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From the book: Arkansas' World War I Soldiers from Pulaski County

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Following is a list of soldiers from Pulaski County. In the book, for each soldier, his name, army serial number, race, residence city and county, date and place he entered service, whether he was an officer, his age in years and months or his date of birth, town and state (or foreign country) of his birth, and notes, are given.

Pulaski County World War I Soldiers

Abeles, Charles Tobias Jr.
Abernathy, Horace
Abertha, Perry
Achterberg, Reginald
Achterburg, John A.
Aclin, John F.
Adair, Joseph
Adams, Brown
Adams, Cary U.
Adams, Chris
Adams, Clide W.
Adams, Daniel J.
Adams, Edward
Adams, George
Adams, George G.
Adams, Hatton J.
Adams, John A.
Adams, Matthews
Adams, Oscar H.
Adams, Roy W.B.
Adams, Thad Rodgers
Adamson, Homer L.
Adcock, Wilbur W.
Adkins, Edgar L.
Adkins, Gordon E.
Adkins, Homer Martin
Adkins, James M.
Adkins, Jasper N.
Adkins, Thomas
Aegerter, Anton
Agee, Arthur
Agee, Daniel R.
Agee, Robert F.
Agnew, George
Aiken, Harry L.
Aikins, Homer
Akins, Homer
Akins, James
Akins, James
Albert, Arthur
Albert, Walter H.
Alcorn, Hal Stuart
Alcorn, Robert Elmore
Alexander, Clyde C.
Alexander, George L.
Alexander, Harry
Alexander, James F.
Alexander, Lewis
Alexander, Lockinvar
Alexander, Stanley L.
Aley, Charley
Alford, Arthur
Allen, Bruce M.
Allen, Ed
Allen, Frank R.
Allen, Harmon
Allen, Henry R.
Allen, Horton
Allen, James W.
Allen, Jas.
Allen, John
Allen, John R.
Allen, Louis
Allen, Manus
Allen, Marion C.
Allen, Robert G. Jr.
Allen, Robert Tilman
Allen, Steve
Alley, Fred S.
Alley, William Dan
Allnutt, Colin McKenzie
Allsopp, James E.
Allsopp, William Chapple
Alston, Paul
Alvoy, Claud L.
Ament, Theodore
Anderson, Claud
Anderson, Claude C.
Anderson, George R.
Anderson, Guy O.
Anderson, James
Anderson, Joel W.
Anderson, John W. Jr.
Anderson, Joseph Max
Anderson, Martin D.
Anderson, Murray E.
Anderson, Percy G.
Anderson, Ralph R.
Anderson, Sheldon Shy
Anderson, Thomas F.
Anderson, Verne A.
Anderson, William P.
Andrews, Albert
Andrews, Wayne
Anthony, Homer L.
Apperson, Marshall S.
Applewhite, Walter
Arbuckle, Milo
Archer, Earl P.
Arendt, Frank L.
Armer, Thomas J.
Armstrong, Arthur J.
Armstrong, Harry B.
Armstrong, Horace B.
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Julius I.
Armstrong, Mack
Armstrong, Ralph W.
Arnett, Anderson William
Arney, Tommie R.
Arnn, Elmer Cleo
Arnold, John William
Arnold, Lee
Arnold, Sam
Arnold, Tranny Philander
Arone, Johnnie
Arrant, Edgar S.
Arrington, James
Arthur, Herbert William
Ash, Osey
Ashford, Wheeler Simmons
Askew, John L.
Askew, Willie
Atkins, Thomas
Atkinson, James H.
Atkinson, Paul P.
Atwell, John W.
Atwood, Ardie C.
Auderer, Harry
Audigier, John E.
Auerbach, Murray Arthur
Ault, Frank C.
Ault, John W.
Austin, Eugene
Austin, Henry
Austin, James
Austin, William H.
Austin, William Ralph
Auten, Frank
Auten, Lawrence C.
Autrey, Charley
Autry, Tom F.
Aven, William R. Jr.
Avery, Ezra T.
Avery, Neel A. (or Noel?)
Baas, Milton John L.
Babcock, Mac
Babcock, William F.
Backstrom, Ransome H.
Bacot, George W.
Badger, Sam
Baer, Roy E.
Baer, Theodore
Baerthel, George J.
Baessler, Jacob J.
Bagley, Henry Stuart
Bailey, Benjamin M.
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, Chester
Bailey, Edward Carroll
Bailey, Floyd
Bailey, George W.
Bailey, Harrison
Bailey, Jacob
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, John T.
Bailey, Otho
Bailey, Reedy T.
Bailey, Thomas W.
Bailey, Walter
Bain, Homer
Baines, Jeff
Bains, Porter
Baird, John R.
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Burrell J.
Baker, Cadmus J.
Baker, Charley W.
Baker, Dixson Jr.
Baker, Edward
Baker, Jack I.
Baker, Jeff
Baker, Jesse O.
Baker, Jesse T.
Baker, John Howard
Baker, McMunn
Baker, William Pitt
Baldwin, Warren
Ball, Burness
Ball, Young A.
Ballard, Albert D.
Ballard, Charles
Ballard, Dennis
Ballard, Hayes
Ballard, Hester
Ballou, Earl Augusta
Ballou, Orrin
Banes, Jimmie
Bankhead, Robert
Banks, Ben W.
Banner, Horace
Banner, John W.
Banski, Pete V.
Barbee, Edward L.
Barber, Fletcher
Barber, Howard
Barclay, Hugh L.
Barentine, John
Barham, Needham H.
Barham, Roy E.
Barkley, Roger
Barnard, James E.
Barnes, Felix
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, Henry C.
Barnes, Jurdon H. Jr.
Barnes, Nathane
Barnes, Robert G. Jr.
Barnett, James H.
Barnett, Roy W.
Bartlett, Ben William
Bartlett, Charles C.
Baskin, James H.
Baskin, Vaughn
Bass, Harvey C.
Bass, James S.
Bass, Walter R.
Bassett, Jerome S.
Bassett, Joe
Batchelder, Charles R.
Bateman, Joe
Bateman, Joe B.
Bateman, Joe B. Jr.
Bates, Herman
Bates, William I.
Batson, Major S.
Batte, Guy H.
Battle, Mose
Battle, Pernether
Battle, Walter
Bauer, John J.
Bauers, Joseph E.
Baugh, Frank
Baumeister, Walter J.
Baxley, Will D.
Baxter, Earl
Baxter, Ora Grover
Bayley, Milton W.
Beacham, William
Bealin, Columbus
Beall, Dick
Beall, Elmer
Beall, Henry C.
Beall, James C.
Beall, Joe L.
Beall, Louis Alfred
Beamon, Spencer
Beamon, William M.
Beard, Albert O.
Beard, Henry
Beard, James N.
Bearden, Guy
Bearden, Sherman
Beaty, Charles L.
Beaumont, Lucius C.
Beaumont, William E.
Beckman, Frank
Beckman, Harrison
Beckton, Anthony
Bedwell, Robert B.
Belcher, Jake
Bell, Alfred
Bell, Enock
Bell, Fitz
Bell, Rolley
Bell, Willie Estrel
Bellamy, George
Beller, Norman A.
Bemberg, Julius C.
Bemberg, Karl H.
Benfield, Harvey
Bennetsen, Peter C.
Bennett, Charles S.
Bennett, Clarence H.
Bennett, David W.
Bennett, Earl J.
Bennett, Eli
Bennett, Frank
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Herman V.
Benson, Charles A.
Benson, Clark R.
Benson, Howard L.
Benson, W. Marvin
Benton, Eugene
Berberich, William G.
Berg, Edward J.
Berkau, Charles T.
Berry, Andrew A.
Berry, Beirt A.
Berry, Everet Frepern
Berry, Harrison
Berry, Joe
Berry, John T.
Berry, LeRoy
Berry, Louis
Berry, Theodore H.
Berry, Vonnie E.
Berthe, Odas
Berthe, Odas
Besser, Herbert
Besser, Jack
Bethards, Howard G.
Bethea, William Jennings
Bethel, George M.
Bettis, Nat
Beyerlein, George Jr.
Bidwell, Robert B.
Biggs, Desha
Biggs, Odis
Biggs, Wiley
Biggs, Zollie
Bigsby, George W.
Biles, Robert
Billing, Leslie H.
Billups, George G.
Binns, Isaac
Binns, Macio Antonio
Binz, Joe A.
Binz, William F.
Bircham, Steve
Bird, Jake
Bird, Robert C.
Bisbee, Lucies A.
Bishop, Sebon A.
Bittner, Frank
Bivins, Joseph
Bivins, Stephen A.
Black, Floyd D.
Black, George A.
Black, Hal R.
Black, Willie E.
Blackburn, Coonie
Blackburn, Robert
Blackburn, Victor H.
Blackburn, Walter
Blacksher, Bishop
Blair, Loyd M.
Blakeney, James L.
Bland, Ben
Bland, Jesse H.
Bland, Lon
Bland, Oney
Bland, Walkey H.
Blankenship, James
Blankinship, Gervase W.
Blankinship, Theodore L.
Blanton, John C.
Blass, Alvin J.
Blass, Noland
Blass, Norman J.
Bledsoe, Eddie
Bledsoe, Edwin P.
Bledsoe, Henry
Bledsoe, James
Bledsoe, Jim
Bledsoe, Ollie
Blevins, Headley F.
Blevins, Paul E.
Bliss, James Harrison Jr.
Bliss, Stanley Waters
Blood, Charley
Blucker, Oscar R.
Blunk, Frank
Bobbitt, Henry [originally Bobit, then corrected]
Body, LeRoy
Boecker, William C.
Boehmer, Aloys C.
Bogart, Charles A.
Boling, Gurves
Bollinger, Charles E.
Bollinger, Ernest V.
Bolton, Frank Copeland
Bolton, Robert E.
Bond, John D.
Bond, Sterling Price
Bonn, J. Raymond
Bonner, Elijah
Bonner, Frank H.
Bonner, Fred
Bonner, Fred A.S.
Bonner, Sam
Bono, William H.
Book, Edmund S.
Booker, Joseph R.
Booker, William A.
Booker, William F.
Boone, John T.
Boone, Shepherd
Booth, Addis L.
Booth, Thomas A.
Boren, Don A.
Boroughs, Willman
Bosby, William
Bossart, William M.
Bost, Alfred G.
Bott, Arthur
Bott, Leo P. Jr.
Bottorff, Harmon Remmel
Bowen, Clyde W.
Bowen, Ordis
Bowen, Russell R.C.
Bowen, Walter O.
Bowers, Edward Harris
Bowers, Garland O.
Bowers, Hansom
Bowers, Nobie
Bowling, Charles B.
Bowman, James
Bowman, Roy
Box, Vance
Boxley, Ernest O.
Boyce, Samuel G.
Boyd, Clive
Boyd, Earl
Boyd, Edward R.
Boyd, Haskell
Boyd, Rufus E.
Boyd, Thomas W.
Boydston, Grover C.
Boyer, Clarence
Boyer, Gus
Boyles, Andrew L.
Bracy, Alfred M.
Bradbury, Joseph C.
Bradford, Calvin
Bradford, Claude
Bradford, John D.
Bradford, Richard K.
Bradford, William C.
Bradley, Brooks
Bradley, Franklin
Bradley, Fread
Bradley, Lawrence H.
Bradley, William H.
Bradshaw, Daniel
Brady, Joseph
Bragg, Roy T.
Brakefield, William O.
Brame, Alonzo
Branch, Harold P.
Branch, Leon
Brandenburg, Berry A.
Brannan, Lonnie C.
Brannen, Horace W.
Brannen, Stanley M.
Brannon, Thomas
Brannon, William G.
Brannum, William A.
Bratton, Cletties C.
Bratton, Guy G.
Bratton, Jasper
Bratton, Ulysses Simpson Jr.
Bray, Sidney E.
Brazelle, Claude A.
Brennon, Ernest G.
Brewczynski, Joseph M.
Brewer, Anthony
Brewer, Ernest
Brewer, Ester
Brewer, Thomas B.
Bricker, Glenn
Bricker, Herschell
Brickhouse, Edward B.
Briggs, Donald A.
Briggs, Duke
Briggs, Harry
Briggs, Rufus B.
Briggs, William
Bright, Charles E.
Bright, James M.
Bright, Javan
Bright, Meredith H.
Brightwell, Forrest W.
Briner, Ernest
Britt, Wendell S.
Britton, William B.
Broaddus, Edward W.
Brock, Julius
Brod, Charles R.
Broening, Harry W.
Brooks, Alfred
Brooks, Cadmus M.
Brooks, Frank
Brooks, Levie
Brooks, Moses
Brooks, Robert G.
Brooks, Silas
Brooks, Thomas C.
Brooks, William B.
Broom, Epstein Alexander
Broom, Jr. Gus [sic]
Brown, Albert
Brown, Amos Jr.
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Bedford B.
Brown, Bevie W.
Brown, Cleveland
Brown, Edgar W.
Brown, Ernest G.
Brown, Frederick Earl
Brown, Hamp
Brown, Harley
Brown, Harry D.
Brown, Harry F.
Brown, Horace R.
Brown, Hugh T.
Brown, James
Brown, James M.
Brown, Jim
Brown, John C.
Brown, John W.
Brown, Kayp
Brown, Lee
Brown, Leon C.
Brown, Louie
Brown, Milton
Brown, Noland H.
Brown, Olin
Brown, Robert James
Brown, Solomon
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas V.
Brown, Van L.
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter C.
Browne, Thomas D.
Browning, Eugene J.
Browning, Harry W.
Browning, Theo J.
Bruce, Charles R.
Bruce, Garland
Bruich, Leo E.
Brumbelow, Alvin L.
Bruner, William
Bryan, Robert T.
Bryant, Alvin D.
Bryant, Arthur
Bryant, Dexter
Bryant, Floyd M.
Bryant, Geo.
Bryant, Jake
Bryant, James
Bryant, Lawrence William
Bryant, Luther
Bryant, Ray V.
Bryant, Robert H.
Bryles, Sam
Bubniak, Antonio
Bubniak, John A.
Bubniak, Mike
Buchanan, Hubert K.
Buck, Thomas F.
Buckalew, Samuel E.
Buckalew, William Walter
Buckels, Albert F.
Buckels, Ernest Joe
Buckland, Granville W.
Buckland, Hiram H.
