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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Lee, Monroe, and Phillips Counties

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Following is a list of soldiers from Monroe County. The book itself contains lists of soldiers from additional counties as noted in the book's title. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Monroe County World War I Soldiers

Abbott, Ed
Abston, Albert
Adams, Benjamin F.
Adams, Charles F.
Adams, John W.
Alba, Franklin L.
Alexander, Charles E.
Alexander, Willie
Alston, Jefferson
Anderson, Cleve
Anderson, Richmond
Anderson, Shelby
Andrews, Wilkes M.
Armstrong, Harry
Artis, Riley
Ash, Lawrence L.
Ashe, Cleveland
Ashe, Thomas
Austin, Harrison
Baggott, Arthur A.
Baggott, Arthur A.
Bailey, Jesse
Bailey, Mike
Baker, Harvey
Baker, Walter
Baldwin, Lawrence O.
Ball, Lester D.
Banks, Henry
Banks, Theodore
Barner, George W.
Barnes, Edwin H.
Barnes, Elbert W.
Bass, Bethel
Bayne, Robert Emmett
Beadle, Alvin
Beal, James
Beal, Robert
Beard, Bart
Beard, James H.
Beasley, James
Bell, Willie
Benham, Robert G.
Benton, Webber L.
Berry, Frank
Bickerstaff, John L.
Biggs, Onnie Malone
Blackwell, Ulysses
Blessing, John C.
Boales, Elmer H.
Bogan, Cal H.
Bogan, Cran
Bolds, James
Boler, Anderson
Bolls, Downing M.
Bonner, Richard Caunts
Boyd, Charles H.
Boyd, John
Brakefield, Robert L.
Branch, James
Bray, Leroy
Brayboy, Nute
Brewer, Byron
Brickell, Joel C.
Bridges, Will
Brier, Harry
Briggs, Willie
Britt, James
Brittman, Mac
Britton, Grover Cleveland
Broady, Jessie
Broady, Willie
Brooks, Felix
Brooks, Joe
Brooks, Junius B.
Brooks, Lenzy
Brooks, Samuel
Brooks, William E.
Brooks, Willie E.
Brothers, Frank
Brown, Albert
Brown, Albert
Brown, James H.
Brown, John Alf Clarence
Brown, Jordan
Brown, Leonard U.
Brown, Ospry L.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Thomas M. Jr.
Brown, Walter
Bryan, Lord T.
Bryant, Wyne
Bunch, Thomas C.
Bunch, Thomas C.
Burns, Fred
Burton, Odie
Burton, Samuel
Bush, Wilford
Bush, Will
Butler, John
Bydden, Abe
Bynum, Jonas
Cain, Virgil A.
Caldwell, Amzy J.
Caldwell, Josh
Calhoun, Oscar
Calvert, J.
Campbell, Charles C.
Campbell, Enicholis
Campbell, George F.
Campbell, Thurston C.
Campbell, Will
Canady, Albert
Carlis, Tomey
Carlton, Morgan
Carroll, Reid
Carter, Johnie
Carter, Willie G.
Cartwright, Ruben
Castleman, Roby W.
Chambers, Alford
Chambers, Jake
Chaney, Kenneth Carter
Chatman, Willie
Chism, Rile E.
Church, William D.
Clark, Alonzo
Clatworthy, Wiley A.
Clay, Clem C.
Clay, Hezekiah
Clemmons, Dave
Clemmons, Willie E.
Coaks, Henry
Coaks, Tom
Cobb, Chesley
Cobb, Tyrus F.
Cocke, Luther
Cohns, Willie
Cole, Calvin M.
Coleman, D.C.
Coleman, Henry
Coleman, Howard
Coleman, Hubert
Coleman, Squire
Conley, Leroy
Connell, Howard
Connell, Robert W.
Cook, Earl G.
Cook, Henry B.
Cooper, Herman H.
Corley, Charley Abert [sic]
Cotton, Albert
Couch, Velvet
Couch, William
Cowan, Williard E.
Crawford, Garland
Crawford, Luther
Crawford, Orzie
Crawford, William
Creighton, Kearney C.
Crite, James
Crockett, Bush
Crosby, David
Cross, Miles W.
Cruse, Joseph R.
Cunningham, Felix
Cunningham, Will
Dandridge, Otto
Daniels, Harry N.
Daniels, William N.
Daniels, Willie
Davenport, Bruce
Davis, Charles T.
Davis, Clarence
Davis, Felix M.
Davis, Henry L.
Davis, James
Davis, Lessie
Davis, Willie
DeBerry, Norman
DeLoach, Clave
Dean, James H.
