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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Cleburne, Independence, Jackson, White, and Woodruff Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Independence County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Independence County World War I Soldiers

Adair, Andrew J.
Aikin, William
Akins, Charley C.
Akins, Earnest F.
Akins, William Harry
Albert, Charles H.
Albright, Joseph O.
Albright, Omer A.
Aldridge, Clede E.
Alexander, James R.
Alexander, Marvin J.
Alexander, Thruston B.
Allen, Arthur Lester
Allen, Beecher A.
Allen, Dewitt T.
Allen, George W.
Allen, Herbert H.
Allen, Jess S.
Allen, Joe Roy
Allen, Loyd K.
Allen, Myron
Anderson, Edward L.
Anderson, Ernest M.
Anderson, Francis A.
Anderson, James Bassom
Andrews, Marvin M.
Apple, Clarence E.
Apple, Hubert S.
Arms, Harvey
Arms, Walter
Arnold, Ross
Arnold, Virgil
Arnold, Will
Ashby, John
Ashley, Alton D.
Austin, Harve
Bailey, Otho
Baker, Henderson
Baker, Henry L.
Baker, Shelby K.
Baker, William A.
Ball, William F.
Ballard, Earnest S.
Ballard, William A.
Ballard, William A.
Banning, Willis F.
Bannon, Lewis
Barber, Alfred L.
Barber, Jesse E.
Barnes, Charles L.
Barnes, Henry Newton
Barnes, Venior E.
Barnes, William H.
Barnes, William Raymond
Barnes, Willis
Barnett, Alfred R.
Barnett, Oscar C.
Barrett, Fred
Barris, Lawrence
Baucam, Roy
Baugh, Cicero T.
Bedingfield, James C.
Bell, Cecil R.
Bell, Jackson
Benson, Milton
Bishop, William A.
Blackburn, Coy A.
Blair, Ray G.
Blevins, William A.
Blue, David A.
Blythe, Guss
Bone, Robert L.
Boswell, George A.
Bough, Oscar
Boutwell, Oscar O.
Bowers, Elijah
Bowren, William E.
Bracey, Charles W.
Bracy, Lucian
Bradley, Charles C.
Bradley, Claud C.
Brady, James W.
Brannan, Atlas B.
Brannan, Francis M.
Brannon, Williamson
Brewer, Nelson
Brewer, William N.
Bridges, William G.
Bridgman, Edgar E.
Bridgman, Walter L.
Brittain, George L.
Brittain, John W.
Brittain, William U.
Broadwater, John R.
Brogdon, Sidney
Brokaw, Charles F.
Brooks, Joe J.
Brooks, Marvin M.
Brooks, Ned A.
Brooks, Thomas F.
Brown, Claud A.
Brown, Harvey H.
Brown, James C.
Brown, John H.
Brown, Max M.
Brown, Max McLean
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Wilson M.
Browning, Jefferson Hamilton
Brownlow, Roy L.
Bruce, Ernest
Bryant, Charles C.
Bumpous, Robert
Bunch, Alexander
Burchfield, Walter M.
Burks, John W.
Burks, Robert Lee
Burns, Hozy S.
Burrow, Charles H.
Burton, William Lawrence
Butler, Virgil J.
Cain, Leonard Jackison
Calaway, Norman E.
Campbell, Charles E.
Campbell, Charlie E.
Canady, Bob
Canady, Bob
Cannon, Robert W.
Caplener, Harry
Carpenter, Edmund H.
Carpenter, Estel
Carpenter, James B.
Carpenter, William R.
Carter, Elmer R.
Carter, Emile V.
Carter, Jacob Jackson
Carter, Richard G.
Case, James W.
Casey, Homer Smith
Casey, Lee V.
Cassey, Luther
Casteel, Charles F.
Castleberry, James W.
Causby, Charles R.
Chamberlain, Joseph Cephous
Chamberlain, Ray C.
Chambliss, John P.
Chandler, Samuel C.
Chatman, Charlie
Chesteen, Gaston W.