Buckner, James
Bufford, Mitchell M.
Buhler, Ernest
Buice, William Clifford
Buie, Ed
Bujarski, Bernard E.
Bujarski, Frank
Bujarski, Paul R.
Bull, Charley
Bullock, Bennie
Bullock, Henry
Bunch, Nathan
Bunch, William C.
Burge, Bill
Burke, Ed
Burke, John P.
Burke, John P.
Burke, Will
Burkhart, James A.
Burks, Franklin Eugene
Burks, Murry
Burks, Sam
Burleson, Joseph L.
Burnbach, Bernard J.
Burnet, Edward C.
Burnett, Henry H.
Burnett, Norman J.
Burnham, Wesley G.
Burns, Clifton
Burns, Herbert
Burrow, Granville M.
Burse, George
Burton, Calvin
Burton, Harold C.
Burton, Robert L.
Burton, Russell Webster
Burton, Webster
Burton, William Marion
Bush, Elmer Lindsey
Bussey, Guy
Butler, Anthony F.
Butler, Clarence
Butler, Felix
Butler, Henry C.
Butler, John H.
Butler, Julius S.
Butler, Robert
Butler, Wesley
Buzbee, Alvin Stephen
Buzbee, John E.
Byas, Georgr E. [sic]
Byears, James
Bynum, Isaac
Byrd, Alfred Lee
Byrd, Aubrey U.
Byrd, Frank
Byrd, William
Cadett, Jewett C.
Cahill, Mark J.
Cain, James L.
Cain, Walter
Calcote, Royal J.
Caldwell, Annias
Caldwell, Ben
Calhoun, Thomas G.
Calk, Calvin Cecil
Calk, Ernest L.
Calk, Jeff C.
Callahan, John W.
Callahan, Roy Patrick
Callaway, Scofield
Calloway, Arnett B.
Calvin, James T.
Cameron, Elbert E.
Cameron, Virgil E.
Camp, James
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Arthur
Campbell, Austin C.
Campbell, Cyrus Jr.
Campbell, Ezra
Campbell, Herschell
Campbell, Homer J.
Campbell, James R.
Campbell, Lyde H.
Campbell, Robert Arche
Campbell, Robert J.
Campbell, Robert L.
Campbell, Robert W.
Campbell, Sam
Campbell, Smith
Campbell, Theus Murphy
Campbell, Walton
Canada, Jessie G.
Canada, William H.
Caneer, Coy B.
Cannon, Claude
Cannon, George M.
Cannon, Joseph Morgan
Cannon, Milton
Capel, Archie
Caple, Lee Augustus
Carbill, John
Carder, Frank
Cardin, Roy L.
Carig, Tom
Carmack, Eben E.
Carmack, James M.
Carmans, Huron
Carpenter, Harry C.
Carr, Albert
Carr, Charles
Carr, Jonathan
Carr, Mammie E.
Carr, William
Carrie, Raymond
Carrigan, Jack
Carrigan, Zin
Carriger, Paul L.
Carroway, Milton
Carter, Cyrus
Carter, Hugh Ruben
Carter, John H.
Carter, Julius A.
Carter, Oliver
Carter, Simeon M.
Carter, Will
Carter, William
Casey, Floyd
Casey, Ross
Cash, Francis T.
Cassinelli, Louis U.
Cassinelli, Robert Little
Cato, Marion A.
Caudell, Robert F.
Caulder, Watson W.
Chacere, Walter A. Jr.
Chafin, Benman J.
Chamberlain, Leslie H.
Chamberlin, Horace
Chambers, Albert H.
Chambers, James V.
Chambers, Samuel
Chance, Neil
Chandler, Earl E.
Chandler, Ganom D.
Chandler, James
Chaney, Jesse D.
Chapline, Gordon Leslie
Chapman, DeWitt
Chapman, Peter
Chappell, Jess John
Charles, Grady
Chastain, James M.
Chatman, Emit
Cheek, Lightle J.
Cheeks, Oscar
Chenault, Fletcher
Chenault, John E.
Cherry, George D.
Cherry, Lewis Williamson
Chesnutt, Charles Raphael
Chesser, Robert Lee
Chestnutt, James H.
Childress, Dwight Asa
Childress, Finus
Childress, Leonard
Childs, Henry
Chretien, Louie T.
Chrissonberry, William A.
Christian, Andrew L.
Christian, Charles H.
Christian, Elmer
Christian, Robert S.
Christian, Robert Samuel
Christian, Worthen
Christianson, Burdette M.
Christon, Albert
Chronister, Ren L.
Cichocki, Peter
Clapp, George
Clapton, Dave
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Brunnie
Clark, Carl A.
Clark, Ernest S.
Clark, Fred
Clark, Fred H.
Clark, George W.
Clark, Jonah
Clark, Loney
Clark, Noah
Clark, Robert L.
Clark, Sam
Clark, Virgil C.
Clarke, Alfred T.
Clarke, James P.
Clarke, Pat C.
Claxton, Lee P.
Clay, Marion J.
Clay, Nelson M.
Clayton, C. Lesley Cecil
Clayton, Chesley C.
Clayton, John M.
Clayton, Neal
Clement, William Hugh
Clements, Edward E.
Clements, Ira L.
Clements, Jack J.
Clements, William F.
Clements, William Franklin
Clicks, Joseph B.
Clifton, Bolton E.
Clinkscales, William F.
Clinton, Square
Clok, Walter R.
Clore, George H.
Cloud, Benjamin
Clubb, Lee
Cluis, David
Clyburn, J. Leo
Clyburn, John L.
Coates, John E. Jr.
Cobb, Clifton B.
Cobbs, Ed
Cobbs, Lee
Cobbs, Wilson
Cochran, Harry K.
Cochran, Joseph H.
Cockman, O.D.
Cockman, Walter
Cockmon, Horace H.
Cockrill, Freeman
Cockrill, James M.
Cody, Tony J.
Cody, William E.
Coffey, Hughie
Coffman, Loss
Cohen, Louis C.
Cohen, Morris
Cohn, Howard Ralph
Cohn, Louis M.
Cohn, Marcus R.
Cokiegee, Roscoe J.
Cokiegee, Sam
Cole, Aaron
Cole, Aron
Cole, Benford S.
Cole, John Edgar
Cole, Lemuel
Cole, Ruffen Herman
Coleman, A.W.
Coleman, Arthur C.
Coleman, Beecher
Coleman, Bertram E.
Coleman, Charles R.
Coleman, Fred
Coleman, George
Coleman, James E.
Coleman, Joseph P.
Coleman, Romulus
Coleman, William
Coley, Jesse H.
Collamore, Loftus J. Jr.
Collie, William F.
Collier, Clarence H.
Collier, Norman
Collin, John M.
Collins, Elijah
Collins, Fred
Collins, Wade
Collins, William
Colon, William
Colquette, Thomas Moore
Compton, Charles I.
Compton, Harry D.
Compton, John Nye
Compton, Wiles V.P.
Condell, Henry
Coneley, Joe
Conley, Fletcher
Conley, Frank J.
Conley, Milton J.
Conley, Raymond W.
Connelly, John P.
Connifry, James P.
Connifry, John W.
Connors, Frank A.
Conrad, Conway
Conway, Claibourne W.
Conway, Henry Nelson
Conway, James C.
Conway, Maneil
Conway, Sigle
Conway, Willie
Cook, Allie Neilon
Cook, Bob
Cook, Inman I.
Cook, John
Cook, John F.
Cook, Maudy F.
Cook, Patrick
Cook, William E.
Coombs, Lou Scott
Cooney, Elmore
Cooney, Roy
Cooper, Clarence
Cooper, Earnest
Cooper, Elihu
Cooper, Fay M.
Cooper, William H.
Cooter, John Harvey
Coots, Frank
Corbin, Moses E.
Corder, Simon Peter
Corley, Thomas C.
Cornelison, Floyd E.
Cornelius, Claude
Cornelius, Ramus
Corney, Robert Blair
Cornil, Frank J.
Cornish, Sam W.
Correll, Robert
Cory, Charles W.
Cothran, George F.
Cothran, George Frank
Cotnam, Thomas Earleton
Couch, Archie W.
Coulson, James J.
Coulter, Albert William Jr.
Coulter, Arthur C.
Coulter, Bailey M.
Coulter, Charles Marion
Countryman, Alvin Bussey
Counts, Dewey Earl
Countz, Edward F.
Courtney, Delbert E.
Cousins, Oscar S.
Covington, Clafton
Covington, Joseph
Covington, Joseph B.
Cowpland, John B. Jr.
Cox, George D.
Cox, Hugh Guster
Cox, James H.
Cox, Joseph G.
Cox, Lutterloh
Cox, Palmer
Cox, Paul D.
Cox, Pete Anderson
Cox, Sim
Cox, Tipton Beck Jr.
Cozart, Luther A.
Craft, Bud
Craft, Jennings
Craig, Alfred H.
Craig, Charles J.
Craig, Edward James
Crandall, John A.
Crawford, Alsie B.
Crawford, James E.
Crawford, Joshua
Crawford, Righteous
Crawford, Robert C.
Crawford, Sidney R.
Crawford, Walter
Crawford, William H.
Crenshaw, Ellis
Crenshaw, William M.
Crewe, Alfred B.
Crews, Grover D.
Crim, Dewey Murray
Crim, Nelson L.
Crim, Nelson Lee
Crisp, Sidney
Crite, Felix
Crockett, Acey
Crockrell, Horace C.
Crone, Elvin
Cronin, Arthur
Cross, Henry
Cross, Lon D.
Cross, M.C. Jr.
Cross, Oby
Crosten, Thomas
Crow, Edward N.
Crowy, Patrick
Crudup, Clindon
Crum, Marcellus Jr.
Crumley, Vincent
Crump, Claude DeWitt
Crump, Thadius Henry
Crumpler, Edwyn E.
Crumpton, Henry F.
Crutcher, Beverly
Cryer, Webber M.
Cryer, Wiley P.
Culberson, Obron
Cullins, Auburn
Cullins, Harry C.
Cullum, Oliver C.
Cullum, Samuel
Culmore, James
Culmore, William
Cummings, Guy L.
Cumpton, Dandridge P.
Cunning, William G.
Cunningham, Egbert A.
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Leroy
Curran, Stuart
Currie, Ed
Currie, Squair S.
Curry, James
Cypert, Alfred Boyd
Cypert, Thomas J. Jr.
Dabbs, Roy Underhill
Dailey, Odell
Dale, William L.
Dale, Willis
Dalhoff, Louis F.
Dally, Harry G.
Dalton, Homer C.
Dancy, Ash B.
Dandridge, Ernis
Daniel, Auner
Daniel, George
Daniel, George
Daniel, George H.
Daniel, Smith Jr.
Daniel, Willie L.
Daniels, Carl
Daniels, Harry C.
Daniels, Hoyt N.
Daniels, James Herbert
Daniels, Walter E.
Daniels, William
Darden, John C.
Darter, John W.
Dashiell, William A.
Daugherty, William
Daus, Alvin
Dave, Archie
Daven, Manuel Victor
Davenport, Thomas M.
Davenport, Willie
David, Ben T.
Davidson, Maynard O.
Davidson, Otie F.
Davis, Albert
Davis, Aubrey A.
Davis, B.B.
Davis, Ben
Davis, Chloe C.
Davis, Claybourne
Davis, Eliace A.
Davis, Emery A.
Davis, Eugene
Davis, Excell
Davis, Felix
Davis, George
Davis, Gordon E.
Davis, Harry Clyde
Davis, Henry
Davis, Ira B.
Davis, James
Davis, James
Davis, Jasper Armstead
Davis, Jeff
Davis, Joe
Davis, John E.
Davis, Jonah
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Machnoila
Davis, Monnett B.
Davis, Samuel Preston Jr.
Davis, Terrance H.
Davis, Timothy R.
Davis, Walter
Davis, Willie
Dawson, Bentley
Dawson, Fred
Dawson, Joe
Dawson, Randall J.
Dawson, Sam
Day, Ed
Day, Edward O.
Day, Henry A.
Day, John
DeBoser, Ollie
DeJarnatt, Walter F.
DeVillia, Arthur Joe
DeVoe, Charles
Dealy, James I.
Dean, Ben
Dean, Isaac Winston
Dean, Leon
Deane, Gardner Andrew
Debeary, Levert F.
Deese, Atwell
Dehmer, Peter
Dehmer, Theodore P.
Dejarnatt, Richard A.
Deldy, James
Delony, Lawson Leonard
Denty, Nathaniel Wynne
Derby, Arthur D.
Derryberry, Lewis Dock
Deubler, Wilbur R.
Dever, Guy S.
Dever, Harold Roy
Devoe, William Vernon
Dibrell, Edwin K.
Dick, Charles Edward
Dickey, Coy
Dickhoener, Otto
Dickinson, Robert Ellis
Dickinson, Tom
Dickson, Dudley Waade
Diderich, Paul L.
Diehl, Guy Cash
Digby, Victor Melton
Dillahunt, Sam
Dillard, Holman H.
Dillard, James W.
Dillard, Lealand F.
Dillon, Edward B.
Dillon, James R.
Dillon, John Lynn
Dillon, William J.
Dinwiddie, Vernon A.
Dissette, Joseph C.
Dixon, Alexander
Dixon, George Donald
Dixon, Harrison
Dixon, James
Dobbins, Claude W.
Dobbins, Horace E.
Dobbins, William Edward
Dobson, DeWitt T.
Dobyns, Ashbel W.
Dodge, Harry F. Jr.
Dodson, Alonzo L.
Dodson, Louis C.
Doering, Frank Jr.
Dold, Joseph A. Jr.
Dollarhide, Daniel Augustus
Dombroski, Louis P.
Donald, Eugene
Donaldson, Will
Dooley, Dennis C.
Doremus, John W.
Dorsey, Ed
Doss, Tom
Douglas, Allen M.
Douglas, Fred
Douglas, George L.
Douglas, Thomas B.
Douglas, William H.
Douglass, Acey Emmett
Douglass, Horace B.
Doutherd, Carl
Doutherd, Ernest F.
Dove, Archie
Dowdell, David Merrick
Dowell, Albert Lee
Dowell, Harold Howard
Downs, Alver J.
Downs, George
Doyle, Henry W.
Doyle, Hugh A.
Doyle, Robert A.
Drake, David W.
Drees, Frank F.