Deaner, Louis
Dickerson, Tom
Dillard, Ode
Dixon, Joe
Dobson, Joe Lee
Doman, James M.
Dooley, Wesley M.
Dornall, Ernest
Dothard, Henry
Doyle, Attress
Duke, Pleas
Dukes, Clarence
Dukes, Miller
Dumas, Charlie
Dundee, Jack
Dunkin, William L.
Dyer, Cleve
Dyer, E.T.
Early, Fred
Easley, Nat
Eddilman, Koss C.
Edwards, Ben
Edwards, Julious
Ellas, Irwin A.
Elledge, Raleigh S.
Elliott, James
Ellis, Elzy L.
Ennis, Harry
Enols, Matthew
Evans, Richard
Ezell, Walker
Farr, Garriel?
Figart, Frank
Fincher, William A.
Flora, Ben C.
Floyd, Clarence
Folsom, Henry M.
Foster, Dee
Foster, Gus
Foster, James C.
Foster, Jesse
Foster, William
Fowler, Charles H.
Fowler, William D.
Franklin, Brady
Franks, Odie
Franks, William C.
Frazier, Andrew
Frenz, Julius M.
Fry, Floyd Amos
Fryer, Brundidge
Fuller, Charlie Edgar
Galloway, Frank J.
Gannon, Walter B.
Garner, Berry
Garraughty, Claud A.
Garvel, John
Gates, Richard
Genes, Wallace
Gettis, Canonicus O.
Gettis, Plautus E.
Gibbs, Nathaniel
Gibson, Joe C.
Gilbert, Eugene
Glenn, Jim
Glenn, Norman E.
Glover, Lex H.
Glover, Walter
Gordon, John
Gould, Rayfield
Graddy, Albert
Graham, Wallace Edwin
Grayson, Leroy
Green, George Logan
Green, Jessie
Green, Logan
Greenwood, Jimmie
Greer, Jasper
Griffin, Clyvester
Griffin, Luster
Griffin, Raymon
Gunthorp, Carter
Gunthorp, Ed
Hale, Joseph P.
Hall, Jeff D.
Hall, Wayman
Hamilton, Oliver Guy
Hamilton, Willie
Hampton, Harrison
Harding, Hooker
Harding, James B.
Harmon, Willis B.
Harris, Arthur
Harris, Henry
Harris, Henry C.
Harris, Izola
Harris, Malachi
Harris, Sam
Harris, Tee Russell
Harris, William Jr.
Harrison, John L.
Harshaw, Dude
Harvey, Andrew
Harvey, James E.
Hawkins, Lee R.
Hayden, Mathew
Haynes, Herbert
Haynes, Nathan
Henard, James H.
Henderson, Roland
Henderson, Roland S.
Hendricks, Alex
Hendricks, Etheridge
Henke, Grover C.
Herbel, Charles H.
Herron, William
Hewitt, Nathaniel F.
Hicks, Allen
Hicks, Jasper
Higgins, Leonard W.
Hill, Ben
Hill, Charley
Hill, Floyd M.
Hill, Lorry L.
Hill, Phillip
Hinton, Nathaniel
Hinton, Willard L.
Hix, Joseph B.
Hoard, Eldridge
Hobson, William H.
Holden, Ed
Hollins, John
Holman, John Henry
Holt, Joel
Homewood, William James
Horn, John
House, Wade
Houston, Matt Francis
Houston, Willie
Howorth, Martin B.
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, Squire
Hudson, Ernest
Hudson, Thomas D.
Hudson, William M.
Humphrey, Archie C.
Humphries, Ralph B.
Hunter, Jim
Hutches, John V.
Jackson, Cluff
Jackson, James J.
Jackson, Lessie
Jackson, Marshall F.
Jackson, Morris
Jackson, Sam
Jackson, Waverly
Jackson, Williams
Jacobs, Marvin A.
Jamerson, Charles D.
Jarmon, Lawrence
Jeffreys, William
Jeffries, Henery C.
Jeffries, John B.
Jemell, Jed O.
Jenkins, David Crockett
Johnson, Earl B.
Johnson, Isaiah
Johnson, Isaiah
Johnson, Joe L.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Ordinary
Johnson, Parker Ewan
Johnson, Paul Edward
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Royston L.
Johnson, Rufus
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnston, Robert M.W.
Johnston, Ruby
Jones, Bill
Jones, Charlie
Jones, Cornlious
Jones, Ned
Jones, Richard N.
Jones, Robert
Jones, Willie
Joseph, Frank
Katz, Mark
Katz, Mark
Kelley, Jack
Kelly, Edward N.
Kelly, Elijah
Kelly, Garland
Kennedy, James A.
