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How to Order

New! We're transferring most of our books into .pdf format for electronic delivery. And there's no shipping on anything we can stuff down a telephone line. If the files are below 10 mb, we'll e-mail them to you. Some, however, are huge - so we'll send you a download link from a file transfer service and you can download them. Look for the information and separate PayPal buttons for electronic versions of our books.

Ready to order? These books can arrive in your snail-mail mailbox within just a few days or, in some cases, in your e-mail in-box in just one day. Order through PayPal or by mail. You can order both electronic and paper books on the same form - electronic files won't add to your shipping.

If you're on dial-up Internet service, contact us at desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com and we'll work with you about putting the electronic book files on CDs and snail-mailing them to you. (Shipping charges will apply.)


To use PayPal, click on the "PayPal add to cart" button with each book's description. Follow PayPal's shopping cart instructions to complete your transaction. Don't be hesitant to add books to your PayPal shopping cart; you can always click the remove button and take them out. If you have pop-ups blocked in your Internet browser, you may need to hold down your Control key as you click on the PayPal buttons.

In theory, when you order, PayPal is supposed to send us an e-mail about your order. However, every now and then, just to keep life interesting, PayPal omits this e-mail. "A glitch," they said. So if you order through PayPal, expect an e-mail from us within a day at most, acknowledging your order. If you don't receive it, e-mail us: desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com to rattle our cage and we'll go glitch-hunting at PayPal.


If you prefer to order with our order form, click here to print the order form.

Or merely write a list of the books you want on a sheet of paper, and mail it with your personal check or a money order. If you pay bills online through your bank account, just mail or e-mail us the list of books, then go to Bill Pay on your bank's website and send a check to Arkansas Research. We'll have your books packed up and ready to go when your check arrives. Make a note on your order that your check will arrive separately.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are based on your order amount: 
    up to - 39.99 --        Add $7.00 
    $40.00 - 89.99 --     Add $10.00 
    $90.00 - 129.99 --   Add $13.00 
    $130.00 - 169.99 -- Add $16.00
    $170.00 and over -- Add $20.00 
We ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Post office box addresses are fine with us.
        Note: there are no shipping charges on electronic files.

Sales tax

Arkansas residents must add sales tax. Shipping charges are taxable, too. As of Jan. 1, 2008, we must collect whatever the sales tax rate is where our customers reside in Arkansas. That's different than it used to be when our place-of-business sales tax rate applied to all in-state orders. If you don't know your rate just figure it at 6.5%.

Ship-to addresses

Be sure and give us a delivery address known to the US post office. If you want us to ship your books to someone else, write us some clear instructions about what to do.

Our questions

It's helpful if you supply a day-time phone number so we can call if we have questions about your order or your address - we use the USPS Click-N-Ship or Stamps.com websites and if they don't know your address, we like to call you and ask for details. We don't telemarket and we don't give any of your information to anyone (well, except the post office websites) to anyone for any reason.

Our FAX machine suicided and since we receive so few faxes, we've elected not to replace it.

Libraries and Public Institutions

Send us a purchase order! We'll invoice you. Mail it to PO Box 303, Conway AR 72033, or attach it to an e-mail to desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com (be sure to ask for a confirming e-mail because we all know e-mail isn't perfect yet).

Foreign Orders...

What were you thinking when you left? Yes, we'll ship to addresses outside the United States but we expect you to pony up the extra postage. E-mail us - desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com and tell us where you are are and what books you want and we'll determine the postage cost and e-mail you with an amount. Payment has to be in US dollars. If you live in France, we can't ship to you because of the complicated French postal prohibitions - Sorry! - we didn't make those rules.

Nobody's Perfect... If something's not right about your order, just e-mail us - desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com - and we'll fix it. Don't get your panties bunched up; we haven't had a problem yet that we couldn't fix. Just speak up!

Contact us: Arkansas Research, Inc., PO Box 303, Conway, AR 72033, 646/470-1120
E-mail: desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com

Send mail to desmondwallsallen(at)gmail.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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