Drinkwater, Alfred E.
Drinkwater, James Raymond
Driskill, John A.
Dry, Ernest Roar
Drye, Frank L.
Dubose, Lawrence M.
Duckett, Levi C.
Duckworth, Rubin B.
Dudley, George W.
Dudley, John
Dudley, John
Duerr, Carl F.
Duff, Hunter H.
Duff, James R.
Dukeminier, Tom N.
Dukes, Jesse
Dukes, Perry
Dukes, William H.
Dum, Casper William
Dumas, Medford L.
Dunbar, Harry
Dungan, Deaderick Chandler
Dungan, William Thompson
Dunivan, John F.
Dunn, Nathaniel
Dunscomb, Alvin
Durham, Floyd
Dusenbury, Cecil M.
Dyer, Claud
Dyer, Jeff
Dyson, Arthur
Eagle, Bryan M.
Eagle, James B.
Eagle, Lewis
Eakin, Arthur B.
Earles, Walter Jefferson
Easley, Clyde D.
Eason, Val L.
Eason, William
Eason, William Edward
Easterwood, Homer W.
Eastin, Augustus Scroggin
Eastin, Jack F.
Eaton, Efton
Eckerty, Russell L.
Edds, Kate Rief Mrs.
Edds, Otto L.
Eddy, Alva P.
Ederington, John T.
Edgeworth, Richard Coleman
Edmonson, Pleasant W.
Edwards, Arrest E.
Edwards, Dan
Edwards, Dave
Edwards, Felix J.
Edwards, Hugh F.
Edwards, LeRoy
Edwards, Millard
Edwards, Paul S.
Edwards, Richard G.
Eggleston, Joseph S. Jr.
Ehrrman, Samuel L.
Elias, Booker
Elkins, Corson
Elkins, Horace
Elkins, Lindsey Robert
Ellerkamp, Harry M.
Ellington, Orin
Elliott, Howard F.
Elliott, Robert
Ellis, Arthur C.
Ellis, James L.
Ellis, Prentis
Ellis, Sam S.
Ellis, Walter P.
Elms, Millard Filmore
Elrod, Rhodon
Elsesser, Frank N.
Embery, Perry L.
Embree, James A.
Embree, William S.
Emerson, Hezekiah
Enders, Griffith F.
Engel, Kuno A.
Engelberger, John E.
England, Callan Edley
England, David P. Jr.
English, Ed
English, Peyton D.
Engram, Silvester
Eppert, Albert M.
Epps, Obie
Erber, Harry L.
Erisman, William F.
Ethridge, Joseph P.
Ethridge, Omer G.
Ethridge, Samuel E.
Etzbach, William
Eustis, Henry C.
Evans, Arthur
Evans, Jessie
Evans, John
Evans, Wilson
Everett, Bob
Ewing, Gussie
Exum, Jim Stoker
Ezell, Evans
Ezell, Hilley
Fagan, Bernard
Fair, Clayton A.
Fair, Pompey
Fairfax, George
Faisst, Herman
Falconer, Henry B.
Falisi, J. Vincent
Falk, George R.
Falk, Randall M.
Farabee, Claud E.
Farell, Clarence L.
Farley, David
Farmer, Edwin L.
Farmer, Furman Brantley
Farmer, Jesse B.
Farrell, Charles M.
Faryewicz, Edmund J.
Faubion, Abbie Louie
Faulkner, James O.
Faulkner, Russell S.
Fawbush, Albert B.
Feeler, Charles A.
Feild, Lucchesi
Feinstein, Howard
Felton, Marion T.
Felton, Stephen J.
Felton, Tom
Ferguson, Clarence
Ferguson, Elex
Ferguson, George M.
Ferguson, Paul O.
Ferguson, Penn L.
Ferrell, J.D.
Fewell, Beryl E.
Fewell, Dwight M.
Fiedler, Joseph O.
Fielder, Robert
Fields, Feaster
Files, Willie A.
Filhiol, George
Finch, Joseph
Finch, Louis A.
Finkbeiner, Alfred
Finkbeiner, Jacob W.
Finkbeiner, Paul F.
Finkbeiner, Theodore
Finley, Ben
Finne, Frank
Fischer, George
Fisher, Edward C.
Fisher, James Ralph
Fisher, John T.
Fisher, Joseph Ward
Fisher, Morris
Fitch, Wilson
Fitgue, Robert
Fitzgerald, Frank
Fitzgibbon, John R.
Fitzhugh, Berger
Flanagan, Donald Carl
Flannigan, Cap
Fleming, Richard E.
Fleming, Walter O.
Flemings, James
Flenory, Lee
Fletcher, Charlie
Fletcher, George B.
Fletcher, Hubert G.
Fletcher, James P.
Fletcher, John Lathrop
Fletcher, William C. Jr.
Flewellen, William
Flinn, Robert Paul
Flowers, Ralph A.
Floyd, Cleve
Floyd, Robert L.
Fly, Thomas M.
Fogg, Oliver
Foggs, Nicholas
Folden, Don H.
Folds, Embree
Ford, Jesse Nelson
Ford, Richard L.
Ford, Spurgeon
Ford, William C.
Ford, William Ellis
Ford, William H.
Fordyce, John R.
Forrester, William E.
Forte, Harley E.
Foster, Alonzo J.
Foster, Clabe Jr.
Foster, Dee
Foster, George T.
Foster, Gus
Foster, James F.
Foster, John
Foster, Joseph P.
Foster, Raymond Albert
Fougerousse, Joseph J.
Fountain, Frank
Fowler, Charles C.
Fox, Robert Russell
Frampton, Clarence
Francke, Ewald A.
Frank, Aleck K.
Franklin, Charles
Franklin, James
Franklin, Siesel A.
Franklin, Sterling V.
Franks, Wiley
Frawley, John H.
Frawley, Joseph E.
Frazer, Edward V.
Frazer, Jere C.
Frazier, Ceylon B.
Frazier, John
Frazier, John G.
Frazier, John R. Jr.
Frazier, John R. Jr.
Fredeman, Frank Henry
Fredeman, Henry Frank
Frederick, Henry J.
Freeman, Aaron
Freeman, Abe
Freeman, Fred
Freeman, Garland
Freeman, Robert
Freeman, Robert C.
Freeman, Willie
Freemyer, Wayne N.
French, James P.
Fresher, Cephas G.
Frey, William I.
Friedman, Arnold D.
Frierson, Chauncey L.
Frierson, Joseph W.
Frierson, Robert
Frizzell, Edward H.
Froley, John P.
Froley, Thomas
Fry, Hurley
Fry, Jesse L.
Fudge, Joe
Fuess, Louis Wangelin
Fuller, Cornelius
Fuller, Seaborn J.
Fulmer, Howard A.
Funda, Fred P.
Funk, John
Funk, John G.
Funston, William L.
Fussell, Roland C.
Gachot, Joseph F.
Gage, Will
Gage, William B.
Gaines, Harley Onlys
Gaines, Holstein
Gaines, John Hearn
Gaines, Lewis
Gallagher, Demamon E.
Galloway, Charles F.
Galloway, Daniel
Gamber, Glenn G.
Gambol, John Earl
Gammel, William
Gammill, Reuel E.
Gammill, Reuel E.
Gann, Dewell Jr.
Ganter, Alonzo
Gantt, Onie
Garanfla, George E.
Gardner, Henderson
Garland, Bay
Garlick, Charles H.
Garms, Grady
Garner, Alva T.
Garner, Herschel E.
Garner, Isaac
Garner, Loyce Winford
Garrett, Autrey L.
Garrett, Ernest Windham
Garrett, James A.
Garrett, Jesse C.
Garrett, John A.
Garrett, Kenneth
Garrett, Tony J.
Garrison, Forrest L.
Garrison, Sibley T.
Gary, Joseph
Gaston, Lewis P.
Gates, James A.
Gathright, William
Gaunt, William S.
Gay, Hubert M.
Gaylor, Sidney A.
Gaynon, Stanley C.
Gebauer, John
Gee, Frank H.
Gee, Frank Wilson
Geister, Ray
Gentry, Carl H.
Gentry, Henry C.
Gentry, Will
George, Charles H.
George, Charlie W.
George, Frank
George, Jeff
George, Walter Lenard
Gersman, Bernard
Gesell, John N.
Gibb, Edward W.
Gibbs, Field
Gibbs, Leo
Gibbs, Robert C.
Gibbs, Solomon
Gibbs, Solomon
Gibbs, William E.
Gibson, Fred D.
Gibson, John
Gibson, John
Gideon, Willie C.
Giggleman, Arthur W.
Gilbert, Elmer
Gilbert, Leo
Gilbert, Miles
Giles, William T.
Gilkey, Oscar
Gill, Charles W.
Gill, Henry
Gill, Thomas T.
Gilliland, Harry B.
Gillyard, John
Gilmer, Louis F.
Gilmore, Joseph P.
Gilstrap, Calvin
Gilzow, William
Gingles, William F.
Ginn, Isaac L.
Ginocchio, Frank J. Jr.
Ginocchio, John T.
Gist, Emory Howard
Givens, Charley
Glass, Edwin J.
Glaze, John S.
Gleeden, Jesse J.
Glenn, Lee R.
Glenn, Ray K.
Glenn, Sol
Glover, Bailey
Glover, E.H.
Glover, Edgar W.
Glover, William
Goetz, J.M.
Goff, Grover C.
Goforth, John Frank
Goines, James
Golden, Floyd W.
Goldsby, Llewellyn E.
Goldwater, Joseph
Goodale, Frank
Goodlett, J.P.
Goodman, Charles A.
Goodman, Leonard Sims
Goodman, Robert L.
Goodman, Roger E.
Goodrich, Russell A.
Goodrum, Hamilton R.
Goodson, Cab W.
Goodson, James B.
Goodwin, Bruin
Goodwin, Horace J.
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Daniel
Gordon, Gilbert
Gordon, Will
Gordon, William E.
Goshian, Dunk
Goshorn, George H.
Gosnell, John W.
Gosnell, Lee T.
Goss, Harry B.
Goss, John
Goss, Robert
Goss, Will
Gough, John Joseph
Gould, Charles
Gould, Roy W.
Gouldy, John Homer
Grabiel, Paul R.
Graham, Dan
Graham, Earl E.
Graham, Glenny E.
Graham, Grover Cleveland
Gramling, Fred H.
Granberry, Paul Arthur
Grannakopolos, Angelo
Grant, George H.
Graves, Arthur
Graves, Fred P.
Graves, James A.
Graves, William L.
Gravitt, Annias
Gray, Arthur
Gray, Dandy
Gray, Elmer F.
Gray, George W.
Gray, Henry Crockett
Gray, Jessie
Gray, Nath
Gray, O.Y.
Gray, Oscar
Gray, Will
Gray, Will E.
Gray, Willie
Grays, Walter
Grayson, Arthur
Grayson, Elijah
Greathouse, Theodore B.
Green, Andrew
Green, Boyd F.
Green, Carl
Green, Charley
Green, Clement B.
Green, Clifford
Green, Davey
Green, Ernest
Green, Evans
Green, Joe
Green, Plumer
Green, Robert Blake
Green, Roy D.
Green, Vadar
Green, Vernon L.
Green, William E.
Greenbaum, Max
Greenburg, H. Hienie
Greene, Grady J.
Greene, James E.
Greenlee, Fred A.
Greeno, Charlie B.
Greer, Dickson
Gregg, Russell C.
Greggs, Preston
Gregory, Robert I.
Gregory, Sumpter A.
Gregory, Tillmon Louis
Gregory, Walter A.
Gress, Russell B.
Gribble, Byron Smith
Griffin, George W.
Griffin, James L.
Griffin, Jay W.
Griffin, Luther H.
Griffin, Nelson
Griffin, Oscar C.
Griffin, Willie R.
Griggs, John
Grigsby, Oswald McKinley
Grissette, James W.
Grissom, Joe B.
Grogan, Fred
Gruber, Edward L.
Grundy, Ed
Grundy, Fred
Guenter, Bernard H.
Guenther, Willie
Guess, Woodson
Guinon, Judson P.
Gulley, John B.
Gunderman, Frank J.
Gunne, Leo Hamilton
Gunter, James F.
Gupton, John
Gwatney, Floyd S.
Hack, John H.
Hafner, William H.
Hagan, Arthur W.
Hagar, Frank
Hagy, Elmer G.
Hale, Grover C.
Hale, Warren E.
Haliday, Henry
Hall, Ed
Hall, George
Hall, Jessie
Hall, John L.
Hall, Leon D.
Hall, Murray Bruce
Hall, Norman R.
Hall, Willie
Hall, Willie
Haller, Chester E.
Halliburton, Hayden T.
Hamernick, Frank P.
Hamilton, Archie Jr.
Hamilton, Ben R.
Hamilton, Edward
Hamilton, Ernest E.
Hamilton, Ferd F.
Hamilton, Humphrey M.
Hamilton, John W.
Hamilton, Matthew
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, William H.
Hammerly, Harry
Hammond, Claude M.
Hammond, William J.
Hammons, Foy Hayden
Hammons, Gillispie L.
Hampel, Anthony
Hampel, Joseph Peter
Hampel, Lee M.
Hampton, Dewitt
Hampton, Elijah
Hampton, Thomas
Hampton, Will
Hampton, William K.
Hancock, Ellis O.
Hancock, Oscar Thomas
Hand, Essie
Hands, Bob
Hands, Jim
Haney, Thompson F.
Hanggi, Emil J.
Hanley, Will
Hanlon, James E.
Hanna, Calvin
Hanna, Hugh H.
Hanna, Roy
Hannah, Monroe
Hanson, Joseph Carl
Harb, Harper E.
Harb, Whitney A.
Harby, Kenneth S.
Harcrow, Robert Carl
Hardcastle, Bruce O.
Harden, Ben
Hardin, Frederick
Hardin, Mark L.
Harding, Grover C.
Hardwick, Gally J.
Hardy, Noah
Hardy, Walter
Hardy, Willis D.
Harley, Sam
Harley, Wilbur Herbert
Harp, Louis D.
Harper, Henry P.
Harper, James R.
Harper, Samuel T.
Harpole, Edgar N.
Harrell, Oliver A.
Harries, John K.
Harries, Willie
Harris, Alexander E.
Harris, Arthur
Harris, Burt
Harris, Charles William
Harris, David Pryor
Harris, Harold J.