Clark, Charles A.
Clark, John C.
Clark, William A.
Clark, William A.
Cleveland, Edgar Eric
Coleman, Sid
Collard, Ernest R.
Collin, Claude L.
Collins, Melvin
Collum, Bentley
Comer, Albert A.
Comer, Ulis E.
Compton, Thomas S. Jr.
Conine, Bragg B.
Conner, Hubert D.
Conner, Joseph H.
Cook, Claud
Coop, James Watson
Coop, Thomas N.
Coop, William Jennings Bryan
Copeland, Joe
Cossey, Archie M.
Cossey, Clarence
Cossey, Lonnie Edgar
Couch, Leaman
Criss, Chan
Criss, Otto
Crow, Porter E.
Crowell, Charels A. [sic]
Crutcher, Otis Harrison
Crutchfield, Elmer F.
Crutchfield, Lucien C.
Cullum, Edgar A.
Curtis, Paul
Curtis, Richard S.
Daggett, Christopher C.
Davidson, James A.
Davidson, James C.
Davidson, Jesse E.
Davis, Allen
Davis, Ervine
DeCamp, Frederick R.
DeCamp, William J.
Dearing, William C.
Denison, Alexander Milne
Denison, Franklin Ross
Denison, Joseph R.
Denison, Walter L.
Dicus, Montie
Dirion, Joseph T.
Dodd, Cleo
Dodd, Earl
Donoho, Kirby O.
Donoho, Riley N.
Doremus, William Hubert
Douglas, Fred W.
Driskill, Roy F.
Dunham, Franklin S.
Duty, Sherman
Duty, Tony
Eady, Virgil Y.C.
East, Dewey C.
Eaves, Morgan L.
Edgar, Guy M.
Edmondson, John W.
Elumbaugh, John William
England, Homer V.
Engles, Ernest R.
Engles, John R.
Engles, Robert J.
Engles, William F.
Essary, Ray
Estes, Charles
Evans, Grundy
Evans, Malcolm E.
Everett, Ernest
Fallis, Marvin Bishop
Farmer, Ben
Farrier, Samuel Brown
Fee, George D.
Ferguson, Joe A.
Ferrell, Oscar
Ferrell, Sam
Ferrill, John P.
Fetzer, Claud M.
Fetzer, Thomas O.
Fike, Charles P.
Fike, G.W.
Filbeck, Alexander E.
Fink, Clarence M.
Fink, Herbert S.
Fink, M. Cleburn
Finney, Luther D.
Finney, Paul O.
Finney, William E.
Finster, Charley
Finster, Clay
Flinn, Henry R.
Floyd, Monroe
Floyd, Oscar
Foirster, Curry E.
Ford, John D.
Franks, John
Fraser, Asa Franklin
Frazier, Charles L.
Frazier, Delbert R.
Freeman, Raymond C.
French, Perry Andrew Huston
French, William D.
Frost, William W.
Fugett, Arthur E.
Fugett, Aubrey C.
Fugett, Earl Granville
Fugett, Walter G.
Gaines, John A.
Galloway, Dave
Galloway, Lynn Floyd
Gamble, Everet F.
Garbacz, George
Garbacz, Stanley J.
Garner, James B?.
Garrett, Grover C.
Garrison, Ola
Gass, Earley Ealsey [sic]
Gibbons, William H.
Gibson, Henry E.
Gilbert, Bob Jene
Gilbert, Sidney S.
Gilbreath, Malcolm Daniel
Gill, Lawrence
Gillham, John
Gillihan, Andrew C.
Goff, William E.
Goodman, William J.
Goodwin, Paul B.
Gordon, William W.
Gossett, Marshall A.
Gottfried, Robert L.
Gould, Otis E.
Grady, John C.
Grady, Louis L.
Grady, William
Graham, Isaac L.
Grammer, John F.
Gray, Claude M.
Gray, Justin
Gray, Walter
Greene, Tea
Gresham, Homer F.
