Joseph; Revolutionary War; Dale.
Watkins, Daniel; Creek War; Madison, Jefferson.
Watkins, James; Revolutionary War; Benton.
Watkins, Miles S. Dr.; War of 1812; Madison.
Watkins, Robert; Revolutionary War; Dallas.
Watson, Alexander; War of 1812; Talladega.
Watson, David; War of 1812; Shelby, Jefferson; File = Watson, David of Shelby Co.
Watson, David; War of 1812; Lawrence; File = Watson, David of Lawrence Co.
Watson, no first name; War of 1812; Talladega; land warrant mentioned in estate of Mrs Sarah Watson 1859.
Watters, Collins; War of 1812; Tallapoosa.
Watts, Garrett; Revolutionary War; Jefferson, Perry.
Watts, John H.; War of 1812; Butler.
Wear, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Weathers, Isham; War of 1812; Randolph.
Webster, John; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; (1.5m).
Wedgeworth, James; War of 1812; Choctaw.
Wedgeworth, John D.; Seminole War; Fayette.
Weeden, William Dr.; War of 1812; Madison.
Weems, Robert; War of 1812; St. Clair, Benton, Etowah.
Welch, George; War of 1812; Washington.
Welch, James; War of 1812; Tallapoosa; File = Welch, James of Tallapoosa Co.
Welch, James; War of 1812; Washington; File = Welch, James of Washington Co.
Welch, Nathaniel; Indian Wars; Talladega.
Welch, Thomas; War of 1812; Perry.
Welch, Warren; War of 1812; Montgomery, Monroe.
Wellborn, Elias; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.4m); Ltr from Mrs. W.H. McDonald of Memphis, TN..
Wellborn, Isaac; Revolutionary War; Madison; (2.2m).
Wellborn, William Gen.; Indian War 1836; Barbour.
Welsh, George; War of 1812; Washington.
Welsh, James; War of 1812; Washington.
Welsh, John; Revolutionary War; Perry.
Welsh, John Victor; War of 1812; Washington, Sumter, Choctaw.
West, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Marshall.
West, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Limestone.
Wester, Benjamin; War of 1812; Chambers, Tallapoosa.
Weston, Robert; Revolutionary War; Sumter.
Whatley, Cassie widow; War of 1812; Pike.
Whatley, Elijah; War of 1812; Pickens.
Whatley, Solomon; War of 1812; Talladega, Clay.
Whiddon, Noah; Revolutionary War; Butler.
White, Andrew; Revolutionary War; Lawrence; (1.7m); Ltrs from Miss Lois Lamb of Courtland, MS..
White, Benjamin; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
White, Elijah; Revolutionary War; Franklin; (1.2m).
White, James; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
White, James; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
White, Jesse; Revolutionary War; Autauga.
Whitefield, William; Revolutionary War; St. Clair.
Whitfield, William; Revolutionary War; St. Clair.
Whiting, W. John; Florida War 1836; Tuscaloosa.
Whitlock, William; War of 1812; Franklin.
Whitsett, no first name; War of 1812; Madison.
Wicker, William; Revolutionary War; Barbour, Pike.
Wiggins, Thomas; Creek War 1836; Monroe.
Wigington, George; Revolutionary War; Pickens.
Wiginton, George; Revolutionary War; Madison, St. Clair; (1.9m).
Wilder, George; Revolutionary War; Limestone, Talladega, Shelby, Madison.
Wiley, Samuel; War of 1812; Winston.
Wilkerson, John; War of 1812; Butler.
Wilkerson, Joseph; War of 1812; Mobile.
Wilkerson, Reuben; War of 1812; Chambers.
Wilkerson, William; War of 1812; Butler.
Wilkerson, William; War of 1812 and Creek War 1836; Coffee; File = Wilkerson, William of Coffee Co.
Wilkinson, Berry; Creek War; Barbour.
Wilkinson, Elred; War of 1812; Chambers.
Wilkinson, George Washington; Regular Army; Mobile.
Wilkinson, John; Revolutionary War; Wilcox.
Wilkinson, Peter; War of 1812; Pike.
Wilkinson, Samuel; Indian War 1836; Barbour; File = Wilkinson, Samuel Indian War.
Wilkinson, Samuel; War of 1812; Perry; File = Wilkinson, Samuel War of 1812.
Williams, Benjamin; Indian War 1818; Tuscaloosa.
Williams, Bennett; War of 1812; Chambers; (2.2m).
Williams, David; Revolutionary War; Greene.
Williams, Isaac; War of 1812; Perry, Greene, Pickens.
Williams, Isaac; War of 1812; Shelby; File = Williams, Isaac of Shelby Co.
Williams, John; Revolutionary War; Mobile.
Williams, John; Revolutionary War; Mobile; File = Williams, John of Mobile Co.
Williams, Jonathon; Revolutionary War; Pike.
Williams, Jordan; War of 1812; Talladega, Jefferson.