Harris, Henry
Harris, James
Harris, Jesse C.
Harris, Jessie
Harris, Lawson
Harris, Marion
Harris, Oner
Harris, Oscar W.
Harris, Raymond C.
Harris, Richard O.
Harris, Richmond
Harris, Robert
Harris, Thomas
Harris, Thomas Henry Jr.
Harris, Will T.C.
Harris, William H.
Harris, Willie J.
Harrison, Ferman H.
Harrison, James R.
Harrison, Percy M.?
Harrison, William R.
Harrod, Linn Boyd
Harroway, Ernest
Harroway, Jessie
Harston, Bennie
Hart, Anderson
Hart, George W.
Hart, James F.
Hart, Joe
Hart, Richmond
Hartley, Thomas Jr.
Harvey, Houston
Harvey, Samuel
Hasting, Leon B.
Hastings, Joseph S.
Hatchett, Herbert
Hatley, John Poe
Hatley, Philip W.
Havens, Walter L.
Hawkins, Arvin
Hawkins, Benjamin H.
Hawkins, Charles T.
Hawkins, Edward A.
Hawkins, Hal S.
Hayden, Samuel A.J.
Haydon, Luther M.
Hayes, Bennie
Hayes, Leslie F.
Hayes, Troy E.
Haygood, Oscar
Hayman, George Washington Jr.
Haynes, Arthur
Haynes, Clarence
Haynes, Fred
Haynes, Mark G.
Haynes, Willie
Haynie, Herman J.
Hays, Edgar F.
Hays, George A.
Hays, Will
Haywood, Arthur L.
Hazen, Clarence S.
Heagney, Alvin D.
Heagney, Elbert J.
Hearin, Allen B.
Hearn, Rosco S.
Heart, Hezekiah
Heath, Joseph C.
Heckler, Charles Edward Eugene Jr.
Heer, Grady W.
Heffington, Cullie
Heffington, Frank J.
Hefner, John Washington
Hefner, Joseph A.
Heideke, Paul A.
Heilman, Charles L.
Heilman, Herschel H.
Heinrich, Joseph L.
Heinze, Albert
Heisserer, Frank Adam
Heitman, Murphy L.
Helmer, William M.
Hemann, Harry E.
Hemmelrath, Phillip
Hemphill, James A.
Hemphill, Ora L.
Hempstead, Robert O.
Henderson, Albert
Henderson, Benjamin D.
Henderson, Curtis
Henderson, Elmo P.
Henderson, Frank William
Henderson, Garland N.
Henderson, George
Henderson, Harvey H.
Henderson, Herman H.
Henderson, Homer B.
Henderson, Jesse
Henderson, Jesse E.
Henderson, John
Henderson, Oliver
Henderson, Robert C.
Henderson, Sammie D.
Hendricks, Jiles
Hendrix, Mose
Henker, Edward
Henker, Fred O. Jr.
Henley, Jim
Henry, Elbert A.
Henry, George F.
Henry, Lyde A.
Henry, Martin L.
Henry, Otis A.
Henschuber, Morris
Henslee, Ernest L.
Hensley, Horace C.
Hensley, Nora
Henson, George H.
Herod, Andrew H.
Herrick, Joseph L.
Herrick, William Byrd
Herring, Edward
Herring, Finis A.
Herrod, Willis Neely
Herron, Albert
Herron, Dock
Herron, John Claude
Herron, William D.
Hervey, Zello?
Hess, John B.
Hickman, Dan W.
Hickman, Thomas Franklin
Hicks, Arthur
Hicks, Bryan W.
Hicks, Charles
Hicks, Floyd
Hicks, Melvin C.
Hicks, Oliver
Higgason, Carl A.
Highfill, Robert David
Highfill, Thurlow M.
Hightower, Jesse M.
Hildebrand, William Weaver
Hiles, Raymond L.
Hill, Dorsey
Hill, Floyd E.
Hill, Gillie
Hill, Harry Ewell
Hill, Henry
Hill, James W.
Hill, Miles
Hill, Omar Earl
Hill, Ralph B.
Hill, Roy E.
Hill, Tom I.
Hilliard, Paul W.
Hillmon, James E.
Himes, Curby
Himstedt, Hickey
Hines, Will
Hinkle, Shelbey Boone
Hinson, Bedford G.
Hinton, Clifton B.
Hinton, James A.
Hirsch, Carl
Hirsch, Eugene Aaron
Hirsch, Isaac Albert
Hirsch, Ralph
Hirsch, Willis E.
Hobson, Albert Jr.
Hockett, Herbert I.
Hockett, Sam
Hocott, Edmund
Hodge, Dennis
Hodge, Manzo
Hodges, Robert M.
Hodges, Will
Hoeltzel, Clarence G.
Hoeltzel, Fred Reichardt
Hoeltzel, William A.
Hoffman, Sam
Hoffmeyer, George F.
Hoffmeyer, George Frederick
Hogan, William
Hogue, Clyde M.
Hogue, Odie N.
Hogue, William Y.
Holder, Luther
Holder, Thomas J.
Holiman, William H.
Holland, Charles G.
Holland, Fred
Holland, John C.
Holland, Leon H.
Holle, Willie
Hollenberg, Frederick Bernard T. Jr.
Hollis, Cyrus Garnsey
Holloway, William McKinley
Holman, Scott W.
Holman, Scott White
Holman, William B.
Holmes, Charley
Holmes, Ed Jr.
Holmes, George B.
Holmes, Glenn M.
Holmes, Mose
Holmon, Frank
Holt, Marion E.
Honan, Eugene J.
Hood, Otis W.
Hood, Sherman
Hooker, Alvia S.
Hooker, Frank
Hooks, Fred
Hoover, Garland A.
Hoover, George A.
Hopkins, Allen
Hopkins, Clarence
Hopkins, Doyle
Hopkins, Frank
Hopper, Ira Clarke
Horman, George
Horrid, Solomon
Hosack, Carl I.
Hough, Richard
House, Archie Franklin
House, Will
Housley, Eugene
Houston, Jim
Howard, Elija H.
Howard, Jack
Howard, James
Howard, Thomas Frank
Howell, Clarke
Howell, Elbert Homer
Howell, Monroe
Howell, Walter C.
Howlett, Elmer
Hubbard, Leon Howard
Hubbard, Mike
Hubbard, Samuel
Hubbell, Ray
Hubbert, Ossie B.
Huckaby, Clarence E.
Hudson, Gary
Hudson, John W.
Hudson, Norman P.
Huff, George W.
Huff, Hugh Elwin
Huff, Vivian E.
Huffman, Sylvester
Huffman, Walter E.
Huffstutlar, Clint
Huggins, Earl L.
Huggins, Henry D.
Huggins, Lee
Hughes, Daniel R.
Hughes, Everett N.
Hughes, Frank
Hughes, Grover W.
Hughes, Morris
Hughes, Sam
Hughey, Elmer
Humphrey, John Elias
Humphreys, Francis Adridge
Hunitt, Emitt
Hunt, Chester A.
Hunt, Rufus T.
Hunt, Thomas E.
Hunt, William Henry
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, Daniel
Hunter, Eugene
Hunter, Lowell Wilsey
Hunter, Thad
Hunthrop, Archie L.
Hunthrop, George E.
Hurley, James W.
Hurt, Dee J.
Hurt, George M.
Hurt, Thomas H.
Hurt, Willmett F.
Hussman, Frank D.
Hutchinson, Earl
Hutchinson, Edwin B.
Hutchinson, Harry
Hyde, Earl A.
Illing, Leo M.
Illing, Leo Manieo
Imbery, Gregory S.
Infell, Glen A.
Ingram, Earle B.
Ingram, Joe Le Roy
Inman, Charles W.
Inzer, Eugene W.
Irby, Pink
Ireland, Russel C.
Irvine, Roland C.
Isbell, Aubra D.
Isch, Arthur N.
Iseman, Fred W.
Isgrig, Ben Charles
Isgrig, William B.
Ison, John C.
Itzkowitz, Morris S.
Ives, Fred
Ives, Theodore T.
Ivy, Benjamin F.
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, Buck
Jackson, Buck
Jackson, Charley Moses
Jackson, Charlie
Jackson, Claiborne
Jackson, Clarence A.
Jackson, Emmitt
Jackson, Ernest M.
Jackson, Felix
Jackson, Felix
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry A.
Jackson, Henry L.
Jackson, Herbert
Jackson, Howard Daniel
Jackson, Ivery
Jackson, James
Jackson, Jasper
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Lanett Marcus
Jackson, LeRoy A.
Jackson, Luther
Jackson, Mitchel
Jackson, Monroe
Jackson, Oscar
Jackson, Paul
Jackson, Q.T.
Jackson, Richard W.
Jackson, Robert Henry
Jackson, Roger R.
Jackson, Roscoe
Jackson, Roscoe D.
Jackson, Roy L.
Jackson, Thomas Alonzo
Jackson, Tom
Jackson, Walter Runyan
Jackson, Will
Jackson, William Fletcher
Jacobson, Harry B.
James, Fred
James, Isaac
James, John H.
James, Leonard
James, Lewis
James, Walter
James, Willie
Jameson, Marvin R.
Jamison, Clarence
Janders, John Louis
Janiga, Joseph Benedict
Jansen, Peter J.
Jarrett, Harvey Hartley
Jarry, Roy L.
Jarry, William Edward
Jay, Walter H.
Jaynes, James L.
Jaynes, Jesse I.
Jaynes, Wm. L.
Jeeter, Wesley
Jeff, Frank
Jefferies, James B. Jr.
Jeffers, Loyd E.
Jefferson, Thomas
Jelks, Earnest
Jenders, Joe
Jenkins, Cecil R.
Jenkins, Denton
Jenkins, Frederick D.
Jenkins, Henry
Jenkins, Peter H.G.
Jenkins, Wilbur Allen
Jennings, Gary
Jennings, William Everet
Jernigan, Elmer H.
Jernigan, Paul Dye
Jessup, Charles R.
Jeter, John W.
Jett, Norman H.
Jiles, William
Jimmerson, Ed
Jobe, Alvin Leondus
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Anine
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Arthur W.
Johnson, Augustus G.
Johnson, Ben
Johnson, Calvin
Johnson, Chester Lawrence
Johnson, Clayborne Watkins
Johnson, Creed
Johnson, Dolton
Johnson, Edd
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, Edward
Johnson, Elmore
Johnson, Ernest
Johnson, Eugene
Johnson, Floyd F.
Johnson, Hardy
Johnson, Harvey
Johnson, Herman H.
Johnson, Horatius L.J.
Johnson, Hugh
Johnson, James Vandergrift
Johnson, Jesse L.
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, Joe
Johnson, John
Johnson, John M.
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Lewis Cherry
Johnson, Louie
Johnson, Mitchell
Johnson, Moses
Johnson, Nathan
Johnson, Ollie Lee
Johnson, Orlando
Johnson, Ozzie
Johnson, Posie L.
Johnson, Riley C.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Shepherd
Johnson, Solomon
Johnson, Thomas D.
Johnson, Ulyses
Johnson, Will
Johnson, Will
Johnson, Will
Johnson, Will
Johnson, Willie
Johnston, Brack S.
Johnston, Charles E.
Jolly, Bronie V.
Jones, Andrew W.
Jones, Antha
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Arthur J.
Jones, Aubrey
Jones, Ben G.
Jones, Charles E.
Jones, Curley
Jones, Curtis
Jones, Curtis W.
Jones, D. Webster
Jones, Dan
Jones, David
Jones, Earl A.
Jones, Ed
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edward
Jones, Elijah
Jones, Ernest M.
Jones, Eugene Morris
Jones, Floyd
Jones, Frank
Jones, Frank
Jones, Fred
Jones, Fred J.
Jones, General
Jones, George F.
Jones, George M.
Jones, George W.
Jones, George W.
Jones, Harry
Jones, Henry
Jones, Jesse D.
Jones, Joe
Jones, John
Jones, Macon
Jones, Oscar
Jones, Ples
Jones, Robert B.
Jones, Roscoe C.
Jones, Roy E.
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Silas
Jones, Titus
Jones, Tom
Jones, W. Roy
Jones, Walter H.B.
Jones, Wilbur
Jones, William F.
Jones, William H.P.
Jones, Willie
Jones, Willie
Jordan, Lee Andrew
Jordan, Tom
Jordan, Volmer Howard
Jorski, John Edward
Joseph, Henry A.
Joubert, Luther C.
Joyce, Harry L.
Judd, O.K.
Judd, William Chester
Judkins, Walker David
Jukes, Wardell Lee
Kagy, Lewis H.
Kaiser, Charles H.
Kaiser, Charles Henry
Kantor, Jacob
Kapp, Paul
Karsten, Charley D.
Katewitz, Alexander
Kaucher, Fred R.
Kaucher, John M.
Kaucher, Paul W.
Kaufman, Edward R.
Kaufman, George J.
Kavanaugh, Frank Herbert
Kavanaugh, Guy T.
Kavanaugh, Neal
Kavanaugh, William M.
Kayser, Louis C.
Keatts, Henry
Keatts, Theodore H.
Keck, Henry M.
Keegan, Patrick James
Keele, Edward J.
Keightley, Harry E.
Keith, James
Keller, Charles D.
Keller, Charles David
Keller, John A.
Kelley, Charles Quessnell
Kelley, Ewan
Kelley, Robert C.
Kellogg, Loyce C.
Kellogg, Wilbur C.
Kelly, Lee
Kemp, Wilfred
Kendle, Charlie
Kendrick, Harold F.
Kennard, Ira
Kennedy, Andrew
Kennedy, Dewey D.
Kennedy, John H.
Kernan, Justin J.
Kerr, Clarence Hopkins
Ketcher, Milton J.
Ketchum, Lawrence
Kidd, Harland Robert
Kidd, Joseph L.
Kiehl, Albert Jr.
Kincheloe, William Robertson
Kindle, James
King, Charles F.
King, Claude H.
King, Forrest L.
King, George
King, Henry
King, Homer
King, Howard M.
King, James E.
King, Jesse A.
King, John
King, Strodder U.
King, Warren T.
King, Warren Thomas
King, Wiley E.
King, Will
Kinsworthy, Burton Sutton
Kirby, Beal A.
Kirby, Charles W.
Kirby, Edward J.
Kirchheimer, Glenwood E.
