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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Crittenden, Cross, and St. Francis Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Crittenden County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Crittenden County World War I Soldiers

Abbott, Lonzo R.
Adams, George
Adams, Jim Lee
Adams, Mack
Admore, Jesse
Aldridge, James L.
Alexander, Eddie
Alexander, Eddie
Alexander, Jessie
Alexander, Tom
Allen, David
Allen, John
Allen, Royster
Allen, Will
Allen, Will
Allred, Ozie D.
Anderson, Abraham
Anderson, Aderson
Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Ernest
Anderson, Flanard L.
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, James
Anderson, Milton D.
Anderson, Walter
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Angle, Christopher C.
Appleton, John H.
Armstrong, Nathan
Arnold, Alias
Arnold, Canion
Ash, Jim
Ashby, John W.
Ashby, Sanford H.
Austin, Henry
Aycock, Ercle J.
Bagley, William H.
Bagsby, Albert
Bailey, William
Baker, Brade
Baker, Harry
Baker, Horace
Baker, William S.
Ballard, Willis O.
Banks, Edward
Banks, Elder
Banks, Isadore
Banks, John H.
Banks, Melvin
Barker, Bill
Barker, Ollie J.
Barnum, Elmer E.
Bass, Louis
Bateman, Lonnie L.
Bates, Sam
Bates, Sidney
Bates, Vernon
Bauchman, William C.
Beacham, Henry
Beard, Willie
Beck, Douglas
Bell, Arthur
Bell, Frank
Bellamy, Andrew
Bellinger, Lee
Berry, Aleck
Berry, Frank W.
Berry, Mitchell
Berry, Robert H.
Bester, John
Betts, Fred
Birks, Joe
Bishop, Tom
Blakley, Clarnce
Bland, Alf
Bledsoe, Pearl
Blocker, Jim
Bobbitt, Leroy
Bobo, Walter
Bogan, John
Bogard, Alex R. Jr.
Bogard, Edward H.
Bogard, Edward Hexter
Bohannan, Alphonso
Bolding, William J.
Bolds, Landr
Bolton, Bernie B.
Bonner, Thomas
Boyd, Horace
Boydston, Fred M.
Brademeyer, Ray H.
Bradford, Moses
Bradley, Marshall
Brady, James E.
Brady, James L.
Brainion, William L.
Branch, Harvey
Brazzell, Jim
Brehm, William S.
Brenner, Fred E.
Brewer, DeWitt T.
Brickell, Horace C.
Bridges, Conaway
Brooks, Allen
Brooks, John
Brown, Albert
Brown, Clarence
Brown, Frank L.
Brown, Harrison
Brown, Isaac
Brown, Joe
Brown, Marshall
Brown, Ned Jr.
Brown, Oscar
Brown, Simon
Brown, Singer
Brown, Walter
Brown, Wiley
Bryant, Robert O'Hara
Bufford, Stephenson
Bumgarner, Joe L.
Bungarner, Jake
Bunk, Aaron
Bunn, Albert Poiner
Burnette, Robert Jr.
Burtnette, Claude S.
Burton, Dave
Burton, Robert
Bush, Arthur
Butler, Marion L.
Byers, James F.
Caldwell, William
Campbell, Charley A.
Campbell, Walter
Cannamore, John
Cannon, Charley
Carnes, Jim
Carodine, Man
Carr, Ruffus
Carson, Lancelot N.
Carter, Alfred B. Jr.
Carter, Ed
Carter, Robert
Carter, William R.
Cassie, Frank
Caulder, Albert E.
Causher, Willis
Center, Will F.
Chairs, Arthur
Cheatum, Luke
Choate, Ben
Chrisp, Velvie Dean
Christian, Jesse
Church, A.D.
City, Manuel
Clark, Drew
Clark, Frank
Clark, Will
Clark, Willie
Clay, Henry
Clay, Henry
Clay, Henry No. 1 [sic]
Clay, Henry No. 2 [sic]
Clay, John
Claybrooks, Fred
Clayton, David
Clifton, Johnie C.
Cochran, L.D.
Cockrill, James T.
Coghlan, Tom Watson
Coldwell, John
Cole, Albert
Cole, Dallas
Coleman, Clarence
Coleman, John
Coleman, Louis
Coleman, William
Collier, Hosie
Collins, Harrison
Collins, Ira
Collins, James
Conner, Richmond
Conwell, Mark
Conyers, George
Cook, Daniel W.
Cook, Junius D.
