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Arkansas Marriage Records and Notices

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Arkansas Marriage Notices, 1819-1845
By James Logan Morgan, ISBN 0-941765-78-4, 86 pages, $14.00

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James Logan Morgan combed extant issues of twenty early Arkansas newspaper titles for information about marriages that occurred in Arkansas and the Indian lands through December 31, 1845. This rich source replaces many missing county records. The groom, bride, official, and others mentioned in the newspaper item are all listed with the date, source citation, and place. Many parents and former places of residence are mentioned. There is a bride index and a supplemental index to others mentioned in the listings. The book was originally published in 1984.

Sources: Arkansas Gazette, Batesville News, North Arkansas, Fayetteville Witness, Arkansas State Democrat, Helena Constitutional Journal, Helena Southern Shield, Helena Spy, Arkansas Advocate, Arkansas Banner, Arkansas Star, Arkansas Times, Little Rock Times, Napoleon Journal and Messenger, Van Buren Arkansas Intellingencer, Western Frontier Whig, Arkansas Telegraph.

Arkansas Marriage Records, 1808-1835
By James Logan Morgan, ISBN 0-941765-91-5, 90 pages, $15.00

New! Order a copy in .pdf format with electronic delivery (no shipping charges) $4.95

This volume contains all extant marriage records from county marriage volumes, other county record volumes, extant magistrate records, some files of original marriage returns, and all available issues of extant Arkansas newspapers published during the time period. The records are arranged by both bride and groom with a supplemental index to other names mentioned.

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