Kirkland, Charles H.
Kirkpatrick, Frank
Kirtland, Howard
Kirtley, George
Kirtley, Sam
Kitchen, Lewis L.
Kitchens, Silas D.
Kite, David Love
Kitta, John
Klein, Aaron
Klein, Samuel
Kleinschmidt, Charles C.
Kline, Alfred S.
Knight, Charles R.
Knight, Earl Nelson
Knight, Fred Mortimer [Jr. on enlisted card]
Knight, James
Knowles, Cline H.
Knowles, Lawrence
Knowles, Robert B.
Knox, Edward C.
Knox, Raymond McRae
Koch, Ralph Arthur
Koehne, George H.
Koers, George V.
Kolen, Ernest
Kopacz, John
Korte, Herman
Kory, Roscoe Conklin
Kossever, Jake
Kossover, Max
Krah, Thomas
Krahl, William H.
Kranz, William O.M.
Kromray, George G.
Kucenski, Thomas F.
Kuehnert, John E.
Kufman, Sam
Kummell, Joseph F.
Kupferle, Nick H.
Kurtz, Harry W.
Kyler, Harry
Kyper, Ernest W.
Kyzer, Walter
LaDue, Paul R.
LaFayette, Charley
Lackey, Elijah
Ladd, Ray
Laden, Exell
Lafferty, Russell Thomas
Lain, Reuben T.
Lamb, Foster T.
Lamb, Fred
Lamb, Harvey
Lamb, John H.
Lamb, Joseph E.
Lamberson, William H. Jr.
Lambert, Granville Dempey
Lambert, Isaac
Lane, Hardy S.
Lane, Ivan C.
Lane, Willie
Laney, Henry C.
Lange, Harry Arnold
Langford, Archie
Langford, Vernon
Langford, William
Langford, William M.
Langham, James G.
Lankford, Horton
Lankford, James N.
Lappin, Jack
Larkins, Walter
Larson, Howard J.
Larson, Walter
Lartigue, Harry
Lasley, George H.
Laster, Hyder A.
Latkin, Herbert
Latkin, Sam
Lauderdale, Eugene
Lauderdale, Joe
Laughlin, Olin P.
Law, James
Lawrence, Homer
Lawrence, Joe H.
Lawrence, Jordon
Lawrence, Pat
Lawrence, Raymond A.
Lawrence, Wensley S.
Lawrence, William Alfred
Lawson, Ivory
Lawson, Joe
Lawson, Sam B.
Lawson, Walter H.
Lay, Cleo
Lay, J.L.
Lay, Jim
Layne, Joseph
LeGrant, Andrew
LeMays, Eddie
LePar, Percy
League, Roger P.
Leak, Archie
Leak, Sidney
Leake, George R.
Leas, Leslie Edward
Leath, Leslie W.
Leath, Orbra
Ledbetter, Oscar H.
Ledbetter, Ralph O.
Ledoux, Laurence
Lee, Arthur Fuller
Lee, Asa E.
Lee, Burrell
Lee, David E.
Lee, Dee
Lee, Fred
Lee, George W.
Lee, James E.
Lee, James M.
Lee, Jeff
Lee, Jewell
Lee, Joe D.
Lee, Joseph
Lee, Linwood
Lee, Roy R.
Lee, Wendell D.
Lee, William H.
Lefever, Kenneth W.
Leflore, Louis
Legg, Vester W.
Leiper, George Armstrong Jr.
Leltson, Thomas J. Jr.
Lemay, John
Lemay, Travis
Lemmer, George C.
Lemmer, Lee Roy
Lemmon, Arthur V.
Lemuel, Seth L.
Lenoir, Willie
Lenon, James V.
Lenow, Harrell L.
Lensing, Al H.
Leopold, Lee
Lera, Bernard
Lescher, Henry J.
Less, Arthur M.
Lessing, John C.
Letzig, Frank William
Levell, Lucien
Levy, David C.
Lewallen, Marion J.
Lewin, Jake
Lewis, Allen
Lewis, Berry
Lewis, Charles C.
Lewis, Charlie S.
Lewis, Chester A.
Lewis, Clinton
Lewis, Dave
Lewis, Ezra V.
Lewis, Floyd
Lewis, Fred
Lewis, Fred K.
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, James Keene
Lewis, Richard L.
Lewis, Vertis James
Lewis, William
Lewis, William D.
Lewis, William E.
Lewis, William Henry
Liggett, Wade
Liggon, Robert
Ligon, Julian P.
Ligon, Thomas Claude
Lile, Fonnie B.
Lindsey, Aubrey M.
Lindsey, Herbert H.
Lindsey, Jerry
Lindsey, Jimmie M.
Lindsey, Lee
Lingo, Homer P.
Linneman, Herbert Lawrence
Lipkie, Louis
Lipkin, Charles
Liske, Edwin J.
Little, Bernard H.
Little, Tom
Littlejohn, Lucius
Lloyd, Walter K.
Locke, Loyd E.
Locke, Oliver
Locke, William
Lockett, Benjamin S.
Lockett, Tom
Lockhart, Maurice
Loeb, Wm. W.
Lofton, Grover Cleveland
Lofton, James
Long, Ernest E.
Long, Ira J.
Longcoy, Thomas
Longley, Joseph
Longstreth, George A.
Longstreth, Oscar Dolson
Loomis, Daniel B.
Loomis, Leslie A.
Lorie, Herman O.
Louden, Richard
Louden, Welsey
Loughridge, Joseph A.
Love, Robert
Lovelady, Clifton
Lowe, Clifton
Lowe, Herbert S.
Lowe, Oscar Roy
Lowe, Willie D.
Loyd, Elbert
Loyd, Prince
Lucas, Edwin F.
Lucas, Edwin F.
Lucas, Lucius
Lucas, Lucius
Lucas, Will
Luckett, William C.
Ludlow, George H.
Lumpkin, Van
Lund, Alfred Majendie
Lunn, John P.
Lusby, Robert M.
Luter, Jesse W.
Lynch, Anselm Vincent
Lynch, David L.
Lynn, Harry Eugene
Lynn, John Frederick
Lyon, Fred A.
Lyon, Theo A.
Lyon, William Owen
Lyons, Irvin
Lyons, Samuel R.
Mabry, Oscar
Machin, Percy H.
Mack, Clemeth
Mack, Hosie
Mack, Noah
Mackey, Grover C.
Macklin, Frank
Macon, Matthew
Macon, Thomas M.
Madden, Augustus
Madden, Billy
Madden, Eddie
Madden, Green
Madden, William S.
Maddox, Landon Cowling
Madison, Sylvester
Magness, Walter L.
Magnuson, Carl S.
Maguire, Lawrence G.
Mahaney, Edward J.
Mahoney, Henry G.
Mahoney, Paul L.
Makoski, George W.
Malachi, William
Maleski, Joe
Mallory, George Leonard
Malone, Claude Cole
Malone, Roy Stevenson
Mandlebaum, Samuel E.
Manels, James Robert
Mangrum, Nerous
Mann, Robert A.
Mann, Thomas S.
Mannahan, Hinton
Manning, Richard
Manning, Van E.
Manuel, Robert
Maple, John L.
Marchael, Thomas
Marion, John
Markley, Louie R.
Marks, Frank
Marks, John
Marks, Nathaniel
Marsh, William S.
Marshall, Donald V.
Marshall, Robert
Martin, Carey Warthall
Martin, Charles W.
Martin, Clay S.
Martin, Clifford
Martin, Edgar Winfield
Martin, Frank H.
Martin, Frank P.
Martin, Fred W.
Martin, General
Martin, George C.
Martin, George S.
Martin, Isaiah
Martin, James A.
Martin, James Edward
Martin, Joe W.
Martin, John H.
Martin, Lansford
Martin, Marlin Clack
Martin, Robert A.
Martin, Robert Pillow
Martin, Roger Quenton
Martin, Russell M.
Martin, William H.
Martin, William H.
Martindale, Felix
Marx, Frenchie
Mason, Clellan
Mason, Emanuel
Mason, Fred
Mason, Jack Walter Jr.
Mason, Martin Joseph
Mason, Wm. K.
Massar, Leo
Massery, Jake K.
Massey, Henry L.
Massogini, Paul Joseph
Mathews, Arthur
Mathews, Charles
Mathews, Clarence W.
Mathews, Paris L.
Mathis, Houston R.
Mathis, Leonard C.
Matlock, George
Matlock, John F.
Matthews, Charlie A.
Matthews, DeWitt R.
Matthews, Laron
Mattison, Jesse B.
Mattix, Earley
Maulden, Lee
Mauldin, Willie Carl
Mavens, John R.
Maxey, Charles
Maxey, Elige
May, Albert
May, Eunice H.
May, Russell Varnelle
May, William Anderson
Mayberry, Edward F.
Mayer, Albert J.
Mayer, Henry D.
Mayer, Jacob B.
Mayer, Karl J.
Mayer, Paul
Mayfield, John
Mayne, Joseph F.
Mays, Leonard
Mays, Luther
Mays, Robert
Mazzochini, Frank J.
McAllister, Byron G.
McAllister, William W.
McAnally, Ellis B.
McAninch, Claibourne J.
McBride, Harris
McBride, Walter L.
McCain, Lester A.
McCall, John C.
McCallum, Angus G.
McCardell, Charles T.
McCardell, Clarence V.
McCarroll, Frank A.
McCarthy, Francis J.
McCarthy, John
McCarty, John Cleveland
McCaskill, Oscar W.
McCaskill, Oscar William
McClain, Sam
McClaury, George A.
McClendon, James
McClendon, Vannette
McClinton, Arthur
McCloud, Isom
McCloud, Randolph
McCloud, Willard H.
McConnell, Frank R.
McCord, M.S.
McCormack, Enoch
McCormack, Guy Arnold
McCormick, Steave
McCorts, John N.
McCoy, Charles G.
McCoy, Elbert
McCoy, John C.
McCoy, William J.
McCoy, William Jinnings
McCracken, Charles P.
McCraw, Jerome
McCray, Albert H.
McCray, Charles Sandow
McCray, Dan
McCray, Jack M.
McCrea, Edward B.
McCreight, Andrew D.
McCrow, Otis
McCuin, Gilbert M.
McCulloch, Richard BUrrus
McCumpsey, Berge
McCumpsey, Less
McDade, Charles M.
McDade, Ellis O.
McDade, Thomas J.
McDaniel, Clyde O.
McDaniel, Sam
McDaniel, Vollie B.
McDaniel, William
McDermott, Stephens T.
McDermott, Wilford D.
McDonald, Clifton William
McDonald, Elmer C.
McDonald, Eugene C.
McDonald, Henry C.
McDonald, Joe K.
McDonald, Ollin P.
McDonald, Reed
McDonald, William C.
McDonnell, James S. Jr.
McDonnell, William Archie
McDorman, Leslie J.
McDowell, Harry Bourne
McDowell, Leander L.
McElrath, Roe
McElroy, David C.
McElroy, Henry
McElroy, Will
McEuen, Fred B.
McFadden, Jesse
McFadden, Orzie
McFall, Fred C.
McFarland, Richard Elewood
McFarland, Thomas
McFarlin, James Edward
McGaughey, Jordan H.
McGehee, Thomas Baytop
McGehee, Wiley A.
McGhee, Ernest
McGhee, Quincy
McGinley, Connel
McGinley, Forrest Avery
McGinley, Frank
McGinnis, Ester
McGrath, Paul A.
McGraw, Ruffus B.
McGuire, John E.
McHughes, Albert M.
McIntosh, James O.
McIntyre, David
McKay, Alex Nathaniel
McKay, Dan
McKay, Jean H.
McKay, Walter
McKee, James Willie
McKee, Robert A.
McKee, Sam
McKeever, Ollie
McKeever, William
McKinney, Estes W.
McKnight, Carl O.
McLain, William Elvage
McLaughlin, George G.
McLauran, Frank Barney
McLean, Arthur E.
McLean, Lucian Lamar
McLemore, Charles
McMahon, Frank
McMahon, Shirley
McMahon, William
McMiller, Ferdinand
McMillian, James A.
McMoore, William
McMullen, Marion
McMullen, Morris E.
McMullen, Otha G.
McMurray, Richard A.
McMurray, Vernon
McNair, William E.
McNamara William Lawrence
McNeal, Dock
McNeal, Willie
McNeely, Daniel W.
McNeely, Edgar
McNeely, Lee O.
McNeil, Elmer Emerson
McNeill, Fred
McNutt, Glover
McRaven, Mullins Duncan
McWilliams, Robert P.
Meaders, Joe P.
Meadors, Rosco
Means, Edward S.
Means, Harry V.
Meek, James Holmes
Meek, Stickney
Mehaffey, Charles Wilson
Mehaffy, Carl
Meheyer, Frank
Melker, Merritt F.
Melvin, Joshua
Menea, Charles E.
Menea, William J. Jr.
Menefield, John T.
Mensey, Jesse
Mercer, Charlie
Merck, Fred L.
Mergenschroer, Antone
Mergenshroer, Theodor H.
Merginson, Gervis
Meriwether, Clinton Palmer
Merritt, William G.
Mettetal, Joe
Metzger, Ross D.S.
Meux, Isaac R.
Meyers, John H.
Michael, Louis R.
Mickens, Henry
Middleton, Charles H.
Midgett, Henry M.
Miears, Samuel E.
Milam, James C.
Milburn, Arthur E.
Miles, Harry
Miles, Vincent Morgan
Miles, Wayman
Millar, Paul H.
Miller, Archie
Miller, Charles Henry
Miller, Clarence A.
Miller, Clyde
Miller, Edgar
Miller, Edmund H.
Miller, Edward
Miller, Frank
Miller, Garnett J.
Miller, Henry W.A.
Miller, John W.
Miller, Lee
Miller, Reuben W.
Miller, Robert
Miller, Rollo
Miller, Roy
Miller, Ruben W.
Miller, Sam
Millers, Edward S.
Milligan, James Joseph
Milligan, William A.
Milliken, James William
Milliken, Walter Beale
Millot, Noel E.
Mills, Brad R.
Mills, James E.
Mills, Louis
Milton, Frank
Mims, Leroy
Miner, John
Miner, Otto
Minor, William W.
Miremont, Lewis E.
Missouri, Zettie
Mitchell, Ben
Mitchell, Fred Duglas
Mitchell, John W.
Mitchell, Paul S.