Williams, Joseph; War of 1812; Bibb.
Williams, Levi; Mexican War; Tuscaloosa.
Williams, Peter; Revolutionary War; Pickens; (1.5m).
Williams, Plummer; War of 1812; Limestone.
Williams, Robert; Revolutionary War; Fayette; File = Williams, Robert Rev War.
Williams, Robert; War of 1812; Tallapoosa; File = Williams, Robert War of 1812.
Williams, Samuel; Revolutionary War; Butler, Covington.
Williams, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Jackson, Madison, DeKalb.
Williams, William; War of 1812; Jackson; Ltr from Mrs. Sherman Williams of Erwin, TX..
Williamson, Elias; War of 1812; Wilcox.
Williamson, George; Revolutionary War; Wilcox.
Williamson, Hawley; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.2m).
Willis, Edwin; War of 1812; Barbour, Pike, Autauga.
Willson, James; War of 1812; Morgan.
Wilson, Benjamin; War of 1812; Autauga.
Wilson, James; Revolutionary War; Clarke, Marengo, Sumter; File = Wilson, James of Clarke Co.
Wilson, James; War of 1812; Hale; File = Wilson, James of Hale Co.
Wilson, Jesse; War of 1812; Shelby.
Wilson, Joel; War of 1812; Chambers, Randolph.
Wilson, John; Revolutionary War; Bibb.
Wilson, John P.; Mexican War; Jackson.
Wilson, Joshua; Revolutionary War; Dallas, Clarke.
Wilson, no first name; Revolutionary War; Tuscaloosa; Note from History of Pickens County by Smith contains reference to paternal grandfather of Dr. B.F. Wilson..
Wilson, Robert; Revolutionary War; Morgan.
Wilson, Samuel J.; War of 1812; Hale.
Wilson, William; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Winfrey, John F.; War of 1812; Madison.
Winn, Elisha; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.9m).
Winn, Galanus; Revolutionary War; Madison; (1.7m).
Winn, Gallenus; Revolutionary War; Madison; (2.5m).
Winston, Anthony; Revolutionary War; Franklin; (1.7m).
Winston, John J.; War of 1812; Franklin, Greene.
Winter, Samuel; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa.
Wisdom, Thomas G.; War of 1812; Madison, Jackson.
Wise, Harron; Indian Wars 1836; Coffee.
Wise, Zachariah; War of 1812; Morgan.
Witherington, Daniel; War of 1812; Conecuh.
Witherington, William; Revolutionary War; Conecuh.
Witherspoon, Mary; Revolutionary War; ---; Pension in her own right; lived 1764-1825..
Withrow, James; Revolutionary War; DeKalb.
Witt, Silas; War of 1812; Benton, Cherokee; (1.7m).
Wolfe, John; War of 1812; Perry.
Wood, John; Revolutionary War; Jackson.
Wood, John; Revolutionary War; Jackson; File = Wood, John of Jackson Co.
Wood, John; War of 1812; Talladega, Clay; File = Wood, John of Talladega Co.
Wood, Joshua; Revolutionary War; Bibb; (1.2m).
Wood, Robert; War of 1812; Etowah.
Wood, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Dallas.
Woodall, Jonathan; Revolutionary War; Jefferson.
Woodfin, Nicholas; War of 1812; Madison, Jackson.
Woods, Joseph B.; War of 1812; Cherokee.
Woods, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Dallas; (1.6m).
Woolf, Henry; Revolutionary War; Marengo.
Word, Thomas; Revolutionary War; Conecuh.
Works, John; War of 1812; Perry, Dallas, Lowndes, Talladega, Coosa; (1.2m).
Wortham, John; War of 1812; Randolph.
Wright, Daniel; Revolutionary War; Madison; (6.4m).
Wright, James; War of 1812; Tuscaloosa, Dallas, Madison, Choctaw.
Wright, John; War of 1812; Madison; (2.3m).
Wyatt, Moses; War of 1812; Chambers; (1.9m).
Wyatt, Peyton Short; Mexican War; Madison.
Wylie, William; Revolutionary War; Perry, Dallas.
Wynne, Williamson; Revolutionary War, War of 1812; Greene.
Yancey, Miles; War of 1812; DeKalb.
Yancy, Minus; War of 1812; Jefferson, St. Clair.
Yates, Lewis; War of 1812; Bibb.
Yates, Robert; War of 1812; Talladega.
Yielding, Francis; War of 1812; Blount.
York, John; War of 1812; Madison.
York, Uriah; War of 1812; Madison.
Young, Beverly Allen; War of 1812; Marion.
Young, Edmund; War of 1812; Madison; (3m).
Young, James; Revolutionary War; Lauderdale.
Young, John; Revolutionary War; Wilcox.
Young, Samuel; Indian Wars; Wilcox.
Youngblood, Alimelech; War of 1812; Tallapoosa, Talladega.
Youngblood, Thomas; War of 1812; Benton.

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