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Arkansas' Territorial Papers

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The Territorial Papers of the United States, Volumes XIX, XX, and XXI (Arkansas, 1819-1836) on CD
Compiled by Clarence Edwin Carter, ISBN 978-1-56546-419-3, three volumes on one CD, $39.95

From 1925 through 1950, Congress authorized a massive publication of original documents, mostly held in Washington, D.C., from the files of the Departments of State, Treasury, War, Justice, Post Office, and Interior, and from manuscripts in the Library of Congress. Volumes 19 through 21, published in 1953 and 1954, cover Arkansas, from its initial inception as a territory in 1819, until statehood in 1836. These are primary source documents that have been typeset, annotated, and expertly indexed. These volumes are very rare now, often selling for thousands of dollars. But for a very small price, you can have expertly-scanned, electronic reproductions of these valuable books.

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Click here to view a .pdf of the index pages from Vol. XXI

[Note: these .pdfs are very large. If you're on dial-up service, you may want to re-think it.]

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