Cook, William R.
Cooper, Sam
Cornelius, Charlie
Cothran, John L.
Couch, Rufus
Council, John W.
Coverson, Dave
Cox, Edmon Robert
Cox, Fred
Craft, Willie
Crafton, Willie
Crag, Jack
Craig, Charlie
Craven, William C.
Crawford, Brady
Crawford, Charlie
Crawford, Horace
Crawford, Omer
Crews, Louis
Crockerham, Will Mack
Crook, Ollie E.
Crosby, Henry
Cross, Willie
Crouch, Frank
Crouch, Robert C.
Crowder, Horace U.
Crowder, Walter
Crowell, Theo
Crozier, John Alex
Culbreath, Cliff
Culp, Claude C.
Culp, Robert H.
Curl, Dallas
Currie, Francis C.
Curry, Will
Dabbs, Harry R.
Dabney, Edward P.
Dancy, Fred
Dancy, John
Daniel, Henry
Daniels, Douglas
Daniels, Fred
Danzy, Chessley
Davidson, John W.
Davis, Ballard
Davis, Curtis
Davis, E.G.
Davis, Robert
Davis, Walter
Davis, William
Davis, William
Davis, Willie Lee
Davy, Oliver
Day, Ebb
Day, General
Day, Larkin
Deahl, Benjamin F.
Deal, John
Dean, Shelby
Dent, Monroe
Devereaux, James H.
Dexter, James A.
Digby, Ben
Dixon, George
Dixon, Norman
Dockins, Monroe
Doewell, Willie
Donison, Redick
Dority, Stonewall J.
Dougherty, Will
Downing, Charles S.
Duffin, Alexander
Duncan, Fletcher
Dunn, Henry
Eddington, Barred
Edinbough, Albert
Edwards, Tommie
Elkins, Henry Jr.
Ellis, Earnest
Evans, Al
Evans, Jesse
Evans, Robert
Ewing, Berry T.
Ezell, Perry
Fair, Walter
Falls, Espy
Falls, Julius
Falls, Willie
Farr, Willie
Faulkner, Joe
Felix, Jesse
Ferguson, Tom
Fields, Gilbert
Fields, James
Fields, LaFayette
Fintch, William
Fiph, Carus
Fisher, Austin
Fisher, Clyde
Fleming, Kelsoe
Flemington, Earnest
Flennory, William
Fletcher, Samuel B.
Flinn, Willie
Floyd, Andrew
Floyd, Tate G.
Flynn, Jim
Fogg, Will
Ford, Johnie
Foster, Paul David
Foster, Robert
Foster, Sidney
Franklin, George
Franks, Harvey
Frasier, Felix M.
Freeman, George
Freeman, Lyle I.
Frierson, Jesse
Gaines, Earnest
Gaines, Robert
Gammons, Henry
Gant, Cary
Garner, Eddie
Garrett, John
Gates, Ludie
Gates, Tucker
Gathings, Joseph E.?
Gatlin, William
Gibbs, Will
Gibbs, William P.
Gilbert, Ben
Gilbert, Charlie
Gilbert, Ellis
Gilbert, Oliver
Giles, George
Gillis, John
Gillispie, James
Gillispie, Mose
Glenn, Lewis
Gordon, George W.
Gosby, John
Gowen, Paul A.
Graves, Ollie
Gray, Sterling
Green, Aron
Green, Jasper
Green, Walter
Green, Wheeler
Greenlee, Wyatt
Griggs, Beecher
Grimes, David
Haden, John T.
Hale, Victory
Hall, Donald William
Hall, Fred
Hamer, Alex
Hamilton, Isaac
Hamilton, Perry
Hare, Henry
Harp, Dave
Harper, Neal
Harris, Alto
Harris, Arthur
Harris, Ben
Harris, Cap
Harris, Earnest
Harris, George
Harris, Newton
Harris, Tom
Harris, Walter
Harrod, Henry
Harvey, Malchi
Harvey, Moten
Harville, William W.
Hathcock, John B.
Hawkins, Ed
Hawkins, Henry
Hawkins, Loyd
Hayes, Rose
Haynes, John E.
Heath, Charlie
Hebert, Sylvester Joseph
Hedrick, Charley
Hedrick, Harry Cowan
Hemphill, David
Henderson, David
Henderson, George
Henderson, Low
Henderson, Robert
Henry, Charlie
Henry, Hugh Buren
Herron, Edward
Hicks, Arthur
Hicks, Walter
Hicks, Willie
Hicks, Wlater
Hill, Colonel
Hill, Robert F.