Kennedy, William Henry
Kerr, Charles E.
Kerr, Lecil A.
Ketchum, Frank
Key, Robert L.
Kinchen, Joshua
Knox, Johnnie
Lambert, James
Lambert, Lawrence M.
Lane, John Prentice
Lane, Willie
Langston, Hobart
Larry, Garland
Latner, Calvin N.
Lawshee, Ernest
Lenox, George L.
Lewis, Avery
Lewis, Fletcher D.
Lewis, Granville R.
Limpton, Sam
Lindsey, Fred E.
Littlejohn, William
Littrell, John S.
Littrell, William M.
Livington, Eddie
London, John
Long, Jesse B.
Love, James
Love, Will
Lovette, Louis L.
Lowe, Van
Mabry, Autry N.
Mabry, Earl J.
Mabry, Elba Ward
Mack, Willie
Mahon, Ernest T.
Malone, Harry
Malone, Willie
Manley, Ed
Manley, Ed.
Marsh, Geoffrey
Martin, Ellis
Mason, Charley
Mathis, Justus
Maxie, Cecil
Mayberry, George Owen
Mayo, Nathan C.
Mayo, Thomas
McBride, Robert L.
McBride, Sullivan
McCall, Jeff E.
McCastlain, Ernest
McCullough, James
McCullough, Thomas E.
McDaniel, Richard Jr.
McDonald, Earl R.
McDonald, Gus
McDonald, Lee B.
McDowell, Lawson
McGill, Grover C.
McGuire, James
McKinney, Jasper
McManus, Willie A.
McMillon, Mathew
McPeak, Shelby
McReynolds, William A.
Meares, Benjamin F.
Miles, Grover M.
Miles, Robert L.
Miley, Joe T.
Miller, Emanuel
Miller, Lawrence
Miller, Lonnie
Mills, Percy
Mills, Richard T.
Mitchell, Ed
Mitchell, Lawrence L.
Mitchell, Mirl William
Mitchell, Osceola S.
Mitchell, Robert A.
Mitchell, Sam H.
Mitchell, Will
Mitchum, Alex
Moman, William
Montgomery, Joel L.
Moore, Fred
Moore, Lee
Moore, William
Moorehead, James
Moorhead, John
Morgan, Joe
Morgan, Thomas J.
Morris, Frank
Morris, Leon H.
Morris, Robert Houston
Morris, Roy E.
Morris, Thomas L.
Morris, Willie
Moshier, McKinley C.
Mosley, Jessie
Mosly, Willie
Moss, John H.
Mullens, Arnett R.
Mullins, Judge
Munns, Ben
Munson, Walter
Murphey, William J.
Neighbors, Wardell
Neill, William B.
Nelson, Cleve
Nelson, Henry H.
Norrington, Davit
Northern, Willie
Nowling, George
Nunn, Elijah
Nunn, Pink W.
Odam, Thomas E.
Odom, Searcy A.
Olive, Ed
Osborne, Clarence J.
Owen, William Harold
Owens, Frank
Owington, McKinley
Pace, Isom C.
Pace, John C.
Palmer, Robert Ellett Jr.
Parker, Elbert Jr.
Parkey, John P.
Parks, Bush
Parks, David S.
Parks, Julius M.
Partlow, Leo L.
Patterson, John A.
Patterson, Willie
Patton, Julius
Payne, Claud J.
Peete, John
Peete, Tommy
Pennington, William D.
Peter, Jesse Charles
Peterson, Wright
Phillips, Elbert
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, Jesse
Piggee, John Henry
Pilkington, Jesse Lee
Poe, Aaron
Pointer, Henry
Pool, Thomas F.
Poole, Chesley
Poole, Eugene
Porter, William Frazier
Preston, Noel
Priest, George Washington
Ramey, Jos. Greenberry
Rawlins, Mose
Redditt, John F.
Redict, Willie
Reed, Jesse
Reed, Sam
Reese, Tolly
Reeves, Sonnie
Rice, Mose
Rice, Smith
Richard, Willie
Richards, Willie
Richardson, Collnel Marion
Richardson, Houston
Richardson, John W.
Richardson, William F.
Roberts, Harrison
Robinson, Earl Monroe
Robinson, Frank N.
Robison, James
Roddy, Justin H.
Rodgers, Sam J.
Rodges, Everett S.
Rogers, Jessie
Roland, Joseph L.
Rollins, Andrew E.
Rollins, Andrew J.
Rollins, Bruce
Rollins, Remember
Rollins, Richard
Rosenthal, Joseph
Ross, Amos
Ross, George
Ross, John
Ross, Will
Rowan, McKinley
Rowland, Francis Graham
Rowland, Jesse W.