Griffin, Neill
Griffin, Richard
Griffis, Leonard Emanuel
Grimes, Charles
Grisham, Elmer
Grover, Jay Lawrence
Guenzel, Otto L.
Gunther, Gilbert R.
Gunther, Walter A.
Gunther, William H.
Haddock, Alvin N.
Haddock, William C.
Hagel, Carl W.
Halbach, Walter Z.
Haley, Aubrey C.
Hall, Ammus
Hall, Andrew N.
Hall, Buford A.
Hall, Charles T.
Hall, Clarence H.
Hall, George L.
Hall, John Jasper
Hall, Jordan
Hall, Thomas W.
Hall, William
Ham, Francis M. Jr.
Hamby, James W.
Hamilton, Jefferson M.
Hammett, John W.
Hammock, John E.
Hamon, Nathaniel
Hankins, Bishop M.
Hankins, Charles S.
Hararis, Herman Shelby
Harbin, Frank G.
Harmon, Mat
Harper, Dorsey W.
Harris, Ewing
Harris, George L.
Harris, Hubert
Harris, Thomas H.
Hart, John
Hart, William R.
Harvison, Butler N.
Hawkins, Henry E.
Hawkins, Joe
Hawkins, Joe William
Hawkins, Leonard
Hawthorne, Roy Homer
Hayes, James W.
Hays, Bryan
Hazelrigg, Charles E.
Head, Harvey M.
Head, Ray R.
Headstream, Felix
Heflin, Alfred L.
Helms, May
Helton, Jessie W.
Henderson, Allan F.
Henderson, Alvin F.
Henderson, Andy A.
Henderson, Ernest E.
Henderson, Thomas Edwin
Henderson, William M.
Henley, Alvis W.
Hensley, William E.
Herrington, Fred W.
Hickerson, Junius J.
Hickmon, Walter C.
Hicks, Henry
Hill, Claud
Hill, Everett R.
Hill, John E.
Hill, John Poindexter
Hill, Rector Zachary
Hilliard, Bennie H.
Hinchman, James R.
Hindman, Joseph F.
Hinkle, Charles Garland
Hively, Alexander J.
Holderby, Richard Henry
Holloway, John W.
Holmes, Adlai
Honeycutt, Vernie
Hood, Lawrence J.
Horick, Ross
Horton, Arthur
Hotchkiss, Ben F.
House, William Noel
Houston, Geanie P.
Howell, Lewis
Hoyt, Horace Houston
Hubbard, Herman
Huddleston, Carson C.
Huddleston, Jesse T.
Huddleston, William D.C.
Huddleston, William M.
Hudson, Carl
Huff, Ben A.
Huff, Frank
Huff, Will C.
Hughes, Cunard
Hughes, Kelly L.
Hughes, Ruby H.
Hull, Lloyd Edgar
Hunter, Joe
Hunter, Wilbur M.
Hurt, Rush A.
Hutchison, Samuel L.
Hynes, Edward H.
Iseley, Allie Alfred
Isgrig, Walter A.
Jack, Charles T.
Jackson, Jerome E.
Jackson, William A.
James, Ernest Pryor
James, George H.
James, Happel
James, William Porter
Jean, William H.
Jeffery, Grady
Jeffery, Isaac
Jenkins, Charles L.
Johns, Louis S.
Johnson, Hermon Will
Johnson, Robert C.
Johnson, Robert C.
Johnson, William A.
Johnston, Earl
Johnston, Ethan V.
Johnston, Oscar Joe Tanner
Johnston, Ray D.
Jones, Anderson
Jones, Bart V.
Jones, Clarence Grinsley
Jones, Commie Dore
Jones, Oscar T.
Jones, William A.
Joyce, Burgle Young
Joyce, Clarence W.
Joyce, Harbert K.
Joyce, James E.
Julian, Will E.
Kaneaster, Albert L.
Keeney, William H.
Keith, Rector A.
Keller, Buel Ben
Keller, David Sylvester
Kennard, Joe H.
Kennard, M.S.
Kennard, Shelby W.
Kent, Arch C.