Hobson, Jessie
Hodges, Paul
Hogan, Robert
Holmes, Ewing
Holmes, Moses
Holmes, William
Holt, Albert
Hood, Blueford
Hood, Jerome R.
Hood, Joe
Hooks, Ivory
House, William H.
Houston, William
Howard, Mose Jr.
Hudson, Will
Huff, Harrison
Hughes, Clifton
Hughes, Sam
Humphrey, Lee Clyde
Hunt, Lewis
Hunter, Charley
Huston, Henry
Huxtable, Frank B.
Hyde, Charley
Irwin, Tom
Itson, James
Itson, Lewis
Ivy, Curtis
Jackson, Allen
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Clem
Jackson, Fred J.
Jackson, Fritz
Jackson, Froman
Jackson, James
Jackson, Johnie
Jackson, Johnie
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Oscar
Jackson, Sam
Jacobs, Wilburn Atlas
James, Ernest Eugene
Janney, Albert
Jenkins, Clarence
Jenkins, Fred
Jenkins, Sam
Jetton, Clarence
Jimison, George
Jinkins, Fred
Johnson, Andrew James
Johnson, Andy
Johnson, Bennie L.
Johnson, Dolison
Johnson, Ely
Johnson, Ermon
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry Jr.
Johnson, Humphrey
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, John
Johnson, Julius
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Robert L.
Johnson, Rufus
Johnson, Sam
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Charles
Jones, Charley R.
Jones, Ed
Jones, George A.
Jones, Irby
Jones, James H.
Jones, Jesse
Jones, Johnnie
Jones, Marries
Jones, Minor
Jones, Ruben H.
Jones, Will
Jones, William M.
Jones, Willie
Jones, Willie
Jordan, Eli
Joyner, Leslie C.
Kellogg, Govenor
Kelly, John
Kemp, Marshall
Kennedy, Irvin
Key, David
Kidd, Aaron M.
Kinchen, Rufus
Kinerson, George W.
King, Allen B.
King, Emanuel
King, Fred
King, Tobe
Kinnard, Roy
Kirk, Colonel Johnson
Klindworth, Martin E.
Kline, William
Knight, James
Kornegay, Oliver
LaDuke, Jack
LaDuke, James H.
Lackey, Charlie
Lane, Willie
Langston, Billie C.
Larmore, Mayhew
Larry, Robert
Lawson, Willie
Layton, Herbert
Leachman, Jack
Leak, Charlie
Ledford, Henry Pender
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Samuel
Lewis, Ed.
Lewis, Edgar
Lewis, Green
Lewis, Joe
Lewis, John Gatewood
Lewis, Lindsay
Lewis, Wilkin
Lightfoot, Frank
Lindsay, Abraham
Little, Johnnie
Loftis, Robert L.
Lofton, Robert
Loftus, Lawrance
Logan, Grant
Logan, Zollie
Loman, Son
Long, James
Long, Morgan
Lonnie, Frank
Lott, Edd
Loving, Sylvester
Lowry, Ludie A.
Loyd, Willie
Lucas, Deatrice
Lucas, Deatrice
Lucky, Eli
Lumpkins, William
Lynch, John
Mack, David
Mack, John
Mack, Lonnie
Madden, Charlie
Maddox, Jim
Maddox, Silas G.
Malone, Charles S.
Malory, Willie
Manasco, Willie A.
Maple, Charlie
Margerum, Ed.
Marrisett, Alex
Martin, Aquilla C.
Martin, Flournoy
Martin, John B.
Mason, John
Mathews, Jessie
Mathews, Will
Mathis, William H.
Matthews, Johnnie
Mauney, Samuel McAlister
May, Harry J.
May, Russell S.
Mayweather, Urah
Mayweathers, Edie May
McAdory, Jessie
McChristian, Arthur
McClain, Clarence
McClelland, James
McClendon, Marks
McClinton, Charley
McClure, Isaac
McCoy, Henry
McCraven, Andrew
McDaniel, Luther
McDonald, Asney
McEwen, Fred
McEwen, James D.
McFall, Will
McFeson, Tomie
McGarr, Ben
McGarr, Gus
McGee, Mike
McIntosh, James
McKinney, Arthur
McMullin, John J.
McNeely, Carl
McOrkel, Andrew
Meacham, Alfred V.