Rubenich, Phillip C.
Rucker, Edie
Rusher, Albert L.
Russell, Bruce
Russell, Jesse Dewey
Russell, John
Rutherford, Theodore M.
Sain, Henry T.
Sain, James B.
Sain, Pete
Sain, William M.
Sanders, Donnie A.
Sanders, John H.
Sanders, Will
Sands, Charles F.
Sawyer, Sam E.
Sawyer, Walter
Scaggs, William B.
Scemans, John W.
Scott, Sam
Shack, James
Shannon, Henry
Sharp, William W.
Shearer, Fate
Shearer, Fate
Shelton, Gladys
Sherman, Joseph
Shields, Albert H.
Shinall, Collier
Shown, Carl
Shults, Louis M.
Simmons, Jay M.
Simons, Burnice E.
Simpsion, John W.
Simpson, Berton B.
Simpson, Burton B.
Simpson, Jesse M.
Simpson, Willard Bateman
Sims, Claude D.
Skinner, Ben S.
Slaton, Stanley Robert
Smalls, Glascoe
Smiley, Orville A.
Smith, Dryden
Smith, Earl
Smith, Fred L.
Smith, James
Smith, James O.
Smith, Jasper
Smith, Oliver
Smith, Walter E.
Smith, Walter W.
Smithing, John
Solomon, Ed
Speake, Jim D.
Spencer, John W.
Spivey, Floyd A.
Starrett, Hubert C.
Staten, Charley
Stewart, Lacy
Stigall, Andrew
Stinnett, James
Stokes, Richard
Story, George O.
Strawn, John F.
Strong, Charlie A.
Strong, Harvey
Strong, Titus A.
Strother, Cleveland
Suddith, Johnnie
Sugden, John
Suggett, Melvin B.
Suggs, Robert
Sutton, Hays
Sutton, Jenn Haywood Jr.
Swanigan, Erasmus R.
Tabor, Will
Tate, Alvin
Taylor, Isaac
Temple, Henry G.
Temple, William F.
Terry, Harry
Terry, Monroe
Thomas, Clarence James
Thomas, Cleo
Thomas, Frank
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph H.
Thomas, Judge
Thomas, Philip Emerson Jr.
Thomas, Samuel T.
Thomas, William R.
Thompson, Leo
Threat, Harrison
Throgmorton, Chaffin A.
Thurman, Alonzo
Thweatt, Jesse
Tidwell, Vernon E.
Tillman, Clyde
Tillman, Walter C.
Toland, James William
Tomerlin, William Hicks
Torrence, Jesse
Tubbs, Andrew Jim
Turk, Ike Willey
Turner, Earl H.
Turner, Edgar
Tye, Frank
Tyler, Lewis
Tyler, Robert
Tyler, Tom
Vaden, Thomas L.
Van Natta, Garnet Varnell
Vanatta, Garnet
Vanderford, Louis E.
Vaughn, Henry
Versey, Guy
Versy, Ross
Vinson, Matt
Vison, Almon
Walker, Culher
Walker, Lewis
Walker, Wee Wee
Walker, William H.
Wall, William C.
Wallace, William
Walls, Robert
Walton, Earnest J.
Walton, William Encil
Ward, William H.
Warner, Benjamin F.
Warren, Bennie
Washington, Fay Powell
Washington, James H.
Washington, Oran Mayo
Waters, Isom T.
Watkins, McKinley
Watson, John Wesley
Wayland, Jesse D.
Wayland, Jesse D.
Webber, George
Wells, Ernest
Westfield, Goldman
White, Tom
Whitley, Luther
Whitney, Cecil
Whitney, John L.
Wiley, Man
Wilhite, Thomas E.
Wilkins, William Jr.
Williams, Bill
Williams, Charley
Williams, Ed
Williams, Edgar
Williams, Eugene
Williams, Ewan P.
Williams, Hubbard
Williams, John Henry
Williams, Robert W.
Williams, Walter
Williams, West James
Williams, William Emit
Williamson, Albert
Williamson, Alfred
Williamson, Carl J.
Willis, Willie
Wilson, Arch
Wilson, Arnett
Wilson, Benjamin F. Jr.
Wilson, Charlie
Wilson, Ernest
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, Louis
Wilson, Stanley Garfield
Winfield, Eddie
Winfield, Grant Edward
Wishop, Betney
Witherspoon, Dwight B.
Wolkernick, Peter
Woodfin, Eugene Locke
Wright, Willie
Wyatt, Donovan
Yates, William B.
Young, Arthur C.
Young, George
Young, Henry R.

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