Mitchell, Walter
Mitchell, Will
Mixon, Gladney S.
Mixon, Harvey D.
Mizell, Paul D.
Molden, Harrison
Monds, Earl D.
Monroe, Alfred E.
Montague, Henry E.
Montgomery, Earl F.
Montgomery, Eugene A.
Montgomery, James H.
Montgomery, Vernon S.
Moody, Russell Columbus
Moon, George R.
Moon, Luther M.
Moore, Amos
Moore, Bernard G.
Moore, Carl D.
Moore, Charley
Moore, Cliff B.
Moore, Frank
Moore, Harold C.
Moore, Joesh
Moore, John
Moore, John M.
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Lewis H.
Moore, Luther
Moore, Otto W.
Moore, Rice
Moore, Sam
Moore, Thomas C.
Moore, Vernon O.
Moore, William
Moorey, Aron
Moorman, Curtis
Moorman, Lewis T.
Mooser, Walter W.
Moreland, John Fred
Moren, Carl
Morgan, John D.
Morgan, John D.
Morgan, Noah M.
Morris, Eddie
Morris, Henry C.
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morrison, George O.
Morrison, Harvey
Morrison, John
Morrison, Lee R.
Morrison, Thomas E.
Morrison, Willard
Mosbey, Eugene
Mosbey, George H.
Mosbey, Miles
Moseley, James Sidney
Moser, Joseph B.
Moser, Maurice L.
Moses, Poindexter D.
Moss, Luther H.
Moss, O.P.
Motley, Allen C.
Motley, Otis E.
Motley, Robert
Moton, Emmett
Muldrow, Alex
Muldrow, Luther
Mull, Robert
Mullen, Leo Patrick
Mullen, Stephen J.
Muller, James Frederick
Mullins, William C.
Munn, Joseph O.
Munson, Earl J.
Murphey, Pat
Murphy, Arthur
Murphy, George P.
Murphy, James
Murphy, John W.
Murphy, Joseph W.
Murphy, Roscoe
Murphy, William J.
Murray, Everton W.
Murray, Fincher B.
Murrey, James Thomas
Murrey, Joseph Huffmaster
Murry, Charley
Murry, Jonas
Muse, William R.
Musgrave, Joseph L.
Mustchi, Thomas
Myers, James
Myers, Leonard W.
Myers, Louis R.
Myers, Rhea B.
Nabholz, Joseph P.
Nabors, Alonzo
Nabors, Forest Oscar
Nall, Homer
Nall, Lonnie
Narkinsky, Charles Sol
Narkinsky, Edward
Nash, Calvin
Nattee, James
Naylor, Paul E.
Naylor, Will
Neal, Alf
Neal, John E.
Neal, Reader
Neal, Sam W.
Nease, Harse
Neasley, Mitchell
Neasman, Henry
Needom, Josh
Neeham, Allen L.
Neff, James S.
Neighbors, Jasper E.
Neill, Arthur P.
Neimeyer, Ernest
Nelson, Andrew D.
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, James J.
Nelson, John Partee
Nelson, Luey
Nelson, Milton
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Robert
Nelson, Washington T.
Nelson, William Timothy
Neville, Fred W.
Nevins, Charles William
Newbold, Rae W.
Newborn, Isaiah
Newby, Lewis M.
Newcomb, James D. Jr.
Newman, Herbert A.
Newsom, Josh
Nichols, Charles
Nichols, Clifford H.
Nichols, David V.
Nichols, Roy
Nichols, Sam
Nichols, Thomas
Nicholson, Mark H.
Nickell, Herman
Nielsen, Oscar F.
Niemeyer, Frederick W.
Niemeyer, George Jr.
Nill, Herbert
Nine, Ely F. Jr.
Nix, Alph Alfred
Nixon, Charles E.
Noble, Carl
Nolte, William J.
Norcott, Arnett
Norcott, Cecil Howell
Nordman, George L.
Norfleet, Edward
Norful, Wily
Norman, Assie
Norman, Lenzy
Norris, Harold B.
Norris, Isaac S.
North, Lloyd R.
Northrup, Leigh G.
Northwang, Edward H.
Norton, James H.
Norvell, Hugo W.
Norwood, Frank A.
Norwood, Frank Anderson
Norwood, Hal L.
Nothern, John F.
Nothwang, David H.
Nothwang, Roswell
Nowlin, Fred J.
Nowlin, Jesse A.
O'Dowd, Charles M.
O'Neal, Rex E.
Oakley, William G.
Oates, Robert L.
Odomes, Guy
Ogden, Mahlon Dickerson
Ogle, Benjamin Harison
Ohaver, Garret Hobart
Oholendt, John Wilson
Old, Oscar Dewees
Olford, Walter
Oliver, Alonzo
Oliver, Barker
Oliver, Elbert A.
Oliver, Ferry
Oliver, Fred
Oliver, John
Oliver, Malcolm M.
Omering, Carl H.
Opie, Bryan J.
Opie, Cecil V.
Ortmeyer, Oliver V.
Osborne, Edward A.
Osgood, Edward R.
Oslin, Ernest J.
Ostrom, James Ottimer
Ousley, George
Ousley, Jesse
Overton, Alex
Overton, George T.
Overton, Willie
Owen, Edward F.
Owen, William Alton
Owens, Edgar C.
Owens, Jewel M.
Owens, Richard B.
Owens, Samuel
Owens, Tollie H.
Oyler, William H. Jr.
Pace, Vernon L.
Padgett, Arthur D.
Padgett, William E.
Page, Bladford? F.
Page, Jim
Page, Sam
Page, William S.
Pahoski, John
Pais, Albert H.
Palina, Lewis
Palmer, Floyd C.
Palmer, LeRoy Clark
Palmer, Lindsey
Pardee, Fred L.
Parham, Edward Rodney
Parham, Wilford E.
Parish, Carl
Park, Earl W.
Park, Tee J.
Parker, Alfred J.
Parker, Benjamin E.
Parker, Frank G.
Parker, George W.
Parker, Gonzellus L.
Parker, John N.
Parker, L.E.
Parker, Nathaniel
Parker, Ross
Parker, Roy T.
Parker, San
Parker, Sylvester
Parker, Wallis Orin
Parker, Walter Eugene
Parker, Walter Max
Parks, Dave
Parks, Dwight
Parmley, Lee Vallette
Parsell, Garland
Paschal, Philip J.
Pate, Albert H.
Patillo, Samuel
Patrick, Fonzie
Patrick, Henderson
Patterson, James
Pattison, Frank L.
Pattison, George Pat
Pattison, Henry Edwin
Payne, Robert E.
Payne, Roy C.
Peaker, Barney E.
Peaker, Charles R.
Peal, William L.
Pearce, Othello
Pearrow, Walter E.
Pearson, Joe L.
Pearson, Raleigh Murace
Peavy, Henry
Peay, Gordon Neill Jr.
Peay, Nick Jr.
Peay, Witherington G.
Peckham, Henry E.
Pedersen, Johannes
Peebles, Richard Davis
Peek, Edward M.
Peeples, Ben
Peevy, George
Pegrim, Knight
Pell, James A.
Pemberton, Harold Jennings
Pembroke, Simon
Penick, Edgar G.
Penick, James Henry
Penick, Thomas M.
Pennington, Dave
Pennington, Mark H.
Penzel, Charles A.
Pepin, Henry Stone
Percefull, Ervin E.
Perkins, Dink
Perkins, Elija P.
Perkins, James A.
Perkins, Lacy
Perry, Bennie
Perry, Early
Perry, Frank V. Jr.
Perry, Lee G.
Perry, Monroe
Perry, Ruby L.
Perry, Samuel C.
Perry, William R.
Perry, Wylie
Peters, Andy F.
Peters, Arthur Nelson
Peters, Elijah
Peters, Oscar
Peterson, Erith E.
Peterson, Fred O.
Peterson, George
Peterson, Hans W.
Peterson, M.C.
Peterson, Minor
Pettey, Ralph E.
Petties, Joe
Pettigrew, Jackson
Pettit, Ernest Ning [sic]
Pettus, Floyd
Peugh, Frank Nevin
Pfaff, Terence O.
Pfeifer, Arthur Philip
Pfeifer, Philip
Pfeifer, William McKinley
Phelps, Raymond C.
Phillips, Arthur
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charles Earnest
Phillips, Chas. E.
Phillips, Chester
Phillips, David B.
Phillips, Ernest M.
Phillips, Excell M.
Phillips, Henry
Phillips, William A.
Pierce, Albert L.
Pierce, John H.
Pierson, Cato H.
Pigee, John
Pigg, Hubert Hutson
Piggee, Henry
Pigler, Jim
Pinkney, Lewis
Pipkin, John Granberry
Pipkin, Roscoe M.
Pistole, Grover
Pitcock, Radford B.
Pitcock, Walter E.
Pitcock, William H.
Pittman, Lemuel Douglas
Plummer, Columbus
Poat, Thomas A.
Poe, Carthel O.
Poe, Hurley
Poe, James Fred
Poe, Tom
Poe, William Omer
Polk, Edward W.
Polk, Elijah
Polk, John
Polk, Lewis George
Pool, Dewitt T.
Porbeck, Frank A.
Porter, Alonzo
Porter, Dan
Porter, Eugene
Porter, Lacey
Porter, Samuel
Porter, William
Porter, William Haynie
Porterfield, Floyd M.
Posey, Thomas M.
Potter, Bennett Chas.
Pottkamp, William
Powell, Alinda
Powell, Edwin B.
Powell, Gus
Powell, Howard S.
Powell, John Jr.
Powell, John S.
Powell, Rufus
Powell, Thomas A.
Powers, Clem James
Powers, Richard A.
Powers, Robert Lee
Pratt, Al L.
Pratt, Gabe
Pratt, John S.
Presley, Elijah Elmo
Preston, Clarence
Preston, Fred
Price, Eldon
Price, Howard B.
Price, James
Priddy, Thomas James
Priest, Frank
Priest, Viley
Primm, Charles Faster
Prince, Basil
Prince, Basil
Prince, Harrison
Prince, Oliver H.
Pritchard, Dave L.
Pritchett, Ben
Pritchett, Charles L.
Prothro, Ernest W.
Prothro, Roy Evan
Provonche, Robert Orvalle
Pruden, Robert Elliot
Pruniski, Steve
Pruss, John
Puckett, Grady
Puckett, Jacob B.
Pullen, Elmer C.
Pullum, Samuel
Pumphrey, Jesse J.
Pumphrey, Peter
Purcell, Harvey C.
Purdum, Julian W.
Purvis, Walter Moody
Putsche, Frederick T.
Putsche, Louis O.
Pyburn, James
Pye, Isaac A.
Pye, Walter David
Pyle, Douglas A.
Queen, Harry E.
Quigley, Earl Francis
Quinn, Charles
Quinn, James Patrick (see Quninn, James P.)
Rahmoeller, William Bernardt
Rainey, George
Rainey, Herbert
Rainwater, Troy T.
Rainwater, W.I.
Rambo, Benjamin E.
Rambo, Tom
Ramsey, William L.
Randall, George
Randall, Gus
Randall, Walter
Randel, Albert
Randle, Thomas Greene
Randles, Nathan
Randolph, Arthur
Randolph, Arthur
Randolph, Bert
Randolph, Fred
Randolph, Fred
Randolph, Jim
Randolph, Jim
Ransom, Pete G.
Raper, William L.
Raskos, Antonias
Ratcliff, Charles E.
Ratcliffe, Cummins
Rather, Charles P.
Rather, John D.
Rauch, Columbus C.
Rauch, Harry Alexander
Rauch, John A.
Rauch, Thomas D.
Rauch, Will
Rawlings, Archie Felix
Ray, James M.
Ray, Robert L.
Ray, Ross
Ray, Wendell R.
Reading, John F.
Reagan, Leslie Jackson
Reaves, Harry D.
Reaves, Hart W.
Reaves, Irel J.
Rebecca, Alpohons J.
Rebstein, John B. Jr.
Reck, Joseph
Reck, Will
Red, Ernest Albert
Redden, Thomas A.
Redden, Warren B.
Redman, William J.
Redmond, Guy C.
Reed, Arthur W.
Reed, Burt
Reed, Freemon
Reed, Joe
Reed, Julious
Reed, Reuben P.
Reeder, John
Regan, Joseph M.
Regitz, Edward
Reichardt, Walter Frederick
Reid, Charles C. Jr.
Reilly, John
Reinheart, Walter J.
Remmel, Paul
Respress, John
Reutlinger, Otto W.
Reutz, George Edward
Reves, Marshall C.
Rexroad, Homer T.
Reynolds, Augusta
Reynolds, C.A.
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, Jossie? L.
Reynolds, Louis
Reynolds, Richard
Reynolds, Watson
Rhyman, Robert F.
Rice, Patrick Joseph
Rice, Sidney W.
Richard, Fred
Richards, John D.
Richardson, James
Richardson, John Henry
Richardson, Oscar
Richardson, Theodore Jeffords
Richerson, Edgar L.
Richmond, Benjamin T.
Richmond, Harry A.
Richmond, Harry Archilees
Richmond, Noah
Richter, Charles H.
Richter, Rudy E.
Rickman, Lawrence E.
Ricks, Daniel
Ricks, Jett R.
Ridgell, Enoch
Rieff, Esten W.
Riegler, Albert J.
Riegler, Nicholas William
Riff, Sol
Riggs, Joyce N.
Riley, Cube
Rinke, Adolph
Rinke, Albert Reinhort
Rinke, Fred
Rinke, Will
Risner, Arthur W.
Rison, Charles L.
Riter, William C.
Ritter, Frank R.
Ritter, Samuel N.
Rivers, Earle H.
Rixse, Ira J.
Roark, Ralph
Roberson, John W.
Roberson, John W.
Roberson, Willie
Roberson, Willie
Roberts, Albert C.
Roberts, Alvin Leslie
Roberts, Burt L.
Roberts, Clinton C.
Roberts, Hugh C.
Roberts, James
Roberts, James E.
Roberts, Raymond R.
Robertson, George
Robertson, Robert D.
Robins, Charles F.
Robinson, Albert
Robinson, Andrew
Robinson, Anthony
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Charles S.
Robinson, Cornelius
Robinson, Edward W.
Robinson, George
Robinson, George A.
Robinson, George F.
Robinson, James Cleveland
Robinson, John
Robinson, John L.