Meacham, Tillman
Meacham, Troy
Merritt, Arthur L.
Mhoon, Milton
Middlebrook, Willis
Middleton, David
Miles, Joe
Miles, W.O.
Miller, Eugene
Miller, Guss
Miller, Jessie
Miller, Paris
Miller, Percy
Miller, Will
Mims, Helton
Minion, Alex
Minion, Harry
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, Herman
Mitchell, John H.
Mitchell, Joseph
Mitchell, Manuel
Mix, Warren A.
Mixon, Benjamine F.
Monson, Sam M.
Moore, Ebby
Moore, Fed
Moore, Henry
Moore, Henry
Moore, James
Moore, John
Moore, Johnnie
Moore, Silas
Moorehead, Grover
Morgan, Willie
Morgan, Willie B.
Morris, Moses A.
Morris, Richard Manson
Morris, Robert E.
Morris, Will
Morrison, John
Morrow, Cecil Berry
Morrow, David
Morton, Dan
Mosley, Jim
Myers, Leslie
Nance, Cecil B.
Neal, Arthur
Neal, Arthur Boston
Nealey, James
Nelson, Elie
Nelson, Jeff
Nesby, Henry
Nevils, Charlie
Newman, Archie L.
Newsom, Augustus
Newton, Sam
Nichols, Charley
Nightengale, Willie
Norman, John H.
Norris, Clyde
North, Louia?
Nunn, Jesse
O'Bannon, Jake
Odum, Jim
Odum, John
Oliver, Louis
Oliver, Mose
Ollie, Bert
Ore, Lonnie
Owens, William Harris
Page, Elcana
Page, Solomon H.
Parker, Nelse
Parker, Will
Parks, Almon Lewis
Parks, Columbus
Parks, David E.
Parow, Robert
Partea, John
Pate, Lucien H.
Patterson, Arthur
Peakes, Morise
Pearson, Ike
Pempleton, Lon
Pendleton, Wilson
Perkins, Henry
Perry, Tom
Person, George
Person, Paschal
Persons, Cornelius
Phelps, Charlie Idol
Phillips, Geo. Walter
Phillips, William
Pierce, Lawrence
Pittman, Charlie
Plummer, Frank H.
Poe, John H.
Pollard, Henry Jr.
Porter, Hillard
Porters, Thad
Powell, Ezekiel
Powell, John
Pratt, Willie J.
Pressgrove, George Lake
Price, Albert Chenoweth
Primus, Charley
Provost, James S.
Pryor, Walter
Pugh, Albert
Ragan, Henry C.
Ramey, John R.
Randle, Ferdinand
Randle, George W.
Randolph, John Henry
Randolph, Sam R.
Rayford, Arthur
Reed, Douglas
Reed, Frank
Reed, John H.
Reed, Kinnee
Reed, Willie
Reynolds, James
Rhodes, Dennis
Richards, Arthur
Richmond, Sam
Rieves, Malcolm C.
Roberson, Armstead
Roberson, Armstead
Roberson, Wesley
Roberson, Wesley
Roberts, Tommy
Robertson, Fred
Robertson, Joe E.
Robertson, Pleas
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Ed
Robinson, George
Robinson, Marshall
Robson, Albert
Rodgers, Jasper
Rodgers, Will
Roeder, Earnest C.
Rogan, Leroy
Rogers, Jessie H.
Rogers, Louis S.
Roland, John
Ross, Jerry W.
Ross, Jessie
Ross, William
Ross, Willie
Rozelle, Willie
Rucker, John
Russell, Bill
Russell, Julius
Russum, Alexander P.
Sacks, Eli
Saddler, Benjamin
Saddler, Solomon
Samuel, James
Sanders, Ben
Sanders, Samuel
Sanders, Troy
Sawyer, Eddie
Scallion, Nick
Scott, Clem A.
Seiler, Charlie A.
Selders, William
Self, Clyde A.
Shaver, John
Shaw, Felix
Shaw, James W.
Shelby, Jim
Shepherd, Ernest
Shewmake, Walter Lee
Shivers, Edward
Shivers, Elijah
Shuford, George Powell
Simmons, Andrew
Simmons, Willie
Simpson, Buster
Simpson, Jim
Simpson, Sandy
Simpson, Steve
Sims, Rather
Sinclair, Clarence
Singleton, Clark
Slaughter, Henry Isom
Slaughter, Randle
Slocum, Will
Smith, Chester
Smith, Enoch
Smith, Herman W.