Kent, William M.
Kimmer, Sam
King, Shelby
King, Theodore
Kinnel, Archie
Kitchens, Joe W.
Knight, James
Knight, John McK.
Landrum, James T.
Landrum, Skelton G.
Landrum, Thomas J.
Lane, Enos B.
Lane, Everett N.
Lane, Herman O.
Langston, Charley F.
Langston, Russell
Lawrence, Wilburn B.
Lawrence, William B.
Lewis, Arthur E.
Lewis, Henry Eugene
Lewis, Morrison C.
Lexion, Allie
Lexion, Clyde
Liles, Clifford
Lindsey, Louis L.
Linebarger, Albert F.
Linebarger, Edward C.
Linebarger, Robert S.
Linebaugh, Solomon O.
Livingston, Clarence
Livingston, Phineas H.
Lockhart, Malcolm Wright
Lowe, Newton W.
Lucas, Perry E.
Lucas, Perry E.
Lucas, Roy
Luckett, Lyle Harvey
Luellen, John L.
Lusk, Elijah M.
Luster, Harry D.
Luster, Paul B.
Luster, Robert E.
Luttrell, James C.
Lynch, Thomas R.
Mack, Jefferson D.
Mack, Young M.
Maggness, Williamson
Mahan, James L.
Mann, George W.
Manning, Kelly V.
Manuel, Dockie Dickson
Marshall, Lonnie
Marshall, Luther W.
Martin, Jamie A.
Martin, John Kenneth
Martin, John W.
Martin, Noah A.
Martin, Whitfield C.
Martin, William H.
Mason, Louis E.
Mason, Wyatt M.
Massey, Eugene B.
Massey, Joseph Arden
Massey, William F.
Massy, Son N.
Matthews, Don N.
Matthews, Ewing F.
Matthews, James A.
Maxfield, Charles W.
Maxfield, John F.
Maxwell, Oliver
May, William H.
Mayhue, Ben
McCaleb, Jessie Burton
McCaleb, John J.
McCaleb, Thomas L.
McCaleb, William Harvey
McCauley, Joe
McClanahan, Ben P.
McClendon, Henry D.
McClung, John J.
McClure, Robert E.
McCormack, John H.
McCoy, Henry
McCoy, Richard
McCurrin, Walter
McDowell, John Walter
McGaha, Jeter M.
McGuire, Harry J.
McHenry, Jesse Alexander
McIntyre, George W.
McKinney, Charles
McKinney, Charles M.
McKinney, James P.
McLean, Alfred Wallace
McLendon, Earl D.
McMahan, Bart H.
McMillan, Carl D.
McMullin, Acy L.
McMullin, John Haustom
McNeese, William E.
McSpadden, Clarence A.
McSpadden, Hezikiah
McSpadden, Lonnie
McVay, James
McVey, Robert L.
Meachum, Claud T.
Means, John R.
Medlock, David E.
Michaels, Charles G.
Miller, Geoa?
Miller, Joe J.
Milligan, William T.
Milliken, James Richard
Milliken, William E.
Misenheimer, Reed
Mitchell, Arthur
Mitchum, Charles
Mitchum, Earl
Monday, William B.
Moore, Arthur
Moore, Chal
Moore, Coy R.
Moore, Dan Jr.
Moore, Graham
Moore, Graham
Moore, Joseph B.
Moore, Samuel S.
Moore, Thomas J.
Moore, William P.
Morris, John R.
Morrison, Benjamin F.
Mosier, William R.
Moss, Frank P.
Mount, Albert R.
Moxley, Coy E.
Nance, Guy L.
Nash, William H.
Nast, Leroy M.
Neeley, Birt A.
Neeley, Cornealous
Neiman, Herman
Nelson, Hugh
Nelson, Mark Hannah
Newton, James H.
Nichol, Wallace W.
Nichols, Albert
Nichols, Arthur G.
Nichols, James A.
Nickens, Joe
Nieman, Ben
Norris, Vergil E.
Northcutt, William D.
Offerle, John T.