Robinson, O.K.
Robinson, Ross H.
Robinson, Sam D.
Robinson, Strong
Robinson, Vance H.
Robinson, Watt Worthon
Robison, Eddie
Robison, Wesley
Robken, Louis P.
Robken, Verne L.
Robson, Hiram
Rockwood, Earl
Rodgers, Warner J.
Roe, Joseph
Roesslein, William L.
Rogers, Charley J.
Rogers, Chester C.
Rogers, Cuba
Rogers, Francis Owington
Rogers, John R.
Rogers, Martin
Rogers, Thaddieus A.
Rogers, Will
Rogoski, John William
Rohlman, William J.
Rolax, Edward
Roling, Jake
Roll, John T.
Rollins, Herbert A.
Roloff, Fred
Rone, Ned
Rooker, Wilmer S.
Roper, George
Roper, Robert
Rorex, Fred
Rorie, Clem B.
Rose, John M. Jr.
Rose, John W.
Rose, Louis
Rose, Wallace Dickinson
Rosenau, Emiel
Rosenbaum, Carl Augustus
Rosenblatt, Samuel
Rosenbloom, Harry
Ross, Ben Errol
Ross, Chas.
Ross, Elton B.
Ross, Fado
Ross, Henderson
Ross, Henry
Ross, James B.
Ross, Matthew E.
Ross, Thomas J.
Ross, William Claiborne
Rossi, Mike
Routen, Daniel L.
Rowan, Gilbert N.
Rowe, Isaiah
Rowe, Robert M.
Rowe, Winfrey E.
Rowland, Aaron
Rowland, Ben
Rowland, James
Rowland, James E.
Rowland, James P.
Royal, George
Roydston, Thomas P.
Royer, Joe D.
Royston, Will
Rucker, Willie
Rudd, Gordon Mount
Rudd, Will H.
Rule, John Harold
Rumble, George E.
Runnels, Scott Clark
Runyan, Thurston
Russaw, Edward
Russell, Albert E.
Russell, Charles L.
Russell, John H.
Russell, John W.
Russell, Norman Fred
Russell, Paul K.
Russell, S.P.
Russell, Stephen
Russenberger, John C.
Rust, George Oscar
Rust, Leo A.
Rust, Romuald J.
Rutherford, Daniel
Rutland, Charles G.
Ryals, Aaron J.
Ryan, Charles Schelmadine
Sadler, Carl Leon
Salyers, Claude Earl
Sampson, Charlie Berges
Sanderlin, Joe H.
Sanders, Carry L.
Sanders, Climie
Sanders, George
Sanders, Grover
Sanders, Henry
Sanders, Jacob H.
Sanders, John
Sanders, Monroe
Sanders, Ora
Sanders, Robert
Sanders, Walker Jr.
Sanders, Walter V.
Sanders, William
Sanders, William
Sanders, William B.
Sanders, William Harry
Saper, Nathan
Sargant, Edward
Sargent, John
Sarna, Henry
Satterfield, Frank
Saunders, Benjamin E.
Saunders, Garland T.
Saunders, James
Saunders, Luen Cady
Sauter, Edward J.
Saye, James N.
Sayers, Clarence W.
Sayle, Edwin H.
Scacchitti, Edward
Scales, Bishop
Scales, William M.
Scarborough, James Isaac
Schaeffer, Lewis G.
Schalchlin, George Washington
Schalchlin, Henry E.
Schalchlin, Walter D.
Schanks, James
Schell, Artemas J.
Scher, Abe
Schicker, Ferdinand A.
Schlesier, Otto
Schliser, August
Schmelzer, Joseph A.
Schmuck, Harry H.
Schmutzler, Ewald C.
Schnebly, Mallie Jack
Schneider, Carl A.
Schneider, Fred August
Schneider, Frederick
Schneider, Joseph Hiram
Scipio, Lucius F.
Scoggins, Horace D.
Scoggins, Howard Conelius
Scott, Andrew Horace
Scott, Antonio
Scott, Benjamin F.
Scott, Charlie
Scott, Clarence L.
Scott, Clifton H.
Scott, Frank
Scott, George Ellis
Scott, Harvey
Scott, Homer
Scott, Joseph E.
Scott, Robert L.
Scott, Sterling Price Jr.
Scott, WIll
Scott, Wilford S.
Scott, Willie
Scovill, Chester G.
Scribner, Will
Scull, Jerome H.
Sea, William R.
Seals, Walter E.
Sealy, Jessie D.
Seamans, Alfred H.
Sellers, William
Selvitz, William E.
Seman, Marion L.
Semko, Maxim E.
Session, Dan
Settles, Carl L.
Severin, Leo W.
Seward, Major
Shackleford, John Marshall
Shackleford, William L.
Shanks, Dave
Shanks, James
Shannon, Raymond M.
Sharp, Edwin
Sharp, Harvey
Sharp, Henry S.
Sharp, Milton Dale
Sharp, Thomas Hicks
Sharp, William E.
Shatzer, John E.
Shavers, Jim
Shearer, William A.
Sheets, Bert A.
Shegog, Isaiah
Shelby, Isaac Prather
Shells, Clarence
Shelton, Alfred E.
Shelton, Cleveland
Shelton, Dave
Shelton, Elbert Carroll
Shelton, Henry
Shelton, James R.
Shelton, John Ellis
Shepard, Harrison W.
Shepherd, Anthony
Sherrod, Frank
Sherry, George H.
Sherry, Miles J.
Shinholsten, Willie
Shipp, Clarence E.
Shipp, Marion E.
Shoemake, Daniel E.
Shoemaker, Jake H.
Shofner, Thomas Harvey
Shook, Walter Allen
Short, Arthur R.
Short, Avery D.
Short, Milton M.
Shropshire, Bruce
Siders, Olen W.
Sieber, Carl F.
Siegel, Charles N.
Siegel, Sam
Siegmann, Henry J.
Siepiela, Joe J.
Siersleben, Walter
Simes, Hugh
Simmons, Lois
Simmons, Paul P.
Simmons, Robert Lee
Simmons, Thomas K.
Simmons, Willie
Simms, Leroy
Simms, William C. Jr.
Simon, Fred
Simpson, Arthur L.
Simpson, Charles Clarence
Simpson, George H.
Simpson, Neal
Sims, Chester
Sims, General
Sims, John M.
Sims, Louis
Sims, Moses M.
Sims, Sidney
Sims, William F.
Sinclair, James W.
Singfield, Waldorf A.
Singleton, Carl T.
Singleton, Frank
Siple, J. Park
Sisk, Arthur
Sittmann, Fritz Fred
Sittmann, Gus E.
Slagle, Lester L.
Slaten, James H.
Sloan, Arthur M.
Sloan, James
Slocum, John L.
Smedley, Harry Simms
Smiser, Ayliff
Smith, Adolph Steveson
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Ardis
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Arthur L.
Smith, Arthur W.
Smith, Austin
Smith, Basil D.
Smith, Ben M.
Smith, Benjamin E.
Smith, Bryan K.
Smith, Cecil B.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles F.
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Clarence M.
Smith, Clay Emerson
Smith, David R.
Smith, Denis
Smith, Dwight
Smith, Earl McColloch
Smith, Earlie
Smith, Edgar
Smith, Edward B.
Smith, Elie
Smith, Erasmus Ross
Smith, Evan
Smith, Franklyn O.
Smith, Fred B.
Smith, Fred F.
Smith, George
Smith, George T.
Smith, Gilbert S.
Smith, Harry Wilbur
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry M.
Smith, Herman
Smith, Horace B.
Smith, Isaac
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, Louis W.
Smith, Lucius P.
Smith, Mike
Smith, Milton E.
Smith, Mitchell
Smith, Monroe Pratt
Smith, Moses
Smith, Onie H.
Smith, Peter
Smith, Peyton A.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert W.
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Stevne
Smith, Thomas M.
Smith, Verl E.
Smith, Verl Edwin
Smith, Vernon E.
Smith, Walter
Smith, Walter
Smith, Wesley H.
Smith, Will
Smith, Will G.
Smith, William C. Jr.
Smith, William E.
Smith, William Fred
Smith, William T.
Smith, Willie Purcell
Smith, Wm.
Smith, homer
Sneed, Cornelius
Sneed, Jesse L.
Sneed, Normon
Snider, Elijah
Snider, Robert W.
Snodgrass, Paul C.
Snodgrass, William Anderson
Snow, Roland L.
Snow, Vester
Snowden, Dan A.
Snyder, Charles
Snyder, Charles Jacob
Snyder, John Otto
Snyder, Lee J.
Sohn, Leonard R.
Sotiropoulos, Starurees
Souder, Wesley L.
Souter, Hubert Hosea
Sowell, Andrew
Spanholtz, Leo
Spears, Willie
Speiser, Carl H.
Spence, Edward
Spencer, Ralph
Spengler, James L.
Spight, Hernando G.
Spikes, George
Spikes, Louis
Spires, James H.
Spitzberg, Isadore
Spitzberg, Isadore
Sprick, Joseph James
Sprigg, Ignatius
Springer, Robert
Squires, Clyde H.
Squires, Roland
Srygley, Osce M.
St. Clair, Willie H.
Stafford, Will
Stafford, William S.
Staley, Chester A.
Staley, Manuel
Stalworth, Otis
Stamper, Henry Anderson
Stamper, John Matthew
Stamper, Walter L.
Stamper, William R.
Stanley, Bruce
Stanley, James Jr.
Stanley, James P.
Stanley, Joseph H.
Stansbery, Eugene Eugene
Stansbury, William B.
Stansell, Wre N. [sic, Wm.?]
Stanton, Richard
Staples, Dan
Staples, Eugene
Stapp, William C.
Starks, Oscar K.
Starnes, Fred
Staten, William
Staton, Newton O.
Steel, Hrace F.
Steel, Judge
Steel, Thomas R.
Steel, Walter
Steele, Henry
Steele, Robert B.
Sterling, Frank
Sternberg, Frank
Sternberg, Levi H.
Stevens, Roger Gordon
Stevens, Thomas J.
Stevens, Virgil L.
Stevens, Willis
Stevenson, Arthur L.
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, Richard P.
Stewart, Bud
Stewart, Dan
Stewart, Ed
Stewart, Emanuel A.
Stewart, Fay
Stewart, Glenn G.
Stewart, Henry
Stewart, Homer
Stewart, Jessie Miller
Stewart, John
Stewart, John R.
Stewart, John R.
Stewart, Paul
Stewart, Powell
Stewart, Wesley L.
Stewart, Zollie R.
Stice, William
Stidman, James E.
Stiewel, Maurice E.
Stifft, Perry William
Stiles, Dickson
Stinson, Edward
Stith, Herbert
Stith, Howard A.
Stokes, Bryant
Stokes, Carl David
Stokes, Pius
Stokes, William I.
Stone, Charlie
Stone, Lazarus
Stone, Sadie S.
Stone, William C.
Stone, William N.
Story, Charley
Stotts, Claude G.
Stout, Connie
Strauss, Alvin Weil
Streett, J. Burce
Strickland, Harold Ulysses
Strickland, Talbot
Strickley, Benjamin R.
Strobel, Adolph
Strobel, August
Stroy, Lee
Strozer, James
Stubbs, Charles D.
Stubbs, Millard W.
Stuckey, Luther P.
Stueber, Roy E.
Sucka, John Louis
Sullivan, Frank G.
Sullivan, George H.
Sullivan, James W.
Sullivan, Louie
Sullivan, Roy Joe
Sullivan, Scipio
Sullivan, Trent
Sullivan, William W.
Summerell, Harvey L.
Summerrise, Robert
Summers, Carl H.
Summers, Thomas H.
Summerville, Alexander
Sumner, J.L.
Surratt, Gilbert
Surratt, Lessie
Susanka, William L.
Susanka, William L.
Susanka, William L.
Sutton, Louis F.
Sutton, Theodore
Sutton, Wert
Swain, James E.
Swan, William
Swearingen, Samuel Conrad
Sweat, Claude
Sweat, Horace
Sweeney, Steve
Swindal, Thomas B.
Swinton, Arthur
Swinton, Fred D.
Switchley, Eli G.
Sykes, Joe M.
Tabor, Arthur E.
Taggart, Fred D.
Taggart, James
Taggart, Thomas
Tally, William
Tanner, Louis F.
Tanner, Oscar M.
Tanner, William
Tate, Moses
Tate, Sidney
Tatman, Robert Lee
Tatum, Fletcher
Tatum, Jack
Tatum, Walter
Tatum, Walter G.
Taylor, Albert
Taylor, Albert D.
Taylor, Alfred
Taylor, Charley
Taylor, Charlie
Taylor, Edgar
Taylor, Ezekiel
Taylor, Filex
Taylor, Francis E.
Taylor, Frank Boyd
Taylor, George
Taylor, George
Taylor, John W.
Taylor, King
Taylor, Lewis
Taylor, Manie
Taylor, Miles E.
Taylor, Richard C.
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Thomas C.
Taylor, Walter
Teas, John P.
Tedford, Homer
Templeton, Ernest R.
Tenenbaum, Morris Meyer
Tenenbaum, Sam H.
Terral, James A.
Terral, William Floyd
Terrell, Elbert B.
Terry, David Dickson
Terry, Henry
Terry, John
Terry, Richard B.
Terry, Walter Ware
Thacker, Frank B.
Thaxton, Keldron
Thom, Leslie Grant
Thomas, Albert Wesberry
Thomas, Ben
Thomas, Benjamin
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Charles O.
Thomas, Charles S.
Thomas, Clarence C.
Thomas, Curry Chesbro
Thomas, Elmer
Thomas, Fred H.
Thomas, George Finnie
Thomas, Hastings
Thomas, James A.
Thomas, Joe E.
Thomas, John L.
Thomas, John R.
Thomas, Joseph H.
Thomas, Kelly C.
Thomas, Marcheal
Thomas, Pruit
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Smith
Thomas, Titus
Thomas, Tracy Yerkes
Thomas, Walter L.
Thomas, Will
Thomas, William
Thomas, William G.
Thomas, William L.
Thomason, Will Evan
Thompkins, John Lee
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Bascomb L.
Thompson, Bert Bryan
Thompson, Burley E.
Thompson, Carl R.
Thompson, Carl Tom George
Thompson, Edgar Ed
Thompson, Harry H.