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph E.
Smith, Mark
Smith, Quille
Smith, Quince
Smith, Zelia
Snipes, Emmett L.
Snipes, Willie
Spears, James
Speed, Ed
Spencer, Thomas
Spikes, Jonah
Stacy, John Latham
Stall, Ernest B.
Stallings, Church
Stevens, John L.
Stewart, Chester
Stinnett, Ples
Stokes, Henry
Stoner, Elmer
Stoner, Jake
Strahan, Jessie
Strong, Tom
Stubbs, Nesbitt
Suggs, Mack
Suttle, John
Suttles, Abe
Sutton, Alonzo
Sutton, Ernest S. Jr.
Swoope, Solomon Jr.
Swope, Malachi
Talbert, Jimmie
Taylor, Benjamin
Taylor, Charlie
Taylor, Gilford Jr.
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, Jack
Taylor, James
Taylor, Nelson
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Walter
Taylor, Will
Taylor, Willie
Tell, Willie
Thomas, Henry
Thomas, Joseph W.
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Warren
Thompson, Ernst
Thompson, Monroe
Thompson, Monroe
Thompson, Moody
Thompson, Ned
Thompson, Sidney
Thompson, Will
Thompson, William
Tigg, Rubie
Tillman, John
Tolliver, Richard
Toney, Evern
Toney, Henry
Trogmorton, Walter Eugene
Troy, William
Turnage, Jim
Turnage, Square A.
Turner, Amos E.
Turner, Ed
Turner, Jeff
Turner, Willie
Turpin, Jeff D.
Turrell, Theodore
Tyler, Ollie
Usher, Murray F.
Vanzant, Alvie
Vaughn, Benjamin F.
Vawter, James W.
Vernon, Robert L.
Vick, Irwin Oscar
Wabell, Tom
Wade, Emery
Wade, Warner
Walker, Eugene J.
Walker, Giten
Walker, Henry
Walker, Joe
Walker, William
Walker, Willie
Wallace, Robert
Wallington, Jessie
Walton, Johnnie
Walton, Louis
Walton, Steve
Ward, Eddie
Ward, Ioda
Ward, Tellie
Ward, Thomas
Ward, Willie
Wardell, Robert M.
Ware, Frank
Warr, James L.
Warren, Henry
Washington, Charley
Washington, Henry
Washington, McKinley
Washington, Will
Washinton, Agge
Waterford, Lewis
Watkins, Isaac
Watkins, John
Watson, Arthur
Watson, Caleb
Watson, Frank
Watson, Herbert Shirley
Watson, Jack C.
Weatherspoon, Dunk
Webb, Floyd
Webb, Henry
Webb, Homer
Webb, Houston H.
Webbs, Dave
Weeks, Bryant
Wells, Frank
Wells, George
Westmoreland, John
Wheatley, Isaiah
White, Hardy D.
White, Henry M.
White, Ira V.
White, Joe
White, Lonnie
White, Minnie
White, Omelon
White, Sylveseter
White, Thomas
White, Tom
White, William T.
Whitfield, Hyder Wirt
Whitney, Arthur
Whitney, McKinley
Whitney, William
Whitson, Oscar L.
Whitson, Walter S.
Whittington, Ebinor Clyde
Wiggins, Winslow
Wiley, West
Wilford, Ruby Lee
Wilkerson, Garnie
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Arthur
Williams, C.D.
Williams, Carl K.
Williams, Columbus
Williams, Dan
Williams, Earnest
Williams, Frank
Williams, Frazier
Williams, Garrett
Williams, Gentle
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Herman
Williams, Jabbo
Williams, James
Williams, Jim
Williams, Jim
Williams, John A.
Williams, Kelly
Williams, Milas
Williams, Oliver
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Robert
Williams, Walter
Williams, Willard
Williams, Willie
Williamson, Andrew
Williamson, John F.
Williamson, Luther
Williford, William Lee
Willis, Willie
Wilson, Ben
Wilson, Bennie
Wilson, Felon
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, Will
Wofford, James L.
Wood, James
Woodard, Askew
Woodard, Lee Roy
Woodhouse, Samuel
Woodward, Charlie
Woody, Virgil V.
Worthey, Jack
Wren, Nathaniel
Wright, Arthur
Wright, Elza
Wright, Herbert
Wright, Jessie
Wright, Will
Yancy, Chester
Young, Blain
Young, David
Young, Guy M.
Young, Nick
Young, William T.

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