Oleman, William
Osborne, Bly
Owen, John M.
Owens, Charles E.
Owens, T.J.
Ozier, Robert
Painter, Ernest S.
Painter, John P.
Pankey, Millard
Parmer, Roy
Parse, Melvin W.
Parsley, Samuel M.
Pascoe, V.L.
Pasley, Finus B.
Pasley, William B.
Pate, Major D.
Patterson, Allen T.
Patterson, Clarence L.
Patterson, Dan O.
Patterson, Ray
Patterson, Raymen Elexander
Patterson, Stanley
Pease, Clyde T.
Pence, William O.
Pendergrass, Joseph E.
Penrod, John L.F.
Perry, Ralph E.
Petty, A.
Petty, Charles C.
Pierson, Robby R.
Pinkett, Andrew H.
Pinkston, Boyd
Plaster, Roy
Porter, James Arthur
Powell, Morgan A.
Prentice, Evert M.
Prentice, James F.
Presley, Wallace J.
Presswood, Loyd K.
Prickett, Luther
Prince, William Oscar
Proctor, Thomas A.
Quearry, James W.
Rand, Allen
Ray, Earnest
Ray, Paul E.
Reaves, James E.
Reding, Walter William
Reeves, John H.
Reeves, William H.
Reves, Enoch
Reves, Roe
Reynolds, John P.
Reynolds, Rama L.
Richardson, James W.
Richardson, Oscar Gay
Robbins, Bonnom B.
Roberson, John A.
Roberson, John A.
Roberson, Rufers F.
Roberson, Rufers F.
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Hershal
Robertson, Algie A.
Robertson, John
Robinson, Chester J.
Robinson, Gib
Rodman, Elmer E.
Rogers, Franklin Clyde
Rogers, William G.
Rosenbaum, James W.
Ross, George
Ross, William H.
Rout, Jesse
Royer, James G.
Rucker, Clay
Rucker, Luther S.
Ruple, Fred D.
Rutherford, James Lewis
Rutledge, Alverda
Rutledge, Arch F.
Rutledge, Arthur P.
Rutledge, Clarence Allen
Rutledge, Claude F.
Rutledge, Fred L.
Rutledge, Odell
Rutledge, William F.
Sales, Eugene
Sammons, Adolphus
Sammons, Paul E.
Sanders, Charley
Sanders, Hayden R.
Scoggin, Riley H.
Scott, Fred F.
Scribner, Arch C.
Searcy, Alvin Columbus
Searcy, John W.
Self, Jessie W.
Self, Thomas
Sellers, Milton J.
Sensabaugh, Willie Armstrong
Seward, Harrison
Sexton, David
Sexton, Oscar G.
Sexton, Roy S.
Shaw, James R.
Sherrill, Henry
Sherrill, Herman
Sherrill, Tom
Sherrill, Wallace O.
Shipley, Will
Shipp, John H.
Shownes, Elmer L.
Shriver, John T.
Siler, Alva
Siler, Steve J.
Simmons, Eddie C.
Simpson, Claude F.
Simpson, George D.
Simpson, Luther W.
Sinele, George R.
Skaggs, Luther A.
Skaggs, Roy
Skaggs, Steve Frank
Slade, Arthur H.
Smith, Clint J.
Smith, Flora R.
Smith, George
Smith, Grover
Smith, James R.
Smith, Jesse
Smith, John M.
Smith, Milton Samuel [Milton S. Jr. on enlisted card]
Smith, Samuel E.
Smith, Tom N.
Smith, William
Snapp, Mancoe L.
Sneed, Charley C.
Sneed, Willie C.
Snelgrove, James E.
Snider, Frank S.
Sones, Theodore Mose
Southard, Charles E.
Spurlock, Robert D.
Stewart, Hugh A.
Stewart, James S.
Stone, Andrew Jefferson
Stone, George P.
Story, Gurney
Stout, Ernest
Straub, Mathias F.
Stuart, Fred E.
Sturch, Nathan L.
Sturgeon, Oscar D.