Thompson, Henry M.
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, Jerrell B.
Thompson, John B.
Thompson, Joseph H.
Thompson, Juny
Thompson, Lawrence Lee
Thompson, Leslie C.
Thompson, Lewis Elmer
Thompson, Manuel
Thompson, Preston M.E.
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Richard H.
Thompson, Robert B.
Thompson, Robert Lucius
Thompson, Robert T.
Thompson, Theophilus Clinton
Thomson, James W.
Thornton, Ardria
Thornton, Ira
Thornton, Lee
Threlkeld, Ralph
Thurman, Walter
Tibbits, Lewis Walter
Tillman, Sampson
Tins, George Lee
Tittle, James
Todd, Bennie
Todd, George Macio
Todd, Lucius S.
Todd, William A.
Toland, Clyde Wallace
Toland, Hugh A.
Toland, Samuel
Toler, Oby W.
Toll, Granville G.
Tollinger, Clark
Tomlinson, Hugh D.
Tompkins, John A.
Tooks, James
Tool, Clarence E.
Toone, John
Tourend, Joseph P.
Townsend, Gus J.
Townsend, Sidney P.
Townsend, Wallace H.
Townsend, Welton Lawrence
Trammell, Perry Lee
Trantham, Fred
Trantham, Marvin
Tranthan, Floyd
Trapp, George Frances
Trapp, Reuben
Travis, Harvey
Treadway, Henry H.
Treat, Burnett Forrest
Tredtin, Perry F.
Trendly, William
Trice, Mack
Trimble, Eddie E.
Trimble, Johnie
Trout, James W.
Troutman, Thos. M.
Troy, Charles Edwin
Troy, William J.
Truthman, Charles A.
Truthman, Joseph A.
Tuck, Grover
Tucker, Alvin C.
Tucker, Azzie
Tucker, Harry M.
Tucker, James Guy
Tucker, Joe
Tucker, Marshall Ernest
Tucker, Sarper Washington
Tucker, William M.
Tull, Henry
Tunnah, Randolph B.
Tunnah, Renton
Turbeville, William
Turley, Wade
Turley, Walter L.
Turner, Andrew J. Jr.
Turner, Bob
Turner, Bolon Bailey
Turner, Elbert D.
Turner, Harry Talbot
Turner, Ira E.
Turner, James A.
Turner, Joseph B.
Turner, Marcus Richard
Turner, Richard W.
Turner, William A.
Turner, William Alvin
Turner, William D.
Turner, William H.
Turpin, Laurence G.
Tyler, Minor
Tyree, Will
Tyrrell, Charles L.
Uekman, Casper
Underwood, Elvie M.
Underwood, Rell
Upshaw, William M.C.
Upson, Richard
Ursery, Robert
Vacquerie, Harry A.
Vadden, Mog
Valentine, Floyd
Valentine, Kennie M.
Van Frank, James Newell
Van Orman, Oliver R.
Vandegrift, Coy N.
Vandergrift, Aaron
Vann, Luther C.
Vaughan, Algernon
Vaughan, Edward
Vaughan, Jim D.
Vaughan, Milton E.
Vaughan, Willie R.
Vaughn, John Reckart
Vaughn, Richard
Vault, Luther W.
Vawter, Harvey O.
Vegna, Paul
Venable, Harvey W.
Vervil, Elmer Fenton
Vest, Hugo
Vestal, Charles Howell
Vick, Ernest W.
Vick, John Aloysius
Viele, Evertt H.
Vincent, Leo E.
Vinson, John F.
Vinson, Titus R.
Vinson, Tom
Vinson, Ulyses
Vinsonhaler, Francis
Virdell, Oscar B.
Vogel, August Simon
Vogel, Emil A.
Vogel, Walter E.
Vogler, Albert H.
Vogler, Asher
Volmer, Eugene L.
Voss, Frederick H.
Voss, William H.
Waddell, Hammond Spencer
Wade, George
Wade, Henry
Wade, John Edd
Wade, Ollie
Wade, William E.
Wadsworth, Henry
Wage, Robert E.
Waggoner, George R.
Wagoner, John
Wait, Robert Eastin Jr.
Waite, Willie
Waits, Simeon C.
Walch, Joseph E. Jr.
Walden, John C.
Walker, Alfred
Walker, Alonzo
Walker, Arthur
Walker, Arvon
Walker, Burton Lee
Walker, Edward
Walker, Felton
Walker, James
Walker, John C.
Walker, John Carroll
Walker, Robert
Walker, Robert L.
Walker, Vernon
Walker, William Pinkney
Wall, Willard B.
Wallace, Clyde
Wallace, James
Wallace, Jesse
Wallace, Luther A.
Wallace, Robert L.
Wallace, Vester McCageah
Wallin, James Lawson
Walls, Sherman
Wallstein, Lee N.
Walpole, John Edward
Walters, Fred
Walters, Grant
Walters, William
Walton, Fred W.
Walton, Granville E.
Walton, Jesse John
Ward, Forrest
Ward, Francis M.
Ward, Frank J.
Ward, Henry D.
Ward, Joel A.
Ward, Melvin E.
Ward, Monroe
Ward, Ralph W.
Ward, Roy
Ward, William
Ward, Zeb
Warden, Elbert L.
Ware, Albert B.
Ware, George W.
Ware, Jim
Ware, Maximillian
Ware, Thomas Eastman
Ware, William Clendenning
Ware, Wray F.
Warner, Earnest
Warner, Earnest
Warren, Charlie
Warren, David Franklin
Warren, Edward T.
Warren, Milton P.
Warren, Morgan
Warren, Wesley
Warren, William G.
Warriner, Fred W.
Washington, Alfred
Washington, Daniel
Washington, Ernest
Washington, George
Washington, George
Washington, George Jr.
Washington, James
Washington, James A.
Washington, John
Washington, Melvin H.
Washington, Rene
Washington, Sankey B.
Washington, Vernon
Washington, Walter
Washington, William M.
Washington, Willie
Wasson, John M. Jr.
Waters, Fred
Watkins, Bee
Watkins, Cicero W.
Watkins, Guy Anderson
Watkins, Oleonard
Watkins, Oliver
Watson, Arby
Watson, Arthur
Watson, Asa Collins
Watson, Clyde H.
Watson, Edward
Watson, Fred L.
Watson, George R.
Watson, John Jr.
Watson, Mack H.
Watson, Milkey
Watts, Charles Stinson
Watts, John L.
Wayne, James Robert
Wayne, Wallace D.
Weaver, Chester C.
Weaver, William Newton
Webb, Clark H.
Webb, Clinton
Webb, Isaac G.
Webber, Alvin E.
Weber, Frank Burns
Weber, Isadore
Webster, Evander
Webster, Leo J.
Weed, Glen O.
Weed, Lance
Wehrfritz, Ray
Weidemeyer, Jesse E.
Welch, Dexter O.
Welch, Horatio
Weld, Dana P.
Wellborn, Paul Thomas
Wells, Cecil W.
Wells, Douglas E.
Wells, John Bridger
Wells, Thomas B.
Welschan, William
Welsh, James H.
Wendler, Jesse E.
Wendler, Otto M.
Weny, Nicholas F.
Wesley, Ike
Wesley, John
Wesley, John B.
Wesley, Mark
Wesson, J.D.
West, Emmett R.
West, Emry C.
West, Harvey
West, Joseph D.
Westberry, Silas
Westbrook, Arthur O.
Westbury, Emmett G.
Westerfield, Estel M.
Westerfield, Morris A.
Weston, Joseph Harry
Weston, Robert O.
Wethi, Edward
Wexner, Henry Dave
Whatley, Claud C.
Whatley, John T.
Wheat, Shepherd D.
Whiddon, Audley F.
Whipple, Durand
Whisnant, Joseph
Whitcomb, Albert C.
White, Allen
White, Benjamin
White, Charley
White, Delvin Osia
White, Frank
White, Gentle
White, George Alexander
White, Gilbert
White, Harry
White, Hezekiah
White, Holsey
White, Hugh
White, Joe N.
White, John
White, John H.
White, Johnnie
White, Julious
White, Leonard Newton
White, Lesley L.
White, Louis
White, Luther
White, Marion
White, Owen W.
White, Richard D.
White, Robert E.
White, Tillman
White, Will
White, William F.
White, William Reese
White, Willie W.
Whitecotton, Paul
Whiteley, Joseph E.
Whitfield, Arnia Lester
Whitlow, Malochi Carleton
Whitmore, Edmund J.
Whitmore, Isaac William
Whitney, Eugene
Whitson, James E.
Whitten, Loyal
Whitworth, Aubrey
Wiegel, Dave Wilson
Wier, Frank Archibald
Wier, William Benson Jr.
Wiggins, Charley
Wiggs, John Henry
Wiginton, Lee C.
Wilbanks, Frank
Wilber, John M.
Wilcut, James
Wild, Ralph A.
Wilder, Levi
Wilds, James
Wiley, Artrice
Wiley, George
Wiley, Hezekiah
Wiley, Jackson
Wilhelm, John H.B.
Wilhite, Warren F.
Wilkerson, Ira Beatrice
Wilkerson, James Homer
Wilkerson, Roy A.
Wilkin, Nora
Wilkins, Clifford
Wilkins, Frank A.
Wilkins, Leland
Wilkins, Lonnie J.
Wilkinson, Odus P.
Wilks, Charles H.
Wilks, Earl E.
Wilks, Jacob
Willbanks, Frank H.
Willbanks, Percy G.
Williams, Adell
Williams, Alemeth
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Arthur C.
Williams, Augustus R.
Williams, Ben F.
Williams, Blake Archer
Williams, Carl Sylvesta
Williams, Caruther
Williams, Charles
Williams, Chris S.
Williams, Cluren K.
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Dolphis
Williams, Doyle J.
Williams, Earl
Williams, Earnest
Williams, Ed
Williams, Edward T.
Williams, Edwin Marshall
Williams, Elbert
Williams, Elihue
Williams, Fred
Williams, Fred
Williams, George
Williams, George
Williams, Godfrey S.
Williams, Henry L.
Williams, Herbert
Williams, Horace L.
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, Joe Bill
Williams, John
Williams, John D.
Williams, Kenneth L.
Williams, Laurence
Williams, Lawrence M.
Williams, Lawrence Miller
Williams, Mark Hanna
Williams, Mitchell
Williams, Oden Stuart
Williams, Oscar
Williams, Oscar P.
Williams, Owen
Williams, Perlis
Williams, Rastus
Williams, Remmel
Williams, Romery C.
Williams, Sam M.
Williams, Veotis
Williams, Webber
Williams, Western
Williams, Will
Williams, William
Williams, William D.
Williamson, Carter
Williamson, Fred
Williamson, Justin P.
Williford, Earl G.
Williford, James
Willis, Fred
Willis, John E.
Willis, Richard S.
Wills, Chester
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles J.
Wilson, Don
Wilson, Ed
Wilson, Flake B.
Wilson, Frank H.
Wilson, Fred
Wilson, Fred C.
Wilson, Fred Stokes
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, James C.
Wilson, James William
Wilson, Jesse E.
Wilson, Joel W.
Wilson, John B.
Wilson, John H.
Wilson, Louis
Wilson, Paul W.
Wilson, Robert R.
Wimberley, Lonie
Wimberly, John Anderson
Wing, Charles K.
Wing, Dwight Benjamin
Winkler, Harry
Winn, Ed
Winn, James Alexander
Winn, Walter Edward
Winn, William Joseph
Wise, Emerson Cullen
Wise, Henry F.
Witcher, William A.
Withers, Iva
Withers, James E.
Witherspoon, Charles C.
Witherspoon, Charles C.
Witherspoon, Lawrence Franklin
Wittenberg, Frank Jr.
Wittenberg, Frank Jr.
Wittenburg, Robert D.
Wofford, Henry L.
Wofford, Louis
Wolfe, Everett R.
Wolfe, Raymond C.
Wolfe, Walter H.
Wolfork, Amos
Wolke, Heinrich Clemens
Wollstein, Dewey H.
Wood, Clyde
Wood, Geyer Chauncey
Wood, Gordon E.
Wood, Joseph F.
Wood, Percy L.
Wood, Toney
Wood, William L.
Woodall, Frank
Woods, Clarence W.
Woods, Otto David
Woods, Shelby W.
Woods, Toney
Woodsmall, W.M. [William M.]
Woodson, John Boott
Woodson, Rubye M.
Woodward, Athel M.
Woodward, Walter A.
Woodward, William G.
Woolfolk, J.E.
Woolfolk, Robert Lee Jr.
Woolford, Wood S.
Wooster, Will Daniel
Wooten, Horace E.
Worley, Harry
Worley, John W.
Worley, William A.
Worthen, Wallace Dennett
Worthington, Elm[er? card is torn]
Wrape, Aloysius John
Wright, Alvin A.
Wright, Andrew W.
Wright, Carl L.
Wright, Christopher L.
Wright, Columbia W.
Wright, Edgar
Wright, Eustace B.
Wright, George D.
Wright, George W.
Wright, Harry McDonald
Wright, James
Wright, John
Wright, Joseph L.
Wright, Lewis
Wright, Milton
Wright, Richard L.
Wright, Wesley
Wright, William H.
Wright, William J.
Wright, Willie
Wright, Willie
Wroten, Isaac
Wyatt, Mose
Wynn, George
Wynne, James
Yaeger, Anton G.
Yaeger, Joe
Yager, Henry W.
Yancey, John C.
Yancy, Harry
Yancy, Joseph B.B.
Yarberry, George W.
Yarberry, John
Yates, Reginald Lawrence
Yongue, Berry
York, Herman
York, Rubin A.
Young, Earl
Young, Edward D.
Young, Ellwood Shores
Young, Fleet J.
Young, Hiram D.
Young, Irl H.
Young, James
Young, James
Young, Jesse T.
Young, Johnnie
Young, Lilburn
Young, Richard
Young, Robert
Young, Thomas
Young, Wade H.
Young, Walter L.
Young, Willie
Youngblood, Harry
Youngblood, James
Youngblood, Webb
Youngs, Albert W.
Youngs, Robert W.
Youngs, Ross A.
Zaloudek, Arthur
Zanone, Eugene John
Zarra, James
Zell, Augustine M.
Zermatten, J. Martin
Zinn, James Edward
Zuendt, Fritz Anton
Zulpo, John
Zurcher, William C.

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