Swift, Duane
Talburt, Benjamin Franklin
Talley, Bernard S.
Talley, Jasper N.
Talley, W.E.
Tate, George Washington
Taylor, Arden F.
Taylor, Baby
Taylor, Charles O.
Taylor, Hubert J.
Taylor, John E.
Taylor, Lawrence
Taylor, Lee R.
Taylor, William J.
Terrell, Joseph H.
Terry, Hugh E.
Teter, Carl William
Teter, Philip Otto
Thomas, Arthur W.
Thomas, Ervin
Thomas, Noah
Thompson, Charles C.
Thompson, Dolph C.
Tilley, William H.
Todd, Charlie Louis
Todd, John A.
Todd, Plummer J.
Todd, William C.
Tomlinson, Joe W.
Tosh, Isaac A.
Trammell, Paul A.
Trent, Andrew C.
Trent, Clint
Trent, Jackson J.
Trevathan, Jared E.
Tripp, Earl
Tucker, David
Tucker, Harrison
Tucker, Hobart
Tucker, Oscar L.
Tucker, Walter R.
Tugwell, Grady L.
Turley, William A.
Uhles, Barrett Roy
Underdown, Bert C.
Val Alstine, William S.
Vanalstine, Bert F.
Vaughan, Clarence P.
Vaughn, Hugh W.
Vickery, Winfield S.
Wackerly, Clemance T.
Waddell, Robert H. Jr.
Wade, Paul Leroy
Wade, Victor M.
Wadkins, Martin
Wagoner, Charles E.
Walbert, Arthur
Walbert, Claude C.
Walbert, Deleford D.
Walbert, Ora O.
Walbert, Walter C.
Walker, Bengemon
Walker, Edd
Walker, Ules
Walls, Clarence Albertes
Walls, George E. [George Edward]
Ward, Clarence A.
Ward, Clark Will
Ward, John Paul
Ward, Marmaduke
Warren, William C.
Washington, James
Waters, James C.H.
Watkins, Clayton
Waugh, Mack
Waugh, Samuel
Way, Ira
Weatherman, George
Weaver, Vernon E.
Webb, Eddie
Webber, Robert I.
Welborn, Charles L.
Welch, Thomas J.
Wellman, Alva G.
Wesley, Josiah
Western, James H.
Whaley, Middleton
Wherry, Willia Alva
White, John R.
Whitener, Jewell Roscoe
Wilcox, Calven
Wilcox, George E.
Wilcox, John Francis
Wilkerson, Richard
Wilkins, Squire F.
Williams, Buster
Williams, Charles E.
Williams, Dee
Williams, Ernest W.
Williams, Hardy P.
Williams, John Henry
Williams, McKinley
Williams, Reed W.
Williams, Robert Ross
Williams, Roscoe E.
Williams, Tillman D.
Williams, Tobe
Williams, William
Williamson, Herman
Williamson, Naldia N.
Williamson, R. Daniel
Willis, Gabe M.
Willis, Ottie O.F.?
Wilson, Coy B.
Wilson, Johnie F.
Wilson, Lee A.
Wilson, Milton
Wilson, Robert J.
Wilson, Walter E.
Wiltrout, Roland E.
Winston, Chester A.
Wisdom, Josephus
Witt, George W.
Wolford, Luther
Wolford, Price
Wolford, Tilford C.
Wood, Clyde
Wood, David
Wood, Fay
Wood, Johnie
Woodliff, Jewell C.
Woods, Jesse
Woods, John
Wools, Raymond Erskia
Wootion, Arthur W.
Wortham, Charles
Wren, Julian Ross
Wright, Albert R.
Wright, Bly
Wright, Hugh E.
Wright, Joe Burkland
Wright, John E.
Wright, Lonnie
Wright, Oscar O.
Wright, Roy
Wright, Weaver Allen
Wyatt, William Newton
Wyscaver, George F.
Young, Elvin J.
Young, George R.
Young, Jim
Young, Monroe
Young, Otis B.
Younger, George

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